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Dr. Barman stumps audience with Sugar Devil

by Betty Lou Denney/Hall done in many ways. He pre- tools, bleeders from the old
fers the “odd ball things”, and days, were a scary display.
Fort Recovery’s former has tools from many different Some early day devices from
419-763-1414 veterinarian, Dr. Tim Barman, trades. Many barn building the police departments were
105 S. 1st St., Downtown Coldwater
gave a great presentation on tools were shown, along with also in his collection.
his large display of antique tools from the Coopers Trade Another treasure of Doctor
Page 8 tools at the Fort Recovery (Barrel Makers). Leather cut- Tim’s is a “plumb bob” from
Library recently. The good ting tools that had the ability Guatemala that his wife gave
doctor said he got started with to make the fancy design onto him for Christmas that she
this large collection about 25 the leather were decorative had purchased when they
years ago when his grandfa- in themselves. Many people were there on a mission trip.
ther Barman gave him a barn made their own tools from The librarians did not rec-
builder’s mallet and a folding other tools that were worn ognize a tool common to their
ruler. The good doctor has out. Files made a great tool to trade, used to bind books.
purchased tools from sales, refashion into something else. The big contest for the
flea markets or anywhere he A real pride of Dr. Barman is evening was to guess the
can find something different, the snake that he had crafted name of a tool used to stir and
including tools that people from an old rasp by one of break up brown sugar that
have given him through the the crafters at the recent Civil was stored in a barrel. Rosie

years. His father-in-law, War reenactment at the Fort. Zehringer, after some clues
Herman Muhlenkamp, gave A tool used to neuter by the doctor, was given the
him a tool from the Moorman young roosters, capons, was prize for getting the “devil”
Company, where he worked left at the vet office when he part of the name, called a
for many years as a salesper- purchased the office in 1974. Sugar Devil.
Every Sunday • 6-10 p.m son. Many companies gave Other tools from the medical Maurice Grieshop ended

Idea…New Setting
Ansonia American Legion
out tool sets or wrenches as
Doctor Barman comments
profession were a drill from
the Civil War days, used to
drill into the skull to relieve
the entertaining evening by
playing a short selection on a
harmonica that Dr. Tim had
that many people collect old pressure to the brain, and given him from a box of tools
tools and collections can be an amputation saw. Dentist that he had purchased.

WTLW to air presentation of

first John Reed Memorial Award
Christian TV station WTLW (TV-44), based in
Lima, will air a program on November 26 featur-
ing the presentation of the first John Reed Memorial
Page 2 Award. According to WTLW’s Sports Director, Andy
Lynch, that evening’s broadcast, scheduled to air at 10
the Girod’s
Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving p.m., will include a pre-taped presentation of the award
Construction by Ohio State University head football coach Jim Tressel
ation, it wasn’t aAmish
new idea,
Crewit was a new setting.
to an area coach, selected by a 7-member panel.
strange shore, barely
All types settled and
of construction surrounded by
In addition, the show will talk with a few of the
Pole barn additions, remodeling,
s, but grateful for the bounty God
foundation and floor repair
provided, they nominees, as well as the winner. The show also plans
a way toDriver
say thanks
Him. Wherever we are, to look back at some of Reed’s final messages to his
ver our circumstances,
Please leaveHe provides. Take time this
a message. community.
The panel was comprised of Reed’s son, David, as
o say “Thank you, God”. Worship with family and Photo by Roy Hall well as TV-44 staff and management.
s and honor that first Thanksgiving celebration. TV-44 can be seen locally on Hometown Cable’s
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Coldwater State Semi-Final Football tickets
Friday Saturday
channel 14 and on Time Warner’s channel 13 in Celina,
Psalm Psalm Psalm Psalm Psalm Coldwater
Psalm will be selling State Semi-Final Football channel 4 in St. Marys and channel 10 in Rockford.
95 96 99 100 104 playoff
107 tickets as follows: November 25 and 26 at Westown
Scriptures Selected by The American Bible Society Shell Station, November 27 at the High School from 10
Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, P. O. Box 8187, Charlottesville, VA 22906,
a.m. until Noon; Cost of all Presale Tickets are $8, all gate
Coldwater’s Environmental Committee
tickets are $10. Coldwater gets a portion of presale only!
Coldwater will meet Frederickstown on November 27 at 7
discusses future water and waste water projects
p.m. at Columbus DeSales High School. Directions will be
Coldwater Councilman dismissed. This is of particu- the machine had a switch
available when you get your tickets.
Page 8 Robert Fisher reported at lar concern due to the daycare go, the wheel bearing go
the November 22 council facility in the area. Council out, and the wheel fell off.

LIFT CHAIRS from $588 Cash for Cans helping CALL meeting on action by the
Environmental Committee.
member Joe Knapschaefer
suggested the radar display
Thomas added that St. Henry
offered use of their machine

Hapner Furniture & Video

Food Pantry again this year
Area Cash for Cans par- cash and food.
The committee met November
15 and looked over a variety
of water and waste water proj-
ects that will need to be com-
trailer be parked near the area
to let drivers know that the
police are aware of the issue
and will be monitoring the
during these problems, but
repairs were made and the
equipment is back on the
(260) 729-5267 ticipating businesses met Drop-off locations include pleted in the next few years. traffic. The contract for Law
Old Walmart Bldg. - Portland
recently with CALL Food CARS Inc., Corner Auto Included on that list was Huwer Well Drilling of Director Judy Koesters was
Pantry manager Sales and Lefeld automating meter reading, Coldwater assisted the water renewed, with an increase,
Tim Clutter to kick Implement, all installing backflow valves for department in cleaning from $700 a month to $725.
off the second annu- in Coldwater, cisterns, replacing water lines pumps. Village Manager Eric Koesters thanked the council
al event to Ohio; Buds on North and Plum Street, Thomas explained that the for their continued faith in her
benefit the Chrysler abandoning unused water cleaning increased efficiency services and said the increase
local pantry. Dodge Jeep, wells and looping water lines by 40%, near original capac- was “much appreciated”.
The pub- Rino’s Auto Sales from Hardin Street to Colletta ity for the 5 year old pumps. The council read three
lic is invited to and Jackson’s Drive. Waste water projects The street department had ordinances on “second read-
drop off nonper- Garage, all in Celina, include relining and replacing some issues related to leaf ing” during the meeting. The
ishable items for the needy, Ohio; Hastings Auto Sales, sewer lines and replacing a collection. The truck used to ordinances deal with 2011
Page 12 and the participating dealer- Fort Recovery, Ohio; Carriage lawnmower that is used at the pull the leaf machine is run- salaries, an easement on the
ships will, in turn, make a Werkes, Saint Henry, Ohio; sewer plant. ning hot. Thomas explained Wellman property and a
cash donation based on the and Huelsman Automotive, In other business, Council the truck is old, but has low street dedication. All three
Looking For Quality Products At A Fair Price?
Come See Les Nichols At...
value of the items collected. Chickasaw, Ohio. President Doug Bertke said miles and is not used out of ordinances are expected to
Last year, the Cash for Just before Christmas, the that he has had complaints
CHATT GUN Cans businesses collected cash and items collected will about cars speeding down
town, so replacing it isn’t a
priority. However, in addi-
pass on final reading at the
next council meeting on
SHOP and donated over $3,000 in be presented to CALL. Weis Street after school is tion to the truck problem, December 13 at 7 p.m.

Cooper talks turkey

8970 State Route 49 • 419-942-GUNS

by Caitlin Eyth demand by producing about 280,000 poults

(baby turkeys) a week and about 60 million
Most everyone has turkey on the brain this pounds of turkey meat each year. This con-
time of year. One area family has thought tinuous production method is very different
about turkeys for more than 70 years. than the production style in the early days of
Cooper Farms has been part of the com- Cooper Farms.
munity since 1938 when Virgil and Virginia “When my father started and when I was
Cooper began with about 300 turkeys. Today, a kid, you would hatch turkeys in the spring,
the business is run by the second generation grow them in the summer, process them in
Page 7 of Coopers, siblings Jim, Dianne and Gary. It the fall and sell them for Thanksgiving and
produces 14.5 million turkeys a year. Christmas. You could shut down for the win-
An estimated 46 million turkeys will be ter because people didn’t eat turkey deli meats
FREE LAYAWAY consumed on Thanksgiving. However, that or burgers back then,” Cooper said.
On all your Christmas gifts will not be the only turkey Americans eat all Cooper Farms still takes turkeys through
year. More than 300 million turkeys are con- the whole process, from hatching to process-
Forget-Me-Not Florist sumed in America each year. This is enough
for one bird or about 18 pounds of turkey per
ing. Today, it is done on a much larger scale.
Of the 14.5 million poults produced at Cooper
101 S. Wayne, Ft. Recovery
SEE PAGE 11 FOR DETAILS person. Farms each year, 7 million hens (female tur-
“Obviously the single biggest demand for keys) and 2.5 million toms (male turkeys) are
Page 7 turkeys is the holiday season. It might seem immediately sold to other producers, which
a little confusing but the biggest demand leaves about 5 million toms for Cooper Farms
in general is actually June to September. to raise and process.
There is about a 25-percent increase in turkey “It takes 28 days for an egg to hatch, 142
consumption in the summer. The industry days (20 weeks) to raise the turkey to 44
believes that is because people like to eat pounds, about 2-3 days to process and 2-3
lighter in the summer-turkey sandwiches, days to get it to the store. From farm to fork it
turkey salads, turkey burgers, turkey hot dogs, is about a 24-25 week or six-month process,”
all different types of products,” Cooper Farms Cooper said. Linda Kahlig, whose family raises turkeys for Cooper
Chief Operating Officer Gary Cooper said. Farms, adjusts the watering tanks in one of the two finish-
Cooper Farms meets this year-round See COOPER, page 2 ing barns on their property south of Fort Recovery.

Fowler’s TV 1301St. E.Marys,

Spring St.
Sony 40” TV
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Ray’s Voted best place to buy
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Coldwater, Ohio
419-678-8711 7 years in a row! We Service What We Sell financing
T, W, Th 9:30-7
Sat. 9:30-3 Mark Scott Travis
the mercer county chronicle
Page 4 • november 25, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010; Santa Parade at 1 p.m.; Visit Santa from 1 to 3 p.m.;
Enjoy pony rides (for $1 or donation of canned good); Visit the
Refreshment Center (Steelworkers Union Hall) for Hot Chocolate & Cookies.
These special activities are made possible by
The Coldwater Chamber of Commerce & The Coldwater Jaycees.

A Clondalkin Company
Today’s fossil fuel furnaces and air conditioners simply can’t “measure up”
to an Envision geothermal comfort system from WaterFurnace. The Envision
FLEXIBLE PACKAGING series sets a new standard in performance with a cooling efficiency of
30 EER and a heating efficiency of 5 COP — the highest ratings of any unit
620 Hardin Street • Coldwater, oHio ever certified by AHRI* (the trade association responsible for industry
performance standards & certification). WaterFurnace units tap into the
clean, renewable energy found in your own backyard to provide savings
up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water. With added benefits like
safe, clean, quiet, reliable operation, it’s plain to see that an Envision makes
ordinary units seem small by comparison. Contact Ray’s Refrigeration
today for more information.

(419) 678-8711 • Coldwater, OH

802 Weis Street visit us at

Coldwater, Ohio
©2010 WaterFurnace is a registered trademark of WaterFurnace International, Inc.
*Based upon ARI13256-1 (GLHP - Part Load Ratings)

“Learning Together One Step At A Time”

Coldwater Chamber of CommerCe
Childcare & Preschool • Ages 6 weeks - School Age
Christmas open h
Gift Certificate Give-Away!
Sign Up Today!
November 21st
The Chamber of Commerce will offer 2 drawings for Coldwater Area Chamber
Happy Holidays! of Commerce Gift Certificates. Each gift certificate will be worth $500. The
sign-up begins on November 21st. Sign up at the businesses listed below.
Edward Jones * Laudick’s Jewelry
* The Paper Station Chief Supermarket

The Gels Home ACF * Anew You LLC
In Total Gift Briarwood Village Mercer County Chronicle
Certificate Coldwater Eagles American Budget Company
Prizes! Mercer Savings Bank * Hardin Street Automotive
Back to Nature * Schwieterman Pharmacy
Saturday, Nov. 27th * The Mr. Shoppe Tomorrow’s Technology Today
First Gift Certificate * Calico Café Mercer Health Hospitality Gift Shop
_______________ McDonalds Home Furniture & Mattress
Sunday, Nov.
Saturday, Dec.2818th * McSports * Enyart Flooring & Home Decorating
Plumbing, Final Gift Certificate
C.A.R.S. Inc. Lefeld Welding Supply
The Coldwater Lumber Co.

* Businesses are also providing a gift certificate to their respective business.

