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particularly large ones. When Administrators have to manage Users details and access permissions in both the Microsoft Active Directory and WebEx Server there may be a number of issues: Entering duplicate information wastes time Duplicate user data entered incorrectly Manually synchronizing duplicate user information is likely to create mismatches and errors Managing two User Directory interfaces requires two sets of logins and permissions Increased confusion and support required to maintain multiple User Logins The simple answer is to create a single location to manage all User Information and Access. Problems with duplicate User Directories Adding and keeping disparate User Information up to date is a problem for most companies. Support or Events then this paper will help you maximize that investment and make it easier for your users to schedule. This paper identifies key issues and answers for Active Directory Administrators and SharePoint Developers and Administrators managing both SharePoint and WebEx deployments. manage and start any type of WebEx Session directly from SharePoint. © 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic . If your organization is using Microsoft SharePoint and WebEx web conferencing for Meetings.Introduction A common challenge for any organization is to provide effective collaboration tools that can be quickly adopted and operate intuitively within a familiar interface. Training. WebEx SharePoint Basic delivers Single Sign-on for Users and allows System Administrators to manage WebEx User Profiles efficiently from within Microsoft Active Directory. Sales.

each WebEx User’s account is synchronized with their Active Directory Account every time they login in to SharePoint. Any number of Profiles can be created for each type of webex Users and applied as a batch process to selected users or security groups saving time and easily migrating existing Webex Users to the Active Directory integration. WebEx User Account Management The WebEx functionality is delivered as a tab in the Active Directory User Properties form. Administrators can specify a User Name. Password. Privileges and Licensing data for each user.Active Directory WebEx User Properties © 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic . Time Zone. Language.Active Directory & Single Sign-on The WebEx Active Directory Snap-in provides System Administrators an intuitive and familiar interface that automatically creates and update WebEx accounts from within Active Directory. Figure 1 . As a result.

track and start meeting from Workspaces. You can customize the settings for this web part to display one to several days of meetings that allow you to quickly view. WebEx SharePoint Web Parts SharePoint Web Parts replicate and enhance the functionality available in WebEx in the familiar SharePoint interface to allow team members to schedule.Problems separate User Interfaces Increasingly SharePoint is the portal that provides a common interface and entry point for teams to project workspaces and access to corporate information. Figure 2 .SharePoint Team Site © 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic . My WebEx Sessions Web Part The My WebEx Sessions Web Part provides you with a “dashboard” of all meetings for which you are the Host. edit or start your web conferences for the coming week. WebEx Web Parts can be added or linked to any Site Template and WebEx integration can be rolled out automatically as users create more workspaces. managed and started from within the SharePoint Workspace itself. it’s quicker and far more intuitive. When WebEx Meetings are required for working on Projects in SharePoint. if they can be easily created. Currently users have to switch from working in SharePoint as an individual to a WebEx to start working as a team.

Service Type and Status. Scheduling a Meeting Scheduling a meeting is easy. Event or Support Session or quickly start a One Click Meeting or join an Unlisted Session. teleconference options. You can also publicize your Meeting by automatically displaying the details in a SharePoint Event Calendar and use SharePoint Members and Contact Lists in addition to your Outlook Contacts to invite attendees. You are able to specify a secure password. Start Time.All Sessions Web Part The Sessions Web Part Page allows you to view all WebEx Sessions scheduled for your organization and use filters to view only those Sessions where you are the Host. meeting registration requirements and an Agenda for the meeting. You can easily schedule or join a WebEx Meeting. Figure 3 . recurrence pattern. Duration.All Sessions Web Part Page © 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic . select by Host Name. Training. Sales.

© 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic . With expert WebEx assistance you can get a quick-start with deployment and process expertise and consultative training available with 24/7 customer support. . a single user interface and single sign-on. Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations to take file sharing and collaboration to a new level by helping to improve process efficiency and information worker productivity. Specialist Deployment Support.Key Benefits Whether you are meeting with customers or using web meetings for internal business processes anywhere in your organization. Integration with SharePoint Calendars. Publishing WebEx Sessions automatically into SharePoint Calendars means teams can improve planning outcomes and collaborative activities. By combining the power of SharePoint and WebEx through central administration. scheduling and management of WebEx Sessions from a single user interface supports rapid acceptance and makes it easy for users to host. WebEx delivers a robust suite of on-demand collaborative applications that dramatically increase business efficiencies. Transparent access. WebEx SharePoint Basic delivers . User’s can dramatically accelerate a business team’s productivity and performance through more effective meetings and reducing the wasted time and cost of travel to attend them. manage and join any type of meeting. Single Sign-on and Easy User Access. Centrally Managed User Accounts. potential errors and wasted time. and reduce operations costs. Streamlining administration of both SharePoint Users and WebEx Accounts into Active Directory reduces duplication. . increase business agility.

System Requirements The following software and infrastructure is required to implement WebEx Meeting Access.5+ System Architecture Figure 4 – SharePoint and WebEx Systems Architecture © 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic . Server Windows 2003 Server Microsoft SharePoint Services SQL Server Client Windows 2000 or XP Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

© 2006 WebEx – All Right Reserved WebEx SharePoint Basic .

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