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INTRODUCTION .................................................................................................. 1 DETOXIFICATION AND COLON CLEANSING .............................................. 3
Heavy Metals: ....................................................................................................................... 3 The Value of Colonies and Enemas .................................................................................... 3 Self-Test For Friendly Intestinal Flora ............................................................................... 4 Garlic, Chlorophyll Enemas ................................................................................................ 4 Good Water, Fresh Raw Vegetables, Fruit Juices and Meditation ................................ .4


Night Before the Fasting Begins .......................................................................................... 6 POST - FAST ........................................................................................................................ 8


DIGESTIVE SySTEM........................................................................................... 9
Stomach, Intestines, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas ........................................................ 9 The Tongue ........................................................................................................................... 9 Mouth .................................................................................................................................. 10 Stools .................................................................................................................................... 10 Dietary Concerns ................................................................................................................ 10 Digestive Problems in Children ......................................................................................... 11 GENERAL ABDOMINAL PAIN ..................................................................................... 12 Pain in the Lower Abdomen .............................................................................................. 12 Abdominal Pain Caused By A Cold .................................................................................. 13 Abdominal Pain in Babies ................................................................................................. 13 Abdominal Swelling ........................................................................................................... 13 ACIDITY AND HYPERACIDITY ................................................................................... 14 To Reduce Appetite ............................................................................................................ 17 Bad Breath (Halitosis) ........................................................................................................ 17 Belching ............................................................................................................................... 18 Colic ..................................................................................................................................... 18 Diabetes and Pancreatitis .................................................................................................. 19 Hypoglycemia ..................................................................................................................... 22 Gastritis ............................................................................................................................... 23 Gastro-Enteritis .................................................................................................................. 25 Heart Burn .......................................................................................................................... 26 Liver Trouble (Cirrhosis and Hepatitis) .......................................................................... 27 Cirrhosis of the Liver ......................................................................................................... 29

Hepatitis / Jaundice ............................................................................................................ 30 Gall Bladder ........................................................................................................................ 30 Gall Stones .......................................................................................................................... 31 Obesity ................................................................................................................................. 33 Ulcers ................................................................................................................................... 35 Nausea ................................................................................................................................. 37 Nausea with Vomiting ........................................................................................................ 38 Worms ................................................................................................................................. 38


Excretory System: Colon, Kidneys, Bladder, Lymph Nodes, Skin..................... 40
Acne, Boils, Pimples ......................................................................................................... 40 Bleeding Gums .................................................................................................................... 41 Bleeding Wounds ................................................................................................................ 42 Bruises and Sprains ............................................................................................................ 42 Corns and Calluses ............................................................................................................. 43 Burns ................................................................................................................................... 43 Skin ...................................................................................................................................... 43
Wrinkles ..................... ... ......................... ... ......................... ... ......................... ... ............................. 43 Skin Cancer ... .. .............. ... .... .. ... .. .............. ...... ... .. ... ........... ... ... .... .. .. ... .... ....... ... .... ..... .. ... .. ............. 44 Tumors .. ... ... ................... ..... .. ..................... .. ... .. .. ...................... ..... .. .. ............ ....... .. ... .. .. ... ............. 45

Skin Inflammation .............................................................................................................. 46
Skin Allergy .. .. ........................ .. .. ..................... ... .. .. .. ................... .. ... .. .. ................... .. ... ................. 48 Skin Rashes ... .. ... ........... ... .... .. ... .. ... ........... ... .... ..... .. .............. ... .... .. ... .. .............. ....... .. .. ... ... ............ 48 Blackheads ..................................................................................................................................... 49 Pimples .... ... ......................... .................... ........ ......................... ... ......................... ... ....................... 49 Acne .......... ... ........... ... ........... ... .............. ... ........... ... ........... ... ........... ... ... ........... ... ........... ... ............ 50 Eczema ....... ................... ......... ................... ............................ ......................... ... ..... ...................... .. 50

Allergies ............................................................................................................................... 51 Appendicitis ........................................................................................................................ 52 Diarrhea .............................................................................................................................. 53 Dysentery ............................................................................................................................. 55 Flatulence ............................................................................................................................ 56 Flatulence in Upper Intestines ........................................................................................... 57 Flatulence in the Lower Colon .......................................................................................... 58 Food Poisoning ................................................................................................................... 58 Aching Joints ...................................................................................................................... 59 Arthritis ............................................................................................................................... 59 Bladder Inflammation (Cystitis) ....................................................................................... 63 Colitis ................................................................................................................................... 65 Constipation ........................................................................................................................ 67 Fever .................................................................................................................................... 69

Influenza .............................................................................................................................. 70 Insect Bites .......................................................................................................................... 71 Gout ..................................................................................................................................... 71 Hernia .................................................................................................................................. 73 Hemorrhoids/ Piles ............................................................................................................. 74 Indigestion ........................................................................................................................... 75 Kidney Inflammation ......................................................................................................... 77 Nephritis .............................................................................................................................. 78 Kidney Stones ..................................................................................................................... 79 Edema (water retention) .................................................................................................... 81 Cystitis ................................................................................................................................. 82 Urine .................................................................................................................................... 83
To ease painful urination .... ... ... ............. .. .... ... ... ............. .. .... ... ... ................ ... .... .. ................... .. .... .. 83 For Frequent or Excess Urination .................................................................................................. . 84 For Urination Problems with Children ..................... ......................... ............................................. 85

Rheumatism ........................................................................................................................ 85 Toxemia ............................................................................................................................... 86


Respiratory Systems: Lungs, Bronchial Tubes, Throat, Nose, Sinuses ........ 89
Lungs ................................................................................................................................... 89 Pleurisy ................................................................................................................................ 90 Asthma ................................................................................................................................. 91 Bronchitis ............................................................................................................................ 93 Hodgkin's Disease .............................................................................................................. 94 Chest Congestion ................................................................................................................ 94 Colds .................................................................................................................................... 95 Sinusitis ............................................................................................................................... 97 Chronic Dry Cough ............................................................................................................ 98 Coughs ................................................................................................................................. 99 Whooping Cough .............................................................................................................. 100 Influenza ............................................................................................................................ 101 Pneumonia ......................................................................................................................... 102 Sore Throat ....................................................................................................................... 103 Tonsillitis ........................................................................................................................... 104 Laryngitis .......................................................................................................................... 105 Pharyngitis ........................................................................................................................ 106


Circulatory System: Heart, Pericardium, Blood Vessels ................................ 107
Anemia ............................................................................................................................... 107 Chest Pains ........................................................................................................................ 108

........................... Nervous System: Brain........ ....................................................... ......................................... 118 Headache .. ..... . ................................ .......................... .................................................................................... 109 Arteriosclerosis .. ... ............................................. .. 122 8....... ................................................. 145 & Uterus .................................................. 134 Neuropathy ........ 134 Neuritis ................................ ............. ..................... 113 Circulatory Problems ............................................................................. ..... Prostate.... ......... 125 Fatigue ........................ ..................................................................... .................... ........ .................. .. ...................................... ............................................... 144 Amenorrhea ......................................................... ......... ...••••....................................................... ... ..................................... 128 Insomnia ............. .••••. .. 120 Varicose Veins .................................................................. ................... ......................... .......................... ............................ .......... .................................................... 111 Cholesterol Levels . ..................... 142 Menstrual Disorders ........... ........................ ....................... .... ... . ...•••••... ............. ... 141 Leucorrhea ........................... .................... 127 Hypertension ............................. 144 Dysmenorrhea ................................................................. . .................. .......... Testes Impotence ................ ................. ............. ....................................................................... ................. .................................................. ......... ............................. Suprarenal Glands.. 131 Multiple Sclerosis ............. 145 Premenstrual Syndrome ............ ...... ......................................... ............................... 115 Low Blood Pressure ......................................... ............................................................................ .. ............................... .............................. ................................. .................... .... .............................. ................................................................ .. ............................................ . 114 Blood Clotting .. ................................ .. ...Angina Pectoris .................... ........... ........................... .••••...... 135 Paralysis ...................... ............................ 140 ................................ .... .. ......... 125 Epilepsy ........................................................ Ovaries... ......... 144 General Menstrual Problems .... ........... ................................................ ....... ....................... .. ........................................................................................................................... 139 9..................... 136 Strokes and Paralysis ................................ ......................... ...................................... .............. .................. ... ....... 132 Nerves ............................................................. ........ .......................................................................................... 115 Blood Pressure (High) ........••••........................................... .....................................................................••••..................... ................................. 124 Alzheimer's Disease ................................. ........... ..................................................................................... .............................. ..... 137 Sciatica ................... 112 Vascular Disease ............. .•••••.................... 124 Cerebral Palsy .... Eye ................ 133 Neuralgia .......................... ....... ................................................................................ .......... ........ ............................. ............ 143 Menorrhagia ................................................................. ........................................ . 140 Infertility ......................................................................................................................................... ............... ................ ... ..... 125 Eye Trouble ................. ......... .. .......... ........................ Reproductive System: Genitals............................... ... ................................... Nerves.... ...... ............... 118 Heart Disease ................................................................. ........ ............................................ ............... .................................................... .......................................... ........... ....... ....... .......................................... ............. 129 Migraine .... ..

............. 187 14......... ................................. ........................................................ 161 VEGETABLES ......................... 159 FOOD THERAPy........ 190 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS FOR HEALTH..... 17...................................................................... ............................................................ 174 BEE PRODUCTS ........................................ ..... .................... . ................... .......................... .................................................................... 174 GRAINS .......... ................................. 178 SPECIFIC JUICE THERAPIES FOR SPECIFIC PROBLEMS ........... .......................... .............................................................. ................................... 189 ESSENTIAL MINERALS FOR HEALTH .. 185 13................................................................................................................. ......... ..... ..... 160 The Perfect Diet ............ .............................. ..... ................. ... 186 Good Health Profile .. .................................... ....................................................................................................................... 148 The Breast................ ........................................ 175 Precautions ...................................... ...................................................... .................. ............................................. 175 VINEGAR .... ................................................. The Best Utensil and Energy to Use For Health ................................................................................................ . ........................ Castor Oil ....................................... 168 NUTS ...... .......................... 176 The Practice of Loving-Kindness Meditation ......... .................................................. 171 SEEDS ...................................... ............................................................... . 160 Diet For Children ...........................................................................................................................................................Pregnancy ....................................... ..................................... .................................................................................................. 160 FRUITS ................. OTHER CAUSES OF IMMUNE SYSTEM DISEASES ..................................................... ......... ..................................................................... 149 Prostate Disorder ......................... CANCER / AIDS / HERPES ............... ..The Body Sweep .. ...................................................................................................... 156 11..... .... ..... ... .................................... 151 10............................................................................... 175 THERAPEUTIC FOODS AND JUICES ...................................... .............. .... 193 HEALING PROTOCOLS AND BENEFITS................... ......................................... ............... .... 154 Herpes ............ ............................ ...................................................... .............. 196 . 173 PULSES ............ .................................. ......................................................... 147 Labor ...................................................................... ............................................... 196 16......................... ........................................................................ ............. ... ... .......... 172 OILS ....... ............................. ....... 15.............. ............... ................................................................................................. ...... ................................... 177 Loving-Kindness Meditation .... .............................. .................. ........ 150 Ear Problems ......................................................... 186 Bad Health Profile ........................ ....... ........................................ 165 LEAFY VEGETABLES AND SPICES ........ .......... ......... 179 NOT TO BE USED IF: ................................................................................................................ ............. 152 AIDS ... ............. ........................................ 12....... ......................... 152 Cancer ................. ............ ............ ...... ................................. ..................................... GOOD AND BAD HEALTH PROFILES ................ ........................................... . ...... 146 Morning Sickness ......

. .. ........ . 209 HIPS ............................. ................. .... ............... .. . .... ............... . .. ...... .... ........... ... ... ..... .. ... 198 What is pH? ... ...................... ..... ... . .................. ....... .... ... .............................. . ...... . 199 Colloidal Silver Therapies .... ....... . ... ................. .. .. ........... . ... ...... . . .. ............ 199 OZONE THERAPIES and OTHER NON-TOXIC OPTIONS .............. ........ . . 198 How to Test for pH Values: ................................................... .... ......... .. .... . ... ........ .............. .... .... ....... ................ .......... ..... ... . ...... ................. ......... . ........... ...................... ....... ....... ......... ..... .."GOOT" .. ........ .......... ...... .... ...... ........................................ .. ........... ..... .. .. . ................ ... ... .... ....................... ...... . ..... .. .......... ............... .. . ......... .. ... .... ...... 210 ESSENTIAL OILS . ........... ........ .................... .................. ............ .. 215 COUGH and COLD .............. ......... .. ............................................... . ........................ ........ 215 NECK and SHOULDERS ................ ...... . ...... ......... ...... ........... ....... ................ ........ ... . .. ..................... ..... .. ........................... ........... 216 GENERAL BACKACHE .. ... ....... . ................... . .... . ......... ................... 215 KIDNEY .. ........................... . .. .... .. .. 214 CHILBLAINS . ......... ..... ............. .. .. ............. . .......... .... ... ............................ ... ..... ... . ... . ........ 206 Shoulder ...... ....... .......... .. .. .... ....... ... ......... ....... ....... .. .... .... .... ..... ........ .... . ................... 209 LEGS . .............. ..... ....... ... .............. .. ............... ....... .......... .. ......... . .. .. ......... ..... . ... ........ .............. ...... ... .... .. ..................... ...... ............. . ........ ........ ............ ......... ...... .................... . . ....... .............. .. .. .......... . ... 215 HEART ........................... ......... .. 207 ARMS ... ........ ......... ........ ......................... .... . .... 214 HAY FEVER and ASTHMA . ................... ... ..... ...................... .... 208 FACE ........ ........ ... ..... ... ....... 201 HOW TO DO OZONE RECTAL INSUFFLATION . ...... .... . .. . 209 FEET ................ ....... . .... .... .................. ... ....... .. .. ..... .. 208 ABDOMEN ................... .... ... ........................... ....... . ... ...... ................ ............ .... .. ... ........................... ... ... . .. ...... 210 USAGE OF ESSENTIAL OILS ............BALANCE YOUR pH ..... .... ....... ............. ..... 204 Massage and Essential Oil Therapy .... ..... . ... ........ ... . ..................................... ....... .. .................. ............................ ........... ......... ........... 205 Massage ...... ... ...... .... ... 211 PROBLEMS AND COMBINATIONS OF OILS ............. ...................... .............. .................... 198 What to do when pH is out of balance? .. .......... ............... ..... .. .... ................... .... .......... .. 203 COLON IMPLANTS OF RAW GARLIC CLOVE" A Ten Cent Miracle" ...... ........... ....... ........ .......... ........ . .......... ...... ........... ........... ..................... ........ . .... ................... ........ ............... ............... ............................... ............ . ................................ ... 208 HANDS .. ....... .... .................. ...... ...... . 214 RHEUMATISM ......... .............. ............. .... ..... .. ......... ... .... ............ ... ........... ........................................ .... . .... ............ ..... .............. 200 OZONE THERAPY CHOICES ............ 203 CUL TURED CABBAGE JUICE THE "50 CENT MIRACLE" .......... ..... ... ...... ........... ........ ..... .... .................................... .... ... .. ... .... .. ... ....... . ... ... .. .. ................ ... .............. ..... .. .......... ...... .... .... ... ..... ............ .. . .. . ........... .... ......... ................... . ... ...... . .............. 202 HOW TO MAKE OZONATED WATER AND OILS ..... 204 GARLIC OIL OINTMENT TREATMENT ..... 214 PLEURISy ....... ..... .............. ............. ...... ... ........ .. 201 RATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF DIFFERENT OZONE TREATMENTS .............. ...... ................................. ......... ................. ..... . .... ............... . .... ...................... ... ........... .... ... ............ ................................... ......... . ..... ... ......... ...... ........... .......... ........ .......................... ... ....... ..... . ...... ................ .. 212 Massage Therapy .... 205 Self-Massage Techniques .... .... ..................... .................... 216 .... .. . ....... . . . ..... .. ... .

has all but forgotten this marvelous ancient health regimen. Even today primitive tribes in Africa. including arthritis. But so called ‘modern civilization’ with its blind faith in chemical drugs. toxins. surgery and technology. The person learns first hand how to open and relax their mind. not taking any of these states of mind as beings theirs. live significantly longer lives and manifest significantly higher energy levels who deprived of food from time to time. parasites. The enzymes breakdown and ‘digest’ these foreign invaders and damaged cells and they dump them into the bloodstream for excretion through the colon. When sick animals instinctively abstain from eating. lethargy and cancer. At this point. which enter the bloodstream and circulate far and wide throughout the body in “search and destroy” missions against microbes. and potentially cancerous damaged cells. chronic constipation and other digestive ailments. but realizing that it is only a process of mental and 1 . The tired. and Pythagorus required his students to fast and meditate for forty (40) days prior to receiving his higher teachings. and extending lifespan especially among enlightened health therapists. fast and meditate until they purge their bodies of the toxins responsible for their ailments. however.Therapeutic Fasting 1. After about thirty-six (36) hours without food intake. There is no substitute for fasting and mental development through meditation. the body automatically switches over from the digestive mode to the detoxification mode. however. Fasting and meditation used to be a common therapy during the early stages of human civilization. and it has been clinically proven that all organisms from insects to mammals. INTRODUCTION Fasting and tranquilizing the mind through meditation ranks among the world’s most ancient and effective health therapies. promoting vitality. skin and lungs. kidneys. its marvelous healing mechanism can only work when the person eases ingesting. digesting and metabolizing solid food while beginning to open and relax their mind through meditation. fasting and meditation are once again being recognized as an incomparably powerful tool for maintaining health. weak and listless feelings experienced during the first three or four days of a therapeutic fast are due entirely to the presence of all these toxins and other waste matter in the bloodstream as they are waiting to be excreted. the millions of active enzymes normally secreted into the stomach for digestion of food are converted instead into ‘scavenger enzymes’. where ill people are put to rest. the Soviet Union and North America and people are flocking to them in droves for relief for every ailment known to man. a condition that most people have never experienced in their entire lives and their mind becomes highly emotional. rheumatism. weakness. not to the lack of food and this is where meditation is most helpful. Jesus fasted and meditated frequently to purify his body and clear his mind of attachments. Today. Asia. There are now therapeutic fasting and meditation centers in Europe. Ironically. there are few if any fasting centers in the Far Eastern countries even though fasting was once well known to oriental therapists. and South America still maintain “sick houses” on the outskirts of their villages. both as a cure for specific ailments and a general preventive against disease and degeneration of the organism.

only some discomfort. If daily colonic irrigations are included in the program. may easily be performed at home. most people lack the will and self-discipline to do this. and most important of all . the glands. and many are simply afraid to try it. Therefore.the entire bloodstream. which is easily let go of when the person is practicing meditation. people who are becoming aware of the damages of self-toxification posed by modern lifestyles and industrial environments. 2 . Although therapeutic fasts with colonic irrigations and meditation. A therapeutic fast must last a minimum of seven (7) days. a properly organized therapeutic fasting/meditation center in Thailand serves the requirements of many people living in Thailand and elsewhere throughout the East. It takes precisely seven (7) days of fasting to completely detoxify the lymphatic system. Meditation and learning how to open and relax the mind cleans away the mental debris while the body is cleaning itself. the organs.Therapeutic Fasting physical cleansing occurring. so their is no damage in fasting for seven (7) days. The human body may be deprived of food for forty (40) days before it starts devouring its own tissues. the colon is also thoroughly purged of the dried toxic mucus and hardened waste matter that gets so deeply impacted in the folds of the colon and chronically pollutes the bloodstream. to be fully effective.

including vitamin B12. and also produces several toxins. would benefit from a colonic. bifidus and bulgaricus. Red Clover. DETOXIFICATION AND COLON CLEANSING Heavy Metals: Heavy metals like lead and mercury and other toxins can depress body temperature. carrot and celery juice or cabbage juice. To determine whether heavy metals are a problem for you. Quingcai Zhang MD say Garlic is good to reduce lead levels in the body. yeast overgrowths and even cancer (if one lives in a big city they can benefit greatly by detoxing their body at least once a year). suppress activity of the glandular system and slow down the immune system. 3 . The Value of Colonics and Enemas Bad bacteria in the colon produce ammonia. persons who are HIV+ and who have symptoms. grapefruits. Professionally administered colonics are the most effective. have your doctor test for the level of lead. An alternative health practice may need to be sought out for this testing procedure. the last segment of the colon that home enemas may not reach. Some of these friendly bacteria are lactobacillus. drink a pint of raw vegetable juice (i. digestive enzymes and most of the ‘B’ vitamins. mercury. Colonics remove a lot of toxins from the body.Therapeutic Fasting 2. making people susceptible to chronic infections. the friendly bacteria produce acetic acid. which kills the bad bacteria. While infections in the Ascending and Transverse colon are not common.e. To remove HIV. and oranges. which lowers the pH of the colon (in an acidic direction). Buckthorn. Buckthorn is listed by Tenny as a herb to remove lead and Red Clover as a herb to remove toxins. the best being cultured cabbage juice). consider colonics and enemas. also special colon cleansing drinks which may be taken orally. to replenish the electrolytes. and other heavy metals. acidophilus. After a colonic. This is very good to remove heavy metals that you can get in the powdered form from health food stores. The friendly bacteria produce lactic acid. Candida and other pathogens from the colon. Pectin is found in apples and in the rind of lemons. Citrus Pectin and Garlic remove heavy metals Several sources including Louise Tenny’s Book “Today’s Herbal Health” and Dr. which can cause many symptoms and even cancer. as they reach the ascending colon. Hair analysis can be helpful in making this determination. Apple Pectin. Besides lactic acids.

Fresh Raw Vegetables. of liquid chlorophyll (2 teaspoons of colloidal silver is another option which helps quite a bit). friendly flora like acidophilus produces a wide range of ‘B’ vitamins. which cause your urine to be yellow.Therapeutic Fasting Self-Test For Friendly Intestinal Flora An ancient belief is that when your stools are sinking. Lie on your left side insert the tube (lubricated with olive oil or any recommended lubricant). Use enemas once a day for the first month. Beat until completely blended (about 2 minutes). Try to retain the mixture in your colon for at least 5 minutes before releasing it. Sinking stools and clear urine are bad signs. Pour into the enema bag and use either early in the morning or late at night once a day. Use a pillow to prop up your buttocks. parasites. To 1 pint (500 ml) of water in a blender add 2-3 cloves of garlic and 2 tbsp. Stools will float when friendly flora in the colon area produce a type of lipid that makes the stool weigh less than the water in your toilet. 4 . This will cause the enema solution to move deeper into the colon. To gauge this properly stop taking all vitamin supplements for two days before checking to see how healthy your body actually may or may not be. It kills all undesirable viruses. It is best not to use tap water for this. Stools that sink indicate the absence of friendly flora. Shut off the water flow with a finger control valve. Increasing body temperature increases thirst for liquids. Fruit Juices and Meditation Drinking lots of good clean water (at least 2 liters daily) helps the body remove most toxins and poisons. Retain for as long as possible or up to 5 minutes before releasing. Good Water.. Adding 2 or 3 capsules of black walnut may make this mixture more effective in killing parasites. then 2 or 3 times a week after that. Chlorophyll Enemas Do this once daily for 1 month. your health is deteriorating. People with low rates of metabolism and low body temperature do not crave water and this causes the toxins to build up in the blood and in the cells. Using a ‘colema board’ is the easiest way to do this. But if no board is available. as needed. allow the water to fill the colon until it feels full. Garlic. then lie on your back and continue to allow more fluid into the colon until it feels full again. but about 4 hours after your meal. distilled water is best. Floating stools and yellow urine are good signs and indicate a healthy colon. bacteria and fungus in the lower bowel. You can imagine how dirty your clothes would look if you tried to wash them with just 1/2 the water you normally use. Suspend the enema bag 24” above your body while lying down. It is best to clean out the lower colon area with a pint of warm water before retaining the garlic and chlorophyll enema. Note: enemas should not be taken just after eating. In addition to producing gamma interferon which builds the ‘T’ cells.

Practicing at least 30 minutes of meditation daily helps to clean out the mind of stress and anxieties. Freshly squeezed carrot. celery and parsley juice will increase energy levels quickly when taken 2-4 glasses daily.Therapeutic Fasting This urge should be satisfied as water is necessary (definitely not ever soft drinks) for the kidneys to function in removing toxins from the blood. 5 .

the better the program is working for you. However. Take four (4) doses of each combination 1 1/2 hours apart and meditate after each dose throughout the day. nutrients. etc. By mid-day. more if you can manage it. therefore. Tranquilizing and calming ones mind helps to develop equanimity and a sense of balance with what is happening in the present moment. take second dose of psyllium/ bentonite mix and meditate again. you will start to feel quite weak. they circulate throughout the body in the bloodstream. then 1 1/2 hours later take second dose of nutritional supplements and meditate. including the brain. Enzymes enter the bloodstream and roam about the entire body. If using the ‘Colema board’ for irrigations. because it means that your body is full of toxins and that these toxins are indeed coming out of the tissues where they have been stored for years and into the bloodstream for excretion. or eat only a light meal of fruit or salad. vitamin E. tired. When one meditates properly they will be able to watch and soften their mind into this process. the body switches over to the detoxification mode. because this substance 6 . This is NOT due to hunger or starvation!!! This is due to the fact that after about thirty-six (36) hours of not eating solid foods. It is the toxins coming out of the tissues and carried in the bloodstream that causes discomfort. skin and lungs. the toxins come out so fast that the blood can’t excrete them fast enough. Before bed. Day 1: Upon arising. Now is when the meditation becomes especially important. either together or separately.husk. fat and other tissues. take 2-3 herbal laxatives to purge the bowels of residual feces the next morning. take extra bentonite liquid. then another glass of water.seed. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING A 7-DAY FASTING PROGRAM Night Before the Fasting Begins Its best to skip dinner the night before beginning a fast. to start out at least 15 minutes each time. This is when you begin meditating for at least 15 minutes each time. listless. take your first dose of psyllium. take first 5 gallon of warm water with coffee and apple cider vinegar through the colon during the afternoon. Day 2: Same basic program of cleansers. The worse you feel. plus 1-2 tablespoons of liquid Bentonite detoxifier. as the body becomes listless and tired ones mind begins to become a little grumpy. (Meditate until you go to sleep). These toxins are dumped into the bloodstream for excretion through the kidneys. 11/2 hours later. lymph nodes. 1 1/2 hours later. Begin getting into the habit of meditation daily.Therapeutic Fasting 3. vitamin C. and another one at night. If you feel very bad. meditation and colonic irrigations. and whole beet juice tablets and again meditate for 15 minutes at least. before bed.powder (Metamucil) with 300-400 ml of pure water (distilled is best). Day 3: Today you will feel worse than on day 2. (How to do the meditation will be explained thoroughly later). internal organs. extracting toxins from joints. take your first dose of nutrimental supplements: wheat grass juice tablets. Continue the program outlined above. As bodily feelings become somewhat unpleasant the minds reaction to that feeling is what needs tranquilizing and softening at that time.

to assist the kidneys and colon in their job of elimination. Even though you have eaten nothing for four consecutive days. you will notice that you remove the most quantity of foul wastes from your colon on these days. especially if you are very toxic. you now begin to eliminate huge quantities of tough toxic waste. so by this day your body is completely rejuvenated. the stuff that has been deeply impacted into the folds of the colon for many years. you will eliminate the most waste from the colon to really clean out the colon. This is the time when you learn the most about how your mind works. dried mucus. Day 7: You will feel better than you can ever remember on this day. Day 5: Most people begin to recover their energy on this day. this is the most difficult day. You will feel as though you could easily fast and meditate for another week or two (and do so if you have the time). rubbery waste from the colon on the first 4 days. DON’T GIVE UP NOW!!! This is the halfway mark. It is easier to sit for longer periods of time and the mind will actually begin to experience some tranquility. by this time. you will easily finish the whole program. but again DON’T STOP NOW. It takes exactly 7 days to completely purify the bloodstream and lymph glands. You will not feel hungry at all. Sitting in meditation is very easy and mind is exceptionally calm and bright. an days 5. Also. as the body is almost completely detoxified and the bloodstream purified. By now the meditation becomes much clearer and easier to do. If you wish. Day 6: Energy builds very rapidly now. if you are using the ‘Colema Board’. You will notice that you dream very clearly and intensely during these days. you may go to work or perform normal errands such as going to the market. both the mind and body feel light. This frees the blood to start building up the tissues again and replace damaged cells and tissues.Therapeutic Fasting neutralizes toxins in the blood until they can be excreted. Your body and your breath will stink as the toxins are pushed out through the skin and lungs.6. Keep meditating in the same manner even though you may not feel much like it. That’s because you already removed the first several layers of sticky. and other accumulated debris from the colon. etc. and if you make it through this day. Your body will feel very light and supple and your mind will be incredibly clear. like going to the movies! This is because the brain is now almost detoxified and therefore it works much more efficiently and clearly. Even if you do not use the ‘Colema Board’. 7 . and now you are getting down to the real ‘nitty-gritty’. If feeling very weak. The meditation will now seem very troublesome and you may not want to sit at all. most of the heavy toxins have been eliminated and the mental stress lessens. Day 4: For many people. By this time.7. you may take extra wheat grass juice tablets and extra beet juice tablets for energy.

Especially the cultured cabbage juice (1/2 cup 3 x’s daily). It will keep the digestive tract clean and keep every thing moving. spitting out the skin and seeds. That night you may have a large raw vegetable salad. Make sure that you take at least 1/2 cup of cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s daily for the next two weeks to replace the natural flora needed for digestion and vitamin B production. or perhaps two fresh Raw Apples and some more meditation. again continuing the meditation and sit for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Day 10: Begin the day same as days 8 and 9. take another dose of pysllium seed husk powder (Metamucil). with raw fruits and raw vegetable juices and meditation. well washed. 8 . along with 1/2 cup of the cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s for the day. etc. The more seriously you take the meditation now the less likely major illnesses will bother you. 2 hours later.. Try to eat at least one meal per day entirely of raw food. The more you let go of stress the healthier the mind and body become.avoid meat and fish. rice and noodles . Also take two doses of pysllium powder. with grapes. perhaps a large glass of fresh Raw Carrot juice and meditation. apples. it’s a good idea to continue taking pysllium powder (unflavored Metamucil) once a day. which causes accumulation of toxic waste. If you eat meat or fish. you may have your first cooked fresh vegetables. That night. Morning time is the best for meditation because then you start the day with a clear calm mind. Do not mix starch such as bread. Never take cooked food of any kind as your first meal. this will prevent putrefaction and fermentation of food in the digestive tract.FAST Day 8: It is extremely important to break a fast correctly. fresh Raw Apples or some sort of Fresh Raw Vegetable Juice (the best is cultured cabbage juice). In fact. but be careful about what you eat and still take 1/2 cup of cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s daily for the next 14 days. tofu. Continue in this manner all day. such as vegetable salads or fruit (but not both together at the same time). colas. or once every 2-3 days permanently. more grapes. or other ‘junk foods’. 11/2 hours later. For example. A few hours after that. with cold pressed olive oil and fresh lemon juice dressing (no vinegar). to help move the grapes through the system and restore normal bowel movements. Day 9: Start out the day the same as day 8. candy. do not mix with rice and/or noodles. The best items to eat on the morning of day 8 are. sweets. Continue to take one dose of pysllium powder per day for at least 2 weeks. start the day with one kilogram of fresh Raw Grapes. Day 11: You may now return to a proper diet. If you eat carbohydrates like bread. raw Black Grapes. carrot juice and meditation. white starch (this includes white bread). or rice together with protein such as meat and seafood.Therapeutic Fasting POST . then meditate. And to continue your meditation for at least 45 minutes daily and longer if possible. No sugar.

we must learn to control them. Young fresh vegetables grown without chemical fertilizers contain more vitamins. and mental strain can be prevented. among the most common are psychosomatic factors such as nervousness. This results in disrupting the digestive system in general and gives it more work. A deep red one indicates an inflammatory condition. internal congestion both in the digestive tract or in 9 . vegetables boiled in too much water. severe headaches and ulcers. bad breath. poor digestion. These can be due to both hormonal imbalances and improper eating habits. it is good to know what not to eat in order to prevent certain problems. More than knowing what to eat. ‘Tranquil Wisdom Meditation’ helps in achieving a harmonious and balanced life style. A pale tongue indicates weakness. The Tongue The tongue is a reliable indicator of the digestive system. Some eat fruit with. some people eat fruit with white sugar. and food value than those stored or canned. fruit requires nearly a quarter of the time for digestion compared to other foods such as fresh vegetables. This requires a conscientious and deliberate effort and in some cases it involves a significant change of habits. without much real food value. nausea. The common symptoms are indigestion. psychosomatic problems such as nervousness. mental imbalance of habitual restless thinking and stress. Similarly. or immediately after meals. Liver. stress. Sugar makes the fruit ferment. Selecting the right food is an art and can be developed as long as there is an interest in doing so. Similarly. cooked or fried (except tomatoes) are nothing but bulk and taste. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Stomach. avoiding excessively spicy and fried foods. This causes the production of gas and results in heartburn. minerals. belching. However. Gall Bladder. These disorders are easily cured through ‘Tranquil Wisdom Meditation’ (opening and relaxing the mind then coming back to the breath and relax the tension in the head and mind on the in-breath and the out-breath). if given a try. There are foods that can prevent many such disorders and when taken in the right combinations can even cure them as well. By learning to relax through doing some physical exercise and practicing ‘Tranquil Wisdom Meditation’ (relaxing the mind) daily without a break. People who eat anything and everything sooner or later suffer from various types of problems. anemia and fluid retention. hernia.Therapeutic Fasting 4. One important factor here is that instead of becoming a slave to our taste buds. Intestines. tension. By correcting eating habits and by following certain simple eating. many gastro-intestinal disorders can be prevented or cured. daily exercise and proper diet. A white coat indicates an excess alkaline condition. gas. It can also indicate the state of other systems. Pancreas Though the causes of abdominal disorders are varied and multiple.

A trembling tongue indicates a nerve problem. For example: all refined starches (wheat and rice) and refined sugars are particularly bad. Stale breath indicates poor digestion. fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juices (not pre-packaged and store bought). this causes their body to have a pleasant feeling for about a half an hour. ulcers. then the sugar goes away and they crash both emotionally and physically. Mouth Cracked lips. indicating a healthy diet. the indication is water retention and low energy. A red colored smooth tongue indicates vitamin (usually vitamin B) deficiency. The increase in diabetes in children has multiplied almost 10 x’s in the last seven years and the reason is the sweets that are given to the children to “make them happy”. . Also white polished rice is like a kind of glue in the intestines and it sticks to the sides of the intestines and any other food that is passing through. A yellow coat indicates an excess of acidity. Light or chalky stools indicate improper production of bile due to stones in the gall bladder. This causes the food to rot in the abdomen and then people complain about having gastric problems. Eating unpolished rice.Therapeutic Fasting the lungs. not loose or hard. When raising children one should never give them any kind of refined sugar. No small wonder. some of the foods that they ate years ago is still rotting in their stomach. Dietary Concerns For problems due to heat such as gastritis. and all kinds of problems. Where they are very hyperactive. Stools Normal stools.There are some foods which are eaten these days that can really cause problems in the body. just give them naturally sweet things like fruits. increase the intake of soothing foods such as raw ochre. . which causes gas. whole wheat bread. Red inflamed gums indicate a deficiency of vitamins and minerals as well as acidity. redness of the corners of the mouth or nose indicates an inflammation or an excess of acid in the digestive system. 10 . If the tongue is stiff and rigid then there is tension. acidity and sluggish intestines. and whole grains. toxicity or inflammation.The only real way to overcome these problems is to change eating habits to more raw vegetables. Loose stools indicate indigestion or poor assimilation. float. fruits. colitis and gastro-enteritis. papaya. If after sleep. yams and cultured yogurt with no sugar. there are tooth marks on the edges of the tongue. If you really want to do yourself and your children a favor.

such as garlic. Plenty of fruit juices with electrolytes. .If there is digestive weakness. Unfortunately the child’s system cannot take this burden and digestive problems can result.If the child is in nappies for a long time and if the nappies are not changed soon after they are soiled. sago or rice water. inadequate food or improper food. food that might cause gas such as beans.Avoid: white sugar. starch and pastries which produce an excess of acid. grind their teeth in their sleep and may have nightmares. a feeling of coldness.In the case of dehydration give a glass of water with a pinch of salt and a spoonful of honey every two hours. tiredness. tension while eating. Most mothers want their children to be nice. When there is malnutrition. red pepper. onion. . fennel. coated tongues. the result can be constipation. . . the abdomen gets bloated and the child becomes weak. carbonated drinks.Children who suffer constipation develop bad breath. . . a lot of water and electrolytes like sodium. swallowing air while eating and gum chewing.Avoid taking antibiotics.Always eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. (this depends on the individual) . animal fats. 11 . reduced urination and a dry skin and tongue. The result is lethargy. milk.People with any kind of abdominal disorders should eat according to their specified diet and they should make a habit of chewing their food until it turns to liquid in their mouth before swallowing the food. and lack of appetite. For these symptoms increase the intake of hot foods such as ginger.Too much food can be seen as fullness of the abdomen and veins can be seen on its surface. young coconut water and lentil soup may be helpful. . yogurt. and anise seeds. fresh vegetables. cold feet.If the child has diarrhea. Nappy rash can also be caused and this leads to the growth of bacteria.Natural foods. hot chilis. fibre foods and fruits help the acid/alkali pH balance. the usual symptoms are .Therapeutic Fasting . Digestive Problems in Children Ordinarily children fall prey to abdominal diseases because of malnutrition. round and chubby and their efforts to do so. . . turnips. they may “force feed” the child with the wrong diet.gas. sunken eyes. fried foods. This can start even in the womb itself. potassium chloride and other nutrients may be lost. bloating. hot spices.

