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Vol. 28 No. 8 November 2010

Government Stakes Its Chilean Leader Presents

Mine Rock To Queen
Future On Austerity Plan
TREASURY Chief George Osborne outlined the Key points of Chancellor George
sharpest cuts to public spending since World War Osborne’s Spending Review
II October 2 – slashing benefits and cutting public • About 490,000 public sector jobs likely
to be lost
sector jobs with an austerity plan aimed at clear- • Average 19 percent four-year cut in de-
ing record debts that swelled during the global partmental budgets
• Structural deficit to be eliminated by
financial crisis. 2015
After the country spent billions bailing • £7bn in additional welfare budget cuts
out indebted banks, and suffered a squeeze • Police funding cut by 4 percent a year
on tax revenue and an increase in welfare • Retirement age to rise from 65 to 66 by
bills, Osborne has staked the coalition 2020
government’s future on tough economic • English schools budget protected; £2bn
remedies. extra for social care
Osborne confirmed there would be • NHS budget in England to rise every year
£81bn in spending cuts through 2015, until 2015 CHILEAN President Sebastian Pinera makeover.
which he claims are necessary along with • Regulated rail fares to rise 3 percent last month gave the Queen and The rescue of 33 men from the
some tax increases to wipe out a spending above inflation prime minister each a rock taken stricken mine, where they’d been
deficit of £109bn. • Bank levy to be made permanent from the bottom of the collapsed San trapped for more than two months,
Jose mine – a symbol of his effort united Chileans and elicited a wave
As many as half a million public sector Amounts each department will spend to turn the disaster-turned-success of sympathy around the world. Pin-
jobs will be lost, about £18bn axed from between 2011 and 2015 based on govern- story into an international image
welfare payments and the pension age ment figures. Continued on page 4
raised to 66 by 2020, earlier than previ- Current spending includes items such as
salaries, hospital medicines, and school text
ously planned. from prison last month for a hearing at
Even the Queen will take a hit, asked to books. Capital spending includes assets such a London court.
trim the budget the government provides as school buildings, roads and bridges. The 24-year-old Naseer was arrested
for her staff by 14 percent. Chancellor George Osborne in July on a US extradition warrant on
Court Reinstates Order That charges of providing support to a foreign
BAA Sell Three Airports terrorist organization, conspiring to sup-
Investigations Show 75 Percent Of Benefit Claimants Can Work BRITAIN’S Court of Appeal last month port a terror group and conspiracy to use
a destructive device.
MINISTERS claim that three-quarters of were closed before a medical assessment who failed the assessment and then ap- reinstated an order requiring BAA to sell
pealed won. three of the airports it operates to allow Prosecutors allege Naseer was part
people seeking a new benefit were fit to was completed. of a major al-Qaida conspiracy that in-
work or withdrew their application before Employment minister Chris Grayling “Seriously ill and disabled people are for greater competition.
being severely let down by the crude BAA, which owns Heathrow airport cluded the New York subway plot.
having a medical assessment. said: “With over two million people District judge Nicholas Evans or-
A total of 842,100 people applied for trapped on incapacity benefits, these fig- approach of the Work Capability Assess- and other facilities, has already sold Gat-
ment,” she said. wick, Britain’s second busiest airport. dered Naseer to remain in custody
the Employment and Support Allowance ures underline how important it is that we before a scheduled three-day hearing
(ESA) from October 2008 until February make sure everyone who has the potential PROBLEMS The sales had been ordered by the
starting December 15.
this year, according to the Department for to work gets the right help to move off “The government urgently needs to ad- anti-monopoly panel, the Competition
Work and Pensions (DWP). benefits and into a job.” dress the problems with the test for ESA Commission. However, BAA success- Gurkhas Lose Court
Of that number, 331,100 were fit to But Lizzie Iron, head of policy at which are causing hardship to seriously fully appealed to a tribunal by arguing
that someone on the commission panel
Battle On Army Pensions
work and a further 307,200 people’s claims Citizens Advice, said 40 percent of people RETIRED Gurkha soldiers have lost
Continued on page 4 also acted as an adviser to a pension fund
linked with the owners of Manchester their latest court battle with Britain’s
BONFIRE NIGHT military over their army pensions.
Airport, potentially a buyer of a BAA
The former soldiers from Nepal had
Remember remember the fifth of November
R airport.
The Competition Commission order challenged a High Court ruling earlier
Gunpowder, treason and plot. requires BAA to sell Stansted, an airport this year that rejected their bid to be paid
the same pensions as military personnel
serving London, and one of its Scottish
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason airports. from Britain.
The Court of Appeal upheld the lower
BAA is owned by a consortium led by
Should ever be forgot... Grupo Ferrovial SA of Spain. court’s decision last month.
The British Gurkha Welfare Society
NY Plot Man Held, Faces says about 25,000 Gurkhas who retired
‘Gunpowder Plot’ before 2007 are not eligible for pen-
UK Extradition Hearing
Great Gift
G f Ideas! conspirators Thomas sion payments equal to their UK-based
Bates, Robert Wintour, A BRITISH judge says a Pakistani man counterparts.
Christopher Wright, alleged to have planned an al-Qaida They were paid about a third of the
UNION JACK John Wright, Thomas attack in Britain and wanted by US monthly pensions given to UK soldiers
SUBSCRIPTION Percy, Guy Fawkes, authorities over the New York subway because they were recruited from Nepal
Robert Catesby and bomb plot will appear for an extradition and stationed in the Far East.
12 issues all Thomas Wintour. hearing in December. The Gurkhas said they are consider-
year long! This practice, together with the nursery
Abid Naseer appeared by video link ing taking the case to European courts.
Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot
£sd Words of “Remember Remember”
refer to Guy Fawkes with origins in 17th
rhyme, ensured that this crime would never
be forgotten! Hence the words “ Remem-
ARMISTICE DAY – November 11
COIN SETS century English history. On the 5th No- ber , remember the 5th of November” The
$29.95 vember, 1605 Guy Fawkes was caught
in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament
poem is sometimes referred to as “Please to
remember the fifth of November”. It serves
Armistice Day (also known as Remembrance Day) is on
with several dozen barrels of gunpowder. as a warning to each new generation that November 11 and commemorates the armistice signed
English-American Dictionary Guy Fawkes was subsequently tried as a treason will never be forgotten. In England between the Allies of World War I and Germany at
traitor with his co-conspirators for plot- the 5th of November is still commemorated
“DIVIDED BY A COMMON ting against the government. Fawkes was each year with fireworks and bonfires Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the
LANGUAGE” - $14.95 sentenced to death and the form of the culminating with the burning of effigies Western Front, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the
execution was one of the most horrendous of Guy Fawkes (the guy). The “guys” are
ever practised (hung ,drawn and quartered) made by children by filling old clothes with morning-the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the
Yorkshire Passport crumpled newspapers to look like a man.
which reflected the serious nature of the eleventh month” of 1918.
- $9.50 crime of treason. Tradition allows British children to display
The Tradition begins... their ‘guys’ to passers-by and asking for After World War II, the holiday was recognized as a day of
All prices + shipping The following year in 1606 it became an “A penny for the guy”.
& handling tribute to veterans of both world wars. Beginning in 1954,
annual custom for the King and Parliament
£1 = $1.59 the United States designated November 11 as Veterans Day
to commission a sermon to commemorate press
the event. Lancelot Andrewes delivered the
first of many Gunpowder Plot Sermons. uro = $1.38 time to honor veterans of all US wars.
Page 2 November 2010

in the past month . . .

World Championship Calls curiousity as headmaster Aydin Onac, Boughton admitted both drivers were totally Hebrides. Its local population of 700 was
For Larger Conkers
IT’S the conker season in Britain, where
chomped down on a tarantula spider in
full view of school and staff. It was fund
raising time at the school and with pledges
TODAY’S embarrassed and wished to remain anony-
mous, but that there would be meeting with
the company to find a reasonable solution
visited by “Twitchers,” an affectionate name
given to a group of extremely enthusiastic
birdwatchers who remained undeterred by
schoolboys across the nation thread the
fruit of the horse chestnut tree with a piece of £1,700, the educator followed up on to the incident. distance and rushed to Tiree to view the
of string and embark on a vicious battle his promise to eat a spider. He ordered a “The question is a result of a healthy parula’s very first sighting in Scotland.
with fellow conkerers to batter and ulti- baked tarantula from Cambodia, where the and safety assessment and a full risk as- Surprises too, at the Mersehead Reserve
mately smash to pieces opponent’s conker. arachnid is fattened up and regarded as a BY LARRY GARDNER sessment,” said Trevor Roberts of the on the north shore of the Solway Firth in
Unfortunately, a dry August has seen this table delicacy. Onac admitted it was crunchy Blackpool Bus Company, who admitted it Dumfries and Galloway, where a lonely
but very dry tasting and was very difficult The FBI were seeking information on how was an internal problem that he would not Glossy Ibis put in an appearance.
year’s crop provide only small conkers, as a classified document was up for sale. His
the chestnuts dropped from the trees before to swallow. comment on. This wading bird with the curved beak gets
“It tasted quite salty,” he said.” And a little name is clearly visible as John Winston Ono its glossy name because as the sun shines
being full size and properly ripened. While Lennon and was dated May 8, 1976, and
the smaller varieties are very common and bit like burnt chicken.” Graveyard Badgers Getting on its brown feathers it gives off reflected
While students and staff were happy that at the time, the ex-beatle was applying for light flashes. Both European and American
are easily found, the big tournaments require
Onac, had raised the expected monies for the American citizenship. Peter Siegel, the owner Down To The ‘Bare Bones’
conkers at least two inches in circumference. Glossy Ibises are very similar, though this
school, many want the Head to find a less of “Gotta Have It,” reckons an unidentified BADGERS are disturbing the final resting one is considered to have lost its way from
The World Conker Championships held at rock promoter obtained it some twenty years place of many former Leicestershire resi- the continent, rather than blown across the
Oundle in Northamptonshire, last month, nauseous fundraiser for next year’s event.
ago, but confirmed that Homeland Security dents at the 12th century Church of St Re- Atlantic.
was celebrating its 46th year, featuring 360 had spoken to him about it. migus in Long Clawson. The local vicar, the
contestants from 17 different countries. It Bacon Burglar ‘Generously’ John Lennon would have been 70-years- Reverend Simon Shouler, is finding human
usually assembles its competition conkers Leaves A Slice Behind old last month. bones scattered around the graveyard and is Dog Jumps Out Of Moving Van,
from neighbourhood horse-chestnuts, but SURREY police are baffled by a recent looking to have the local badgers relocated. Escapes With Broken Teeth
this year sent out requests across the coun- burglary in Redhill, where an intruder broke Roman Helmet Fetches Over Things came to a head, when a parishioner DAVE Turner’s Jack Russell Terrier looked
try looking for “good sized nuts.” Thankfully, in while the couple were fast asleep in their approached the clergyman with a strange to have jumped to certain death after leap-
local hobbyists responded in kind, and Ray beds upstairs.
$3m At Christies Auction
stick his son had been playing, which turned ing from the open window of a Ford Transit,
Kellock and Wendy Bradford were crowned Footage from a CCTV camera caught the SIX wealthy bidders, three by phone, two out to be a human bone. as the launderette business owner drove at
2010 men and women’s world champions. man breaking in, but he has yet to be identi- present and one on the internet from Cali- Rev Shouler reburies the remains when 70mph down a Bournemouth dual-carriage-
At the Roman Empire Conker Champi- fied. Strangely, the place was not torn apart fornia, gathered at Christie’s auction-house they surface, but his request for assistance way. He’d always left the window down, but
onships at Bardon Mill, Northumbria, big and the only things stolen was a telephone in London, where one of those anonymous is not receiving a positive response from Summer, had never jumped before.
conkers were in short supply too, but the and a packet of bacon from the fridge. The bidders paid $3.6m for a ceremonial Roman Natural England and English Heritage. Both
helmet dated around the first or second The canine landed on its feet however, but
16 year old championships were saved by burglar wrapped a rasher of bacon over a organizations are concerned about the as it attempted to run across the road a pass-
outside donors sending large horse-chest door handle before departing the premises, century AD. A treasure hunter using a metal Badgers’ welfare and how a move may af- ing car gave it a bump that sent the terrier
nuts through the post. leaving law enforcement official scratch- detector at Crosby Garret in Cumbria, last fect these creatures, but they say, they will flying. Dave turned his van around at the next
Poulton’s International Conkers Tourna- ing their heads at the smoked, middle-cut May, found the headpiece in pieces. Chris- monitor the situation.
ties restored the helmet that featured a face roundabout and drove back to see if his dog
ment near Cirencester in Gloucestershire, connection. The Church cemetery was used for 800 was dead or alive, but found nothing.
are renown for their stringent rules regard- Det Con Julian Knowles called it a mask, and a bundle of curls that supported years, up until 1910, where interments
ing entry. Conkers are checked for baking, a pointed metal cap with a Griffin on top. Later in the day, a telephone call brought
“peculiar burglary,” and said they would ceased. The vicar remains completely frus- good news. Summer had survived. A pass-
pickling and other nefarious illegal activities, continue their enquires for the apparent, It was thought the piece would only raise trated, and says he has being monitoring the ing motorist had witnessed the incident and
and officials drill holes and string the conkers hungry trespasser. $700,000,but went far beyond expectations. situation all year.
to deter any cheating. At the village hall this It’s only the third Roman helmet to be found taken the dog to a nearby vet, and the vet
summer, everyone was happy that nation- in Britain. called Dave. Summer’s death defying leap
Deadly Arrival Has Florist The surge in ancient artifacts discovered Obo Player Fights For His Job and a dangerous sprint across a busy road
wide requests for “good sized nuts,” saved
the day and the tournament. Getting Very Jumpy in Britain’s rural landscapes, has the Country At Industrial Tribunal had resulted in just two broken teeth. Dave
WHEN Blackburn florist Debbie Wilding Land and Business Association advising MURRAY Johnston was the Welsh National Turner is not worried about the dental bills
Ancient Archway Destroyed opened a recently arrived flower purchase farmers to get signed contracts with any Opera’s main oboe player for some 34 years, however. He’s just glad to have her back.
from South America, she was surprised metal detector enthusiasts who search on but his career ended up in an industrial tri-
By Clumsy Delivery Driver when a brightly coloured frog jumped out their property. bunal in Cardiff, after Orchestra leader Carlo Oldest Fridge In Britain
SOME five hundred years of history was of the foliage. As the staff attempted to There are reputedly 30,000 detector hob- Rizzi fired him. Johnston told the hearing Still Going Strong
destroyed at Scone Palace in Scotland, grab the small reptile, someone phoned the byist scouring farmland for buried treasure that he had been harassed, victimized, bul- NO SIGNS yet of Britain’s oldest fridge is
when a delivery driver misjudged the height nearby Myerscough College in Preston in an says the CLBA, and though most of them lied, abuse and intimidated during the last showing no signs of freezing up anytime
of his van and the ancient archway that attempt to find out exactly what it was. Back turn up beer caps and tin cans the lucky sixteen years. Rehearsals would be stopped soon; after 58 years of continuous use.
serves as the entrance to the property. The came the reply, – hands off, do not touch it, finder can cause many legal problems for intermittently while Rizzi berated the oboist
red sandstone and castellated roofing arch, Doris Stogdale, a retired piano teacher,
it’s the most deadly and lethal frog on the landowners. The recent discovery of Roman in front of the 55-strong orchestra. He was bought the General Electric fridge when her
that has witnessed Scottish Kings make their planet earth. coin hoards and the such, and the money forced to re-audition for the job even though family lived in what is now Malaysia in 1952.
ceremonial access before their respective The phantasmal poison dart frog is an that it brings, has seen a big rush of new he had been part of the Welsh musical
coronations crumbled into a pile of rubble. Stogdale, 89, of Oxford, recalls that it cost
endangered species of reptile living on the adherents to the hobby. scene for years. The Musicians Union had the equivalent of £135; and has never needed
Suzanne Urquhart who runs the estate west side of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru. Today, anything of value dug from supported Johnson, with letters to other maintenance or even a single new part.
through Mansfield properties said they were It secretes a poison from its skin which is Britain’s earth has to be reported to a Finds opera companies regarding the harrasment
totally “devastated,” while a recent visitor The fridge followed the family around
200 times stronger than morphine, and by Liaison Officer who is usually linked to the he was receiving. the world as they moved to accommodate
concurred, “It’s completely destroyed.” just touching it, the toxins can be absorbed local museum. He decides if it is treasure Peter Bellingham of the WNO, told the Stogdale’s husband Vivian’s job as an
Augustinians monks built an abbey on the through the skin. The inch and a half jumper trove and belongs to the crown, or if the court that the oboist playing standards had engineer. Eventually the Stogdales, along
site in 1114. It became the most important has golden green stripes over a red body finder and landowner have legal rights of dropped considerably, and his poor musical with their three children, David, now 59,
Royal site in Scotland, where monarchs at adulthood. This particular creature sur- ownership. technique was holding the whole orchestra Valerie, 55 and Annie, 52, returned to the
were crowned. Robert the Bruce, received vived an amazing 4,200 mile journey from back. Bellingham was adamant that Johnson UK in 1959.
his crown here in 1307, seated on the great Columbia, to a distributor in Holland, who ‘Large’ Bus Drivers Suspended was not unfairly dismissed. Carlos Rizzi had
Stone of Scone that was later looted by the “Things like fridges were made of strong
refrigerated the exotic flora, before sending Until They Lose Weight originally been conductor of the Royal Opera stuff 60 years ago; nowadays they all have
English, and can now be seen in Westminster it on to Cherry Tree, Blackburn. Staff finally Company at Convent Garden and joined the warranties of a couple of years and it’s al-
Abbey. The old Abbey was demolished in the TWO rather large bus drivers in Blackpool,
captured the dangerous traveler in a plastic
could lose their jobs if they don’t lose some WNO in 1992. most as if the makers expect them to break
early 1800s, and the Earls of Mansfield built container and shipped it off to Blackpool Zoo, He has since left the WNO, and was not at some point.”
the magnificent palace that draws the tourists weight. They were both sent home on full
which has a special programme for rare and
pay and told to lose at least 7lbs in a month at the hearing which continues. Daughter Valerie wrote to General Electric
today. Scone, is also the location where the erotic frog species.
Douglas Fir was first introduced commer- as a sign of good faith. The anonymous
Ruth Marriner has been in the flower busi-
pair are around 280lb, and have been told Rare South African Bird Flies “because we thought they might like to know
our old fridge was still going strong”.
cially. The entranceway arch was the oldest ness for thirty years and has seen a variety of Off Course To Scotland
part of the present building. Historic Scotland if they don’t comply, they will be put on She discovered the company had held a
creatures emerge from the leaves, but admits
unpaid suspension for a year. The company A BIRD that should have been heading for competition to find Britain’s oldest fridge just
has sent experts to review the damage with this is her most bizarre find yet.
the expectation that it can be rebuilt. fears safety and health hazards, and are the American south got blown off course two months earlier which had been won by
and ended up in Scotland last month. The another General Electric appliance that had
FBI ID Card Of Lennon Found concerned the buses’ driving seats cannot
take the strain. northern parula is a grey bird with white been going for only 56 years.
Spider-Munching Teacher Loses In Memorabilia Store Local union leaders are outraged, and wing bars, a yellow chest and a white belly, She added: “The fridge is older than I am
Marks With Some Colleagues A CARD with a set of John Lennon’s complain that the company should be giving and usually winters in south Florida. The and I remember it vividly from my childhood.
STUDENTS at St Olave’s Secondary School fingerprints were seized by the FBI from a incentives to lose weight rather than using American warbler was discovered in Tiree, We have no intention of getting rid of it be-
in Orpington, London, look on in conflicted Manhattan Memorabilia store last month. such drastic measures. Spokesman John one of the most westerly islands of the inner cause it’s still in great condition.”
November 2010 Page 3
AFGHANISTAN The London Eye is to have an ice rink at
A TV documentary shown on Channel its base for the first time this Christmas. It
4 is based on what would happen if Prince will be the largest addition to the growing
Harry was taken prisoner while serving in phenomenon of outdoor skating in the capital
Afghanistan. each winter, following the success of rinks
The 90-minute film, called The Taking of at Somerset House and the Natural History
Prince Harry, features contributions from Museum.
former hostages and intelligence experts. It The Eye’s owner, Merlin Entertainments BRITISH actresses Judi Dench and Maggie
includes scenes showing the prince, played Group, has announced that visitors will Smith are off to India, where they will join
by actor Sebastian Reid, being held behind have “a unique opportunity to celebrate the Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy and Dev Patel, as
enemy lines while negotiations are carried festive season, taking in the best views of costars in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It
out to free him. London.” will be directed by British director John Mad-
Harry, younger son of Prince Charles, Tickets will allow skaters to enjoy a den, of Shakespeare in Love fame, for Fox
Queen Launches The Queen served in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.
His presence in the country remained a
45-minute spin around the ice at the foot of
the world’ s highest observation wheel on
Searchlight and Participant Media.

