Capital Gate: Building Envelope

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Thom Anderson Jason Barhorst Martin Davis III Ashley Huffman David Scott Luke Stutler

floors 18 onwards will house the 189-room. which serves to draw the national spotlight to this emerging city.comprising 50 nationalities . Capital Gate is a modern marvel showing a futuristic design that reflects the dynamism of Abu Dhabi. The architect and engineer.16 comprising office space. and beats the Leaning Tower of Pisa by 14 degrees. (UNP) One of the features that set this building apart is that its exterior envelope serves as not only the shell for the building. commercial buildings. Africa. urbanism. It contains 35 stories with floors 2 . which is the world’s first exhibitions lifestyle destination. a newly created category created for The Capital Gate because it is so unique. Structural Systems II Capital Gate – Abu Dhabi 2 | Page . This project was a design-and-build project because of the types of problems that were encountered during the construction. 2008) The Capital Gate soars 160 meters (525 feet) above ground and has been built with a westward incline of 18 degrees.The Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi is conceived to provide a signature tower that signifies the city’s evolution and progress. Capital Gate holds the Guinness Record for ‘World’s Furthest Leaning Manmade Tower’. and floors 1 & 17 comprise plant rooms. This will comprise of several towers that will include hotels. Asia-Pacific and The Americas. the Middle East. master planning. exclusive ‘Hyatt Capital Gate’ hotel. Their culturally diverse studios are made up of almost 1000 architects. (RMJM. interior design and research and development. but also part of its structural mechanical systems. It is the focal point of Capital Centre. designers and creative thinkers . Their work encompasses architecture. residential apartment complexes and mixed use facilities. The building is a mixed use building containing both a high-end hotel and office spaces. The Capital Gate is their most recognizable project to date.working on projects in over 20 countries worldwide. Capital Gate is the iconic building. sustainable design. RMJM. had to be extremely involved in the project in order to solve problems. (RMJM 2008) RMJM is an international architectural practice with offices throughout Europe.

2010). The exterior diagrid carries the weight of all the floors.25 foot tall diamond-shaped panel. Each panel included 18 different panes of Structural Systems II Capital Gate – Abu Dhabi 3 | Page . and a center concrete core. It also consists of two diagrids. an internal and an external. Over 700 panels were used to enclose the structure. With the tower in constant motion.The building envelope consists of a combination of glass and steel. using less steel than a typical steel frame building. while the internal diagrid supports the weight of the floors and transfers it to the center concrete core (Roberts. The diagrid system consists of approximately 8. which are installed and connected to the diagrid.500 structural steel beams. A diagrid is a new system used in the construction of large buildings which creates a skeleton composed of triangular structures and diagonal support beams. The diagrid system was chosen because of the unique architectural form of the building. with each element weighing nearly 15 tons and has a painted finish (The Mace Group. the constantly changing position of the core in relation to the varying floor plates. The exterior façade of the building consists of large prefabricated 26. 2009). having columns located in the same spot throughout the building to spread out the forces was impossible. and the desire to have large clear internal floor spaces. Lean on Me.

Lean on Me. The splash twists around the building towards the south to shield Capital Gate as much as possible from direct sunlight (UNP). 2010) Waste air is pre-cooled in between the inner and outer facade thereby reducing the energy consumption of the building by recycling the used air. 2010). thus making the core and structure incredibly strong (Crowcroft. as each floor is installed. The hotel space. 2009). The floors are constructed using a composite floor system. Structural Systems II Capital Gate – Abu Dhabi 4 | Page . The floor beams are connected to the concrete core via embedment plates which are cast directly into the core wall when the concrete is poured. thereby saving on the need for cooling within the building. will feature a double facade. The floor plates. As the core is straightened it is post tensioned.570 ft2. 2010). stagger over each other. This will create a thermal cushion in the intervening space which should significantly reduce building energy demands. shift between 35 and 12 inches (Roberts. between levels 27 and 34. in particular. uses vertical post-tensioning and was constructed with a vertical pre-camber. The remaining floors. which contains 19. The first ten floors are stacked vertically directly on top of one another. the weight of the floors and diagrid system pull the core and slowly straightening it out.000 tons of steel. To add to the uniqueness of the building each panel had to be installed correctly to allow for some movement as the building corrects from the core’s pre-camber (Reina. The stainless steel ‘splash’ is a shading device that eliminates over 30 percent of the sun’s heat before it ever reaches the building. The core. since no pane is the same. Lean on me. covering a surface area of roughly 247. (Roberts. spanning from the main core. to the internal diagrid. between 32 to 55 inches and then back to 35 inches in line with the lean of the building’s face. on level 10 through 27. All the panels are shipped to the site fully assembled and raised into its precise location. This precamber means that the core was constructed with a slight opposite lean.619 yd2 of concrete reinforced with and between the internal and external diagrids.

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