8] Drink chamomile tea for abdominal disorders. Avoid dry foods. 6] Drink apple cider vinegar (one tbsp. yam. 2] Dry cut apples in the sun. . 5] Mix dates. in 250 ml distilled water) with a pinch of sea salt to help relieve pain below the navel region. Take 1 tbsp. At least 30 minutes twice a day. Pain in the Lower Abdomen Fennel and peppermint tea are especially good and of course meditation twice daily. and abnormal bacterial growth in the upper part of the bowel. 12 . 7] Finely chopped garlic with unsulphured molasses eaten regularly clears general abdominal pain. overdose of medication like aspirin. Mouth dryness may be due to a local infection of the mouth. Eat this once a day for about a week to treat constant abdominal pain. cloves. GENERAL ABDOMINAL PAIN Foods good for aches and pains in the abdomen: dill seeds. vegetable fibers (this means lots of raw vegetables) and fluids and develop regular daily bowel habits at least once in the morning and once before going to bed. and ginger and boil until cooked. 4] Eat fresh strawberries before meals to help prevent abdominal pain. Black Current Syrup with olive oil and few drops of lemon juice acts as a lubricant for the mouth. They can be powdered.Therapeutic Fasting . Also the practice of loving-kindness meditation is essential for the healing process to be most effective. adequate fresh fruit. Causes: deficiency of Vitamin B1. green peppers. An effective dose of Vitamin C can help to build up resistance and to heal. 9] Drink yarrow tea three x’s a day to relieve abdominal pain. saffron.Mouth dryness. Eat with regular meals. 10] Steep a few spoons of mint (peppermint) leaves in a cup of water. 3] Eating unripe papaya soaked in apple cider vinegar gives fast relief. Reduce the salt intake. Drink a cup 3 x’s a day after meals.The larvae of round worms are present in dirty surroundings and can be ingested through water or raw vegetables. excess of Vitamin D and Calcium. 1] Finely chop garlic and put in unsulphured molasses and distilled water. 1] Mix finely chopped garlic and tamari or seaweed sauce. To prevent round worm infections. Gall-bladder disease can also cause pain and discomfort just under the ribs on the right side and upper central part of the abdomen. A child with round worms feels very hungry in the early stages but later loses the appetite and develops nervousness and irritability. do not give unclean raw vegetables or unboiled water. As a preventive measure take: plenty of fresh plain yogurt. food allergies. 11] Drink 3 cups of cultured cabbage juice daily. spearmint. of the powder in warm water to relieve stomach pain. Drink a cup twice a day for a week to get over the pain.

7] Drink 3 cups of cultured cabbage juice daily. 9] Practice placing your loving attention into the area of distress and radiating love and peace there. radish. 3] Unripe papaya cooked in tamarind water and a bit of salt taken with little warm rice. John’s wort oil. Eat the whole concoction once a day for ten (10) days . This relieves abdominal pain due to cold. 4] Steep a few mint leaves in a cup of water. Drink once a day 5] Peppermint tea or two drops of peppermint oil in a cup of hot water with a bit of honey 6] Boil 5 red dates with a piece of yam and ginger in water until soft. 1] Drink broth or soup made of asparagus to clear swelling. swordbean. Abdominal Pain in Babies 1] Babies.for stomach ache and diarrhea due to a weal stomach. mustard seeds and ginger regularly to season food and prevent the cold sensation in the lower abdomen due to cold. Warm a betel leaf over a fire. suffering from abdominal pain. along with the practice of meditation and loving-acceptance. 4] Along with the practice of loving-kindness meditation for 30 minutes 2x’s daily. Mix half a tea spoon in warm water. 3] Using ginger and fennel seeds as seasoning in preparing food is very good in relieving abdominal pain. 2] Gently rubbing a few drops of castor oil in and around the navel. are easily soothed by gently massaging the stomach with St. 13 . cabbage. 2] Grind cinnamon bark. pineapple. This relieves abdominal pain due to an excess of gas. Drink 3 x’s a day. Relieves abdominal discomfort. nutmeg. Place the warm leaf on the navel region. 8] The practice of loving-acceptance meditation into the area of discomfort has been scientifically proven to increase endorphins into the area and promote healing. Practice twice daily for at least 30 minutes each sitting. Foods that help. Abdominal Swelling The cause of abdominal swelling is abnormal growth in the upper part of the bowels. Add some brown sugar if it produces a hot sensation. Abdominal Pain Caused By A Cold Cinnamon bark and garlic are especially good. 3] Blend a small piece of ginger with yogurt and add some salt then mix with cooked brown rice and eat. malt. 1] Use fennel. 2] Sweet Mango with peel for relieves abdominal swelling due to gas.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Chewing fresh sour plum relieves abdominal pain caused due to excess of gas.

regardless of how much carrot juice you drink. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Use castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines 1 time a day for 6 days. brings slight relief to upset stomach.1 1/2 litres daily. The common causes are stress and bad eating habits which cause an imbalance in the acid/alkali combination. This should be practiced at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for mental ease and healing to be most effective. The orange color is due to toxic bile being purged through the liver by the mega-doses of carrot juice. 5] Apple Cider Vinegar: It contains malic acid which is highly beneficial to digestion and balancing the Ph in the stomach. Contrary to popular belief it is not caused by carotene. as needed. 5] Take fresh pineapple or its juice twice a day to relieve swelling.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Drink hot lemon juice with a pinch of salt. vomiting. when the liver is clean. burning sensation in the abdominal area when the stomach is empty and frequent belching with bad breath. so it is purged out through the skin. 6] Peppermint Tea or Chamomile Tea: Steep in boiling water for five minutes before drinking. put in a blender with 1/2 cup of distilled water. Such doses can result in one’s skin turning orange color. any more than beets turn you red or spinach turns you green. then rest for 1 day and repeat for 2 weeks (or as long as necessary). This is also caused by over-thinking. Take two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar per glass of distilled water and drink 3 x’s daily. Add one tablespoon of cold pressed Olive Oil and 5 gloves of garlic (1/4 to 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper can be added to aid in the cleansing process). 3] Potato Juice: Take one medium sized red potato cut up into small pieces. 14 . Do this daily once a day for two weeks at least longer if necessary. Blend for one minute then strain and drink slowly in small sips until gone. you won’t turn orange. 2] Lemon Juice. Garlic: Take one whole lemon cut up with peel and seeds put into blender with 1 1/2 cups of distilled water. Cold Pressed Olive Oil. ACIDITY AND HYPERACIDITY This is the presence of excess acid in the stomach. 1] The Practice of Loving-Kindness Meditation: By placing loving and kind attention into the stomach ones mind relieves the tensions of the day which cause excessive acid in the stomach. The bloodstream cannot excrete the bile fast enough through the kidneys. Blend for one minute (actually time it) strain and drink once a day. 4] Carrot Juice: Raw carrot juice detoxifies the liver and helps to balance the Ph in the blood when consumed in quantities of 1 . diarrhea and abdominal pain. anxiety and dissatisfaction about the problems of living. The symptoms are discomfort in the pit of the stomach.

plum. cardamom. and mustard seeds. use ozonated olive oil. cream. caraway. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This helps to relieve mental stress and worry which are quite often the cause of loss of appetite. eggs. meats especially pork. adding a pinch of salt. Carbonated drinks. black pepper. parsley. Blend tomato and boil it with water. Tomato juice mixed with garlic and onion. nicotine. and garlic. 10] Foods to Avoid: Coffee. drink ozonated water daily (2 -3 liters). Take before meals 3 x’s daily. eat ozonated olive oil mixed with lemon juice over salads. all foods fried in oil. Cola. coriander. spinach (bulk or juice). white sugar. 9] Other Beneficial Foods: Celery juice. unpolished rice. aloe vera. 15 . Appetite A general improvement of appetite is noticed by using: fennel. 3 x’s daily. Use one tablespoon of alfalfa leaves to one cup of boiled water. Lemon Juice: Take 1 tbsp. Practice for 30 minutes 2x’s daily. Antacids are not really very useful for a lasting treatment. 3] Fresh Figs: Eat fresh figs twice daily after meals to improve appetite. Black tea (both coffee and tea with milk added is very hard to digest and does more harm to the body than can be realized). let steep for five minutes before drinking. Take 3 capsules 3 x’s daily. garlic. cheese. all meats. Citrus fruits like lemon have a net alkaline effect because their citric acid is quickly broken down in the body and leaves behind alkaline salts. white flour and polished white rice. Can drink these juices in combination with apple juice. alcohol. 6] Alfalfa Tea: Drink alfalfa tea every day for two weeks as a general tonic. oily fish. saffron. all milk products. Beet ( bulk or juice). celery. By placing ones loving attention into the stomach area it relaxes the stomach and one feels more like eating. soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes. 2] Blackstrap Molasses. of blackstrap molasses and add with 1 tbsp. Basil. of fresh squeezed lemon juice to a glass of warm water and drink right before meals and between meals. The practice of meditation also helps to improve mental well-being which helps the appetite. coriander leaves. or glycerin to massage over the liver and intestines 5 x’s daily for severe cases. 4] Tomato Soup: Drink tomato soup to help increase the appetite. dill. 7] Sarsaparilla: Sarsaparilla is known as the hormone herb and helps build up lean muscle mass with weight lifting. Take 3 x’s daily for best results. alfalfa. mint. 5] Fresh Strawberries: Eat five fresh strawberries before meals.Therapeutic Fasting 8] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the body in an ozone filled sauna bag for 30 minutes.

garlic. cucumber. chamomile tea. black or green tea especially with milk added. take 3 capsules 3 x’s daily. 10] Ozone Therapy: After a hot bath (or steam sauna) sit in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily. 9] Castor Oil Packs: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines. caraway seeds. raw vegetables and fresh fruits. lemon. then rest for 1 day and repeat for 2 weeks ( or until the appetite comes back). for one hour daily for 6 days. watermelon. All de-natured preprocessed foods that have artificial preservatives. whole grains. 12] Foods to Avoid: All milk products. polished white rice. white flour. alfalfa. Soak the feet in cool ozonated water for better blood circulation. dark grapes. 16 . drink ozonated water daily (2 . use ozonated essential oils for massage to improve appetite.Therapeutic Fasting 8] Ginseng: Ginseng is a natural source for testosterone for weight gain with weight lifting. eat ozonated olive oil with lemon juice for salads. coffee. sweetened carbonated soft drinks. raw tomatoes. unpolished rice.3 liters). All foods fried in oil. white sugar. 11] Other Beneficial Foods: Carrots.

the extra oxygen in the system helps to burn up fat and cholesterol. nicotine. 7] Other Beneficial Foods: Apple Cider Vinegar. Also by gently placing ones soft attention into the stomach the craving becomes less urgent. soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes to improve circulation and purify the blood. 6] Ozone Therapy: Ozone can be taken intravenously when given by a competent doctor. The castor oil pack puts healing energy into the immune system as well as into the liver for dedetoxifying when used in this way. alcohol. milk products. low carbohydrate foods. 8] Foods to Avoid: Fatty meat. pastries of all kinds. 2] Fresh Dark Grapes: Eat 1/2 kg ( 1 pound) of dark grapes 60 minutes before the meal 3] Cloves: Boil a few cloves with Black tea to relieve the pain of over-eating. pickled foods. Such a person should avoid acid producing foods such as fried foods. Many times this condition comes from a mind that is unsettled so the practice of meditation helps to relieve the cause of poor digestion and halitosis. 17 . By seeing directly the mental and emotional cause for this craving it becomes much easier to let go of the strong desire to eat so much. polished white rice. drink cool ozonated water daily (2 -4 liters). unpolished rice. As a side effect it also calms the mind. Practice 30 minutes 2x’s daily.Therapeutic Fasting To Reduce Appetite 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation helps one to recognize the cause for the strong craving for food. preserved foods. coffee and alcohol. refined sugar and flour. hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). fried foods of all kinds. 5] Castor Oil Pack: Use castor oil pack over the thymus gland one day and over the liver and intestines the next day. After a hot bath (or steam sauna) use a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily. 4] Dry Roasted Groundnuts: Eat 15 dry roasted groundnuts 30 minutes before meals. sweet soft carbonated drinks. cucumber-cabbage-onion-garlicginger juice daily. use ozonated essential oils for massage to burn off the fat. to absorb more healing oxygen into the blood stream. salted foods. all salt. Bad Breath (Halitosis) A strong smell indicates poor digestion and acidity. blackstrap molasses. coffee and tea (especially with milk added). fresh young coconut juice and soft coconut meat. red meats. High fibre foods. Spinach (bulk or juice). eggs. Use for 1 hour daily for 6 days (alternating every other day) then rest one day and repeat until it is not necessary.

coffee. white sugar. nicotine. garlic. the presence of Gall Stones or Kidney Stones in the duct. legumes and onions. medium sized carrot after the meal helps eliminate tooth decay.. Causes: faulty digestion. 3] Dill Seeds: Chewing dill seeds does the same as Parsley leaves. and chocolate. unpolished rice. round worms. loving-kindness meditation helps to relieve the stress in ones mind and thereby helping to improve the digestion. over feeding. onion.Therapeutic Fasting 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The practice of meditation helps one to relieve the stress and anxiety which are the root causes of poor digestion. The best way to prevent this is to carry the child on the shoulder and tap the back (gently) so that the child develops proper breathing. By directing ones loving attention into the stomach helps to improve the circulation to the area and improves ones whole condition. 6] Other Beneficial Foods: Lemon. 2] Fresh Grapefruit (juice or bulk): Take one whole grapefruit 3 times a day to overcome excessive air in the stomach. Belching 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The real cause of excessive belching is poor digestion. This relieves the excessive winds which cause belching. Practice at least 30 minutes. Nursing mothers should avoid eating cabbage. Practice at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for best results. 4] Red Dates: Eat a few red dates to help freshen the breath. 7] Foods to Avoid: Garlic. thyme or clove oil and put into a glass of warm water. The symptoms are similar to appendicitis. apple cider vinegar. tea especially with milk. Colic Abdominal or kidney pain caused by excess gas and acid owing to fermentation and putrefaction of improperly combined foods. Take after every meal for best results. radiate loving and kinds feelings into that area. or Clove Oil: Take a few drops of cinnamon. 5] Cinnamon. 2x’s daily. then gargle. The abdomen becomes hard and one’s feet become cold. If the child is suffering from 18 . Colic can be caused in infants by swallowing air while feeding (breast or bottle). Of course this in turn improves the circulation to the stomach by directing soft gentle thoughts and feelings there. Thyme. 2] Parsley Leaves: Chewing parsley leaves will even get rid of garlic or onion smell on one’s breath.

1] Carrot (10 oz. lemon. soothes inflamed intestinal lining. unpolished rice. coffee and tea with milk added. Diabetes and Pancreatitis Inability of pancreas to produce sufficient insulin to metabolize sugars. dark grapes. daily. pear. or as 6 oz. It settles the stomach very quickly and relieves the colic. so the pancreas fails to produce what little it used to. using ozonated olive oil rubbed onto the stomach works quite well. 3] Yogurt: Benefits all forms of indigestion. either in salad. the child can be made to lie on a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth. molasses. before insulin was given. refined sugars and starches. 19 . You can use other ozonated essential oils as prescribed. lecithin. juice mixed with 10 oz. all chemical and synthetic preservatives.). soothes intestinal inflammation. in a glass of water 3 x’s daily. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: Zucchini. owing to long-term excess consumption of refined sugars and starches. polished white rice. This is followed by making the child drink a few spoons of luke warm water. Take 2 tbsp. Also aloe vera that is ozonated helps quickly. 6-8 oz. 2] Cultured Cabbage Juice: Take 1/2 cup of cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s daily until the problem is healed.Therapeutic Fasting repeated colic. neutralizes acid. 9] Foods to Avoid: Pasteurized milk. 6] Castor Oil Packs: Place the castor oil pack over the stomach and leave for one hour. In such conditions. there will be a lot of gas in the intestines. Take as often as needed. celery. salt and foods preserved in salt. and phosphorus. onion. raw tomatoes. restores friendly intestinal bacteria. cooked eggs. 7] Ozone Therapy: Drinking ozonated water can bring relief. restores pH balance. potassium. Beet (3 oz. promotes peristalsis. inflammation of pancreas due to excess demand for pancreatic enzymes in the stomach. garlic. promote peristalsis. 1-2 pints (1 liter) daily. Once the insulin treatment gets started it cannot be stopped because the pancreas gets lazy and depends to much on the shots.). and parsley. raw apples (on an empty stomach). over-cooked meats. all food fried in oil. helps expel gas. and Cucumber (3 oz. must be taken raw.) juice: This blend of juices is very rich in the organic alkalizing elements sodium. chocolate. 5] Apple Cider Vinegar: This helps to balance the Ph in the stomach and soothes intestinal problems. carrot juice. 2 pints (or one liter) daily. 4] Spinach (Bulk or Juice): detoxifies digestive tract.

as the percentage of sugar level varies from person to person. which are craving and aversion when that craving is not satisfied. it is good to consult a doctor. Diuretics may worsen diabetes by producing a potassium or magnesium deficiency. has shown a great improvement in the metabolism of the pancreas. This loss may contribute to the kidney problem which is very common among diabetics. With increased levels of insulin. It is responsible for glucose tolerance and the ability to remove excess sugar from the blood. due to faulty endocrine pancreatic activity. Less Vitamin ‘C’ results in a lack of insulin. the cells crave for it and this results in weakness. and hypertension. numbness in the feet. a person who has a normal amount of insulin. Zinc is a component of insulin and a lack of zinc is also a contributing factor. Patients also get benefit from Vit ‘B12’. Chromium is found in Brewer’s Yeast. Wheat Germ. This may disrupt circulation especially in the feet resulting in advanced gangrene of the feet. Insulin helps to lower the blood sugar while the other two raise them. cold sweats. Diabetes Insidious: caused by the malfunction of the pituitary and is usually genetic or constitutional. (Chromium must be the form of molecules). In addition. tiredness. However. which in turn increases the production of insulin. Honey also has a beneficial effect on the patient. the blood may contain excess sugar. adrenaline and glucagon are important hormones which help in the metabolism of carbohydrates. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: When mind becomes calm and open it naturally begins to be more accepting of everything so there is very little craving and aversion which arise without being seen and gently let go of. With a deficiency of chromium. and even death. If sugar develops in the blood stream. before changing the diet. Diabetic patients are generally deficient in potassium (similar to low blood pressure). the demand for Chromium increases. coma. In the absence of sugar in the urine. Sulphur is also found in pancreatic insulin. it breaks down to ketones and acetones. due to excessive urine. given specially to children. excessive thirst.4). Dried bitter melon has an effect similar to insulin according to Chinese medical books. Insulin. Manganese is needed by diabetic patients. and Whole Wheat Bread. There is a risk of tiny blood vessels. blurring vision. There is also a tendency for narrowing of the arteries. Black Pepper. 20 . Manganese is lost inevitably. Symptoms: Unused sugar enters the blood stream and the urine. skin disorders. When the sugar level in the blood reaches a certain point (the body pH drops below 4. dizziness. Refined carbohydrates cause a rapid increase in the blood sugar level.Therapeutic Fasting Diabetes Mellitus: metabolism disorder in which there is a reduced ability to oxidize carbohydrates. Another possible side effect is rupturing of the capillaries of the eyes resulting in blindness. may not be able to utilize it. dryness in the mouth. one may experience weight loss. A small dose of chromium. Loving-Kindness Meditation has also proven to be very helpful in overcoming the root causes of diabetes. frequent and excessive discharge of urine with or without sugar. This results in blackouts.

as bulk. It can also be a little easier to take in an enema form. absolute abstention from refined starch and sugar required. Blend for one minute (time it because one minute seems longer than you might think) strain and drink on an empty stomach. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. 1 pint (500 ml. 3] Brussels Sprouts (bulk or juice): rich in alkalizing elements with specific affinity for the pancreas. take the whole plant the vines leaves and fruit clean thoroughly in distilled water. extract raw. steam lightly. By directing ones loving attention into the pancreas and radiating loving feelings into it. Molasses in large cup of warm water. if desired. 7] Lemon Juice. 1 tbsp. 5 peeled garlic gloves. steam lightly for bulk consumption. which works together.Therapeutic Fasting This is very helpful in learning to overcome all kinds of problems related to diabetes and even diabetes itself. 5] Bitter Gourd: Drink one 350 mg glass of bitter gourd juice every morning. Fill a blender 1/3 full of leaves. extract raw juice. add 1/3 blender of distilled water and blend until completely smooth. of cold pressed olive oil and 1/4 tsp. Continue until the entire 1 1/2 cups are in your colon. Take 1-2 x’s daily for 3 months to balance the pH in the blood. let the Bitter gourd into your colon. Can also do this with grapefruit juice as well. This will make two cups of the juice but drink all at the same time (it looses energy if you try to keep it in the refrigerator and has little effect).) daily. 1 pint (500 ml. vines and fruit. of cayenne pepper (is optional). 2 x’s daily. While lying on your left side. help restore deficient pancreas exhausted by excess demand for insulin and other enzymes.)daily 4] Blackstrap Molasses: use unsulphured Molasses (it is also called blackstrap molasses) only. Brewer’s Yeast: Take 5g of garlic with vitamin and mineral supplements and brewer’s yeast to reduce blood sugar. 6] Garlic. Cold Pressed Olive Oil and Cayenne Pepper: Take one whole lemon slice and put in a blender (the skin and seeds too) add 1 1/2 cup of water. may be mixed with carrot juice for flavor. as juice. this regimen has corrected diabetes. Vitamins. pancreatitis and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in 1-2 months. Retain for 20 minutes. take 2 tbsp. Molasses is one of nature’s richest sources of organic iron and copper. helps to increase the circulation of blood to that area. Place 1 1/2 cups in an enema bag. all cases of diabetes and pancreatitis are associated with iron deficiency. if desired. flavor Molasses with 1/2 tsp. vanilla or almond extract. and mix with carrot juice. 2] String Beans (bulk or juice): rich in potassium. then evacuate in the toilet. 21 . This will give you enough for 2 days of treatments. then lie on your back with a pillow under the buttocks. Do this once a day for 2 weeks. Garlic. alkalize the pancreas.

It also purifies the blood and relieves the load of work on the liver. dates. A shortage of sugar in the blood can cause a lot of problems and hypoglycemia is due to insufficient glucose in the blood stream. All chemical and synthetic preservative. It is better to take complex carbohydrate which allows slow absorption. cucumbers. so the feeling becomes better. Soaking the feet daily in ozonated water helps to improve the circulation in the feet and legs. figs. tomato. It also breaks up any congestion in the blood vessels and arteries around the heart. raisins. kidney beans. the sugar is absorbed immediately into the blood stream and this causes a strain on the pancreas. pepper. The practice of loving-kindness meditation directed to the pancreas is very helpful in stimulating the blood circulation to that area and helping the balance not only the mind but the body too. coffee and tea especially with milk added. This results in an abnormal drop in the sugar level. lettuce. By eliminating refined sugar many of the highs and lows can be avoided. chocolate. plum. mung beans. It has be known to dissolve tumors and growths in the body. lemon. hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). helps very much to improve the circulation and purify the blood (do this for at least 3 months or up to 9 months as needed). 11]Foods to Avoid: All refined starch and sugar. 22 . asparagus: citrus fruits (orange. 9] Ozone Therapy: Taking a shot (jab) of ozone everyday. An excess of white sugar. hot spicy foods. all food fried in oil. unpolished rice. By eating refined foods and sugar. Hypoglycemia This is low blood sugar which causes low body and mind energy. and other endocrine glands in combating excess sugar. hereditary factors and stress can over stimulate the adrenals. the liver. the blood sugar drops way below the normal level. Also the castor oil pack relieves tightness in the chest and lungs. The reaction is called reactive hypoglycemia or insulin rebound. lime): celery. overcooked meat. salt.unlike antibiotics). lemon. salt. (One can also use colloidal silver for effective healing of open wounds. this was used for over a thousand years before anti-biotics came along. Ozonated water heals cuts and open sores on the feet and legs. bananas. food preserved in salt. using ozonated essential oils (especially olive oil and aloe vera) helps very much in stimulating the pancreas and kidneys to function properly again. guava. raw tomatoes. mustard. After a short-lived boost in energy. grapefruit. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: Brewer’s yeast dissolved in warm water (one small packet of powder per cup). depression and irritably. cooked potatoes. using cool ozonated drinking water has some effects over a period of time.Therapeutic Fasting 8] Castor Oil Packs: Using a castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines one day and over the thymus gland the next for 6 days then rest 1 day and repeat. Adding sugar to food makes things worse. fenugreek. bitter gourd. This causes fatigue. given by a competent doctor helps tremendously to relieve the functioning of the pancreas and kidneys. There is no bad side effects from using this . This in turn makes the pancreas produce an excessive amount of insulin to be burned off and results in a weakening of the pancreas. raw spinach. raw onion.

obesity. nuts. Put it all in a blender for 1 minute (adding some honey if desired) and drink twice a day. 5] Ozone Therapy: Works in the same way as for diabetes. difficulty in concentrating. Gently place your attention and radiate loving and kind feeling into the pancreas. of Wheat Germ and 1 tbsp. Parsley leaves and Soya Milk : Mix 1 tbsp. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for best results. of Brewer’s yeast + 2 tbsp. exhaustion. Almonds. seeds. no foods with preservatives. To regulate the sugar level: Have a good protein diet. allergies. To prevent hypoglycemia.Therapeutic Fasting Symptoms: There is great urge to eat (especially sugar). alcohol. cream cheese. cold hands and feet. and all refined foods. beetroot. tofu. and nuts. Never skip a Meal . Sunflower Seeds. Gastric distress in stomach owing to excess gas and acid formed by incompatible combinations of foods. and vegetables. watermelon. recurring headaches. This drink clears headache and increases energy. of almonds. oats. unpolished rice. muscular pains. white flour. This helps to increase the blood of blood to the pancreas and relieves any emotional feelings which may be caught in that area. salt. soya beans. 23 . Adding roasted sesame seeds to the food is very useful as it provides extra protein and calcium. white rice. whole wheat flour and grains. of raw sunflower seeds. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The daily practice of loving-kindness meditation is essential for balance in both the body and mind. rye. butter. banana. bean sprouts. blackstrap molasses. whole grains and brown rice. Take frequent meals. uncooked sesame oil. stimulating spices. coffee and other irritants. caffeine. Eat whole grains. irritability. barley. avoid white sugar. Gastritis This is an inflammation of the stomach and the intestinal lining without peptic ulceration. 2] Wheat Germ. 3] Raw Apples: Eat 2 peeled apples a day to maintain sugar level in the body. 4] Castor Oil Pack: Using the castor oil pack works in the same way as described with diabetes. 1 cup of fresh parsley or guava leaves and 2 cups of soya milk. absolutely no canned or pre-packaged foods. and black beans (ulund dal). peas. 6] Other Beneficial Foods: dark grapes. with 1 tbsp. or alcohol. It is caused by the acidity of digestive juices. Brewer’s Yeast. emotional upset (or instability). margarine. lecithin. no ice cream. nervousness and depression. Feel the soft open happiness flow into that area and smile. adding cold pressed olive oil. Zinc and potassium are very necessary for a healthy pancreas and is found in whole grains. apple cider vinegar. seeds.

Beet. 2] Cultured Cabbage Juice: The lactic acid and sulphur it contains will kill pathogens and viruses of all kinds throughout the entire intestinal tract. It seems that the stomach and the emotions are very closely connected. loss of weight. Take 1/2 cup 3 x’s daily. 1/2 to 1 kg daily. then gently let go of those thoughts and feelings.. 10 oz/ 3 oz. lack of appetite and when chronic. drinking alcohol. 1-2 pints (500 ml to 1 liter) daily. soothes inflammation. the lactobacteria produce vitamin B and other factors needed by the bodies immune system. of dried Basil in a cup of water. Any troubles which may be causing the stomach upset may arise. balances stomach pH. they hurt and cause so many problems in your life. neutralizes stomach acidity. it heals ulcers and inflammation of the stomach. neutralizes toxic gas and acids. powerful organic alkalizing and detoxifying elements. the pain can be felt in the back and vomiting with severe abdominal pain can occur. in glass of water. Honey: Steep 1 tbsp. may be flavored with a little molasses. 3] Yogurt: soothes inflammation. Not for diabetes 7] Apple Cider Vinegar: Contains malic acid (all other vinegars contain acetic acid). consumes raw in salad. 2-3 times daily. 24 . 4]Carrot. as needed. 8] Basil. or juice. 1-2 pints (500 ml to 1 liter) daily./ 3 oz. Stress is another cause. Causes of this painful disorder are smoking. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Any time there is a problem with the stomach it is almost certain that the root cause is mental. if desired. Add a little honey and drink a mouthful three x’s a day. with no other food. small intestines and colon. promotes efficient digestion. and an excess of coffee. 5] Spinach (bulk or juice): detoxifies intestinal tract. the billions of friendly lactobacteria it contains will become implanted in your colon and produce even more lactic acid to keep the pathogens out.Therapeutic Fasting The presence of yeast organisms called candida can cause gastritis. 2 tsp. gently radiating a happy smiling feeling into it. Plain yogurt only. Softly direct your attention into the stomach. which is highly beneficial to digestion. So the practice of loving-kindness meditation and directing that loving-kind feeling into the stomach can bring immediate relief. 6 oz with 10 oz. or tea. Excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid can cause it too. So now is time to let go and love yourself. carrot juice. this cabbage juice should always be taken for 2 weeks after you ingest any kind of anti-biotics (even if the antibiotics are used externally). raw juice equivalent. and Cucumber Juice: Powerful alkalizing blend. 6] Grapes Puree: Dark grapes. restores pH balance. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. The symptoms are a coating over the tongue. raw. The practice of meditation and learning to soften ones mind into areas of distress is absolutely essential for both body and mind health. foe 1-3 days. promotes digestion in stagnant stomach. If untreated.

peppermint. whole wheat flour. vinegar (except apple cider vinegar). 2] Basil. 13] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the body in an ozone filled sauna bag for 30 minutes daily . 6] Cultured Cabbage Juice: Same as above for gastritis 25 . black tea not strong. then rest 1 day and repeat for as long as necessary. 4] Olive.very weak. of dried Basil in a cup of hot water. coriander seeds. garlic 2-4 gloves. papaya. raw apples. pickled and smoked foods. mustard. spicy foods. relieves excessive gas formation. Gastro-Enteritis Same symptoms as Gastritis. peach. apricot. cinnamon.. add 1/2 spoonful of honey and drink a mouthful 3 x’s daily. polished white rice. 12] Castor Oil Pack: Use a castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines 1 time daily for 6 days. 11] Coriander Leaves and Seeds: Using coriander leaves or seeds as a seasoning on raw salads. oat. and cooked cabbage.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Carrot Juice: Drink 1 . This relieves the acid in the stomach and calms the nerves. Practice at least 30 minutes. as needed. alcohol.11/2 liters of fresh squeezed carrot juice daily.the extra oxygen is soaked into the skin and relieves pressure on the stomach. blackstrap molasses. 15] Foods to Avoid: deep fat fried foods. sweet carbonated soft drinks. raw tomatoes.. Honey: Steep 1 tbsp. soak the feet in ozonated water for 30 minutes daily. 10] Cinnamon: Drink 1/4 tea spoon of cinnamon powder in warm water once a day. papaya. 5] Ginger Tea: Strong ginger tea is good for this problem 3 x’s daily. Eat 3 x’s daily. salt-preserved foods. 2x’s daily. 14] Other Beneficial Foods: Almonds. parsley. coffee and tea especially with milk added. use cool ozonated drinking water daily (2 . Ginger: Boil 5 green olives with a small piece of ginger in distilled water and drink the juice 3 x’s daily. unpolished rice. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Placing one’s attention in the problem areas and then radiating a soft warm feeling of love into it is the start to healing that area. hot peppers. 3] Cooked Guava: Crush fresh guava and boil in a little water until it is well cooked.3 liters). refined carbohydrates white sugar and flour. pear. use ozonated essential oils for massage.

This produces a burning sensation in the chest. 9] Other Beneficial Foods: carrots. cooked cabbage. Control weight. fatty foods. a tight valve between the stomach and esophagus. carbonated drinks. 26 . garlic. 8] Ozone Therapy: Use same as for gastritis. 2] Carrot Juice: Drink at least 1 liter of carrot juice daily to relieve heartburn. relaxes and allows gastric juices to flow back up into the esophagus. white flour. accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the stomach. whole wheat flour and grains. this causes heart burn (pain behind the breast bone). basil. refined starches. oats. Practice this at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for best results. alcohol. and polished white rice. do not eat too fast (always chew food until it turns to liquid in your mouth before swallowing). 5] Ozone Therapy: drink only ozonated water. white sugar. spicy foods. All fried foods. Eat smaller and more frequent meals. soak the feet for 30 minutes in ozonated water. Same as gastritis. Place your attention on the heart area and feel the warm glowing softness of love fill the heart completely. use ozonated essential oils for massage. unpolished rice. black currant. polished white rice. foods preserved in salt. white flour. avoid bending forward or lifting heavy objects. The practice of loving-kindness meditation helps to relieve gastric juices and mental stress which are the root causes of heartburn. Do not lie down immediately after eating. Drink a cup 2 x’s daily for a week to overcome chronic heartburn. Take a calcium supplement after each meal. 3] Peppermint Tea: Steep a few spoons of peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water. peppermint. Eating celery regularly clears heartburn. Sleep with pillows so that head and chest are elevated. balm. 10] Foods to Avoid: All fried foods. all carbonated drinks. 4] Castor Oil Pack: Use a castor oil pack over the thymus gland and stomach on one day and over the liver the next for 6 days then rest and repeat for 2 weeks (or as needed). 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation helps to strengthen both the heart and the stomach by relieving mental stress. Peptic ulcers can produce heartburn. 6] Foods to Avoid: White sugar. salt. coffee and tea especially with milk added. coffee and tea especially with milk added. chocolate.Therapeutic Fasting 7] Castor Oil Pack: Use same as for gastritis. Heart Burn When the cardiac sphincter. spicy foods.

2] Yeast: (brewer’s yeast) is a potent source of B vitamins and pangamic vitamin B15 acid. caffeine. jaundice. CAUTION: do not take if arthritis is evident. oil. Practice at least 30 minutes 3x’s daily for sever cases and 2 daily for minor problems. one regular and the other portal circulation. sugar. For jaundice. loss of weight. butter etc. Iron deficiency and anemia can also cause disruption. all of which are vital for liver function and help reduce liver inflammation. viral hepatitis (inflammation). tiring very quickly. It has double blood circulation. tea and all dairy products (cheese. Common problems with the liver: cirrhosis (degeneration). 3] Tomato: Raw tomato is especially effective in reducing inflammation of liver due to hepatitis and cirrhosis. red lines on the palms of the hands. A high intake of fat can overburden it and constipation can cause it to be sluggish. it helps with the circulation. 27 . In Hepatitis. By directing loving-kindness into the liver area it greatly helps to improve the blood circulation to the liver and it helps to purify the blood. on an empty stomach only. Swelling of the feet is very common. The liver is the store house for some very strong anger emotions. salt. milk. Hepatitis B (contaminated through bodily fluids). 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast in water twice a day. either bulk or raw juice. Along with theses things the spleen becomes enlarged. cream.Therapeutic Fasting Liver Trouble (Cirrhosis and Hepatitis) The liver stores iron and fibrinogen which assists in blood clotting. and feeling of fullness after light meals due to bile being stored up and not being eliminated. The symptoms of a sluggish liver: loss of appetite. belching. The symptoms are fever. chocolates. This helps greatly with the purifying of the liver and its proper functioning. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: By softly directing ones attention into the liver. general weakness. So sending Loving and Kind thoughts into that area it helps one to let go of old angry thoughts and feelings. One should totally avoid alcohol. best taken for 1-3 days exclusively of other foods (This means to fast only taking raw tomatoes). All the blood coming from the intestines first passes the liver before going into general circulation and thus it is one of the key organs of the body. it is better to avoid all fatty and fried foods for the rest of your lifetime. eggs. Malnutrition is one of the chief wreckers of the liver. animal fat. indigestion. a bitter taste in the mouth. Even after recovery. may be mixed with carrot juice for flavor and extra therapeutic benefit. the liver becomes tender and enlarged. and jaundice.) and spicy foods. Symptoms are yellowness in the eye and body. nausea. Pain on the right side together with headaches. do not mix with other foods. nausea. fried foods. Hepatitis A (through contaminated water and food). fats will not be metabolized by the liver and so should be avoided totally. alkalizes the liver and stimulates liver functions.

11] Beet Juice: Take 1/2 beet and put in blender. when the liver is clean.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Carrot Juice: Fresh raw carrot juice is one of the best liver detoxifiers when consumed in quantities of 2-3 pints (1. The castor oil dissolves any hardness in the liver and increases the blood flow. 8] Grape Juice Puree: Take five 500 ml glasses of dark grape juice blended with skins and seeds (Don’t strain). Blend for one minute. Some people have used it continuously for 12 hours without any problem. It purifies the blood and dilates the tiny blood vessels in the liver so it can function again properly. Cayenne Pepper: Cut up one whole lemon the peel and seeds included put in a blender add 1 1/2 cup distilled water. any more than beets turn you red or spinach turns you green. Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Take one tbsp. 28 . This detoxifies the liver and flushes it out very well. cold pressed olive oil. 5] Summer Squash: Especially rich in neutral sodium & pottasium which are electrolytes. This flushes out the toxins in the liver and promotes circulation of blood in the liver as well as balancing the pH in the blood. Take this twice a day for one week before breakfast and before going to bed. It works quickly and makes the person feel comfortable. 12] Castor Oil Pack: Use a castor oil pack over the liver daily. so it is purged through the skin. one tbsp. the orange tinge is due to toxic bile being purged through the liver by the mega-dosage of carrot juice. (not for diabetics to use). 6] Garlic. 7] Celery Juice: Take one cup 350 ml celery juice mixed with distilled water daily. Every good for purifying the blood and flushing out the liver. you won’t turn orange. contrary to popular belief. Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Summer squash is an excellent alkalizing which is needed for acidosis of liver and blood due to depressed liver function.1 1/2 liters) daily Such dosage sometimes results in an orange tinge in the skin. There are no bad side effects from using this therapy. Blend for one minute then drink without straining. 9] Bitter Gourd: The bitter gourd is one of the most important vegetables to eat when one has liver problems. Use every day for 6 days and rest for 1 day then repeat until the condition has healed itself. regardless of how much carrot juice you drink. Take one whole bitter gourd every day for two weeks. the green top as well as the red beet. five peeled garlic cloves. Drink every day for one month. Garlic. it can be used up to 3 times depending on the severity of the case. and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. Use everyday for three months. Lightly steam (no more than 3 minutes in very little water). 10] Lemon. the bloodstream cannot excrete the bile fast enough through the kidneys. no salt or spices. The castor oil pack is the most effective healing therapy known for the liver and gall bladder. this is not caused by carotene. It can be used in an enema make 1 1/2 cups and put in an enema bag then put into the colon and retain for 20 minutes do once daily for 1 week. take first thing in the morning before breakfast. of finely chopped garlic mixed with cold pressed olive oil at night to rejuvenate the liver. of cayenne pepper . strain and drink all (it makes about two cups).