THE QUEEN launched Cunard Line’ s third ship, the £350m Queen Elizabeth last secret for fears that he could become a the South Bank.
Taliban target. Ice skating will be available only as part
month at a ceremony at Southampton. He spent 10 weeks working as a forward of packages combined with trips on the Eye.
The Line’ s managing director, Peter Shanks, said that he expects that it will run at 100 air controller until his cover was blown on The company says that after using the rink,
per cent occupancy in 2011, thanks to competitive pricing. the Internet. He was flown home in February skaters can warm up with a half-hour ride
2008 when the secret was leaked. on the Eye while drinking mulled wine or
The actor playing the prince is shown champagne.
facing a mock execution at the hands of his The rink will be open from 10am to 9pm
captors and being made to appear in Taliban daily from November 20 to January 5 and will
and al-Qaeda propaganda. cost from £10.50 for adults.
To book, visit. or call Maggie Smith and Judi Dench
Eurostar last month unveiled its new +44 0871 781 3000. Based on Deborah Moggach’ novel These
200mph trains which will open up routes A NEW BUS FROM BORIS Foolish Things, the film adaptation by Mog-
across Europe and bring Paris closer to A prototype of the new Routemaster bus gach and Ol Parker, has the British retirees
London than Manchester and Liverpool. commissioned by Mayor Boris Johnson was moving to India to spend the rest of their
The company is investing £700m in unveiled in London last month. years in luxury at a former palace restored
10 e320 bullet trains and refurbishing its It is made mainly of wood and plastic and as the Marigold Hotel.
16-year-old fleet. has no engine, no driver, no conductor and Finding that the advertising for bringing
Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth The e320 trains will bring the journey time not even many seats, but brought to life for them to their new luxurious abode was
from St Pancras International to the Gare the first time the Mayor’ s £7.8m vision that misleading, their experiences change their
“One of the real reasons for growth in the gunned down by a deranged fan outside his du Nord in Paris down from two hours 15 my soon be dubbed the “Boris Bus”. lives.
cruise industry is not just the quality of the New York City apartment 30 years ago. minutes to two hours. This compares with The life-size replica was built by the North- * * *
experience, it is the value for money,” he said. Among items commemorating his death the fastest times of two hours five minutes ern Ireland firm Wrightbus. The first bus will Seeking Britain’s Best Restaurants
Fares start at £799 for a five-day cruise. is a compilation album featuring all 27 of The to Manchester and two hours eight minutes take at least another year to be completed IF YOU are planning a visit to Britain, and wish
The ship’s capacity for 2,092 guests Beatles’ No 1 hits which has sold 11.7 million to Liverpool by Virgin Trains. and will unergo testing – possibly picking up to enjoy the very finest of British fare, you
gives it revenues of £3.3m per cruise and copies, making it the best-selling album of The German-built trains, capable of carry- passengers in the capital – in about a year. will have your choice by watching popular
£86.4m on the 27 cruises which it will make the decade – not bad for a band which hasn’t ing 900 passengers compared with 700 on Six will then enter service in January 2012, TV chef Gordon Ramsay, of Hell’s Kitchen
next year. existed since 1970. the present Eurostar, will come into service concentrating on central routes that call at fame this winter.
The new Queen Elizabeth is smaller than In his memory, the music world is throw- in 2014. the busiest railway stations. Ramsay will be appearing on BBC America
her six-year old sister ship the Queen Mary 2; ing several parties, not to mention two films, Meanwhile Eurostar services between FINALLY in a series of hourlong episodes titled Ram-
it’s about 100ft shorter at 964.5ft, with room a Grammy Museum exhibit, a limited edition London and Brussels were cancelled October From The Daily Telegraph: Efforts are say’s Best Restaurant from his travels in
for 552 fewer passengers – a total of 2,068 Gibson guitar, reunions by both the Quar- 18-22 due to a strike in Belgium. being made in New York to stop undertakers Britain to find the best dining spots.
berths. And she doesn’t have the Queen rymen (his band before the Beatles) and Eurostar moved passengers from London charging the earth for burials. It’s being produced by One Potato Two
Mary 2’ s distinctive long bow, designed for the Plastic Ono Band (the one which came to Lille, France, and change from there to a Potato.
scything the Atlantic waves. after) a performance by Yoko Ono and Lady bus service to Brussels.
Yet in most other respects this generation
Queen Elizabeth – the second largest Cu-
Gaga and a $200 box set of all his solo
albums, remastered and packaged with a
DEBUT OF THE NEW LOOK SAVOY Titanic Survivor Letter Fetches
narder ever built – will offer similar experience collection of his personal photographs and
home recordings.
After a three-year £220m refurbishment, the
Savoy Hotel opened its doors again last month. Record At Auction
to her sisters Mary and Victoria. The 121-year-old hotel has 168 rooms. A RARE letter describing a dramatic a rowboat with a capacity of 40 with
Shopping from retail names never featured In the years since his death, Lennon has A day spent taking tea in the remodelled escape from the sinking Titanic ocean only 12 people on board.
before on a ship; but the most impressive gone from star to icon to legend. Fans have Thames Foyer, cocktails and champagne in liner was auctioned in England and Titanic lore has claimed Duff-
feature is the 5.6m high marquetry screen spent decades pouring over every detail of the stunning Beaufort Bar, dinner in the River brought £55,000. Gordon paid the crew to get him
by David Linley, which is the centrepiece of his life, fuelling a rich trade in bootlegs, ticket Restaurant and a stay in a £2,500 sixth-floor The document is an affidavit signed away from the ship without rescuing
the Grand Lobby. It depicts the original Queen stubs and autographs. Even his toilet sold for suite reveals a building restored to its former by Laura Francatelli, who worked for others.
Elizabeth, which entered service in 1936 us- $14,700 at an auction earlier this year. glory and geared to the future. two passengers aboard the doomed Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge pre-
ing nine wood veneers including Indian ebony With memories like that, how can he ever The Savoy has always been technologi- liner. viously predicted the letter wwould
and American walnut. be forgotten? cally ahead of its time, but the emphasis now She was personal secretary to Sir likely fetch between £10,000 pounds
Such extravagance will give the illusion of CONCORDE ON THE THAMES is on the human side. You are greeted by Cosmo Duff-Gordon and his socialite and £15,000 when it was auctioned
a golden age of travel when celebrities and A Concorde aircraft could find a new home friendly faces (or, if you are staying in one wife, Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon. They with otherTitanic memorabilia Oc-
heads of state walked the decks and flirted on a floating platform on the Thames next to of the 62 suites, by a butler) rather than by managed to escape the vessel aboard tober 16.
over dinner. That era may be long gone, but the London Eye in a £22m plan to let people fingerprint check-ins.
the new Queen Elizabeth will ensure that the see the supersonic aircraft close up. On the whole, it’s a lighter, brighter Savoy,
The Concorde, one of 11 left, is kept at

The Perfect
spirit lives on. and rumour has it that now that it is finally
SUNDANCE COMING TO LONDON Heathrow. BA and Air France retired their finished, its owner, Saudi Prince Alwaleed,
Actor Robert Redford hopes to bring fleets in 2003, as profitability never recovered will sell it. Only time will tell.
his Sundance Film Festival to London next after the Paris Concorde air crash in 2000, in

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year. which 113 people were killed.
The actor and director has held talks with BEATRICE IN ROAD CRASH The days of the red telephone boxes are
the O2 Arena about an event which would Princess Beatrice escaped unhurt when numbered. Westminster Council wants to
boost the British Film Industry after the deci- her BMW car was involved in a crash last close 18 call boxes because of fears that
sion to axe the UK Film Council, The festival month. The car is believed to be a write-off they are being used by criminals and are
is expected to focus on independent films after being trapped between a bus and a targets for vandals.
and documentaries. coach near Hyde Park, west London. The council has written to British Telecom, $35 for a
JOHN LENNON: 70 THIS YEAR Beatrice, 22, was with a police protection asking for the boxes to be shut down. English
Well he would have been, had he not been officer at the time. Heritage has listed 340 boxes in London. One Year Prezzy!
Page 4 November 2010

Jaguar Land Rover Agrees Chilean Leader Prince William Makes First
Pay Raise – Shelves Closures Presents Mine Royal Rescue For RAF
CARMAKER Jaguar Land Rover said
last month it has agreed to a five percent Rock To Queen PRINCE WILLIAM has completed his
first mission as a Royal Air Force search-
able to serve in one of Britain’s foremost
emergency services,” his office said in a
pay rise for its workers and has shelved Continued from page 1 and-rescue helicopter co-pilot, plucking a statement.
plans to close one of its three factories stricken worker from an offshore gas rig,
in England. era’s European tour, last month began It said the royal’s Sea King helicopter,
The company, now part of India’s Tata in London, may help brighten the image his office said last month. call sign “Rescue 122”, was scrambled by
Motors, also reported double-digit sales of a country many here still associate The 28-year-old, who is second-in-line the Liverpool coast guard office, and took
increases and said it expects to hire 1,500 with the dictatorship of General Augusto to the British throne, was among the crew about half an hour to fly to the rig from the
more workers next year at the Halewood Pinochet. of a Sea King helicopter called to a rig in crew’s base at RAF Valley, in Anglesey,
Tata says Land Rover sales were up 19 Morecambe Bay, off the coast of north- north Wales, on the Irish Sea coast.
plant. RESPECT western England.
The pay deal calls for a five percent in- percent in September compared to a year William, known as Flight Lt Wales in
crease next month and a minimum of three ago, and Jaguar was up 10 percent. Pinera told reporters that economic William’s office said the crew flew
through “squally winds” and mild turbu- his new job, joined the crew last month
percent in November next year. Because of the sales boost, Jaguar Land relations, clean energy and education after completing his training.
“We have ambitious plans for growth Rover says it has dropped previously an- were among the topics he discussed with lence to collect the rig worker, who had a
nounced plans to close either its Castle Prime Minister David Cameron. He also suspected heart attack, and transport him Though his younger brother Harry
and the success of our products around to a waiting ambulance. served in Afghanistan in 2008 as a battle-
the world and this agreement will allow Bromwich or Solihull factories. highlighted how Chile has changed and
Len McCluskey, assistant general sec- acquired more international respect since “Prince William is pleased finally to be field air controller – until his tour of duty
us to accelerate and realize those plans,” able to contribute to the lifesaving work of was cut short following a media leak, Wil-
said Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover’s chief retary of Unite, said he hoped up to 4,000 the mine collapse.
new jobs would be created. “Down the mine, but also up on the the search-and-rescue force. He is proud, liam is considered unlikely to be allowed
executive. after two years of intense training, to be to serve in a combat zone.
surface, the miners are not the same – they
Houses Prices Down 3.6 Percent In September have come back to life,” he said. “And
the Chilean people are not the same. ... I
AVERAGE house prices in Britain fell measure has increased due to the low am sure that Chile now is a more united Head Of Military Tried To Halt Prince Drama
3.6 percent in September from a month transaction levels across the market; country, a stronger country, one prepared BRITAIN’S Press Association said last serious journalistic examination of a
earlier, the country’s biggest mortgage this underlines the difficulty of getting a to face the new challenges, defeat poverty month that the head of Britain’s military current issue.
lender said, although analysts believe the clear reading on the current state of the and underdevelopment.” had demanded that Channel 4 withdraw
market isn’t that weak. housing market,” said Halifax economist
Halifax said its more accurate three- Martin Ellis. Cameron’s office said the prime min- a drama that looks at the crisis that
would have ensued if Prince Harry had
UK Jobless Rate
ister gave Pinera 33 bottles of Fuller’s
month average showed house prices drop- He added that the quarterly decline was London Pride ale – one for each rescued been kidnapped in Afghanistan. Eases To 7.7 Percent
ping 0.9 percent. a long way from the drops of five percent miner – and an early edition of Robinson The 90-minute film called The Taking
“Volatility of the month on month or more seen in 2008. UNEMPLOYMENT in Britain for the
Crusoe. The Daniel Defoe novel was based Of Prince Harry, explores the political three months ending in August has
on the adventures of a real-life castaway
UK Must Have Strong Cyber Crime Defense
ramifications of a high-profile abduc- eased to 7.7 percent, down a tenth of a
on a Chilean island. tion. Harry served in Afghanistan for point from the rate posted a month ago,
Pinera met with the Queen at Bucking- 10 weeks until word of his stint leaked official statisticians said last month.
A SENIOR British security minister says who try to disrupt government systems. to the press in early 2008. An independent analyst, however,
a strong defense against cyber attacks is She said the country is “doing baby ham Palace where he gave her the piece of
palm-sized rock from the San Jose mine. PA reported that Air Chief Marshal said gains in employment were slow-
important to the nation’s security. steps” in addressing this emerging area ing down even before the govern-
Pauline Neville-Jones, former chairman of security. Pinera was carrying tokens of the mine Jock Stirrup said the program, broad-
cast October 21, could undermine the ment’s expected job cuts begin.
of the Joint Intelligence Committee, told Neville-Jones’ comments echoed warn- rescue on his tour. One was the rock from The Office for National Statistics
the House of Lords last month that fighting ings this week by the head of the UK’s the mine destined for the British monarch. security of troops in Afghanistan.
The Ministry of Defense acknowl- said the rate for the June-August period
those who attack government computer electronic spying agency. GCHQ Director Another went to Cameron. Manchester was also down from 7.8 percent in the
networks is key to Britain’s military ca- Iain Lobban said that British government United, which has invited the freed min- edged that Stirrup wrote a letter, but
declined to reveal its contents. preceding three months.
pabilities. She said Britain faced state-led computers are targeted by 1,000 attacks ers to visit the soccer club, also received a The number of people claiming un-
espionage as well as non-state enemies a month. memento of the mining drama. Channel 4 said the program is a employment benefits in September was
nearly 1.5 million, 5.3 percent higher
Investigations Show 75 Percent than a year earlier, the agency said.
The employment rate for people
-OSTORDERSSHIP Of Benefit Claimants Can Work aged 16 to 64 rose by two-tenths of a
percent to 70.7 percent. The number
WITHINHOURS Continued from page 1 of students and other economically
ill people at a time when they scheme was accompanied by inactive people declined by the same
most need support.” the work capability assess- amount.
Grayling defended the new ment, which all applicants
vœœ`ÊʱÊÊV…ˆ˜>ÊʱÊÊ}ˆvÌà system, saying: “I am deter- must complete.
Changes have already been
mined that we get the medical
assessment right, which is why made to the assessment to rec-
Professor Malcolm Harrington ognise people suffering from
is undertaking an independent mental health conditions and
review in consultation with a those with cancer.
!MERICASPREMIERWHOLESALEROFIMPORTED number of charities.” The DWP has said that the
ESA replaced incapacity most severely disabled people
FOODSFROMTHE5NITED+INGDOM 3OUTH!FRICA benefit and income support and those who are terminally ill Publishers
paid on the grounds of incapac- will not be expected to look for Ronald Choularton
AND!USTRALIA ity for new claimants from the work and will instead be given Jeff Choularton
end of October 2008. The new extra help through the ESA. Editor
Ronald Choularton

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November 2010 Page 5

Bonfire Night Firefighter Strike Talks Break Down

TALKS AIMED at averting a strike by sentatives in attendance had nothing The Hindu, Sikh and Jain festival
London firefighters on Bonfire Night new to say to us. of lights, Diwali, also occurs on No-
have broke down. “The authority’s proposals on new vember 5.
October 26. The Fire Brigades Union working hours would seriously disrupt The union said the dispute was about
(FBU) announced plans for a 47-hour firefighters’ family lives and lead to cuts plans to scrap current rotas and force
Everyone Knows You Are Pretty walk out starting on November 5 in a
row over contracts.
in fire cover.”
London Fire and Emergency Plan-
staff to sign new contracts.
FBU general secretary Matt Wrack
Good, But Are You Extraordinary? Prime Minister David Cameron
called the strike plans “irresponsible”.
ning Authority Chairman Brian Cole-
man said: “Compromise is achievable
said: “We do not want to take this action
but we have no choice. The alternative
WHETHER someone is pretty good, exception- As can be seen, this is a relatively high But the FBU walked out of talks, say- through talks, and the FBU have today is to allow London’s firefighters to
al, distinguished or extraordinary might sound standard but not an unreachable one. This ing the London Fire Brigade had offered walked away. Our message is simple – become doormats for their employers
like a meaningless exercise in semantics visa category is quite subjective as compared nothing new. The LFB said compromise call off the strikes now and meet us on at to walk on.”
UNLESS one is applying for a working visa in to most of the other rigid categories. It actually was achievable. An FBU spokesman the panel which has the ability to resolve Labour leader Ed Miliband’s spokes-
the US. One of the several employment autho- provides an opportunity for one to get creative said: “Regrettably, the brigade repre- this dispute. woman said it would be “dangerous”
rized visa categories is reserved for those of and to persuasively argue. Having filed hun- TRADITIONAL for firefighters to walk out on Bonfire
“extraordinary ability”. This elite working visa dreds and hundreds of these application, it can
Teenage TV
Coleman had asked the FBU to Night.
category goes by the name of O-1. A foreign be said that the USCIS is quite inconsistent call the strike off, saying it would be Last month, the FBU revealed that 79
national is eligible for this category if their oc- with regard to their adjudications. We are the “busiest time” for the brigade. He percent of its members who had voted
cupation is in the sciences, arts, education,
business or athletics and their “extraordinary
regularly surprised by the ones that are quickly
approved and equally surprised at the ones that
Talent Contestant was referring to the traditional British
November 5 celebration of the capture
supported strike action. Crews had
alreadystaged an eight-hour strike on
ability” has been demonstrated by sustained
national or international acclaim. “Extraor-
are challenged for additional evidence or for
clarification of one point or another. Ordered Out Of UK of Guy Fawkes attempting to blow up
Parliament on the day in 1605.
October 24 and another is planned for
November 1.
dinary ability” in occupations other than in Occupations in the arts, actually get to A TEENAGE TV
the arts, is defined as “a level of expertise utilize a slightly lower standard with similar talent contestant
indicating that the person is one of the small
percentage who have risen to the very top of
but somewhat easier criteria to meet.
An added bonus of achieving O-1 nonim-
has been ordered
to leave Britain,
London Cabbie May Have
the field of endeavor”. This, in turn has been migrant status is that for occupations other
broken down to a list of eligibility criteria that an
applicant must clearly demonstrate eligibility
than those in the arts, an applicant can self
sponsor for a fast green card via a green card
days after she was
kicked off Britain’s
popular X Factor
Assaulted 100 Women
for either by submitting evidence of a major, category with virtually the identical criteria. show. Gamu Nhengu POLICE BELIEVE that a London taxi Prosecutors accused Worboys of pick-
internationally recognized award (a Nobel prize A very comprehensive dossier must be The Home Office driver convicted of a string of attacks on ing his victims up at trendy west London
is actually given as an example…) or at least assembled not only with compelling objective said last month that it had ordered female passengers is linked to more than nightspots, telling them he’d won money
three of the following criteria: evidence but with expert testimony vouching 18-year-old Gamu Nhengu and her 100 cases of sexual assault. in the lottery, and inviting them to par-
•Nationally or internationally recognized for the claimed standing in the field of endeav- mother Nokuthula Ngazan to return Scotland Yard said last month that a take in a celebratory glass of champagne.
award, or. The O-1 category is an underutilized visa to their native Zimbabwe because the total of 102 women have said they were Secreted inside the drinks were powerful
•Membership in an organization that category. Many are unjustifiably intimidated pair don’t meet the requirements to victimized by 53-year-old John Worboys, sedatives, and those who joined him in
requires outstanding achievement by the standard. Although the applicant clearly stay in Britain. who was convicted of assaulting 12 of a drink often remembered little of what
•Publish material about the applicant in must very good, many times “extraordinary” Nhengu, whose mother was on a his passengers in a highly publicized trial happened next.
professional or major trade publications to USCIS may actually mean just really good student visa, was one of several ama- last year. One victim said that what should have
•Judgment of the work of others to others. teur singers vying to win the top spot Worboys drove one of London’s iconic been a 40-minute trip home took three
•Original scientific or scholarly work of on the show, part of Simon Cowell’s black cabs, the distinctive sedans that ferry hours. Others were left with semen stains
major significance Mitch Wexler is a partner with the global international X Factor franchise. But busy Londoners across the city. Worboys’ on their clothes, and items or DNA from
•Authorship of scholarly work immigration law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey, she was axed by judge Cheryl Cole in case attracted a lot of attention in part some victims was found by police at
•Been employed in a critical or essential Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, resident in its Irvine, CA the show, prompting an outpouring because the cabs are advertised as one Worboys’ home.
capacity for a distinguished organization office. He has practiced exclusively in the im- of anger from fans, some of whom of the capital’s safest forms of transport, Worboys denied the charges, but in
•Has commanded or will command a high migration law field for 25 years. He welcomes alleged racial bias. particularly for women. Black cab drivers March of last year he was found guilty of
salary in relation to others in the field all queries The show’s producers deny that undergo rigorous testing and are subject to assaulting 12 women. Police say he may
the singer’s race or immigration criminal checks, and they’re often touted have attacked at least 90 more victims,
status played any role in the decision as a trustworthy alternative to the unregu- but the nature of his crimes meant that
lated cab drivers who try to poach custom-

Jolly Good to oust her. few women could be sure what had hap-
ers by undercutting official rates. pened to them.


