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C 370/70 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 21.12.


(1999/C 370/096) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0608/99

by Paul Rübig (PPE) to the Commission

(12 March 1999)

Subject: Slovakia’s participation in the fifth framework research programme

The Commission deems seven applicant countries (Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech
Republic and Slovenia) suitable to take part in the fifth framework programme for research and
technological development.

Slovakia has not yet been mentioned, although known data on the country paint a positive picture of its
economic performance and its participation therefore seems on the cards.

On what criteria did the Commission base its assessment?

Why has Slovakia not yet been included in the proposal and when will it be included?

Answer given by Mr van den Broek on behalf of the Commission

(21 April 1999)

The Commission approved a proposal concerning Slovakia’s application to take part in the fifth framework
programme on 24 February. The reason why some countries were included earlier than others is that
Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania sent the Commission their official letters of confirmation later than the
other seven applicant countries mentioned by the Honourable Member.

(1999/C 370/097) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0609/99

by Herbert Bösch (PSE) to the Commission

(12 March 1999)

Subject: Support for newspapers and periodicals in the EU

Many publications carry reports on the European institutions. It would be interesting to know to what
extent European aid is given to this sector.

Can the Commission therefore say:

1. whether financial support is provided for publications in the EU;

2. if so, which newspapers or periodicals receive support from the Commission;

3. what the budgetary allocation for these publications is?

Answer given by Mr Oreja on behalf of the Commission

(7 May 1999)

1. There is no system whereby the Commission subsidises the press or publishers, apart from a small
programme to assist with translation costs of literary works in lesser used languages.

2. The Commission does however buy space in publications where necessary as, for example, to
advertise open competitions. It also purchases quantities of certain publications for its own use. In the
course of their information work certain Commission representations have provided assistance to journals
for extra copies of issues or supplementary pages relating to European matters. Expenditure of these kinds
would come from a number of different budget headings.