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The SCP Newsletter

2019 Q3: For the Sake of the Future

365 Black History: The Future of Women in Tech

Andrea Lisa
H. Skeete
Evans, Esq. Tatum

• Former Patent Examiner at the United States • Founder and CEO of Landit • President of Message Medium
Patent and Trademark Office • Previous General Partner with Cardinal
• Former Trademark Examining Attorney at the • Featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Black
Partners Enterprise and The New York Enterprise
United States Patent and Trademark Office
• Procter & Gamble in various global and Report
• JD, The George Washington Law School;
Washington, DC
functional roles • Author of Web Site Fundamentals for
• Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Georgia • GE Capital Entrepreneurs
Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA • Circle of Beauty • 2016 Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s
• Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Spelman • Serves on the boards of Surgical Care (MCC) Best in Business Award for Friend
College; Atlanta, GA Affiliates (NASDAQ:SCAI), McCarter of Business
• Texas State Bar Theater, and the Princeton Area
• United States Patent and Trademark Office
• Inc. Magazine’s ‘The Internet Strategist’
Community Foundation. • President of Black Ivy Alumni League
Patent Bar • Trustee emeritus and presidential
• United States Supreme Court Bar • Served on the NAWBO National
• 2011 Nations Best Advocate (Impact/NBA)
council member at Cornell University Presidents Assembly
• 2014 White House STEM Champion of Change • Serves on the Harvard Business School
Board of Dean's Advisors.
EdTech: Educational Technology
Education Technology (also known as “EdTech”) refers to an area of technology devoted to
the development and application of tools (including software, hardware, and processes) intended
to promote education.

1st Place for K – 12 Learners 2nd Place for K - 12 Learners

IXL Learning is passionate about creating Khan Academy is a non-profit educational
and supporting the best educational organization created in 2008 by Salman Khan with
technology possible. The organization the goal of creating a set of online tools that help
develops first-of-their-kind products used by educate students. The organization produces short
millions of learners, from children to adults. lessons in the form of videos. Its website also
includes supplementary practice exercises and
People count on IXL to make learning as
materials for educators. All resources are available
effective as it can be, and the organization is for free to users of the website. The website and its
deeply committed to solving the real-world content are provided mainly in English, but is also
challenges faced by students and teachers available in other languages including Arabic,
around the planet. Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, French, Georgian, German,
Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian,
Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, and
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days @wgbwc365
A NYC based 501(c)3 Charity Organization Monetary donations will benefit youth
enrichment programs in under served
ABOUT: metropolitan areas across the USA.
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days is a community-based Donations are received via PayPal @
organization turned 501(c) 3, created by S Cubed Productions, and/or CashApp
LLC., to provide a luxury atmosphere to inner city teens as we $wgbwc365inc. Please join our $5.00
groom their minds, hearts and spirits to recognize that they are Campaign Drive in celebration of 5 years of
our future leaders of the World. We want to impart important service to 750 + youth with a goal to raise
social and personal values that will leave room for their $5000.00 by July 2020.
individuality. We want to give back not just for a season, but
#365Days a year.

#WGBWC365 invite partnerships with other organizations to

further extend services to the community via non formal #Free
Pop Ups throughout the NYC Tri-State area to men, women, and
children that are in need. We will continue to serve and create a
sense of Hope For Humanity by providing a sense of unity in the
MUSIC ON THE MIND: The Brotherhood of Harper Noyzpix

Q: When do you need your

brother the most?

Q: Who’s older? A: I need my brother most

when I need fire under my
A: Moose is the a**…so when I need
oldest & I think inspiration/confidence to do
more was always something.
expected of him
because of it.
Q: What would you tell your children about brotherhood?

A: I already encourage my sons to be there for each other, to

be best friends and to love one another no matter what.
@moosiewins @noyzpix
Q: What types of
technology allow you Q: What is your brother's
biggest pet peeve?
to "Do life" and keep
the brotherhood A: People acting like they
strong? can’t do something and
coming up with dumb
A: Smart phones & excuses, instead of just #smelltherosesep
social media admitting they don’t wanna
do said thing.
Q3 Flash Backs! 123rd Annual


Brooklyn Gives Annual Back2School Drive

The Full Nelson NYC
There is no Future without Change
Join a group of well spoken (or opinionated) people and the concept of change will
come up pretty often. Change of habits, change of address, change of thought, change
of heart are a few topics that are discussed amongst these groups. The frequent
monikers ‘Can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ or ‘The only constant is change’ will also
come up once or twice. The group may even break out into Sam Cooke’s song, “A
Change Is Gonna Come”.

Yet, even though we agree that change is a constant, we avoid it at most costs. As
Christians, we love to have the same work produce the previously experienced
outcomes. We pray and BOOM! a miracle happens! We pay our tithes and give
offering and SHAZAM! a million dollars appears in the nick of time. We go on a
prayer walk and TADA! no more homeless on the streets. Though it may seem like
I’m making light of the important practices for faith, it is absurd to think that we
will affect change for the future.

Hebrews 7v12 urges us to lead the way for change that will impact the future
generations of humanity. Yes, we will still hold true to doctrine but tradition should
be relative to current vernacular, spiritual needs, physical needs, social needs and
mental needs. Take a look at the communities we presently serve. The cries for
change in the way we share the power of The Gospel are loud and clear. We need to
answer the call to change for the future.

Hebrews 7v12
Acts 6v14
Genesis 35v2