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Page 6 November 2010

Carnage Footage Shown At London Bombings Inquest Media Join Forces

Against Murdoch Buyout
By Sylvia Hui
GRAPHIC VIDEO of mangled
and bloodied subway train car-
riages were shown last month at HE’S DOMINATED Britain’s media
an inquiry into the 2005 London landscape for decades, shaking Fleet Street
suicide bombings, as families of the to its foundations and dueling with the
venerable BBC.
victims heard harrowing details of But Rupert Murdoch’s latest move, an
the carnage immediately after one attempt to consolidate his family’s sway
of Britain’s deadliest attacks. over the British Sky Broadcasting Group
The relatives viewed previously classi- PLC, may be a step too far. An unprec-
fied footage showing how an improvised edented media coalition of newspapers
bomb ripped through a train carriage on and broadcasters has appealed directly
July 7, 2005, charring the ceiling and blow- to the government to take a close look at
the buyout – which they say could have Rupert Murdoch
ing out windows and doors. The videos
also showed large pools of blood on seats serious consequences for the way Britons his News Corp already owns a 39.1 per-
and the floor – although they were heavily get their news. cent stake, rivals across the industry are
edited to cut out scenes showing bodies to Rivals want Murdoch’s effort to win a mobilizing, seeking legal advice from top
minimize stress to bereaved families. 100 percent stake in BSkyB to be vetted by London law firm Slaughter and May and
DETONATED Ofcom, Britain’s media regulator, which lobbying the government to intervene.
The inquest at London’s Royal Courts can advise officials on the merits of the News Corp has called its opponents’
of Justice opened October 11 to look into Injured tube passengers are helped away from Edgware deal and whether it would jeopardize the motives into question and noted that the
the circumstances surrounding the death of Road Tube Station in London following the 2005 blasts. integrity of Britain’s media industry. proposed deal has yet to be finalized.
52 commuters in the attacks. Four British EXTENSIVE
London Tube Bombing Survivors
Muslim suicide bombers detonated devices The Guardian, one of those behind the
The 79-year-old Murdoch’s British push, has also taken the fight to its readers,
aboard three subway trains and a double- holdings are already extensive – and asking: “Is Rupert Murdoch on course to
decker bus, killing themselves and also
injuring hundreds. Describe 2005 Ordeal controversial. His stable of national news-
papers reportedly account for 37 percent
becoming Britain’s Berlusconi?” Italian
Premier Silvio Berlusconi is a media
The bomb that went off on the King’s SURVIVORS of London’s July 7, 2005 suicide bombings are describing their of Britain’s national press by circulation. magnate-cum-politician accused by the op-
Cross train was the deadliest of the four at- ordeal in graphic detail to an inquiry into the deadly attacks. The Sun, Britain’s biggest daily, boasts position of strangling Italy’s democracy.
tacks because up to 1,500 passengers were The inquest, at the Royal Courts of Justice in London is stirring up strong of being able to swing elections and The Damian Tambini, a media industry
squeezed inside the train’s carriages, said memories of the attack as a judge weighs whether British authorities could have News of The World, The Sun’s Sunday expert at the London School of Econom-
Hugo Keith, chief counsel to the inquest. done more to prevent the four British-born Islamists from detonating themselves sister paper, has been accused of running ics, said the Berlusconi comparison was
Twenty-six people died in the explosion. aboard three subway trains and a bus. a massive illegal eavesdropping operation, “pushing it a bit,” noting that the Italian
A police video filmed later that day Survivor Cynthia Chetty says she was deafened by the force of the explosion with reporters spying on politicians, sports leader runs a private media empire and
after the train had been cleared of bod- aboard her subway car at London’s Aldgate station. Another survivor on the stars, celebrities – and even members of exercises strong influence on the country’s
ies showed piles of abandoned personal same train said that he didn’t realize his leg had been blown off until he felt the royal family. public broadcaster.
belongings and newspapers trampled by for it. His papers’ power comes with a big But he said that the political concerns
fleeing passengers. The attacks killed 52 people. The inquest into their death has been delayed political payoff. The News of The World’s raised by the buyout were legitimate, ex-
In another video shown, a Circle line by years of legal proceedings. former editor, Andy Coulson, is now plaining that Murdoch and his son James,
train carriage’s double doors were com- The hearings are expected to last until at least March next year, and will Prime Minister David Cameron’s chief BSkyB’s chairman, were carving out a
pletely ripped off, the ceiling was partially examine the precise details of the attacks. media aide, despite accusations that he position which could eventually become
collapsed and handrails laid on the floor. knew about the phone hacking – charges unassailable.
CONFRONTED the darkness, he said. British inquests are fact-finding inqui- he flatly denies. “When media groups are allowed to
Keith said the emergency services The hearings are expected to last five ries that take place when a person dies But with Murdoch now aiming to consolidate their position it can be irrevers-
were confronted by a “horrifying scene months. The coroner, senior judge Heather violently or under unusual circumstances. completely take over BSkyB, in which ible,” he said.
of mangled flesh, torn bodies, debris and Hallett, is studying how each victim died, They can’t establish civil or criminal li-
metal.” Maimed bodies with amputated whether the emergency services’ response ability, but in this case the investigation
limbs lay scattered throughout the car- was adequate and whether the intelligence will give families of victims the chance to British Aid Worker May Have Died At US Hands
riages, as paramedics attempted to distin- services and police could have prevented ask officials if more could have been done THE PRIME MINISTER says aid
to prevent the attacks. Norgrove, 36, died in eastern Kunar
guish between the dead and the dying in the attacks. worker Linda Norgrove may have been province. Initial reports have said
killed by her American rescuers, rather she died when captors detonated a
Lloyds Banking New Car Registrations Down In September than her Taliban captors.
Cameron said last month that Gen-
bomb as NATO forces attempted to
free her.
Group Cutting A SURVEY shows that the number of new The Society said comparisons were
skewed because of the impact of the gov-
eral David Petraeus had told him Nor-
grove was possibly killed by a grenade
She was abducted in an ambush on
September 26 along with three Afghan
4,500 More Jobs
cars registered in Britain was down on the
year for a third straight month, sliding by ernment car scrappage program last year detonated by a member of the US rescue colleagues who were later released.
PART-NATIONALIZED Lloyds 8.9 percent in September. which offered discounts to buyers who team. But he says the full facts have not Six kidnappers also died in the rescue
Banking Group says it will eliminate However, the Society of Motor Manu- traded in cars more than 10 years old. been established. attempt.
4,500 more jobs as it continues to facturers and Traders said last month it
believes demand for new cars has stabi-

Immigration & Visas

streamline operations.
Lloyds was formed in the take- lized and sales will be slightly higher this ATTENTION FORMER
over of Halifax/Bank of Scotland year than in 2009. For the year to date,
by Lloyds TSB at the peak of the registrations are up 7.8 percent.
credit crisis. New car registrations were down 13.2
Immigrant Visas Solution to other Now living in the US
The bank said last month that it percent annually in July, ending a string
will eliminate 1,600 full-time per- of 12 monthly increases. Registrations in Labor Certification Immigration or Visa There is now a Royal Marine
manent jobs, 1,150 temporary and August were down 17.5 percent compared Working or Investor Problems
to a year earlier. Association Branch formed in
contract staff and 1,750 offshore con- Visas Free Initial Consultation the US.
tractor jobs in its IT operations.
Two For The Price Of One Please contact:
The Accord union says Lloyds
has now cut 20,000 jobs since the All ads listed in the
takeover in January 2009. Lloyds Union Jack ClassAds John Topping, Secretary
also appear on
says it had about 106,500 employees Attorney-at-Law and Former U.S. Vice Consul & Visa Officer
Royal Marine Association
at mid-year. See page 16 USA Branch
25251 Paseo de Alicia, #200 111 N. Sepulveda Blvd. # 250 8409 Lake Crest Terrace,
Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678
(949) 770-5750 (310) 937-1506
(949) 699-3405 FAX (310) 798-9443 FAX Phone: (703) 690-8944

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November 2010 Page 7

Man Builds 70mph Independent Launches Fire Ravages Landmark Hastings Pier
Mobility Scooter New, Condensed
A LANDMARK pier in south-
eastern England that once host-
the Victorian pier, attracted by
the healthful sea air and enter-
ed a Rolling Stones concert was tainment. A shooting gallery,
BRITISH newspaper The Indepen- virtually destroyed in a fire last slot machines and a bowling
dent has launched a condensed edi- month, probably marking an alley were added in the early
tion in hopes of increasing circulation end to local hopes of preserving 20th century. In the 1960s, the
and attracting younger readers. the 19th-century structure. Two Rolling Stones, The Who and
The paper, called “i,” features teenagers were arrested on sus- Jimi Hendrix played concerts
abridged versions of Independent picion of arson, police said. on the pier.
stories aimed at “time-poor news- The dilapidated Hastings The local council in Hast-
paper readers.” The new daily will Pier, which juts into the English ings, encouraged by a report
cost readers just 20 pence ($0.32), Channel and is a relic of gentler that the pier could be sta-
compared to The Independent, which times when mass tourism meant bilized for about £3m, had
A PLUMBER in Lincolnshire has built costs £1.59. a trip to the seashore, had been been working on plans for a
a high-speed mobility scooter that can Launched last month, the spin-off closed since 2006. About five compulsory purchase.
travel at up to 70mph. is published and staffed by employees dozen firefighters were at the Jeremy Birch, leader of
of The Independent, which is owned by scene at the peak of the blaze, Hastings Borough Council,
Colin Furze, 31, spent nearly three Russian tycoon Alexander Lebedev. authorities said. held out hope that the pier
months converting the machine which The Independent was found in In its heyday, tourists swarmed could rise again. Hastings Pier as it stood in 2006.
has a powerful 125cc motorbike engine 1986. It has the smallest circulation
hidden under the seat, five gears and among all of Britain’s national pa-
twin exhausts. pers. Sales of the paper have fallen Britain Garners Nine International Emmy Nominations
The petrol-powered super scooter, to around 183,000 a day.
BRITISH TV productions have gar- vision Arts & Sciences last month an- holic who runs a pub. The Street is also
which is British racing green, can almost nered nine International Emmy nounced 39 nominees in 10 categories nominated for best drama.
reach the national speed limit and keep
up with cars on the motorway.
Best’s European Cup nominations, including acting nods for the Emmys honoring excellence in Bonham Carter is among the best-
It does 10mpg and is nearly nine times Medal Sells For £156,000 for Bob Hoskins and Helena Bonham
TV production outside the US.
Hoskins is up for best actor for his
actress nominees for her portrayal of
popular British children’s author Enid
faster than an average mobility scooter THE MEDAL awarded to Manchester The International Academy of Tele- role in The Street as a reformed alco- Blyton in the biopic Enid.
which glides along at just 8mph. United great George Best when the team
won the 1968 European Cup has been sold
“It is quite scary when I’m driving at auction for £156,000.


it fast as the frame is pretty flimsy and British auctioneer Bonhams sold 13 med-
designed for going along at slow speeds,” als earned by the Northern Ireland interna-
said Colin, from Stamford. tional for a total of £200,000 last month.
“You can’t take your eyes off the road Best scored in Manchester United’s 4-1

Gain Control
when driving it as any rash steering extra-time win over Benfica at Wembley.
decisions could make it flip over and the He died at 59 in 2005 following decades
slightest dip or bump in the road makes of alcoholism. His sister will receive the
it drift off course.” proceeds of the medal sale.


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Page 8 November 2010
out she’s had an abortion and Nick dumps
Hollies’ Singer Nash
Natasha when Gail’s secret is revealed.
the reception is going on, Stacy leaves Lily
upstairs for a nap, then comes downstairs Appointed OBE
Natasha tries to commit suicide, in her frail and confesses to Peggy that she’s the one
state, and then in the kind of soap turnaround GRAHAM NASH
who really killed Archie. Peggy proceeds to has been appointed
we all love to see, she leaves hospital and scream and toss her out. Upstairs, Phil keeps
gives everyone what for. Not one to go lightly, OBE for his remark-
screaming to be let out, and finally convinces able career in music.
before she heads out of Weatherfield with dim Billy to open the door just for some water,
EILEEN Grimshaw’s never had much luck her head held high, in a taxi, Natasha tells Nash, 68, who
at which point he runs down the stairs where found success with
with men and now she’s gone and fallen for everyone what she thinks of them, starting he has a confrontation with Peggy. During the
the new builder, Owen Armstrong. He’s a bad with Gail. What a way to go! THIS month it’s lots of endings, including one the Hollies and then
that is truly the end of an era... argument he tells her she loves the Vic more Crosby, Stills and
’un, is Owen. As Eileen helps him out with his Over at the Websters, Sally and Kevin
building accounts, he’s getting his feet under breathe a sigh of relief when Sophie and In the aftermath of Lucas’s murders, than him and in anger she agrees. So he tells Nash, was at Buck- Graham Nash
both Libby and Chelsea leave the Square, her he’s going to take everything from her, like ingham Palace last month to receive the
Liz McDonald’s table and the rest of his body Sian return. Mind you, while Sophie’s folks she took Ben and Lou from him, and strikes
parts under her duvet. Eileen finds out what’s are happy to see their daughter again, Sian’s while Denise’s sister Kim moves in... Jack OBE from the Queen.
continues to recover and is now walking a match, sending the Vic up in flames. In the The singer, who grew up in Salford (Gtr
going on behind her back and under her nose dad is less pleased that his daughter’s in love intense Poseiden Adventure-type scenes that
when Sean spots Liz kissing Owen up the gin- with a girl: “You grubby cows!” he spits out with a cane... And a bad penny returns: Sam Manchester) but has lived in Hawaii for
Mitchell, who has been in jail for obstructing follow, everyone eventually gets out, except for more than 30 years, got the award for ser-
nel and he reveals the torrid tale to Eileen that and storms back to Southport without his Stacy and Lily who are trapped upstairs and
Owen’s servicing an old boiler and sorting out daughter. When he returns he’s got Sian’s justice for Den’s murder. vices to music and charitable activities.
Sam calls for excited Minty (who’s always Phil, who runs back in to steal crack money Speaking after the ceremony he said it
her plumbing. Eileen decides to get revenge, mum in tow but it makes no difference, poor from the till (getting trapped under falling
but how? She’s tempted to nick Owen’s petty Sian’s parents are dreadful and walk out after been lovesick over her) to visit her in the prison was a highlight of his life and his parents
hospital. Turns out she only wants him to get debris). Mitchells run back in to save Phil, and would have been very proud.
cash box but that’s not Eileen’s style. When shouting at Sally and Kev. Sally points out that Ryan gets a ladder to save Stacy and Lily, after
revenge comes, it’ll be well served cold. there’s no law against lesbianism, “I know Ricky to see her. See, she’s nine months “Receiving this was very profound,”
pregnant and says it’s Ricky’s (though it might which she tells him that he is Lily’s father. And he said.
Meanwhile, Gary Windass goes off to because I’ve googled it,” she says. Mazel Tov to you too!...
fight for his country in Afghanistan. Anna and Over in the Kabin, Rita has a few tears also be Jack’s). When Ricky doesn’t want “I’m from Salford, from a very poor
her, she decides to give the baby (a boy she As the Mitchell’s hide Phil from the Old family and to have been on the journey I’ve
Eddie give their son a last hearty meal of his when she finds out that her credit card’s been Bill investigating the fire, he and Peggy have
favourite food before he heads to the Rovers cloned and used by someone she doesn’t names Richard) up for adoption, but Peggy been on since I was 13 years old, when I
isn’t hearing of it and convinces her that she it out one more time in which he tells her wanted to be a musician – (the OBE) it’s
for a heart-to-heart then spends the night with know. “They’ve bought a telly and a barbeque she has always smothered him. Defeated,
Izzy. And then it’s ta-ra as he goes off to war. and …” she pauses “… something from an should keep him to use him to get Ricky back a highlight of my life.
(funny, she never like Ricky when they were Peggy says she is leaving the Square. And “This is my country and my Queen
As Anna and Eddie wave off Gary, they find adult shop!” Norris finds out his bank ac- through the streets of Walford and off into
out they’ve been approved for adoption which count’s been hacked too and puts the blame married the first time). Sam is released and gave me an honour – it’s a stunning ex-
returns to the Square but has no interest in the sunset walks Peggy, (to the strains of a perience.”
is good news for them but upsets Becky and on Tina and Graeme, forgetting his laptop has new EastEnders theme penned especially for
Steve when they find out, as the same adop- been out of action and in for repair. doing anything for her means-to-an-end baby.
And now Bianca and Ronnie want a DNA test to her), stopping to glance up at the burnt out
tion panel turned them down flat. Elsewhere, Jack Duckworth moves back shell of the Queen Vic. Duf, duf... Olympic Marathon
In the Rovers, there’s more trouble with in with Tyrone, Molly and the new baby. prove which of their men got the slag pregnant.
The test is done and Sam tells everyone it’s How sad to see Barbara Windsor leave To Be Run In
Becky’s sister Kylie who nicks cash from He tells Tyrone over a pint in the Rovers EastEnders! It is truly the end of an era. But
the till. Then Steve finds her with her fingers that there’s nowt wrong between him and Ricky’s, even though it’s Jack’s. But Bianca
catches on and gets proof she lied and Ricky Peggy got out alive, so the door has been left Central London
in Becky’s handbag robbing more cash, and Connie, he’s just missing Tyrone and new open for her return. Let’s hope!
threatens to tell Becky. Kylie reacts by flutter- baby Jack, but there was something in the tosses her out. Then Ronnie (unbeknownst to LONDON 2012 organizers have an-
Jack) pays her to leave the Square... If you’d like to keep up with all things Eas-
ing her eyelids and plumping up her cleavage way he told Tyrone that he wanted to spend tEnders, and maybe even come to one of our nounced that the Olympic marathon will
to get round Steve. as much time as possible with them all, that Stacy finally sees the light about Becca start and finish in front of Buckingham
after finding out that she was the one who live EastEnders events,
Anyway, at the medical centre, Gail’s not suggests there’s more to Jack’s move than just sign up for my FREE, Palace and include three loops of central
convinced that her Nick’s girlfriend Natasha he’s letting on. phoned the old bill and grassed up Bradley, London.
leading to his death. Realizing she has been weekly e-newsletter, The
is as pregnant as she says she is. So she Glenda Young E20 Chronicles. To start The race will start on The Mall with a
logs on to Natasha’s medical records, finds Coronation Street Blog manipulated along, she throws her out, but 2.2-mile circuit of St James’ Park before
not before she has convinced Stacy to go off receiving yours, just
email me here at the three eight-mile loops past landmarks
her meds, leaving Stacy wanting to confess
London 2012 Olympics Attract 100,000 Volunteers everything to everyone. She is haunted by Launderette: E20Laun-
including St Paul’s Cathedral, the London
Eye and the Bank of England.
Coe says he is “thrilled with the re- Archie’s murder. She tells Dot that baby Lily The race will only go as far east as the
LONDON 2012 organizers say more
isn’t Bradley’s... Your Faithful Reporter,
than 100,000 people have volunteered sponse we’ve had.” Deborah Gilbert, AKA Ishcabibble Tower of London despite protests by resi-
to help run the Olympics. Phil’s habit has him hitting bottom in a filthy dents and lawmakers against the decision
Organizers were seeking 70,000
Organizers say 52 percent of appli- crack den very quickly. But Peggy springs into to move the route away from the Olympic
volunteers – called “Games Makers” –
cants have never worked as volunteers
action and with the family, kidnaps him and
locks him in the front room upstairs at the $35 Takes Care Of Stadium and the east of the city.
London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe
in Britain’s biggest postwar volunteer
recruiting campaign. October 27 was closing application
Vic to detox cold turkey...Elsewhere, Janine
is marrying Ryan at City Hall and then having Some Prezzies says a switch to avoid gridlocked streets
on what will be one of the busiest days
London 2012 chairman Sebastian
her reception in the Vic (where else?). While See page 3 of the Olympics was “one of the hardest
decisions we have had to take.”

