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2019 Q4: 2020 Vision

365 Black History: The U.S. State of Health

Marisa Moore is a trusted food and nutrition expert

Jamel Randall is the 32-year-old Detroit native that appearing regularly in national media outlets. Marisa has
Dr. Cooper is licensed in Acupuncture and Herbal
has a passion for creating mindful moments for others over ten years of experience working with clients to
Medicine by the State of New York and is recognized
to enjoy, appreciate and become stronger with every improve health outcomes in overall wellness, weight
as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine by NCCAOM. She
experience. He is dedicated to elevating one's mind management, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure
graduated from the prestigious Pacific College of
for the next step by bringing awareness to the benefits and heart disease. She is a contributing editor for Food
Oriental Medicine, completing approximately 1000
of coupling therapeutic massage with yoga. His and Nutrition Magazine where she reviews mobile health
clinical hours and over 2500 didactic hours of training.
mission is to teach clients to create mindful responses apps and writes articles on the latest food and nutrition
She is skilled in all primary modalities of Chinese
and appreciate their internal strength for a healthier trends and topics. She is the consultant dietitian for
Medicine such as acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal
and stress-free lifestyle by letting go of unhealthy Spelman College and currently serves as adjunct faculty
formulas, cupping, gua sha, tui na.
habits that cause impulsive reactions in their daily at Georgia State University. Marisa is also a contributor
lives. to People magazine and blogger for US News & World
Prior to studying Chinese Medicine, Dr. Cooper
received a B.S. from Dominican College in Athletic Report and the Huffington Post.
His belief in a lifestyle of healthy living is grounded in
Training. She is also a registered and licensed
creating a balance inside the body that organically Athletic Trainer with the Board of Certification. Before launching her consultancy full-time, Marisa
integrates the mind, body and soul equally. managed the nutrition worksite wellness program for the
US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Eating to Metabolize
Dietary needs vary from person to person. What one person may eat to live a healthy
lifestyle may look different for the next person. Therefore, below is a brief description
of four of the most popular dietary selections in the past 10 years.

Speak with
your PCP to
determine the
best diet for
healthy living!
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days @wgbwc365
A NYC based 501(c)3 Charity Organization Monetary donations will benefit youth
enrichment programs in under served
ABOUT: metropolitan areas across the USA.
#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days is a community-based Donations are received via PayPal @
organization turned 501(c) 3, created by S Cubed Productions, and/or CashApp
LLC., to provide a luxury atmosphere to inner city teens as we $wgbwc365inc. Please join our $5.00
groom their minds, hearts and spirits to recognize that they are Campaign Drive in celebration of 5 years of
our future leaders of the World. We want to impart important service to 750 + youth with a goal to raise
social and personal values that will leave room for their $5000.00 by July 2020.
individuality. We want to give back not just for a season, but
#365Days a year.

#WGBWC365 invite partnerships with other organizations to

further extend services to the community via non formal #Free
Pop Ups throughout the NYC Tri-State area to men, women, and
children that are in need. We will continue to serve and create a
sense of Hope For Humanity by providing a sense of unity in the
MUSIC ON THE MIND: Breaking Bad & Breaking Bread
Q: What is a common
With Randy Mason @randymasonmusic bad habit that artist
have to correct in order
to succeed?

A: Comparison and
Q: What is the level of importance of sharing coveting.
your craft with other artist, Christian & non- Entitlement and lack of
Christian? patience. I think if we
A: I think collaboration is critical to healthy dig deep enough into our
community. Our craft is in some sense our own hearts we’ll find
language. It’s how we communicate. It’s how that we all wrestle with
we share and exchange ideas. I think it’s
important to find common ground with other these things from time
artist- to share, give and receive. In terms of to time. I think we have
faith, art and collaboration are often great to deal with heart
conversation starters, opportunity to share
faith. Sure, it can get complicated at times. issues- continually in
Sure, there are instances where order to be successful.
collaboration doesn’t make sense, situations
where collaboration may not be mutually
beneficial. Overall I believe sharing my craft
with other artists regardless of faith is
important and can serve a greater purpose
than the immediately recognizable.
Q4 Flash Backs!
Elements Church Christian Education 2020 Flash Forward!
x Charlotte Mason Conference

Together we Go Further.
A few weeks ago Sis Marina Mason spoke about the importance of people
coming together. People come together easily for the fun stuff like parties,
plays, sports and graduations. We also come together for the less happy
moments like funerals and standing up to social injustices. Then there is the
duty of coming together to be of mental, social, and spiritual support to our
fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We call these gatherings service, whether
we are in a building or outside on the street.
There is something special that happens when we gather together -- we create
atmospheres for connection beyond physical boundaries. Our prayers become
sweet songs to God’s ears. Our laughter becomes the healing we need from our
troubles. The scriptures become the living path for our lives. The breaking of
bread allows us to actively participate in koinonia.
True koinonia manifests in signs, miracles and wonders. We are able to thrive
in koinonia. Our families are healthy, our homes are protected, our love is
unconditional, our minds are creative and our hands are blessed. The below
scriptures share visual depictions of koinonia in action.

Acts 2v42
1 Cor. 1v9
Phil. 1v5-7

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