115 E. Main, Coldwater, Ohio

Business 419-678-2812
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Grill on Main
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alternative to Nursing Home Care.
A JOHN DEERE. For more information and private tour call Janet at
B1 30 Tractor w/Gravity Wagon


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back up sound with flashing cab and
roof lights
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Salad, Potato
the mercer county chronicle
November 25, 2010 • Page 5

Ave Maria Circle 417

Daughters of Isabella Meeting
News from Rockford
2011 combined charities December 10 and 11, from 1 At the Rockford Village will attend a meeting on
The November 16 meeting For tickets please call Nancy drive in Rockford and Dublin to 5 p.m., and December 12, Council meeting November December 2 at 7:30 p.m.
was brought to order by Regent Froning. Township is now underway from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The 16, Village Administrator to go over any remaining
Mary Buzard. Opening prayer A meeting will be held on and will be conducted full Chamber’s Winterfest is Jeff Long reported that West questions about the pad
was led by Chancellor Mary December 1 at the St. Henry through November. Parkway on December 11, at Shane’s Market Street is almost which would consist of a
Lou Guilbault and the Pledge CouncilHallforallorganizations students in Ms. Putman’s Park. A full slate of events is finished and the drainage 50-foot concrete circle with
of Allegiance was led by the from St. Henry concerning class put the packets together planned, and sandwiches and seems to be working properly, various sprinkler and sprayer
Regent. the Dodransbicentennial of and distributed them door to desserts will be available. “standing up to the rain” that apparatuses that do not run
Kevin Schulze, St. Henry St. Henry. The celebration door. There are 17 agencies The first nominees’ list is evening. “We have received continually but are designed
Youth Ministry Director, will take place in 2012. For listed this year. An official in for the newly-established numerous compliments from to be manually turned on
talked at the meeting about more information, contact Jane from the Rockford Chamber Parkway Academic Alumni outsiders about how nice our and run for a cycling period
the programs that are being Gast, who is on the forming of Commerce noted Hall of Fame, created with a Village is looking,” Long before they automatically
offered to the youth in the St. committee. that the drive has always goal to recognize successful said. turn off. The cost would be
Henry Cluster. A ceremony Please send any Harvest been very well supported former students who have Items being discussed by around $70,000. The splash
was held to remember the raffle tickets to Bev Seger by and the Chamber is very contributed to their profession the finance committee as part pad is being considered in
deceased members this past December 10. Linda Hoying appreciative. and community while of the Budget 2011 meetings lieu of a swimming pool. A
year and over the years within was drawn for the November The Laurels and practicing character qualities include a 3% across the board fund drive is being discussed,
the circle. Harvest Raffle. Pot of Gold Maplewood will be holding such as perseverance, cost of living increase, the and a quarter auction was
The Christmas party will be was won by Bev Seger. Mary a Winterfest Open House self-discipline, curiosity, need for a new cruiser and held last weekend. There
on December 14 in the St. Henry Tumbusch name was drawn for on December 4, from 1:30 honesty and responsibility. putting funds in the capital was also discussion on new
Church basement, beginning at the attendance prize and she to 3:30 p.m. There will be Nominations, which have equipment fund for future water and sewer rates.
6 p.m. for cocktails, dinner at was absent. entertainment, food and at already been received for truck equipment purchases. The Rockford Belle has
6:30 p.m. Please call Lou Ann The rosary and prayer The Laurels, the opportunity this first year, can be made Ordinances making invited several musicians
May for your reservation by were led by Chancellor Mary to have family pictures taken. by anyone. A committee will appropriations for current to perform Christmas and
December 7. Breakfast with Lou Guilbault. The meeting Entertainment will include the make the final selection of and other expenditures and country music on November
Santa will be December 11 was closed by Regent Mary A-1 Best Band at the Laurels no more than five recipients establishing a pay schedule 27. The evening’s main
at the St. Henry Elementary. Buzard. at 1:30, accordionist Reta this first year and no more for hourly and salaried event will feature country

Coldwater American
Schroeder at Maplewood at than three in the following employees and mayor and gospel singer Jesse King
1:30 and The Triad which is years. Criteria for the council salaries, all for the performing with family.
Mike Bruns, Kent Krogman nomination is that they be 2011 year, underwent second Long-time friends Allen

Legion Auxiliary #470

and Dan Schoen at 2:15 graduates of Parkway, have readings. Twaits and Bob the Blues
at Maplewood. Nikki Fox graduated at least ten years At the November 9 Man (Dooley) will also be
Photography will be taking prior to nomination and have safety committee meeting, performing. The final group is
The Coldwater American good turnout. family pictures in the family given time to enhance their discussion items included fire the Marshallese “Islanders,”
Legion Auxiliary held their Bills were presented and room at the Laurels from profession and demonstrate hydrant repair, fall flushing originally from the Marshall
monthly meeting November paid. Eileen Ronnebaum was 1:30 to 2:30. leadership, citizenship and schedules, snow removal Islands southwest of Hawaii
11 with ten members and appointed to be on the Executive The Rockford Chamber volunteerism. The award and planned meetings with but now living here in the
2nd District President Shirley Board to replace Alice Feltz. of Commerce Winterfest will be presented at the insurance safety specialists area. Please call Tom Rogers
Maurer present, two officers Second District President Extravaganza’s Festival high school Spring Awards to identify any needs. at 567-644-9993 with any
were absent. Chaplin Lois Shirley Maurer informed of Wreaths, which used to program; a plaque will be The economic questions.
Brunswick led us in prayer. members 2nd District is in be held at the Laurels, is prominently displayed. development committee If anyone has any Rockford
Joan Dues gave the sick 3rd place in membership. She moving to The Rockford “Although public recognition discussed the proposed splash news they would like to have
committee report. Sent thinking attended National Convention. Belle this year. Visitors can is a reward in itself, self- pad that is being worked published, contact Gretchen
of you card to Andrea Reed. Sent Discussed the afghan project; bid on the wreaths and craft satisfaction is the true on with the Rockford Area Bollenbacher at 419-363-
get well cards to Shirley May anyone wanting to make items, and refreshments will reward,” the Hall of Fame Development committee. 2692 or fgboll@watchtv.
and Lillian Neal. Sent sympathy squares for afghans can do so. be served. Open times are committee said. One of the potential suppliers net.
cards to Mary Jane Koesters She is making a tea basket for
and Megan Feltz. Charter was Winter Conference. Dayton VA
draped upon death of Alice Feltz Christmas Party is December
and Bernice Reichert. Sent 5. All members invited to visit
donations to Cancer Society with the patients at this hospital.
of Mercer County upon death Auxiliary Christmas Party
of Alice Feltz and Bernice will be December 9. Dolores
Reichert. Received thank Selhorst and Joan Dues will
you from Marge Homan, Red be serving on this committee.
Cross representative, thanking Send reservations to Shirley
Auxiliary for serving lunch May 419-678-2867. Cocktails
to volunteers at Bloodmobile. will be at 6 p.m., dinner at 6:30
Next Bloodmobile will be p.m. Asking for $5 donation for
December 13. President Shirley dinner. Pot of Gold was won by
Maurer thanked the pallbearers Dolores Selhorst. Meeting was
and members for attending the adjourned. Lunch was served
mass for Alice Feltz. Had a very by Ruth Harting.

Mack Arena EVERY

Bull Riding
7:30 P.M.


Cooler Allowed
Adults: $8.00
Children: $2.00


Located: 10 miles west of Celina on S.R. 29
(Next to Wabash Garage)

Come &
See Us

Floor Covering GIFT
111 N. Wayne Street, Fort Recovery, Ohio

© 2010 Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

One Day Only: Holiday Tote!

Friday, November 26 only, this unique tote in new Baroque is our gift to you with a
Vera Bradley purchase of $100 or more. Stop in and see all of Vera Bradley’s great gift ideas!
While in-stock quantities last. See a store associate for details.

Etcetera… Something for Everyone”

105 S. Main St., Downtown Celina

Store Hours:
M-W-F 9-6
T-TJ 9-7
Sat. 9-3
the mercer county chronicle
Page 6 • november 25, 2010

fort notes by Betty Lou Denney/Hall

What’s Happening in won by Dave heckman from

the Fort…. Anyone who has
anything that you would We were always taught
the annual Pto Breakfast like to share with our that the thanksgiving holiday
with Santa will be December readers, please send pictures began with the Pilgrims. the
18 at the elementary/middle or information to: betty. fact is that the first recorded
School from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. mercercountychronicle@ American thanksgiving took
A light breakfast of donuts, place at Jamestown in the land
milk and juice will be served. of Virginia in 1610. By that
crafts, games and pictures tiP oF the WeeK: For spring, only 60 people out of
with Santa (1 - 5x7 for $2). an inexpensive cloth to clean the original 409 colonists had
cost of admission is $2. a flat top stove or marble survived the winter. A Ship
Friends of the library will sinks or even your stainless from england arrived with
again sponsor the Fort Festival steel try using those discarded supplies, and the Jamestown
of trees. hours to view and bags from onions or citrus. colonists held a prayer
vote for your favorite tree will you can use alone or sew on service, giving thanks. on
be during library hours and to a dishcloth. Works great. December 4, 1619, colonists
December 11 from 9 a.m. to arrived at Berkeley hundred,
8 p.m. and December 12 from until neXt WeeK and they wrote, “that the
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. this is a free rememBer: Be happy, love day of our ships arrival, in
event. one another and remember the land of Virginia, shall be
the St. Peter neurological that there is a miracle out a yearly and perpetually kept
center’s winning number there that can change your holy as a day of thanksgiving
for the past week was 840, life. to Almighty God.” those

2010 c.A.P. Santa Shop

38 colonists were massacred
by indians before christmas,
and their promise could not The Pilgrims are shown on their way to Church in the 1600s. These Pilgrims are
be kept. recognized for holding the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth in November 1621.
the coldwater shopping, if needed, to most people recognize the
Academic Promoters keep the gifts a surprise. november 1621 date as the to me, thanksgiving to be used as the county thank you goes to the ones
(c.A.P.) will again items for sale include day the Pilgrims celebrated means just one topic: Giving museum. A thank you who helped preserve history
be sponsoring a Santa gifts for mom and Dad, the First thanksgiving thanks. As President of the goes to the mercer county with local history Books.
Shop for area children, brothers and sisters, at Plymouth. Governor mercer county historical commissioners and county A thank you goes to the
november 29 - December grandparents, friends and William Bradford invited the Society, i want to give thanks Funds for the years 1975- citizens who have donated
2. the Santa Shop will be pets. Prices range from indians for a feast, but it was where thanks are due. A 2003, for funding the position the exhibits at the mercer
located in room 209 of the $1.50 - $6. not completely to thank them thank you goes to mercer of mercer county historical county historical museum,
elementary school. thank you for your for their help. the feast county settlers and their museum Director, and for the riley home. Another
Preschool children are support of the Santa Shop! was also held for the purpose descendants, who recorded help in maintaining the thank you goes to the
of staying friendly with the their history. this recorded building and grounds of the volunteers who have given of
invited to purchase gifts All proceeds will be
indians. over the years, history includes the history county museum. tuesday, their time and energy to serve
for family members on used to fund a variety of of families, their businesses, november 16, i was invited as Members, Officers, and/
november 30, from 6:30 projects to benefit students various autumn harvest feasts
were held in thanksgiving. their communities, their to speak to the rotary or Board members of this
- 8 p.m. or november 29 in the coldwater Schools. rural heritage, their schools, club at celina, and those historical Society, as well
- December 1 after school if you have any questions During the revolution, a
day of national thanksgiving their churches, their service members spoke about the as those who have hosted
until 4 p.m. Adult helpers call therese hosbach organizations, as well as the county museum needing a temporary exhibits at the
will be available to assist (419-678-8521), or Susan was annually recommended by
congress. President George history of Grand lake Saint new coat of paint. honestly, museum.
the children with their moorman (419-678-3211). marys and the miami and everywhere i go, citizens A sincere thank you
Washington appointed a day
of thanksgiving in 1789, erie canal, the history of remind me that the county goes to all of the people
after the adoption of the the native Americans, and museum needs painting. i and/or institutions who have
constitution. After the 1795 all topics related to mercer explain that i no longer work helped the mercer county
signing of the international county, ohio history. for the county, and that the historical Society achieve
treaty with the native A thank you goes to county commissioners own its mission Statement: to
Americans at the treaty of the 1958 mercer county the museum Building and Preserve mercer county’s
Sharing Hometown Recipes, Cooking Tips and Coupons
Greeneville, Washington commissioners who asked they are legally responsible history and to educate the
By Janet Tharpe
appointed another day of roscoe riley, carleton for painting the museum, that Public about that history.
thanksgiving. thanksgiving reiser and carroll Stubbs, is, maintaining the building happy thanksgiving to each
Make Quick Work of an Impressive Family Meal to establish a mercer and grounds. one of you.
was not observed on the same
“These, day, the last thursday of county historical museum A thank you goes [the mercer county
along with november, until 1863, during and to create the mercer to the libraries, Private historical Society President
a salad, the civil War in the united county historical Society citizens, Businesses, Service Joyce Alig, may be contacted
make a States. Since 1864, the u.S. to administer that county organizations, the combined at 3054 Burk-St. henry road,
nice light President has recognized the museum. A thank you Drives and the Society Saint henry, oh 45883, or
meal.” last thursday of november goes to the riley Family for members for providing funds or 419-
as thanksgiving Day. providing the riley home to the historical Society. A 678-2614.]
Shirlie Ingram
Beloit, WI
(Pop. 47,513)
W ith a gourmet-sounding name like Twice-Baked
Gruyere and Potato Souffle, you would think
one slaved in the kitchen preparing this recipe. But don’t
let the fancy name fool you! To my pleasant surprise,
preparing this delicious dish is easy as pie...mash, mix
and bake is all it takes! The end result is an eye-catching
souffle that is sure to wow at the dinner table. (Oh, and it
makes the kitchen smell great, too!) Serve this wonderful
dish as a meal starter or side dish...just be sure to make
enough for seconds!
See step-by-step photos of Shirlie Ingram’s souffle
recipe and thousands more recipes from other hometown
Americans at:
You’ll also find a meal planner and coupons for the
Shirlie Ingram recipe ingredients. Enjoy and remember, use “just a
- Janet
Twice-baked Gruyere
and Potato Souffle
What You Need
8 oz potatoes • Grease four large ramekins;
2 lg eggs, separated set aside.
1 1/2 c grated Gruyere cheese
1/2 c self-rising flour • Finely chop the spinach and
2 oz fresh spinach leaves fold into the potato mixture.
butter, for greasing • In a clean, grease-free bowl,
salt and freshly ground black whisk the egg whites until they
pepper form soft peaks. Fold a little
Directions of the egg white into the potato
mixture to loosen it slightly,
• Pre-heat oven to 400°F. Peel then use a large spoon to fold
potatoes and cook in lightly the remaining egg white into
salted, boiling water for 20 the mixture.
minutes, until very tender.
Drain well and mash with egg • Pour mixture into ramekins and
yolks, using a potato masher place on a baking sheet. Bake
or a fork. for 20 minutes. Remove from
the oven and leave to cool.
Your One-Stop Shop serving our friends & neighbors for over 60 years!! • Ohio State Liquor Agency
• Stir in half of the Gruyere We Accept: Double Coupons
• When cooled, turn the souffles