Therapeutic Fasting 13] Ozone Therapy: Taking a shot of ozone from a competent doctor daily helps tremendously to purify the blood and that in turn helps the liver. apple cider vinegar.. bulging eyes. tomato. unpolished rice. cabbage. foods with chemical additives and preservatives and spicy foods. jaundice. Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes helps circulation. Cherries. Other foods that help in general are brewer’s yeast. whole wheat flour and molasses. sunflower seeds. whole grains. and alcohol completely. After a hot bath (or steam sauna) getting into an ozone filled sauna bag for 30 minutes pulls the toxins out of the blood through the skin. papaya. (A common site is the esophagus and piles in the rectum). Avoid all meat (even fish). radish. refined sugars and starches. reddish areas on the face caused by dilated capillaries. The practice of loving-kindness meditation is very helpful in balancing these kinds of problems. garlic. sprouted seeds and grains. Alcohol is the main cause of this problem. 29 . calves liver. cucumber. rosemary. 15] Foods to Avoid: Deep fat fried foods. breast enlargement in males. lemons. overcooked meats. In women. oat. drugs. Also use the castor oil therapy and ozone therapy as described above. of Colloidal Silver 1 or 2 x’s daily helps the balance the situation. radish. drinking ozonated water detoxifies the blood. Other causes are viral hepatitis. string beans (bulk or juice). lemon. onion (both white and red mixed together). Taking 1 tsp. soybeans. soya bean. chocolate. alcohol. celery. 14]Other Beneficial Foods: Beets (raw juice or bulk). polished white rice. various drugs and toxic chemicalised foods. beet and their tops. using ozonated essential oils for massage creates a quick healing effect. raw spinach. and cucumber. The most important foods that help the liver in its cleansing and detoxifying operations are green vegetables and carrots. egg yolk. Place your soft attention on the liver area and radiate love into it. coffee and tea especially with milk added. hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). The raised pressure in liver circulation causes bleeding at various places of the body. raw nuts. club fingers. Cirrhosis of the Liver This occurs when the liver cells gradually lose their functions and the liver itself shrinks. zucchini. Symptoms are thin hair. Practice daily 2 x’s for 30 minutes each. menstruation becomes irregular.

Put one pint (500ml) of distilled water in a blender and add 2 tbsp. 30 . 4] Thymuplex Tablets: This is an enzyme therapy take 3 tablets 2 x’s daily for 2 months then go in and have yourself tested for hepatitis 5] Chlorophyll. Gall Bladder diseases are quite common and cause prolonged suffering. 3] Parsley Juice: Drink one cup of parsley juice or take the leaves and seeds and steep in boiling water for 10 minutes before drinking. (very good to relieve jaundice). Green Vegetables and good quality plain yogurt as protein is essential. Raw Garlic Enema: It is best to clean out the lower colon with a pint (500 ml) warm water before using the chlorophyll . Pour into an enema bag. of liquid chlorophyll in a glass of water 3 x’s daily for 2 months. Wheat Germ.Therapeutic Fasting Hepatitis / Jaundice Eating plenty of carrots or drinking fresh carrot juice (1 . 7] Dandelion Root Capsule: Take 2 dandelion root capsules 2 x’s daily for 1 month. Gall Bladder The gall bladder is situated on the middle portion of the inferior surface of the liver. And more in sever cases. 1 or 2 x’s daily to bring relief and healing. 6] Chlorophyll: Drink 1 tbsp. Radiate that warm glowing feeling of love and kindness into that area Practice it for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily.garlic mix.1 1/2 liter daily). It stores bile. of honey. 2] Celery Juice: Take 1 liter of celery juice daily with 2 tbsp. do this in the morning. Try to retain the fluid you put in the colon for at least 10 minutes before evacuating it in the toilet. 8] Colloidal Silver: Take 1 tsp. concentrates it and releases it to the small intestines when it is required for digestion. (above) 10] Ozone Therapy: The ozone therapy is the same as for the liver. of liquid chlorophyll and 2-3 cloves of raw garlic leave in blender for 2-3 minutes or until the garlic is thoroughly ground up. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation when directed to the liver area brings balance to ones thinking and health to the liver. (above) It is very effective with all forms of hepatitis 11] Avoid: All of the same things for the liver conditions. 9] Castor Oil Packs: The castor oil pack can be used in the same way as for the liver.

remember to open and soften the mind continually by radiating loving feelings into the gall bladder. 31 . Calcium is another mineral that gets involved in stone formation. It improves circulation to the gall bladder and thereby helping to heal that area. which stands for Don’t Resist Or Push Soften . But when one opens and relaxes their mind into the pain it isn’t so bad anymore. especially fried foods. Food intolerance is the main cause. thereby causing less distress. Always try to open and soften the mind then radiate gentle loving energy into the painful area. Symptoms: a single stone may live silently in the gall bladder without causing any problem. The bile pigments also contribute to the formation of stones. Infection accelerates the process of stone formation. Lovingly accepting the fact that pain is there and softening your mind into it (without hating or tightening the mind). Fighting and hating the pain makes the pain worst. Obesity and fair skin favor this ailment. Loving-kindness meditation helps to open and soften the mind so the endorphins can help to bring some relief to that area.. fever with chills and pain in the right upper part of the abdomen is common.O.. a little pain becomes big and a big pain becomes unbearable. thereby stopping the natural pain killing endorphins from bringing relief.. it is very difficult to get the disease to cease and go away... Practice this whenever there is distress. Practice as much as possible when pain is intense. be it stones or chronic inflammation or infection can cause abdominal pain just under the rib cage on the right side. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation helps one to soften their mind around painful sensations when practiced properly. Anytime a person fights or resists painful sensations in the body they are actually causing themselves more pain and discomfort. Once diseased. so sending love into the pain instead of hate into it does help immensely.S. particular food habits are most effective. also sit in meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. It is when a small stone moves to the opening of the gall bladder or goes into the bile duct that it causes pain and jaundice. causes the pain to become less of an emergency.R. The largest contributor is cholesterol. without fighting or trying to mentally push it away. Gall-stones are common among women. The practice of loving-kindness meditation helps greatly when there is strong pain in ones body. As far as prevention is concerned. Persistent indigestion and flatulence should be checked. Gall Stones Gall-stones are formed mainly of the materials that are found in the bile. Food rich in fat causes this problem. It best to consult a doctor before administering any of the remedies as the size of the stone may endanger the passage by collecting in the tube and obstructing the passage. Gall Bladder problems. A good acronym to remember is D. there is an infection.P. Every effort is to be made to get rid of obesity. By fighting it. If in addition. By placing ones attention into the painful feeling and opening and relaxing the mind brings relief. The practice of loving-kindness meditation is very helpful when gall stones become painful.Therapeutic Fasting The Gall Bladder is one of those organs where stones form and where infection is very common. It is best to cut down on fatty. Pain cause ones mind to contract and become tight.

The next morning you will evacuate the gall stones. lecithin. 3] Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Take 2 tbsp. of undiluted.Therapeutic Fasting Practice whenever the pain becomes noticeable and stay with it until the pain goes away. watermelon. Take 3 x’s a day for 2 weeks. Use for 1 hour 6 days (can use more often during the day as needed). grapefruit. 4] Lemon Juice: Drink 3 tbsp. warm water with one tbsp. It must be very strong for it to work. If there is extra time practice 30 minutes 2x’s daily. of parsley in a cup of hot water for 1/2 hour and drink it 2 x’s a day to clear gall-stones. of apple cider vinegar and 200 ml puree grape juice. Lemon Juice. 7] Carrot Juice: Take 500 ml of fresh carrot juice 2 x’s a day to prevent gall stones. At 8pm drink another 4 oz. cucumber. and spinach. The lemon and olive oil help to clear out the gall stones. unpolished rice. Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Epsom Salts: Take 5 apples a day either bulk or as juice from the blender for 5 days. purges and empties the gall bladder. gall bladder and large intestines relieves the pain and discomfort immediately. The apples soften the stones so they will move through the tubes easily. 5] Apple. unsweetened lemon juice 1/2 hour before breakfast for one week. 8] Dandelion Tea: If one drinks dandelion tea regularly it prevents the formation of gall stones. of Cold Pressed Olive Oil. If you stir things up a bit. At 6pm drink 4 oz. orange. 11] Ozone Therapy: Taking ozone intravenously helps to relieve the symptoms quickly when given by a competent doctor. you will see some green stones floating. 9] Parsley Tea: Steep 1 tbsp. so the body can evacuate them easily through the bowels (the average for dissolving the stones is 6 days). of cold pressed olive oil before each meal to activate the gall bladder for one month. of horseradish soaked in 3 tbsp. 32 . whole grains. The castor oil will actually dissolve the stones in a very short period of time. and Grapes: For gall bladder infection eat 2 tbsp. It balances the pH in the blood and helps to lessen the uric content in the blood. 6] Chamomile Tea: Taken 2 x’s daily for two weeks it will dissolve the gall stones. warm water with one tbsp. The Epsom Salts is a strong laxative. young coconut milk. of Epsom Salts in it. 2] Horse Radish. blackstrap molasses. 12] Other Beneficial Foods: Garlic. 10] Castor Oil Packs: Using the castor oil pack over the liver. On the 5th day do not eat an evening meal. This may be hard to keep down but even if you feel like vomiting don’t. brewer’s yeast. It stimulates. At 10pm drink 4 oz of puree lemon juice mixed with 4 oz. of Epsom Salts in it. Apple Cider Vinegar. these are the gall stones.

consume raw in salads. all sweets. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. especially abdomen. and balances the endocrine system. Cucumber Juice: a major symptom of obesity is severe acidosis of blood and tissues. 5] Cabbage Juice: Raw cabbage juice detoxifies the stomach and upper bowels of putrefactive wastes..(200 ml) juice mixed with 10 oz. If patient has diabetes also the carrot juice should be diluted 1: 4 with distilled water and still drink the prescribed amount. followed by nutritional therapy. Obesity Excess adipose tissue deposited throughout the body. Celery and Cayenne Pepper: Mix 100g cabbage. 6] Cabbage. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. but such disorders are often also the direct result of poor dietary habits and may therefore be corrected with the same nutritional therapy. All foods fried in oil. detoxifies the liver. salt. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. thus promoting efficient metabolism and excretion of wastes. hot chilis and spicy foods. 10 oz. 5 gloves of garlic. carrot juice. polished white rice. or 6 oz. 1-2 pints (1 liter) daily. Cucumber. Loving-kindness meditation is very helpful to show one the root causes for the over-indulgence in food. Again if the patient has diabetes dilute at least 1: 4 with distilled water. thereby improving digestive efficiency and facilitating rapid elimination. with 1/2 medium sized cucumber. Which are mainly dissatisfaction and hatred of situations in ones life. owing to excessive consumption of refined starch and sugar and habitual consumption of incompatible food combinations. Beet. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This type of meditation is very helpful for one who is obese. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for no less than 2 years. Can use cultured cabbage juice 1 cup 3 x’s daily for 1 month or until the stools float and the urine is yellow color. sweetened soft carbonated drinks. By placing their attention into the stomach area and/or the liver area then radiating loving kind feelings into the area the person will begin to get a feeling of well-being that they have never experienced before. mix half/half with carrot juice. white flour products. Garlic. 2] Carrot Juice: raw carrot juice cleanses the entire digestive tract of morbid waste. this blend has potent alkalizing properties in the bloodstream and kidneys. pastries./ 3 oz. obesity is sometimes due to glandular disorders. and mustard./ 3 oz. 1 small onion. and thighs. chocolate. There will also be some emotion traumas stored there that will have to softly be let go of. all of which help cure and prevent obesity. white sugar. buttocks. 3] Carrot. fasting and colonic irrigations are very helpful as the first steps in correcting both obesity and glandular disorders. which is a common cause of obesity. 4] Spinach: Raw spinach is one of nature’s best antidotes for the lower bowel stagnation. Onion. and 3 33 .Therapeutic Fasting 13] Foods to Avoid: Coffee and tea especially with milk added.

Make sure you use a competent doctor. 11] Other Beneficial Foods: All raw vegetables and raw fruits which provide the active enzymes. over cooked meats. 1/2 hour before breakfast and 1/2 hour before the evening meal (can be taken with 1 tsp. Also unpolished rice. any white sugar products. Do this for 3 months to improve health and help to relieve the obese condition. asparamid breaks up oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and muscles.Therapeutic Fasting medium sized stocks of celery in a blender with 200 ml distilled water add 1/4 to 1/2 tbsp. chocolate. 34 . of apple cider vinegar with one cup of warm distilled water. eggplant. oranges. and lemons. It contains asparamid. Beet root. wheat germ oil. pasteurized milk. especially white bread and sweet pastries. Blend for 2 minutes then strain and drink slowly 2 x’s a day. tomatoes. Drinking ozonated water with 2 -4 tsp. Use it 1 day over the liver and the next over the thymus gland for 6 days then rest for 1 day and repeat. all food fried in oil. 12] Foods to Avoid: All refined starch and sugar. All of these foods are best taken 30 minutes before the meal. celery. of apple cider vinegar per 500g daily puts more valuable oxygen into the body (3 -4 liters a day will help to activate the kidneys again). Take 5 x’s daily. Using cool ozonated olive oil (and other essential oils) for massage helps to remove fatty cells from around the organs. of cayenne pepper. 9] Castor Oil Packs: The castor oil pack used over the liver and large intestines. alcohol. parsley. Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily helps the blood circulation to the entire body. of pysillium husk powder [unflavored Metamucil] to be used as a mild but very effective laxative). grapefruit. 8] Asparagus: When someone is obese they have very poor functioning organs and the kidneys is one of them. sweetened soft carbonated drinks. will improve the blood circulation and activate a sluggish liver and removes fatty tissue from around the heart (which most obese people suffer from). cranberries. watermelon. coffee and tea especially with milk added. cabbage. asparamid give urine a strong odor of ammonia. whole grains. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. Asparagus. hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) use a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes to help melt away fatty tissue. organic alkaline minerals and moist raw fibre required for digestive and metabolic efficiency. hot spicy foods. soybean. 7] Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix 3 tbsp. 10] Ozone Therapy: Ozone taken intravenously help to unclog blood vessels around the heart and liver. whole wheat products. nature’s most effective kidney diuretics. take a bunch of lightly steam (3 minutes) asparagus daily to help improve the functioning of the kidneys and it helps to relieve water retention. polished white rice. Apples. fatty meats. cooked eggs. cucumber.

there should be more protein in the diet than usual. The reason for them may be delayed gastric emptying. and constipation. rye. vomiting. Since acid secretion is raised by milk and milk products. Duodenal Ulcers are associated with gastric over acidity. It is common among people with blood type ‘A’. Gastric ulcers occur in the part of the stomach which leads on to the duodenum. cheese. It is common in people with blood type ‘O’ and alcoholics. particularly sensitivity to gluten which is found in wheat. oats. a research pathologist at the University College of London. Foods rich in Vitamin C. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Placing ones soft attention into the uncomfortable area and opening the mind. Oral ulcers are due to food allergies. However. white bread. Peptic ulcers are breaks in the lining of the stomach or duodenum which get irritated by the acid of the stomach. folic acid. letting go of all tightness in the mind. rice eaters are more prone to stomach ulcers. moong dal can be taken. meat and whole cereals should not be taken. But skinned pulses like tor dal. it is better to avoid them. smokers and those who have taken drugs such as aspirin. meat. In treating peptic ulcers. Honey and okra neutralize the acid. According to Dr.Therapeutic Fasting Ulcers The ulcer is a sore in the walls of the stomach or intestines. usually when the stomach is empty. Abuse of steroid drugs in treating pain can cause one of the most dangerous forms of ulcers which may appear without the usual pains and bleeding. Severe inflammation and irritation of the lining of the stomach and duodenum owing to fermentation and putrefaction of incompatible combinations of foods. Untreated peptic ulcers may lead to a hemorrhage or gastric bleeding. and vomiting. and zinc are necessary to treat ulcers. excess consumption of chemical additives and preservatives. Vit B12. The presence of parasites and/or stress is also a cause. excess alcohol. Paul Jayraj. Take a gluten free diet and take 2 tbsp. Stress seems to be the main cause. of sulphur-free blackstrap molasses daily. coffee. steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. eggs. Peptic ulcers produce belching. then radiating love 35 . Duodenal ulcers produce pain a long time after meals i. Usually the pain appears within two hours after the meals and can radiate to the back. and excessively stimulating spices. A. They can also perforate the stomach walls. or Vit B6 is usually present. nausea. and barley. The practice helps very much to relieve the discomfort of the ulcers and the ulcers themselves. All food should be well cooked. high acid foods like cereals. damage to the stomach lining or reduced resistance of the lining. A steady practice of Loving-kindness Meditation will also prevent them from arising again. A deficiency of iron. The usual symptoms are vague pain in the stomach area.e. excess of gastric acid. Raw cabbage contains chlorine and sulphur and Vitamin U which is an anti-ulcer agent and helps to clear the mucus membrane.

7] Plums. 14] Ozone Therapy: A shot intravenously or intramuscularly works very well for ulcers. 6] Marigold Flowers: Make an infusion of dried Marigold flowers by putting the dried flowers in a clear glass bowl (the petals covering the all of the water) of distilled water and leave in the morning sun for 4 hours. 10] Comfrey Tea with Parsley: Comfrey tea can heal bleeding ulcers together with a tbsp. It also gives one a sense of calm. of cold pressed Olive Oil (no other type of processed olive has the healing qualities. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Drink that water 3 x’s a day to clear all types of ulcers.1 kg) daily. One day place over the liver and large intestines and the next day over the thymus gland and stomach for 6 days (if needed alternate both places on the same day for severe cases) then rest 1 day and repeat as needed. Not for diabetics 5] Alfalfa Tea: Drink Alfalfa tea 2 x’s every day for three weeks for peptic ulcers. 9] Unripe Bananas: Eat cooked 3 unripe bananas daily. it must say cold pressed on the label) 30 minutes before a meal every day for one month. 1-2 pints (1 liter) daily. 4] Grapes: raw dark grapes. then take off fire and add 4 tbsp. 13] Castor Oil Packs: Alternating the placing of the castor oil pack relieves pain and distress quickly. when given by a competent doctor. 1-2 pounds (1/2. of parsley leaves. restores pH balance. 11] Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Take one tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. exclusive of other food. soothes inflamed ulcers. Not directly over the ulcer itself as it may be unpleasant and itchy. pulp or juice. Apple Cider Vinegar: Add 5 plums to a clear glass bowl or enameled pot of distilled water and boil for 10 minutes. If juiced make the drink puree. (also cultured cabbage juice see page 20 for instructions in how to make it). 3] Yogurt: cultured with no sugar. 12] Chamomile Tea: Strong chamomile tea is one of the best cures for all types of ulcers. 8] Soya Oil. (this means take no other food) 1-3 days. Lemon Juice: Drink 10 drops of soya oil in 100 ml freshly juiced lemon juice add to 150 ml distilled water. let cool and gargle 3 x’s a day for mouth ulcers. and strain.Therapeutic Fasting into it helps very much to relieve stress and other causes of the ulcers. After a hot bath (or steam sauna) it is good 36 . This tones the organs and improves the circulation and heals the ulcer (for internal use) externally only use over the liver and large intestines. 2] Cabbage Juice: has potent cleansing and reducing properties. Then boil the infusion and flowers. best taken half/half with carrot juice.

Lemon Balm. 4] Basil Leaves: For travel sickness an infusion of basil leaves taken before the journey helps. 5] Mint Tea: Mint tea settles the stomach and helps to overcome morning sickness also. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Take once a day as needed. hot peppers. 6] Castor Oil Pack: Castor oil packs will relieve nausea quickly. blend for two minutes until it is completely chopped up and a liquid. Nausea 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: No matter how bad one feels they can still softly put there attention into the uncomfortable feeling and open their mind. put in a blender with one cup of water. onion. 2] Peppermint. refined starches. raw egg yolk. 3] Lemon Puree: Nausea and dizziness can be cured by taking one lemon and cutting up with peel and seeds. mustard. pastries. lecithin. Make fairly strong tea and sip 2 x’s daily as needed. Then put ice cubes in the mix and allow to get cold before drinking. clove tea. papaya. By doing this and radiating love to the area of distress instead of hate into it. also soaking the feet for 30 minutes in cool ozonated water helps the circulation in the entire body. cabbage (raw or bulk). 7] Ozone Therapy: Drinking ozonated water settles the nausea. 15] Other Beneficial Foods: Raw goat’s milk. of basil and put into a clear glass bowl of distilled water for 4 hours in the morning sun. using ozonated essential oils for massage has proven to be quite effect in bringing relief. blackstrap molasses. and salt. polished white rice. lemon balm. curry. take 2 tbsp. unpolished rice and brewer’s yeast. Or whenever needed.3 liters). smoked and pickled foods overcooked meats. drinking cool ozonated water daily is soothing to the ulcer (2 . alcohol. black sesame seed. chocolate. string beans.Therapeutic Fasting to take a 30 minutes soak in an ozone filled sauna bag (it helps to detoxify the blood and skin). helps one to be able to balance their mind/body more quickly and easily. ozonated essential oils act very quickly in bringing relief. coffee and tea especially with milk added. raw black cherries or juice. peppermint. 16] Foods to Avoid: vinegar (except apple cider vinegar). soya bean. 37 . refined sugar products. and Clove Tea: All of these teas relieve general nausea. Use for 1 hour for as long as needed (one treatment works for most people). all food fried in oil. To make the infusion.

coffee. orange peels. The body will feel a sense of relief and the mind will feel calm. foods fried in oil. white sugar. coffee and tea especially with milk added. blackstrap molasses. nutmeg. 2] Basil Leaf Tea: Steep 1 tbsp. saffron.1 1/2 litres of freshly made carrot juice (do not mix with milk). chocolate. 5] Coconut Water: Drinking young tender coconut water eases vomiting. fennel. radish. Quite often after using the castor oil pack the patient will feel like taking a nap. black pepper. Holding the tea in your mouth for one minute.Therapeutic Fasting Nausea with Vomiting 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation is most helpful and useful in every situation. lavender. 6] Castor Oil Pack: A castor oil pack works very quickly in settling the stomach and relieving the vomiting. clove. apple cider vinegar. cola. of dried basil leaf in a cup of hot water. kidney beans. 9] Foods to Avoid: All fatty meats. button mushrooms. whole grain cereals. using ozonated essential oils with massage works well and quickly. Add a little honey and drink a mouthful 3 x’s daily. 3] Clove Oil: Take 2 drops of clove oil in a glass of water to stop vomiting. 7] Ozone Therapy: Using cool ozonated drinking water can be of some help with nausea. If it is practiced regularly then when a crisis situation arises then one can remember to use it and help overcome the distressful situation with more balance of mind. Take 3 x’s every day for one week. white polished rice (except in rice soup). balm. processed foods. Place over the stomach for 1 hour. pineapple. dark grapes. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: Asparagus. white flour. ginger. barley. young coconut. oily foods. polished rice. cinnamon. which in turn helps the body to heal itself more quickly. preserved foods. Worms 1] Coconut Pulp and Coconut Juice: Eating coconut pulp and drinking the coconut juice from young soft coconuts the first thing in the morning for three days will get rid of tape worms. 4] Ginger Juice: Drinking fresh squeezed ginger juice 1/2 cup helps relieve vomiting. string bean. and eggs. which is the best thing they can do. 38 . 3] Carrot Juice: Drink 1 . sugarcane. Apple Cider Vinegar: Eat unripe papaya soaked in apple cider vinegar for one day will get rid of worms in the intestines. 2] Papaya. unpolished rice. peppermint.

mulberry. with 500 ml carrot juice. black walnut husks. aloe vera. 10] Foods to Avoid: All meats. unpolished rice. white sugar and its products. white polished rice and its products. ozonated water 3 x’s daily for one week. 6] Black Walnut Husk: Take freshly fallen black walnuts husks and put in denatured alcohol and let sit for 3 days strain and use the tincture. onion. chocolate. The castor oil pack helps with circulation and makes it unpleasant for the worms to live in the body. Then a few hours later take a mild laxative.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Pomegranate Seeds: 1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds 2 x’s a day will get rid of tapeworms. tamarind. coffee and tea especially with milk added. garlic. white flour and its products. Place over the effected area once daily for 6 days (while taking 9] Other Beneficial Foods: Squash. raw tomato. 39 . 5] Pumpkin Seeds: Crush dried pumpkin seeds into powder and mix 1 tbsp. wheat germ oil. 8] Castor Oil Pack: Using a castor oil pack to get rid of worms when used along with the other remedies. pasteurized milk products. 7] Wormwood Leaves: Take 3 tablets of wormwood leaves daily for one week. whole wheat. pyssllium husk powder works the best. alcohol. hot spicy foods. 3 drops in 4 oz.

which enhances metabolism of fats. which neutralize blood acidosis. 1-2 tsp. Lymph Nodes. which facilitate excretion of wastes through kidney. Bladder. Softly place your attention on the problem areas and radiate loving acceptance and gentle feeling there. after meals. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: There is no situation in life that loving-kindness doesn’t help even skin problems can improve when love is direct into it instead of dislike and dissatisfaction.1 liter) daily. 5] Cucumbers (bulk or juice): raw cucumbers are rich in potassium. and extreme acidosis of blood due to accumulation of toxic wastes. garlic ethers reach the skin soon after consumption. in raw bulk. thereby reducing excretory burden on skin. 2] Fenugreek Poultice: Apply a powdered fenugreek poultice to dissolve abcess. potent diuretic properties. 4] Wheat Germ: same benefits as wheat germ oil. 1-2 pints (500. Pimples These skin conditions are caused mainly by excessive putrefactive waste matter in the body’s excretory channels. tumors. contains pyridoxine. or as juice. then rest 1 day and repeat. The castor oil helps 40 . where these toxins cause abscesses. killing bacteria attracted to festering eruptions. Acne. 6] Garlic: Purifies the bloodstream and purges the body of toxic waste. when wastes are retained and the colon is clogged. may also be rubbed directly onto skin eruptions (vitamin E oil works well too). Also due specifically to poor metabolism of fats. 7] Green (sweet) pepper juice: in combination with equal parts carrot juice. 3] Wheat Germ Oil: Rich in inositol and octacosanol (increases oxygen). 2-3 pints (1-1 1/2 litres) daily. 2 x’s daily for 30 minutes. Boils. also rich in silicon. mixed 1/3 cucumber to 2/3 carrot.Therapeutic Fasting 5. must be taken raw (not in pill form). Kidneys. which enhances peristalsis and thus improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients and elimination of wastes. but less concentrated. Learn to smile into the problem instead of hate it. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. Place over the liver and large intestines every day for 6 days. The practice of loving-kindness meditation helps greatly in helping to balance ones mind no matter what the situation may be. also good for nails and hair. which builds strong fingernails and healthy hair. 8] Castor Oil Packs: Use castor oil pack daily for 1 hour. the body purges toxins through the skin and lungs. inflammation and eruptions. Skin. daily. sodium and phosphorus. then the blood will begin to purify itself and can then begin to heal itself. so that they need not be purged through the skin. Excretory System: Colon.

chocolate. white polished rice. salt and salt preserved foods. Bleeding Gums 1] Mango: Chew mango to help stop bleeding gums. Also use externally directly on the problem area with ozonated castor oil. garlic. soy beans. fresh lemon juice (no sugar). sweetened soft carbonated drinks. especially hamburgers on white buns. white sugar. 3] Hydrogen Peroxide: Rinse the mouth out with 3% hydrogen peroxide.Therapeutic Fasting to remove the toxins causing the problem. Take at least 2000 mg daily. all chemical and synthetic preserved foods. whole wheat. hot chilis and spicy foods. lettuce. pre-processed foods. onion. lemon. pastries. Use everytime you brush the teeth. tomato. coffee and tea especially with milk added. 11] Foods to Avoid: deep fat fried foods. 4] Other Beneficial Foods: cloves. after taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) use a sauna bag filled with ozone to detoxify the skin. 5] Foods to Avoid: All meat. whole grains. polished white rice. citric fruits. carrot. beet. all foods fried in oil. unpolished rice. hydrogenated fats. raw potato slices rubbed directly on skin eruptions and raw potato juice (1/2 pint . drinking ozonated water is helpful and using ozonated essential oils. also drinking cool ozonated water helps to purify the blood. 2] Vitamin C: Bleeding gums indicates a deficiency in Vitamin C. hot peppers. and rice soup. cooked fatty meats. unpolished rice.250 ml daily). alfalfa tea. cabbage. this kills the germs causing the bleeding gums. coffee and tea especially with milk added. 41 . white flour. 9] Ozone Therapy: Using ozonated essential oils over the problem areas works very well. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: Brewer’s yeast (in warm water). carrot. refined starch and sugar.

Herbs: Aloe vera. fenugreek. This love helps to heal the more very quickly and with little chance of infections. 4] Comfrey Leaves. 2] Aloe Vera and Hydrogen Peroxide: Dissolve aloe vera in a cup of water that contains 3 tbsp. When one sends dislike into the area they can expect to experience lasting and painful feelings for a long time. Papaya. or both apply cold compression of the infusion of witchhazel. This can be applied over sprains and bruises to get relief. joints. celery. Rub daily with a combination of cold pressed olive oil and castor oil (mixed in equal portions). 4] Colloidal Silver: Put Colloidal Silver liquid directly on the open wound to protect it from infections and harmful bacteria. Apply over sprains. or marigold petals. John’s Wort Oil on sprains. An application of cold and hot alternately is also helpful.Therapeutic Fasting Bleeding Wounds 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: When one practice loving-kindness meditation on a regular basis they become more calm and tranquil. mainly caused by wearing wrong sized shoes. Onion. or Marigold Petals: Apply cotton in an infusion of comfrey leaves. okra. One remembers to send love into the wound instead of aversion and dissatisfaction into it. 42 . John’s Wort Oil. Bunions A bunion is a painful swelling on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. Grate ginger and add ozonated cool sesame oil. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for the best results and the fastest remembering of sending love into injured areas instead of hate and dislike. like bleeding wounds on the body. Taping a thin slice of garlic over it helps further. marigold or wintergreen or a cold compress of St. Another remedy for it is applying natural turpentine (be careful it can burn the skin if used too much) or lemon juice 2 x’s daily for 2 weeks. Sitting in meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily helps one prepare their mind for any circumstance. 3] Lemon. ginger (boiled or steep grated ginger until the water turns yellow and dip a towel in the water). of hydrogen peroxide then apply topically. Bruises and Sprains Apply the crushed leaves of comfrey directly on bruises and parsley leaves or St. It will help soften and even dissolve at the early stages. viruses and parasites. Loving-Kindness Meditation is a tool which can be used at all times and it helps one to stay balanced even when there are painful sensation arising. You can also use powdered marigold root with garlic oil. Especially when a stressful situation arises. Radiating love into a hurt area instead of dislike heals the area very quickly. and lower back pains to relieve pain. or Tumeric: Apply any of these directly to the wound to stop bleeding. Colloidal Silver kills over 600 different types of harmful bacteria.

Skin Wrinkles Wrinkles are due to the skin becoming loose. olive and pumpkin. Vitamin A helps by increasing circulation and stimulating the fibroblasts (skin cells). Again there is no situation that an open loving mind can not improve but it must be done without any breaks in ones practice. potato juice. Repeat this for 5 days and then it is easy to remove the corn without strain. Wrap the affected area with a moist towel and cover it with socks so that the moisture can be retained for several hours.Therapeutic Fasting Loving-Kindness Meditation when radiated into the painful sensation can relieve it very much. Burns Herbs used are: aloe vera. carrot juice. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation works especially well with wrinkles on the head and face. Loving-Kindness Meditation when directed into an area of concern helps the blood circulation to that area and thereby improves the situation. and 2 oz. But one must practice regularly and daily in order to remember to use this amazing healing tool of ones mind. When stressful or painful situations like a burn occur and one remembers to radiate love into that pain the results are truly wonderful to behold. Sit for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for the best results. Zucchini Squash: Blend 8 oz. Sit in meditation for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 2] Milk. After that soak the feet in salted hot water for 20 minutes. 4 oz. An application of cold pressed olive oil or castor oil and lemon juice will also help. zucchini squash together and drink every day. cucumber. skim milk. The more it is practiced the more beautiful ones face becomes and the healthy they are. A lack of oil production will dehydrate the cells and tissues. 43 . Sit radiating loving-kindness for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Apply any of the following directly to help heal: cucumber. Practice it at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Practice it regularly for the best results. and honey. Corns and Calluses This is a thickening of the outer skin. Carrot. The regular practice is essential for ones well-being and happiness. It can be due to wrong size shoes. Honey heals hot water burns immediately. Apple cider vinegar immediately heals skin burns due to fire. barley. or the juice of aloe vera (if it is ozonated it works especially well). Apply the oil of peppermint or marigold directly.

evening primrose oil. raw sunflower seeds. Skin Cancer Hiding among moles. lecithin. 3] Raw Egg White: Cleaning and rubbing the face with raw egg white regularly keeps the skin rosy. 44 . polished white rice. it will take the pain away. inflammation. For sunburn take a cold water bath then apply aloe vera juice. 5] Olive Oil: To get rid of dry skin gently apply cold pressed olive oil daily. salt. hot spicy foods. raw cabbage or cultured cabbage juice. sores and over exposure to the sun may be early warnings of skin cancer. E and C. wheat germ oil. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: It is said that “mind is the forerunner of everything” so when one practices loving and kind thoughts then directs those feeling through the heart into a troubled area in the body healing can occur much more rapidly than if it is not practiced. The practice of loving-kindness meditation helps one to stay in balance with all forms of cancer and by directing their loving attention into the concerned area it helps to heal the problem when these other therapies are used along with it. Worry and anxiety about cancer cause it to increase and grow much faster. coffee and tea especially when milk is added.Therapeutic Fasting The complexion can be improved even more by an intake of an extra 1000 mg Vitamin C 2 x’s daily. unpolished rice. beauty marks. If not consult a doctor to be sure (but don’t let him or her operate. It is very important to practice this meditation daily at least 2x’s for 30 minutes each time. There is no situation in life that doesn’t improve (at least in your own mind) through the practice love and kindness. 7] Aloe Vera: Using aloe vera juice on any irritations of the skin helps relieve it. young coconut. Also placing a slice of cucumber over the eyes for 30 minutes can get rid of wrinkled eye lids. whole grains. within minutes the pain will be forgotten. Aloe vera is good for any type of skin problem from burns to inflammation to cuts to bed sores. which helps with elastin. honey. For burns gotten in the kitchen put the burned area under cold water then apply aloe vera. Rub cucumber juice on irritation. blackstrap molasses. 9] Foods to Avoid: White sugar. blemishes. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: apple cider vinegar. Moles that appear after four years of age should stay small. 4] Cucumber: Rinse the face with a liquid made out of freshly mashed cucumber in cool water. all artificially preserved foods. burns and bed sores. Vitamin A. This is very nourishing for the skin. chocolate and colas. There are safer ways to get rid of the cancer especially in the beginning stages). white starches. 6] Yogurt: Applying yogurt on the face for 15 minutes and washing it with cold water makes the skin smooth and clear.

