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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 209/7



Invitation to submit project proposals for the 2001 ECSC Technical Coal Research Programme in
the fields of mining engineering and coal utilisation (Pursuant to Article 55 of the ECSC Treaty)
(2000/C 209/06)

In application of Article 55 of the Treaty establishing the aspects of lignite technology can be taken into consideration
European Coal and Steel Community, the European if they are of interest for hard coal as well.
Commission administers a coal research programme whose
aims and objectives are described in the Medium-term High priority must be given to the exchange of results and
Guidelines for technical coal research, and under which experience among the partners during the course of the
financial aid is granted for projects in the fields of mining research. Moreover, given the importance attached by the
engineering and coal utilisation. The normal level of funding Commission to the exploitation of the results of Community-
is up to 60 % of the estimated eligible costs of the projects funded R&D programmes, project proposals should include an
selected for support. explanation of the way in which it is intended to apply and
disseminate the results of the planned research, and an
All persons or organisations of the European Union may apply evaluation of their potential economic impact.
for such aid.
Particular importance is attached to project proposals relating
The method of application is laid down in an information to the reduction of the cost and environmental impact of coal
package, which can be obtained from the Commission’s mining and coal utilisation, and to health, safety and working
Cordis RTD database at the following Internet address: conditions in relation to technological developments in those fields.

In the interests of good management of the coal research

which also provides downloadable application forms. programme, the Commission will give preference to
Applicants are strongly requested to read carefully the details proposals for large, coherent and well-integrated projects.
concerning the method of application in the current
information package, and to comply with the requirements Signed applications for financial support from the ECSC coal
laid down therein. research budget for 2001 should be submitted to the following
The Medium-term Guidelines for the research programme,
which describe the objectives of the programme and the Mr J. K. Wilkinson
range of research topics covered are included in the European Commission
information package. DG TREN/C/3
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
Applications for financial aid are invited for projects in the B-1049 Brussels
fields described in the Guidelines. Projects in these fields
must be presented and carried out jointly by independent and should be received by the Commission before midday on
legal entities from at least two Member States. Projects which 15 September 2000. Applications received after the deadline
do not involve at least two Member States are not eligible. cannot be taken into consideration. Applicants requested are
Proposals which also involve organisations from countries advised to take into consideration any possible postal delays
that are candidates for EU membership can be considered, and are additionally required to submit their proposals also in
although such organisations can not receive a direct financial rich text format (rtf), either on diskette or by e-mail to the
contribution from the European Coal and Steel Community. following address:
Research proposals concerning the coking and briquetting of
lignite are eligible for support. Proposals related to other before the abovementioned deadline.