Gels IGA
cheese and all of the flour. • Lottery Tickets Sold Here Every Thursday!
out on a baking sheet and __________ • Sony Picture Station
Season to taste with the salt We Also Accept: ______________
and ground black pepper. sprinkle with remaining cheese. .com MFG. Coupons
• We Offer Carryout Service
• We Sell Postage Stamps YOUR Produce
Bake again for 5 minutes and 451 Stachler Dr., St. Henry • 419-678-4249 Dole California
serve immediately. Mon.-Thurs. 8 am-8 pm, Fri. 8 am-7 pm; Sat. 8 am-6 pm, Sun. 9 am-4 pm
Senior Citizens
Discount on
• Bihn’s Dry Cleaning Drop Off
• Copies Made Here ______________
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10 Lb. Bag
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the mercer county chronicle
November 25, 2010 • Page 7

Gifts available through the News from Saint Henry

Arbor Day Foundation Helen Uhlenhake, assistant is looking for new members. $65
treasurer/personnel staff member is the donation to join and may
retired after 30 years with the be sent by December 6, to 300
Celebrate the holiday season Saint Henry Schools. She was Club, P.O. Box 245, Saint Henry,
with friends and loved ones honored with a Saint Henry OH 45883. Paid membership
Norma “Skeet” Wolters, Library Assistant
this year and give back to the Redskin Pin. Sherri Ranly was makes you eligible for weekly
earth at the same time with the hired to replace Helen. drawings.
The Snow Globe help of the nonprofit Arbor Day Mitchell Schulze was named The Senior Citizens Christmas
by Sheila Roberts Foundation.
Send holiday greetings and
All Ohio Athletic and Academic breakfast will be held December
and Kevin Knapke was named 14.
plant a tree – all at the same time All Ohio Academic. Next Baptismal preparation
The Snow Globe by Sheila – by using the Foundation’s
roberts is the fourth book in Saint Vincent de Paul clothing class will be January 4. Call 419-
Give-A-Tree Cards. Give-A- drive will be November 27 at 9 678-4118 to register if you have
a series of Christmas related Tree Cards are unique in that
books by her. Around the a.m. and November 28 if there never attended a class.
every card plants a tree in one of is room. Truck will be parked For school delays or
first of November, many our nation’s forests in honor of behind the church. cancellations, listen to WCSM,
patrons of the library request the recipient. By sending Give- Three Generations restaurant WKKI, WIMA, WHIO, WDTN,
these novels of inspiration to A-Tree Cards, you are helping will be hosting a Wine Tasting and WLIO.
get into the Christmas spirit. to replant forests that have on December 2, from 6 - 9 p.m. Looking for a gift that helps
My vision of this book as a been devastated by wildfires, There will be a $10 cover charge, promote St. Henry businesses?
gift would be to include a new insects and disease. Give-A- impact on the environment.
Trees in Celebration includes a ($1 going to the food pantry and The St. Henry Commercial
or antique snow globe, gaily Tree holiday cards come in 21 $1 going to the raffle.) Club has “Village Money” gift
wrapped, along with a copy of varieties, some of which are certificate for the recipient, and
for each dollar donated a tree is Gels IGA in Saint Henry will certificates available to the public.
the book. Young girls and any snow globe has been handed available in boxed sets of 5 or be hosting a Midnite madness The gift certificates come in $5
down generation to generation, 10 cards. planted in a damaged forest.
woman would appreciate the Give special friends a on December 3 from 6 p.m. - and $20 denominations, and are
book and who doesn’t love a somehow always landing in This year, you can send midnite. available at The St. Henry Bank.
the hands of a person in special Give-A-Tree Cards using membership to the Arbor Day
snow globe? Foundation, and they will Santa Claus will be at If you have news from the
Kiley Gray and her two best need of a Christmas miracle. your favorite picture with the Gels iGA from 10 - noon on Saint Henry area, please contact
Foundation’s new photo cards. also receive 10 free trees. A
friends, Suzanne and Alison, Kiley shakes the snow globe December 4. Jenny Sutter at 419-678-2324 or
There are 20 holiday cards to membership costs $10, and
are taking an early holiday to and finds a special message in includes many great benefits, Saint Henry Community Club
the globe guiding her to a choose from as well.
help Kiley recover from some When you give the gift of including 10 free trees that will
toy store, a young handsome
bad luck come lately. Her
boyfriend has dumped her for owner and much more. She Arbor Day Specialty Coffee, be shipped at the right time of
year for planting.
Hard Working & Good Looking
then tries to convince her you’re helping to preserve the
her spoiled sister; she loses earth’s precious rain forests. “The holidays are a time Wheeling Centurydrain® Roofing And

her job and can’t find another friends, who have problems of for thinking about others, Siding Will Carry You Through Years
Arbor Day Specialty Coffee
one. Anxious to get away their own, that the globe can is shade-grown, organic and and as you do take a moment
Of Rough Use And Worse Weather.
Steel For Strength.
from all the good intentioned help them, also. So the story Fair Trade Certified. It gets its to think about what you can Galvanized For Rust Resistance.

advice from her friends, Kiley continues with the lives of all delicious, rich taste from the do to protect the beauty and Wide Color Selection.

three characters in need of a splendor of the earth,” said John
Designed To Stay Weathertight,
stumbles into an antique store shade of the rain forest, and is Keep Interiors Dry.
and spots a handmade glass Christmas miracle part of the Foundation’s Rain Rosenow, chief executive of the Stop By And Put Centurydrain To Work.

snow globe. Upon admiring The library has many books Forest Rescue program. Each Arbor Day Foundation. “We
the globe, the store owner to get you in the Christmas cup of Arbor Day Specialty encourage everyone to give gifts
reveals to her the story behind
the globe. The story goes
that a German toymaker loses
Spirit. Start with The Snow
Globe and move onto others. I
highly recommend A Redbird
Coffee helps preserve a portion
of the rain forest.
The Foundation’s Trees in
that will have a lasting impact
on the world for generations to
To purchase holiday gifts
his wife and son right before Christmas by Fannie Flagg, Celebration program allows the
Skipping Christmas by John giver to honor loved ones while at that give back to the earth, go to
Christmas and to brighten his
300 S. Main Street • P.O. Box 247 • Ansonia, Ohio
holiday a friend gives him Grisham and the many books the same time making a positive
the snow globe containing an
angel. After he shakes it, the
by popular author Debbie
Macomber. Check out the Prepare for Christmas with Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM • Saturday 7AM-Noon

scene is of a beautiful woman

who comes into his life, mends
display of Christmas books at
the library. ‘An Advent Day with Mary,’
his heart and brings him back
to the world of the living. The
Happy Christmas! Happy
reading! Skeet on November 28
If you’re a busy woman with and concludes at 3 p.m. It will
Mercer County Council on Aging many pre-Christmas tasks this
season, this spiritual “time-out”
offer a morning and afternoon
presentation with time for
is a perfect opportunity to enter sharing/discussion and reflective
Angel Tree Project at the clean one that morning. more deeply into the spirit of prayer, as well as Sunday Mass
center. This project helps
children in our community
Movie day featuring
The Bishop’s Wife starring
Advent. This “Advent Day with
Mary” will help often too-busy
for those who wish. Lunch is
included in the day.
Free veil with
Call 419-628-7555 for your appointment!
to have a Christmas. If you Cary Grant and snacks are women reclaim and celebrate Precious Blood Sister Pronvias Gown
M, W & Th: 10-8; T & F 10-5, Sat. 9-3
would like to participate provided to the Center this Advent spirit of holy waiting Charmaine Grilliot will be the
with this project, stop by the miller house on with Mary, the Mother of Jesus day’s presenter. A longtime purchase
OPEN SUNDAYS Jan. 17-April 11; 12-4 p.m. (closed Easter Sunday)

— model of discipleship and the educator, administrator and past 336 N. Main St., Minster, OH 45865;
by the Center and pick a December 9 at Noon.
best teacher of how to prepare president of the congregation, Facebook:on Nov.Bridal
Emmy’s 26 & 27
tag off of our Christmas On December 22
Tree. The gifts must be from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 for Christ’s coming. Sister Charmaine is currently (up to a $150 value)
The Sisters of the Precious active in adult formation, retreat
returned unwrapped to the a.m., Paula Schumm will Blood are hosting “An Advent ministry and spiritual direction.
Center by December 6. entertain us with a variety Day with Mary” on November There is no specific cost; free-
Volunteers are also needed
on December 10 to help
of instruments and singing
some wonderful Christmas
28, the first Sunday of Advent.
The program is open to all
will offerings will be accepted.
Registration is requested by Call 419-628-7555
parents shop and wrap the songs. interested women of all ages and November 22 to arrange for
gifts. If you are interested The Red Hat Ladies will walks of life. It will be held meals and seating. To register, for your appointment!
please call Nancy Shinn be having a Christmas Party at Salem Heights, the sisters’
motherhouse, 4960 Salem
or for more information, call Sr.
Carolyn Hoying at (937) 231-
to volunteer for a shift at at 1 p.m. on December 23.
419-942-1410 or 419-305- Please bring a Red Elephant Avenue at Denlinger Road, 1244, or e-mail her at:Vocations@ M, T. & FCall
10-5, 419-62
1111. Gift Exchange! This Dayton. PreciousBloodSistersDayton.
The day begins at 9:30 a.m. org. W & Th.: 10-8; Sat. 9-3M, W
On December 6 at 1 p.m. should be an inexpensive
spend an afternoon around
the table playing your
item, maybe something
you won at one of our Red
The Crescent Players announce auditions OPEN SUNDAYS Jan.
The Crescent Players audition. Parts are for ages
336 N. M
favorite board games. Hat parties. 336 N Main St. Minster, OH 45865
On December 8, from Tash is collecting announce auditions for their 12 and up, and several adult, Fac
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., our recipes and stories April 2011 production of roles. Phone 419-302-4740
Ronald Dahl’s “Willy Wonka” for more information.
neighborhood nurse will that go with them to be November 30 and December
be at the center offering submitted for publication
osteoporosis screening.
Osteoporosis is a loss of
density in the bones. The
in the Activity connection
Cookbook. Deadline for
submitting is January 31.
2 at St. Paul UCC, 119 N.
Franklin St., New Bremen,
Ohio, from 6 - 9 p.m. Please
bring a short monologue from
Thursday, Dec. 2nd
test is conducted on your Any questions call Tash at
foot, so, please bring a 419-586-1644.
a play and a song for the
6:00-9:00 PM
Willshire Spend an
Home Furnishings Enjoyable
evening while
Great Deals on all in-stock * Furniture helping the
furniture and home decor: * Home Decor Items
-Recliners -Coffee Tables * Carpet Food Pantry!
(Labor Not Included)