4] Castor Oil: Applying castor oil on any skin cancer will make the cancer go away after daily applications. Use on the affected area 5 x’s daily (or more if you want). 3] Juice Fasting Therapy: Doing a seven day juice fast with colon cleansing 2 x’s or 3 x’s daily also works wonders. all meats. all foods fried in oil. 2] Urine Therapy: The human body produces many healing substances and your own urine is one of them. cucumber. E. and salt. 7] Foods to Avoid: All sweets. Dark grapes. Castor Oil was called the “Hands of Christ” in ancient times and for good reason because of its wonderful healing qualities. Take a large piece of tape and attach a piece of cotton ball to it. Radiating Loving-Kindness into the tumor instead of worry and dislike will help the healing process immeasurably. With a syringe draw some urine out and put it in the cotton ball that is sealed on three sides. lemon. alcohol. white starches and their products. seal up the top and let it alone for 4 hours. Do this every 4 hours for 7 days then expect to see the cancer be gone. coffee. then add some more urine by opening the top of the tape and squirting the urine into the cotton ball (don’t over fill what is needed is enough urine to keep the skin cancer wet). Place the cotton in the middle of the tape. white sugar and its products. But when loving kindness is radiated into the problem it heals faster. All of these things rob the body of needed oxygen and potassium which combats cancer.Therapeutic Fasting Then when problems occur you will remember to soften your mind and this is where the healing begins.(Best to do under the supervision of qualified personnel). The castor oil stimulates the circulation to the growth and gently helps it reduce in size until it is completely gone. 1]Loving-Kindness Meditation: If one regularly practices Loving-Kindness Meditation without a break everyday they will start to see the true advantages to this wonderful tool at their disposal. and cysts is by the use of castor oil packs used once or 2 x’s daily. and B complex. 6] Other Beneficial Foods: Bitter gourd (enema). seal the other three sides tightly. tea. This doesn’t mean that one can do away with other forms of healing. This can cure skin cancer in as little time as one week if used properly. The cancer will eventually disappear. nicotine. beet. 45 . vitamin C. polished white rice. sweetened soft carbonated drinks. chocolate. Tumors The fastest and easiest way to get rid of any kind of growth from tumor to lumps. Now put the tape over the skin cancer leaving the top open. carrot. take the middle third of the first urine of the day and keep in a sealed bottle. 5] Ozone Therapy: With the help of a competent doctor intravenous shots and external application of ozone will dissolve the cancer.

ghee (purified butter). unpolished rice. that is from the ribcage over to the stomach and down past the navel to the top of the pelvic bone. aloe vera. Next rub the excess oil in messaging gently. cabbage or cultured cabbage juice. Sandalwood Oil and Lemon Juice: Erysipelas or red patches on the skin which is a form of skin inflammation can be cured by applying barley flour mixed with honey. vitamins C and E. lecithin. 3] Other Beneficial Foods: Carrot. cucumber. The daily practice is essential for total healing of the mind and body. sandalwood oil. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for the best results. Practice 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. If you have a low immunity system in your body you can place the pack on the heart area to stimulate the thymus gland and that helps to improve the whole bodies immune system. raisins. coffee and tea. whole grains. refined starches. aloe vera. Apple cider vinegar. the skin problems will start to become less of a problem especially when the other therapies are used in conjunction with the meditation. This castor oil pack has been proven to be effective for more than a thousand years. This works very well for menstrual cramps as well. Now take a piece of plastic and cover the cloth. Every time after the first time add 3 or 4 tbsp. 4] Foods to Avoid: White sugar and is products. For a specific problem like a tumor on the neck or back or leg wherever. Now for general health place the castor oil pack over the lower quarter of you abdomen. cold pressed olive oil. and lemon juice. then take off and put the cloth in a tray to be used again next time. The longer one continues to practice the less likely dis-ease will trouble you. 46 . salt. for best results. Covering the whole area. lemon. Honey. 2] Barley. of castor oil to replace the oil used previously. red cherries. all foods fried in oil. Zinc helps aging skin. Do this until the problem goes away. Leave it there for one hour. (This also works well with tumors that are cancerous as well). or crushed cabbage.Therapeutic Fasting A loving accepting heart and mind are essential for true health of both the mind and body. then take a hot water bottle that has as water hot as you can stand in it and place over the plastic. Put the castor oil on the cloth completely soaking it. beet. Place the castor oil pack directly on it and place the hot water bottle on it. 2] Hot Castor Oil Packs: For general well-being in the body and for specific problems like growths and tumors this works very well. Ghee. Take a piece of cloth and fold it three times (the finished product should be about 8” by 12” in size). It is an inexpensive way to heal yourself. Do this once or twice daily. By directing ones soft attention to the liver and radiating loving and kind thoughts through ones heart. wheat germ oil. Skin Inflammation 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The daily practice of loving-kindness is one of the most useful tools for healing that one can use. pasteurized milk products. polished white rice. dark grapes.

be in taking toxins out of the body. Rub on athlete’s foot and genital area for jock itch. 7] Other Beneficial Foods: lecithin. Ozonated essential oils can work wonders. then it is time to slack off on GOOT or put it away until you need it again. unpolished rice. soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes helps lots. all organically grown foods. Rub on chest for chest colds. GOOT kills Candida. Apply on the feet of children or infants to fight infections. Pour into a wide mouth jar and label it “ GOOT”. young coconut milk. Apply directly to sores inside the mouth. skim milk with 1 tbsp. Strain the mixture to get out any pieces of garlic that weren’t chopped up enough. junk foods. Drinking cool ozonated water is good (1 -2 liters daily). 47 . hot peppers and spicy foods. Place in the refrigerator. Place on cotton swabs for ear infections. 8] Foods to Avoid: white sugar and products. directly on the inflammation to get rid of all harmful bacteria until the condition becomes better. GOOT rubbed into the skin transfers raw garlic oil directly into the bloodstream. all chemical and synthetic preservatives. It balances the PH in the blood and fortifies the ‘T’ cells which are so important in fighting any disease. refined starches. pre-processed foods. rubbing ozonated aloe vera on the affected area works very well too. parasites. Use once a day for one hour each time. raw cabbage or cultured cabbage juice. alcohol. polished white rice. When the infection has subsided. the garlic odor will remain real strong. Insert GOOT into the vagina or rectum for yeast or other related infections. Place a castor oil pack over the liver to help with skin inflammation. coffee and tea. Drink this blend once daily. fast food stores. pneumonia or rub into the nostrils for sinus infections. Blend for 2 minutes (time it by your watch). also applying Vitamin E oil helps to clear up inflammation 4] Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment: Warm 1/2 cup of coconut oil over the stove until it is melted. Use for 6 days. carrot.Therapeutic Fasting 3] Skim Milk. salt. cucumber (apply). 6] Ozone Therapy: Intravenous shots of ozone given by a competent doctor will bring immediate relief to skin inflammation. 4] Colloidal Silver: Apply this 3 x’s daily. bad bacteria and virus by direct application. GOOT turns into a thick soft paste after 1 hour. The infection will absorb the garlic smell from your body. Wheat Bran: Mix 8 oz. of wheat bran. of wheat germ and 1 tbsp. of finely chopped raw garlic. The liver and the skin are very closely attached. Wheat Germ. lettuce. Remove from the heat and add 1/2 cup of cold pressed olive oil. raw apples. 5] Castor Oil Pack: One of the best ways to take toxins out of the system (other than fasting) is by using a castor oil pack. then rest 1 day and repeat as needed. Pour it into a blender and add 4-6 tbsp. whole grains. chocolate. Apply to rashes anywhere. it also balances the Ph in the blood. aloe vera (apply). lemon.

Drink 2 cups of this before each meal. alcohol. Skin Rashes 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This practice when taken seriously will help one to relax their mind and loving-accept this without aversion. especially rice and vegetables. garlic + lemon juice + olive oil + cayenne pepper exclusively for 3 days. raw tomato. 3] Lemon: Cut lemon applied over the infected area clears up poison ivy and poison oak. soak in a sauna bag for 30 minutes daily. This is a major source of skin problems. tea.Therapeutic Fasting Skin Allergy 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: By using the practice of opening and lovingly accepting even troublesome things like allergies become less painful and bothersome. using ozonated essential oils over the affected area is very helpful. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 48 . all de-natured foods. cabbage or cultured cabbage juice. 2 medium sized carrots and water. Water: Take 2 unpeeled potatoes. If you continually curse and hate the problem it will get worse and cause much more distress. and hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). salt. Cut and simmer over low heat until the water reduces to half. refined starches. chocolate. polished white rice (adds very much to the problem). 7] Foods to Avoid: Any food that is not organically grown. 4 cloves of garlic. pre-processed foods. 5] Ozone Therapy: Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily. carrot juice. all chemical and synthetic preservatives. the rash becomes more bearable. 4] Castor Oil Pack: Castor oil packs over the thymus gland everyday for 6 days. honey. brewer’s yeast. lightly rub the area with ozonated olive oil 5 x’s daily. then rest for one day and start over again do this for three weeks. hot peppers and spicy foods. By focusing the attention in the liver area and where the rashes are then radiating love. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for best results. wheat germ oil. Garlic. Apple cider vinegar. 2] Potatoes. Avoid this if at all possible. add 1 medium sized onion. 6] Other Beneficial Foods: Take 400 mg vitamin E daily along with vitamin B complex (50mg) and C (1000mg). Onion. Carrots. all carbonated drinks. and all pasteurized milk products. Practice loving yourself and your skin instead of hating the problem and this will bother you less and less. Stay away from white sugar. onion. coffee. lecithin. barley water helps.

Repeat every day until the problem goes away. When the brown sugar dissolves. having a massage with ozonated essential oils works quickly and well. Soak for 30 minutes 3 x’s a day until the condition improves. sprinkle brown sugar on it and warm it on a hot pan. 2] Yogurt: Apply yogurt over the area and leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water. This will help to lessen the skin problems. Brown Sugar: Cut a lemon in half. Drink cool ozonated water daily (2 -3 liters). Blackheads 1] Yellow Dal Powder. 3] Lemon. 5] Colloidal Silver: Apply this directly to the rash 3 x’s daily to protect against harmful bacteria. 7] Ozone Therapy: Soak feet in ozonated water for 30 minutes. liver gall bladder. Rest for one day then repeat for 3 weeks. Add yogurt to make a paste. 4] Honey Bag: Gangrene in the foot can be cured by soaking in a bag of honey. yellow dal powder with 2 tbsp. By focusing on radiating love to your skin and face the blood circulation improves thereby helping to overcome skin troubles. This helps clear up rashes including inflammation. 3] Honey: For chicken pox scars (early) apply honey on the spots and this will clear them up. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily even when there is no problem. Massage the face with this paste to get rid of blackheads. Yogurt: Mix 1/2 tbs. 4] Colloidal Silver: With a piece of cotton apply this to the pimple and area around it. ozonated castor oil rubbed on the affected area also works wonder. Pimples 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The continual use of loving-kindness meditation helps to clear away facial skin problems. after a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak in an ozone filled sauna bag for 30 minutes daily. Wheat Flour. Strain and add the water to bathwater. of wheat flour and add a pinch of tumeric. Do not press or squeeze. soak for 15 minutes. Tumeric. apply the cut lemon in a patting motion over the pimple. 49 . use ozonated aloe vera on affected area. intestines.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Chamomile Flowers: Boiling chamomile flowers in water and then steep them for 10 minutes (with cover over it). 6] Castor Oil Pack: Place a castor oil pack over the lg. 5] Castor Oil: Applying castor oil works very well for clearing up pimples. everyday for 6 days (one hour each time).

2] Cucumber Juice: Rinse the skin with a freshly made cucumber juice and cool water. 10] Ozone Therapy: Intravenous shot of ozone will purify the blood and in doing that the acne will disappear. 2] Primrose Oil: Take 3 drops of primrose oil daily and it will clear up.Therapeutic Fasting Acne 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Same as above. 4] Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Applying ozonated cold pressed olive oil daily will help.2 liters of raw freshly juiced carrot juice will get rid of eczema. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily to heal the causes of the problems. 3] Carrot Juice: Taking 1 1/2 . 5] Apple Cider Vinegar: Take 2 tbsp. Taking fresh carrot juice 2 x’s daily helps very much. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and large intestines for one hour daily. 50 . Apply that mild juice over the area (wet it with cold water before applying) and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then wash. Do this 2 x’s daily. Castor oil packs on the liver helps immeasurably to clear up acne and skin problems.2 liters daily. 8] Colloidal Silver: Apply this 3-5 times daily to relieve infections which might occur. Strawberries: Eating kidney beans and strawberries regularly helps. Use everyday for 6 days. then rest 1 day and repeat as needed. 3] Carrot Juice: Vitamin A helps by increasing circulation and stimulating the fibroblasts (skin cells). Eczema The causes of this is mainly allergic reactions. It shows one how to be calm and collected even in stressful situations. 7] Kidney Beans. Apple Cider Vinegar: Shred 20g of horseradish and cover it with apple cider vinegar and leave for one day. stress. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 2 x’s daily to balance the Ph in the blood. 6] Horseradish. 1 1/2 . The use of loving-kindness meditation helps in overcoming stress and nervous tensions. nervous tensions and eating heavily saturated fats. Direct your soft attention into the problem area and radiate love into it.

chocolate. colas. pastries. 2-3 pints (1-1 1/2 litres) daily. raw foods are such excellent and efficient detoxifiers that they cause a cathartic excretion of accumulated toxins. followed by nutritional therapy. 4] Wheat Germ Oil: rich in inositol. fasting and colonic irrigations are the best way to start the process. orange liver bile excreting through the skin owing to large intakes of raw carrot juice). After a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone. of ground black pepper is boiled in 2 liters of distilled water. toxic-free metabolism. refined starches. hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). polished white rice. Use glycerin or oatmeal soap. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. may be mixed with carrot juice. Also the practice of loving-kindness meditation is quite useful in calming ones mind and actually one learns to love themselves more. 6] Castor Oil Pack: Using a castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines helps to relieve all skin problems. rashes. This open loving acceptance of the present moment has wonderful healing aspects that can’t be attained any other way. 3] Cucumber Juice: purges blood and kidneys of acids and other toxins. usually through the skin (for example. Tumeric: Wash with diluted garlic oil and apply mixture of wheat germ oil and a pinch of tumeric over the area. pre-processed foods. thereby enhancing excretion of wastes. runny nose and other irritations after consuming certain foods. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Garlic Oil. blood and intestinal tract. chemically preserved foods. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: When one stops disliking their condition and replaces that dislike with loving-acceptance. They actually begin to heal themselves dislike contracts ones mind and that hurts! Loving-kindness teaches one to open and accept the problems of living even when they are not exactly the way we want things to be. which improves fat metabolism. balances pH throughout the system. Use 1 time daily for 6 days. 51 . 7] Ozone Therapy: Drinking ozoznated water and using ozonated essential massage oils helps. Use the liquid to wash the affected region 2 x’s daily. preventing accumulation of toxic wastes. such ‘allergies’ disappear entirely when the body is thoroughly detoxified. alcohol. 8] Foods to Avoid: White sugar and its products. Allergies Hives. improves oxygen absorption in blood. 5] Black Pepper: A tbsp. balances Ph. 2] Carrot Juice: detoxifies the liver. rest 1 day then repeat until the problem goes away. which facilitates efficient. usually fresh raw foods. Wheat Germ Oil. intravenous shots from a competent doctor will clear up the problem quickly.

Therapeutic Fasting 5] Asparagus: It contains asparamid. pasteurized milk. aloe vera. followed with therapeutic foods and juices to restore colon and appendix health. vitamin B6 and manganese. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Use 1 hour daily for 6 days then rest 1 day and repeat as often as needed. watermelon. This extra oxygen absorbed into the skin purifies the blood and helps to overcome allergies. 6] Castor Oil Packs: The use of castor oil packs over the liver and large intestines helps greatly to detoxify the body. apple cider vinegar. parsley. raw potato (bulk or juice). If one directs dislike or dissatisfaction to that area the pain becomes much more intense and the problems in that area increase. salt. and glycerin. raw egg yolk. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation teaches one to open and relax their mind even to unpleasant sensations like pain. barley tea. this helps to clean out the whole system of toxins. 9] Foods to Avoid: Refined starch. yellow onions. 7] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath. papaya. Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water helps the circulation in the whole body. It also increases the ‘T’ cells so well known for combating diseases. chemical additives and preservatives. Appendicitis Acute inflammation of the appendix owing to excessive accumulation of putrefactive wastes in the colon. honey. feel the mind let go of tension and tightness. nature’s most effective diuretic. soak in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes. overcooked meat. intravenous and intramuscular shots of ozone help to clear up the problem quickly. Especially ozonated olive oil. white sugar. Then radiate that warm glowing loving-kindness into that area. 52 . evening primrose oil. asparagus give the urine a strong odor of ammonia. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: fresh lemon or grapefruit juice (no sugar) in distilled water. first and foremost defense is a therapeutic fast with twice-daily colonic irrigations to quickly remove the offending toxic waste matter. To lovingly accept even the big problems with a mind that has balance and openness in it is the ultimate healing. Place your gentle attention into the appendix and soften the mind. hydrogenated fats. Drinking cool ozonated water (2 -3 liters) puts more oxygen into the system and helps to take away toxins. Using ozonated essential massage oils helps to bring the body to balance. The practice of lovingkindness meditation when directed to an area of the body which causes one pain helps to purify that area of toxins. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. cooked eggs. pumpkin seeds. bee pollen. parsley. all food fried in oil. garlic. also taking wheat germ will help to clean out the toxins. blackstrap molasses. alfalfa. It is best to eat high fibre foods containing green vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce. sprouts. Castor oil has been used for over a thousand years and is called the “hands of Christ” for its healing abilities. spinach. when taken by a competent doctor.

raw apple. coffee and tea especially when used with milk. 6] Castor Oil Pack: Use this over the liver. With further improvement. mild laxative which helps keep bowels functioning regularly. then rest 1 day and repeat. alcohol. unpolished rice. in warm water. cooked fatty meats. all food fried in oil. 5] Blackberry Leaf Tea: Take a handful of fresh Blackberry Leaves and steep in boiled water for fifteen minutes then cool and drink slowly. white sugar. which prevents accumulation of toxins in colon that cause appendicitis. 2 x’s daily. Dry ginger and nutmeg are also good for diarrhea. parsley. 4] Raw Vegetables: a Large salad of bulk. This treatment is renown for clear the toxins in the large intestines and appendix 7] Ozone Therapy: Intravenous shots detoxify the blood very quickly and taken along with other food therapies is very effective. It can be caused by bacterial parasites in the intestines or caused by indigestion. refined starches. 53 . especially of animal protein and concentrated starch. When improving. 2 tbsp. hot spicy foods. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: sun-dried figs. bland food along with lots of juice is advised. raw vegetables taken once or twice a day provides the moist raw fibre required by the colon to maintain regular bowel movements. Loving-kindness Meditation and being able to open ones mind and accept the situation without any aversion in it helps immeasurably to heal oneself of all kinds of problems. carrot juice. the patient must be given buttermilk and barley water with glucose. 3] Blackstrap Molasses: Blackstrap molasses in warm water is a natural. Diarrhea is caused by an inflammation of the intestines with symptoms ranging from abdominal pain to bloody faces. Also a lot of fresh squeezed organic orange juice can be given. fresh dates. Fasting is highly recommended. all de-natured foods. intestinal weakness or nervousness. prunes. pasteurized milk. polished white rice. 2 pints (1 liter) daily.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Spinach: provides the organic mineral salts required for repair and maintenance of the colon. large intestines and appendix for 1 hour daily for 6 days. or 6 oz. It can also be caused by chill and food sensitivity. papaya. juice mixed with 10 oz. chocolate. 9] Foods to Avoid: incompatible combinations. glucose and orange juice. raw tomato. raw bulk. Diarrhea This is one of the natural ways the body has to tell us that it has been loaded with unacceptable food. The patient should be given water containing salt.

2] Raw Apple: Eat peeled apple or grated unripe apple. 3 x’s a day. instead of dislike and aversion.yogurt. 3] Carrot Juice: Take 1 1/2 litres daily. then insert into the colon just as you would with a suppository for hemorrhoids. and viruses. 8] Young Coconut Juice and Soft Pulp: A 350 ml glass of coconut juice with a pinch of salt 3 x’s a day to relieve weakness after severe bleeding or dehydration after severe diarrhea.killing worms. The technique is simple. and help induce a good nights sleep. When used with these other therapies it is amazing to watch and see how fast one heals themselves when they put love into the area of discomfort. While you sleep. feel the tightness in the mind dissolve when there is no more dislike of the situation. 3 times daily. herpes. 7] Garlic: Chop 5 cloves garlic up finely and mix with food 3 x’s daily. 54 . make several small incisions into the garlic clove. Place your soft attention into the intestines. 4] Strawberry: Take fresh strawberry juice (one cup 250 ml) or bulk (500 g) daily 30 minutes before meals. 3 x’s daily. let cool with lid on. pour a little olive oil over it. Colon implants of raw garlic are being used as an effective treatment for diarrhea. 9] Unpolished Rice with Yogurt: Soft unpolished rice (one small handful) mixed with small bowl of . for anyone with weight loss or wasting syndrome. blend for 1 minute. this is especially good for people who have weak digestion in the intestines and stomach. 10] Colloidal Silver: Take 1-2 tsp of Colloidal Silver a day (on an empty stomach) to help settle the stomach and to be rid of harmful bacteria or viruses which may be causing the problem. 6] Red Radish Juice: Drink 500 ml red radish juice mixed with water. leaves to 250 ml water) for 10 minutes. Then radiate love into that area. juices from the garlic clove enter the blood stream and do a wonderful cleansing of the blood . Garlic is good for destroying the germs that cause putrefaction. strain then drink all at once slowly. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily so when a body problem arises your mind will begin to lovingly accept and begin the healing process.Therapeutic Fasting 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: As you can see loving-kindness meditation is a mind tool that starts the healing process. parasites. Put 8 red radishes in a blender add one and one half cup of water. germs. 5] Boiled Guava Leaves: Boil water and guava leaves (2 tbsp. night sweats. cut and shape a small clove of raw garlic and with a knife. Note: if the clove burns the anus. then sip slowly until finished. yeast. fungus. try using “GOOT”. This has also been called a “10 cent miracle”. Take 3 x’s daily. Before bedtime. Colon implants of raw garlic are good to reduce colon inflammation.

characterized by inflammation of the mucus membrane. Take 1 clove of garlic finely chopped 3 x’s daily regularly to prevent bacillary dysentery. 14] Foods to be Avoided: apricot. coffee. Amoebic and bacillary. The infection mainly occurs in the colon and can be transmitted to the liver. arrow root. 13] Other Beneficial Foods: Barley Water. also use the “10 cent miracle” for the diarrhea. and potatoes. alcohol. pineapple. Garlic and ginger are important to use. refined starches. malt. There are two types. white sugar. radish. horseradish. figs. Relax the tension away from the mind. Also. one feels frequent tendency to answer the call of nature and sense of heaviness in the rectum. chocolate. The symptoms include abdominal pain with profuse diarrhea with mucus or blood. Practice this whenever there is distress and also sit in meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. unpolished rice water. fruits other than those mentioned above. lungs. green vegetables. This will stop the diarrhea and it kills the harmful bacteria that cause the problem. cinnamon. ginger. string beans. raw sunflower seeds. and other systems. okra. Amoebic dysentery is due to an infection of the large intestines due to contaminated food and water containing the cyst of the parasite. polished white rice and soft carbonated drinks. unpolished rice. 12] Ozone Therapy: Use ozonated essential oils for diarrhea. cucumber. colon. 2] Garlic: Eat 3 cloves of garlic 3 x’s daily for 14 days for the Amoebic dysentery. soak feet in ozonated water for 30 minutes. Feel the tightness dissolve when you let go of the dislike of the situation.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Castor Oil Pack: Use the pack for 1 hour daily until the diarrhea goes away (more times if severe). 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your open and soft mind into your stomach and intestine areas. Take a clove of peeled garlic and make some cuts in it dip it into olive oil then insert it in the colon just before going to bed. 55 . apple cider vinegar. basil. whey. Then radiate a warm loving feeling into that area. The use of meditation helps to keep the mind balanced and radiating love into the bowels when there is distress is very helpful in the quick healing process. The symptoms is the frequent passage of stools with blood or mucus or both with gripping pain in the bowels. Dysentery This means disorder of the large bowel or intestines. drink ozonated water (at least 2 liters daily). hot spicy foods. buttermilk. black or Chinese tea especially when milk is added. small red beans. Bacillary Dysentery is due to one of the four bacteria belonging to the shigella family. blackstrap molasses. If not treated it can lead to many complications. clove. papaya. mung bean water. A stool test can show negative results.

Therapeutic Fasting

3] Peppermint Tea: Drink peppermint tea 3 cups daily to relief if stool has blood in it. 4] Guava leaves and Fruit: Drink guava leaf tea or boil guava fruit in water, then mix well and drink 3 x’s daily. 5] Ginger: Mix ginger with honey and eat 3 x’s daily for 7 days for bacillary dysentery. 6] Colloidal Silver: Colloidal Silver has been found to be very effective for both types of dysentery. Take 1 tsp 2 x’s daily until the problem subsides. 7] Castor Oil Pack: This is very helpful in settling the intestines. Use daily as many times as needed for 1 hour each time. 8] Ozone Therapy: Use ozonated essential oils to calm the bowels; soak the feet in ozonated water for 30 minutes; drink ozonated water daily (2 liters); intravenous shots of ozone are very helpful when applied by a competent doctor. 9] Other Beneficial Foods: papaya; radish juice; fig; eggplant; unpolished rice; green onion; brown jagory (palm sugar); lemon; molasses; wheat germ oil and apple cider vinegar. 10] Foods to Avoid: Raw salads; tap water or well water that is not boiled for fifteen prepared by others; coffee and tea especially when milk is added; white sugar; refined starches; polished white rice; hot spicy foods; chocolate; soft carbonated drinks; and alcohol.

Fermented foods create toxins and produce gas. This puts a lot of pressure on many abdominal organs. Starchy foods and fruit eaten together cause gas production. This becomes worse if followed by creamed coffee or tea with, or immediately after meals. The most common cause of gas formation is the inability of the digestive system to handle the load of work that is put on it. Some foods such as beans, produce more gas than others and regularly eating them causes this problem (if the beans are not properly prepared). A heavy usage of laxatives and antacids can also cause an excess of gas.


Therapeutic Fasting

Seasoning the food with spices like cumin, seeds, coriander, ginger, turmeric sautéed with a bit of uncooked cold pressed olive oil, prevents gas formation. Lovingkindness meditation when directed to the stomach and intestines helps to heal all kinds of troubles.

1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the intestines. Feel the mind open and relax. Let go of all tightness in the head and mind. Feel your heart open up and radiate that feeling into the problem area. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily or whenever there is distress. 2] Carrot (10 0z.), Cucumber (3 Oz.), Beet (3 Oz.): This blend of juices is very rich in organic alkalizing elements sodium, potassium, and phosphorous; neutralizes acid, helps to expel gas, promotes peristalsis; 2 pints (1 liter) daily. 3] Raw Onion with Whole Grain Bread: Take 4 slices of red onion and eat with two slices of Whole Grain Bread 2 x’s daily to get rid of gas in the stomach and intestines. 4] Dill, Peppermint Leaves, Aniseed: Make an infusion of dill seeds, peppermint leaves and aniseed in distilled water and put in the morning sun for 4 hours before drinking. Once a day. 5] Ginger, Chamomile Tea, Fennel Seeds: Steep a few pieces of ginger with one spoon of chamomile tea leaves and a few fennel seeds in a covered cup of boiled water. Drink with a small amount of honey after meals. This is very effective for gas problems. 6] Caraway Seeds: Chew a few caraway seeds for quick relief. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Use the castor oil pack once daily for one hour. Place over the liver and large intestines. This will help to move the decayed food out. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: cardamom; raw celery; papaya; whole grain brown toast; fruit without sugar; squash; raw pineapple; anise; ginger; yogurt; unpolished rice; dill, garlic; peppermint; parsley; apple cider vinegar; molasses and fennel. 9] Foods to Avoid: polished white rice; beans; oatmeal together with fruit juice; white sugar; coffee; especially cooked cabbage and sweet pumpkin as they produce a lot of wind.

Flatulence in Upper Intestines
This is caused by food allergies or improper food combining. For severe cases, never eat fruits or deserts right after the main course of any meal. Try eating only one food at a time and see how your body handles it, before eating another food. Consider what you ate at the last meal and see if the symptoms occur when you eat the same food again.


Therapeutic Fasting

If food allergy is present, eliminating the offending food will stop the symptoms from reoccurring. Some common foods that cause allergies are milk, eggs, wheat, corn, yeast, polished white rice, soy, citrus fruits, lunch meats, and some seafoods, chemical additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG) often cause hidden food allergies. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Same as above. Practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 2] Grapefruit Seed Extract: Take 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water. This will kill bacteria that are harmful and that cause painful upper gas. 3] Charcoal Tablets: Take 3-4 charcoal tablets, you might consider opening up the tablet and putting the contents in a glass of water for faster results. 4] Cultured Cabbage Juice: This will help to overcome the upper gas and to get rid of the harmful bacteria. Sip 1/2 cup of cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s daily for 4-5 days or until all symptoms have vanished.

Flatulence in the Lower Colon
Some flatulence from the lower colon is a sign of a healthy colon. Lower gas is a cause for concern, only if it smells like rotten cheese. This would indicate Candida overgrowth. In this case, consider therapeutic fasting and taking colonics once or twice a day. Flatulence after you eat beans is normal and indicative of a healthy colon. An unhealthy condition would be stools that sink to the bottom of the toilet and where no gas is present. This means that there is too much E Coli in the colon and that the colon is too alkaline to produce gas. You must take measures to restore normal floating stools. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Most important is to practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 2] Cultured Cabbage Juice: Take this 3 x’s daily 1/2 cup (250 ml) cultured cabbage juice. 3] Raw Garlic Implant: A colon implant of raw garlic will help the colon to be in balance and it will overcome any problems with bad bacteria. Make a few cuts in a clove of raw peeled garlic dip it in olive oil then insert it in the colon just before bedtime.

Food Poisoning
Mushroom or any kind of food poisoning can cause liver damage. Make the patient drink plenty of warm water. Adding a spoon of mustard powder to water helps to induce vomiting. The best antidote is ginger and loving-acceptance meditation.


Therapeutic Fasting

This is a time when the daily practice of meditation becomes most useful. Whenever the body is in distress the mind ‘has a mind of its own’ and really gets into the aversion to the situation. When one practices daily in the prescribed way, they prepare their mind for any major problems when they arise. So staying open and loving of yourself and your body is much easier to do when they are prepared. Putting love into the area of pain helps the circulation to improve and healing takes place much easier. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the painful area. Then open your mind and relax, letting go of all tightness and tension. Now radiate a warm glowing feeling of love into that area where there was dislike. What are you are really doing by letting go of the tightness? You are releasing the hard mind that is fighting the sensation and replacing it with acceptance. The truth of the present moment is ‘when there is pain in the body, that pain is there’. Your disliking it and wanting it to go away is a form of fighting the truth of the moment. This causes more pain and suffering to occur. Loving-kindness opens up the mind and relaxes away that fighting so one can begin to put love into that pain instead of hate. Very important is to practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 2] Ginger, Orange Juice: Squeeze fresh ginger (50g) and stir into warm orange juice 350g. Take as needed. 3] Cinnamon, Honey: Strong tea of cinnamon with a spoon of honey is effective against food poisoning due to spoilt food. Take as needed. 4] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the stomach and intestines for one hour to settle and bring relief of pain.

Aching Joints
Often this is accompanied by fatigue. Drink Goldenseal tea and rub Aloxy (aloe vera juice, glycerin and 35% hydrogen peroxide mixed 4:1:1, stir thoroughly and store in refrigerator when not using) on the joints. Use 2 tbsp. a day.

The word “Arthritis” means an inflammation of the joints, “Arthro” referring to the joints and “itis” to inflammation. It effects people of all ages and is especially common in temperate climates. It is not a single disease but can start with various problems such as pain in the joints, sleeplessness, a white coated tongue, stiff joints, belching, stomach gas, constipation, cataracts, hiatus hernia, gallstones and kidney stones. All are related either directly or indirectly to a faulty diet.


flour. the first step is to use diet to help eliminate the poison which is causing irritation in the joints. acne. Every area of the body is controlled by the nerves which run through the spine and thus when the vertebrae become fused by deposits of acid. ruptures.Therapeutic Fasting And also caused by deposits of inorganic calcium in the cartilage of joints. appendicitis. and wrong combinations of food. pleurisy and especially pains in the lower arms and hands. neurogenic joint disease and arthritis in other illnesses such as flu. heart conditions. The basic causes of arthritis are fundamentally by overloading the body with poison-toxemia and this is the result of diet: excessive consumption of white sugar products. the joint makes a grating sound (creptis) as it moves on the hard acid deposits. bronchitis. where they eventually form ‘spurs’ that cause intense pain and inhibit movement of joints. Acid deposits can also wear off synovial membrane and very often the actual joints themselves are worn down. vertigo. pain in the upper arm. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (Still’s Disease). white rice products. 60 . muscles and nerves. But if you go to organically grown food stores the nutrients are much higher and your health will improve dramatically. excess consumption of concentrated starch and sugar and too much cooked meat in the diet are major factors. insomnia. it is not possible to reverse the situation. earache. Reiter’s syndrome. Refined sugar. The different types of arthritis are: rheumatoid. If the dorsal region is affected the results are: chest pains. then. When this occurs. If the lumbar area is affected the results are: constipation. high blood pressure. In food and exercise therapy. on the bones or in the muscles. rice. hernia. If the cervical column is affected the results are: headache. where they don’t pollute the bloodstream. gout. Stress and physical over-activity are also factors and recent research also contributes hormonal imbalance as a cause. There are various medications that control inflammation and joint damage. is carried around in the blood until it eventually deposits itself between the joints. the body dumps these inorganic minerals in the joints. cereals. In some cases. When the acid collects on the joints a stabbing pain is felt and the they can become locked. septic arthritis. anklyosing spondylitis. nervousness. Unfortunately. Arthritis is often found in the spine. neuralgia. eye problems. it is possible to burn up the excess acid. lumbago and back ache. beef and pork all produces a lot of acid and in addition over-cooking destroys the alkaline mineral salts essential to neutralize this acid. and especially knee pains. pimples. dissolve the deposits. varicose veins. Unfortunately there are also terrible side effects which can cause new problems! However. if there is a properly balanced food intake containing sufficient nutrients. sciatica. and especially a stiff neck. It. white flour products. traumatic arthritis. pseudoarthritis. the whole body is affected. alcohol. menstrual problems. alleviate the pain and halt further damage. osteoarthritis. The two basic forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and the underlying cause of both is believed to be an excess of uric acid in the body. and thyroid conditions. migraine. much of the food we eat today is lacking in these nutrients. these deposits are caused by incomplete digestion of incompatible foods and accumulation of toxic wastes throughout the system.

white polished rice. apples. garlic and onions. white flour and white bread. The 3rd step is to maintain the health of the affected region and prevent it from becoming infected or inflamed again by controlling the diet and performing proper more active exercises. Therapeutic fasting and cleansing of the bowels is a very effective way to take the toxins out of the body. if enough sodium is present in the joints. in turn. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The practice of this meditation is essential for the healing of arthritis. Also the practice of lovingkindness meditation helps ones mind to be open and flexible. When sodium is removed from the joints. Whenever acid is produced anywhere in the body. It is also the best way to relax. and frozen fruits. refined flour and its products. Eat instead fresh fruits and organically grown raw vegetables. tea. horse radish. whey water. When the mind is flexible the body follows suit. potato peels. alcohol. and all pastries.Use only cold pressed olive oil. It is also found in okra. Cabbage. packed food. Brussels sprouts. chemical and preservative laden foods. Sodium also helps elasticity and limberness. there is little chance for the waste acids to accumulate. canned food including soft drinks. . white sugar.Take plenty of wholemeal cereals. sweet almond.Eat to live. It is only natural for ones mind to resist and contract around painful sensations. increases the circulation of blood and provides a plentiful supply of oxygen to rejuvenate the body. they soften and gain a balance in their mind. lettuce. . coffee.Avoid meats. dried prunes. This is recommended only with a qualified doctors assistance. fried foods. alcohol. . However. asparagus. Don’t live to eat. sodium is withdrawn from the stomach and then from the joints to neutralize the acid. polished white rice. it is best to eat plants grown and ripened in the sunlight. cauliflower. . calcium is deposited. goat’s milk. by eating and exercising properly every day.Eat fresh fruits and organic vegetables.Therapeutic Fasting The 2nd step is to do simple exercises which will activate the affected region. dried figs. This. Above all avoid junk foods. But when one practices non-resistance and relaxing the mind then radiating the strong feeling of loving-kindness into the painful area. These include prepared and processed food. Loving-kindness helps one to have a mind that is more open and accepting of even things like pain.Eat no salt and cut out the eating of all animal meat and fat. all sugar products. Uric acid builds up when there is lack of sodium in the body. cottage cheese and celery are good sources of sodium. 61 . . But one must take responsibility for their own health and well being. squash. And sometimes (not every time) the pain will simply stop. strawberry juice. These suggestions must be taken seriously by every individual who is suffering from arthritis: . stop taking all milk products except yogurt. To increase natural sodium. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for best results. or any other cold pressed oil. This balance will make the pain much easier to endure.Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation daily. Sodium is a neutralizer. . carrots. so this practice of calming one’s mind and sending loving thoughts into painful areas helps to heal the situation.

11] Red Cherry Juice: Drink 1 1/2 . 62 . garlic. 7-10 cloves of garlic. It will also help in smoothing out deformities and bumps of the joints. potassium. eat about one pound (1/2 kg) on an empty stomach and take no other food for at least 12 hours. potato peels and carrots. This neutralizes the uric acid in the blood and balances the Ph in the blood. Garlic. in distilled water daily. Cayenne Pepper: Take one whole lemon cut into pieces and put into blender (peel. continue for 1-3 days in severe cases. 6-8 x’s daily. add 1 1/2 cups of water. the grapes lose their energy after 30 minutes and begin to ferment. mix 12 tsp into any raw juice in the morning. raw black grapes provide amazing therapeutic relief for acute arthritis. copper. This helps to cleanse and dissolve the acids in the body. 1-2 pints (500. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. 5] Cherries: Raw black cherries contain active enzymes that help dissolve calcium spurs in joints. Sip slowly. chew skin. 10] Lemon. These are used in the cells and in addition it contains B Vitamins. 2 pints (1 liter) if mixed with carrot juice. 4] Bone Meal: Bone meal is a rich source of readily assimilable organic calcium and other vital minerals that are indispensable for proper bone and joint formation. whole wheat. Blend for one minute and strain before drinking. split peas. but very helpful). 1-1 1/2 tbsp. 7] Apple Cider Vinegar: Take 2 tbsp. depending on severity. olive oil and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper (the pepper is optional. mix half/half with distilled water. 9] Zinc: Zinc helps relieve joint tenderness. 6] Grapes: when eaten exclusively (this means no other food but the grapes) for 1-5 days. seeds and all). 8] Blackstrap Molasses: Blackstrap unsulphured molasses is very high in natural iron. It has the ability to dissolve acid deposits which can be easily eliminated through the kidneys. pantothenitic acid and inositol.1 liter) daily. seeds and pulp very well before swallowing.2 liter of red cherry juice daily. It is found in ginger root. Mix only as much as you can take at one time. oats. parsley. in a glass of cool ozonated distilled water.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Celery Juice: rich in organic sodium. Cold Pressed Olive Oil. which dislodges inorganic calcium deposits from joints and holds them in solution until eliminated through the kidneys. Take 2-3 tbsp. Can make into a juice puree (by adding 1 cup of distilled water to the grapes and put in a blender for 1 minute) then drink. 3] Grapefruit Juice: fresh raw grapefruit juice (no sugar) is highly effective in dissolving deposits of inorganic calcium in joints. 2-3 pounds (1-1 1/2 kg) per day. almonds. ground nuts.

