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November 25, 2010

Vol. 30, Issue 33
Ser ving Pfluger ville, Pfluger ville ISD and North Austin Since 1980


Connally faces Tyler John Tyler in area round • City ditches pond plans • Volleyball awards Thanksgiving meals delivered
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El Rincon ‘I want to ... move

donates to
victim’s forward with my life’
By James Rincon
Graves home for
family holidays after 18
Pflag Reporter

former death row prisoner received donations in

years innocent
on death row
A Pflugerville on Saturday after his Oct. 27 exon-
eration from multiple murder charges that had-
him awaiting execution for 18 years.
The Texas Moratorium worst misconduct by a pros-
Network presented ecutor that the current pros-
exoneree Anthony Graves ecutors have ever seen.”
with $3,000 raised by its Other capital cases have
members to help support his been overturned by DNA
transition back to freedom. evidence, but Cobb said
“What I want to do is DNA evidence only plays a
move forward with my role for 10 percent of the
life,” Graves said. “I just state’s death row exonorees.
want to go out and make a “As soon as we heard
difference. I want to be a about Anthony’s release on
part of a solution to a plagu- Oct. 27, we asked our mem-
ing problem in our criminal ber [approximately 20,000
justice system.” members] if there’s any-
Photo by James Rincon Graves was convicted for thing that they wanted to do
Mary Lou, Mariah and the murder of six people in to help,” Cobb said.
Christina Martinez wear a Sommerville who were Base funds are often an
portrait of family member bludgeoned to death. essential need of death
Cynthia Martinez, shot to
Scott Cobb of the TMN row exonorees when they
death Saturday in Austin.
said Graves fell victim to are fresh out of prison,
By James Rincon gross prosecutorial mis- Cobb said.
conduct. “We called up his lawyer
Pflag Reporter
Photo by James Rincon “The current prosecutors and she said he may be able
Anthony Graves accepts $3,000 are saying that the reason he to get some compensation
A Pflugerville restaurant
in donations from Texas was wrongfully convicted from the state, but it’s going Photo by James Rincon
opened its doors Monday night
Moratorium Network President and sentenced to death was to take a long time and there Anthony Graves stands outside his sister’s house in
to the family of a former
Scott Cobb on Saturday in the prosecutorial miscon- Pflugerville Saturday after his Oct. 27 exoneration
Connally High School student
Pflugerville. duct,” Cobb said. “The See Graves, A2 from charges that had him on death row for 18 years.
who was shot to death in north
Austin early Saturday morning.
The family and friends gath-
ered in El Rincon restaurant at
200 Pecan St. to remember 23-
year-old Cynthia Joann
Family picks up pieces after fire destroys mobile home
Martinez’s life and to raise By James Rincon by the blaze.
funds for her funeral services. Pflag Reporter Xonthe was asleep in the
“She was coming home. She mobile home, along with her
was going to come spend the Area residents who lost their five younger brothers and four
night with me and go to my mobile home to an electrical fire adults. Firefighters said the
niece’s party. All we talked Nov. 16 have spent the week dwelling did not have any smoke
about was my niece,” Cynthia’s rummaging through the charred detectors.
sister, 16-year-old Christina wreckage looking to salvage “Fortunately, everyone got out
Martinez said. some belongings. in time with no injuries,” PFD
Christina’s phone conversa- Pflugerville firefighters res- Lt. Tim Wallace said. “The
tion with Cynthia the night of ponded to the fire in the 13000 investigation team has found an
the shooting was Cynthia’s last block of Tophill Circle off of area of origin but is still looking
contact with her family. Immanuel Road just south of the into the cause.”
According to an arrest affi- city, but could not quench the Xonthe said her mother woke
davit, Martinez’s boyfriend flames before the house, an adja- up her father and his two friends
Eric Munoz, left the scene of a cent building and most of the while she woke up her brothers.
crash in the apartment complex items in them were consumed. “My mom woke me up and I
parking lot at around 10 p.m. “My mom woke up and she had to wake up my brothers,”
after hitting 20-year-old smelled smoke. She went to the Xonthe said. “When we started
Valentino Garcia’s Ford kitchen and she saw fire outside. going outside there was all this
Explorer. She went outside, and she was smoke… My dad’s friend called
Garcia followed Munoz from going to turn the water hose on, the fire truck to come to try to
the scene and struck Munoz’s but it was too hot and the fire put the fire out, and when they Photo by James Rincon
Buick before losing control of was already there,” said 12-year- put it out, everything was gone.” Angel, Leonardo, Yuridiana and Geancarlos Xonthe and Delia Morales sift through
the SUV and rolling it onto its old Yuridiana Xonthe, the oldest what’s left of their home Friday on the 13000 block of Tophill Circle. Electric wiring
side, according to the affidavit. of the six children left homeless See Fire, A5 is believed to be the cause of the fire that left 10 residents homeless.
Garcia told police he had
been the victim of a hit-and-run
and was trying to catch the
other driver, the affidavit said.
Pfest crafters linked by love Rhythm section
Later that night Garcia
returned to the apartment com-
plex where he confronted
of hobby, knack for recycling
Munoz, according to the affi-
By James Rincon Elementary School.
davit, and he allegedly shot She said educators taking a break in the
Munoz and Martinez. Pflag Reporter
school teacher’s lounge might catch a
Garcia has been charged with glimpse of one of her colorful creations
first-degree murder and is Hobbyists of all experience levels and
crafts filled the Pflugerville Recreation before the school breaks for the winter.
being held on $750,000 bond. Beverly Gilbert said she’s been a crafter
Christina Martinez said Center Saturday for this year’s Pfall Pfest.
Jean Rutledge started crafting over the as far back as she can remember. Her
Cynthia moved out of the fam- tables were spilling over with more than
ily’s house six weeks ago to the summer, using her background of more
than 40 years sewing experience, she 150 seasonal knickknacks that virtually
apartment where she was turned her corner of the recreation center
killed. churned out a cornucopia of appliqué wall
hangings with scenes of the season from into a winter wonderland.
“She wanted to live on her Garlands, poinsettias and handmade
own I guess. She wanted to falling leaves to turkeys, Christmas lights
and snowmen. ornaments speckled and spiraled around Photo by Pat McCord
grow up. I kept telling her to miniature Christmas trees so ornate they
come back,” said the younger “I just love doing it. It’s the way I relax,” Members of the Connally High School Band dance during
Rutledge said. might make Charlie Brown blush. the Cougars’ playoff game in Waco last weekend. See
When she’s not cutting and sewing, SPORTS for more information on the game.
See Martinez, A5 Rutledge substitute teaches at Caldwell See Pfall Pfest, A5

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Vol. 30 Issue 33
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