-Pictures -Bedroom Suits

-Lamps -Couches 10% Off
Store Wide
$10 Cover Charge
-End Tables -Small Gifts at ($1 goes to Food Pantry)
($1 goes to Raffle Prizes)
-Floral Arrangements Party Trays
& Dips to
Heidelberg Sample
Under New While Supplies
Management! See last

Bill & Aleta Weiss

(The New Owners)
682 E. Main St.
10% Off All Flooring
CHRISTMAS -Ceramic Tile -Laminates
Saint Henry Sponsored by GELS IGA
OPEN HOUSE 419-678-1300
-Linoleum -Dura Ceramic
DEC. 4th 2010 -Carpet -Hard Wood Flooring NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR
9 AM - 5 PM Mohawk Color Center CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR’S EVE
Mannington One Dealer
Restaurant Hours: Tues.-Thur. 4-10pm; Fri.-Sat. 4 to midnight
318 State Street Willshire, OH 45898 • Phone: (419) 495-2833 Sunday 4-10pm; Closed on Mondays
the mercer county chronicle
Digging, L.L.C. Interior Design Consultants
Judy Heitkamp • Julie Werling • Amy Olberding
Rebecca Kunkler • Stephanie Wourms
10491 U.S. 127, Mendon, OH • 41 LCC9-363-3390
Page 8 • november 25, 2010 Bill’s Mobile • 419-305-0800 St. Henry, Ohio • 419-678-3600
We’re Your Local Connection To The World
Mercer County 4-H recognizes Muhlenkamp,
~ PLUMBING ~ Grand lake young & SPAS ~

Brockman, Siefring and Hucke
At the annual 4-h
held november 18, craig
group would not have started
or certainly would not have
been nearly as successful Rish
Professionals collect for pantry

Nothing Burns Like A Quad OVER

muhlenkamp was named the
2010 mercer county Friend
without the driving force of
his leadership that was behind

of 4-h. During his 4-h career, it. Plumbing, INC. UNITS

he served as a member of craig is a senior at Wright 115 E. Main, Coldwater, Ohio
our 4-h camp counselor staff State lake campus majoring in Business 419-678-2812
and as a member of the 4-h secondary education and is the Come In And See Us For All Of
committee. he was a member son of Peg muhlenkamp and Your Home Improvements, And
of the coldwater explorers. the late Ken muhlenkamp. Large Assortment Of Fixtures!
he earned numerous awards Kelsey Brockman of the
for his strong leadership as Fort Pioneers was named 2010 OH Lic #28130 • Free Expert AdviCe •
a camp counselor and was outstanding 4-h member. the Grand lake young Professionals collected
named mercer county over her 10 year 4-h career, $80 at their november holiday party for the cAll
outstanding 4-h member in she achieved Best in class,
2007. Based upon his overall State Fair or outstanding
Food Pantry’s Backpack Program. Jayme moorman,
leadership, he was also named project ribbons on 23 of the treasurer for the group, presents the gift to cAll
Junior Fair King in 2006. 25 projects that she had taken. Food Pantry executive Director tim clutter.
his 4-h leadership did not She also won the clock trophy
end when he graduated from
the 4-h Program. Always
a person filled with energy
at the state fair in 2007 for
lets explore the outdoors.
She won numerous awards
nominated by Philothea
hustlers 4-h club advisors,
Karen Siefring and is a senior
at coldwater high School.
i.c. hoop Shoot Winners
and excitement for 4-h, craig at the county and state level tyler Siefring, was named an Dixie hucke, daughter of
once again thought outside the in the demonstration contest outstanding 4-h member for Dave and Deb hucke and
box. he was the driving force programs. She served on 2010. As a member of the member of hopewell 4-h
to start a collegiate 4-h chapter many committees in her local 4-h camp counselor staff, his club was recognized as an
at Wright State lake campus. club, the Fort Pioneers. crazy enthusiasm is very much outstanding 4-h member
this club has become a on a county level, Kelsey enjoyed by the 4-h campers. for 2010. Dixie volunteers
very active group at Wright was involved as a 4-h camp it is obvious that he loves as a member of the Junior
State, performing community counselor and earned both 4-h camp and works really Fairboard, the Food, Fashion
service activities and providing the outstanding counselor hard to make certain that the and Design Board and as a
tutoring to at risk elementary in training award and the campers are having fun. he 4-h camp counselor. Dixie
school students. the club has outstanding camp counselor has participated in the Junior has served as an officer in
welcomed both 4-h alumni award. in the interstate 4-h Fair King contest, serving her club and on many club
from several counties and has exchange program, she on the court and has taken committees. She has taken
recruited young people into travelled and hosted during several 4-h projects upon several 4-h projects earning
the group that were never in the exchanges to Wisconsin which he has earned multiple outstanding, best in class
4-h as youth. and to montana. outstanding ribbon placing. and multiple county trophy
the collegiate 4-h club Based upon her overall he has served on several awards. She was awarded Front row: Kevin Stoner, Bree Knapke. Back row:
is always willing to help our achievement in 4-h, Kelsey club committees and also the clock trophy at the ohio John Stammen, Ben Homan, Caitlyn Klosterman,
county 4-h program when received the James rhodes has worked as an officer in State Fair in woodworking in and Madison Ross.
asked and also volunteers scholarship for $1500 his 4-h club. his advisor 2010. She has participated in immaculate conception School recently held its
lots of creative ideas for presented at this year’s state wrote, “he has demonstrated the interstate 4-h exchange annual “hoop Shoot” for students ages 8 – 13.
programming. the club fair. responsibility, dependability program and serves on the 4-h our school’s winners are: Girls, ages 8-9: Bree
members have assisted in Kelsey is one that can be and a great work ethic in his committee. She has attended Knapke, ages 10-11: caitlyn Klosterman, ages
teaching classes and activities counted upon to do what she participation not only with the several state conferences and
during 4-h camp, taught at says she is going to do. Kelsey 4-h club but also in other trips representing mercer
12-13: madison ross and Boys, ages 8-9: Kevin


Officers Training and at our is the daughter of Gary and school and community events. county 4-h. Based upon Stoner, ages 10-11: Ben homan, ages 12-13: John
4-h camp counselor retreat. Jan Brockman, a freshman at His personality reflects a her achievement in clothing, Stammen. congratulations to our shooters! they
it has been craig’s the ohio State university and positive attitude and caring Dixie was selected and served will compete in the city hoop Shoot on tuesday,
leadership that has created is a member of the rotc purpose of his involvement.” on the State Fashion Board in november 30 at 7:00 p.m. Goooo Spartans!
this club’s success. this marines program at oSu. tyler is the son of Ken and 2008-09.


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Grier’s Power
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Wayne Street,• Julie Werling
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Kunkler • Amy Olberding
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the mercer county chronicle
November 25, 2010 • Page 9

pla-mor bowling
Saturday Nite Rock
1. Cottrell-Myers 26 6
2. Strickler-Miller 23 9
3. Burrows-Burrows 20 12
4. Post-Post 14 18
5. Imel-Imel 10 22
6. Blind Team 3 29
High Team Game: Strickler-Miller 329

Coldwater High School Key Club Coldwater football rolls

High Team Series: Strickler-Miller 934
High Ind. Game: Joe Post 184
Lucy Strickler 176
High Ind. Series: Joe Post 486
Deb Cottrell 470

1. Stoll-Buening
2. Pickering-Pulfer
3. Lane Breakers
Senior Citizens
This year the Coldwater
High School Key Club
into semi-finals
And the beat goes on for
4. Buschur-Buening 54 42
commented Cavalier head coach
5. Cron-Berning 34 62 sold Coldwater Cavalier Coldwater. Chip Otten. “We’re proud of
6. Wilker-Eyink
High Team Game: Pickering-Pulfer
32 64
flags as their fundraiser. The Cavaliers scored in him.”
High Team Series: Pickering-Pulfer 1945 They also sold them to almost any way possible West Jefferson head coach
High Ind. Game:Dave Pulfer 247
Marietta Eyink 167 give community members Saturday evening at Clayton felt the blocked punt and poor
High Ind. Series: Dave Pulfer 623
a chance to show their Northmont Stadium as the start were significant issues to
Marietta Eyink 399
Royal League Cavalier spirit. The Key orange and black rolled to a his Roughrider squad.
1. Pla-Mor Lanes 198 126
Club is a branch of Kiwanis 44-12 win over West Jefferson “Coming in tonight, we
2. Peel’s Penzoil 190.5 133.5
3. Coldwater Grain 178 146 in the Division V Region 20 felt like we needed to have a
4. Jony D Images 174.5 149.5 for high school students. championship contest. good start to be successful and
5. K of C
6. Jacksons Garage
They are a club that serves Aaron Rammel got the locals we did exactly the opposite,”
7. Carl’s Appliance 149.5 174.5 the community through on the scoreboard first with a noted West Jefferson’s Shawn
8. Blind Team 64 260
High Team Game: Pla-Mor Lanes 864 various activities and 33-yard scamper for a touchdown Buescher. “The blocked was
High Team Series: Pla-Mor Lanes
High Ind. Game: Rick Hartings
projects. The Key Club and Coldwater would never look very significant though too.”
High Ind. Series: Rick Hartings 717 decided to donate an extra back. The Cavalier recipe for
Jackpot League
1. Pla-Mor Lanes I 227.5 132.5 flag to Briarwood Village. Reese Klenke added a 26-yard success, though, again hung on
2. Pla-Mor Lanes II 225 135 The flag was donated on touchdown pass from Ethan a defense that completely shut
3. The Lead Online 214 146
4. Tru-Edge 201.5 158.5 October 20. Members all Bettinger and Jordan Harlamert down the Roughriders.
5. Mall Service Center 195 165
agreed Briarwood Village picked up a punt block return for “They were lights out,”
6. Seyfert’s Potato 187 173 Left to right: Krista Hemmelgarn, President of a score as Coldwater grabbed a noted Otten, “The theme of the
7. Home Service
8. Coil Processing
is the perfect place to fly the Key Club; Tara Siebert; Cindy Koester; Morgan commanding 21-0 lead after one defensive performance tonight
9. Honda Van Wert
10. Hogenkamps
the Cavalier flag! Homan, Vice President of the Key Club quarter. was attack, attack and attack.”
11. Platfoot Truckin 122 238 West Jefferson closed to Coldwater will now play
12. Blind Team 99 261
High Team Game: Seyfert’s Potato 975 within 21-6 on a two yard run by Fredericktown (13-0) Saturday
High Team Series: Seyfert’s Potato 2871 D.J. Gray before the Cavaliers at 7:00 p.m. at Columbus St.
High Ind. Game: Rob Bruns 262
High Ind. Series: Tony Eyink 671 ended the half with a 28-6 Francis DeSales Alumni
Pee Wee League
1. Cav Strikers 20 4
margin following a 35-yard run Stadium.
2. Strikers 18 6 Observations ... by John Bruns by Rammel. The Freddies come into the
3. K.E.M. Cavs 16 8 Coldwater Pinochle League Rammel then opened the third
4. The Zoomers 12 12 THINGS FOR Minster football coach, contest averaging 41.9 points
5. Buckeyes 12 12
WHICH WE MAY BE Nate Moore, should be quarter scoring with a 21-yard per game while allowing ten a
6. The Giants 10 14 1. Eric Thomas/ Keith Selhorst 27 15
interception return for a score, contest. Fredericktown has wins
7. The Cavs
8. Blind Team
THANKFUL thankful he did not get his 2. Virgil Muhlenkamp/ Dave Schwartz 26 16
giving Coldwater a commanding over eight teams who posted
3. Jesse Steinke / Howard Hartings 24 18
High Team Game: The Zoomers 297 wish when his Wildcats 34-6 advantage. winning records this year,
High Team Series: The Zoomers 583 4. Ray Kremer / Earl Wuebbeling 24 18
High Ind. Game: Zach Bruggeman 136 Jim Tressel should were winless after week 5. Roger Wellman/ Ed Muhlenkamp 24 18 After Sean Prather scored outscoring those squads by an
Madison Siefring
High Ind. Series: Zach Bruggeman
thank all the football gods four of this season. A 6. Ralph Bonifas /Jim Broeker 23 19 on a seven yard run for West average margin of 37-12.
Madison Siefring
Bantam League
179 including Woody Hayes rookie head coach who is 7. Jerry Knapke / Gary Stelzer 23 19 Jefferson, the orange and black Fredericktown was
1. St. Henry Reds 28 4 and Hopalong Cassidy that winless into the fifth week 8. Don Elking /Leroy Kessen 22 20 finished the scoring on a 26-yard undefeated in the Mid-Buckeye
2. Freezing Flames 22 10 9. Lavern Stammen /John Stammen 22 20 touchdown run by Ross Wermert
3. Bowling Devils 16 16 his Buckeyes are entering of the season was not Conference this year at 7-0 and
10. Short Wilker /Marvin Wilker 22 20
4. Strikers 16 16 the last game of the season thinking about the playoffs and a 20-yard field goal from have won 16 straight league
5. Bowler Monkeys 10 22 11. Doc Siefring / Ron Stachler 22 20
6. Blind Team 4 28 with only one defeat. Ohio and winning records, just 12. George Koesters / Mel Steinbrunner 21 21
Troy Otten. games. The Freddies posted
High Team Game: St. Henry Reds 440
State has won all the close any victory would have 13. George Stammen / Ralph Heyne 21 21 The Cavaliers outgained four victories over Division
High Team Series: St. Henry Reds 1290
14. Woody Wolters / Jim Shane 21 21 West Jefferson 326-16 on the IV schools in 2010, three of
High Ind. Game: Trey Wolters
Emily Greer
ones thus far and lost the made him happy. night, including a convincing which finished with winning
15. Gary Bruns and Sam Evers 20 22

