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C 158/8 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 7.6.


Thursday 4 November 1999

(2000/C 158/02) MINUTES




1. Opening of sitting

The President opened the sitting at 9.05.

The following spoke: Haarder, who complained about what he felt was the excessive duration of the bell
announcing the beginning of the sitting, and Flemming and Hager, on these remarks.

2. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

Mr Korakas, Mr Blak, Mr Deva and Mr Whitehead had informed the Chair that they had been present at
the previous day’s sitting but that their names were not on the attendance register.

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

Mr Speroni recalled the comments he had made on 4 October 1999 (see Minutes of that sitting, Item 3) and
asked, pursuant to Rule 43 and Annex II of the Rules of Procedure and further to a letter he had received
from the President in response to the issue he had raised, that the period of ‘one week’ mentioned in
paragraph 13 of Annex II be referred to the competent committee, i.e. the Committee on Constitutional
Affairs (the President assured him that the President of Parliament was likely to agree to this request).

3. Documents received

The President had received from committees:

(a) reports:
: * Report on the Council Decision concerning the approval, on behalf of the Community, of the
amendments to the Annexes to the Convention on the protection of the Marine Environment of
the Baltic Sea Area (Helsinki Convention) (COM(1999) 128 : C4-0218/1999 : 1999/
0077(CNS)) : Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy
Rapporteur: Sjöstedt
: * Report on the Council Decision establishing the Employment Committee (COM(1999) 440 :
C5-0173/1999 : 1999/0192(CNS) and on the proposal from the Commission: Guidelines for
Member States’ Employment Policies 2000 (COM(1999) 441 : C5-0147/1999 : 1999/
0816(CNS)) : (Hughes procedure) : Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
Rapporteur: Menrad
: Report on the Draft Joint Employment Report for 1999 presented by the Commission
(SEC(1999)1386 : C5-0215/1999) : (Hughes procedure) : Committee on Employment and
Social Affairs
Rapporteur: Menrad

(b) recommendations for second reading:

: *** II Recommendation for second reading on the common position adopted by the Council with
a view to adopting a European Parliament and Council Directive relating to the availability of
consumer information on fuel economy and CO2 emissions in respect of the marketing of new