Therapeutic Fasting 12] Asparagus: Lightly steamed (for no more than 3 minutes) asparagus contains asparamid. and seeds). raw spinach. lime or orange pureed in blender (blended together with the skin and seeds) with one cup distilled water (including peel. This helps very much in cleaning out the system of so much toxins which causes the arthritis. 14] Aloxy Gel: This gel can be made at home. all sweets and white sugar. cooked eggs. Bladder Inflammation (Cystitis) This common condition is the result of excess acidity in the bladder due to incomplete digestion of meats and starch. Putting the warm castor oil pack over the affected area helps to relieve the pain and stiffness. carrots. refined starches. 15] Castor Oil Pack: Using a castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines works wonders for relieving the pains and suffering in arthritis. excessive consumption of cooked foods. and parsley. especially animal proteins. Applying castor oil over the painful places helps too. watermelon. 16] Ozone Therapy: The cause of arthritis is stated above and intravenous shots of ozone will be a real help to overcome this terrible problem. alfalfa (tea or sprouts). whole lemon. raw sunflower seeds. 18] Foods to Avoid: incompatible combinations. if desired. nature’s most effective kidney diuretic. ice cream. using ozonated essential oils for massage brings immediate relief. after taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak for 45 minutes in a sauna bag filled with ozone to help pull toxins out of the body through the skin. pasteurized milk. salt. when given by a competent doctor. lemon juice. 13] Colloidal Silver: This has been most effective when taken 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily and by Applying it directly to the painful joints and muscles. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. When not using store in the refrigerator. The practice of daily loving-kindness meditation helps one to prepare themselves for times of crisis and discomfort. especially of protein and starch. asparagus gives urine a strong odor of ammonia. soak the feet in cool ozonated water encourages circulation throughout the body. unpolished rice. a day to the effected areas to bring quick and effective results. For long lasting results use this every day for one hour (or more if severe pain exists) for 6 days. It can be put on in both places at the same time. then stir thoroughly and apply about 2 tbsp. 17] Other Beneficial Foods: Cucumber. young coconut water. The act of opening and sending love into little aches 63 . all food fried in oil. the by-product of incomplete digestion form uric acid crystals which irritate the lining of the bladder and eventually form painful bladder stones. fibers. asparamid breaks up oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and muscles. Take Aloe Vera Juice (4 Parts) and add vegetable based glycerin (1 part) plus 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (1 part). whole barley. then rest for 1 day and repeat for 6 months. polished white rice. drinking cool ozonated water puts more vital oxygen into the whole system (take 2 -3 liters daily).

use ozonated essential oils for massage. 7] Pears: ripe raw pears are almost as good as watermelon for correcting bladder inflammation. it is an excellent adjunct to asparagus therapy. Beet. Cucumber Juice: this blend exerts a potent alkalizing influence in the bloodstream and the kidneys. Feel your mind and if it is tight then open and relax into that feeling. use them in conjunction with a 24-hour fast. this will cause an incredible excretion of fluids from the bladder. 64 .Therapeutic Fasting and pains helps the person to remember what to do when a big pain occurs. 2] Starfruit. So this practice is essential for healing. the most effective therapeutic use is to refrain from all other food and drink for 24 hours and eat 4-5 chunks of fresh watermelon every 5-10 minutes throughout the day. 3] Carrot. 10 oz. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. mix 1/3 cucumber with 2/3 carrot. Now softly radiate the feeling of love into the bladder. of honey and 3 cups of distilled water . 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily.drink the juice and eat the fruit as well 2 x’s a day to relieve and get rid of stones. then as watermelon has a remarkable ability to wash out the bladder quickly and completely. eat nothing but lightly steam asparagus (every hour). for best results or when there is pain or discomfort. Honey: Boil 3 fresh whole starfruits with 2 tbsp. 5] Watermelon: one of nature’s safest and most dependable diuretics. then rest 1 day and repeat for 14 days. as juice. 10] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the body in a sauna bag for 30 minutes to get relief. drink cool ozonated water daily (2 -3 liters). which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. when used in conjunction with the other natural methods practiced in this book. 4-5 small bites at a time. This in turn helps to relieve the bladder of toxins. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the bladder area. This will bring instant relief of pain and dissolve any stones which may have formed. like watermelon therapy./ 3 oz. 8] Colloidal Silver: This has been very good when taken internally. asparagus gives urine a strong odor of ammonia.. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. thereby neutralizing the excess uric acid that inflames kidneys and bladder and forms stones there./ 3 oz. 6] Cucumber (bulk or juice): raw cucumbers are an excellent diuretic with specific affinity for the bladder. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and large intestines for 1 hour daily for 6 days. 4] Asparagus: lightly steamed (for no more than 3 minutes) contains asparamid. nature’s most effective kidney diuretics.

Colitis Inflammation of the colon owing to prolonged chronic constipation and a critical deficiency of live active enzymes and moist raw fibre in the diet. soft carbonated drinks. is to thoroughly clean out the colon of putrefactive wastes and solid obstructions with a 7-day fast and at least twice daily colonic irrigations. barley water. cooked meat. 6 oz. preprocessed foods. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Keeping one’s mind calm and open while they send love into areas of distress is a skill which must be practiced daily for best results. spinach/ 10 oz. which often results in surgical colostomies. 2 tbsp. drinking lots of citric fruit juices. 65 . white sugar. 12] Foods to Avoid: salt. best when supplemented with 1-2 pints (1 liter) daily of raw carrot juice. refined starches. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. nicotine. in warm water. alcohol. raw beet juice (8 oz. 3] Carrot and Spinach Juice: raw spinach juice is nature’s best remedy for chronic constipation and inflammation of the colon. chocolate. all coffee and tea especially with milk added. 4] Blackstrap Molasses: a mild but dependable laxative. twice daily. molasses also provides vital mineral salts required to restore and maintain colon health. drugs. Practice for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for best results when a physical or emotional problem arises. salt-preserved foods. providing both live enzymes and moist raw fibre for proper bowel function. psyllium husk powder added to this can be a very effective but gentle laxative. polished white rice. followed by dietary adjustments to prevent recurrence. unpolished rice. soy sauce. carrot. the first and foremost measure against this dangerous condition. sipped slowly throughout the day). 2] Carrots (bulk or juice): grated raw carrots are an excellent preventive against colitis. tiny seeds gather toxic wastes and mucus in the colon and drag them out with feces. 5] Figs: fresh or sun-dried figs are also an excellent natural laxative for sluggish bowels.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Other Beneficial Foods: asparagus. Also the practice of loving-kindness meditation helps one to stay balanced and in harmony with oneself so they can heal more quickly. all foods fried in oil.

promotes friendly flora in the intestines. 13] Castor Oil Pack: Placed over the liver and large intestines once daily for 6 days. When steamed in this way. which includes the colon. 8] Dried Marigold Flowers: Make an infusion of dried marigold flowers with water.(cultured cabbage juice works especially well for more information in how to use and make turn to next chapter). Drink 2 x’s daily until all soreness has gone away then drink once daily or change over to the lemon/psyllium/spiralina or cultured cabbage juice drink. It starts the intestines working properly again. Premix 1 level tsp of psyllium (Metamucil) and 1 tsp of spiralina powder. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. Blend at high speed for 1-2 minutes then strain. Drink this once a day. and put the lemon juice into a clean empty jar. Add this mixture to the jar of lemon juice and shake. Castor oil packs can dissolve away tumors and growths in a matter of a few weeks. Start at a slow speed and blend for 1-2 minutes at high speed. It truly is the “hands of Christ” working in action. 7] Okra: Okra with its mucus like juice is one of the best known remedies. Drink that water 3 x’s a day to clear the colon. Now put the distilled water into the blender along with 1/2 a lemon cut into small pieces (again the peel and seeds included). To make 1 cup aloe vera juice. Spiralina: This heals sore and ulcers in the intestines. This works with chronic diarrhea. pour the contents in a strainer and squeeze the contents dry. 14] Ozone Therapy: As the extra oxygen is added to the system it purifies the blood and all of the organs. Spiralina: This is an anti-inflammatory therapy. Take 1 cup of distilled water. 12] Colloidal Silver: Take this liquid 1 tsp both morning and evening to help clear out and possible infection and to relieve the inflammation. then rest 1 day and repeat (can be applied more often if the case is severe). Psyllium. 66 . Psyllium. Taking ozone intravenously from a competent doctor will very much help in overcoming all health problems. cut up 1 cup of leaves the green skin included. 1/2 whole lemon (including the peel and seeds).Therapeutic Fasting 6] Cabbage Juice: raw cabbage juice effectively breaks up accumulations of putrefactive wastes in the intestines. This works with chronic diarrhea. steep. Place some uncooked okra on cooked (steaming) rice and cover it. This works for all kinds of intestinal problems. and strain. This has consistently brought good results in cleansing out the colon to many people. Take fresh whole Aloe Vera leaves wash them and remove the spines (the spine are a laxative). add 1 tsp of psyllium and 1 tsp of spiralina or Chlorella powder. 1 tsp of Spiralina or Blue-green algae or Chlorella plus 1 rounded tsp of pysllium (Metamucil). its high sulphur and chlorine content makes it an excellent bowel cleanser. 10] Lemon. place them in a blender and add 1 cup of distilled water. it does not loose any main nutrients. 11] Aloe Vera. 9] Horse Radish Juice: Drink 100 ml horseradish juice before every meal. it kills pathogens. Discard the pulp. or 2 pints (1 liter) mixed half/half with carrot juice. works so fast that foul gas often expelled soon after ingestion. it heals a damaged intestinal tract and it produces normal stools.

chocolate. colonic irrigations are the first step in correcting constipation. Also it means that involuntary contraction of the intestines that move the waste matter through is weak. soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes to improve circulation. hernia and hemorrhoids. The practice of lovingkindness meditation helps very much to keep the mind in balance when the body is out of balance. Constipation This is a clogging of the small or large intestines. stagnation and fermentation takes place. loss of appetite. white sugar. During constipation. wheat bran. cooked eggs. (2 tsp in cool ozonated distilled water). for an excellent therapeutic drink for constipation. and lack of exercise. apple cider vinegar. lecithin. sunflower seeds (raw). lethargy. this can cause. open up and relax your mind. sweet pastries. 15] Other Beneficial Foods: papaya. resulting in irregular bowel action. almonds. Now softly radiate that wonderful warm feeling of love into your colon. put 3 figs in a blender with one ripe banana. followed by nutritional therapy. cooked meat. 2] Figs: Fresh or sun-dried figs cleanse the bowels of toxic waste and mucus and serve as a natural laxative. 3] Blackstrap Molasses: 2 tbsp. headache. drink cool ozonated water daily (2 -3 liters). all food fried in oil. cooked foods. bad breath. Do this whenever there is any discomfort in the intestine area and also practice at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for good results. All of these things bring immediate relief of colitis and other related problems. 16] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk. internal medication especially in incompatible combinations. brewer’s yeast. hot spicy foods. unpolished rice. and eventually poisons the bloodstream by osmosis. Letting go of any tension or tightness which may be in your mind. colic. Excessive constipation comes from devitalized. and salt. which impairs peristalsis. in warm water. squash. coated tongue. 67 . use ozonated essential oils for health massages. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into your colon. refined starch. molasses and 1 cup water and blend till smooth. 2 tbsp. twice daily. insomnia. It is interesting to note that vegetarians seldom suffer from this problem especially when they eat so much raw foods.Therapeutic Fasting After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) sit in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily. raisins. backache. foods with high fiber. stewed prunes. irritates the colon. the colon fills with feces and toxic by-products of fermentation and putrefaction. If the toxins are absorbed from the colon. colas. Never use mineral oil as a laxative is it harmful to the body if used internally. coffee and tea especially used with milk (it turns to a lump in the stomach and is exceptionally hard to evacuate). these causes result in sluggish bowels and chronic constipation. wrong eating habits.

also avoid pasteurized milk. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. 9] Dandelion. hot spicy foods. Whole wheat bread. fresh raspberries. Parsley: Infuse these three herbs together with warm distilled water. raw almonds. E and D.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Spinach and Psyllium Husk Powder: raw spinach is nature’s best remedy for irritated and sluggish bowels. cucumber. walnut. and sesame seeds. such as A. prunes. chili peppers. high fiber foods. all food fried in oil. using ozonated essential oils for massage can be very effective. Cucumber. If one mixes 1 tsp of psyllium husk powder (Metamucil) with this mixture it is very effective and gentle. tapioca. 2 oz. radish. olive. pumpkin. salt. corn flour. 7] Asparagus: Eat fresh lightly steamed (for 3 minutes) asparagus every morning to increase fecal bulk and aid the kidneys to evacuate the toxins. squash. okra. olive oil. Unpolished rice. 10] Castor Oil Packs: Place over the entire intestines for one to two hours once daily until the constipation goes away (which will be fast). apples. basil. raw tomato. wheat germ. coriander. coffee and tea especially when milk is added. 4 0z. asparagus. polished white in the morning before breakfast and one before going to bed at night. grapes. high fiber foods. 12] Other Beneficial Foods: papaya. 11] Ozone Therapy: Drinking cool ozonated water is good. 13] Foods to Avoid: never use mineral oil as a laxative: it robs the digestive tract of all oil-soluble vitamins. young fresh coconut juice and soft coconut meat. then take one glass of warm water. cabbage or cultured cabbage juice. bitter groud. 6] Raw Apples: Eat two raw apples everyday before breakfast. raw apples. oranges. and is not as effective as figs or black molasses. tea. juice daily as mild laxative. and refined starch. The castor oil penetrates the intestines and loosens up everything. (200 ml) spinach with 10 oz. raw vegetables. carrot. Basil. Never eat asparagus raw. seeds like sunflower. cooked eggs. as juice mix 6 oz. peas. Celery Juice: Mix 10 0z. 5] Carrot: grated raw carrots supplemented with 2 pints raw carrot juice should be consumed daily by those with chronic constipation. pear. overcooked meats. 68 . Drink two cups daily . 8] Apple. new potatoes. cereals. white sugar. ripe bananas. bran. tamarind.

the best remedy for any fever is complete fasting. and infectious diseases. starve a cold’. Dehydration during fever reduces the flow of urine. the patient may not relish any food and this is alright. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Try to remember to send as much loving and kind thoughts to yourself as possible. one should not take chances when there is fever! A slight delay can result in convulsions. such as colds. which has been misquoted as ‘Feed a fever. and if there is muscular contractions may shiver. it is good to control it with cold compresses over the forehead using a towel dampened in water and apple cider vinegar. If you ‘feed a fever’. Lemon juice and fruit juice are good to be given during a fever. Sweet basil tea. In children the sponging should be done using tepid (not cold) water. irritability. ‘If you feed a fever.Therapeutic Fasting Fever Fevers are the result of the body trying to ‘incinerate’ waste matter stirred up in the system as the result of other conditions. Also a higher quality of protein is required as tissue protein is lost during fever. loss of appetite and drowsiness. plus colonic irrigations to accelerate elimination of waste matter from the body. Sponging the entire body sometimes helps as well. But. Fever appears when white blood cells have to fight against foreign bodies. plus. one notices a pale face. what is needed is a lot of rest and following the other remedies. So. The caloric requirements of a patient suffering from fever is higher than a normal person. mind has a tendency to get rather spacey and has trouble focusing at that time. a pencil or cloth must be stuffed in between the teeth. feel headache. the person feels flushed. sandalwood. The symptoms depend upon the region or organs that has been affected. Fever is not a disease in itself. To prevent them from biting their tongue. Hippocrates wrote. rapid pulse. Taking juices and fasting is the easiest way to overcome the fever. There is a chance of a child becoming epileptic after several convulsions. then when a fever appears it is easier to remember. flu. passion flower. With children. During a convulsion. and peppermint tea. Doing loving-kindness meditation is very helpful when one has a fever. Fever is generally accompanied by hot dry skin. When sweating stops the trouble starts as the patient may be heading towards hyper-pyrexia (delirium). If one practices for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Others include olive . Not every rise in temperature is due to toxins and so not every rise in temperature is a fever. Sweating should be induced only when the temperature is in safe range. 69 . Symptoms: During a fever. are good to relieve fever. disturb the balance and the body temperature increases. Thus. sarsaparilla. the child should be made to lie on their stomach with their mouth turned to one side so that it does not choke on any vomit. An infection or inflammation produces toxins which when they reach the hypothalamus (heat regulating region) in the brain. you’ll only make things worse. may sweat. In children. you’ll have to starve a cold’. Medical attention is very necessary. when resting and you can remember lightly radiate love to yourself and try not to be disappointed when the mind spaces out again. chills and body aches. If the temperature rises rapidly. A high fever can cause delirium and convulsions.

Ginger: Boil a few basil leaves with ginger in 1/2 liter of distilled water until it reduces by half. Citrus fruit acids help loosen. Dilute half/half with distilled water. orange or grapefruit juice. 4] Foods to Avoid: all foods and beverages. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Relaxes the entire body and promotes circulation of blood through the liver. 6] Colloidal Silver: This when taken 2 times daily internally will help very much. Place over the liver and large intestines for 30 minutes 2 x’s a day until the fever is gone.6 x’s daily is good. Also practice for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily when you start to feel better. which in turn cleans out the system of disease. This contains psyllium and other fibers that are very helpful). 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Same as above. cold. chill. with no sugar or ice. or headache. Herbs to use are: lavender. Take 3-5 cloves with every glass of juice. Influenza This is a viral respiratory problem. too) 5] Garlic: Raw crushed garlic mixed with the citrus juice makes the drink even work more effectively. 3] Castor Oil Pack: The castor oil pack is very effective in helping to overcome fevers. It relaxes the body and the patient will want to sleep after the treatment which is the best therapy. practice as much as possible.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Citrus Juice: the only thing a fever patient should be given is freshly extracted lemon. Once there is an attack treat the symptoms and give your body plenty of rest and Vitamin C (1000 mg every four hours).when 70 . Prevention is the only effective method. Place over the liver and large intestines one time and over the thymus gland and lungs the next for one hour daily until the influenza has gone away. It can be used 2 to 4 x’s daily. except for distilled water and the juices mentioned above. The same is true with influenza as with a fever as far as loving-kindness meditation is concerned. 4] All Fresh Citrus Fruits: Taking any fresh squeezed citrus fruits 3 . 2] Lemon Juice: Warm lemon juice with a little honey is good. primrose and rosemary. refined starches. at that time. Take 1 tsp in the morning and one in the evening on an empty stomach. 3] Basil. It works quite well.(of course lemon juice. 8] Ozone Therapy: Ozone is the most effective medicine known against viral infections. lime. soft carbonated drinks and coffee and tea when used with milk. Especially grapefruit juice and orange juice. polished white rice. It is associated with fever. dissolve and eliminate mucus and other toxic wastes throughout the system. especially white sugar. (Metamucil is a mild laxative which can be added to the juice to help in the cleansing process. Taken intravenously it will cure the problem quickly and safely . Drink this as a tea for 5 days 2 x’s daily.

and insufficient quantities of raw. open and relax your mind. 2] Aloe Vera: Apply the juice of fresh aloe vera directly on the bite. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Practice this as much as possible start out sitting for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. owing to formation of acid crystals. 71 . salt. Open up your. The practice of loving-kindness meditation helps to purify ones blood and this in turn will assist in healing the body of this disease. coffee and tea especially with milk added. Radiate love into that area. drinking cool ozonatd water helps too. refined starches. After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 20 to 40 minutes. Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes is good.Therapeutic Fasting administered by a competent doctor. Using ozonated essential oils for massage works well. enzyme-active foods. sweets and pastries. polished white rice. alcohol. let go of the dislike of that sensation caused by the insect. Letting go of all tightness and tension in the mind. 3] Parsley Juice: Squeeze the juice from the parsley juice then apply to the bite for immediate results. 4] Honey: Honey relieves pain due to the sting of hornets when applied to that region. Place your attention on your kidneys. hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). Insect Bites 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Even with simple things like insect bites lovingkindness is most helpful. 9] Foods to Avoid: White sugar. meat. gout is the inflammation of bones and ligaments in joints. this is caused mainly by diets that contain too much fatty meat. 5] Onion: Raw Onion gives immediate relief for all kinds of stings. Then radiate loving feelings into the kidneys. But after a while start extending the sittings to 1 hour 2 x’s daily. 6] Wheat Germ Oil: Wheat germ oil is a perfect cure for stings (wasp and hornets). chocolate. 7] Witch-Hazel: Witch-Hazel is good for wasp stings. Gout Closely related to rheumatism.

Asparagus gives urine a strong odor of ammonia./ 3oz. Blend for one minute. when administered by a competent doctor. 7] Radish Juice: Take 350ml red radish juice daily. It can also be used on the painful areas to bring some ease. 11] Ozone Therapy: As oxygen is a blood purifier using ozone intravenously helps greatly in overcoming excesses in uric acid. 1-2 pints (500 ml to 1 liter) daily. Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes if good. 5] Parsley Juice: raw parsley facilitates oxygen metabolism and stimulates adrenal secretions. carrot juice. eat nothing but lightly steamed asparagus every waking hour and eat 3 or 4 small pieces of watermelon every 5 to 10 minutes every waking hour for 24 .48 hours. nature’s most effective kidney diuretic. Asparagus should never be eaten raw. 3] Carrot. It breaks up oxalic acid crystals in kidneys and muscles (cooked spinach and cooked tomatoes leave oxalic acid in the system). 6] Celery Juice: * Very Important * rich in organic sodium. when there is pain. Steam for no more than 3 minutes and consume immediately. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. parsley juice with 12 oz.2 liters of red cherry juice daily. 10] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and large intestines one time and over the kidneys the next (over the kidneys one can lay on the castor oil pack and hot water bottle for one hour). 9] Cherry Juice: Drink 1 1/2 ./ 3oz. it corrects blood acidosis. Beet. Puree red radishes and distilled water. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. dissolves deposits of inorganic calcium in joints. 72 . After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 . Use daily alternating locations as needed but always leave for one hour in the same place. Cucumber Juice: the potent alkalizing properties of this blend help rebalance pH in blood and tissues and dissolve acid crystals in joints.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Asparagus: It contains asparamid. 8] Cabbage Juice: Take 500 ml cabbage juice mixed in blender with distilled water. and provides the organic calcium required for repair of damaged ligaments and bones. when the pain is severe. both actions relieve the discomfort of gout and help correct the excess acidity of blood and tissues which causes it. once daily (unless there is an emergency). 10 oz. mix 4 oz. Or take cultured cabbage juice 1/2 cup 3 x’s daily for 2 months. Using ozonated essential oils for massage brings relief. To make the gout leave one must use the pack daily for one month without a break.45 minutes daily for 2 weeks. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. 4] Watermelon: Watermelon is an excellent adjunct to asparagus therapy. calcium and magnesium. iron.. mix half/half with carrot juice.

coffee and tea when milk is used. bran. increase of vegetarian diet. 73 . 2] Orange. Avoid stooping. watermelon and watercress. 3] High Fibre Foods: Taking high fibre foods. pregnancy or obesity. or in the groin or in the upper thigh that increases under strain. It produces swelling through the abdominal wall. So developing the skill of loving-kindness on a regular basis is very beneficial not only to the one practicing it but to everyone around them. organ meats. Learning the open and soften one’s mind to pain is one of the true advantages of learning lovingkindness meditation. cauliflower. and Caraway Seeds: Boil orange and grapefruit seeds with caraway seeds in water for one hour and get a decoction. tropical fruits. alcohol. especially liver. Causes are due to increased pressure in the abdomen produced by vomiting. It is common in overweight and pregnant women. The main cause is an imperfect growth of the wall of that region or injury due to physical strain such as lifting heavy objects. because they start becoming more pleasant and easier to be with. avoid highly spicy foods. femoral hernia is of the upper thigh and inguinal hernia is that of the groin. straining bowels. Open and relax. all food fried in oil. etc. obesity or poor posture. Place your attention on the area of distress. hot spicy foods. Keep opening and relaxing your mind as much as possible before radiating that love. all high protein foods. salt. Hernia (hiatal) occurs.Therapeutic Fasting 12] Other Beneficial Foods: cabbage. coconut. if the sphincter is too high up in the chest and acid flows up into the esophagus. refined starches (especially white noodles). coughing. increase cabbage. avoid all fried foods. Sleep with pillows. raw vegetables. In the early stages it can be cured by doing simple exercises which strengthen the region. especially pork. alfalfa tea or sprouts. citrus fruits. Drinking it as tea 2 x’s a day. unpolished rice. cooked tomatoes. applying oak bark tea and apple cider vinegar fomentation or applying a poultice of Comfrey leaves. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Practice this for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily to start out then extend the amount of time when the sitting is good. dairy products. and avoid white rice. constipation. This turns an ordinary discomfort into an emergency of the most urgent proportions. wheat germ. everyday. raw black grapes (exclusively for 1-3 days). dry beans. cooked spinach. hydrogenated fats (like vegetable margarine). white sugar. Everytime a person contracts their mind and fights painful sensations they cause even more pain and discomfort to arise. Now radiate love into the area of discomfort. sugar. beans. Grapefruit. raw black cherries (exclusively for 24 hours). and flour products. Hernia Umbilical hernia if of the navel. soft carbonated drinks. fresh citrus juices (no sugar). alcohol. broccoli. letting go of all tightness in your mind. 13] Foods to Avoid: Fatty meats.

Plenty of raw vegetables and fresh fruits together with butter.e. at night before going to bed. and yogurt are to be taken. prunes. celery juice provides abundant supplies of these elements. The blood may be black. When loving-kindness meditation is directed into any unpleasant or painful feeling. in addition to dietary adjustments. first thing in the morning and before going to bed. daily practice of the anal sphincter exercise. A feeling of fullness in the anus is also another symptom. of bran in 100g of yogurt before meals to overcome hiatal hernia. restores proper blood pH. There will be rectal bleeding. may be mixed half/half with carrot juice. figs. Pain is felt during evacuation and streaks of blood appear in the motion. Practice this meditation regularly every day. and calcium in the diet. 2 pints (1 liter) daily or 1 pint (500 ml) straight. The treatment of the basic cause (i. buttermilk. pregnancy. one begins to open and relax their mind without fighting or trying to push that feeling away. spinach to 10 oz. especially white bread and other flour products. abdominal tumors. Now softly open and relax your mind. now radiate loving and kind feelings into that area. 6] Dried Figs: Clean 5 dried figs in hot water and soak them over-night in water. 6 oz. prevents excessive bleeding in hemorrhoids by balancing the bloodstream and lowering blood pressure. owing to excess consumption of refined starch. eliminates the sticky wastes that clog anal capillaries. Practice it 2x’s daily and then when you feel like sitting for longer then extend up to 1 hour 2x’s daily (if you have the time and see the benefits). letting go of all dissatisfaction and dislike. This in itself is a very healing aspect of mental development. Feel your mind become soft and open. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention on the painful or uncomfortable area. iron. before radiating that love. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. and sneezing all increase pressure on those veins. coughing. this is mainly the result of sticky toxic waste in the bloodstream. coconut water. Obesity. Hemorrhoids/ Piles This increasingly common affliction is caused by stagnation and coagulation of blood fibron in the tiny capillaries that feed the anus and lower rectum. 3] Celery Juice: hemorrhoids are sometimes the result of insufficient supplies of organic sulphur. Drink them together with water 2 x. 2] Carrot and Spinach Juice: This blend benefits all colon conditions. 2-3 times daily. The exertion of pressure on the rectal and abdominal vein system causes hemorrhoids.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Bran and Yogurt: Take 1 tbsp. 74 .s a day. constipation) is the best way to solve the problem. for 30 minutes each time. liver problems. This can be caused by constipation further irritated by laxatives and toxins from the intestines. Keep opening and softening your mind. 5] Bananas and Spinach: Take 1 banana and four leaves of raw spinach. 4] Apple Cider Vinegar: 2 tsp in a glass of distilled water. carrot juice.

very well. watercress. 75 . all pasta. 2 x’s daily. 10] Fresh Unripened Figs: Eat 2 fresh unripened figs twice a day for one month. When the ozone goes into the blood it starts purifying immediately. all food fried in oil. Try eating proteins first at the next meal. star fruit. . parsley.Therapeutic Fasting 7] Guava (Jambu): Take guava with a pinch of salt every morning for 2 months. tea of all kinds. Never eat sweets or fruits with vegetables. lemon. Witch Hazel was known as the ‘Bum’ healer. Follow with vegetables. You may eat grains and vegetables together or carbohydrates and vegetables together. drinking cool ozonated water is good. malt. The patient will feel a big relief and calm while using it and will want to sleep after the treatment. can cause stomach distress. or you will get some indigestion. 11] Witch Hazel Lotion: This remedy has been used for centuries by the Europeans. coffee. 13] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver. eating too fast and not chewing your food well and mixing too many foods together. Chew food thoroughly. as the blood balances itself the piles will go away by themselves. persimmons. 12] Colloidal Silver: Apply this externally to help protect from infections. spinach. 15] Other Beneficial Foods: turnips. Eating when you are not hungry. 8] White Radish (also called Diacon radish): Grate white radish with honey or the juice of a white radish 100 ml with a pinch of salt. Indigestion Indigestion has many causes. guava. one of which is low body temperature. 9] Fresh Star Fruit: Eat 2 fresh star fruit or drink the juice of 3 freshly squeezed star fruit twice daily on an empty stomach. especially white bread and sweet pastries. all spicy foods. This purifies the blood and unclogs the blood vessels and arteries. Gently apply with a cotton swab. after taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily until condition goes away. using ozonated essential oils for massage works well. Never eat fast or when under stress. so the saliva can mix with the food and help it to digest. soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily helps to relieve the pain and discomfort. there is a saying “Never swallow unless it is liquid”. 16] Foods to Avoid: refined starch and sugar. banana. Mix as few foods as possible. wine. 14] Ozone Therapy: Intravenous shots given by a competent doctor will do wonders for the piles. and large intestine for 1 hour daily for 6 days then rest 1 day and repeat as needed. chili peppers.

Lemon Juice. which very often is the root cause of the problem. 3] Dried Unripe Apple Powder: Dry 5 half ripe apples in the sun after cutting them into pieces. fresh squeezed lemon juice and 2 tbsp. 8] Fresh Figs: Eat 3 fresh figs before going to bed every night for 2 weeks. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention on your stomach and gently open and relax away the tightness in your mind.Therapeutic Fasting The practice of loving-kindness meditation is very helpful with all stomach and intestinal problems. but always prepare it right before drinking. Drink 1 tbsp. 2] Apple Juice: Drink apple juice 350 ml 3 x’s daily. Practice whenever there is any distressful feeling caused by indigestion and also do this for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for best results. 10] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the thymus gland and stomach one time and then over the liver and large intestines the next time until the condition goes away. of honey. eat 2 x’s daily for one month. allow to cool add 1 tbsp. When thoroughly dry make into powder. If you want to juice these mix with distilled water about one cup. 76 . 6] Garlic Water: Soak feet in garlic water to relieve indigestion. 4] Papaya. and Apple Cider Vinegar: Cook 2 medium sized unripe papaya without any spices. of apple cider vinegar. Feel your mind open and become calm. If possible ozonate the garlic water while soaking the feet. 7] Coconut Pulp: Drinking young fresh coconut juice and eating the soft pulp is very high in potassium and as a result relieves indigestion. It helps one to open their heart and mind so worry and anxiety dissipate. Use 8 garlic gloves that are juiced. Mango: Eat a ripe papaya one hour before meals 3 x’s a day for 2 weeks. This helps indigestion and diarrhea. of powder in warm distilled water 2 x’s daily. now radiate that loving feeling from your heart into your stomach. take 30 minutes before every meal. as it looses energy one hour after cutting open. can mix with mango for better results. 9] Unripe Papaya. 5] Garlic and Honey: Finely chop 2 cloves of garlic and mix with 1 tbsp.

strains the heart. dandelion. tender coconut water and pulp.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Other Beneficial Foods: onion. all milk products. wheat germ. Gently let go of all tightness in your mind. wheat bran. using ozonated essential oils and massage. 77 . buttermilk. Vit B is found in Brewer’s Yeast. white flour. A lack of magnesium generally causes kidney problems. Kidney Inflammation The kidneys have to filter 185 liters of blood a day and the presence of excessive amounts of salt. refined foods white sugar. grapefruit juice. chemicals. all fried foods. wheat germ. dill. Sometimes there may be some old emotions attached to the feelings there. unripe fruits (unless specifically mentioned). 12] Foods to Avoid. wheat bran. barley. raw cauliflower. peppermint. It stimulates the blood flow through the vessels in and around the kidneys bring relief and healing to the area. anise and red sage. raw mushrooms. balm. parsley. and raw green vegetables. open up your mind and relax. coriander. nutmeg. soaking the feet in ozonated water for 30-45 minutes helps a lot. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the kidney area. apple juice. fennel. and drugs can strain them and this. Practice this healing method at least for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. orange. in turn. sweet basil. These help tone up the kidneys. chamomile tea. pineapple. 13] Ozone Therapy: Drinking ozonated water is good. 3] Castor Oil Pack: The castor oil pack works very well on healing the kidneys. sodium glutamate. place the pack over the kidneys and lay down on the pack for one hour daily for 6 days. The practice of loving-kindness meditation when directing the soft radiation into the kidneys is very effective in helping to heal this situation. strawberry. Now radiate loving feelings into that discomfort. If that is the case loving-kindness will help one to open up their mind and let go of those old hard feeling so health in mind and body can replace them. rosemary. radish leaf. 2] Colloidal Silver: Take 1 tsp of this 1-2x’s daily to help clear up the inflammation and relieve pain. squash. Magnesium is found in Brewer’s Yeast. raw broccoli. white rice. starfruit. and strawberries. raw vegetables.

the patient should avoid large quantities of oxalic acid such as spinach. chocolate. The main symptoms of nephritis are pain in the kidney region extending down to the abdomen. asparamid breaks up oxalic acid crystals in kidneys and muscles (cooked spinach and cooked tomatoes leave oxalic acid in the system). Sip slowly. may be mixed with carrot and beet juice. 4 small carrots. 78 . in bulk or juice. Don’t take if you have diarrhea. pears. over a 24-hour period. (500 ml) raw beet juice. 1 tbsp. 2 medium sized cut onions and 6 cloves of garlic until the water reduces to half. 2] Red Beet Juice: raw red beet juice has strong natural affinity for the kidneys. asparagus gives urine a strong odor of ammonia. and pineapples. once daily.10 minutes eat 3 or 4 small bites of watermelon every waking hour for 24-48 hours. Later. 8] Potato. 2-3 tsp at a time. are excellent kidney diuretics and alkalizing agents. nature’s most effective kidney diuretic. with no other food. take 8 oz.Therapeutic Fasting Nephritis Nephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys which strikes mainly in childhood or adolescence. Drink the soup with meals 3 x’s daily for 2 weeks. of cold pressed olive oil if desired). take 3 x’s daily to clean out bladder infection. 1] Asparagus: contains asparamid. 4] Cucumber: raw cucumbers. Carrot. of honey. This relieves many problems associated with the kidneys. and 4 carrots (can add 1 tbsp. Blend for two minutes strain and drink 2 x’s daily. 7] Corn: Boil corn in until water becomes reddish-brown and drink it as soup. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. and cocoa. Carrot Juice: Cut up one lemon and put in blender (peel seeds and all) add 1 1/2 cups of water. There will be a lot of albumen in the urine as well. cut Onion and Garlic: Simmer over low heat. However. a dull pain in the back. fever. honey. peaches. 5] Dark Grape Puree: Fast by eating nothing but 1-2 kg dark grapes daily. 6] Lemon Juice. The safest treatment for nephritis is juice fasting for a period of seven (7) days on carrot. black grapes. an all fruit diet should be followed for another five days with apples. Do this for one week. 9] Horse Radish and Honey: Take 1 tbsp. Take a hand full every hour for 12 hours or drink the freshly squeezed juice puree every hour. This can be followed by a vegetarian diet. rhubarb. highly colored urine and puffiness in the face and feet. the watermelon cure is an excellent adjunct to asparagus therapy. of freshly chopped horse radish and add to one tbsp. its affinity for kidneys is reflected in red coloration of urine. celery. 3] Watermelon: for nephritis. oranges. 2 medium sized unpeeled potatoes. Honey. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. and cucumber. steam a bunch of fresh asparagus for 3 minutes or less and consume immediately. eat nothing but lightly steamed asparagus and every 5 .

walnuts. coffee or tea especially when milk is added. white sugar. kidney beans. cultured cabbage juice. To relieve the pain due to kidney stones: apply a hot ginger fomentation (stirred up) on the back and lower back. black grapes. papaya. The main cause of kidney stones is eating highly refined foods. Place over the kidneys while the patient is lying on their side or back.4 liters daily. Soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily. Brewer’s Yeast with 500 ml fresh squeezed Orange Juice and you can add some strawberries (to suit taste). chocolate. alfalfa. Some are due to uric acid. Use for one hour daily until the condition improves. Drink before breakfast every day for 14 days. dietary calcium. Foods that cause stones because of rich oxalate and phosphate contents are: tomato. 13] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna). black eyed-peas. Fasten with some safety pins. beet root and alcohol. use ozonated essential oils for massage. 14] Other Beneficial Foods: apple cider vinegar: barley water. avoid all red meats and pork. can add apple cider vinegar to this). salt. jack fruit. This is where the daily practice of loving-kindness meditation 79 . This detoxifies the whole body and purifies the blood. coffee. soy sauce. Whole cereals are rich in phosphates leafy vegetables in calcium and oxalates and milk. and banana. In tropical countries they are common mainly due to a loss of fluid through excessive perspiration. oats. take 1/2 tsp 1-2 x’s daily to be rid of harmful bacteria causing the problem. fennel. cinnamon bark. Also take Vit. unpolished rice. soak the entire body for 30 minutes in a sauna bag filled with ozone. hot peppers and spicy foods. parsley.Therapeutic Fasting 10] Wheat Germ. shellfish. polished white rice. all food fried in oil. drink plenty of cool ozonated water (3 . let it stay until relief is felt). dill seed. foods rich in oxalic acid such as tea. 15] Foods to Avoid: All table salt and salt-preserved foods. animal protein. People with gout may have stones of uric acid as well. peanuts. B6 and exercise enough to bring up a sweat. these should all be avoided. (boiled grated ginger in water until the water becomes yellowish in color. alcohol. cooked spinach and tomatoes. cherry juice. fish. refined starches. resulting in an increased concentration of urine. lecithin. daily. Orange Juice: Mix 1 tbsp. Dip towel in it and apply directly on the area. and 1 tbsp. chocolate. pain killers and western medicines like antibiotics as they attack the kidneys and causes the circulation to lessen. onions. carrot juice. Brewer’s Yeast. Wheat Germ. 11] Colloidal Silver: This is completely safe for infants and children. If on the side you must wrap a towel around the body to hold the pack closely. 12] Castor Oil Pack: The pack relieves pain and suffering very quickly. Kidney Stones These are a collection of minerals and chemicals like calcium and oxalic acid. string bean. star anise. starfruit. cabbage. garlic. spinach. crab.

