By Diane Ludeking 6/9/10

My car has unwittingly become my sanctuary Where I am alone to contemplate in silence Or liven things up with some music or a book on CD. On the seat next to me is everything I need for my pilgrimage. My journal, laptop and several books Are my companions into the unknown. There is nothing else to do behind this wheel of initiation But guide my car safely on these concrete rivers And be alert to my surroundings and myself. In my side mirror I acknowledge the setting sun And the road I’ve already left behind. Thank you for the life I’ve already lived. And as I turn my focus back to what’s before me I see dark, rain-laden clouds ready to burst And wash away all that no longer serves me.

This cleansing I embrace as does the setting sun For I notice the last rays of light Have reached out to my raincloud and gifted it a rainbow! Thank you for the beauty that leads my way Through the uncertain storms of my life. Thank you for reminding me that everything works together to create the atmosphere that is my life.

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