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November 2010 Page 9

History Never Repeats Royal Mail Privatisation

To Be Voted Upon
Itself But It Rhymes
SUDDENLY, life seems more difficult for the the market.
WHEN THE Postal Services Bill ap-
pears next in Parliament MPs will vote
on plans to privatise the Royal Mail.
holes in its legislation which could lead
to the decimation of the UK’s postal
for the depressingly high unemployment Business Secretary Vince Cable has However, Minister for Postal Affairs
Coalition Government. Traditionally the throughout the 1920s. The General Strike of said private buyers will Ed Davey said: “The
The Spending Review which will appear size of the mortgage 1926 was in part due to the resentment still be allowed to own up to surest way to demolish
after this column goes to press will produce advance was three felt over the cuts four years earlier. Other 90 percent of the Royal Royal Mail would be
huge political reverberations. times the appli- historians believe that it helped Britain escape Mail, with at least 10 to do nothing and bury
A great deal of “blame” for what has cant’s annual salary. from the vicious recession of 1918-21. It percent of shares going our heads in the sand.
happened to the nation’s finances has been Translate that into certainly paved the way for the election in to employees. Falling mail volumes,
heaped upon workers in the civil service, present-day terms. 1924 of the country’s first Labour adminis- The Government has huge competition from
medicine and education. Pensions have The average annual tration whose rise led to the long decline of also announced it will email and the internet,
received close scrutiny, largely because with income is £25,000. the Liberal Party. take on the Royal Mail’s a dreadful pension po-
advances in medicine people are surviving for The average price To Mark Twain is attributed the quotation, multibillion-pound pen- sition; these are chal-
far much longer. for a terraced house “History never repeats itself but it rhymes”. sion shortfall. lenges that have to be
A teacher retiring 20 years ago, for ex- is £186.704, and the average house price But where is the poetry for the Lib Dems in Labour is expected tackled. Our plans are
ample, might expect to last 10 more years comes in at a startling £230,562. Faced with all this? What will they say when the next to back the proposals, the only way to protect
before meeting his/her maker. Nowadays, it such astronomical numbers, you can read- General Election comes round: ‘This is where but the Communica- the Royal Mail and Post
is not unusual for a person to be drawing his ily understand the dilemma in which young the coalition went wrong and that is why you tion Workers Union is opposing the Office; two cornerstones of British life;
pension twice that length of time and if that is people find themselves. By the way, I left should vote for us not the Tories so that it plans. General secretary Billy Hayes for the future.”
a bad thing, well, matters can only get worse university with a debt of exactly £8. won’t happen again’? said: “The Government has left many The future of the Royal Mail, which
as life expectancy gets even better. WORSE To end on a lighter note. I have been questions unanswered and scrutiny of is the universal delivery service, was de-
One scheme the Government is looking But Lord Browne’s mid-October report on listening recently with considerable enjoy- their Bill shows they are making empty bated by MPs during the second reading
at, thanks to the work of Lord Hutton an student loans has made things even worse ment to a fantastic piece of music by Per promises while setting up to demolish of the Postal Services Bill in the House
ex-Labour minister, who has been examin- for the young. Now there will be no limit on Martinsen, Earthbound – Surfing the Apoca- the mail through the back door. of Commons last month.
ing ways of spending less on the old folks’ the size of student fees. This will mean that lypse, a new album which will be released “Their warm words about keeping The Post Office, which manages
pension, is to consider whole-life earnings it could take a graduate anything up to thirty in November. Find our more for yourself on post offices open have no substance as 12,000 branches, is 100 percent owned
rather than end-of-career salaries. years to get out of debt. the Government has not confirmed any by the Government and will not be put
REASONABLE Before the last election, each Lib Dem where there is a vast amount of background funding to keep the network running up for sale.
On the face of it, this is quite a reason- candidate publicly signed a pledge to scrap information on this exciting project. beyond next year.” But ministers are considering turn-
able approach to saving money. But a little tuition fees but they now find themselves It is an astonishing piece of work. A He added: “The Government is re- ing it into a mutual; owned and run on
closer examination reveals a bleaker future raising them. Their justification is that the modern classic. fusing to explore business models other behalf of subpostmastes, staff and local
for pensioners. country’s financial mess makes raising of than privatisation and leaving gaping communities.
Take my case. I spent 35 years in the tuition fees unavoidable. Since it was always
classroom. I started in London in 1962 clear that the next government would have
taking home no less than £48 a month.
That represented about £720 pa including
to slash public expenditure, it was surely
irresponsible (to put it mildly) for them ever
Top Christmas Toys Wish List Includes Old ‘Faves’
a London Weighting Allowance to help me to have claimed they would protect tuition BACK AMONG the top 12 toys on chil- cal order: Moon Dough Barn, Spinmaster Toys UK
pay for digs in the capital city. Wind forward fees from going up. dren’s wish lists for Christmas is once City Airport, Lego UK (£84.99); Fire- (£19.99 ); Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS,
35 years and I retire on an annual salary ap- Of course, the pledge did them no harm more Lego bricks. man Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset, Hasbro (£54.99); Paper Jamz Guitar, Wow
proaching £25,000. in electoral terms. But what was an ironclad Creativity and role play is at the heart of Character Options (£29.99); FurReal Go Wee Europe (£24.99); ‘Pumpaloons’; ac-
You can do the sums for yourself from pledge almost signed in blood has morphed the toy industry, with technology evolving Go Walking Pup, Hasbro (£59.99 ); Jet tion game, Drumond Park (£19.99); Syl-
now on. When I left teaching I received a into an unsustainable promise. Some promi- at lightning speed, according to the Toy Pack Buzz Lightyear, Mattel UK (£39.99); vanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar,
pension of 35/80 of my best salary. Had I nent MPs – Charles Kennedy and Menzies Retailers Association. Kidizoom VideoCam, VTech (£59.99); Flair Leisure (£24.99); ZhuZhu Grooming
been pensioned off with the same fraction of Campbell among them – have announced The TRA is publishing its annual of- Monopoly Revolution, Hasbro (£29.99); Salon, Character Options (£22.99).
my annual career average salary, my current they will oppose any rise in the fees. The ficial prediction of Christmas bestsellers
pension would probably be about half that. rest – most significantly Nick Clegg and Vince and it is packed full of kiddie versions of
Over the years, my pay went up primarily Cable – will vote for it and are desperately adult “must-haves”. Among them is the DON’T CHANCE THE LOCAL RUNNING OUT OF YOUR
because I was rewarded for greater experi- seeking forms of words that will prevent their
electric guitar and a grooming kit, said to
ence and extra responsibilities and, possibly opinion poll ratings, currently at 15 percent, allow children to emulate their parents,
more importantly, because of inflation. sliding even further downhill. friends and family as never before.
LUCKY ADVISE The TRA’s Gary Grant said: “This year,
I always count myself lucky to have had Back in 1921, the Liberal Prime Minister, the toy industry has combined innovation
a working career that covered the second Lloyd George, governing in coalition with the and creativity to respond to the ever-
half of the 20th century. We lived through the Conservative Party commissioned a busi- changing demands of children.
inflation of the 1970s when oil prices went nessman, Sir Eric Geddes, to advise on cuts ADVANCEMENTS
spiralling upwards and house prices raced in government spending. The National Debt “The technological advancements used
out of control. But inflation was actually good was greater than the annual gross domestic in many of the toys we reviewed this year
for us since our mortgages remained low product. In the event, massive cuts were were simply amazing, and demonstrate
while our properties soared in value. imposed on defence, where manning levels how forward-thinking manufacturers are.
Successive governments placed a pre- remained the same as during the Great War, In what has been a challenging yet ex-
mium on home ownership giving us tax relief and on education, where a plan to raise the tremely positive year for the toy industry,
on mortgage interest payments. This was a school leaving age by two years to 16 fell it is also refreshing to see the industry’s
godsend when interest rates were running by the wayside. faithful brands continuing to perform well
at getting on for 20 percent. But it sustained 90 years later there is still a debate as to to keep classic toys in the hearts of children
property prices unrealistically high with the whether the Geddes Axe was beneficial or everywhere.”
result that today youngsters are priced out of not. Most historians feel that it set the scene This year’s Dream Dozen, in alphabeti-

Police Force Publishes All Incidents To Twitter

FROM STOLEN cars to suspicious smells, animals, complaints about a man urinat- to Manchester Airport.
one of Britain’s biggest police forces is ing against a school wall, and a report of There were also dozens of false
tweeting every incident it deals with over someone smoking on an incoming flight alarms.
a 24 hour-period to prove a point.

Scottish Treasures Celtic Corner

The online Twitter campaign aims to
show the pressures that police are under
as British officials prepare for deep bud-
get cuts.
“The reality of police work is that al-
• Kilt Rentals
though crime is a big part of what we do, • Made to Measure Kilts Scottish, Irish & Welsh Tartans
we do much else besides,” Chief Constable • Tartan Ties, Scarves, Caps, Ruanas
Peter Fahy of Manchester said in a message
posted to YouTube. “We’re very much the • Imported Gold & Silver Jewelry
agency of last resort, and a big part of our
workload is related to wider social problems • Tain Pottery & Family Heraldry • Imported British Food
of alcohol, drugs, mental health and people Visit our Shop 1201 First Street, No. 213, Coronado Ferry Landing
having problems with their relationships.” Coronado, CA 92118 • (619) 435-1880 • Open Daily 10 a.m.
The project, which ran from October 14
for 24 hours racked up more than 1,300
different incidents. Among the first tweets:
An alert about a stolen vehicle thought to
be headed for Manchester, the arrest of an
aggressive shoplifter, and a report that “a
man appears asleep at bus stop.”
Many tweets covered domestic inci-
dents, traffic accidents, stolen cars and
missing people. There were calls about

Discount Airfares
To The UK
All fares less than Internet
Over 30 years experience
Contact Fred
(714) 425-1075
Page 10 November 2010
wooden floors which compliment the sur- The Shakespeare’s manager Ruth Thomas
roundings. As complete strangers, everyone is vibrant and entertaining. She enjoyed Karen’s California Events Calendar
from staff to customers alike, made us feel showing us around. They have a nice patio November Santa Barbara (805) 963-0761.
very warmly welcomed, asking where we that surrounds the restaurant on the lower For upcoming British events in the Los Ange- 13-14: Phoenix Faerie Festival Estrella Mnt.
were from and suggesting places of interest level, and of course, extremely popular. Con- les area, check out Regional Park, Goodyear, www.westerngates-
to go. Monica was a sweetheart, ever so veniently located next door is Shakespeare’s Rosie Lee Imports of Ventura has all Christ-
helpful. We had a bite to eat, which was top Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea, ex- mas items in stock for your holiday shopping: for the latest in Los
notch. Fish and Chips (Atlantic cod and real tremely well stocked with all things British mince pies and cakes, puds, baskets, choco- Angeles cricket news.
chips). I had a British Roast Beef Dip and and owned by Selina Stockley, who actually lates, Christmas crackers, plus a huge selection 13-14: Kearney Renaissance Fair at Syca-
chips with gravy. Both were excellent. What worked for the Pub before buying the shoppe of teas and tea pots!! (park behind the library) more Island Madera, California www.kearney-
we were impressed with was the standard from Shakespeare’s founder and owner Paul (805) 643-5TEA.
of cleanliness in the entire Pub. We loved Crawford, who in September celebrated 20 3: Plaza Pantry invites you to an English 25: Kings Head in Santa Monica invites
SAN DIEGO has to be one of the most the spotlessly clean loo’s complete with 50s years in business. Afternoon Tea 1:30pm (805) 646-6325. you to join them for Thanksgiving (now taking
welcoming and fun cities in California. Dis- framed saucy postcards on the wall! Not very We met Paul, from Manchester, when we Cameron’s Inn is full of pumpkin excitement reservations). Book your holiday party asap!!
neyland for adults is how one resident put it. helpful when one’s laughing while taking care stopped in for breakfast before our return trip with pumpkins everywhere. But pumpkins aside, Call for their live soccer schedule. Full stock of
Not satisfied with last months exciting visit of business!! to Ventura, only to find that’s exactly where the NFL games are all over the big screens and Christmas items in their gift shoppe-Christmas
to the Festival of Sail, we took up the offer Once we introduced ourselves as the he had been all weekend! We told him what Cameron even breaks his no breakfast rule crackers/puds/advent calendars/ gifts and much
of friends, Gene and Leigh, for a return visit LA Office of the UJ, they were surprisingly a smashing Pub he had, but with the name and serves up a killer breakfast every Sunday. more (310) 451-1402.
to finally get off the dock. So took a direct sympathetic and understanding, “Oh, you Shakespeare I had expected a few men in “There’s so much energy in the place that I 26 thru Dec 19: Dickens Faire San Fran-
line to San Diego’s original British Pub, the poor souls.” Although we were not quite sure tights or tutu’s and told him the next time have to keep the energy level up with food, no cisco, California 94134
Shakespeare Pub and Grille. Our approach whether they meant living in LA or working we visit perhaps. By far the easiest way to matter what the hour,” says Cameron. Also as You Say Tomato 1526 California St in San
was somewhat cautious as we were aware the LA Office or just working with Ron C. travel is to fly, because it doesn’t matter if long as the Giants are in the running, the Inn is Francisco has a full stock of Christmas goodies
that this was the UJs publisher and editors’ Ron’s soon to appear again as Scrooge, if you’re going to Gaslamp Quarter, Shoreline, packed for baseball as well. The sing-a-long for your shopping pleasure (415) 921-2828.
(Ron and Jeff) “local” so we snuck in under you’ve never seen him perform you should? Sea World, Balboa Park and Museums, or campfires draw all ages with the free smores. 26 thru Dec 19: Christmas on Main Street
the cover of a rain cloud. He’s fabulous!! Many, many times times I the Shakey, the plane lands in the center of The Buzz Time Trivia team on Tuesday strives / Festival of Lights Main Street, Downtown
There is an immediate good feel about exclaimed: “Best Scrooge I’ve ever worked town. Just ask the pilot to taxi over! to keep Cameron’s in the top 100 nationwide. Riverside.
the place, warm and friendly like home, with with. I mean, watched perform.” We made the mistake of driving down and Let’s not forget Thurday night Mic Night and 27: Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone
Saturday night Karaoke. There’s just never a at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.
dull day at this hot spot on the Half Moon Bay And a huge thank you to Let’s Buy British
Coast (650) 726-5705. for all their hard work in getting our Christmas
5-7: Tucson Celtic Festival & Highland goodies through immigration in time for the
Games 4502 Nth 1st Ave, Tucson, Arizona holidays (310) 761-9565. 27: Scottish Treasures Celtic Corner check it out for the in Coronado, Ca 92118 is holding their
latest Scottish information Annual Store Open House 1201 First St
6 & 20: Mayflower Club of N Hollywood #213 10-8pm with free food, entertain-
presents Just Desserts, a sentimental journey ment, and the Best Sale of the Year!!
November 6; Tikiyaki November 20 (818) Shop early for Christmas. Lots of great
769-9805. new products from Ireland and Scotland
The British Connection in Torrance has have arrived!! www.scottishtreasures.
Christmas crackers, puddings, cakes, mince net (619)
pies, specialty baskets, and all your favorite 435-1880.
Cadbury chocolates in stock for the holidays
(310) 214-1790. Contact Leo and Karen at PO Box 5691 Oxnard, CA
13: Procol Harum at the Lobero Theatre 93031 or
taking the carpool lane. Have you ever done for the holidays! She’s been decorating up a
that? Once you’re in it you can’t get OUT! storm and arranging all the Christmas good-
We’re all the way to Tijuana, Mexico just to ies to good advantage, with an extra large
do a U-turn. order of crackers, tea, and Cadbury’s for
Did you catch Fox National News reporting good measure. Suzanne has a large selection
on the annual pumpkin weighing contest in of teas, including her own brand, plus some
Half Moon Bay with a picture of Cameron great teapots! (805) 643-5TEA ... park in
Palmer officiating? That’s the owner of back of the library next door.
Cameron’s Inn. He pops up every where Last year we wrote extensively about a
The crew and friends from The Shakespeare Pub and Grille in San Diego: Michael, Ruth Thomas, Dave Presley, these days! bunch of police cadets from Bromley, Essex,
John Barton, Zoa, Courtney, Monica, Scottish Dave, Riley, and Megan. Rosie Lee Imports in Ventura is all set Continued on next page
November 2010 Page 11
Leo & Karen’s California View... participated in the recent Ventura Art Walk.
She studied drawing and painting in London,
of the UK about the budget. How refreshing
it is to hear that this year, a professional
That line-up should knock your little cotton
socks off! The opening night VIP performance
Well, Procol Harum are playing a one night
concert November 13 in Santa Barbara at
Continued from page 10 Paris and LA under the watchful eyes of the production of Cinderella (a traditional London is benefiting LA’s Best Afterschool Program, The Lobero Theatre (805) 963-0761. a long
who visited Los Angeles as the guests of best. Helen now has her artwork shown Panto), has been put together by the Lythgoe followed by a reception with the cast. The way from Jersey in the English channel and
Sheriff Lee Baca’s City of Industry Station. through out the US, Denmark, Switzerland, Family (Australia’s So You Think You Can who’s who of the British Community will be many years later.
It was so successful that this year Bromley France, UK and most recently her work was Dance) which opens with a VIP performance in attendance. We all enjoy a good Panto!!
have extended a very warm welcome to chosen out of many to be on permanent to benefit Las Best November 27 and runs To be a part of this exceptional VIP Opening The British Connection in Torrance has
the police cadets here to visit. The sheriff’s display on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines through December 19 at the El Portal Theatre Night contact or call (213) received their first shipment of Christmas
Explorers leave November 19 for a two week newly built cruise ship. in N Hollywood. 978-0801 For regular shows after November items, so stop by and get your selection now
visit to include Scotland Yard, MI5, House of Helen is a long time friend of Gillian Veronica Dunne is Cinderella; Freddie 27, contact (818) (310) 214-1790.
Commons, and ongoing security procedures Campbell (The Bread and Butter Company). Stroma (Harry Potter) is Prince Charming; 508-4200 The UJ will cover the opening night. Trivia: 1939 a German U Boat sank battle-
in the UK. Each cadet has to write two papers They met age 11 while attending The Raven- “The Beaver” Jerry Mathers is Baron Hardup; Can’t wait to see it!! ship HMS Ark Royal off Scotlands Orkney
in advance about two of the locations they scroft Academy in Eastbourne and renewed Broadway sensation Jennifer Leigh Warren I remember when I left St Helen on the Island killing more than 833 sailors. October
will visit and learn enough to serve as a tour their friendship in 2002 when meeting up as fairy Godmother; comedian Benny Harris Island of Jersey, before leaving for France. I 2010 Britain s newest, most advanced
guide for the group. We’re going down to help again in LA. Great art work Helen!! Please is Buttons; Eddie Driscoll and Mark Edgar walked past this pub in the center of town and nuclear powered submarine HHS Astute
give them a good send off and will await an check out (310) Stephens are the Evil Step Sisters Cowel and the song, A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol ran aground off the Scottish coast near the
exclusive report on their return. 429-7811 Seecrest; the show is choreographed by Danc- Harum was playing on the juke box. The Isle of Skye. October 1805 Admiral Horatio
LA based expat Helen Berger recently Listening to all the glum news coming out ing with the Stars Mark Ballas; directed by song stuck with me as I went off around the Nelson defeated the French and Spanish fleet
Bonnie Lythgoe and written by Kris Lythgoe, world. I knew I wouldn’t be home for a long in the Battle of Trafalgar, though it did cost
with musical director Andrew Street. time! Never knowing it would be this long? him his life.

Marilyn English, Michael Hunter, and artist Helen Berger at the Ventura
Arts Festival. The chess set was also created by Helen.
Page 12 November 2010