STOP By for Our

High Ind. Series: Troy Buehler 390 one in which they were The Coldwater football 16. Dan Ahlers/Gene Braun/Jim Bruns 20 22 220-55 margin on the ground. records in Sparta Highland (8-2),
Emily Greer 292
Tuesday Ladies definitely outplayed. One community has many 17. Oliver Wendel/Norman Hoying 19 23 Rammel concluded the night Johnstown-Monroe (7-3) and
1. Seyfert’s Chips
2. Pit Stop #1
cannot always expect to reasons to give thanks 18. Andy Post /Joe Overman 19 23 with seven tries for 71 yards for Utica (6-4).
3. Pit Stop #2 62 34 come out on top in all this year, but perhaps 19. Steve Ritchie / Mike Homan 19 23 Coldwater while Bettinger was Ten members of the
4. Cooper’s #2 62 34 20. Steve Wourms/
5. Tator Tots 54 42 the contests that are in most importantly they Joe Weigel/Tony Stammen 18 24
13 of 25 for 106 yards on the Fredericktown squad were
6. Cooper’s #1
7. Pit Stop #3
doubt late into the fourth should feel gratitude for 21. Don Dues / Carl Woeste 16 26
night. named all-conference as well.
8. D & M Transport 42 54 quarter. The Bucks have the mysterious source of 22. Wilbert Bruns / John Penno 16 26 “The quick start helped The Freddies finished second in
9. Pla-Mor Lanes 22 74 relax us and especially Ethan,” Region 19 this year.
10. Blind Team 10 86 won all of those this year, top quality quarterbacks 23. Elmer Speck / Orval Schwieterman 13 29
High Team Game: Seyfert’s Chips 464
but things have a way of the program produces.
High Team Series: Seyfert’s Chips 1303 K of C Pinochle League Still have some Christmas Shopping to do?
SPECIAL Sneak Preview
High Ind. Game: Ginny Lefeld
High Ind. Series: Ginny Lefeld
evening out. Graduation and injuries
All true Buckeye fans are not a problem. The
Junior League 1. Jim Kleinhenz /Jim Niekamp 24 6
1. Cool People 26 6
2. Flint Tropics II 22 10 need to be thankful for the next man steps up and the 2. Vern Schulze / Dan Thieman 22 8
3. C.C. Domination 20 12 remarkable running skills offense does not miss a 3. Ed Dues / Tom Lefeld 21 9

4. Strike Strike Gutter 18 14
of Terrelle Pryor. He is beat. 4. Paul Backs / Adrian Kaup 20 10

Pre-Anniversary Sale
5. Strikers II 16 16
6. Redskins 10 22 5. Randy Evers / Sylvan Jutte 19 11
7. Domination 8 24 amazing when he tucks The Parkway school
8. K.W.L. Eggs 8 24 the ball and takes off. He community should
6. Roger Rindler / Steve Poling 17 13
Now through Christmas
High Team Game: Flint Tropics II
High Team Series: Flint Tropics II
1896 appears to be gliding while be thankful they had a
7. Gary Thieman / Don Schmit 16 14
Starting Now!
High Ind. Game: Kolyn Wiehe 223 8. Paul Abels / Bill Rutschilling 16 14
Paige Hartings 181 his pursuers are going as student-first individual, Ed 9. Pat Elking / Fred Schwartz 15 15
High Ind. Series: Michael Stout 536
fast as possible. One has Kuhn, lead their football 10. Maurice Bruening / Tom Liette 14 16

Paige Hartings 494

1. Pla-Mor Lanes #1
Inter City League
65 31
to wonder how fast he program for the last five 11. Lud Wuebker / John Wuebker 14 16
could go if he really went 12. Louie Braun / Bob Lefeld 14 16
2. Post #470
3. Pla-Mor Lanes #2
full bore. His speed and We all should give 13. Jerry Dippold / Kevin Leugers 13 17 & Bedding
Hwy. 67 W. 1250
W. Portland, IN
4. Schwieterman Body 52 44 14. Jerry May / Ken Kunkler 13 17
5. Hardin Creek Machine
6. TD’s Pub and Grub
dexterity are especially thanks if the pre-dinner 15. Ron Clune / Bob Uhlenhake 12 18
7. Rick’s Pro Shop 47 49 important since his passing words are brief, the food 16. Jaime Niekamp / Paul Niekamp 11 19 1250 W. Votaw Portland, IN
260-726-7809 • 800-569-3944
8. Seyfert’s Potato 46 50
skills are not much above is warm and plentiful, 17. Marv Bruns / Bill Mueller 10 20
9. Carl’s Appliance
10. Evers Real Estate
54 average for a major college and Bengal football does 18. Mark Hein / Dale Kaup 10 20 (260) 726-7809
11. Osterholt Sales 36 60
12. Blind Team 24 72 quarterback. not harm our digestion 19. Dennis Huelsman / Jeff Mescher 10 20
High Team Game: Pla-Mor Lanes #1 ` 826 20. Alan Albers / Doug Schulze 9 21
High Team Series: Pla-Mor Lanes #1 2321 The Cincinnati Bengals process.
High Ind. Game: Rick Hartings
High Ind. Series: Matt Klenke
have to be thankful that
Wednesday Ladies there are only six games
1. Pla-Mor Lanes I 70 26
2. Pla-Mor Lanes II 54 42 left to play this season.
3. Pin Pals
4. V.F.W. #2
The end cannot come soon
High Team Game: Pla-Mor Lanes II
High Team Series: Pla-Mor Lanes II
enough for the men in
High Ind. Game: Sharon Voskuhl 200 stripes.
High Ind. Series: Sharon Voskuhl 480

419-678-4949 419-678-3969

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or Danny Bechtol 419-375-2398
the mercer county chronicle
Page 10 • november 25, 2010

