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Official Journal of the European Communities

C 170 E/89

Obviously any unwarranted action taken against companies from a Member State will be dealt with according to existing Community procedures. Relations between the Community and its Member States and Chile are governed by the Framework Cooperation Agreement. Article 33(2) of the agreement says that the Joint Council, made up by members of the Council and the Commission, and representatives from Chile, should examine important problems and all other bilateral and international issues of common interest, with the aim of achieving the objectives of the agreement. The aim of the agreement is to strengthen existing relations between the Community and Chile, and the Commission will do everything within its power to preserve and improve the level and quality of the relations.

(2000/C 170 E/102)

WRITTEN QUESTION E-1742/99 by Alexandros Alavanos (GUE/NGL) to the Commission (1 October 1999)

Subject: Construction of nuclear power plant in earthquake zone at Akkuyu, Turkey The recent disastrous earthquake measuring 7,4 on the Richter scale in north-east Turkey and last year’s earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale at Adana have provoked further alarm over the risk of a future earthquake in the region of Akkuyu, where Turkey plans to build a nuclear power plant. This area is only 27 kilometres from the active seismic fault known as Ecemis. We are aware that the European Union ‘is not empowered to participate in procedures for selecting sites for nuclear reactors’ but that does not reassure the populations of Turkey and its neighbouring countries about the risk of a nuclear accident owing to the exceptionally high level of seismic activity in the region. What means does the Commission have at its disposal to persuade Turkey to devise other solutions to its energy problem? What initiatives does it intend to take?

Answer given by Mr Verheugen on behalf of the Commission (11 November 1999) The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written question P-1423/99 by Mr Trakatellis (1).
(1) See page 9.

(2000/C 170 E/103)

WRITTEN QUESTION E-1744/99 by Carmen Cerdeira Morterero (PSE) to the Commission (1 October 1999)

Subject: Attacks on homosexuals There has recently been an escalation in the number of attacks on gay and lesbian communities throughout Europe. Incidents such as the throwing of an explosive device at a gay bar in the city of Gijón on 1 August 1999, or the terrorist attack on a similar establishment in London in which several lives were lost, are truly alarming developments. Such crimes are particularly serious in a region such as the European Union, where the protection of human rights is a basic issue, especially at the present time when we are drafting a European Charter of Fundamental Rights.