~ This paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US ~
your name/city/contact phone and I will reply Q THE BRITISH NETWORK meets
with details. Tuesday December 14 in north Miami. See
details in the ad on this page.
Q JACKSONVILLE on Saturday eve-
cember 2-6. Featuring numerous galleries
and exhibitors from the UK, this is Florida’s ning December 4. BRITISH NIGHT WATCH
cultural event of the year worth driving down – an annual War of Independence reenact-
for. I attend every year and enjoy ogling hand- ment and evening of British Isles music.
some English gallery-owners in pin-stripe (904) 827-9030 or www.britishnight-
Savile Row suits as much as their inventory.
WORLD CUP BID UPDATE. Not good news. • December 10. Annual Christmas Palm Beach meets in West Palm Beach. No flip-flops here. For a week there are over Q ATTENTION FLORIDA’S BRITISH-
Following my urging you to vote for the luncheon at Inter-Continental Hotel, down- Real Scots mixed in with wannabe American 800 art-related events and parties across the
USA bid to host the 2018 Footie Holy Grail, town Miami hosted by the British-American “Scots”. Call president Larry Berdoll (561) Miami area. Occurring annually since 2002, OWNED BUSINESSES, SHOPS and
because some matches would be played in Business Council Miami. Call Neal Stebbing 735 0318. Art Basel Miami Beach features galleries PUBS: If you wish to get bulk cop-
from 33 countries showcasing paintings, ies of the Union Jack, (50 papers a
Miami and Tampa, droves of you did, email- (786) 302-0144
ing fellow expat fans across America. Well • December 17 (evening) in Ft Myers.
Q FT LAUDERDALE: Lest We Forget. All
drawings, sculptures, installations, photog- month minimum), to offer your custom-
expats are urged to attend the Royal British raphy, editions and videos. The show’s list of ers, phone our circulation department
the USA Bid Committee has withdrawn. It will British-American Club (BAC) Christmas Legion Remembrance Service. The Legion
focus on bidding for the 2022 tournament Party and the club’s 40th Anniversary British participants makes it the most prestigious art 1-(800) 262-7305. The paper is free,
assists and acts for all British ex-service show of the Americas, featuring established but a small delivery charge applies.
only. 2018 is now between European coun- Invasion Bash. Call (239) 691-4745 or (239) personnel around the world. The Florida
tries, including England. FIFA will announce 691-6955. (Happy Note: President Tom Hall galleries and dynamic newcomers, prices (Or go to: Over 800
branch organises the annual Poppy Day ranging from a few hundred dollars to several distributors nationwide.
for both on December 2, 2010. celebrates 39 years with the club and he and Appeal and Service each November. Wear
Q ACCLAIMED BRITISH AUTHOR Sir his wife will be honoured at this event. million for museum-quality masterpieces
your Poppy with pride. Sunday, November from over 250 leading galleries across the The opinions in this column are Patri-
Salman Rushdie will be reading in person • December 18 from 6-11pm Christmas 14 at 3pm at Shepherd of the Coast Church, world. More information and tickets: www. cia Kawaja’s and not necessarily shared
from his new book, Luka at the 27th Miami Dinner Dance at Lighthouse Point Yacht Club 1901 East Commercial Blvd, Ft Lauderdale. by Union Jack Publishing.
International Book Fair, downtown Miami hosted by the Broward British-American Call Neil Hennessy (954) 485-1142.
Saturday, November 20. Other noted Brit- Chamber. Call President Roy Yates (954)
ish authors also attend on various days Q SOHO House London just opened a lo-
– consult the Authors list on the website. cation in Miami Beach. You may remember
Q UNIQUE JOB FOR BRITS: Promote the New York one was featured in the Sex
The bookfair runs November 14-21. Tickets: booze for a living! A Major Scotch com- and the City series – Samantha was thrown
pany, established 275 years, with a Miami out for faking her membership and a British
Q NOT THE ENGLAND WE KNEW Corner. office, seeks a Brand Ambassador for its accent. Soho House is a hotel and private
England’s universities were the envy of the Scotch Whisky. The purpose of the Brand club that began in London’s Soho. Only this
world. “Oxford graduate” are two words that Ambassador’s role is to build their whisky one’s on the beach with two restaurants, a
opened all doors. Now a worldwide academic brand’s profile across Florida and elsewhere, spa, screening room, library and private
league of the top 50 universities (published by cementing trade relations and implement- bars galore. It’s a swanky members-only-
September 2010) has the Americans giving ing consumer tasting events in the market. place, so if you have a few bob and wish
us a right caning, taking the top five spots. Whoever is hired will be based in South to hob-nob with Miami’s elite, call (786)
Weep. 1) Harvard 2) California IT. 3) MIT Florida with travel in Florida, the Southeast 507-7900 for info.
Boston 4) Stanford 5) Princeton. 6) Oxford 7) USA and over to Scotland to liaise with the
Cambridge. Imperial London came in at 9. At brand and distillery team. No space here Q CRICKET COUNCIL USA holds its
least, the Sorbonne wasn’t ahead of us. Can’t for full details, so serous candidates email second Annual US Cricket Open Tourna-
have the French beat us at anything. your name and contact phone (required) to ment. December 3-5, at the Cricket Stadium
Q CHRISTMAS EVENTS FOR BRITS – On subject line put: in Lauderhill. They will have sixteen teams
Book ahead. No space here to include all Scotch Brand position. competing, a fun-filled three day extrava-
details, time Santa will show up etc, so call Q BEST OF BRITISH CORNER: To
ganza and largest T20 cricket tournament
them direct. Christmas events not included to be played in South Florida, say the orga-
honour the funniest man we ever produced nizers. The Championship Trophy and the
have not emailed my office any info, voila – Tommy Cooper – who made you roar
pourquoi. first prize of $25,000 to the winning team.
before he’d even spoken. So I will share Information and to enter a team: Call Jeff
• December 3. Christmas Gala dinner- one of his classic gems each month: Man Miller (561) 361-1700.
dance Friday from 7pm-Midnight. Held at goes to doctor: Help – I’ve got a strawberry
Isleworth Golf and Country Club. Hosted by growing out of my head. Q LOOKING FOR BRITISH CLUBS AND
the Orlando British-American Chamber of Doctor: Here’s some cream to put on BRITISH EVENTS IN YOUR CORNER OF
Commerce (BACC). Call their office (407) it. FLORIDA? I don’t have space on this page
226-7251. Q SCOTTISH AMERICAN SOCIETY of to list them all, so drop me an email with
November 2010 Page 13
Even Ducks Are Apparently OBITUARIES
Into Health Food hearse. People joined the procession as it separate occasions, and also had spells as “John Bond has blackened my name
A COUNCIL warden told off a mum who Norman Wisdom, went through the streets of Douglas and manager of Bath, Plymouth, Galatasaray, with his insinuations about the private
had taken her children to feed the ducks Toronto City, Middlesbrough, Sporting lives of football managers. Both my wives
last month – for not giving them whole- Comedian, Film Star others waited to see it arrive at the church.
A flat cap and a bouquet of flowers rested Lisbon, Kuwait and Bristol Rovers, but will are upset.”
meal bread. Norman Wisdom, on top of the coffin as the pall-bearers be best remembered for his time at City.
The warden told Lisa Taplin, 34, that 95, comedian and ac-
her white bread slices were “unhealthy” tor has died at the age
carried it through the doors. More than
600 people, including family, friends and
Allison spent six years as a player with
Charlton and West Ham before his career
Falcon Crest Actor
for the birds, reported The Sun.
Taplin had taken sons Luke, four, and
of 95. celebrities, packed into the church for the was cut short by tuberculosis. Simon MacCorkindale
Sir Norman died service. “Big Mal” – as he was known – always
Dylan, two, to a local pond near her home peacefully October 4 had an eye for publicity, and was famed for Simon MacCorkindale, 58, the actor
Sir Norman’s son Nicholas Wisdom who starred in the BBC series Casualty
in Hailsham, East Sussex. But she was at a nursing home on paid tribute to his father during the service. the “Lucky Fedora” he wore during one of
shocked when the official said giving the Isle of Man, he had Crystal Palace’s Cup runs and his love of and the US soap opera
He said: “He was a very caring and loving Falcon Crest, has died
ducks white bread was “like feeding kids suffered from a series father, always greeting us with a big kiss cigars – but his later years were dogged
chips every day”. She said: “I was a bit of strokes in the months before his death. by ill health. of cancer at age 58.
right to the end.”
stunned. There were loads of ducks around Wisdom specialized in family friendly Remembering one of his catchphrases, A statement on the Manchester City Publicist Max Clif-
us and they looked quite hungry,” slapstick comedy in the 1950s and 1960s. he said: “Perhaps for his family and his website read: “Flamboyant, brilliant and ford said MacCorkin-
“He said it would be better to bring He was known for his roles as a clumsy many friends and fans around the world, larger than life, Malcolm will be sorely dale died October 14
wholemeal, granary or bird seed. He underdog battling against adversity. He they are the true ‘Lucky Little Devils’ missed by everyone at the Club and be- of bowel cancer in a
walked off, leaving me feeling guilty.” also acted on Broadway in the 1960s, when because they shared his love and enthusi- yond.” London clinic.
Naturalist Chris Packham, who presents he was nominated for a Tony Award for his asm for life, which made him the unique City paid tribute to Malcolm before MacCorkindale appeared in 59 episodes
BBC’s Autumn Watch, said bread was work in the comedy Walking Happy. person he was. their game against Arsenal, and have also of Falcon Crest from 1984 to 1986 as
“not the best thing” to feed the ducks. His films included Trouble In Store in pledged “an appropriate commemoration womanizing lawyer Greg Reardon, and
But he added: “I wouldn’t stop anyone 1953 and The Night They Raided Minsky’s to his life and work in the memorial garden took the lead in the short-lived US drama
from feeding birds. We send out the mes- in 1968, which he made in Hollywood. Former Manchester City at the City of Manchester Stadium”. series Manimal. In Britain, he appeared in
sage that wildlife needs our help all the His subsequent career was largely based Mike Summerbee, who played for City the long-running hospital drama Casualty
time so it seems a bit churlish to tell people in television. Manager Malcolm Allison under Allison, said he was “the greatest as consultant Harry Harper from 2002
what food to use.” Sir Norman was known worldwide. He Malcolm Allison, coach this country ever had. And still is, to 2007.
was particularly beloved in Albania where 83, who coached Man- without a shadow of a doubt”. He played Captain Georg von Trapp in
he was so revered that he was given the chester City during the Allison was also famous for his witty The Sound of Music on stage in London
freedom of the country’s capital, Tirana. 1960s in the most suc- quotes, here are a few: in 2008-2009.
Hundreds of people lined the streets of cessful era in the club’s “A lot of hard work went into this MacCorkindale’s first marriage to Fiona
Douglas to say farewell to the comedian. history, has died. defeat” Fullerton ended in divorce. He is survived
Sir Norman’s coffin was drawn through He took charge of “You’re not a real manager unless by his second wife and fellow actor, Susan
the heart of the city on a horse-drawn Crystal Palace on two you’ve been sacked.” George. He had no children.




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Page 14 November 2010

Remembrance And The British Flag Holder Company Them Adventures (a jihad training camp), visits powerful movie
producers in Hollywood, and gatecrashes a
By Michael Chapman
IN 1939 our dad, Ken Chapman, was at
City of Antwerp to Prime Minister Win-
ston Churchill in 1945. We know he was
Cox with the two radio operators, saw
out that terrible night. It was from this with Extremists bizarre hush-hush owl worshipping pagan
type ritual at Bohemian Grove attended by
University in London when the Second
World War broke out. He enlisted and
very proud of his wartime service and of
the photos that showed him shaking hands
vehicle that the all-important requests
for defensive artillery fire were made to by Jon Ronson the most prominent political leaders of the
world including Bush 1, Bush 2 and maybe
served in the British Army until 1946. Dad with Churchill. our gunners. one day Bush 3 and 4 then Bush 7 (5 and 6
was the Adjutant of the 4th Battalion of Dad would never talk about his war When Dad passed away in 2007, he JON RONSON, a were tied up in prime time reality shows). I
the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry when experiences but there is a short archival was interred at Pleasant Grove Cemetery brave and very must say that discovering what all these crazy
they landed at Normandy. The Battalion passage that gives us an indication of what in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. funny journal- above-mentioned dudes had in common was
saw hard action across northern France, he and his compatriots went through. To A sea of bronze flag holders and small ist, sets out to entertaining.
the Low Countries, and Germany. They paraphrase: Battalion HQ was shelled yet United States flags honored the US vet- discover why On the downside, the dots weren’t con-
participated in the liberation of Antwerp, again. From its new position in the centre erans but after some research, we found so many radi- necting. Maybe that was Ronson’s point?
Belgium, and the area around the Bergen- of the orchard, with shells rocking the that there wasn’t one available for British cal groups talk I was anxiously awaiting that “AHA! I know
Belsen camp. Onward to the capture of vehicle like a small craft in a heavy sea, veterans. In 2008, we formed a small group about a mys- who rules the world” moment, but alas it
the German high command in Flensburg, and with splinters tearing through the soft to design and produce an appropriate flag terious “them,” never came. Conspiracies will only cease to
Germany. upper part of the vehicle; the Half-track, holder: Kenneth and Michael, the sons of an anonymous be conspiracies when truths are discovered.
Dad was the Commander of the Honor with the Adjutant, Captain Ken Chapman, Ken Chapman; Tim Hunt, President of faction of powerful people who apparently And in the end of Them Adventures with
Guard that presented the Freedom of the and the Signal Officer, Lieutenant Peter the British Officers’ Club in Boston; Ann rule the world. Alarmed, I read on. Who on Extremists, we discover that there isn’t
Stevenson, Episcopal Minister; and Martha earth are them? What are them up to and necessarily a small group of men that rule
Chapman, art teacher and professional what do them want? the world, but that, universally, we need to
artist. The British Flag Holder Company In order to solve this mystery, Ronson believe that there is in order to keep fighting
was founded. interviewed and spent time with a variety of for our own beliefs. We all do it. We all have
Over the space of a few months, the interesting people including Omar Bakri, a groups that we are fighting against whether
In the US, there is a tradition of placing flags in bronze group produced a number of designs and man who claims to be Bin Laden’s London it be fighting meat eaters or Peta, pro-lifers
flag holders at the grave sites of veterans. A flag debated the merits of each one. Finally, we connection, and two types of KKK Klans- or pro-choicers, fighting for the word of God
chose one based on the British Officer’s men. Yes, apparently there are two types: or the theory of evolution. Our identities are
holder is now available to hold a Union Jack at the Club logo, including the Crown and Lion The first is the one we know and love. The the constructs of our beliefs; if our belief
graves of British veterans. for the British Army, the fouled anchor second stands vastly apart from the first systems are challenged, the challenger be-
for the Royal Navy, the flying eagle for because they won’t use the N-word. Oooo, comes “them.” Without “them” there is no
the Royal Air Force and a representation bless ’em, I just want to pinch their cheeks. “us,” without “us” there is fear, and with
of the Garter – all surrounded by a laurel According to their new touchy-feely leader, fear there is chaos. Well that’s my take on it
wreath design. Mystic Valley Foundry in Thom Robb, they are trying to revamp their anyway. Cuppa tea anyone?
Somerville, Massachusetts produced the oh-so-yesterday pointy pillowcase fashion
pattern and cast the flag holders in heavy faux pas image and become more appealing (Five is the top
to the masses. But that’s been done before Teacup score)
bronze in time for Remembrance Day,
2009. The group did a little finishing and right? Ahem – they’re called Republicans UJ READERS: Let Tanya know how many
assembly before each one was ready to no? Just teasing, Republicans you’re a lovely teacups out of five you give some of the
ship with a Union Jack flag. bunch really nothing like the KKK. books she recommends in this column –
To date, a small number of flag holders Ronson goes on to meet up with David if we publish/or post on our website your
have been purchased to honor veterans in Icke, who thinks he’s the descendant of a 50-word (or less) comment, you will also
Massachusetts and New York. Making giant lizard. Don’t we all? Ronson also admits get a FREE ‘GB sticker for your car’, how’s
money was never the intent – the goal is to to being Jewish in the most obvious of places that? Email:
provide a flag holder to honor the memory
and proud service of all British veterans.
The British Flag Holder Company Howard Jacobson Wins Booker Prize
wishes everyone a safe and meaning- BRITISH WRITER Howard Jacobson has won the prestigious Booker Prize with
5 inch x 6 inch Heavy Bronze Flag Holder with ful Remembrance Day. For additional his philosophical comedy The Finkler Question.
12 inch x 18 inch Union Jack information, please visit www.britishflag- Jacobson has been on the long list twice for the £50,000 prize, but had not
$75 each plus $15 shipping & handling been shortlisted until this year.
He beat five other writers including two-time winner Australian Peter Carey;
Continental US only The Perfect Gift - Anytime! bookies’ favorite Briton Tom McCarthy; Andrea Levy, who also writes from
British Flag Holder Company Britain; Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue, and South Africa’s Damon
A Union Jack Galgut.
PO Box 1474, Manchester, MA 01944 Subscription The Booker is open to writers from Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth
of former British colonies. Last year’s winner, Hilary Mantel’s Tudor saga Wolf ~ See Page 3 ~ Hall, became an international best-seller.

Pe F

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Payment options (please choose options A or B) Address Bank/Building Society)

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Account Name Society. Please pay Telegraph Media
Title Surname Forename
Group Limited Direct Debits from the
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Account Number subject to the safeguards assured by the
Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand
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a personal so many wonderful memories, a treasure
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The Daily Telegraph Newspaper of the Year

November 2010 Page 15
was the car from the McLaren showroom on the world, and McLaren will on occasion fly they are all still in existence. Sadly most of predecessor the F1. Fair do’s to Ferrari in
Park Lane, London. With only 484 kilometers a specialized technician to the owner of the them are cosseted and kept in collections, winning the 1988 F1 Italian Grand Prix, it
on its odometer, this pristine example set a car or the service centre. All of the technicians thus, hardly ever driven. There are exceptions was a fitting tribute to Enzo Ferrari on the
world record for the highest price ever paid have undergone dedicated training in service Rowan Atkinson (yes . . . Mr Bean) owns one first F1 Grand Prix after his death; and fair
for an F1 road car. Initially the F1 was never of the McLaren F1. In cases where major and drives it regularly. do’s to Gordon Murray for his brilliant idea
intended for race track use but such was structural damage has occurred, the car can A new 2011 version Gordon Murray on that day.
the performance of these road cars racing be returned to McLaren directly for repair. McLaren MP4-12C was unveiled this year The bird clue I gave you last month by
them became inevitable so came about the Of the total of 106 McLaren F1 cars made, and will go on sale next year, a magnificent the way was a Kiwi, McLaren’s original logo
Le Mans version, in fact, six of them and except for a couple of prototypes which were car, yes, I’m sure it will be, but I doubt that and the national bird of the late great Bruce
all painted in Papaya Orange, in memory intentionally destroyed by McLaren Automo- it will ever match what I believe is, and will McLaren’s New Zealand.
and tribute to Bruce McLaren who’s racing tive and one that crashed and caught fire, be, the very best motor car ever made – its Happy Motoring
IF YOU read last month’s Great British Cars colors were Papaya Orange. Demand for race
column you will know that I didn’t reveal the versions was such that a further 31 were 6: The Scottish Fall Ball. St. Jean Baptiste Hall,
name of the car I was writing about so as to produced with some of them being modified 11: Remembrance Day Luncheon. India 184 East 76th Street, NYC, 7pm. Whisky Tast-
keep you in suspense, as it were, although back for street use by collectors. As for race House, One Hanover Square, NYC, 11:30am. ing, 7:30pm. Reels & Dancing. Highland Dress
I suspect many of you guessed what car I results, it is a long list of success, the pin- Following the Remembrance Day Observance or Black Tie. Tickets from $185. asfevents@
was referring to. nacle coming in 1995 at Le Mans with the Ceremony to be held at The British Garden at (212) 605-0338.
I wrote that it was the best motor car that McLaren F1 taking first, third, fourth, fifth and Hanover Square beginning at 10:30am. $95, Saint Andrew’s Society
the world had ever witnessed and was unlike- thirteenth places. includes reception and wine with meal. Info: anna. 19: 254th Annual Banquet. The Plaza Hotel,
ly ever to be surpassed. Strong claims, I know Having considerable knowledge in Formula NORTHEAST OHIO NYC, 6:30pm.$295 per person. Contact: office@
but it’s true, the McLaren F1 is the pinnacle One race cars Gordon Murray used some of Play Rugby USA
of automotive accomplishment. In 1994, the the technology to produce the first complete By Joe Nicholls. Joe and Kevin McGinty can 7: Play Rugby Fall Culminating Tournament, The English-Speaking Union of New York
British car magazine AutoCar stated in a road carbon fiber monocoque chassis structure for be heard on “Sounds of Britain and Ireland” 2010. Glover Field (Pelham, Westchester), 9: 90th Anniversary of The English-Speaking
test regarding the F1, “The McLaren F1 is the a production road car. This gave the vehicle Sundays 4-5pm on Cleveland’s WCPN 90.3FM 10am to 3pm. Free to program partners. Open Union of New York. 15 East 65th Street, 6:30pm.
finest driving machine yet built for the public an almost indestructible passenger compart- and to elementary and middle school, equipment Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Devonshire will be
road.” and that “The F1 will be remembered ment with considerable weight savings over November provided by Play Rugby USA. please contact discussing her new memoir Wait for Me! – a
as one of the great events in the history of more conventional materials. In fact, weight 5,19: British-American Club, Fish & chips din- for further chronicle of her remarkable life that gives an
the car, and it may possibly be the fastest saving is evident throughout the F1 design ners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg, info or to volunteer in running the day. unprecedented look at the rhythms of life inside
production road car the world will ever see.” resulting in only 2,341lbs for the complete 6:30-8:30pm (330) 963-6370. 10: Former New Zealand All Blacks Michael one of the great aristocratic families of England.
The latter remark was an ambitious prediction vehicle – compare this to today’s much 5,12,19,26: West Side Irish American Club, Jones and Frano Botica coaching seminar for Followed by a champagne reception. $75 donation
as all records will eventually be broken but to smaller Mini Cooper which weighs 2,546lbs. Irish-style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd, Olmsted High School players/teams. Location TBD. per person. Advance reservations required. Please
this day only four cars have surpassed the F1 The seating arrangement in the F1 is unique Township, 6-9pm (216) 251-4075. 6:30pm-8:30pm. They will be discussing the Sci- call (212) 879-8200 or
for top speed and these with the aid of super in that it has a three seat configuration with 9,23: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meetings, ence of rugby, rugby careers, rugby study (AUT Big Apple Brits – NYC British Expats
or turbo-charging, at 240mph the McLaren the driver’s seat situated in the middle of the Community Presbyterian Church, 5132 Mayfield one year Diploma in Rugby, two year PostGrad 4: Guy Fawkes & Poppy Day Fundraiser.
F1 still remains the fastest normally aspirated car with the passenger’s seats positioned at Rd, Lyndhurst. 7:30pm (330) 463-5559. – in coaching, education, playing) in Auckland, Klimat, 77 East 7th St, NYC, 7pm. Join Big
road car in the world today. each side and a little further aft so as to en- 10: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting, with immersion in Club and regional rugby. Info: Apple Brits in honour of Guy Fawkes and grab
The design was the brainchild of Gordon able easy access for the driver to get to the Denny’s Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman, 1pm your poppy for remembrance. There will be a
Murray of McLaren Automotive, Woking, Sur- central position. With a single driver or with (330) 758-4202. 11: Luncheon honoring British and American entrance fee for this, but it will include dona-
rey and the idea of designing this masterpiece two passengers this distributes the weight 12,26: British-American Club, Pub Nights, War Veterans. The British Army Benevolent Fund tions and lots of other goodies. Enjoy the art
came to him in 1988 whilst awaiting his flight evenly to keep the suspension geometry 8564 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, 8pm, (330) America and Saint George’s Society of New show also and percentage of sales will also go
home from the Italian Grand Prix that year. evenly-balanced – at high speeds, with such 963-6370. York, at India House, New York City. Thursday, back to The Royal British Legion in the UK. Info:
The race had been a bitter disappointment a lightweight car, this is extremely important. 13: Cleveland Manx Society, Luncheon, 11.30am . This will follow the Remembrance or
to the McLaren Formula One team in which Gull wing doors which open both outward and Hoggy’s Restaurant, Canal Rd, Riverview,1pm Day Observance service to be held at the British NYC-British-Expats
Murray was technical director as they had up aid in access and egress for the driver and (216) 481-2476. Gardens at 10.30am. Tickets $95, includes 19: Third Fridays Happy Hour drinks and
lost out to rivals Ferrari who finished first and passengers. 13: Jaguar Club of Ohio, Night at the Races, reception and wine with meal. Reservations DJs Stone Creek Lounge, 140 East 27th St @
second. It was the twelfth race on the Formula The V12 engine is mounted rear of the Northfield Park, Northfield, 7pm, (330) 753- Anna Titley (212) 682-6110 or https://shop. Lexington Ave, 6pm. Meet and mingle with British
One calendar that year, but, having won the driver, the compartment of which is lined 3331. Expats for a great night of Booze, Banter and fun.
previous 11 races McLaren were favorites with gold foil so as to deflect engine heat 14: Scottish American Society, Meeting, 11: An evening with Michael Jones and or
to win in Italy. Murray’s team went on to win away from this carbon fiber compartment and Akron Public Library, Akron, 3pm, (330) 882- Frano Botica. Saatchi & Saatchi, 375 Hudson NYC-British-Expats
the remaining four races that year but the 100 eliminate stresses from severe temperature 0342. Street, NYC. VIP, $200, 6pm-7pm. General, 24: Pre Thanksgiving Drinks, 6pm. Stay-
percent record in Italy had evaded them. changes. A lot of the mechanical components 18: Daughters of the BE, Westminster $75, 7pm-9:30pm. Visit ing in NYC for the holidays? Join Big Ap-
Perhaps this inspired Gordon Murray to try of the car were covered in last month’s Chapter, meeting, Lyndhurst, 7:30pm, (440) event/951635367 for tickets. ple Brits for some drinks to be thankful on
something different, and the McLaren F1 road column so I won’t repeat them. The tyres, 461-2533. The American-Scottish Foundation this Thanksgiving eve. Drinks specials and a
car was the result. It debuted in 1991 and however, I didn’t mention, they are unique, 19: British American C of C, Link Club, 6: An American Scottish Picnic and Hike. John great evening out with new and old friends.
went on sale in 1992 and production ran until specially designed by Michelin solely for this Luncheon, Mavis Winkle’s Restaurant, Rock- Muir Nature Trail, Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New Info: or www.meetup.
1998 with a total 69 road cars and 37 track car with the rear ones wider than the front. side Rd at I-77, Independence,11:30am (216) York. Savory boxed lunches and transport from com/NYC-British-Expats
versions being produced, the price tag was “Burning rubber” is easy with these cars, 621-0222. Midtown NYC are included. 11:30am – Bus De- NY Clubs and non-profit organisations
$970,000, not cheap I agree but it has proved 0-60mph on the road versions takes only NEW YORK parts from midtown NYC (optional) 12pm – Meet- can send their calendar entries to UJ’s Anna
a worthwhile investment for today these 3.2 seconds. November ing point : The Stables Parking Lot, Van Cortlandt Titley in New York at: AnnaTitley@stgeorges-
cars fetch upwards of $2m. On October 29, Although production stopped in 1998, St George’s Society of New York Park (Enter the Park at Broadway & Mosholu Ave., and/or, access the UJ interactive
2008, an F1 road car (chassis number 065) McLaren still maintains an extensive support 4: Bonfire Night Cocktails. Arctica, 384 3rd Dress for the outdoors). Requested contributions calendar for online listing only, and input
was sold at an RM Automobiles of London and service network for the F1. There are Ave, NYC, 6pm. Free, includes appetizers and are $35 per adult and $10 per child. Email : asfe- your own events, at:
auction for £2,530,000 ($4,100,000). This eight authorized service centers throughout mulled wine on arrival. RSVP: anna.titley@ Tel (212) 605-0338. calendar-page