area obituaries hospital notes

Linda K. Huber, 61, celina, ohio, died november 13, at
her residence.
She was born September 5, 1949, in muncie, indiana, to the
late Tolson and Hazel (Fryman) Grant.
She was married on July 7, 1973, to Gary l. huber, and he
Steve L. (Bum) Brunswick, 51, huber heights, ohio, preceded her in death. Admissions nicholis A. howe,
died november 17, at his home. November 17 coldwater
She is survived by a son and spouse, Jerry and Andrea huber, Britton hole, celina November 20
he was born April 16, 1959, in coldwater, ohio, to John new Bremen, ohio; a daughter and spouse, catherine and Scott
and madonna (Jutte) Brunswick. Armella ungruhn, maria William Black, celina
chilcoat, celina, ohio; two brothers and spouses, Philip and Stein November 21
he is survived by three brothers and spouses, michael toy Grant, Barstow, california, and Walter and Betty Grant,
and cecelia Brunswick, everett, Washington, Dan and November 19 holly Gast and baby, Saint
muncie, indiana; three sisters and spouses, nancy and ed holly r. Gast, Saint henry henry
cindy Brunswick, Saint henry, ohio, and carl and cindy logan, california, Phylis and John Butler, matthews, indiana, Bonita J. Adams, celina November 22
Brunswick, coldwater, ohio; a sister, linda Brunswick, and Becky and Philip Rutherford, Arizona; three sisters, Dorothy William G. Black, celina Armella ungruhn, maria
coldwater, ohio; a sister and spouse, Janice and Joe Writtenhouse, muncie, indiana, marty Grant, Washington State November 20 Stein
Gordon, Beavercreek, ohio; six nieces; two nephews; one and tudy Porticello, South Dakota; and seven grandchildren. hilda rosenbeck, Fort Berniece Buehler, coldwater
step-niece; and one step-nephew. She was preceded in death by two brothers, lefty Grant and recovery
he was preceded in death by grandparents, l.h. (Justine) raymond Grant. Births
Brunswick and t.e. (mary) Jutte. She was employed at K-mart in Saint marys, ohio, for 31 Dismissals November 19
he was employed at Wright Patterson, Dayton, ohio, for years. She graduated from new castle, indiana. November 19 Daughter to holly and Bill
27 years. he was a 1977 graduate of coldwater high School Funeral services were held november 18 at cisco Funeral Britton J. hole, celina Gast, Saint henry
and a graduate of miami university and earned his master’s Home, Celina, Ohio, with Rev. Philip Grant officiating. Burial
degree at Wright State university. he was a member of the
coldwater eagles, the ohio Progressive Sportsman’s club,
followed at north Grove cemetery, celina, ohio. area births
Fort recovery, and was an avid gun collector and Browns Fr. Gerold Koller, C.PP.S., 87,
fan. died at 12:01 a.m. on november 18,
mass of christian Burial was held november 23, at holy in the infirmary of St. Charles Center, Baby Boy Timmerman
trinity catholic church, coldwater, ohio, with Fr. richard carthagena, ohio. Jesse and Kristi (Dues) timmerman, Fort recovery,
Walling, officiating. Burial followed in Saint Elizabeth he was born on September 5, 1923, ohio, announce the birth of a son, ross Alan timmerman at
cemetery, coldwater, ohio. memorials may be directed to in Buffalo, new york, to the late Peter 12:08 p.m. on november 7 at mercer health. he weighed 7
American heart Association. condolences may be left at and magdelina (Kaelin) Koller. pounds and 10 1/2 ounces and was 20 inches long. he is survived by a sister, June marie he was welcomed home by a sister, Bradi, and a brother,
Jandrok, converse, texas; two nephews reid.
and one niece; and four great-nieces and maternal grandparents are ronald and lillian Dues,
Harold Feltz, 70, coldwater, ohio, died at 12:29 a.m. on nephews. coldwater, ohio. Paternal grandparents are Dan and
november 21, at oSu medical center, columbus, ohio. he was preceded in death by a Wilma timmerman, Fort recovery, ohio. maternal great-
he was born on June 30, 1940, in Saint henry, ohio, to brother-in-law, Al Jandrok. grandparent is mildred Dues, coldwater, ohio. Paternal
the late Oscar and Anna (Heinrichs) Feltz. he entered the missionaries of the Precious Blood in 1937 great-grandparents are roscoe and elsie timmerman, Fort
he was married on may 12, 1962, at immaculate and was ordained on march 25, 1949. After his ordination, Fr. recovery, ohio.
conception, celina, ohio, to Kathy Garman and she Koller served as an assistant pastor at St. Wenceslaus church,
survives in coldwater, ohio. cleveland, ohio; and St. Joseph church, Wapakoneta, ohio. Baby Girl Broering
He is survived by a son and spouse, Brad and Lisa Feltz, From 1957 to 1963, he was director of seminarians at St. charles Justin and laurie Broering, Saint henry, ohio, announce
new Bremen, ohio; a daughter and spouse, tanya and Seminary. in 1963, he was named chaplain of the modesto State the birth of a daughter, Mackenzie Leigh Broering, at 3:52
David Kinderdine, Kalamazoo, Michigan; a daughter, Missi hospital in modesto, california. later, he served as a chaplain p.m. on november 12, at mercer health. She weighed 6
Feltz, Moraine, Ohio; eight grandchildren: Jessica, Alex and for many years to juvenile and adult offenders in the california pounds and 3 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long.
Mikayla Feltz, Lindsey, Grant, Blake, Keaton and Maddox prison system. he retired to St. charles center, carthagena, maternal grandparents are Denny and Beth Guggenbiller,
Kinderdine; two brothers, Wilbur Feltz, Saint Henry, Ohio, ohio, in 1993. he ministered at the mercer county home for Fort recovery, ohio. Paternal grandparents are Wally and
Don Feltz, Coldwater, Ohio; a brother and spouse, Tony many years after his retirement. Shirley Broering, Saint henry, ohio. maternal great-
and Betty Feltz, Saint Henry, Ohio; two sisters and spouses, mass of christian Burial was held november 20 in the chapel grandparents are Bob and carol hart, Fort recovery, ohio,
Virginia and earl Schlater, new Weston, ohio, and Barb of the Assumption at St. charles, rev. larry hemmelgarn, and Gene and Freda Guggenbiller, Saint henry, ohio.
and Ken Wenning, mccartyville, ohio; two sisters-in- C.PP.S. officiating. Burial followed in the Community cemetery. Paternal great-grandparent is mildred Bensman, Versailles,
law, Auddi niekamp, chickasaw, ohio, and Jan Garman, hogenkamp Funeral home, Saint henry, ohio, handled ohio.
Salinas, california. arrangements.
He was preceded in death by a son, Todd Feltz; a
granddaughter, Amari; two sisters-in-law, Alice Feltz and June Lorton, 83, West milton, ohio, formerly of celina,
Alice Feltz; and two brothers-in-law, Fuzzy Boeckman and ohio, died november 14, at hospice of Dayton, Dayton, ohio.
Don niekamp. She was born June 25, 1927, in cleveland, to howard and roger and
he retired from coldwater machine. he was a member Ola (Hinton) Lohrentz. roseAnn Siefring
of holy trinity catholic church, coldwater, ohio, and She married Arnold lorton, who is deceased. will observe their
coldwater Knights of columbus council 1991. She is survived by two sons and spouses, Gary and toni 50th wedding
mass of christian Burial was held november 24, at holy lorton, tipp city, ohio, and mike and Bonnie lorton, Dayton, anniversary
trinity catholic church, coldwater, ohio, with Fr. Barry ohio; a daughter and spouse, Sandra and William oliver, Akron, with a mass of
Stechschulte, officiating. Burial followed in Saint Elizabeth
ohio; seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. thanksgiving at
cemetery, coldwater, ohio. memorials may be directed She was preceded in death by a daughter, Pamela Sue lorton; St. mary church,
to cancer Association of mercer county, 118 north main and a sister, Kathryn Barrett. Philothea, ohio,
Street, celina, ohio 45822. condolences may be left at She worked at Rike’s, Lazarus and Western Auto Store. She on november 28, was a member of West milton united church of christ and the followed by a
American legion Auxiliary. family dinner.
Norbert B. (Nub) Gerlach, 86, Saint henry, ohio, died Funeral services were november 18, at West milton united roger Siefring
at 11:25 p.m. on november 18, at Briarwood Church of Christ, with the Rev. Mark Moore officiating. Burial and roseAnn
Village, coldwater, ohio. was at riverside cemetery, West milton, ohio. memorials may moeder were
he was born August 13, 1924, in be made to the church’s memorial fund. married on
Burkettsville, ohio, to Bernard and thanksgiving
Katherine (Bruggeman) Gerlach. Bertha M. Sanderell, 83, Fort Day, november
he was married on August 21, 1948, recovery, ohio, died at 8:18 p.m. 24, 1960, at Saint
in maria Stein, ohio, to Dorothy (Dot) on november 16, at mercer health, henry catholic
overman and she survives in Saint henry, ohio. coldwater, ohio. church, Saint
he is survived by four sons and spouses, Ken and Joyce She was born october 6, 1927, in henry, ohio, by Fr. max herber, c.PP.S. their wedding
Gerlach, tom and mary Beth Gerlach, and rick and Jody Fort recovery, ohio, to the late Adolph party consisted of David Siefring and ruth (moeder)
Gerlach, all of Saint henry, ohio; and Jack and ellen and ida (reinhard) Sanderell. Krebs as witnesses. other attendants were charles
Gerlach of celina, ohio; 14 grandchildren; eight great- She is survived by a brother, tom Siefring (deceased), leander moeder, mike moeder,
grandchildren; and a sister-in law, Della Gerlach, Saint Sanderell, Fort recovery, ohio, and rosemary (clune) moeder, Jeanette (luebke) moeder,
henry, ohio. several nieces and nephews. Karen (Forsthoefel) carter, and cindy (Wellman)
he was preceded in death by a son, Paul Gerlach, two She was preceded in death by four Schwieterman.
sisters, rita Schindler and Alvina Gerlach; and three sisters, regina Forthoefer, emma hart, they are the parents of nine children, listed with their
brothers, Arthur, ott and ed Gerlach. matilda Sanderell, and monica rammel; three brothers, William spouses: Diana and Frank Koesters, Saint henry, ohio,
he was a member of Saint henry catholic church, Saint Sanderell, norbert Sanderell, and leo Sanderell. Ken and Karen Siefring, Philothea, ohio, melinda and
henry, ohio, a former member of the coldwater V.F.W., She retired from Second national Bank, Fort recovery, troy Adams, celina, ohio, elaine and mark marchal,
Saint henry American legion and mercer county elks and ohio, after 45 years. She was a 1946 graduate of Fort recovery north Star, ohio,
was a veteran of the u.S. Army serving during World War high School, Fort recovery, ohio. She was a member of Kevin and tammy
ii. Daughters of isabella circle 810, served on the Fort recovery Siefring, Philothea,
mass of christian Burial was held november 22, at library Board, was treasurer of the Ambassador club, all of ohio, chris and tina
Saint henry catholic church, Saint henry, ohio, with Fort recovery, ohio, and was also a member of the Altar rosary Siefring, coldwater,
Fr. Benedict Magabe officiating. Burial followed in Saint Sodality of the church. ohio, michelle
henry cemetery, Saint henry, ohio, with military rites. She was a member of Saint Joseph catholic church, Saint Siefring, Philothea,
condolences may be left at Joe, ohio. ohio, Kathy and ed
Funeral services were held november 20 at Saint Joseph heitkamp, maria
Shirley C. Hilderbrand, 66, celina, ohio, and catholic church, Saint Joe, ohio, with Fr. thomas Dorn Stein, ohio, and
formerly of Greenville, ohio, died november 15, at officiating. Burial followed at Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint eric is deceased.
the Arthur G. James cancer hospital of the ohio State Joe, ohio. contributions may be made to Bertha Sanderell they also have 27
university medical center, columbus, ohio. memorial Fund in care of the Fort recovery community grandchildren.
She was born march 21, 1944, in richmond, indiana, Foundation. online condolences may be directed to www. the Siefrings are
to William G. oakes and the late Vera mae (Bryant) retired dairy farmers
oakes. his father survives in Kentucky. living on the same
E. Berniece Lilly, 87, celina, ohio, died at 1:50 p.m. on farm they moved to
She married max hilderbrand, and he preceded her november 17, at celina manor nursing home, celina, ohio.
in death. fifty years ago.
She was born April 12, 1923, in mount Vernon, texas, to
She is survived by a son, Alan resor, indianapolis, everett and lottie m. (taylor) Smith.
indiana; two daughters, Brenda S. thornton and She was married on october 5, 1940, to Alvin lilly, and he
cindy rapier, both of Greenville, ohio; two brothers, preceded her in death on october 10, 1959.
James oakes, richmond, indiana, and herschell She was survived by a daughter, edith (Dennis) Klingler, new
celina manor to provide
oakes, Kentucky; six grandchildren and three great- Bremen, ohio; two grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
grandchildren. She was preceded in death by three brothers, Jack, Johnny
comfort and Joy to over 100
Senior community members
She was owner of Shirley’s Bar and Grill, celina, and russell Smith; two sisters, orelia Dull and Dorothy Shreves;
ohio, until she retired. She had an auction every year to and a great-granddaughter.
benefit needy families. She was a member of the Celina She worked as a clerk at the former Brodbecks store, celina, celina manor will be people year after year. the
moose, Greenville American legion ladies Auxiliary ohio, and attended mount tabor church of God. She was a providing over 100 holiday faces on the recipients light
and the celina Sportsman club. member of the moose lodge, Veterans of Foreign Wars and gifts to local senior community up when they open the door
Funeral services were november 19 at Zechar Bailey eagles, all of celina, ohio. members this holiday season and find us with a gift just for
Funeral home, Greenville, ohio. Burial followed at Funeral services were november 20 at cisco Funeral home, in affiliation with the Comfort them. it is a true reminder of
Abbottsville cemetery in Darke county. memorials Celina, Ohio, with the Rev. Tom Sager officiating. Burial was and Joy program delivered by what the holiday season is all
made to the family will be given to Shirley’s auction at Swamp college cemetery, celina, ohio. memorials may be the care community. about.”
for needy families. condolences may be left at www. made to the State of the heart hospice. condolences may be left “every year we collect Delivery of the gifts at names from local organizations will take place the week of
to see who has been sick or December 6th with assembly
maybe lost a loved one in taking place at the care
Wellhung the past year. We put a gift
together for these people and
deliver the gift around holiday
community the week prior.
celina manor has been
serving the community for
Doors & Windows time. this year times are over 30 years with excellent
• tough again, so it really feels and innovative rehabilitative
*Clopay Garage Doors * Liftmaster Openers good to give this gift”, states and skilled services. For
Simonton Windows • Entry Doors mindy Kremer, Director of additional information on
*Commercial/Residential Sales & Service customer relations at celina this project or the current
manor. $1.5 million renovation
lisa chalk, Administrator project, please contact mindy
419-733-2932 Coldwater, Ohio at celina manor, continues,
“it feels so good to give to
Kremer, Director of customer
relations at (419) 586-6645.
the mercer county chronicle
November 25, 2010 • Page 11

classifieds McKirnan named Volunteer of the Month

at Immaculate Conception School
During November, and energetic.
Immaculate Conception McKirnan’s husband,
School is honoring Marie Bob, graduated from
020 For Rent 025 For Sale 040 Notices 050 Work Wanted McKirnan as their volun- I.C. High School, and
teer of the month. McK- she is also a product of
irnan has been in charge Catholic school through
short term Rent to own sign, Coldwater. SALE on BARGAINS?*** That!s TION -Amish Crew. All
homes available. Several valences and draperies. what you will find at Re- types of construction work. of the very successful the 12th grade. All five
available. Addresses and Huge selection of fabrics. play Consignment Shop Additions, remodeling, scrip program that was of their children went
started last November. to I.C. School. They
Pics at www.creative - (419) 678-2811. Blinds, located in downtown St. pole barns, basements, shades, installed and re- Mary!s on the corner of foundation and floor re-
419-586-8220 for details. paired. Spring and Vine Street at pair. Driver number Each week McKirnan, are very committed to
702 E. Spring St. You will 260-849-1581. Please
or some other volunteers helping keep I.C. open.
025 For Sale she has trained, places When she is not busy
VINYL, REPLACEMENT, find lots of new and gently leave a message.
and New Construction used Men!s, Women!s,
Windows, wholesale Teen!s and Children!s the orders for the scrip with her family or the
FARMERS CORNER Ani- prices, install yourself, clothing NOW
GOODHEW'S ALL SEA- cards we need and fills scrip program, she teach-
the orders. There is a es exercise classes and is
mal bedding, semi!s Gardner!s Wholesale, Van
stores for scrip each week
while supplies last. Cur- SON CONSTRUCTION.
Wert. (800) 258-4021
great deal of paperwork a substitute teacher. I.C.
100-100 cu. yards, pine & Need a new roof or a re-
as well. She oversees a
hardwood for poultry, rently accepting Fall &
pair? We specialize in
and inventory that has to expressed appreciation
Winter apparel in all sizes.
great many other volun-
dairy, & horse. M.L. En- standing seam metal
Visit our website for more
be taken care of, and she for all of McKirnan’s ef-
terprise, LLC, 260-341- WOODSHAVINGS deliv-
teers, and the school says
information: roofs. We also install sid-
ered in 12-90 yard loads
must organize people to forts.
8928. ing and gutters. No job
for horses, calves, and too big or too small. Gen- she is always pleasant
pick up gift cards at local
or call (419) 300-8847
chickens. Compost also eral handyman. 25 years
FIREWOOD OR slab Hours: Tuesday-Friday