This helps immeasurably when a crisis situation like kidney stones may occur. drink the liquid every hour. your awareness and understanding of this mind/body process becomes very clear and enlightening. Place over the kidneys for one hour then rest for one hour and put over the lower abdomen for one hour. This can dissolve even large uric acid stones. Take 3 x’s daily before meals to expel stones. 4] Lemon Juice: Drink fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed in water every 1/2 hour. All awareness is lost when the person takes heavy drugs to try and run away from painful sensations. This is not an impossible thing to do and even though it may be somewhat difficult. If one has practiced and been good about doing it daily for a period of time. (can take without straining as puree if desired). then they begin to learn about the true nature of the mind/body process. but it will make easier to endure it.Therapeutic Fasting really helps. Honey: Boil fresh 3 whole starfruits with 2 tbsp. Then take starfruit as described above. of honey and 3 cups of distilled water . 5] Asparagus Juice: Put 6 stocks of lightly steamed (for 3 minutes) asparagus in a blender and add 1 cup of distilled water Blend for 2 minutes then strain and drink. 2] Starfruit. as well. It is necessary to keep opening the mind and radiating love into those feelings as long as they are present.drink the juice and eat the fruit as well 2 x’s a day to relieve stones. Also taking foods with sodium in them is necessary. eat nothing but lightly steamed asparagus (every hour) and eat 3 to 4 small pieces of watermelon every 5 to 10 minutes of every waking hour for 24-72 hours. 80 . when/if kidney stones appear. Wash some fresh parsley and cover in hot water. again rest for one hour and repeat until the stones evacuate through the urine. Keeping the mind from contracting around the painful feeling will turn into a very real learning experience if it is done with confidence. 3] Cucumber Juice: Drink 1 liter of cucumber juice daily. 8] Castor Oil Pack: This works very well in dissolving kidney stones. This also will get rid of stones in the bladder. The dislike and resistance to pain will make that pain so unbearable that a person suffering from it must take huge amounts of minddeadening morphine. But when a person doesn’t resist the pain with their mind. But when opening and accepting pain as your teacher. Later cool. may be mixed with carrot juice for taste. 6] Watermelon: This is an excellent adjunct to asparagus therapy. Keep it warm for 30 minutes. 7] Parsley Tea: For gravel and kidney or bladder stones. parsley tea is used. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: When this is practiced daily for 30 minutes 2x’s the meditator begins to learn how to open and relax the mind as well as radiating love into painful sensations (as opposed to hate and dissatisfaction). they will naturally begin to open and soften the mind every time a pain arises. The practice won’t make the pain go away. it is an amazing learning experience when it is done.

castor bean. This can also be due to an excessive intake of salt. nourishes. beans. fried foods. Drink 2 x’s a day. 2] Ginger: Boil fresh grated ginger and make a strong tea. coffee. The first sign of fluid retention is seen as puffiness under the eyes.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna).2 liters daily. Make 1 . It alkalizes. all pre-processed foods. soak the entire body for 45 minutes in a sauna bag filled with ozone. and stimulates almost every system in the body. drinking cool ozonated water is effective. 3] Coconut: Drink young tender coconut juice and eat the pulp daily. Open up and relax away any tightness in your mind. Practice this for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. now radiate that nice warm feeling of love into that area. chocolate. Edema (water retention) This is swelling due to water retention particularly in the ankles and feet. black grapes. and salt. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention on any uncomfortable part of your body that draws your attention to it. 8] Carrot. tea. white sugar. white polished rice.2 liters daily and drink slowly. kidney bean. barley. white flour. almonds. all preserved foods. sour foods. 5] Kidney Bean. Sudden fluid retention indicates an allergy again indicating the weakness of the adrenal glands. pineapple. as such it helps very much in healing edema. Drink 2 x’s daily. cola. This cures nutritional edema. Garlic Soup: Put one cup of kidney beans into 2 cups of water and cook until the beans are soft then add 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic and eat with every meal. 4] Raisins and Ginger: Mix in a 2:1 quantity of raisins (2) and ginger (1) with peel and boil it. A bit of honey helps. 81 . 6] Carrot Juice: Raw carrot juice is probably the best overall therapeutic food in the world. It is best treated with proper exercises and an occasional intake of herbs which work as a diuretic such as dandelion leaf tea combined with fennel seeds. This is an indication of weakness of the adrenal glands possibly together with kidneys. ozonated essential oils are good. mixing the saliva with the juice. Persistent retention is an early indication of heart problems. this can be done twice daily. all pastries. mung bean. cleanses. Take 1 . Foods to bring relief are garlic. young coconut. 7] Alfalfa Tea: Drinking alfalfa tea a fairly strong mixture 2 x’s every day for 2 weeks will help improve the condition. Letting go of all tension. Cucumber Juice: Mix carrot and cucumber juice together in even proportions. hot spicy foods. legs and ankles. 10] Foods to Avoid: Nuts. Drink 2 x’s daily.

soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily. colas. Apple Cider Vinegar.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Asparagus: Lightly steamed asparagus contains asparamid. nature’ most effective diuretic. honey. white flour products. eat grated horse radish with 4 tbsp. 6] Horse Radish. 2] Vitamin A: Take twice the recommended daily dose of vitamin A. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Practice this for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Do this in conjunction with the other therapies. Grape Sugar: For bladder infection. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. using ozonated essential oils is good. of apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp. 3] Water: Drink at least 10 liters of distilled water a day. Alternate until the cystitis goes away. boil 3 starfruits with 2 tbsp. glucose. Alternate daily until condition improves. 5] Starfruit and Honey: To get rid of bladder and kidney stones. it promotes the release of water stored in the body. 12] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (or steam sauna) soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 3 x’s a day for 5 days. Drink the juice and eat the starfruit 2 x’s daily. of grape sugar (dextrose) 3 x’s a day. directing the attention into the bladder area then relaxing away that tightness in the mind. 13] Foods to Avoid: Salt. Now radiate soft loving feelings there. 7] Watermelon Seeds: Take 25g oz crushed watermelon seeds in water 1 a day for 2 weeks. 4] Garlic: Finely chop 5 cloves of garlic and swallow with water. 82 . hydrogenated fats (especially vegetable margarine). very effective. of honey in 3 cups of water. Cystitis This simply put is an inflammation of the bladder. white polished rice. 11] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and large intestines on time and over the kidneys the next time for one hour each. chocolate. 8] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the kidneys one time (for one hour) and over the liver and intestines the next time for 1 hr. 10] Watermelon Juice: Drink 500ml of watermelon juice daily to relieve edema. asparagus gives the urine a strong odor of ammonia. white sugar.

celery. which indicates that excess uric acid is rapidly being expelled. Make sure that you supplement your diet with high sodium foods when using both asparagus and watermelon remedies. 3] Soybean. Dark and smelly urine indicates an excess of uric acid. barley. 83 . Garlic: Soak one cup of soybean and cook with 10 gloves of finely chopped garlic. warm loving feeling into that area. orange. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: Strawberry. Practice this for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. and garlic. green onion. If the symptom is associated with pain. eat nothing but lightly steamed asparagus every hour and eat 3 or 4 pieces of fresh watermelon every 5-10 minutes for 24 hours. string bean. eggplant. unpolished rice. Not for diabetics 5] Asparagus: Eating lightly steamed (for 3 minutes) asparagus or juiced daily promotes urination and can caused the urine to have a strong odor of ammonia. It can also indicate the possible presence of stones or urinary tract infection. blackstrap molasses. open up and relax that tension in the mind and radiate that warm loving feeling to them. watermelon. lettuce. 2] Garlic: Chop 3 cloves finely and eat with other foods. This is also preventive medicine). Make sure you practice this meditation for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily (whether you have physical problems or not. To ease painful urination 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your attention to the bladder area. relax away that tight feeling in the head and radiate the soft. If the urine is excessively frothy it indicates that there is protein present. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your attention into the kidneys. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the kidney for one hour daily and over the liver and large intestines for one hour daily for the fastest results.Therapeutic Fasting Urine Light or colorless urine indicates a lack of protein. it indicates an inflammation of the prostate glands. 6] Watermelon: Watermelon is an excellent adjunct to asparagus therapy. Eat 1 x a day. carrot. If there is a weak stream of urine this indicates an enlargement of the prostate glands. This will flush out the kidneys very quickly and well. pear. 4] Dark Grape Juice: Add warm water to fresh squeezed dark grape juice and drink 250 ml 2 x’s daily for 2 weeks.

strain and drink slowly 2 x’s daily. 4] Dark Grape Puree: Juice one kg of dark or black grapes (skins. This will relieve the pain quickly and heal the cause of the discomfort.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Goldenseal. Eucalyptus Tea: These teas can be taken separately. 84 . This is preventive healing. open and let go of tension in the head and radiate loving-kindness there. For Frequent or Excess Urination 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct you attention into the bladder area. drink cool ozonated water daily. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the kidneys for one hour and then over the liver and large intestines for one hour daily. very good. seeds and all) and mix with warm water 1:1 proportion (don’t strain the juice) drink once daily to relieve urination. use ozonated essential oils. Drink 500 ml 3 x’s daily. upper bowels and kidneys of putrefying wastes. in rotation or in any combination with honey once every hour to relieve urinary tract and difficulty in urinating as well. 3] Carrot Peels: Eating baked carrot peels relieves frequent urination. 6] Cabbage Juice: Raw cabbage juice detoxifies the stomach. The best is to drink 1/2 cup of cultured cabbage juice daily (for more information in benefits and how to make see next chapter). Blend for one minute and drink 2 x’s daily to help painful urination problems. 5] Pear: Take two medium sized pears and cut into chunks put in blender with 1 cup of water. soak the body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes. 10] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath (this means that the skin should be red from the circulation of blood to the surface) or a steam sauna. Lemon Grass. drink 1 liter daily for relief. Crush 3 fresh starfruits and mix the juice with cold water. This improves the circulation and purifies toxins in the blood. Practice this meditation for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 2] Black Cherry Juice: Drinking 500 ml concentrated black cherry juice 2 x’s daily helps. Chapparral. 7] Strawberry Juice: Blend 1/4 kg strawberries with 1 1/2 cup of cold water. 8] Watermelon: Eat a few pieces of watermelon every 5 to 10 minutes for 2 days. Can mix half and half with carrot juice. 3] Starfruit Juice: To relieve painful urination and discharge of blood. Soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily. whether there is a physical problem or not.

Then begin to radiate warm loving feelings into it. 3] Mung Beans. 3] Lemon Juice: dissolves and neutralizes uric acid crystals. Cucumber Juice: this potent alkalizing blend dissolves uric acid crystals in muscle tissue and kidneys. The practice of loving-kindness meditation is very useful with all diseases and discomforts. take the juice of one whole lemon in a tumbler of warm distilled water (with no sugar). beet. It helps to regulate the flow naturally. 4] Castor Oil Pack: Same as above. feel the tension and tightness in your head relax. taken in 6 equal doses throughout the day. Juice the celery and strain then drink the juice to prevent frequent urination. The castor oil pack is so gentle acting that there is never an adverse effect even when children use in the same way. 2] Barley. Ginger Juice: Boil barley with ginger juice and drink it as a soup to ease the pain and difficulty in urinating.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Celery Juice: Cut celery and soak in boiled water for a few minutes. when one’s attention is directed into the troubled areas. which cannot be properly digested and metabolized when the system is saturated with excess uric acid. efficacy is doubled if taken mid-way between doses of carrot. 4-5 times throughout the day. Rheumatism Closely related to gout. For Urination Problems with Children 1] Cucumber Seeds: Make a paste by grinding cucumber seeds and apply on the abdomen region around the navel to clear blocking of the abdomen due to a urinary blockage. 10 oz. where it crystallizes.. thereby facilitating their rapid elimination through the kidneys. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your attention into the area of discomfort and soften your mind around that area. Relieves difficulty in urinating. 2] Carrot. Beet. Practice this for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. which eventually is absorbed into muscles. The condition is further aggravated by heavy consumption of cooked animal proteins. 4] Spinach: raw spinach helps dissolve uric acid crystals in blood and tissue and cleanses the lower bowels of the putrefactive wastes that contribute to accumulations 85 . cucumber juice. 2 pints (1 liter) daily./ 3oz./ 3oz. 5] Castor Oil Pack: same as above for painful urination. Honey: Cook mung beans with honey and drink it as a sweet pudding. rheumatism is caused by heavy retention of uric acid. even when there are no physical problems.

After taking a hot bath or steam sauna. Practicing loving-kindness meditation is very helpful as this mental practice helps to purify ones mind and thereby purifying their blood at the same time. 6] Garlic and Honey: Put garlic cloves into honey and let sit for two weeks then take one spoonful 2 x’s daily for rheumatism pain. sweets. body odor. nicotine. Now radiate kind loving feelings into it. 8] Ozone Therapy: This works particularly well with cancer patients. Use it for one hour at a time until it is healed. white sugar. alcohol. Toxemia This is a condition of general toxicity throughout the system. coffee and tea especially when milk is added. soak the entire body for 45 minutes in a sauna bag filled with ozone daily. horse radish. grapefruit juice (mixed with distilled water). ice cream. 9] Other Beneficial Foods: parsley. mustard. pre-processed foods. It can also be place over the painful area to bring relief quickly. owing to huge accumulations of toxic waste matter in the intestinal tract. irritability and depression. dry ginger. celery. arthritic patients. 86 . rheumatic patients and aides patients. salt and salt-preserved foods. dark grapes. Practice this for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 6 oz. fast foods. alfalfa. kidneybeans. polished white rice. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your soft. Ozonated essential oils for massage work very well. cabbage. junk foods. hot chili’s and hot spicy foods. letting go of all tension and tightness in your head and mind. loving attention to the intestinal area. organic foods. lecithin. apple. chronic fatigue. Apple Cider Vinegar: Take 25g horse radish and mix with 2 tbsp. rest for 1 day and repeat. (200 ml) with 10 oz. 10] Foods to Avoid: cooked meats. to relieve pain. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. 5] Horse Radish. black molasses. caused by autointoxication of the bloodstream. toxemia is characterized by severe acidosis of the blood. refined starches. mustard. raw tomatoes. bad breath and poor digestion. hydrogenated fats like vegetable margarine. asparagus. the foremost measure against toxemia is therapeutic fasting with daily colonic irrigations followed by nutritional therapy and permanent adjustments in dietary habits. Taken intravenously daily will purify the blood and heal the problem (when done by a competent doctor). skin eruptions. chocolate. drinking cool ozonated water helps to soothe the entire body. All chemical and synthetically preserved foods. all food fried in oil. whole grains. garlic. papaya. cherry. asparagus.Therapeutic Fasting of excess acidity. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and large intestines for one hour daily for 6 days. unpolished rice. (600 ml) carrot juice. of apple cider vinegar and 500 ml distilled water twice daily.

apple cider vinegar. This will help greatly to clear out the system of toxins. This will completely cure the problem and can work faster when used in conjunction with the over food therapies.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Carrot. Black cherries (exclusively 1-3 days). 9] Other Beneficial Foods: parsley. lecithin. For most instances it is best not to use the sauna bag for more than 30 to 45 minutes. black grapes (exclusively 1-3 days). 5 oz. 8] Ozone Therapy: By soaking the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone. young coconut. which indicates that excess uric acid is being rapidly expelled. There is no danger at all in harming yourself with the ozone when used with common sense. cleanses bowels. grapefruit juice (in distilled water). 10 oz. celery. 6] Watermelon: Watermelon is an excellent adjunct to asparagus therapy. carrot juice. balances pH./ 3oz. dissolves acid crystals./ 3oz. brewer’s yeast.. 4] Cabbage Juice: a powerful cleanser and detoxifier for the stomach and upper bowels. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. Asparagus give the urine a strong odor of ammonia. blackstrap molasses. pumpkin seeds. nature’s most effective kidney diuretic. Beet. eat nothing but lightly steamed asparagus every hour and eat 3-4 pieces of watermelon every 5-10 minutes of every waking hour for 24-72 hours. parsley. Cucumber Juice: restores pH balance in blood. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. the skin’s pores are already open so the ozone can work its best. high fiber foods. raw cabbage juice is especially effective against protein putrefaction. raw apples. asparagus. the skin has all kinds of toxins drawn out. all foods fried 87 . builds strong blood plasma. lemon. Drinking cool ozonated water is good for the whole system. Make sure to take sodium rich foods when using asparagus and watermelon remedies. restores peristalsis and general colon health. 5] Asparagus: To help flush out toxins in the body take lightly steamed (for no more than 3 minutes)../ 6 oz. wheat germ oil. as does soaking the feet for 30 minutes in ozonated water. Ozonated essential oils for massage works very well. rest 1 day then repeat for 4 weeks. watermelon. onions. 7] Castor Oil Pack: To get true relief from toxemia. Taken after a hot bath or steam sauna. garlic.. 10] Foods to Avoid: Incompatible combinations. place the castor oil pack over the liver and large intestines one hour a day for 6 days. 3] Carrot and Spinach Juice: cleanses and toxifies lower bowels.. It contains asparamid. with 11 oz. detoxifies bloodstream. pecans unpolished rice. especially of animal protein and concentrated starch. celery juice. builds strong blood plasma. pasteurized milk. Or the best is to drink 1/2 cup of cultured cabbage juice daily (for more information in benefits and how to make see next chapter). The reason is that the body can’t absorb any more than that. cooked eggs. overcooked meats. 10 oz. sunflower seeds. 2 pints (1 liter) daily.

polished white rice. alcohol.Therapeutic Fasting in oil. 88 . all chemical and synthetic preservatives. salt. refined starches. sweetened soft drinks. white sugar. coffee and tea especially when one adds milk to it. chocolate. hot chili’s and hot spicy foods.

Drink slowly 3 x’s a day. Take 1 . per day eat the skins and seeds. of apple cider vinegar with boiling water and pour this into a vaporizer. Lemon Juice: For congestion in the lungs and respiratory tract. Continually take every day for three weeks to six weeks. Do this 2 x’s daily. Take on an empty stomach. Best if take in small amounts every hour for 14 hours a day. Now radiate calm loving feelings into your lungs. and very labored breathing. The practice of loving-kindness meditation is very beneficial in calming one’s mind and thereby helping one’s whole physical process to heal itself. best to take by juicing the grapes in a puree and drink without straining. It can be used as a drink by diluting it in water (1 1/2 cups). 4] Okra Juice: Okra (bendi) juice is valuable for combating inflammation of the lung membrane. Nose. Throat. Sinuses Lungs Usually lung infections are caused by a virus or by bacteria. Drink plenty of fluids and eat cucumber. chest pain and soreness in the throat. 2] Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix 2 tbsp. when ready take off fire and add 7 cloves of finely chopped garlic and let stand for 5 minutes. Ginger. The symptoms are cough yellowish or green phlegm. open up and relax away the tension and tightness in your head and mind. rest 1 day and repeat until 89 . (Can be effective even for lung infection with pus or pulmonary suppuration. fenugreek and kidney beans. Allergies or chronic rhinitis with or without cough may indicate an infection of the lungs or even that of the heart. Respiratory Systems: Lungs. Add to a cup of the brew the puree of one lemon and add honey to suit your taste. 8] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the thymus gland and lungs for one hour daily and the next day place over the liver and large intestines for 6 days. but works well with all forms of lung infections. eucalyptus.) 3] Asparagus: Lightly steam (for no more than 3 minutes) 1/4 kg asparagus and liquefy it in a blender. celery. This is especially good for lung disease like Hodgkin’s Disease. 6] Dark Grapes (Juice puree or bulk): Dark grape juice is excellent for weak lungs and weak lungs due to inflammation around the lungs. Bronchial Tubes. Put 350 g of Okra with 1 1/2 cup of water in blender and blend for one minute Strain and drink slowly sipping it until finished. everyday.Therapeutic Fasting 6. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your soft attention into the lungs. 7] Colloidal Silver: Take 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily to help get rid of virus which causes the problem. Inhale the vapor 3 x’s a day. comfrey. Dark grape juice cleanses blood poisoning and lung disorders. Honey. 5] Garlic.2 kg. Practice this for 30 minutes 2x’s daily. boil ginger in water.

Soften the mind and allow the body to cough without resistance. 6] Colloidal Silver: This has been known to be of great help with this problem take 1 tsp 1-2 x. Add 1/4 cup of honey and cook until it becomes a jelly (adding water and letting steam off so it won’t burn). Especially good for pulmonary tuberculosis. ozonated essential oils work quite well on the lungs. so it can stay in balance. 4] Fig Root: The fig root is very good for lymph tuberculosis. 5] Date. 9] Ozone Therapy: Ozone works exceptionally well on the lungs. The patient can begin to cough and spit up mucus and phlegm (don’t be alarmed as long as it is not too bad. ozonated drinking water is good. over the thymus gland the castor oil pack will loosen the phlegm and mucus. Drink 2 x’s daily for one week. This is good for combating inflammation of the lung membrane which causes pleurisy. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your attention into the feeling of wanting to cough and relax the mind and throat. Add 1/4 cup of honey and cook until it becomes jelly adding small amounts of water to stop it from burning. Honey Jelly: Steam 1/4 kg dates until they are very soft. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the thymus gland for one hour one day and the over the liver and intestines the next (if the problem is severe it can be used more often during the day. When one practices loving-kindness meditation they learn how not to resist the feeling of coughing. but always alternating between the thymus gland and 90 . Take two spoonful 2 x’s daily for three weeks. Pleurisy This is a disease of the membrane around the lungs and is quite uncomfortable. Then take one spoonful 2 x’s daily until inflammation goes away. Open your mind and radiate love into that feeling. also one must sit in meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for the best results. 3] Dried Figs. then when placed over the liver it takes the loosened toxins out of the body. After taking a hot bath or steam sauna. But if the patient seems to have real problems with this therapy then stop).s daily for relief. feel them open up and lose the tightness. This is amazing how well it works to relieve the lungs and throat. The reason to alternate the pack from the thymus gland to the liver is. 2] Okra Juice: Take 350 g of Okra and add 1 1/2 cups of water put in blender for one minute and drink slowly. don’t resist it. If a cough wants to come it is alright. soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone. it causes shortness of breathe and coughing. Take 50g and make into strong tea. Practice this everytime the feeling of coughing arises. soaking the feet in cool ozonated water helps the circulation. Honey Jelly: Steam 1/4 kg dried figs until they are soft.Therapeutic Fasting situation is cured.

Juices are best during an attack.Acute bronchial asthma: this occurs generally in children. Drink warm ozonated water and have plenty of liquid in the diet. 91 . all de natured pre-processed foods. coffee and tea especially when milk is added. People suffering from asthma gasp for breath. chocolate. take 1/2 tsp 2-3 times a day.e.Chronic Bronchial Asthma: The attack is sudden with low wheezing on slight exertion. white sugar. add enough fresh lemon juice to make a paste. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Every time there is any kind of problem in the body as with asthma. This is usually due to an allergy or secondary to some cardiac or renal disease. Avoid heavy meals. generally. not inflow. There is a wise saying which goes “ an exclusively breast feed child never suffers from asthma”. rest 1 day then repeat for 4 weeks or until condition is cured. Attacks come on suddenly and subside suddenly as well without treatment. Asthma Extreme difficulty in breathing owing to inability to fully evacuate the lungs of stale air. foods fried in oil. itching in the nose and a cough may or may not be present. restlessness. Bronchial asthma is classified as follows: . Take easily digestible foods such as whole wheat bread and honey. Childhood asthma is linked to the presence of eczema and hay fever. accumulations of mucus in the lungs and consequent blockage of air passages block outflow of air. etc. milk. Eating almonds is one of the best things to do for lung and chest problems but they should not be eaten alone as they are difficult to digest (so make sure when eating them to chew until they become liquid before swallowing them). salt. During an attack take very little food. 8] Ozone Therapy: Use in the same way as for the lungs. Something for modern mothers to think about! The practice of loving-kindness is most useful to calm the mind and open it when there is distress. This opening and accepting. mixing it with fresh lemon juice doubles its efficacy. all meats and eggs. 2] Horseradish and Lemon Juice: the potent ethers in fresh grated horseradish dissolve mucus in the sinuses and bronchial tubes quickly and effectively. One’s mind naturally tries to fight it by tightening and not liking that feeling. as needed. grated fresh horseradish into a bowl. ice cream. cheese. alcohol. The practice of loving-kindness shows one how to do the opposite with their mind.Therapeutic Fasting the liver) do this for 6 days. Practice this for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for the best results. 9] Foods to Avoid: Avoid all polished white rice. all dairy products i.. then radiating the feeling of love into the stressful area of the lungs and throat helps to relieve a lot of discomfort. . hot spicy foods. refined starches. soft carbonated drinks.

Carrot Soup: Simmer over a low fire. then first 1 day. Garlic. taking 400 mg of vitamin E helps. bring fresh cranberries to boil with just enough water to cover them. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. eucalyptus. horse radish. repeat for 3 months. 92 . honey. comfrey. lettuce. alternate for 6 days. 7] Potato. 8] Parsley Tea: Drink one cup of parsley juice or tea made of leaves and seeds to clear asthma. cooked eggs. a medium sized onion. 6] Comfrey Leaves: Eating comfrey leaves every day helps to clear asthma. but milder. this can cause quite a lot of phlegm and spitting at first but it will eventually clear up. also kills bacteria in air passages. which open up congested bronchial tubes so that normal breathing is restored. refined starch. when asthma or other respiratory difficulty occurs. 11] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk and all dairy products. saffron. turnip. the next day. 4] Cranberries: cranberries contain one of nature’s most potent vasodilators.Therapeutic Fasting 3] Carrot and Radish Juice: fresh raw red radish juice is similar in effect to horseradish. 5] Garlic: raw garlic contains potent ethers and enzymes that dissolve mucus in lungs and bronchial tubes and help restore normal breathing. raw sunflower seeds. all food fried in oil. and keep pulp and juice in refrigerator. blackstrap molasses. ice cream. turnip. Add a pinch of salt and drink the soup with meals for 2 weeks. strain of skins. almond. hot spicy foods. mix 2 tbsp. simmer 2-3 minutes. unpolished rice. simmer until the water is 1/2 boiled off. in a cup of warm distilled water and sip slowly. and should be blended 5 oz. hydrogenated fats like vegetable margarine. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the thymus for 1 hr. apple cider vinegar. ginger. one day and over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. pour off excess water. it is too strong to take straight. chocolate. 3-5 cloves daily. 5 garlic cloves and a carrot with the peel still on. celery juice. with 11 oz. parsley. preventing respiratory infections. pumpkin (ash gourd). cranberries are excellent curative and preventative therapy for the entire breathing apparatus. Onion. carrot juice. puree cranberries in blender. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: wheat germ oil. raw spinach. white sugar. a few small potatoes with the peel still on. raw pumpkin seeds. raw tomatoes cause an immediate attack. coffee and tea especially when milk is added. however.

Add 4 oz. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your attention into the lung and throat areas then softly open the mind and gently radiate loving feelings into that area. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the thymus gland for 1 hr. Chronic bronchitis can damage the lung tissues.Therapeutic Fasting Bronchitis Inflammation of the bronchial tubes owing to excess mucus in the lungs. In chronic conditions. of it every 2 hours. Garlic. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. Take 2 tbsp. caused by vicarious elimination of toxic wastes from the bloodstream to the lungs. plum juice. 3] Horse Radish and Lemon Juice: same effects and dosage as asthma. The process of loving-kindness and acceptance instead of mental resistance helps one to overcome all kinds of physical problems. Do this for 6 days. When mind becomes tight and begins to resist again then repeat the process again. Also one must sit in meditation for 30 minutes 2x’s daily for best results. Grapes. permitting infection by bacteria to occur. 4] Carrot and Radish Juice: same as asthma. 8] Colloidal Silver: This helps greatly with all forms of inflammation throughout the body. Blend and drink daily for one month. Orange Juice. with particular affinity for the lungs. rest for one day. 7] Green Onion. one day and over the liver and intestines the next and alternate. Apple Cider Vinegar: Drink 2 litres of distilled water mixed with orange juice. with 10 oz. Troublesome coughing is the prominent symptom. One must develop patience to be successful. 4 oz. Irish Moss Jelly: Simmer 4 slices of green onion and 4 cloves of garlic in Irish Moss Jelly for 30 minutes. chronic irrigations have proven highly effective as a fast method of eliminating the excess toxic wastes from the system. toxins irritate and inflame tender lung and bronchial tissues as they excrete. then repeat for 3 months while taking other juice and food therapies. so that they do not get pushed through skin and lungs. 93 . carrot juice. of honey and store. Take 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily until the problem is solved. 1/2 cup of Apple cider vinegar and 500g grape puree. 5] Cranberries: same as asthma. Honey. 6] Plums. 2] Carrot and Dandelion Juice: raw dandelion juice counters blood acidosis and helps alkalize the entire system. it is good to slowly sip a tsp of plain honey hourly in between the above syrup. Do this everytime the feeling of discomfort and the wanting to cough arises.

Apple Cider Vinegar. raw radishes. horse radish. after taking a hot bath or steam sauna is very helpful. Inhale the vapors 3 times daily ( this can be effective even for lung infection with pus like pulmonary suppuration). drinking ozonated water. almonds. of lightly steamed (no more than 3 minutes) asparagus puree (blended) twice daily and it helps to clear up the symptoms. 3] Orange Peel. raw spinach. Sit in meditation for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. whole Lemon puree (mix in blender with one cup of distilled water). Soak in apple cider vinegar for 4 hours. Also. Ozonated essential oil for massage is good. turmeric powder daily for one week to relieve chest pain. Mustard. unpolished rice. of apple cider vinegar in boiling water. letting go of all resistance and tightness. Honey: Orange peel acts as an antihistamine. Chest Congestion 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Softly direct your attention to the lung and chest area. lecithin. 11] Other Beneficial Foods: celery juice. Radiate the feeling of love and acceptance to that area as long as there is discomfort. Now radiate soft loving feelings to the area. yogurt. sit in meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Eating regularly helps stiffness and clogged air passages. 2] Cabbage.Therapeutic Fasting 10] Ozone Therapy: Soaking in a sauna bag filled with ozone. watercress. soaking the feet in ozonated water for 30 minutes is good. blackstrap molasses. Drain off and cook them in honey for a few minutes. Hodgkin’s Disease 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Wherever there is discomfort gently place your attention there and open the mind. If there is excessive coughing and spitting up of phlegm shorten the time in the bag (use for 30 minutes or less depending on conditions). Turmeric Powder: Eat 100g cabbage with 1 tbsp. 3] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and intestines for one hr. whole grains. parsley. relax away any tightness or tension in the head or mind. rest 1 day then repeat for 2 months. mustard and 1 tbsp. pecans. pumpkin seeds. Collect the peel and cut into small strips. 4] Apple Cider Vinegar: On a vaporizer pour 2 tbsp. daily for 6 days. 12] Foods to Avoid: same as asthma. 2] Asparagus Puree: Take 2 tbsp. wheat germ oil. radish. warm lemon juice mixed with honey. 94 .

chocolate. white sugar. but rather by accumulations of toxic mucus in the nasal passages that prevent the normal bathing and cleansing of nasal and sinus passages by clearing moving mucus. soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes is good for relief. boil garlic and ginger in distilled water. Loving-kindness helps to open the mind and let go of tight negative feeling about ones physical condition. If the patient starts coughing and spitting heavily simply take the pack off for a few minutes then put the pack back on for a short period of time. After taking a hot bath or steam sauna. 95 . Drink it by sipping slowly. then take rest and follow the other suggestions for remedies. Colds Colds are caused not by germs. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the thymus gland and lungs for one hour a day then the next day place the pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. Honey: For congestion in the lungs and respiratory tract. 2] Horse Radish and Lemon Juice: same as for asthma. polished white rice. drinking lots of ozonated water daily helps quite a bit. all phlegm causing foods. Sit for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 9] Foods to Avoid: All milk products. Lemon Juice. open the mind and relax into the moment. of this on the chest 2 x’s daily and the oxygen from it will penetrate the skin and help to free up the congestion. generating even more mucus and inflaming nasal and sinus passages. germs then attack these toxic wastes. 8] Ozone Therapy: Taking intravenous shots from a competent doctor is the fastest way to clear up lung problems.Therapeutic Fasting 5] Garlic. the best cure for a severe cold is a 3-day therapeutic fast with twice-daily colonic irrigations. refined starches. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The dislike of not feeling healthy helps one to prolong that feeling. Add to a cup of Lemon juice and add honey to suit taste. and alternate daily until the congestion goes away. Ginger. at this time. Loving-kindness is most useful in helping to let go of dislike and tight mind. 6] Aloxy Gel: Rub a tbsp. The spitting of phlegm is a good sign because the lungs are letting go of mucus which causes the congestion. soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone (again if excessive coughing is done by the patient stop the treatment for a few minutes and begin again for a short period of time. Using ozonated essential oil for massage is very good. followed by nutritional therapy to prevent recurrence. preprocessed food. Radiate love to wherever the discomfort is worst. When the pack is on the lungs and thymus gland there can be some spitting up of phlegm don’t be afraid of this as long as it is not too much.

It will burn slightly. Mix 1 tbsp. then sip slowly. 5] Garlic. of distilled water and hold in the palm of your hand in a cupped position. and Water: This is for staph and strep infections. Let the air blow against your throat in all areas that are sore or inflamed. 8] Garlic Clove: Keeping a garlic clove in one’s mouth clears colds fast. 2 x’s daily. Take 4 finely chopped garlic gloves and 1 tbsp. if staph or strep infection is still present. Sip slowly. Place in a blender and run it for 1 minute (time it on your clock). Ginger: Boil the orange peel from an entire orange with a 20g piece of ginger and drink as tea. 12] Castor Oil Packs: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. Take 3 x’s daily. 1 clove of garlic. Ginger Root. if desired. mix in one cup of hot water. and a small amount of ginger root in 1/2 cup (4 oz or 125 ml) of water. Gargle this mixture and then swallow it. Blackstrap Molasses: Boil a 20g piece of ginger in water with 2 tbsp. 2-3 times daily. of unsulphured or blackstrap molasses. In a few seconds. 96 . Let the warm air blow up your nose as you breathe in. open your mouth and let the warm air blow against the back of the throat. The heat destroys the cold virus. helps dissolve and eliminate excess mucus throughout the system. Sniff the chlorophyll into the sinuses. 11] Apple Cider Vinegar. If you ignore what your body is saying and try to power your way through the aching and stiff joints you will get the cold and it will last for at least a week. flavor with 1 tbsp. You will be amazed at the instant relief you will obtain. bioflavonoids in skin and fibre assist in restoring tissue integrity in respiratory system. Sniff this up your nostrils. Repeat hourly. molasses. your mouth will fill up with mucus which you should spit out. take 2 x’s daily. Garlic. 4] Whole Lemon Puree: puree a whole lemon (with skin. Hold about 12 inches away from your face. Water and Chlorophyll: Mix 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice with 1 tbsp. Do this for 10 minutes every hour.Therapeutic Fasting 3] Lemon Juice: take the juice of one or two lemons and mix with a glass of warm distilled water. Follow this with a dropper full of liquid chlorophyll in each nostril. Keep spitting out the mucus until it stops. 6] Ginger. 9] Lemon Juice. Mustard Powder: Chronic colds can be relieved by drinking a decoction of garlic and mustard powder. fibre and seeds) in blender with a cup of distilled water. of apple cider vinegar. dissolves mucus. After the treatment sleep is the best cure. Sniffing Colloidal Silver with water works very well as the colloidal silver kills over 600 different harmful bacteria and viruses. 7] Orange Peel. but no sugar. When you get a cold your body is telling you it is run down and needs rest. It is soothing and kills the virus that causes the cold. of mustard. thus preventing its vicarious excretion through the lungs and nasal membranes. 10] Hot Air: Turn a hair dryer on low. and drink slowly. restores mucus membranes. If your throat is sore. daily until the cold goes away.