McLaren F1 Silver
Page 16 November 2010

Good Food magazine, that I have adapted

and made, which you might like to try for
your own November; a different type of
Britain Wins Big At Nobels, Visitors Spend £2.8bn On
Trips Involving Theatre
baked beans, which is worth the effort and
not difficult. They go well served together But Scientists Glum MORE THAN three million stage-struck
foreign tourists spent £2.8bn on trips
that included going to Britain’s theatres
or with baked potatoes. Hope you enjoy BRITAIN’S research community has just Martin Rees, who presides over Brit- last year, according to a new report from
my versions. notched two Nobels – but scientists here ain’s Royal Society, and others are pushing VisitBritain.
aren’t in any mood to celebrate. officials to reconsider plans to curtail the Ten per cent of the 30 million overseas
Cheesy Rarebit Toasts: The country’s new coalition govern- science budget, but making their voice travellers who came to the UK in 2009
1 sliced loaf of firm bread (I recently ment plans steep budget cuts to slash heard will be a challenge in a year in which went to a stage show – ranging from clas-
discovered Wal-Mart’s English toast bread, its debt and tougher rules to control im- nearly every sector of the economy – from sic Shakespeare in London to experimental
TEN years ago when I started the Tea migration. Researchers, including the
Room and shop, a lot of customers really good) defense to education – is lobbying hard to fringe in Edinburgh, opera in Wales or a
1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese newly minted Nobel laureates, fear the avoid cuts. glitzy London musical.
would ask if there was a social group for moves could cripple Britain’s scientific DEVELOPING
Brits in the area (Sarasota, Florida) I put ¼ cup Parmesan cheese It reveals that London dominated the
1 tsp English or Dijon mustard community. In this sense the Nobels – awarded not theatre world with around 2.2 million
up notices in the shop stating we would “The world of science absolutely relies
have an evening to see if there was any 3 spring onions chopped only to Novoselov and his partner Andre foreign tourists spending £1.9bn on trips
1 beaten egg on the efficient exchange of ideas,” Kon- Geim but also to British scientist Robert involving the capital’s theatres last year.
interest, on Friday October 13, 2000, and stantin Novoselov, one of two UK-based
almost 50 people turned up, they were Put bread slices on a tray under the oven Edwards for developing in vitro fertiliza- The South-East followed, attracting
grill or toaster oven grill until golden brown Russians who won the Nobel prize for tion – have been a publicity coup for Brit- 235,000 foreign theatre goers. The East of
standing and sitting on the floor as the physics earlier last month, told The Associ-
capacity was really only for 30. Well I am on one side. Mix the remaining ingredients, ish scientists trying to sway public opinion England, which features the Marina The-
and spread evenly on the untoasted side of ated Press October 7. “If the immigration over cuts and immigration. The latter atre in Lowestoft, was next with 133,000
proud and pleased to say our group has laws for scientists were made stricter ... I
been going strong since then, and this the bread. Grill again until the cheese is nice issue graced the front page of The Times, overseas theatre goers.
and bubbly. 6-8- servings wouldn’t be here today.” which carried a letter by Novoselov and Scotland, whose theatrical centres
past weekend we had a super knees up Immigration was a hot button issue seven other Nobel laureates – all of them include Glasgow’s Theatre Royal and
to celebrate. We average about 200 in in Britain’s recent election, and officials scientists – that asked the government to
membership, and many great friendships Bonfire Night Casserole Bake: have pledged to dramatically reduce the reconsider its plans.
Edinburgh’s world famous Festival, at-
1 Tbsp vegetable oil ( not olive) tracted 120,000. The North-West of Eng-
have formed through the Club. We have a number of people making their way into “The government has seen fit to intro- land, which includes Manchester’s Royal
lot of super social events, and help support 1 finely chopped onion the country. As an interim measure, the duce an exception to the rules for Premier
6 slices bacon, cut up Exchange Theatre, brought in 85,000.
new transplants from the UK. government has capped the number of League footballers,” the letter said. “It is a Welsh theatre, which boasts Cardiff’s
Our website is: www.SarasotaBritish- 1 Tbsp tomato paste migrants from outside the European Union sad reflection of our priorities as a nation if
2x 15 oz cans chopped tomatoes Millennium Centre, attracted 30,000 and allowed into Britain at 24,100. Permanent we cannot afford the same recognition for Northern Ireland, which features Derry’s
November 5 is always a special date, 2 tsp Dijon or Colman’s mustard caps are expected next year. elite scientists and engineers.”
1/4 tsp thyme Millenium Forum, 15,000.
mainly for my Jack’s birthday, (or as
Ron says ‘Jack the Lad!’ and this year 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
we celebrate his 80th. However of course
most of us Brits know it as Guy Fawkes
2x 16oz cans cannellini beans,
drained and rinsed
Worldwide Raids In Probe Of Currency Printing Firm
day, and as my husband says “Only the 2 lbs good bangers if you can get them BRITISH, Australian and Spanish po- production of plastic-based bank notes, politicians and banking officials by
British would celebrate some guy who or plain pork sausages lice have carried out a series of raids as which are more durable, cleaner and far agents or middlemen working for the
wanted blow up the Houses of Parliament Water Heat the 1 Tbsp oil in a large pan. part of an investigation into the allegedly more difficult to fake than their paper company to win contracts to produce
for 200 plus years!!!” Add the onion, and bacon and sauté several corrupt practices of one of the world’s counterparts. Referred to as polymer the polymer notes.
Our Brit club is also having a get minutes until softened. Add the tomato leading currency printing firms. notes, they’re especially popular in hot,
Britain’s Serious Fraud Office said humid countries where paper tends to The UK fraud office said in a brief
together for Guy Fawkes, and although paste, stir in well over low heat. Add the statement that Securency was accused of
we can’t have a bonfire or real fireworks, tomatoes, mustard, thyme, Worcestershire that officers in all three countries have degrade much faster.
carried out a total of 16 searches and The technology is used in some 30 improperly securing contracts. Spokes-
we will have a Guy, sparklers, Baked sauce and one cup water; simmer for 15- man David Jones provided little else in
potatoes etc. 20 minutes. Add the beans, and simmer that British police had made two arrests countries, including Australia, New Zea-
as part of their probe into the workings land, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Hong the way of detail, saying only that the
I have fond memories of Guy Fawkes about 20 minutes. Heat oven to 350 F. probe was being jointly led by his office
in England, and because it was usually a Lightly spray a baking sheet with Pam of Australia’s Securency International Kong and Northern Ireland.
PTY Ltd. The Sydney Morning Herald reported and Australian officials and that further
cold night, we would warm up with tomato spray, and spread pricked (so they don’t
burst) bangers on it, bake until browned all The company, based in Craigieburn, that officers were investigating allega- information was unlikely to be released
soup, baked potatoes, and sometimes unless charges were brought.
bangers. As I got older we started adding over; need to turn a couple of times. Put north of Melbourne, is a pioneer in the tions that bribes had been paid to senior
some plonk with rum in a warmed apple beans mix in a large oven proof casserole,
juice (Apple juice with orange peel, cin- and add the cooked sausages, spread
namon stick and cloves) around and cook for 30-45 minutes more.
I found two recipes in last years BBC 8-10 servings © Puzzles by Pappocom

This is my 200th column with the Union Jack, which is very special. I had mentioned
to our esteemed editor Ron, that I had planned to retire after my 200th column and when
my cookbook I have been planning for years was done. However I plan to continue Fill in the grid so
for a bit longer, but I really will get going on getting the cookbook done, I have had that every row,
many requests for one through the years, but as John Lennon (Beatles) said “ is every column,
what happens when you are busy making other plans...” so true, this has been a truly and every 3x3 box
eventful year, but I see signs of being able to settle down and concentrate on the cook contains the digits
book. I would like to hear from you luverly readers ( and I do so appreciate hearing 1 through 9.
from you) what you would like to have in the way of recipes, suggestions, requests,
sharing recipes etc. Solution on
I can be reached at page 18
Thank you for all your interest, it is great to ‘meet’ through the internet so many people
from all over, USA, Canada and overseas, amazing how far the Union Jack goes.
After 17-years-plus and 200 columns, the Union Jack is proud
Solution, tips and computer
program at
and honoured to have been able to publish Sandra’s recipe mas-
terpieces that she has composed and compiled with joy and love,
and still managed to make them interesting to thousands of UJ
readers – including all at the UJ office. – Editor


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November 2010 Page 17

F***ing People Now Upset Film Company

Over Phone Problem Seek Brits In GOLF

LAST YEAR residents of the Austrian

The States Westwood Not Playing On US Tour In 2011
village of F***king complained of their UNION JACK has been contacted by an LEE WESTWOOD says he cessful player in the world this
roadside signs being stolen on a regular award-winning production company in will not take up US PGA Tour year?” Westwood said. “When
basis . . . usually by travelling Brits. the UK. Pulse Films (UK) are hoping to membership next year, only go- you’ve come in second in two
Today the same angry residents send a small and charming team out to ing to America for the majors, major championships, you must
in the village are being plagued by the US early next year, on what will be World Golf Championships and be doing something right. Why
drunken English-speaking telephone a fun and exciting journey. occasional tournaments around not stick to the same schedule?”
pranksters. They hope to document the lifestyles them. Westwood, a runner-up at the
Reports say callers are ringing at and stories of the British. With this in The 37-year-old Englishman Masters and British Open, could
all hours, demanding to know “Is that mind, Pulse are interested to hear from said last month he will put his become only the third player to
F***ing”; before bursting into laughter any British expats, places, events or family first in 2011, remaining Lee Westwood reach No 1 without having won
and then hanging up. for the villagers. organisations flying the flag for Britain based in Europe despite a chance a major. The others were Fred
The problems began after tricksters Johann Maier, 56, told local media: abroad who have a story to tell. to compete for the FedEx Cup and the Couples, who won the Masters a month
noticed residents of the village could be “It’s true; we get calls and a voice in Those interested should email: $10m bonus. after reaching No 1, and David Duval, who
found by typing the word ‘F***ing’ into English asking if we are in F***ing or and “Why would you take up membership in was No 1 in 1999 and captured the British
the online Austrian telephone book. is that F***ing; then there is laughter or include a little bit about themselves; the States when you’ve been the most suc- Open two years later.
SUFFERING something; and then they hang up.” for example:
Also suffering, thanks to the service, Mayor Siegfried Hauppl said: “I •Where they are and what they do
are the locals of the Austrian vil-
lages of “Oberf***ing” “Windpassing”,
don’t know why they have to go on about
it all the time the English; we are always
in America
•How long they’ve been in America
Football, Cricket Tell WADA:
“W***ham” and “Rottenegg”; although in the news but we are just a little vil- •What they miss about Britain / Love
it seems F***ing is the most popular lage; we want to be left in peace.” about Britain Cocaine Bans Don’t Work
among pranksters. And now random And he rejected any suggestion that •An interesting fact / story about
callers have been making life miserable the village should change its name. themselves. THE PLAYER unions representing addicts go to hospital following a heroin
footballers and cricketers in England overdose, the medics don’t immediately
have called for recreational drugs to be call the police.
Statistics Reveal Britain’s ‘Mr And Mrs Average’ removed from the World Anti-Doping
Agency’s prohibited list.
“The first thought is to treat them,”
he said. “Why do we not do the same
THE AVERAGE man in England is 5ft whole but some, such as weight and height, land was 5ft 9in tall and weighed 13.16 Rather than punishing athletes who thing in sport?”
9ins tall, according to the Office for Na- only relate to England and Wales. stone (194lbs). test positive for cocaine and marijuana
tional Statistics (ONS). A picture of the Matheson added: “It is impossible to The average woman in England weighed during in-competition testing with a
two-year ban for a first offense, the
Two For The Price Of One
average man and woman in Britain today open a daily newspaper or watch a news 11 stone (154lbs) and was 5ft 3in tall. All ads listed in the
has been painted with the release of figures broadcast without seeing references to Women living in England or Wales will groups the focus should be on reha- Union Jack ClassAds
by the ONS. statistics on the economy, health, educa- have an average of 1.96 children during bilitation. also appear on
The average British man is 38, will live tion or crime. their lifetime, said the ONS. “We have to make sure that a guy
another 41 years and is educated at least “Every day in the UK, decisions are The ONS also revealed the five grocery struggling with a problem can step See page 16
to A-levels. made and money invested based on of- items most likely to be in the average forward and receive help to get that
The figures – released to mark last ficial statistics.” shopping basket – a two-pint carton of issue addressed without the possibility
month’s UN World Statistics Day – show The average man works 39 hours a week semi-skimmed milk, a pack of sliced ham, of being suspended or – even worse
the average British woman is two years and earns £28,270 a year. On average, a box of breakfast cereal, some bacon and than that – losing his contract,” John
older and will live to 82. women work less – 34 hours a week – and a bar of milk chocolate. Bramhall, deputy chief executive of the
The ONS’s Jil Matheson said stats “form earn less – £22,151. The average age to get married in Eng- Professional Footballers’ Association,
the backbone of democratic debate”. HEIGHT & WEIGHT land and Wales was 30.8 for men and 28.8 told The Associated Press last month.
Many of the figures are for the UK as a The ONS said the average man in Eng- for women but the average age for divorce Ian Smith, the Professional Cricket-
was 36.9 for men and 40.8 for women. ers’ Association’s legal director, agreed
Consequently the typical man remarried that recreational drug use isn’t usually
at 45.9, compared with 43.1 for women. about gaining an unfair advantage.
The ONS analysis also suggests it is Bramhall wants football to be al-
women who need to do more exercise. lowed to address the underlying social
Only 29 percent of women do the rec- problems that lead to players using
ommended amount of exercise, compared party drugs.
with 39 percent of men. Smith said it’s noteworthy that when