Teachers receive grant to celebrate Dr. Seuss

available. Reliable, experience. Locally
wood. $50 truck load. 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.
prompt and friendly serv- owned and operated. Call
$100 wagon or trailer load. Saturday 10:00 a.m. to
ice. 260 622-4059 or for a free estimate
Call (419) 268-2129. 3:00 p.m. Find us on
877-573-3631. 765-509-0191 or
765-857-7004. Marcia Kaup and Seuss book, the partners Seuss’s honor. The
MOPED SALE, over 100 035 Help Wanted AT CANALSIDE Book Sue Siebert, teachers at will complete a hands- students and teachers of
Immaculate Conception on cooking, science, or Immaculate Conception
new and used mopeds. Shop. Thousands of used
Parts, service & repairs. books! Low prices! 115
Elementary School, art activity. The Seuss School are very grateful
Lyle!s Moped Sales, 12th West Spring Street, St. Tree trimming and re -
received a $428 grant celebration will culminate to McDonald’s for their
& Main, Delphos 419 regional drivers. High Mary!s (419) 300-2665
earnings 35-44 cents per moval; stump grinding.
from McDonald’s for a in March, the author’s generosity with this grant
692-0249. Firewood available.
mile and Weekly Home IRONBEAR MARTIAL
project that combines first birthday month, when and to the teachers who use
time. Visit us at cheese- Arts and Self Defense. 765-509-1956

students dress as their their ingenuity to create

Free tryout at Celina
and third grade reading
OAK WOOD PELLETS or call recruiting
$180 per ton. Clean at 800 762-5793. YMCA in Celina. No
bagged corn. Used corn membership required. partners in a celebration favorite Seuss character wonderful and exciting
of Dr. Seuss. After and share birthday cake learning opportunities for
& pellet stoves. Custom PROFESSIONAL Teaching children and
mixing, bagging and DRIVER wanted for local adults. Call Dave Weaver
reading each featured and ice cream in Dr. our students!
kind of roofing, including
cleaning. Delivery avail- trucking firm. Home most (419)584-1958. the New Life Time Andura
able. 419 305-8702 nights. 2 yrs. OTR exp., Roof which covers over
clean MVR, benefits avail- Great workout ANY existing roof without
bedroom sets, table and
chairs, curio/wardrobe/
able. Call 260-639-7346.
HART!S Furniture. All
WOULD YOU like to be new furniture and mat -
tearing off. Foundation
work. Any kind of repair
work. Any kind of paint-
Have A
Website? Tell
an in-home child care pro- tresses on sale. Large se- ing. Dry wall finishing and
china cabinets, televi -
vider? Let us help. Call lection of clean used fur- repair. References, Expe-
sions, computer desks,
YWCA Child Care Re - niture. 200 East Main, rienced. Free estimates.
microwaves, lamps, kero-
source and Referral at Van Wert (419)238-5079 Call 937-260-5871 - Joe.

the World!
sene and electric heaters,
1-800-922-2916 or
Online 24/7
laundry sorter cart, day
bed, childsize folding
chairs, pub table, lift chair Wanted STATE CERTIFIED Scale Call 419-678-2324 to be included in next
and much more. Nice
Buying, hauling away junk,
clean furniture/ fraction
JD!S SALVAGE. Wanting wrecked, used vehicles. weeks directory

Assisted Living AutomobiLe PArts

cost of new. Yesterdays Scrap metal of all kinds.
to buy running/non-run-
Treasures, 973 S. Merid- CHAIR CANING and rush Roll-off container services.
ian St., Portland, IN. seat weaving. Over 30 ning cars, trucks, ATV! s 24 hour towing. Selling
and motorcycles. Free
260-726-8175. years experience as a used and new parts.
Monday-Friday 12:30-5 chair caner. Call Joe cell pickup! 765 509-0355 III Sons Towing, Hauling
and Saturday 10-2. $1.00 WANTED Buying antique and Salvage LLC (419)
number 260 251-1418.

Briarwood Village
off all DVD!s. All kinds of toys, dolls and other 363-2277.
video games. See our ad
EARN TOP $$ selling items. 765-584-4970
women!s designer inspired WILLIAMS AUTO PARTS
Williams Auto Parts, Inc.
high fashion jewelry. #1 We buy late model
Direct Sales Company in wrecks. We have late
WENDEL SEAMLESS 100 Don Desch Dr., Coldwater 419-678-2311 127 Detroit Ave., Portland, IN 800-669-5762
RANGES, washers, dry- this industry, established model used auto and truck
ers. Nice, clean, used. in 1955. No inventory in- parts, late model re -
guttering and leaf cover
needs. Call us for a free
Rich and Ginny!s, 208 vestment, no delivery. buildable wrecks. 127 De- quote. Call Jim at

East Wiggs Street, Fort Call Dee for an interview. troit Avenue, Portland, IN., 260-997-6774 or Steve at
Recovery, (419) 375-4173 419 230-9942. 260-726-8001. 260-997-1414.
The Gardens at St. Henry
Visit 522 Western Ave., St. Henry 419-678-9800

for all your local news The Mercer County Chronicle

124 W. Main St, Coldwater • 419-678-2324

FArm equiPment
FREE Layaway
Ohio’s Quality Dealer for 2010 Bud’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep
Case 5 QUALITY New Certified & Pre-Owned Sales, Service & Parts
Christmas Gifts!* USED 419-586-7000
Hull Brothers Inc.
(*Small Deposit Required)
520 E. Boundary St., Ft. Recovery • 800-336-8279
And As Always...
Gift June 28, I
will also have an Exhibit of
Repair Pictures, Sales
all Wrapping!
of the Letters, which are Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 7:00 a.m.-5 p.m.

Wed. 7 a.m.-8 p.m. 419-678-4949 Prices & Options 419-678-3969
sent to me, naming the oldest Sat. 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
high school graduates of Mer-
cer and Auglaize Counties.
Now, I am not saying that CARS Touring, all pwr. doors,
NADA $24,075
Loaded! YOURTrade
Local CHOICE...
101 S. WAYNE, are “prehis-
just because the Exhibit
419-375-4668 • 800-837-1519
be the same day as the
09 Chev. Impala LT
19,000 miles ..... $15,900 $17,988 Hastings Auto Sales Gels IGA
09 Honda Accord EX-L 451 Stachler Dr., St. Henry • 419-678-4249
Prehistoric Artifacts Exhibit.

THIS SPACE 19,000 miles ..... $20,900 2009 TOYOTA TUNDRA 110 S. Wayne St., Ft. Recovery 419-375-4617 “YOUR ONE STOP SHOP SERVING OUR FRIENDS
I will host both Exhibits, the AND NEIGHBORS FOR OVER 60 YEARS!”
same Sunday afternoon. 09 Chev. Impala LTZ
If I receive enough letters
P/Sunroof.......... $16,900