2] Garlic: Regularly taking chopped garlic with water helps sneezing and stuffy nose. coffee or tea especially with milk added. white sugar. Honey: Orange peels are antihistaminic. once a day. guava. relax and love this condition away. and all dairy products. Soak them in apple cider vinegar for 4 hours. This starts one on the road to healing. ginger. cinnamon. Nasal congestion with a mucus discharge is a symptom of allergic rhinitis. chocolate. It opens up the sinuses and helps kill viral infection in that area. the cold will only last for a few hours. Pressing along the eyebrows will cause pain in the front bone while pressing the prominence of the cheeks cause pain if it is due to an infection.Therapeutic Fasting But. sweets of any kind. peppermint. Open the mind let go of tightness and dissatisfaction. This may burn a bit. all refined starches. raw spinach. unpolished rice soup. or eating raw chopped garlic every 4 hours clears the sinus. of distilled water and pour into the cup of your hand. Also use GOOT for sinus. Loving and kind thoughts and feeling into the nose help one to overcome the dislike of having a stuffed up nose. raw radishes. 6] Lemon Juice. cranberries (as for asthma). all cooked or fried foods. letting go of all tightness and tension in your head and mind. It can cause sinus or headache. Eating them regularly helps stuffiness and clogged passages. cold drinks. 5] Zinc Sulfate: Take 220 mg of zinc sulfate for long term relief. if you pay attention to what your body is telling you and take rest after the castor oil treatment. it produces a lot of mucus coming out of the mouth which you spit away. sarsaparilla. the cavities in the cheeks and front bones. garlic + apple cider vinegar. onion. raw garlic. Trying to wish this condition away will make it worse because that has dislike in it. Severe nasal congestion leads to loss of sense of smell. Apple Cider Vinegar. polished white rice. . now radiate love there. sweet basil. blackstrap molasses. eat nothing but raw fruit and vegetable juice. The symptoms are: dull ache and feeling of heaviness around the nose. Water: Take 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice and add to 2 tbsp. 4] Comfrey Leaves: Eating Comfrey leaves everyday helps overcome hay fever and other allergies. It is your choice! 13] Other Beneficial Foods: carrot juice. but loving it and accepting the fact that it is there will help the body to heal itself. 97 .(for benefits and how to make see next chapter) 3] Orange Peels. now relaxing the muscles around the nostril area. then sniff up into your nose. cucumber. Collect the peels from 2 or 3 oranges and cut them into small strips. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your loving attention into the nose area. Sinusitis This is an inflammation of the sinuses. 14] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk. Drain off and cook them in honey for a few minutes. figs.

use a sauna bag filled with ozone for instant relief.Therapeutic Fasting Also doing this with Colloidal Silver and water will get rid of all the viruses and bacteria which have caused the problem. That is what healing is all about. 98 . 3] Raw Spinach Juice: Drink raw spinach juice 2 x’s daily one cup (8 oz. Opening up one’s mind by softening and allowing sensations to be there then radiating love into the area of distress is what heals the situation. all refined foods. This is very effective. chocolate. accepting the fact that this feeling of wanting to cough is there and that is alright. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Whenever the feeling of a cough arises the mind doesn’t like it. Meditation helps one to not resist or fight the feeling of wanting to cough. 8] Foods to Avoid: All dairy products. If the body wants to cough then it has to be alright because that is the truth of the present moment. ozonated essential oils helps very much. Lemon Juice: Grate Horseradish into a bowl and add enough fresh squeezed lemon juice to make a paste. eggs. white sugar and all sweets. nicotine. Loving-kindness and loving-acceptance are the same thing. 7] Ozone Therapy: Take a steam bath with herbs and peppermint added to the steam. Honey: Take one cup of raw fresh squeezed lemon juice (8 oz or 250 ml) and add 2 tbsp. of honey stir and sip 2 x’s daily. Take 1/2 tsp 2-3 x’s daily to get rid of mucus. 5] Vitamin C: Take 1000mg of a good quality vitamin C every 4 hours and get plenty of sleep. 4] Horseradish . soft carbonated drinks. 2] Raw Lemon Juice . What loving-kindness does is it teaches one to open and relax the mind. artificial preservatives. Open the mind and relax into it. all foods fried in oil. so it tightens and this causes the cough to get worse and more intense. To make Aloxy take 4 parts aloe vera juice and mix with 1 part glycerin and 1 part 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide then always store in the refrigerator when not in use. Letting the juice trickle down the throat. 6] Aloxy Gel: Rub Aloxy gel into the upper chest and throat area to break up the mucus. calm the mind and love yourself. alcohol. coffee or tea especially with milk added. This brings much needed oxygen to the area and kills harmful bacteria. And whenever the want to cough arises practice it then and there. Chronic Dry Cough The cause is mucus buildup in the bronchial tubes and surrounding area.)per time if you want you can add one cup (250 ml) of carrot juice for flavor. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Sit for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. polished white ice.

cheese etc.. Radiate loving kind feeling into the area. of honey. wheat products. milk. add 1 1/2 cups water and mix to suit taste with honey. Sit in meditation for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. Coughs Coughs are caused mainly by the body’s attempt to rid itself of excess toxic mucus through the lungs and bronchial tubes. 3] Persimmons: raw. 2] Pineapple: fresh ripe pineapple is rich in bromelin. 99 . and spit it out.yogurt. but spit out the pulp. coffee and tea. Honey: Take raw grated garlic with a spoonful of honey to get rid of coughs. The practice of loving-kindness helps to relieve this condition by letting go of the aversion to it. or parasite. virus. chew well. refined starches. same usage as for asthma. Blend for two minutes. 7] Onion. and chocolate. 4] Horseradish and Lemon Juice: for coughs and accompanied by heavy mucus congestion in lungs and sinuses. all foods that are not fresh. bromelin literally ‘digests’ dead and diseased cells and foreign microbes in the throat. 8] Foods to Avoid: All dairy products . a proteolytic (proteindigesting) enzyme. polished white rice. 5 x’s daily. 5] Whole Lemon Puree: same as for colds. 9] Parsley Juice: Drink a cup of parsley juice or tea made with leaves and seeds to clear away cough. Honey: Juice one medium onion and add 1 tbsp.. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your attention into the throat area and relax the tightness in the mind as well as muscles around the throat area. cut pineapple into cubes. and let juice dribble down throat. 6] Garlic. without straining drink 3 x’s daily.Therapeutic Fasting 7] Colloidal Silver: Take 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily to help overcome the bacterial cause of the cough. very ripe persimmons soothe sore throats and contain enzymes that break down damaged cells and foreign microbes. or gargle with the freshly extracted juice of ripe pineapple. causing the throat to ‘cough it up’. Take 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily until the cough subsides. 8] Hot Lemon Puree with Honey: Take hot lemon puree (from 2 lemons). Colloidal Silver will handle any and all of these problems. the toxins irritate tender lining of throat. 10] Colloidal Silver: The cause of all coughs is either harmful bacteria. white sugar.

Add a little honey and drink a mouthful 3 times a day. red cherries. until not needed anymore. unpolished rice. parsley. 5] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk and all dairy products. carrot. apple cider vinegar. alcohol. black molasses. cooked meats. white flour. young coconut. coffee or tea especially when milk is added. blackstrap molasses. 4] Other Beneficial Foods: grapefruit and orange juice. for fastest relief. celery. 100 . 13] Foods to Avoid: All diary products. refined white sugar. white polished rice. de-natured preprocessed foods. sweets of all kinds. carbonated drinks. dark grape puree. daily until the cough ceases (not over the lungs because this can aggravate the cough and make it worst). polished white rice. Carrot Juice: Take 2 tbsp. meat. refined starch. Take two or three x’s a day. Do 2 x’s daily. raw garlic. coffee or tea with milk added. 2] Garlic Juice. chocolate. grapefruit. nicotine. fried foods of all kinds. beet. alcohol. This will kill over 600 kinds of bacteria and viruses causing the whooping cough. 3] Colloidal Silver and Water: Take 1/2 tsp of colloidal silver and mix with 1 tbsp. spinach. Honey: Steep 1 tbsp. of garlic juice and mix with 500 ml carrot juice. Place the cupped of the hand and sniff the liquid up into the nose. sweets of any kind. unpolished rice soup with plenty of garlic added. 3] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and intestine for one hour 3 x’s daily. of dried basil in a cup of water. cucumber. raw tomatoes. of distilled water. Do every day until the whooping cough subsides. all fried foods. 1] Basil. carrot and radish juice (same as for asthma). 12] Other Beneficial Foods: Raw apples. ice cream. pastries. chocolate.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. cooked eggs. ice cream. white sugar. raw tomatoes. Whooping Cough Garlic and thyme are good for this.

4] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestine for 1 hr. because in winter the body excretes wastes more slowly and people eat less fresh. 101 . carrot and radish juice. without stuffing them full of solid foods. 8 oz. Now radiate a loving and soft feeling of love into that area. thereby commencing the detoxification process required for a complete cure and recovery. Remember sleep after the treatment is very important. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. 2] Horseradish and Lemon Juice: same as for asthma./4 oz. Feel the tightness and tension in your head and mind disappear. sweet soft drinks. flu strikes hardest in winter. grapefruit juice (in warm distilled water). 6] Foods to Avoid: all cooked. toxic tissues. 3] Colloidal Silver: This will get rid of the cause which is a flu bug. followed by therapeutic nutrition and loving-kindness meditation. pasteurized milk. raw spinach. unpolished rice soup with garlic. now open and relax your mind. fried and solid foods. which quickly reduces acidity throughout the system. ozonated essential oils for massage. ice cream. refined starch. mostly in respiratory apparatus. If there are many places then pick the worse spot. polished white rice. And also practice this meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily when you feel better./ 2 oz. the most effective first step in treatment is a short therapeutic fast with daily colonic irrigations to remove the source of toxemia. coffee. 5] Other Beneficial Foods: lettuce juice. which results in excessive retention of toxic wastes. take internally 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily until the flu is gone. taken in small doses throughout the day. Spinach Juice: this blend is super-rich in potassium. this blend also contains the full range of organic minerals and other nutrients required to sustain convalescing patients./ 4 oz. raw garlic onion.. distilled cool ozonated water. tea.Therapeutic Fasting Influenza The ‘flu’ is caused primarily by the body’s vulnerability to flu germs owing to extreme toxemia of the system. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention wherever there is discomfort. whole Lemon puree. white sugar. become breeding grounds for air-borne pathological bacteria. Do this while you are resting. which impair immunity. Celery. As with all such conditions. Parsley. 2] Carrot. 2 x’s daily until the flu goes away. raw foods.

1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention on your lungs. Celery. at the turn of the century.. only now do you radiate that loving wram feeling to your lungs and chest area. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. open and rleax your mind. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. 90% water) drink 1 tbsp. 7] Lobelia Tea: Lobelia tea is the most important tea to drink when one has pneumonia./ 6 oz. and nutritional therapy. due largely to excessive long-term consumption of pasteurized milk. Take 1 tsp of the colloidal silver 1-2 x’s daily it is reported as being very effective and helps with fast recovery.. Dr.Therapeutic Fasting Pneumonia Severe inflammation of lung tissues owing to vicarious elimination of highly toxic wastes through the respiratory system. 102 . 5] Raw Garlic: Make one part garlic juice to nine parts room temperature water (so the proportion is 10% water. Sleep and rest are the best healers and castor oil packs help one to relax both mentally and physically. Also it is very important to have a mind that is calm and accepting of your situation. 10 oz. 2] Horse Radish and Lemon Juice: same as for asthma. fasting and colonic irrigation are the first and foremost defense against this dangerous disease. This is where loving-kindness is so important. refined starch and sugars. and Radish Juice: dissolves mucus. 4] Carrot and Spinach Juice: Detoxifies colon and restores normal bowel functions. Feel the tightness and tension slip away from your head and mind. but it should be alternated with Irish Moss Tea alternate every 2 hours for best results. Do this as much as possible./ 3oz. treated thousands of cases of pneumonia using only two methods: fasting with daily colonic irrigations. 6] Colloidal Silver: This is a liquid made from silver that has been electrically charges in water the very fine powder left in the water is a very powerful bacteria. accelerates detoxification and thus restores natural immunity. no surgery. and he never lost a single patient!!! Therefore. every 4 hours. provides quick relief from mucus congestion. Practice meditation regularly for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. when feeling better. virus and parasite eliminator. no drugs. J. 3] Carrot. which becomes infected by pathogenic bacteria as a result. alkalizes bloodstream and respiratory tract. 8 oz./ 5 oz. H. 3 x’s daily until the condition goes away. Tilden of Denver. 8] Castor Oil Packs: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. Colorado. Especially when one is coughing. thereby taking excretory load off the respiratory system.

soaking in a sauna bag filled with ozone helps to detoxify the body and the extra oxygen absorbed by the body fights the bacteria causing the problem. Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Cook ginger in 1 1/2 cups of water until strong. coffee or tea with or without milk. Gargle 3 x’s a day until sore throat goes away. raw garlic. okra. hot spicy food. 2 x’s daily to get rid of sore throat. sweets of any kind. 4] Red Rose Petals. Practice this everytime the throat pulls your attention to it and also do it for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. One would think that after doing it so many times that we would learn that this is the wrong approach because the sore throat always gets worse and more uncomfortable. Let it trickle down the throat to get full benefit. whole lemon puree (as for colds). Salt Water. Loving-kindness shows us how to open and relax the mind. drink twice a day for one week. Lemon. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: Cranberry (as for asthma). Distilled Apple Cider Vinegar: Place 5 g Red Rose Petals in one half cup apple cider vinegar and one cup distilled water in clear glass bowl and let sit in the morning sun for 4 hours (preferably sitting in the grass or other green plants). alcohol. 5] Figs. apple cider vinegar. salt and add to 1/2 cup of distilled water. polished white rice. white sugar. 7] Gargle with Garlic. This is the way to begin the healing process by loving acceptance. letting go of all tightness and the want to control and push away. Sore Throat 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: So many times when a person gets a sore throat their mind immediately tightens around that feeling and tries to mentally push that feeling away. Eat one tbsp. let it cool then add to one lemon cut up with the peel and seeds. blackstrap molasses. taking a massage with ozonated essential oils helps very much.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Ozone Therapy: After taking a nice hot bath (or dry sauna). raw onion. drinking cool ozonated water is good. then we radaite love into the throat area. Drink 3 x’s daily until sore throat goes away. 8] Ginger. put in blender 103 . 2] Watermelon Juice: Drink three cups of watermelon juice daily for sore throat. pasteurized milk and all dairy products. especially meat and eggs and absolutely no fried foods of any kind. ginger. 6] Strawberry Puree: Blend 1/4 kg whole strawberries with one cup of distilled water and drink 2 or 3 x’s daily until sore throat goes away. 3] Cucumber Juice: Blend 250 g cucumber with 1 cup of water for one minute. 11] Foods to Avoid: all refined starches. Dates: Steam fresh figs and dates in honey and a little water. Add to 1/8 cup of hydrogen peroxide and one tbsp. all cooked foods. When the mind becomes soft and relaxed. and Hydrogen Peroxide: Take 2 cloves of garlic and squeeze until liquid.

is harmful.) Tonsillitis Excessive retention of wastes and extreme acidosis permit germs to enter the body through the throat thereby inflaming the tonsils. 10] Rice soup: Watery unpolished rice soup. daily until the sore throat goes away (the castor oil pack can be place on the throat if desired). take only fruit and vegetable juices. not reading. taking very small sips. Surgical removal. strain and drink very slowly. not listening to music. C along with the other remedies for one day or be sick for at least one week). not lying down watching TV. cooked until the rice is mushy. Loving-kindness meditation works equally well on the tonsills as it does on the throat. 9] Vitamin C Therapy: Taking 1000 mg of vitamin C every four hours stops the sore throat from turning into a major cold.Therapeutic Fasting and add 2 tbsp. If you feel a cold or sore throat coming on and you try to power your way through it without rest you will have the cold for as long as it wants to last the choice is yours. Do this whenever your mind is pulled to the discomfortable feeling and also do it for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Eat as often as needed. Then radiate love into the throat area. especially in children. Remember sleep is what the body is asking for so it can heal itself. The tonsils are the first line of defense against incoming airborne germs. of cold pressed olive oil and blend for one minute. Can add some salt to suit taste. Take lots of rest (rest actually means sleep. polished white rice (instead eat unpolished rice soup. twice daily until sore throat goes away. simple sleep and Vitamin C along with these other remedies will work very well and fast if combined with sleep. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The same as for the throat. especially in girls. 13] Foods to Avoid: all foods. Place your soft attention in the throat area. stay completely away from white sugar and its products. the polished rice has almost no food value and causes problems or the intestines. Removal can adversely affect growth and normal development in children. Colonic irrigation has proven highly effective in curing tonsillitis by removing the offending accumulation of toxic wastes that inflame the respiratory system when in excess. 12] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. 104 . of Colloidal Silver then swallow the solution. let go of tightness in the head and mind. 11] Colloidal Silver: Gargle with a 1/2 cup of distilled and 1 tbsp. because the tonsils are glands that are intimately involved in endocrine balance. always. And that choice is take rest and Vit. The castor oil pack makes one feel so relaxed the patient will sleep very easily when not disturbed by talking too much.

/ 6 oz. 10 oz. Drink 2 x’s daily.1 liter) daily. Take 2 x’s a day to clear away the symptoms. refined starches. raw vegetables. high fiber foods like wheat bran. apple cider vinegar in water. which digests cells and foreign microbes in the throat. ozonated essential oils helps very much. carrot. 10] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk. Make 350 ml and drink slowly taking very small sips feeling the juice slide down the throat. 2] Radish Juice. garlic. all foods fried in oil. chocolate. of Colloidal Silver and put in distilled water then stir and gargle and swallow the solution slowly letting it trickle down the throat. 105 . but best results occur without the honey. killing germs in the throat and decongesting the respiratory system. Ginger: Drink red radish juice mixed with ginger boiled in distilled water. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and intestine for 1 hr. celery. mix with honey to suit taste. white sugar.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Pineapple: ripe pineapple contains the protein-digesting enzyme broelin. especially the lymph vessels in the throat. grapefruit juice (in distilled water). unpolished rice. 2 x’s daily to help clear out the toxins in the intestines (the pack can be placed over the tonsils if desired). 1-2 pints (500 ml . same usage as for coughs. 6] Colloidal Silver: Take 1 tbsp. blackstrap molasses. coffee or tea. 8] Ozone Therapy: Using ozone in a sauna bag after a hot bath helps to detoxify the whole body including the blood and this will help get rid of the problem. ripe persimmons. polished white rice. 4] Carrot and Spinach Juice: the best blend for detoxifying the colon and restoring normal bowel functions. 3] Garlic: the ethers from raw garlic quickly permeate the entire system. Laryngitis 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your gentle attention into the throat area. This will help with excreting the wastes accumulated there. Soften your mind of tightness. cranberry. parsley juice. 3] Lemon Juice: Squeeze 2 lemons and heat until reasonably hot. Then radiate warm loving feeling into that area. add a pinch of salt and gargle with the water 2 x’s daily.. 5] Plums. onion. Do this for 30 minutes 3x’s daily. 9] Other Beneficial Foods: carrot juice. which takes excretory pressure off the respiratory system. sweets. cooked eggs and meat. Apple Cider Vinegar: Boil 200g of plums then soak them in apple cider vinegar and water.

2] Fresh Cherries: Eating fresh cherries in the early stages helps quite a lot. meat and eggs. open your mind let go of the tension. chocolate. 3 x’s daily for one week.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the liver and large intestines for 1 hr. Do this whenever the discomfort pulls your mind to it and practice for at least 30 minutes 3 x’s daily until the condition subsides. polished white rice. 2 x’s daily. Then practice for 30 minutes 2x’s daily. 6] Lemon and Radish Juice: Take one lemon (peel and seeds included) put into blender with 5 medium sized red radishes and blend then strain and drink slowly. sweets. 4] Lemon Juice: Drink fresh squeezed lemon juice into warm water. alcohol. refined sugar. daily. 9] Foods to Avoid: All milk products. Pharyngitis This an inflammation of the pharynx. white sugar. you will see when you do this your mind becomes particularly tight and tense. of Colloidal Silver stir then gargle and slowly swallow. If desired the pack can be placed over the throat area to bring some relief. 5] Foods to Avoid: All dairy products. 5] Starfruit Juice: Blend two medium sized starfruits with 1 1/2 cup of water then strain and drink. feel your the tightness in the head and the tension in the mind relax. flour and garlic. refined starches. 7] Salt Water: Gargling with salt water (especially if you use with 3% hydrogen peroxide deluted 1:3 with distilled water) is good for bringing relief with all throat problems. hot spicy foods. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place yor attention into the painful area. Use as many times as you think necessary daily. Now radiate love into the area of discomfort. add honey to suit taste. 106 . Loving-kindness meditation helps with any kind of physical discomfort. letting the solution touch the whole throat. all fried foods. to remove toxins in the body. 8] Colloidal Silver: Take 1/2 cup of warm distilled water and add 1 tbsp. coffee or tea especially if milk is used. cooked meat. Sip two glasses a day. 3] Guava Leaves: Make a tea out of dried guava leaves and drink for relief. all oily foods. rice.

3] Wheat Germ Oil: enhances the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen. Pericardium. decreased resistance to diseases. 2] Blackstrap Molasses: Blackstrap molasses (also called unsulphured) is nature’s richest source of organic iron and copper. this condition is due entirely to poor dietary habits. 6] Red Beet Juice: builds red blood corpuscles and tones up overall blood quality. and loss of sexual drive. 5] Fennel Juice: use ‘Florence Fennel’. Loving-kindness meditation helps one calm their mind and thereby restoring balance in the whole system. Blood Vessels Anemia A condition also known as ‘tired blood’. when one eats beets the urine becomes red color . symptoms include chronic fatigue. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. lack of interest. (500 ml). palpitations. depression. Now simply radiate love to yourself and your heart area. thereby correcting blood deficiency. specific affinity for bloodstream. Then 30 minutes 2x’s daily. thereby enhancing blood’s capacity to assimilate and transport oxygen and nutrients. beet. especially the exclusive consumption of cooked. heavy smoking may also be a contributing factor. lethargy. builds strong blood plasma.Therapeutic Fasting 7. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the heart area. 1 tsp of pure wheat germ oil after breakfast and again after dinner. taken 2-3 tsp at a time throughout the day. processed foods. Anemia can also be caused by an excessive loss of blood during menses. Circulatory System: Heart. cucumber blend. sore tongue. or mixed half/half with carrot juice. Relax away all tightness in the mind and tension in the head. it can be caused be drinking a lot of tea (especially with milk added) it can destroy the bodies ability to absorb iron. pasteurized milk and refined starch. twice daily. It is not necessarily caused by a lack of iron but may be due to an ability of the body to absorb it. 4] Lecithin: builds strong blood plasma and dissolves sticky deposits in arteries. or it can be due to hemorrhoids. raw egg yolk is another rich source. 107 . A sense of peace and calm will become apparent. Do this for at least 30 minutes 3x’s daily until the condition improves. dizziness. 8 oz. especially the oxygen-carrying element hemoglobin. 2 tbsp. liquid lecithin from soy beans is best. cracks at the corner of the mouth. rapid heart beat. paleness. also known as ‘Finocchio’. shortness of breath. in a glass of warm water. denatured. anemia is caused by a critical deficiency of red blood corpuscles. headache. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. brittle finger nails. of liquid lecithin daily. which work to build “strong blood”. or as carrot. may be taken straight. especially the iron-dependent protein hemoglobin. Take 1 tbsp.

soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone . unpolished rice. also after taking a hot bath or steam sauna. autohemotherapy done every other day. especially iron-dependent hemoglobin. lettuce juice. wheat germ. chocolate. all coffee and tea.1 liter) daily. use 2 x’s daily once over each area. brewer’s yeast. soft carbonated drinks. white sugar. 11] Other Beneficial Foods: pomegranate. polished white rice. refined starches. Chronic chest pains are usually caused by lack of oxygen and indicate an impaired circulation of blood in the arteries. Lack of potassium can also cause some pains: for this avoid salt and eat-potassium rich foods (young tender coconut milk and pulp is one of the highest forms). asparagus. You could be having a heart attack. raw bulk in salads. black grapes. all foods fried in oil. by a competent doctor. and honey.Therapeutic Fasting 7] Spinach: rich in organic iron and other vital minerals. kelp. raw egg yolk. alfalfa. drink plenty of cool ozonated water daily. Take 6-10 cloves daily. fear and anxiety adds to that tension. followed by 2 tbsp. brewer’s yeast. cultured cabbage juice. parsley juice. 1-2 pints (500 ml . dandelion juice. 10] Ozone Therapy: As this is caused by toxins in the blood. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the thymus gland for one hr. then alternate respectively. using ozonated essential oils for massage help greatly. hydrogenated fats like vegetable margarine. chrysanthemum tea (no sugar). go immediately to the Emergency section of the closest hospital. of blackstrap molasses or a glass of fruit juice and then 3 or 4 digestive enzyme tablets such as pancreatin. preserved and otherwise processed foods. Letting go of fear and anxiety and replacing it with love and peace. will solve the problem quickly and easily. yogurt. canned. An emergency procedure to stop the heart attack is to take 1 level tsp of red pepper (cayenne pepper) in a glass of water. cabbage. The practice of loving-kindness meditation is especially important in stressful situations like times of chest pains. if the condition is severe. salt. Then rub “Aloxy” gel on the chest to bring more oxygen to the area. yogurt. leeks. finely chop and put on food or mix with juice. Chest Pains If the pain starts in the center of the chest and spreads outward. cooked meats. nicotine. almonds. raisins. 108 .for 30 minutes. builds strong blood plasma. So it is of great importance to be able to recognize this and relax the tension away then radiate love into the chest area. carrot juice. The mind really has the tendency to tighten and dislike the situation. prunes. on the 1st day and over the liver and intestines on the 2nd day. smoked. 12] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk. raisins. if none is available then use hydrogen peroxide 3%. or 6 oz. 8] Garlic: Raw garlic is rich in minerals and vitamins which are needed to prevent anemia. alcohol. sweets of any kind. (350 ml) juice with 10 oz. soak the feet in water while it is being ozonated for 30 minutes.

distilled water. due primarily to polluted blood. Do this meditation for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. relaxing and letting go of all tightness in the mind (worries and anxiety 109 . to 1 part glycerin. 4] Lecithin: Take 6 (1000mg) tablets or 1 tsp of liquid lecithin 2 x’s daily before a meal. pumpkin seed oil. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: When a person directs their soft attention into a troubled area it causes the blood vessels to open up and relax. to 1 part 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide stir thoroughly and store in refrigerator until use then return. It keeps well for about 2 weeks if in the ice box. Painful contractions and cramps in the valves and muscles of the heart and/or pericardium. To make use 4 parts aloe vera juice. 2] Blackstrap Molasses: Take 2 tbsp. and sometimes to excess pressure from gas in the colon. 7] Vitamin E: Taking 400mg of vitamin E daily helps with the heart and circulation. As a result the heart has to work harder with more exertion and the heart muscles may require more blood to supply their own needs. and all foods stated below. 8] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the hearts and thymus gland for 1 hour a day until the condition improves. Please softly place your attention into the heart. sunflower seeds. Take 1/2 tsp 2 x’s daily for fast results and the easing of pain. This helps the circulation to that area so healing can take place. of blackstrap molasses daily in a glass of warm water. Loving-kindness meditation works veery well to open and improve blood cirrculation especially in and around the heart area. flax oil. per day) This will relief pain and bring oxygen to the heart and thymus gland. This helps to clean the arteries and vessels of calcium and plaque blocking the flow of blood. 3] Cayenne Pepper: Take 2 or 3 capsules of cayenne pepper (ground red pepper) with meals 3 x’s daily this purifies the blood and keeps the body temperature up so the blood circulates more easily. garlic.Therapeutic Fasting 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: The fastest way to help yourself in stressful times is to have the practice of loving-kindness meditation available to you. 6] Aloxy Gel: Use this gel by rubbing it into the chest 3 x’s daily (use about 2 tbsp. 5] Hawthorn Berries: This is the most important herb for the heart and circulation. Angina Pectoris A gradual narrowing of the coronary arteries leads to angina. 9] Beneficial Foods: Dark grapes. This is why it is most important for a continual daily practice. onion.

9] Ozone Therapy: This works very well on heart related problems. it cleanses the blood. allow your thoughts to gently become more positive and uplifting. 4] Black Fungus: also called “Tree Ears” because it grows from the bark of trees. Simply let them go. It helps to dissolve cholesterol and soothe the liver and gall bladder. cultured cabbage juice. 6] Wheat Germ Oil: according to research of nutritional therapists Dr. Parsley. an unsaturated fatty acid. 5] Lecithin: Soybean contains lecithin. Take 1 tsp of liquid lecithin Or 6 (1000mg) tablets daily for 2 weeks.make sure to use a competent doctor. Olive Oil Juice: Drinking 1. Soaking the feet in water that is being ozonated is good. lecithin. builds strong blood to nourish the heart muscles. thus relieving spasms and cramps in heart muscles and valves. 1 pint (500 ml) daily. Do this for 30 minutes 3 x’s daily when the angina pectoris id severe and 2x’s daily after that. one day and over the liver and intestines the next. Use ozonated essential oils for light massage. 1 tsp of wheat germ oil per day provides about as much oxygen to the heart as an oxygen tent. Take once daily. do this for 6 days. 6-8 cloves daily (minced into salad dressings.. Now radiate that loving feeling into your heart while you wish yourself well. Papaya. on an empty stomach).3 liters daily). 10] Other Beneficial Foods: raw spinach. 8 oz. It further prevents blood clotting in the arteries.8 oz. brewer’s yeast (in warm water. This detoxifies the skin and blood . 3] Garlic: raw garlic consumed daily in sufficient quantities has been shown to eliminate the acute pain of angina pectoris within 5 days.improving circulation. Castor oil penetrates into the blood vessels and unclogs them very quickly. Anytime time there is any discomfort or pain. at that time rleax and radiate love into the pain. After taking a hot bath. pecans. glass of papaya juice with 2 tsp of cold pressed olive oil and 4 garlic cloves is good. thereby correcting a major cause of angina pectoris. soak the entire body for 15 to 20 minutes in a sauna bag filled with ozone. or crushed and put into gelatin capsules for swallowing).Therapeutic Fasting etc. rest one day. Celery. sunflower 110 . Marsh Morrison./ 4 oz. this Chinese delicacy contains active elements that remove deposits from the walls of blood vessels. 7] Garlic. thus enhancing the supply of blood to the heart and other tissues. and thus enhances the quality and quantity of blood supplied to the heart. wheat germ. Drink plenty of cool ozonated water (2 . it improves the circulation and detoxifies the whole system./ 4 oz. 8] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the thymus gland and lungs for 1 hr./ 2 oz. Taken intravenously daily it adds extra oxygen the system and heals the vessels and arteries around and in the heart . then repeat as needed. Feel the tension in your head let go and disappear. Spinach Juice: this potent potassium-rich blend quickly detoxifies and alkalizes the bloodstream.). 2] Carrot. removes sticky deposits in blood vessels.

pasteurized milk and dairy products. pecans. If the heart muscle supplied by that artery is deprived of its supply of blood. high level blood fats (lipids) like cholesterol and tryglycerides./ 4 oz. it will block the artery.Therapeutic Fasting seeds. all sweets. 8 oz. Spinach Juice: alkalizes bloodstream. alcohol. absence of urine and paralysis. beet. Celery. Arteriosclerosis This is a narrowing of the arteries. Practice it often for the best results. best mixed half/half with carrot juice. The symptoms are angina attacks. leaving a raw surface. Most of these symptoms are reversible. nervous tension and lack of physical exercise. Parsley. Fatty material laid down in the thin membrane. Platelets from the blood may be deposited on those areas to form a clot. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the heart area or where there may be some pain. 4] Black Fungus: a fungus that grows on the bark of a tree. white sugar. spicy foods. thereby restoring elasticity and free flowing blood. Peactice often with your daily activities. whole grains. high blood pressure. 2] Carrot. 1 pint (500 ml) daily 3] Garlic: purifies blood and removes accumulations of sticky inorganic deposits from walls of blood vessels. high fiber) vegetarian diet. chocolate. all foods fried in oil. but is not relieved by rest. salt. It purifies the blood and removes sticky deposit from blood vessels. wheat bran. black molasses. removes deposits from blood vessels. cabbage. Plaques of atheroma collect and may ulcerate through the lining. unpolished rice.. almonds. 11] Foods to Avoid: refined starches. 5] Beet and Carrot Juice: raw beets purify the blood and build strong blood plasma. The pain is similar to that of angina. coffee or tea with milk added. take once daily. raisins and strict (mostly raw. This is called coronary occlusion. enhancing capacity to carry oxygen. 111 . the muscle will die and the result is myocardial infarction. There are many factors which can lead to the formation of atheroma: heredity. A diet that is rich in animal fats increase the cholesterol and one rich in refined carbohydrates increase tryglycerides. obesity. Now radiate that loving warm feeling into that area. polished white rice. cooked eggs and meat. spinach. raw egg yolk. 6-8 gloves daily./ 4 oz. as well as. Should a clot form in one of the coronary arteries. Open and relax away the tightness in your mind and let go of the tension in your head. lining the inner walls of the artery. for 30 minutes 3x’s daily until the problem subsides then for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. Loving-kindness meditation is essential for clearing away problems in and around the heart. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. An impaired blood supply to any tissue is termed Ischaema. banana. If the blockage is in a large artery death may occur. resulting in narrowing of the artery./ 2 oz. Atheroma is one form of arteriosclerosis.

coffee or tea. ice cream. string beans. chocolate. The pack may be used up to 4 times daily. Do this once a day. If the ratio is 4 or less. 10] Ozone Therapy: Ozonated essential oils can be of some help but not given with massage. Cholesterol Levels If the total cholesterol count (for both ‘high density lipids’ HDL and low density lipids LDL combined) is over 200. 7] Garlic and Parsley Juice: Take 8 cloves of garlic and place in a blender with 1 cup of distilled water. Take 2 x’s daily for fastest results. wheat germ oil. cooked meats. lecithin. raw tomatoes. lettuce. and the next time over the liver and intestines. spicy foods. To lower the cholesterol go on a high fiber low fat diet . just lightly apply. it is too high and should be lowered. onion. or poach 2 eggs until the whites are cooked. but even in the most severe cases it is good to occasionally place the pack over the liver and intestines to help detoxify the system.Therapeutic Fasting 6] Brewer’s Yeast: Hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure eases with the intake of iodine supplements with Brewer’s Yeast (B-complex) Take 1 tbsp. all preserved and canned foods. especially pork. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the thymus gland for 1 hr. but the yolk is soft. cooked eggs. animal fat. soak the feet in water that is being ozonated for 30 minutes. ozonated aloe vera applied to the chest. you are in good shape and your arteries are not being 112 . 3 x’s daily. Actually the total cholesterol count is less important than the ratio of HDLs to LDLs. refined starches. brewer’s yeast. raw spinach. lemon. it is too low and it is depressing your immune system. This will help the blood vessels to become more elastic and flexible. 3 x’s daily) and Vitamin E take 400 iu once a day. 11] Other Beneficial Foods: Blackstrap molasses. ozonated drinking water is good. celery. nutmeg. 8] Vit-C and Vit-E: Take the vitamin supplements of Vit C (1000 iu. all foods fried in oil. pumpkin seeds. add 100 ml parsley juice and blend together for one minute then drink slowly sipping little amounts at a time. black grapes (if juiced then puree). Place them over mashed potatoes or over 2 rice cakes and make this your breakfast. This should help raise your cholesterol level and boost the immune system. but the yolk is still liquid. especially avoid white sugar. especially lard. Black currents. The fastest way to do this is to boil 2 eggs for 3 minutes until the whites are cooked. alcohol. seaweed (kelp). salt. polished white rice. papaya. beet. nicotine. If the cholesterol level is 135 or below. 12] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk and all dairy products.especially saturated fats and get plenty of exercise and fresh air. olive. pecans. If the case is severe the pack can only be used over the thymus gland to break up the cholesterol and fatty tissue that may block the blood from circulating. You will need to raise it to get back in balance.

The symptoms are pain in the calf and thigh muscles while walking. walnuts. To a lesser degree amounts are found in soy oil. 4] Lecithin: lecithin unclogs the cholesterol build up in the veins and arteries. if your total cholesterol count is 180 and your HDLs are 30 your ratio is 6 ( 180 divided by 30 = 6). tea especially when milk is added. white sugar. the circulation very well could be blocked and this defeats the purpose of the meditation. Loving-kindness meditation into the heart area improves the circulation and purifies the blood do this for 30 minutes 2x’s daily for best results. polished white rice. divide the HDLs into the total cholesterol count. but OK. and red meats. Eat little or no animal fat. Do this for at least 30 mnutes 2x’s daily. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Placing your loving attention into problems areas like the leg arteries helps to bring more blood to that area and it helps to open the arteries thereby promoting better circulation there. Plus get plenty of exercise. HDL stands for “High Density Lipids”. take 1 tsp of liquid lecithin before breakfast daily. salmon oil and fish oil. soy milk. it soothes the gall bladder and liver. To determine the ratio. pumpkin seed oil. Letting go of all tightness in the mind and all of the tension in your head radiate that gentle loving energy into that area. Exercise. Your are right on the border line. The high concentrated natural source is found in flax oil. Also the daily practice of loving-kindness is essential for a healthy mind and body. granular and liquid forms. Things to avoid are coffee in all forms. You had better follow a program to raise your HDLs. hair on toes may fall of. as they dissolve the LDL’s and prevent them from settling on the arterial walls. refined starches. In severe cases practice this as much as possible. 3] Soybean and Water: Boil 50g of soybean in water and eat once a day. 113 . your ratio is 4 (200 divided by 50 = 4). and dark green vegetables.Therapeutic Fasting plugged up with LDLs. However. Lecithin is the best natural substances to raise HDL’s. Eat nonfat yogurt and sprouts and supplement your diet with lecithin and flax oil. HDL’s are the good cholesterol. skin appearing pale and cool to the touch. If you try to do this while sitting on the floor with crossed legs. Vascular Disease This is a narrowing of the arteries in the legs. This is associated with smoking and lack of exercise. This means your arteries are being plugged up with cholesterol as you have an insufficient amount of HDLs to dissolve the LDLs. Do this while sitting in a chair is best. if your total cholesterol count is 200 and your HDLs are 50. For example. 2] Vit-C and Vit-E: Take 3000 iu of vitamin C daily and 400 iu of Vitamin E to help with circulation. Lecithin is sold in capsule form.

1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Placing your soft attention into the problem area. now radiate love and calmness into that area. This detoxifies the blood and improves the circulation to the extremities. soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily. strawberries. This is due to a narrowing of the arteries or impaired blood supply and it can occur in the limbs. Do this for at least 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a day until the problem goes away. this means not too much . constriction.Therapeutic Fasting Circulatory Problems Circulatory problems deprive a part of the body of enough oxygenated blood. blackstrap molasses. 5] Spinach Juice: Raw spinach juice mixed with a little water corrects the Ph imbalance in the digestive tract and bloodstream. 114 . dark grapes. 7] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath or steam sauna. Loving-kindness meditation is very helpful with all circulation problems. or take in bulk 1/2 kg daily. cayenne powder. Cold hands and feet are characteristic of blood vessel problems. The fingers or toes become white on exposure to cold and later purple. thus eliminating a major source of toxic wastes that leave deposits in blood vessels.sprinkle on food like salt). Use one liter daily. 6] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. apple cider vinegar. Numbness and tingling of the hands may also be felt. Then cut down to 30 minutes 2x’s daily. parsley. pineapple. radish. 4] Tomato and Ginger Juice: Taking tomato juice and mixing it with boiled ginger water is very good for purifying the blood. red cherries. 500 ml daily. Arteries which carry blood can change and this can lead to clogging. grapefruits.2 liters daily for three weeks. ozonated essential oils are very effective in improving circulation (when given with massage). 3] Grape and Cucumber Juice: Blend black grapes and cucumbers together and drink 3 x’s daily. brewer’s yeast. pears. honey. Cramps in the legs are another symptom. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: Beet root and tops. 1 1/2 . blackberries. hardening and obstruction. to greatly improve circulation to all parts of the body. Then relax away the tension in your head. taken 3 x’s a day before meals. open and let go of all tightness in your mind. 2] Cayenne Pepper: Powdered cyan pepper is good for seasoning to help overcome circulatory problems (use sparingly. The risk increases with age. Drink plenty of cool ozonated water daily (2 -4 liters). oranges. Castor oil helps the blood to absorb more oxygen and thereby promotes circulation. daily for 6 days then rest 1 day and repeat. soak the feet in ozonated water for 30 minutes daily.