One Year



Page 18 November 2010

and nailed a 15-foot putt on the David Healy missed a six yard opportunity October 16. The Florida fighter (51-6-1 Championship qualifiers are listed as 104th.
seventeenth that bought a roar at Windsor Park, where Northern Ireland - 45 KOs) and weighing in at 262lbs, put Northern Ireland are ranked 41st. England
of applause. Mahan, who was hosted Italy. A tough game produced a on a brave and defiant performance but is ranked at sixth.
inconsolable at the ending press goalless draw. was no match for Klitscho, who won with SCOTTISH SOCCER
conference, conceded the hole, The Ulstermen traveled to the Faroe a unanimous decision. Briggs is the last The first Old Firm encounter of the season
and McDowell’s 3 and 1 win Islands for the second game, and were a American to hold a world heavyweight title, at Parkhead, October 24, saw Rangers win
gave the Europeans victory. goal down after 60 minutes in front of a and specifically told his manager not to throw 3-1, and bring to an end Celtic’s one hundred
Captain Colin Montgomerie crowd under 2,000. Lyle Lafferty came to in the towel. per-cent start to the year, where they had not
was thrilled at the result, but im- the rescue in the 76th minute and the game “I never gave in,” said a battered Briggs. give a point away in eight games. 58,000 plus
mediately said he would not be ended tied 1-1. Vitali’s younger brother Wladimir, will witnessed Celtic harassing the Ranger’s goal
Compiled by Larry Gardner skipper for the 2012 contest in the US. Most people were expecting goals at put up his IBO,WBF, and WBO world crowns late in the first half, that produced a series
The Cigar Man, who became an internet Wembley, where England faced Montenegro. against the unbeaten British and Common- of corners, that resulted in Gary Hooper
THE XIX Commonwealth Games (October sensation and outshone Tiger Woods was But the determined visitors shut up shop, dug wealth heavyweight champion Derek Chisora putting the hoops ahead on the break. Four
3-14) opened under controversial circum- identified as a 30-year-old city analyst from their heels in and severely irritated an England in Germany, December 11. Wladimir Klitscho minutes in to the second half, Glenn Loovens
stances in India, but the full quota of 71 Wallington, near Croydon, named Rupesh side looking to put in a good performance for (55-4) and his brother are running out of found his own net and the score was level.
nations chasing 826 medals turned up for Shingadia. the fans. It was not to be. The Montenegrins competition, but are keen to stay active. Kenny Miller made it 2-1 in the 55th minute,
a tournament of sport that Commonwealth STOUTE WIN IN FRANCE fielded a side with some European experience Chisora, a former Zimbabwean national, has and when Kirk Broadfoot went down in the
Federation Chief Michael Fennell called, Sir Michael Stoute has won five Epsom and the match concluded goalless. won all fourteen of his fights, and took the box (Celtic claimed it was dive) in the 67th
“truly exceptional.” Australia has topped the Derbies, three Irish Derbies, a clutch of Italy’s game against Serbia was aban- British title off veteran Danny Williams. minute, Miller put the penalty away for a
medal table at these games since 1990, and English classics and the Dubai World Cup, doned after just seven minutes of play at LATE SPORT Rangers victory.
2010 proved no different as they headed the but Europe’s richest race, the Prix de l’Arc de Gerona, after Serb fans threw lighted flares Just two races are left in the Formula One Beside Rangers, Berwick Rangers of divi-
gathered nations with 74 gold, 55 silver and Triomphe has always evaded him. That was on to the pitch. It’s suspected that UEFA championship, after Fernando Alonso won sion three are the only other unbeaten side in
48 bronze for a total of 177 medals. India until last month however, where his English will deal very strongly with Serbia, and the the Korean Grand Prix, October 24. Lewis the Scottish league, having gone nine games
was second with 38 gold (101 medals total) Derby winner Workforce, came from the rear Italians will be awarded the match and the Hamilton was second. Alonso leads the without defeat by mid-October.
and England third with 37 gold (142 medals). to win Europe’s most prestigious horse race three points. driver’s table with 231pts, Mark Webber has The second round of the Scottish Cup,
The star of the games was Australian swim- by a head. Ridden by champion jockey Ryan MORE BIG GAMES 220, and Lewis Hamilton third with 210pts. October 23, saw the junior clubs and the
mer Alicia Coutts, with five gold medals and Moore, Workforce only took the initiative on The US has withdrawn its application for Races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi will conclude division three sides mix it up for a series of
Gagan Narang of India, who took four gold the turn towards home and held off a late the 2018 World Cup and will focus its efforts the Formula One schedule this month … The goal-feasts. Division Three leaders Stran-
in the shooting. Scotland took nine gold (26 challenge from the Japanese horse. After on the 2022 World Cup. In Chicago, the US first game in Rugby League’s four nation raer, clobbered St Cuthberts Wanderers
total), Northern Ireland three gold (10 total) a disappointing performance in the King and Poland drew 2-2. Jozy Altidore and tournament in New Zealand, October 24, saw 9-0, which included hat-tricks from Craig
and Wales two gold (19 total). George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Oguchi Onyewu were the American marks- England lose to New Zealand 24-10 … At Malcolm and Armand One. Beith slammed
India had originally brushed off concerns there was concern if he was capable. Result; men. Bob Bradley showed he still looking the World Gymnastic Championships in Rot- Glasgow University 8-1, and Buckie Thistle
about the conditions at the Athletes Village Workforce (6-1) Nakayama Festa (22-1) for that right combination when he reshuffled terdam, October 16-24, Beth Tweedle scored won 7-1 at Wigtown & Bladnoch. Junior side
prior to the games, but within a day of the and third, French trained Sarafina at 12-1. the side for the friendly against Colombia in the gold medal in the uneven bars event … Bo’Ness ousted league club Queens Park
closing ceremony Prime Minister Manmohan CRICKET: AUSSIES BEATEN Chester, Pennsylvania, but a goalless draw The new FIFA rankings out last month, has 2-1 at home, while Sunnybank overcame
Singh appointed a high level committee to Australia are touring India, prior to them could not have pleased him. Over the same Scotland drop from 47th to 57th in the world, Albion Rovers at Cliftonhill, with the only
probe the allegations of corruption and mis- hosting the Ashes series against England. period of time other international friendlies while Wales, who have lost all their European goal of the game.
management that had tainted India’s biggest India won the first Test at Mohali by just one were played. Japan hosted Argentina, where
international sporting event ever. wicket. India 405 and 216-9 dec. Australia an Okazaki goal in the 18th minute gave the
Commonwealth Games
428 (Shane Watson 126) and 192 all out.
In the second Test at Bangalore, Sachin
Japanese their first victory in seven games.
In Abu Dhabi, an historical encounter between United Buy Nobby’s World Cup
Medals Table Tendulkar became the first man in cricket Iran and Brazil, who faced each other for the
(272 of 272 medal events)
history to hit over 14,000 Test runs and be
part of a victorious Indian side that beat the
very first time. Brazil won 3-0, with goals by
Alves, Pato and Nilmar. Brazil later traveled
Medal For Record Amount
Nation G S B T otal
Australia 74 55 48 177 Aussies by seven wickets and the series to Pride Park the home of Derby County, for a A 1966 WORLD Cup winners’ medal
India 38 27 36 101 2-0. Australia 478 (Marcus North 128) and friendly against Ukraine. A crowd of just over belonging to England player Nobby
England 37 59 46 142 223. India 495 (Murali Vijay 139, Sachin 13,000 witnessed the South Americans win Stiles was bought for a record-break-
Canada 6 17 32 75 Tendulkar 214) and 207-3 at close. 2-0. Alves and Pato were the netsmen. ing sum by his former club.
South Africa 12 11 10 33 Having lost to Pakistan in England, it’s CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Manchester United paid £188,200
Kenya 12 11 9 32
Malaysia 12 10 14 36 over 20 years since Australia have lost three British clubs kept in the hunt in during for the medal at an auction of foot-
Singapore 11 11 9 31 consecutive Test match. two Champions League Group games last ball memorabilia in Edinburgh. The
Nigeria 11 10 14 35 Bangladesh won their first ODI series month. Late September, a Steven Naismith price trumped the £165,000 fetched
Scotland 9 10 7 26 against top level competition when they beat goal in the 18th minute was enough to give by team-mate Alan Ball’s own World
New Zealand 6 22 8 36 New Zealand 4-0, in a five match series at Rangers victory at the Ibrox over Turkish Cup medal five years ago.
Cyprus 4 3 4 11
N Ireland 3 3 4 10 home. One game was abandoned because side Bursapor. Manchester United prevailed Stiles, 68, made a total of £424,438
Samoa 3 0 1 4 of rain. at Valencia with the only goal of the match from his collection during last month’s
Wales 2 7 10 19 MURRAY BEATS FEDERER courtesy of Javiar Hernandez. Rafael van sale.
Jamaica 2 4 1 7 Andy Murray found his form at the Shang- der Vaart opened the scoring for Spurs Manchester United bought several
Pakistan 2 1 2 5 hai Masters, to make his fourth tournament at White Hart Lane two minutes after the of the 45 lots, which a representative
Uganda 2 0 0 2 final of this year and take his second title. He break, and was sent off fourteen minutes from Convery Auctions said would be
Bahamas 1 1 3 5
Sri Lanka 1 1 1 3 outplayed his old nemesis Roger Federer later. Roman Pavlyuchenko scored with two displayed in the club’s museum. Nobby celebrates with England
Nauru 1 1 0 2 6-3, 6-2 in the final, October 17. The Scot penalties, followed by a Gareth Bale netting Stiles said he had intended to leave captain Bobby Moore after their
Botswana 1 0 3 4 had dispatched Chinese wild card Bai Yan, that gave Tottenham a 4-1 win. John Terry the mementoes to his children, but 1966 World Cup victory.
Cayman Islands 1 0 0 1 Jeremy Chardy and Jo Wilifried Tsonga of and Nicolas Anelka smashed two first half decided to sell them after being un-
St. Vincent 1 0 0 1 France, and in the semi-finals, Argentinean goals at Stamford Bridge to give Chelsea able to divide them up between his Cup final against West Germany.
Trinidad 0 4 2 6 It fetched £51,755, Convery Auc-
Cameroon 0 2 4 6 Juan Monaco. a 2-0 advantage over Marseille. Andrey three sons.
Earlier in the month at the China Open, Arshavin, Marouane Chamkh and Sebastien Also sold was the defender’s football tions said.
Ghana 0 1 3 4
Namibia 0 1 2 3 he took out Paul Henri Mathieu and Albert Squilluci gave Arsenal a 3-1 win at Partizan cap from the famous 1966 final, which A spokeswoman said there had been
PNG 0 1 0 1 Montanes, before being toppled by Ivan Belgrade. fetched £35,287. interest in the sale from around the
Seychelles 0 1 0 1 Ljubicic. ARSENAL SMASH FIVE, SPURS’ SHIRT world, including Australia, Chile and
Isle of Man 0 0 2 2 the Far East.
Mauritius 0 0 2 2 RUGBY LEAGUE & BASKETBALL GARETH BALE GETS A HAT-TRICK Stiles’ European Cup winners’
Tonga 0 0 2 2 The English rugby league side traveled to October 20-21, saw more CL games. At medal from 1968 and the blue shirt
Bangladesh 0 0 1 1 New Zealand for the four nations tournament. the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal put Shaktar he wore during the triumphant match
Guyana 0 0 1 1 They warmed up against the NZ Maoris and Donetsk of the Ukraine to the sword 5-1. against Benfica went for £49,402 and
St Lucia 0 0 1 1 were leading 18-0 at half-time, but a sudden Alex Song, Samir Nasri, Jack Wilshere, £30,582 respectively.
collapse saw the hosts come-back to tie the Maroaune Chamkh and Cesc Fabregas were The footballer, who suffered a
DARIO FRANCHITTI IS INDYCAR game 18-18. In another RL international, Italy the marksmen. stroke in June, told the BBC: “It was
CHAMPION beat hosts Wales 13-6. In Russia, two first half goal by Yuri always my intention to leave the entire
The concluding race of the 17 series of An exhibition game at the O2 Arena, Octo- Zhirkova and Nicolas Anelka gave Chelsea collection to my children.
IndyCar encounters ended at the Cafes Dos ber 4, produced a full-house that witnessed a 2-0 win over Spartak Moscow. The Wayne “But I have three sons – how do you
Brazil Indy 300 in Homestead, Florida, Octo- the Timberwolves beat the Lakers 111-92. Rooney situation hung heavy over Man- fairly divide up this sort of collection
ber 2, where Dario Franchitti collected his Kobe Bryant played the first six minutes, and chester United’s home tie with Bursapor, between them?
third IndyCar Championship in four years. was then taken off. but a seventh minute netting by Luis Nani “They have each selected some
The race hinged on the contest between EURO 2012 gave the reds a 1-0 victory. Maurice Edu pieces they would like to keep for
Will Power, who led the driver’s table by 12 October saw qualifying games for the scored for both sides at the Ibrox, where themselves.”
points, with the Scottish driver in second European Championships Rangers were held 1-1 by Valencia. Edu The sale also featured the shirt worn
place. Power grazed the wall in the 143rd lap Scheduled, but the was no delirious cel- put a header in the Spanish goal in the 34th by Alan Ball during the 1966 World Solution to Sudoku puzzle on page 16.
and could not continue. Franchitti led for 72 of ebrations from the home nations. Disappoint- minute, while one minute after the break he
the first 100 laps, but the final laps of the race ment for Wales in Cardiff, where an Ivelin hit a clearance that ended in the back of the
came down to gas strategy and need to stay Popov goal three minutes after the break Scots net. Spurs goalie Heurelho Gomes
out of the pits. His team-mate at Target Chip gave Bulgaria a 1-0 win. At Switzerland, the was sent off in the seventh minute at San
Ganessi Racing, Scott Dixon captured the Welsh recovered from an early goal with an Siro, against Inter Milan, who proceeded to
chequered flag, but Franchitti’s eighth place equalizer by Gareth Bale in the 13th minute, score four first half goals. Gareth Bale came
finish produced enough points to make him but went behind again seven minutes later. back for a hat-trick in the second half, two
the 2010 IndyCar champion. The final points The Swiss continued to press, which resulted of the goals coming in the final minute. Inter
total had the Scot with 602pts, and runner-up in two more goals in the last ten minutes Milan 4,Tottenham 3.
Will Power on 597. to give the hosts a 4-1 win, and put Bryan EUROPA LEAGUE
Actress wife Ashley Judd smothered her Flynn’s ambition for the permanent job as The Europa League games late September
husband in kisses, while a smile that would Welsh coach in jeopardy. 30, and October 19-20, saw Manchester City
not go away remained prominent as the Scottish coach Craig Levein packed the tie 1-1 against Juventus. Iaquinta had put
photo-togs snapped away. side with defenders for the visit to Prague the Italians in front after ten minutes, while
The Lothian born Scot was lauded in his against the Czech Republic, even leaving out Adam Johnson grabbed an equalizer eight
hometown where the Scotsman newpaper, striker Kenny Miller. A 69th minute netting minute before half-time. The in-house fight-
called him a role model for millions of by Hudnik, sealed the Scots fate however, ing in Liverpool’s board room has become
youngsters. and the hosts took the three points with 1-0 big news, but they hung on for 0-0 result in
COLIN MONGOMERIE STEERS result. 51,000 gathered at Hampden Park Holland against FC Utrecht.
EUROPEANS TO RYDER VICTORY for the encounter with World Champions New owner John Henry witnessed his
Rain pushed the Ryder Cup at Celtic Man- Spain, and Scots hearts must have sunk as new Liverpool club, October 22, earn another
or, Newport, October 1-4, into four days as David Villa put a penalty away just before goalless draw, this time against Napoli in Ita-
the Europeans edged the Americans 14½ to the break. Andres Iniesta added another in ly. Emmanuel Adebayor claimed a hat-trick
13½ points, giving Europe it’s sixth victory in the 55th minute, before Steven Naismith got against Lech Poznan, to give Manchester
the last eight encounters. Europe only needed one back three minutes later. A Gerard Pique City a 3-1 win in a home game against the
to win five of the final days twelve singles, own goal in the 65th minute put the sides Polish side.
but the Americans produced a tremendous level, before Fernando llorente found the FIGHTING KLITSCHOS STILL
fight back with the result hinging on the final net eleven minutes from time to give Spain a DOMINATE
game of the final day. US Open champion 3-2 victory. Frustrations reached temper pitch Vitali Klitscho (41-2) sent challenger
Graeme McDowell and Hunter Mahan were in the final minutes when Steven Whittaker Shannon Briggs from the ring to the hospital
the combatants. was sent off, and the Scots ended the game in a brutal heavyweight bout for the Ukrai-
The Northern Irelander birdied the sixteenth with ten men. nian’s WBC crown at Hamburg, Germany,
November 2010 Page 19
premiership charged with an assault of his ex-girlfriend
and lost his car to an apparent case of ar-
son but set aside his personal troubles long LEAGUE
British Teams
By Ridge Mahoney Alex in the 85th minute clinched
enough to score the winning goal.
Stoke City – Jonathan Walters
scored his first Premier League
goal for Stoke against his former
As OFOctober
– Tuesday, October 19 –
Group F club in a 1-0 defeat of Blackburn.
Marseille 1, MSK Zilina 0; Spartak Moscow 0, Chelsea 2 Arsenal – The Gunners jumped a 2-0 home triumph over Arsenal Rory Delap hit the net in a 2-1 defeat at Bol-
Group H into a three-way tie for second by in which Didier Drogba opened the ton, and Tuncay Sanli’s goal was wasted in a
Arsenal 5, Shakhtar Donetsk 1; Braga 2, Partizan Belgrade 0 scoring shortly before halftime. BARCLAYS PREMIER
beating 10-man Manchester City, 2-1 home loss to Manchester United. P W D L F A Pts GD
Wednesday, October 20
Group A 3-0, with goals by Samir Nasri, Florent Malouda and Salomon Kalou got the Sunderland – The Black Chelsea 9 7 1 1 25 2 22 +23
FC Twente 1, Werder Bremen 1; Inter 4, Tottenham 3 Alex Song, and Niklas Bendtner. Nasri and goals in a 2-0 defeat of Wolves. Cats went goalless in three Arsenal 9 5 2 2 21 10 17 +11
Man Utd 9 4 5 0 20 12 17 +8
Group C
Maruoane Chamakh scored on either side of Everton – Tim Cahill and Mikel straight matches, yet came Man City 9 5 2 2 12 8 17 +4
Man Utd 1, Bursaspor 0; Rangers 1, Valencia 1–
halftime to down Birmingham, 2-1. Arteta tallied on either side of away with 0-0 draws against Tottenham 9 4 3 2 11 8 15 +3
West Brom 9 4 3 2 13 15 15 -2
Tuesday, November 2 – Aston Villa – In three matches, halftime in the 214th Merseyside Manchester United and Blackburn, and a 1-0 Sunderland 9 2 6 1 8 7 12 +1
Group A Villa managed just one goal -- by derby that the Toffees won, 2-0. defeat of Aston Villa thanks to an own goal. Bolton
11 +1
Tottenham v Inter Milan; Werder v FC Twente
Marc Albrighton -- and one point Leighton Baines’ goal in the 17th minute stood Tottenham – Rafael van der Aston Villa 9 3 2 4 9 13 11 -4
Group C
Bursaspor v Man Utd; Valencia v Rangers in a 0-0 draw with Chelsea during up for a 1-1 draw at Spurs. Vaart scored just three minutes Everton
– Wednesday, November 3 – which keeper Brad Friedel and his team- Fulham – Diomansy Kamara, after Spurs fell behind Everton yet Stoke 9 3 1 5 10 13 10 -3
Group F
mates performed stoutly. Albrighton’s goal starting his first game in nearly couldn’t score again in the ensuing
Chelsea v Spartak Moscow; MSK Zilina v Marseille
Group H provided a 1-0 lead at Tottenham that Villa a year, scored on the half-hour 70 minutes and ended up with a Fulham 9 1 6 2 10 11 9 -1
Partizan Belgrade v Braga; Shakhtar Donetsk v Arsenal let slip away. against Spurs, but the Cottag- 1-1 draw. Van der Vaart set up an
– Tuesday, November 23 –
Birmingham City – Nikola Zigic ers conceded an equalizer a minute later equalizer for Roman Pavlyuchenko and Tom Wolves 9 1 3 5 8 15 6 -7
Group F
Chelsea v MSK Zilina; Spartak Moscow v Marseille scored his second goal in as many and stumbled to a 2-1 home defeat. Clint Huddestone scored a controversial winner in
West Ham 9 1 3 5 7 17 6 -10

Group H games as City downed Blackpool, Dempsey’s goal secured a 1-1 draw at the 63rd minute for a 2-1 victory at Fulham. NPOWER FOOTBALL LEAGUE
Braga v Arsenal; Partizan Belgrade v Shakhtar Donetsk
2-0, to give Alex McLeish his 50th West Ham. West Bromwich Albion – The CHAMPIONSHIP
– Wednesday, November 24 –
Group A win as Birmingham manager. Zigic Liverpool – Representatives Baggies overcame an early own P W D L F A Pts GD
Inter v FC Twente; Tottenham v Werder also scored in a 2-1 loss at Arsenal that fol- of New England Sports Ventures goal by keeper Scott Carson to beat
Group C
lowed a worrying 2-0 home defeat against were on hand to see their newest Fulham, 2-1, with goals by Yous- Swansea 13 7 2 4 17 12 23 +5
Rangers v Man Utd; Valencia v Bursaspor
Everton. purchase lose, 2-0, at Everton, souf Mulumbu and Marc-Antoine Fortune.
Group A
W D L F A Pts Blackburn – Rovers struggled yet they stayed in town long They also rallied from two goals down to draw Coventry 13 6 3 4 20 16 21 +4
Burnley 13 5 5 3 21 15 20 +6
Inter Milan 3 2 1 0 10 5 7 through three matches without enough to see Fernando Torres score the Manchester United, 2-2, with an opportunistic Reading 13 5 4 4 18 11 19 +7
Werder Bremen
1 9
1 3
7 4
7 1 scoring a goal; an own goal ac- winner in a 2-1 defeat of Blackburn that ended tally by Somen Tchoyi and an own goal. Millwall 13 5 4 4 18 15 19 +3
Nottm Forest 13 4 7 2 15 12 19 +3
FC Twente 3 0 2 1 4 7 2
counted for their score in a 2-1 an seven-match winless streak. West Ham United – Carlton Doncaster 13 5 4 4 20 19 19 +1
Group C
W D L F A Pts loss at Liverpool. Captain Christopher Samba Manchester City – Carlos Cole’s goal in the 12th minute Derby
Man United 3 2 1 0 2 0 7 was sent off in first-half stoppage time and Tevez scored twice within 10 evaporated in a 2-1 home loss Ipswich 13 5 3 5 15 15 18 0
Rangers 3 1 2 0 2 1 5 minutes and David Silva struck in Scunthorpe 13 5 2 6 17 17 17 0
Valencia 3 1 1 1 5 2 4 Rovers held on grimly to secure a 0-0 home to Newcastle. Mark Noble’s pen- Leeds 13 5 2 6 19 25 17 -6
Bursaspor 3 0 0 3 0 6 0 draw with Sunderland. stoppage time for a dramatic 3-2 alty kick secured a 1-1 draw at Wolves in a Barnsley 13 4 3 6 17 24 15 -7
Group F
W D L F A Pts Blackpool – Charlie Adam win at Blackpool. A red card to matchup of the bottom two teams. Sheff Utd
Chelsea 3 3 0 0 8 1 9 tucked away a penalty and Luke Dedrucl Bpuata in the fifth minute opened the Wigan Athletic – Hugo Rodal- Preston 13 4 1 8 20 29 13 -9
Spartak Moscow 3
Marseille 3
2 6
3 3 Varney banged home a flick from doors for Arsenal to pound out a 3-0 win. lega’s equalizer midway through Leicester
MSK Zilina 3 0 0 3 1 8 0 Gary Taylor-Fletcher seconds Manchester United – Javier the second half notched a 1-1 C Palace 13 3 2 8 14 25 11 -11
Bristol C 13 2 4 7 12 23 10 -11
Group H
W D L F A Pts before the halftime whistle to give the Seasid- Hernandez took over for the in- home draw with Bolton. Goals
Arsenal 3 3 0 0 14 2 9 ers a lead at Anfield that they held for a 2-1 jured/disgruntled Wayne Rooney by Charles N’Zogbia 10 minutes apart pro- NPOWER FOOTBALL
Shakhtar Donetsk
1 5
2 2
5 6
9 3 win. Marlon Harewood and Taylor-Fletcher to score both goals, including an vided a 2-0 lead at Newcastle that the Latics LEAGUE ONE
Partizan 3 0 0 3 1 6 0 were the scorers in a 3-2 home loss to 86th minute winner, in a 2-1 triumph at Stoke squandered (2-2). Brighton
Manchester City. City. Rooney signed a new five-year contract Wolverhampton – Matt Jarvis Bournemouth 13 6 4 3 27 15 22 +12
EUROPA LEAGUE Bolton – Ivan Klasnic scored a few days after declaring his intent to leave scored in the 10th minute to give Peterborough
Sheff Wed
British Teams a winner in stoppage time to the club. The defeat of Stoke ended a run of Wolves an early 1-0 lead over Huddersfield 13 6 2 5 22 17 20 +5
RESULTS down Stoke City, 2-1, and Johan three straight draws. West Ham that Wolves couldn’t Colchester
MK Dons
Thursday, October 21
Man City 3, Lech Poznan 1; Napoli 0, Liverpool 2 Elmander’s equalizer midway Newcastle United – Goals hold (1-1). A 2-0 loss at Chelsea left Wolves Carlisle 13 5 4 4 18 12 19 +6
Rochdale 13 5 4 4 20 15 19 +5
FIXTURES through the second half secured by Kevin Nolan and Andrew still winless in league play since the first day Charlton 13 5 4 4 18 20 19 -2
– Thursday, November 4 – a 1-1 draw at Wigan. Wanderers took five Carroll brought the Magpies of the season. Exeter 13 5 4 4 18 20 19 -2
Bristol R 13 5 4 4 16 18 19 -2
Group A
Juve v Red Bull Salzburg; Lech Poznan v Man City points from their three matches in October. back from a 1-0 deficit at West Oldham 13 4 6 3 17 15 18 +2
Group K
Liverpool v Napoli
Chelsea – A screaming free kick from Ham to win, 2-1. Carroll was BARCLAYS PREMIER Southampton
Group A
Hartlepool 13 4 4 5 13 19 16 -6
Man City
Lech Poznan
A Pts
2 7
6 4
5 3
Ferguson Absolves Rooney – Monday, November 1 –
Blackpool v West Brom
– Saturday, November 6 –
Birmingham v West Ham; Blackburn v Wigan Athletic;
Leyton Orient
Tranmere 13 3 4 6 13 21 13 -8
Group K
5 1
A Pts
1 5
Over Contract Controversy Blackpool v Everton; Bolton v Tottenham;
Fulham v Aston Villa; Man Utd v Wolves;
Sunderland v Stoke City
Dag & Red