CAN BE HosPice cAre

to make two lists, of the Top
Ten Oldest High School 09 Nissan Maxima S
Graduates in Mercer and in
Auglaize Counties in 2009, I
29,000 miles,
P/Sunroof.......... $21,900
Kerns Ford, Lincoln-Mercury
SR5, dbl. cab, 32K miles, full power, 2 WD
will send those two lists to 08 Nissan Altima 2.5SL NADA $26,200
Loaded! Local YOUR PRICE...
Trade 1000 W. Logan St., Celina • 419-586-5191 • 800-211-9667
David Letterman at NYC. Of
course, if David Letterman
Advertise your
shows our “Top Ten Lists,” on
Navigation .......... $18,800
08 Toyota Camry Hybrid
$22,876 “A $200 gas card with any used vehicle purchase”
State of the Heart Hospice
Specials of the Week,
his Late Nite Show, most of 31,000 miles ..... $17,200 230 W. Main St., Coldwater 419-678-4808 • 800-584-9853
us Senior Citizens will fall
Lunch Menu,
07 Chev Impala LT
asleep before his Show is
over! Perhaps, we should be
Employee of the
41,000 miles ..... $12,200 Ken Kunkle Chevrolet, Cadillac
in the Guinness Book of
reAL estAte
Largest and Cleanest Selection of Pre-owned in the Area
hool Week or any special
Records? Downtown Portland, IN 800-726-8110
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event that you
20K miles, 4 WD, full power
10 Dodge Journey SXT
the The Mercer County His- 13,000 miles .... $20,800
NADA $30,300
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y to would
torical like to highlight.
Society President 10 Hyundai $20,965
s of Call the contacted
Joyce Alig, may be
at 3054 Burk-St. Henry Road,
Santa Fe GLS AWD
St. Marys Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Inc. Homan Real Estate
Mercer CountyOHChronicle
n or 7,600 miles, 2009 TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID
Saint Henry, 45883, or AWD..................$20,400
120 W. Main St., Coldwater, OH 419-678-3229 or 419- 500 McKindley Rd., St. Marys
e at 678-2614.Today at 10 Dodge Gr.
Caravan SXT 419-394-7970 • 800-589-8073
day, 419-678-2324
~~~~~~~~~~~~ 28,000 miles .... $17,900
nual 09 KIA Borrego EX 39K miles, pwr. seat, wheels
bit, V6, leather ....... $19,500 NADA $19,900 YOUR PRICE...
unty Loaded! Local Trade
08 GMC Envoy SLE
36,000 miles .... $19,500
08 Chrysler Town & Country
Signature Series..$20,400 2010 FORD EDGE SEL
08 Dodge Caliber R/T
18,000 miles .... $14,200
07 Buick Terraza
DVD ................. $14,800

Y 07 Mazda CX-9 Touring

AWD ................ $22,500
20K miles, FWD, all options
NADA $25,800
Loaded! Local YOUR PRICE...

LE 110 S. Wayne St.

Ft. Recovery, Ohio
S! 419-375-4617 Videos of all inventory
• Pictures •Prices •Options 419-586-6161
the mercer county chronicle
Page 12 • november 25, 2010 Page 13• June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009


Coldwater Baseball
coldwater football playoff vs. West Jefferson high School and Ball
State football game featuring coldwater high School graduates

Regional Highlights

Buying Geothermal
500 S. Meridian • Portland, Indiana • 260-726-8891
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260-726-8891 123 HAMILTON STREET, CELINA, OHIO Open 7 Days a Week 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
the mercer county chronicle
November 25, 2010 • Page 13

Honor Roll Marion Local Board of

Fort Recovery
High School
Renee Fortkamp
Craig Fullenkamp
Wade Gelhaus
Craig Hart
Nicholas Heitkamp
Lisa Lange Education Meeting
1st Quarter Shannon Garman 12 Stephanie Hart 10 Kevin Tangeman The regular meeting of was given to C.A.L.L.
Caitlin Gehret 12 Lane Hull 10
Leah Grieshop 12
Andrea Wynk the Board of Education Ministries from the
Emily Kahlig 10
All A Honor Roll
Zach Guggenbiller 12 Calvin Kaiser 10
Derek Platfoot was held November 9 students and parents that
Casey Backs 12
Caleb Heitkamp 12 Jessica Kaiser 10
Nathan Saintignon in the Board Conference donated.
Kelly Brown 12
Ryan Heitkamp 12 Trent Kaiser 10
Caleb Schemmel Room. Ron Winner, 2011 Oral Spelling Bee
Holly Brunswick 12
Stacy Gehle 12 Deanna Hemmelgarn 12 Amy Link 10
Michaela Tangeman Board President, called was held November 15:
Abby Huelskamp 12 Anthoney Hoffman 12 Emily T. Link 10
Maria Kramer the meeting to order. Eighth Grade Students
Natashia King 12 Nichole Kaiser 12 Gusty Link 10
Jordan Heitkamp Five in-services were participating: Nathan
Jessica Link 12 Brian Keller 12 Cody Linn 10
Ashley Homan held since the last board Heckman, Ryan Bruns,
Colt Metzger 12 Barbie Link 12 Melissa Lochtefeld 10
Allison Evers meeting. Topics included Cadence Jacobs, Rachel
Rose Roessner 12 Tami Link 12 Lexi Ontrop 10
Hannah Moeller Digital Stories, Moodle Otte, Dustin Rethman,
Natalie Rohrer 12 Brittany Lochtefeld 12 Rachel Rammel 10 Emily Buening Assignments, Read and Melinda Meiring,
Lindsey Schroer 12 Amanda Pottkotter 12 Grace Roessner 10 Rose Berning Write Gold, Best of Dustin Seitz, Karina
Alexis Sutter 12 Jodi Pottkotter 12 Krista Schmitz 10 Zachary Hemmelgarn the Web, and Moodle Mizer, Peyton Kramer.
Gena Wendel 12 Megan Rammel 12 Elle Schoenherr 10 Hailey Mescher as a Clicker, according Seventh grade students:
Stacy Will 12 Adam Rohrer 12 Sara Schoenlein 10 Allie Prueter to Mrs. Dot Garman, Nathan Saintignon,
Haley Wilson 12 Ryan Schoen 12 Chad Schroer 10 John Schwieterman Marion Local Technology Jacob Zizelman, Juliette
Abby Backs 11 Emily Schoenlein 12 Anthony Shelton 10 Derek Albers Coordinator. Seventh Mueller, Derek Albers,
Kurt Fortkamp 11 Janelle Schoenlein 12 Samantha Tobe 10 Kendra Frey grade Art students Emily Mescher, Derek
Tyler Hart 11 Abby Sudhoff 12 Heather Vaughn 10 Shelby Pleiman created animated pictures Pierron, Jamie Dirksen,
Jared Kahlig 11 Aaron Sutter 12 Elizabeth Wendel 10 by using Microsoft Paint Shannon Bertke, Zach
Julie Kahlig 11 Andrea Sutter 12 Josh Wendel 10 8th Grade and Adobe Fireworks. Hemmelgarn, Justin
Alison Koch 11 Holly Thien 12 Katlin Wendel 10 Emily Bomholt Students used Microsoft Bohman, Brianne
Olivia Thien 12 Sydney Wilson 10
Natalie Lennartz 11
Alison Tobe 12
Cadence Jacobs Paint to draw images Homan. Sixth grade
Stewart Alig 09
Tian Nan 11
Alan Vogel 12 Becky Brockman 09
Holly Lochtefeld on the computer. Next students: Nicholas
Jill Post 11
Claire Wendel 12 Ben Dilworth 09
Mindy Meiring students used a program Heckman, Lydia Wendel,
Olivia Schwieterman 11
Derek Wendel 12 Morgan Dues 09
Allie Thobe called Adobe Fireworks Carly Ungruhn, Lindsey
Brittany Sudhoff 11
Dave Tobe 11 Aaron Wilker 12 Samantha Florence 09
Sara Thwaits to animate the image. Bergman. Fifth grade
Aaron Vagedes 11 Aaron Will 12 Joe Gonzalez 09
Chris Lochtefeld Mr. Mike Pohlman, student: Allison Hess.
Christen Wendel 11 Ryan Gaerke 11 Holden Heitkamp 09
Dustin Seitz Principal, submitted Fourth grade students:
Brian Bauer 10 Nicole Hart 11 Mitchell Homan 09
Nathan Heckman that June Wuebker is Isaac Budde, Ava Rose.
Kelsey Fiely 10 Katelyn Jutte 11 Alex Kaiser 09
Rachel Berning coordinating the PSAT, The five finalists will
Adam Fullenkamp 10 Rachel Jutte 11 Hannah Kaup 09 Taylor Homan OGT retakes, PLAN advance to the 2011
Nathan Fullenkamp 10 Kayla Kahlig 11 Mitch Lennartz 09 Jennifer Rethman testing, and ASVAB Mercer County Spelling
Tana Hart 10 Kylie Kahlig 11 Jacob Muhlenkamp 09 Jon Zumwald testing. Our band recently Bee set for January 31
Abby May 10 Mathias Koester 11 Nicole Nietfeld 09 Ryan Bruns performed at the OMEA at Wright State Lake
Elizabeth Osterloh 10 Andrea Lennartz 11 Kelsee Ontrop 09 Alex Grieshop state competition and Campus.
Chelsea Pottkotter 10 Ericka Lennartz 11 Sierra Pugh 09 Heather Mescher received a “2” excellent Upcoming Events:
Kaitlyn Schneider 10 Brenda Link 11 Alexis Schmitz 09 Rachel Otte rating, congratulated November 23: Winter
Janelle Schwieterman 10 John Link 11 Alex Shelton 09 Joe Schwieterman the Girls cross country Sports Pictures,
Alex Thien 10 Sierra Loya 11 Derek S. Sutter 09 Kate Smith team placing 12th at November 25: Happy
Taylor Wendel 10 Hunter McAbee 11 Jessica Vogel 09 Jessie Wynk the regional meet, and Thanksgiving.
Adam Westgerdes 10 Rashell Muhlenkamp 11 Alex Wenning 09 Luke Knapke also to the football Terri Berning, third
Hannah Bihn 09 Kelly Nietfeld 11 Courtney Wilker 09 Kevin Bruns and volleyball teams grade teacher, will be
Jesse Buckley 09 Kelsey O’Dell 11 Cory Heitkamp postseason play. presenting on “Language
Daryl Osterloh 11
Trent Dues 09 Marion Local Middle School Karina Mizer Upcoming events: in the OAA” at the
Kristen Overman 11
Elizabeth Hipple 09
Adam Pohl 11
First Nine Weeks Honor Roll Lucas Prenger November 20-Band pizza Staff Development for
Ashley Homan 09
Hayden Pottkotter 11
Oksana Mizer sales pickup, November Educators’ Conference
Elijah Kahlig 09
Jason Pottkotter 11
7th Grade Blake Benton 22-NHS inductions for Ohio Middle Grade
Isaac Keller 09
Josh Pohl 09 Derek Rammel 11
Shannon Bertke Jared Hemmelgarn (10:30) Banquet (7:00), Teachers in Columbus
Elle Sutter 09 Shawn Roessner 11
Justin Bohman Rachel Rohr November 24-Career Day on November 29-30.
Kendra Stammen 11 Lee Hess Alexis Wilker 8:30 -11:30, November Senior Citizen’s
All A-B Honor Roll Derek J. Sutter 11 Kyle Homan Dustin Rethman 30-Financial Aid night- Luncheon will be
Shelby Alig 12 Rebeca Tobe 11 Chelsey Klosterman Jason Frey 7:30, December 3-Senior December 3 at 1 p.m. in
Michelle Brackman 12 Kenny Wenning 11 Emily Mescher Peyton Kramer Citizens luncheon - the high school gym.
Laura Braun 12 Jacob Whitacre 11 Derek Pierron Jacob Kunkler 1:00. Meeting was
Shelby Brunswick 12 Karissa Will 11 Jacob Zizelman Collin Mescher Red Ribbon Week-A adjourned.
Michael Cotterman 12 Austin Brackman 10 Ashlynn Berning donation of $1,512.88
Nicole Dilworth 12 Randy Braun 10 Nicole Heckman
Riggs Florence 12 Mason Evers 10 Alyssa Ruhenkamp
Craig Fortkamp 12 Keith Fortkamp 10 Molly Kindle
Nathan Fortkamp 12 Maleia Fullenkamp 10 Dustin Brunswick

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1110-coldwater (mercer co) ad.indd 1 11/22/10 12:28:05 PM
the mercer county chronicle
Page 14 • november 25, 2010

Join Santa and others in Minster Dec. 11-12 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Run
the Village of minster and Cub Scout troops of exhibit. local organizations
has coordinated several holi- minster. have decorated christmas the 2nd Annual Jingle Bell 5k run/Walk, will be held December 11. registration
day activities for the second Also on December 11, trees throughout the muse- begins at 9:30 a.m., opening ceremonies at 10:15 a.m. race begins at 10:30 a.m. race
weekend of December. at noon, the minster Parks um to make it festive! the starts and finishes at the Coldwater High School Commons Area.
on December 11, the F. and recreation Department christmas Bazaar will fea- Entry Fee: Pre-Registered-$8 (No shirt); $15 (Short Sleeve Shirt); $20 (Long Sleeve
J. Stallo Memorial Library, will be hosting the arrival of ture many handmade items, Shirt); Race Day Registration-$10 (No Shirt); Shirts available race day while supplies last
located on the corner of Santa at the Gazebo on 4th our new heart and heritage ($10/short and $15/long).
4th and main, will be open Street. The Minster-Jackson cookbook and wonderful Awards: Age groups male and female: 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39,
from 9:30 a.m. to noon. township Fire Department baked goods for purchase. 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+.
the library will be host- will escort Santa on their hot mulled cider will be Door prizes: must be present to win.
ing two local authors, terri fire truck. Everyone is invit- served. Special guest and activities: bring the family and kids…….The Big Man in Red will be
Berning with “Grace Alone ed to bring a homemade or On December 12, St. available to hear wish lists and for pictures. Soup and snacks available during and after the
is enough”, and Polly Barga inexpensive ornament along Augustine/St. Joseph Cluster race.
with “Little Black Squirrel’s to help Santa decorate the will feature a “Journey to
Big Wish.” Book signings tree in the Gazebo. hot the inn at Bethlehem”, from ENTRY FORM-JINGLE BELL RUN
will take place on the main chocolate and cookies will 1 to 3 p.m. your invited to
floor. On the upper level, be served. journey with others, experi-
visitors can enjoy the read- the minster historical encing the real meaning of name:______________________________Age on 12/13/10:__________
ing of three christmas sto- museum, located at 112 W. christmas. A new journey Address:______________________________ male/Female
ries continuously throughout 4th Street, is hosting an Open will begin every half hour City:________________________State:___________Zip:________
the morning, with coordinat- house and christmas bazaar starting at the religious
ing crafts to make and take. on December 11, from 10 education center on lincoln Phone:___________________email:___________________
refreshments will be served. to 4, and December 12, 1 to Street. Costumes will be entry Fee: $_______________Payable to: coldwater Athletic Boosters
Visitors can vote on the many 4. toys and Dolls from the provided for the younger
christmas trees cheerfully 1950’s will be on display children. refreshments will Shirt Size: S M L XL (Circle) Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve (Circle)
decorated by many Brownie in keeping with this years be served.

midwest electric to return $1.1 million in

remit and mail to: coldwater Athletic Booster club c/o Julie Pleiman, 876 cecelia
Drive, coldwater, ohio 45828.

patronage capital to members this month I hereby release and discharge the Coldwater Athletic Booster Cub, Coldwater School
midwest electric this money left after all bills have erative. Patronage capital is District, Coldwater Police Department, event sponsors or officials from any liability from
month is distributing been paid. midwest electric allocated to members in pro- injuries or illness which may directly or indirectly result from participation in this race. i
$1,146,115 in patronage capi- uses these margins for capital portion to the dollar amount attest that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this race.
tal payments to 7,200 current investments, such as build- of electricity used. Signature of participant or parent if under 18_____________________________

rockford Belle to host holiday concert

and former members. eligible ing or replacing power lines, This month’s payment will
electric cooperative members transformers and other elec- be to those who used midwest

featuring Jesse King and friends

will receive the refund either tric system investment. electric service in 1994 and
as a credit on their electric After being used as working 1995.
bill, mailed around november capital, the money is returned A residential customer who
24, or as a separate check in to members as patronage capi- used 1,000 kilowatt hours per the rockford Belle has seas, and when they arrive vate parties, and community
December. tal refunds. it represents each month that year will receive invited several musicians to home to nashville, clubs seek events.
Patronage capital is the co-op member’s ownership a patronage capital refund of come and perform christmas them to book performances The final group that is invit-
cooperative’s margins, or — or equity — in their coop- about $97. current midwest music and country music right away. ed to perform at the Belle, is
electric members who are on november 27. the eve- Jesse King has been in the the marshallese “islanders”.
HULL BROTHERS, INC. receiving a patronage pay-
ment can view their individual
ning’s main event will fea-
ture country Gospel singer
music business for nearly 50
years and has made long-last-
King was at the eastview
Park in celina last summer
Jesse King performing with ing friendships with perform- and heard this group per-
419-375-2827 1-800-336-8279 patronage capital account on-
line at family and long time friends. ers in the business. King has form. the group is originally “this patronage capital this will be a special perfor- invited long time friend and from the marshall islands,
retirement demonstrates that mance as it includes King’s band member Allen twaits, southwest of hawaii, but now you’re not just a customer... wife mary Joyce, daughter also of celina, to join him live in Celina, Coldwater, St.
you are a member and part- Jessica matejek, and son- on the stage. According to marys and cincinnati, ohio.
10% Discount on Ertl Farm Toys owner of your electric coop-
erative,” said rick Gerdeman,
in-law Jimmy matejek, who
is also the guitar player for
King, twaits is an excellent
singer and drummer; he will
their sound is hawaiian and
the marshallese have simi-
manager/ceo. “you have montgomery Gentry. Doors also be performing with the lar cultures, but they are not
CASE IH AND KUBOTA CLOTHING equity ownership in our phys- open at 6:00 p.m. and the matejeks. twaits currently hawaiian and do not speak
ON HAND AND AVAILABLE TO ORDER ical assets — and you receive show will begin at 7 p.m. the serves as an Assistant Pastor the language. As part of
a financial return on those public is welcome to attend of the new life Apostolic their culture, they sing to wel-
TORO Single stage assets.” the performances, located at church. come someone in. Places that
and Two stage Since 1955, Midwest 135 Market Street, Rockford, local entertainer, Bob they perform are at parties,
electric has returned more ohio. A free-will offering is Dooley, of Bob the Blues churches, and special enter-
Snow Blowers. than $20 million in patronage accepted. man, will be playing his gui- tainment venues. their goal
In stock capital to its members. Born-again christians tar and harmonica alongside is to spread the word of God.
and more Based in St. Marys, Jesse and mary Joyce King, King. Dooley has been play- this event will tie in with
on order midwest electric is the cus- of celina, look forward to ing guitar for 35 years and thanksgiving week and can be
tomer-owned electric cooper- this rare opportunity of shar- made his debut in mercer a great way to spend the eve-
ative for 10,500 homes, farms ing the stage with family- County. When he couldn’t ning with friends and family.
and businesses in Auglaize, Jessica (King) matejek and find anyone to play guitar Please call tom rogers at 567-
mercer, Allen, Van Wert, Jimmy matejek. typically, he taught himself to play the 644-9993 with any questions
Putnam, Shelby and Darke the Matejek’s are touring the harmonica. Bob has played concerning this event or any
counties. United States and are over- for picnics, fundraisers, pri- other at the rockford Belle.

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