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C 158/2 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 7.6.


Wednesday 3 November 1999

 Isler Béguin, who announced that she had attended, in a private capacity, the funeral of the victims of
the Armenian terrorist attack, on the invitation of the Armenian ambassador to the European Union;
 Alavanos, who asked if there was any truth in the rumour that the part-session press reports were to
be stopped (the President replied that the Bureau was due to discuss Parliament’s information policy
that evening and added that she was not in favour of discontinuing the report).

4. Documents received

The President had received from Mr Beysen a written declaration for entry in the Register (Rule 51) on the
reasons for the abstention on the Tampere resolution (No 9/1999).

5. Order of business

The President announced that the order of business had been established (Item 10 of the Minutes of

Two requests for modification to the agenda of that day’s sitting had been referred to her:
 the Commission had been unable to adopt the proposals on tackling discrimination and consequently
did not wish to make a communication on the subject. Commissioner Byrne would, however, be
prepared to give a communication on the state of British beef and veal following the meeting of the
scientific steering committee.

The President suggested placing this communication on beef and veal on the agenda instead of the one on
tackling discrimination (Item 35 on the agenda).

Parliament agreed to this proposal.

The PSE Group, with the support of the Verts/ALE Group, asked for this communication to be followed by
a debate and not by questions to the Commission.

The following Members spoke on this request: Barón Crespo who, on behalf of the PSE Group, explained
the request, Poettering, on behalf of the PPE/DE Group, Hautala, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group, Cox,
on behalf of the ELDR Group, and Barón Crespo on Mr Poettering’s remarks.

Parliament reject the request by RCV (PSE Group).

The following pointed out that they had not voted due to a fault with the electronic voting system: Bonde,
Sandbæk, Paasilinna, Miranda, Hänsch, Schori, Leinen, Patrie, Souladakis, Meijer, Weiler, Miller, MacCor-
mick, Hyland, Friedrich, Banotti, Naranjo Escobar, Perry, Avilés Perea, Sumberg, Wynn and Nassauer.
 The Committee on Employment had asked for the recommendations for second readings on seafarers’
hours of work Hughes (A5-0042/1999) (Item 37) and Smet on organisation of working time
(A5-0041/1999) (Item 38) to be dealt with as a joint debate.

Parliament agreed to this proposal.

6. British beef and veal (Commission Communication)

Mr Byrne, Member of the Commission gave a communication on the state British beef and veal following
the meeting of the scientific steering committee.

The following asked questions which Mr Byrne answered: Jackson, Roth-Behrendt, Daul, Lynne, Isler
Béguin, Böge, Martinez, Whitehead, Stevenson, Goepel, Berthu, Murphy, Sturdy and Auroi.

The President closed this item.