Napoli 3 0 3 0 3 3 3 MANCHESTER United manager Alex – Sunday, November 7 – NPOWER FOOTBALL

Utrecht 3 0 3 0 1 1 3
S Bucharest 3 0 2 1 5 8 2 Ferguson has cleared Wayne Rooney of Arsenal v Newcastle; Liverpool v Chelsea;
West Brom v Man City
any blame for last month’s uncertainty P W D L F A Pts GD
– Tuesday, November 9 – Chesterfield 13 8 4 1 29 17 28 +12
Stoke City v Birmingham; Tottenham v Sunderland
CARLING CUP RESULTS over his future at the club.
– Wednesday, November 10 –
Port Vale
Fourth Round After watching his team move up to Aston Villa v Blackpool; Chelsea v Fulham; Rotherham 13 6 5 2 25 18 23 +7
Newcastle 0, Arsenal 4; Birmingham 1, Brentford 1 third place in the Premier League with a Everton v Bolton; Man City v Man Utd; Shrewsbury 13 6 3 4 21 14 21 +7
(Birmingham 4-3 pens) Newcastle v Blackburn; West Ham v West Brom; Wycombe 13 5 6 2 20 14 21 +6
Wigan 3,Swansea 1; Aston Villa 2, Burnley 1 (aet);
2-1 win at Stoke on the injured Rooney’s Crewe 13 4 7 2 30 18 19 +12
Wigan Athletic v Liverpool; Wolves v Arsenal Stevenage 13 4 6 3 15 12 18 +3
Leicester 1, West Brom 4; Man United 3, Wolves 2; 25th birthday, Ferguson said that player – Saturday, November 13 –
West Ham 3, Stoke 1 (aet); Ipswich 3, Northampton 1 Aldershot 13 4 6 3 11 12 18 -1
agents were solely to blame when players Aston Villa v Man Utd; Man City v Birmingham; Cheltenham 13 5 3 5 17 22 18 -5
(Draw to be held October 30) Oxford 13 4 5 4 16 11 17 +5
agitated for a transfer. Newcastle v Fulham; Stoke City v Liverpool;
Tottenham v Blackburn; est Ham v Blackpool; Burton 13 4 5 4 18 14 17 +4
SCOTTISH CUP DRAW Rooney seemed ready to leave Old Wigan Athletic v West Brom; Wolves v Bolton Torquay 13 4 5 4 19 16 17 +3
Third Round Trafford when he questioned the club’s – Sunday, November 14 –
Accrington 13 3 7 3 19 16 16 +3
Gillingham 13 3 6 4 16 18 15 -2
(To be played November 20) ability to sign leading players and the club Chelsea v Sunderland; Everton v Arsenal Stockport 13 3 6 4 14 18 15 -4
Peterhead v Cowdenbeath; Ross County v Deveronvale; – Saturday, November 20 – Macclesfield 13 4 3 6 15 20 15 -5
East Fife v Forfar Athletic; Bo’ness United v Buckie Thistle;
announced that he had refused to sign a Sir Alex and Wayne Rooney. Arsenal v Tottenham; Birmingham v Chelsea; Southend 13 4 2 7 14 17 14 -3
Spartans v Forres Mechs or East Strlngshre; new contract. But the England striker Blackpool v Wolves; Bolton v Newcastle; Morecambe 13 3 5 5 13 21 14 -8
Stirling Albion v Partick Thistle; Cove Rangers v Berwick Rangers; eventually signed a new five-year contract to deal with agents of this world today, Liverpool v West Ham; Man Utd v Wigan Athletic; Bradford 13 4 2 7 9 17 14 -8
Stenhousemuir v Threave Rovers; West Brom v Stoke City
Lincoln 13 3 3 7 7 15 12 -8
Brechin City v Preston A or Annan A; Airdrie United v Beith;
to replace a deal that was set to expire at the which is difficult. – Sunday, November 21 –
Barnet 13 3 3 7 14 26 12 -12
end of next season, reportedly more than Northampton 13 2 4 7 13 22 10 -9
Dumbarton v Greenock Morton; Alloa Athletic v Raith Rovers; “The players are no problem. There Blackburn v Aston Villa; Fulham v Man City Hereford 13 2 4 7 10 25 10 -15
Montrose or Arbroath v Whitehill Wlfr or Wick Ac; doubling his previous salary of £90,000 is no problem with players. Some agents – Monday, November 22 –
Ayr United v Sunnybank; Elgin City v Livingston; Sunderland v Everton
Stranraer v Golspie Stherlnd or Girvan
($141,650) a week. are difficult.” – Saturday, November 27 – CLYDESDALE BANK SCOTTISH PREMIER
“There are always issues to deal with,” Rooney’s agent, Paul Stretford, has Aston Villa v Arsenal; Bolton v Blackpool; P W D L F A Pts GD
Rangers 9 9 0 0 25 8 27 +17
SCOTTISH INSURANCE Ferguson said. “When your top players been widely criticized in the British media Everton v West Brom; Fulham v Birmingham;
Celtic 9 8 0 1 19 7 24 +12
LEAGUE CUP RESULTS come towards the end of their contracts for what has been perceived as a flirtation Man Utd v Blackburn; Stoke City v Man City;
Motherwell 9 5 1 3 14 11 16 +3
St Johnston 2, Celtic 3 Motherwell 1, Dundee Utd 0; West Ham v Wigan Athletic; Wolves v Sunderland Hearts 9 4 2 3 14 10 14 +4
Kilmarnock 0, Rangers 2; Aberdeen 2, Falkirk 1
you have to do something to get them a with United’s rich neighbor, Manchester – Sunday, November 28 – Inverness CT 9 4 2 3 13 9 14 +4
(Draw to be held October 29) new one. They are all the same. You have City. Newcastle v Chelsea; Tottenham v Liverpool St Johnstone 9 3 2 4 9 10 11 -1
Dundee Utd 9 3 2 4 10 16 11 -6
Aberdeen 9 3 1 5 13 13 10 0
Hibernian 9 2 2 5 10 17 8 -7
TWO COAST LOCATIONS (both just off scenic highway one) Kilmarnock 9 2 1 6 10 14 7 -4
Perfect Hamilton
St Mirren
Aptos - Est. 1995 Monterey - Est. 1999 IRN-BRU SCOTTISH DIVISION ONE
Gift 8017 Soquel Drive, Aptos
444 Alvarado St., Monterey Raith
Pts GD
23 +10
(831) 688-1233 Dunfermline 10 7 1 2 20 11 22 +9 (831) 656-9543 Falkirk 10 6 0 4 20 10 18 +10
One Year Dundee 10 3 4 3 10 10 13 0

Queen of Sth
Ross County
13 -3
13 -5
12 -6
9 -2
9 -4
9 -9


“Two Great Locations Serving You For Near On 25 Years” Brechin
Livingston 10 6 3 1 19 11 21 +8
Jack Customer Appreciation
Both Pubs British Owned and Operated. Alloa 10 5 2 3 17 14 17 +3

Christmas Day - 12-3pm Both with our Award Winning FISH ’N’ CHIPS
Ayr 10 5 2 3 16 17 17 -1
Forfar 10 5 1 4 20 17 16 +3
Airdrie Utd 10 3 4 3 18 17 13 +1

See Complimentary Buffet – Let us buy you Stenh’semuir 10 3 2 5 13 13 11 0

a drink for Christmas to thank you •Homemade Meat Pies •Pasties,
East Fife 10 2 3 5 21 21 9 0
Peterhead 10 2 3 5 10 15 9 -5
for your continued support. Bangers & Mash. •Mum’s Roast Dumbarton 10 1 1 8 5 24 4 -19

Beef & Yorkshire Pud. Plus a whole IRN-BRU SCOTTISH DIVISION THREE
array of British & American
favourites. All pubs have a large

SPORTS FA CUP Berwick 9 4 5 0 23 11 17 +12

Albion 9 5 2 2 17 14 17 +3

selection of imported draft beer and full bar. Elgin City 10 4 1 5 18 23 13 -5
EUROPEAN CUP Arbroath 10 4 1 5 16 24 13 -8

Outside patio areas and of course satellite TVs for Montrose 10 3 3 4 23 17 12 +6
Queen’s Park 10 3 0 7 13 16 9 -3
AT ALL LOCATIONS all your sporting events including SKYtv East Stirling 10 2 2 6 5 12 8 -7
Clyde 9 1 3 5 9 22 6 -13
Page 20 November 2010

Coca-Cola Takes Rooney Off
Cans After Allegations
the club between 1982-91, also succeeded
Strachan at Celtic 16 months ago.
Middlesbrough started this season among
Thrift Key For Liverpool’s
shorts New American Owners
COCA-COLA will no longer use Wayne the favorites to be promoted to the Premier
Rooney’s image on cans and bottles fol- League but is currently in the second tier’s
lowing allegations over the England striker’s relegation zone, on 11 points from 13
Blatter: English Are Leaders private life. matches. AMERICAN tycoon John Henry has ing” by teams with wealthy owners, like
Following newspaper allegations that he cautioned that his Boston Red Sox own- Premier League rivals Manchester City
On Stadium Security cheated on his then-pregnant wife with a ership group will not throw cash at reviv- and Chelsea.
FIFA PRESIDENT Sepp Blatter says the prostitute, Coca-Cola says it “did not feel it Blackburn: Sale Could Be ing the fortunes of fallen English giant The UEFA regulations limit the ability
crowd trouble that marred the Italy-Serbia was appropriate” to keep using his image to Complete Next Month Liverpool. of owners to subsidize losses incurred by
game would not have occurred had officials promote Coke Zero. BLACKBURN says the sale of the club to Henry met with supporters and local paying high transfer fees and salaries –
adopted the type of anti-hooligan measures But the world’s largest soft drink maker Indian-based conglomerate Venkys could be lawmakers last month and afterwards con- Man City lost £121m last season – and
present in England. added that it will continue to use the Man- completed next month. firmed that New England Sports Ventures make them only spend what they earn from
The European Championship qualifier in chester United player for other forms of The Premier League club says it has held would first seek to repair the ties between football-related income if they want to play
Genoa was abandoned after seven minutes promotion. a series of meetings with the group, which the club and the community that were dam- in European competitions.
on Tuesday when Serbia fans threw flares specializes in poultry farming and pharma- aged while Tom Hicks and George Gillett Owners will be allowed to cover losses
and fireworks onto the pitch and sliced Middlesbrough Hires ceuticals. A Blackburn statement says “both Jr, the previous owners, were in control. of up to a maximum of €45m over an initial
through a mesh fence. parties are hopeful that the transaction will
Blatter commented on the violence Mowbray As Manager The urgency of the rebuilding task three-year spell, starting in 2012. In the
be completed in November.” facing Henry was underlined – two days three years from 2015, just €30m in losses
Wednesday after meeting with British Prime TONY MOWBRAY has been hired as the Venkys would be the first Indian company after NESV completed its £300m takeover can be covered.
Minister David Cameron to discuss England’s new manager of League Championship club to purchase a club in England’s top division. of Liverpool – when the team lost 2-0 Despite warming to the theme of thrift,
bid to host the 2018 World Cup. Middlesbrough. Venkys chairperson Anuradha J Desai says at neighbor Everton. The result kept the Henry insisted that he hadn’t taken the 18-
After major trouble with hooligans in the The former Celtic and West Bromwich the company is delighted to be negotiating with Reds marooned in the Premier League’s time English champions from Hicks and
1980s, England turned all its top stadiums Albion manager replaces Gordon Strachan, Blackburn Rovers “with whom we believe we relegation zone on just six points from Gillett Jr at a bargain price. The heavily
into all-seater arenas without fences around who resigned from the post on October have many shared values and ambitions.” eight games. indebted duo, ousted in a bitter court battle
the pitch. 18 following the team’s poor start to the But Henry has warned that NESV
Blatter says “if this had been the case (in season.
Italy) we would not have had the problems The 46-year-old Mowbray, who captained Portsmouth Sold To Chainrai will be frugal owners, quipping: “I
After Administration don’t have ‘Sheikh’ in front of my
we had in Genoa.” Middlesbrough during a nine-year spell at name.”
PORTSMOUTH has exited bankruptcy “When we spend a dollar, it has
New Lions Manager furious if they found themselves protection and was bought last month by to be wisely,” he said. “We cannot
MOST people are just thinking on a 16-year cycle. The best three businessmen, including former owner afford player contracts that do not
ahead to next year’s World Cup the Pumas can expect in the Balram Chainrai. make long-term sense. We have to
but for Andy Irvine, the focus is first quarter of the century is a The League Championship club had be smart, bold, aggressive.”
on 2013. Irvine won 51 caps one-off home Test in 2021. You said it was on the verge of liquidation. So if manager Roy Hodgson
in 1972-82 and is regarded by heard it first here! However, a day after resolving a claim for wants funds to strengthen a squad
many as Scotland’s greatest- Other Candidates £2.2m by former owner Sacha Gaydamak, that is currently heading toward the Liverpool’s new owner John Henry with
ever fullback, ahead even of By John Polley The other candidates for the Portsmouth announced that its immediate second tier, the commercial depart- Liverpool’s chairman Martin Broughton.
Gavin Hastings. job are Martin Johnson, Andy future is secure. ment will have to get busy.
He has now been appointed tour manager Robinson and Declan Kidney. Portsmouth was relegated from the Pre- RULES last month, plan to pursue legal action
for the British and Irish Lion’ tour of Australia Johnson has led the Lions twice as a player mier League last season after its debt forced Financial fair play rules from European after claiming that NESV conspired with
three years hence. He has confirmed that Ian and should England do badly at the World Cup, it to sell its star players. It had been run by football’s governing body are designed club directors to undervalue Liverpool to
McGeechan is in the running for the head he would definitely be fancied for the post. Rob- administrators since February. to end an era of so-called “financial dop- force a sale.
coach position despite announcing that his inson has made a good start in Scotland, and Levi Kushnir and Deepak Chainrai are the
last trip fifteen months ago to South Africa has toured three times with the Lions, once as other two buyers. HOCKEY
was his last. The narrowness of the Lions a flanker and twice as assistant coach. Kidney England Launches Bids For 2014 World Cups
defeat is apparently just one of the reasons won the Ireland’s first Grand Slam last year Newcastle’s Carroll Found
for McGeechan to reconsider his decision. but has a low profile on the British mainland. THE ENGLAND Hockey Board has launched is “impeccable” and is “one of the ways in
Guilty Of Nightclub Attack its bid to host the men’s and women’s field which we are going to turn the Olympic Park
“He said the same thing after three of his A good year for Ireland in the next Six Nations
previous trips,” Irvine revealed. “He’s back could swing it for him. NEWCASTLE striker Andy Carroll has been hockey World Cups in London in 2014. into a fantastic sporting legacy.”
in performance director at Bath. Gatland Angry With Premier League fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £2,500 If the bid is successful, they will be the UK Sport and Events for London will inject
He’s a Lion to his core. If he throws his Warren Gatland is furious at the official in compensation for attacking a man in a first international events to be held at the close to £1.5m should the bid be success-
hat into the ring he’ll certainly come under line being taken by England’s Premier League nightclub. legacy facility at the site of London’s Olympic ful. Funding will also be provided by boxing
consideration.” over the release of Welsh players before the The 21-year-old Carroll pleaded guilty to Park, which will be renamed Queen Elizabeth promoter Frank Warren.
The key to the job is the amount of time a World Cup. Players like Dwayne Peel and common assault at Newcastle Crown Court Olympic Park after the 2012 Games. It will be only the second time the two
coach needs to spend in preparation. Mindful Andy Powell (he of the golf-buggy) will not last month after denying a more serious London Mayor Boris Johnson says the bid tournaments are held simultaneously.
of the fate of the 2001 Lions, arguably the be able to play for their country until August offense.
strongest side to leave these shores yet white- 4, four days before Wales’s first warm-up Carroll attacked a man at Newcastle’s Blu
washed by an Aussie team past its best, the match against England. Bambu club on December 7. His victim was
Lions Board wants its next coach to devote at The Premier League hotly deny prejudice treated at a hospital for a head injury. The
least 18 months on a full-time basis. against Wales stating that the International footballer was last month ordered by a different
Such a timetable means that the success- Rugby Board only insist on internationals court to stay at the family home of Newcastle
ful candidate would be taking up the reins being freed 35 days before a tournament captain Kevin Nolan until January after being
immediately after next year’s World Cup. It begins – or August 4. charged with assaulting a former girlfriend.
is unlikely the Welsh would release Warren Team News For Autumn Series While staying at Nolan’s, his parked car was
Gatland whose services they value highly Finally, watch out for a couple of promis- torched and destroyed.
enough to tie him down to a contract that ing youngsters in the Welsh squad for the Carroll is accused of assaulting Laurie Hen-
runs out in 2015. autumn internationals: prop Scott Andrews derson at her home but his lawyer said he will
Irvine was keen to stress that he has and winger George North. A couple of long- deny the offense and claim self-defense.
started his quest for a coach with a clean serving Irish players have been omitted from
sheet but indicated that it would be difficult the autumn series: Geordan Murphy and
for any coach to commit to the job while also Gerry Flannery. Jonny Wilkinson the Toulon
heading up a national side. Thus McGeechan flyhalf, reported for England duty injured
seems a likely choice. and Charlie Hodgson had to be called up as
Argentina Want Their Lions Share cover for him.
Irvine also feels that it would be disre- Former rugby league star, Sonny Bill
spectful for the Lions to continue to ignore Williams, will be touring the British Isles this
the claims of Argentina once the the current month. New Zealand head coach Graham
roster with Australia, New Zealand and South Henry has denied that Sonny is a mercenary.
Africa comes to an end in 2017. In fact, the 25-year-old took a substantial pay
Argentina could hardly claim a tour to cut to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming an
themselves because they do not have a suf- All Black. He switched codes in 2008, leaving
ficiently strong home-based league system the Australian side Canterbury Bulldogs to
to offer the Lions a ten-match schedule. take up a well-paid contract with Toulon. EXPATRIATES
Moreover, the existing Lions’ hosts would be
(New Business Rates valid through 12/31/2010)
All rates include surplus lines taxes where applicable.
Underwritten at Lloyds. New rates are effective through 12/31/10.
Deductible US $250 US $500 US $1,000 US $2,500 US $5,000 US $10,000
First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2
14 days to Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free;
9 years thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter thereafter
$300.00 $300.00 $262.00 $262.00 $204.00 $204.00 $179.00 $179.00 $164.00 $164.00 $146.00 $146.00
10-18 $308 $308 $274 $274 $226 $226 $211 $211 $198 $198 $175 $175
19-24 $697 $985 $603 $969 $470 $743 $409 $647 $321 $520 $285 $448
25-29 $735 $1,122 $642 $1,090 $500 $840 $436 $729 $341 $606 $304 $476
30-34 $823 $1,241 $708 $1,169 $549 $905 $481 $790 $377 $634 $335 $540
35-39 $922 $1,466 $747 $1,300 $578 $1,010 $506 $872 $396 $727 $353 $568
40-44 $1,166 $1,609 $947 $1,400 $628 $1,097 $550 $960 $526 $745 $468 $662
45-49 $1,299 $1,566 $1,065 $1,332 $825 $1,030 $719 $897 $587 $708 $522 $631
50-54 $1,586 $1,742 $1,344 $1,502 $1,039 $1,165 $907 $1,036 $770 $859 $685 $765
55-59 $1,917 $1,917 $1,667 $1,667 $1,290 $1,288 $1,124 $1,124 $947 $955 $842 $850
60-64 $2,822 $2,656 $2,572 $2,406 $2,168 $1,914 $1,963 $1,762 $1,640 $1,457 $1,460 $1,297
65-69 $5,893 $5,113 $5,640 $4,890 $5,276 $4,453 $4,056 $3,310 $3,546 $3,176 $3,156 $2,827
70-74 $9,724 $8,437 $9,306 $8,069 $8,705 $7,348 $6,692 $5,462 $5,851 $5,240 $5,207 $4,665
OPTIONAL RIDERS: SPORTS RIDER= $250.00 DENTAL RIDER (ADULT)= $425.00 (CHILD)= $285.00 Maternity Rider= $2,200.00

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