The condition can be minimized by taking fish oils (in pill form). This is not usually found in diabetes. Do this for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily (unless there is a severe problem then increase to as many as 6 x’s daily). The blood platelets can become excessively sticky due to certain problems of the body like asthma. The practice of loving-kindness meditation is very helpful in improving the circulation to that area. owing primarily to diets of denatured and overcooked foods. migraine and high blood fat. also using a poultice. Drink the tea 3 x’s daily until the problem goes away. but one can apply the essential oil lightly on the clotted area. Do NOT use massage on the clotted area. too . Drinking the tea helps. soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily. 6] Ozone Therapy: After a hot bath or steam sauna. ginger and supplements like Vit. Do this until the clot goes away. narrowing and hardening them raising blood pressure. If the arterioles contract. rheumatoid arthritis. lecithin. Blood Pressure (High) Excessive pressure of blood against the walls of the blood vessels. 120/80 (systolic / diastolic) is a good reading. drink cool ozonated water daily. pineapple. B6 and Vit C. 2] Cinnamon Bark: Cinnamon Bark tea helps to unlock blood clots. garlic oil. Blood platelets stick to the damaged lining. The systolic count refers to the expulsion of the blood from the heart 115 . Blood cells are caught in the area and thus form clots.Therapeutic Fasting Blood Clotting Clots form at the damaged region of blood vessels. Soybean prevents the blood from clotting in the arteries. Open and relax the tightness in the mind and tension in the area (as well as in your head). which deposit inorganic minerals and cholesterol against walls of blood vessels. Capsicum or cayenne pepper may also prevent blood clots. also caused by excess retention of toxic byproducts of protein putrefaction in the digestive tract and liver. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the area of concern. the blood cannot flow easily. 5] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the clotted area for 1 hr (if it is in a convenient position) one day and the next over the liver and intestines the next. All of these teas mentioned can be used singly by themselves or you can make a combination any of them. 3] Ginger Root Poultice and Tea: Boil some ginger root then strain and make a poultice out of the ginger root on a clean cloth then put on affected area. Now radiate love and acceptance into that area. evening primrose. 4] Black Pepper Tea: Boil black pepper in water for 10 minutes then drink (no need to grind up). The heart has to pump it with greater force.

banana. A calm person may have high blood pressure too. the higher the number will be. dates with pits. Vegetarians tend to have a lower rate of this problem because of the dietary intake of potassium. in the majority of cases is due to ingestion ofd drugs and chemicals. Arterial walls tighten due to deposits of cholesterol and hardens due to deposits of cholesterol and calcium. the blood vessels may burst. prunes. peaches. turnips. watermelon. Estrogen. . the cause of hypertension will not be clearly identified. They may be due to hypertension but it is best to consult with a physician. High blood pressure over a length of time may damage the kidneys. 116 .Potassium is essential to strengthen the cellular walls and keep the pressure under control (indirectly). If this happens in the heart. The symptoms are usually symptomless. Calcium is a natural diuretic. noises in the ears and a desire for cold food and drinks. Potassium is found in avocado. and the other adverse effects of coffee and tea. in addition to this. Hypertension is linked to strokes. Calcium is found in yogurt. trembling of the hands and legs. . Other possible causes are: overweight. A high intake of cardamom which displaces some of the zinc salts which controls the blood pressure is also a contributing factor.e. redness of the eyes. heart disease and kidney problems. and broccoli. The practice of lovingkindness meditation is very useful in helping one to calm their mind and to let go of stress.Therapeutic Fasting when it contracts and the diastolic movement refers to the expansion of the heart. The chemicals in hair blackening increase blood pressure. Potassium is lost in refining food and cooking vegetables in large quantity of water. If diuretics are taken.Calcium helps to keep the pressure under control. When blood pressure is too high. causes water and sodium retention which in turn can increase blood pressure. Hypertension is not related to nervous tension. This results in high blood pressure. it can cause a heart attack. Liquorice often eaten in sweets or derivatives used in treating peptic ulcers. excess fat in the diet. It helps to stabilize the arterial blood flow. however some complain about the following: heaviness in the head. an uneasy feeling towards crowds and noise. Corticosteriod. The more difficulty the blood has in flowing. Besides the usual hurry and worry. mustard greens. along with sodium. The tendency to develop essential hypertension is inherited. cooked oatmeal. i. Blood pressure is a good indicator of stroke. constipation. However. Some doctors feel that exposure to lead poisoning can be one of the main factors. Drugs like contraceptives and chemicals like lead can cause high blood pressure. the potassium is also washed off and may cause erratic blood pressure. kidney problems and heart attacks. The cause of secondary hypertension. progestogen and oral contraceptives rank first among many other drugs. unreleased stress is also a contributory cause. bean curd. Potassium supplements increase the pressure if the sodium intake is low. This is known as primary or essential hypertension. brown rice. unrevealed stress. If it happens in the brain it can cause a stroke. In the majority of cases. cottage cheese. Hypertension with an identifiable cause is secondary hypertension. anti-inflammatory drugs and certain appetite killing agents have a similar effect. environmental factors play an important role. it clears excess sodium. It also indicates the mal-function of adrenal glands.

eat the peanuts then drink the vinegar mixed with water. Spinach Juice: same benefits and usage as for arteriosclerosis. daily to reduce blood pressure. Let go of all tightness around that area. take 2 x’s daily. . Reduce the intake of celery if the pressure is very high as it is very rich in sodium. 5] Blackstrap Molasses: builds and balances the bloodstream. Now radiate love into your heart wishing yourself peace and tranquility.Garlic is the safest and surest way to relieve (though not cure) blood pressure and strain on the heart. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention on your heart area. potato with peel. 3] Spinach: raw spinach corrects pH imbalance in the digestive tract and bloodstream.Therapeutic Fasting cherries. 4] Beet and Carrot Juice: same effects and usage as for arteriosclerosis. Open your mind and let go of all tension in your head. 2 x’s daily. and parsley. Foods for treatment are garlic. Apple Cider Vinegar: soak one cup full of peanuts in apple cider vinegar over night. 117 . which is usually accompanied by high blood pressure. . Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak celery in apple cider vinegar for two hours then take with meals. Garlic contains allicin which is rich in sulphur and helps reduce fat in the blood and liver. in cup of warm water. It also brings down the level of cholesterol and fibrinogen (a clotting factor). thus eliminating a major source of toxic wastes that leave deposits in blood vessels and raise blood pressure. Not for patients with arthritis. pineapple. 9] Tomatoes: Eat 2 medium sized raw tomatoes on an empty stomach for 15 days. 6] Celery Juice and Honey: Blend two cups of celery with water and add one tbsp. grapefruit. Raw fruits can also supply the necessary potassium.Soybean is very rich in lecithin which helps dissolve the cholesterol. . cooked lentils. 2] Carrot. onion. and molasses. Or you can eat about a cup of celery with every meal. Brussels sprouts. eliminating toxic conditions that lead to high blood pressure. 8] Peanuts. cauliflower. Celery. spinach. winter squash. of honey. 2 tbsp. selenium which prevents clotting and the trace mineral manganese. heat before taking. 11] Onion and Garlic: Drink water that is boiled with onion and garlic to lower pressure. Parsley. Do this for at least 3 0 minutes 4 x’s daily in severe cases and 2x’s daily at other times. wheat germ.Onion contains prostaglandin which reduces blood pressure and prevents clotting. 7] Celery. oranges. 10] Bananas: Eating 2-5 bananas (medium sized) daily reduces blood pressure.

excessive fear and worry and an overly passive life. dizziness. hypothyroidism. onion and garlic. Headache There are dozens of different types of headache. parsley. The diet should contain more food that dilates blood vessels such as kelp. raw garlic. Low blood pressure is an indication of low metabolism. then rest 1 day and repeat for 3 weeks. mustard. cabbage. high fibre. This indicates the load on the cardiac activity. 12] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver. unpolished rice. associated with mental disturbances and those that come on suddenly 118 . soybean lecithin. pecans. raw tomatoes. Avoid fasting and purgatives. A headache is usually a symptom of something else wrong in the body. Good nourishing foods are helpful. white sugar. sour and pungent foods. raw sunflower seeds. this pressure is caused by impurities in the bloodstream. cucumber. polished white rice. grapes. spinach. all canned foods. Headaches that last for days. pasteurized milk. low fat and salt free diet is advised. Eat more foods that reduces blood pressure such as celery. empty feeling in the head and cold sensations. stimulating spices such as hot peppers. but more frequently to keep the blood sugar level up. Low Blood Pressure This means lowered systolic pressure relative to age. Increase potassium rich food in the diet. carrot. cinnamon. malnutrition. which not only block the tiny capillaries but also deprive the brain of oxygen and glucose. intestines area for one hour daily for 6 days. wheat germ. radish. liver. 14] Foods to Avoid: refined starches. think of table salt as being harmful to your life. but most are caused primarily by excess pressure in the tiny capillaries that feed the brain. curry.Therapeutic Fasting -An alternative treatment is to go on a raw fruit and vegetable juice therapy for 21 days and follow this by a balanced salt-free diet. fatty meats. and tiredness. banana. all foods fried in oil. alcohol.. Boil a banana stem in water and drink it as tea 3 x’s daily. Raw fruit and vegetable juices include. The difference between systolic and diastolic should be between 30 to 40 mm of Hg. ginger. irritability. mung bean sprouts and fruits. beet. salt and salt-preserved foods. and honey. 2] Beneficial Foods: Rosemary. bittergourd. light-headedness. wheat germ oil. The cause can be fasting. It is important to take smaller meals. kidney and all kinds of meat in general. raw tomatoes and celery juice. gall bladder. onion. orange. frequently reappearing. The symptoms are: early exhaustion. Use vegetable cold pressed oils instead of animal fats for cooking. 1] Sun Bath: 5-20 minutes of soaking up the suns light daily helps very much to overcome low blood pressure. low protein. 13] Other Beneficial Foods: A high carbohydrate.

5] Garlic: Raw garlic is one of nature’s best blood vessel cleaners. worry. Other causes may be constipation. 6] Apple Cider Vinegar: Take 2 tbsp. thus enhancing supply of oxygen and blood to the brain. 2] Spinach: raw spinach. 10 oz. 119 . Feel that soft glowing warm penetrate your head as it becomes more calm and relaxed. thereby enhancing supply of oxygenated blood to the brain. taken in conjunction with lecithin. and molasses (2 tbsp. blood pressure. thus enhancing oxygen supplies to the brain. of liquid lecithin daily. vitamin E (400 mg 1 time daily). 4] Lecithin: 20% of brain tissue consists of lecithin. Practice for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. Place your soft open attention into the ache. This promotes circulation to the brain and brings much needed oxygen to that area. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water everyday before breakfast. once daily). as bulk or juice. The primary cause of headache is prolonged mental tension. cabbage. and Cucumber Juice: this blend breaks down acid crystals in kidneys. Loving-kindness meditation teaches one to open their mind and to let go of tension in the head. continue doing this until the headache goes away./ 3oz. menstrual irregularity. Cabbage. learning and other mental functions. Relax away all tensions and let go of thinking. 3] Carrot. Headaches due to tension and sinus are dull and feel like a tight band on the forehead. 7] Tomatoes. purifies the bloodstream and builds up the oxygen-carrying element of hemoglobin. But if you wait until it gets full. Vitamin B-complex ( 50 mg of every B available). 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This is especially useful for headaches. and radishes helps to prevent headache or even migraines 8] Vitamin C. Meditate daily so you will remember to soften into the haedache.. Calcium. which when taken in combination with vitamin C has remarkable rejuvenating effects on the brain: organic lecithin also rinses away inorganic cholesterol deposits in coronary arteries. relieving the problem. Beet. liquid lecithin extracted from soy beans is most convenient form of supplement. general stiffness. Helps to get rid of headaches. Now radiate your loving feeling into your head. Meditation is very important in times when one has a headache. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) when headache appears. If this is done when the headache first starts it will amaze you how fast the pain goes away./ 3oz. E. stress. it not only eliminates toxic conditions that often cause headaches. chemicals used in foods and pollution. sinusitis. but also enhances memory. also purifies blood and builds hemoglobin. in other words completely calm your mind. cucumber. Cucumber and Red Radishes: A regular intake of organically grown tomatoes.Therapeutic Fasting with severe pain and associated with fever and stiff neck are the ones to be watched. Take 6 (1000mg) tablets or 1 tbsp. thus improving their ability to cleanse the blood of the impurities that often cause headaches when they reach the brain. B complex: Taking vitamins C (1000 mg 3 x’s a day before meals).blown then it may take a bit longer. hormonal change.

. peppermint or rosemary tea. helps remove deposits from blood vessels and builds strong blood plasma. cooked fatty meats. thus removing impurities that can accumulate to cause heart disease. which quickly restores proper blood pH. coffee or tea especially with milk added. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Direct your soft attention into the heart area. Peppermint. 120 . 2] Carrot./ 4 oz. 3] Carrot. 12] Other Beneficial Foods: lettuce juice. Celery soaked in apple cider vinegar. peppermint tea.000 gallons in 24 hours just to maintain sufficient circulation. sweet soft drinks and pastries. 10] Chamomile. 10 oz. raw sunflower seeds. 13] Foods to Avoid: refined starches. pecans. this deprives the heart muscles and valves of oxygen and puts excessive strain on the heart. Take once or twice daily as needed. Now radiate love and peace into your heart.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Spinach: Eating raw spinach is particularly good for migraines. Feel the muscles relax around the heart. Spinach Juice: the most potent blend of juices for potassium. relieves headaches.1 liter) daily. all fried foods. Beet. preprocessed or preserved foods. The pack can also be placed over the lower back of the neck for one hour to get immediate relief. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. Basil. 11] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the liver and intestines for one hour. Open and let go of tightness in your mind and also let go of tension in your head. If your problem is severe do this for at least 30 minutes 6x’s a day./ 2 oz. Again the practice of loving-kindness meditation is indespenseable for all heart problems. obviously./ 3oz. polished white rice. basil. the prime source of the blood impurities and deposits that cause heart disease is a diet composed entirely of denatured and cooked foods. wheat germ. replacing all worry and anxiety with love and peace. blackstrap molasses. pasteurized milk. 1-2 pints (500 ml./ 3oz. and Rosemary Teas: Drinking chamomile.000 gallons of blood every 24 hours.a healthy heart pumps about 3. Parsley. lemon balm. enabling them to cleanse the blood more efficiently. white sugar. 8 oz. chamomile tea. especially hemoglobin. Heart Disease The various forms of heart diseases are primarily the result of toxic impurities clogging blood vessels. all foods fried in oil. which has to pump much harder than normal to push blood through a clogged circulatory system . Cucumber Juice: dissolves acid crystals in kidneys. cooked eggs. Lemon Balm. hot spicy foods. raw egg yolk (for lecithin and organic cholesterol). but a heart under the stress of a clogged circulatory systems must pump up to 25. Sweet Basil tea. such an 8-fold increase in heart strain soon leads to heart exhaustion and disease. Celery. then when the condition improve reduce in stages to 2x’s daily./ 4 oz.

also purifies and balances the bloodstream. refined starches. sweet pastries. one day and over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. this means take no other food at all) this has been shown by experiments in the Soviet Union to have a direct tonifying effect on the muscles and valves of the heart. polished white rice. 6] Wheat Germ Oil: greatly enhances delivery of oxygen to the heart. 8] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the thymus gland lung area for 1 hr. in warm water. alcohol. rest 1 day and repeat. 2 x’s daily. an element that plays an essential role in converting the amino acids from consumed proteins into usable form for the body.1 1/2 kg of raw black grapes for 5-7 days. salt. 10-15 raw pecans (or 20-30 pecan halves) per day. all of which alkalize the bloodstream and build strong blood plasma. unpolished rice. best when used in conjunction with raw garlic. which in turn benefits the heart tissues. raw garlic (6-8 cloves a day). the next day and alternate in this way for 6 days. onion. 7] Pecans: raw pecans are nature’s richest source of readily assimilable organic pyridoxine (vitamin B6). 1 tsp wheat germ oil and 2-3 cloves raw garlic. This works wonders for the heart and circulation. cultured cabbage juice. lecithin. ripe bananas. cooked eggs. 121 . 9] Other Beneficial Foods: raw spinach. thus raw pecans assist in the regeneration of damaged cells in diseased hearts. after meals. sweet carbonated soft drinks (regular as well as diet soft drinks). white sugar. almonds. pasteurized milk. cooked fatty meats. pecans. 10] Foods to Avoid: All foods fried in oil. as well as potassium. once or twice a day. 5] Dark Grapes: the ‘grape cure’ (nothing but 1/2 .Therapeutic Fasting 4] Blackstrap Molasses: rich in organic iron and copper. 2 tbsp. raw sunflower seeds. wheat germ. cabbage.

as juice. then use the pulp as poultice on the varicose vein) once a day for 30 minutes 7] Spinach: raw spinach detoxifies and stimulates the lower bowel. dilated or thickened. mix 6 oz. with 10 oz. Hot Baths: An alternate hot and cold hip bath is very valuable to get the circulation going in the damaged veins. 3] Epsom Salt: Soaking in a hot Epsom salt bath for 30 minutes is very helpful to get rid of varicose veins. which slows down blood circulation. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. or sip 8 oz. Folic Acid. vegetables and fruits. raw salad of vegetables with cold pressed olive oil and lemon juice as dressing for lunch. and Vit E 400 mg a day will help to get rid of varicose veins permanently. 1-2 pints (500-1 liter) daily. can cause them. builds and balances blood. Open and relax away all tightness in the area and let go of tension in the head and mind. Sleeping with one’s feet elevated above their heart is also useful. Vit. At the end of this. wearing tight clothing. Now radiate loving warmth into the area. Pregnancy. potatoes. due to increased pressure on the pelvis and abdomen.Therapeutic Fasting Varicose Veins Varicose veins is a condition in which the veins become enlarged. best taken half/half with carrot juice. standing for too long and obesity. Later a restricted diet should be adopted such as: orange and lemon juices for breakfast. Do this for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily (while sitting in a chair not on the floor). 6 Comfrey: Making a poultice of comfrey leaves (crush the leaves. 8] Red Beet Juice: another potent purifier and builder of blood. carrot. steamed vegetables like spinach. B6. 5] Vit. E: Taking Vit B6 50 mg. a balanced diet with emphasis on grains. constipation. so that wastes are eliminated there rather than accumulating and polluting the bloodstream. The walls of the veins become relaxed and pressed inwardly upon the nerves resulting in the formation of ulcers on the veins. of the straight beet juice slowly throughout the day. Loving-kindness meditation again is very helpful in improving circulation and healing blood problems. The symptoms: the 1st sign is a swelling along the course of the vein followed by muscular cramps and feeling tiredness in the legs particularly behind the knees. In some cases the region becomes purplish and pigmented and this is called varicose ulcers. raw Beet juice eliminates the blood toxemia that causes varicose veins. raisins and figs for supper. 2] Cold. carrot juice. cabbage. The patient must be put on a juice therapy for a week. Folic Acid 50mg. Varicose veins are caused by the sluggish circulation of blood due to factors such as low intake of dietary fibre. 4] Ice: An application of ice on the varicose vein for several days regularly is helpful. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the troubled area. mix with warm water. then an all fruit therapy diet for the next week. seeds. 122 . cauliflower.

refined starch especially white polished rice and white flour. especially delicate capillaries. cucumber. to 12 oz. carrot juice. high fiber foods. black fungus. cleansing the blood. 6-8 cloves daily. all foods fried in oil. turnips.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Garlic: raw garlic dissolves the deposits of inorganic calcium and cholesterol that leads to varicose veins. 1 pint daily. wheat bran. salt. it’s too strong to take straight and should be mixed with 4 oz. dissolving sticky deposits in veins and maintaining elasticity of blood vessels. 12] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk. wheat germ oil. 123 . or other blends. 11] Other Beneficial Foods: lettuce juice. hydrogenated fats especially margarine and alcohol. 10] Parsley Juice: raw parsley juice is one of the most potent of all vegetable juices for enhancing oxygen metabolism. blackstrap molasses. brewer’s yeast. refined sugar. cooked eggs and overcooked meats. watercress. lecithin.

8] Ginkgo Biloba: Take 1/2 tsp 2 x’s daily 9] EDTA Chelation Therapy: This therapy can be administered by a doctor interested in wholistic medicine. Add water or carrot juice. It does work to improve memory and mental brightness. 124 . Take 4 tbsp. It is found in egg yolk. Lovingkindness meditation helps to improve the circulation in the head. Brewer’s Yeast and wheat germ. Open and relax away all tightness and tension there. Blend it. a 1/4 spoon of Brewer’s Yeast and 1 tbsp. green leafy vegetables. Eye Alzheimer’s Disease This effects the brain cells which become knotted into tangles and cause senile dementia. Drink the liquid an hour after breakfast. 7] Brewer’s Yeast: Take 9 tablets of brewer’s yeast 3 x’s daily. 5] Blue-green Algae or Spiralina: Take one rounded tbsp. This can be due to a lack of acetylcholine. 3] Colloidal Silver: Take 1 to 2 tsp daily and/or use ozone therapy to kill off viruses causing inflammation of the brain. of wheat germ. polished white rice and refined starches. a soybean product. Nervous System: Brain. legumes. Choline prevents brain aging. 6] Magnesium Oxide: Take 500 mg of magnesium oxide daily. 2] Sunlight: Exposure to Natural Sunlight -1 to 2 hours daily. of blue-green algae or spiralina daily. feel the circulation improve. of Flaxmeal daily. Avoid all sugar products. can be mixed with water. of lecithin.Therapeutic Fasting 8. Wear no sunglasses minimum clothing. Nerves. diced green vegetables. The richest source is in lecithin. Practice this 4x’s daily for at least 30 minutes each time. 4] Ground Flaxmeal: Take 1 to 2 tbsp. Try to eat a fiber rich diet with lots of fresh raw vegetable and fresh fruits and juices. Now radiate your love and calmness to your brain. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into your brain. This can be of great benefit to people suffering from dementia and what is commonly called hardening of the arteries in old people.

Petite Mal usually begins in childhood and may disappear. The regular practice of lovingkindness meditation has been known to cure this dreadful problem. This can cause periodical amnesia. 4] Brewer’s Yeast: Brewer’s Yeast which is rich in vitamins helps. 3] Garlic: Taking 6-8 cloves of garlic daily with or without honey helps in many ways. When blood sugar runs dry. rage. It is usually hereditary. and incoherent speech. Sudden unconsciousness with spasms are the symptoms. Loving-kindness meditation helps to calm the mind and body. The practice of meditation must be taken seriously and practiced without a break. The optic nerve is one of the most powerful nerves in the body and uses up to 30% of available glucose (blood sugar). Eye Trouble Most eye trouble is due to insufficient circulation and nutritional deficiency in the eye muscles and the optic nerve. Epilepsy Epilepsy is due to uncontrolled activity of the nerves. Do this for at least 30 minutes 4 times daily. 5] Blackstrap Molasses: The seizures may be started by the lack of potassium and magnesium in the system. difficulty in breathing and spontaneous urination results. 125 .Therapeutic Fasting Cerebral Palsy This condition causes spastic paralysis of the arms and legs with wild jerky movements. any interruption in glycogen supply due to liver dysfunction is often reflected in eye trouble. A tendency to bite. The Grand Mal is due to discharges in the brain. vitamins and minerals (manganese) help restore the condition. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: It is particularly important for a person with disease to learn how to calm and relax their mind. Feel the tightness and tension relax and become open. Now radiate love into the brain from your heart. all nerves must rely on glycogen from the liver. Wheat germ oil including protein. Focus your soft attention into your brain. Take 3 x’s daily. it may take a continual practice of a few years but it does work. Practice it for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. The patient should avoid alcohol and white sugar. Take 1-2 tsp of Colloidal Silver daily. 2] Dolomite: Epilepsy can be fought successfully by taking dolomite (magnesium) regularly. Blackstrap molasses has both of these minerals and trace elements of many others. Focal epilepsy involves only a part of the brain and may be due to an accident. It is not a fast cure. If you are serious eventually this disease will subside. only then will the benefits become a reality.

of which the optic nerve is the busiest component. 126 . in conjunction with abstention from all animal proteins. Yellowness of the white of the eye indicates a malfunction of the liver and jaundice. of raw sunflower seeds per day. beet greens. also builds strong blood due to rich supplies of organic iron. Parsley Juice: this blend provides potent nourishment to the entire optic system. 5] Spinach: raw spinach is another good source of organic vitamin A for the optic system. 6] Carrot: Eating carrots boiled in water and drinking the water as well without adding any seasoning everyday helps over glaucoma. beet tops. mix half/half with carrot juice. mustard greens. peanuts. (Eating raw broccoli. and this enhances circulation of oxygenated blood to the eyes. clears up many eye problems within two weeks./ 2 oz. 4] Dandelion Juice: rich in potassium. Endive.. (Garlic helps boost absorbing it into the body). sodium./ 4 oz. turnip tops. carrots provide organic vitamin A as carotene. wheat germ. 9] Calcium: A lack of calcium causes cataracts. a polluted bloodstream can also cause serious eye problems. beans [especially mung bean sprouts] and Brewer’s Yeast). Redness of the white portion of the eyes indicates an inflammatory condition. raw dandelion juice alkalizes the bloodstream and provides a blend of organic nutrients of specific benefit to the nervous system. Dr. It can also indicate a nutritional deficiency./ 3oz. 10] Thiamin (Vitamin B1): Thiamin helps improve eyesight. including nerves and muscles. By placing your attention around the eyes and relaxing the muscles there. the circulation improves and eventually the eyesight will improve. By practicing loving-kindness and directing your soft attention into your eye area and relaxing the tension away around the eyes.Therapeutic Fasting Chinese physicians always look first to the liver when treating eye problems. 2] Sunflower Seeds: Raw sunflower seeds are rich in organic vitamin A and other vital eye nutrients. 8] Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 is good for cataracts. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Practice this for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. So foods rich in calcium like beans. magnesium and iron. Celery. calcium. 8 oz. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. endives are rich in other nutrients with specific affinity for the eyes. the blood circulation to that area brings healing. and parsley. 7] Vitamin C: Taking between 3000 mg and 5000 mg of vitamin C daily lower pressure in the eyes. Dullness of the eyes indicates a general lack of energy. beets. Marsh Morrison has shown that 2 oz. 3] Carrot. turnip greens.

high fiber foods especially raw vegetables. Another overlooked cause is a deficiency of potassium and magnesium. Polished white rice. watercress. turnip greens. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the heart area. Thrush is an indication of yeast activity. let go of all tightness in the mind and tension in the head area. pecans provide the element required by nerves to transform nutritional “essence” to functional energy and regulate the body. (the marketed drug Estivin is an infusion of rose petals. is calming and energizing at the same time. while in turn improves blood quality and helps relieve fatigue. hot chili peppers. which is essential for all nervous functions and plays a key role in utilizing amino acids derived from consumed proteins. daily. overcooked foods. 15] Foods to Avoid: all foods fried in oil./ 3oz.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Red Rose Petals: Irritated eyes are relieved by steeping a few red rose petals in a cup of hot water. This will energize the mind and body. it is primarily due to a critical deficiency of active enzymes in the diet and an overabundance of ‘dead’ processed. alcohol. calves liver. Practicing loving-kindness meditation while focusing your attention into your heart. and thus serves as a warning that disease might strike at any time. white rice and refined starches. Do this for at least 30 minutes 3 x’s daily. refined starch and sugar.. Beet. alcohol. Fatigue Chronic fatigue is an indication that the body’s ‘batteries’ have run down and resistance is lower. apricots. in incompatible combinations. Since all vital functions are controlled by the nervous system. including Candida Albicans. rest 1 day. It is best to avoid white sugar. or 20-30 pecan halves daily is a therapeutic dose. and it can also be from a very often over-looked cause and that is yeast and fungal overgrowth. 2] Pecans: nature’s most potent source of organic pyridoxine (vitamin B6). 10 oz. 14] Other Beneficial Foods: carrots./ 3oz. coffee or tea especially with milk added. Cucumber Juice: this blend provides a potent boost of active enzymes and organic nutrients to the bloodstream.) 12] Cucumber: Place a slice of freshly cut cucumber on the eyelids for half an hour to remove wrinkling eye lids. These toxins are a major cause of fatigue and depression. mineral oil (as laxative). for 6 days. then repeat. 10-15 raw pecans. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. 3] Carrot. 13] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the liver and intestine for 1 hr. 127 . There are over 20 different kinds of poisons emitted by various strains of yeast. Now radiate warm loving feelings into your heart. Filter it and the liquid is applied to the eyes 4 times daily. garlic and onions.

hypertension is caused by the irritation of various nerve centers owing to nutritional deficiency. it alkalizes. For example. Hypertension Besides stress and other psychological factors. This will detoxify the entire body and help to rest the liver from overwork. refined starches. 2-3 pints (1 -1 1/2 liter) daily. retention of toxic wastes and lack of organic alkaline elements. on an empty stomach). Feel your mind open up and become calm. processed. salt. Do this for at least 30 minutes 3x’s daily for quick results. wheat germ. 128 . all denatured. ice cream. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Placing your attention on your head area. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) in organic form relieves the hypertension associated with nervous stress. ozonated essential oils are very useful for circulation and purifying the body. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place the pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. 10] Foods to Avoid: all foods fried in oil. alcohol. hydrogenated fats like vegetable margarine. nourishes. Loving-kindness meditation is very necessary to help over-come this problem. and stimulates almost every system in the body. 9] Other Beneficial Foods: raw spinach. 6] Colloidal Silver: This helps very much to clear away possible yeast infections and bacteria which cause them. white sugar. sweets. soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily.Therapeutic Fasting 4] Carrot Juice: raw carrot juice is perhaps the best overall therapeutic food in the world. Now radiate love into your mind and head area. unpolished rice. soy bean sprouts. soak in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily for 2 weeks. apple cider vinegar. polished white rice. preserved. chocolate. 5] Raw Egg Yolk: a potent source of organic lecithin. which is a major component in brain and nerve tissue. canned and cooked foods. daily for 6 days rest 1 day and repeat for 4 weeks. blend into carrot juice. 8] Ozone Therapy: After a hot bath or steam sauna. blackstrap molasses. The patient will detoxify the liver and get some very deep sleep and rest. brewer’s yeast (in warm water. it is an effective antidote for nervous exhaustion caused by diets deficient in vital raw foods. 2 yolks daily. which will give more energy. alfalfa sprouts. cleanses. as such. severe hypertension that leads to violent outbursts has been quickly cured in many patients with sufficient doses of niacin (vitamin B3). Take 1 tsp in the morning before breakfast and 1 tsp just before bed. which alleviates fatigue. lecithin. Everytime the slightest tightness begins to appear then open and relax again. also stimulates sluggish adrenal glands. high fiber foods especially raw vegetables and fruits. relax the tightness in your mind and tension in your head.

apricot kernels (for vitamin 17). 3] Yeast: brewer’s yeast dissolves in a cup of warm water and taken on an empty stomach provides a powerful dose of all important B vitamins in organic form. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for one hr. pecans rank among the very best of therapeutic foods for hypertension and other nervous disorders. but a sign of an emotional or physical problem that interferes with normal mechanisms. thus eliminating the excess acidity that is usually a contributing factor to hypertension./ 3oz. white sugar. Sleeping pills cannot induce a natural state of sleep. blackstrap molasses. Brewer’s yeast. It is best to avoid them and take up regular exercise in the evening. salt.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Pecans: a potent source of organic pyridoxine (vitamin B6). 1 small packet of granular brewer’s yeast per cup of warm water. wheat germ. It is not a disease. 129 . Beet. Cucumber Juice: alkalizes the kidneys and blood. unpolished rice. twice daily. though more palatable. turnip greens. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: carrot juice. which is essential for optimum nerve function./ 3oz. Insomnia Inability to sleep owing to an overactive mind and the inability to relax the mind and body in general. coffee and tea. Severe emotional problems may cause insomnia. 4] Lecithin: the most basic building block of brain and nerve tissues. mustard. all preserved and canned foods. chocolate. celery juice. organic lecithin may be taken as liquid extract of soy beans or in the form of raw egg yolks (same as for fatigue). especially sweet soft drinks. daily until the hypertension and mind calm down. 10 oz. alcohol.. 5] Wheat Germ Oil: nature’s best source of organic vitamin E. another after dinner. 10-15 whole raw pecans daily. black grapes. is technically ‘dead’ and thus not as potent a source of nutritional elements. cooked meats. 9] Foods to Avoid: hot chilis and hot peppers. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. ice cream. 1 tsp daily after breakfast. 6] Carrot. especially pork. all foods fried in oil. also provides organic minerals and active enzymes which enhance nervous functions.

wheat germ. which is known to promote sleep. grapefruit. before bed. this helps eliminate the nervous tension that causes insomnia. together with amino acids stimulate production of the body’s own sleep chemical serotonim. unpolished rice. dill seeds. 6] Pecans: 10-15 whole raw pecans per day provide all the organic pyridoxine (vitamin B6) the nervous system needs for normal function. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention on your heart area. 130 . which enhance nervous functions. copper and potassium. 2 tbsp. anise. 8] Bananas: ripe bananas are very rich in potassium. organic calcium is well known as a promoter of sound sleep. a day (right before bedtime) until the insomnia stops. Drink 2 x’s daily. and magnesium. also rich in the amino acid tryptophan. 5] Peppermint Leaves: Take 2 tbsp.Therapeutic Fasting Avoid sugary snacks. 3] Chamomile Tea: Make a strong tea of 3 tbsp. Trytophan which is found in protein foods from dairy products like skim milk and cheese. heavy foods and alcohol before bed time. honey. all of which restore health and balance to nutritionally exhausted nervous systems. rosemary. 2] Lemon Balm: Drinking lemon balm tea before bed helps. primrose. which is required to extract calcium from milk. a glass of milk. relax the tightness in your mind (let go of thinking about things) and let go of the tension in your head. All tranquility types of meditation will help with this and loving-kindness meditation is the fastest working one of all. in warm water. if pasteurized. parsnips. This soothes the mind and relaxes the body. 7] Blackstrap Molasses: besides iron. of peppermint leaves and put in boiling water. will not deliver organic calcium to the system owing to lack of the vital lactase enzyme. blackstrap molasses is rich in organic pyridoxine and calcium. Do this while you are relaxed and in a prone position. soy bean sprouts. Warm milk without sugar before bed helps lots. Now softly radiate that loving feeling of peace and tranquility to yourself. sodium. sleep comes very quickly. Practice meditation for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. chamomile leaves in boiling water and drink 3 times daily. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. 4] Lettuce Leaves: Eating a few freshly picked lettuce leaves lightly steamed (for 1-2 minutes) before going to bed works well. orange. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: lecithin.

However. Relax all thinking and wishing the pain would go away. once a day in the morning). it is a specific headache usually due to nerve problems. In women.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Foods to Avoid: vinegar (except apple cider vinegar). also Calcium. Drink a cup 2 x’s daily for one week. Women suffer more than men mainly due to hormonal factors and chemicals used in food. especially at dinner. cooked meats. Now radiate love and calmness into that area. all foods fried in oil. hormones and food can contribute to the problem. Everytime the tightness or tension arises again repeat the opening process. strong coffee and tea. ice cream. During pregnancy. dizziness and diarrhea. women are generally free from migraine. hot chilis and hot peppers. Migraine Migraine was believed to be a psychosomatic syndrome involving constrictions and swelling of the blood vessels. There can also be nausea and intolerance to lights and sounds. disturbed sleep. It afflicts one side of the head and throbbing or piercing pain is experienced. chocolate. Practice this meditation for at least 30 minutes 2 x’s daily. And whenever the migraine appears. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the head area. chemical stimuli. 2] Lemon Balm Tea: Lemon balm tea brings some relief. vitamin B-complex (50 mg once a day). Feel the tightness relax and the tension open up and let go. pollution and constipation. Take 3 x’s daily until migraine goes away. Stress. white sugar. Recently studies reveal that it seems from a biological abnormality of the nerve cells and chemical messengers deep in the brain. It is a phenomenon of sudden constriction and subsequent relaxation of the blood vessels of the brain resulting in a disorderly supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. as this is a form of aversion. change in atmospheric pressure. B-complex: Taking daily doses of vitamin C (1000 mg 3 x’s a day). an attack mostly occurs during hormonal changes. By practicing loving-kindness meditation ones learns how to open their mind and relax the tensions away this allows for the circulation to improve and more oxygen circulates in the brain relieving the problem. and mood disorders. blood vessels are more prone to dilation. 5] Vitamins C. of peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. distortions of the cognitive functions. sweet pastries. 4] Honey: Sipping two spoonfuls of honey as the symptom of headache or migraine begins. 3] Peppermint Tea: Steep 2 tbsp. and Blackstrap Molasses (two tbsp. It is one of the commonest side effects of using contraceptive pills. 131 . refined starches. Sometimes this is accompanied by blurring vision. When the adrenal hormone production is low. vitamin E (400 mg once a day). the faster you see it starting and open up then relax into it the less distress it will cause. salt. clears the pain. alcohol. E.

Lovingkindness meditation helps one to calm their mind so healing can take place. Just warm it afterwards and strain. of mistletoe per cup of cold water it is steeped (let stand) for 12 hours. 8] Rose Petals: Take some rose petals and place in a clear glass bowl of distilled water and place in the morning sun for 4 hours. Then drink the rose water immediately (always drink it fresh). If in the later stages stay at 2 cups a day indefinitely. of dried basil in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. cabbage. white sugar and all forms of bread and aluminum (even deodorant products ). sitting in a sauna bag with an ozone machine hooked up to it. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the heart area. Holding the basil tea in your mouth for one minute before swallowing. drinking ozonated water. This relives migraine pains. parsley. Add a little honey and drink a mouthful 3 x’s daily. See a doctor who specializes in ozone therapy. letting go of all tightness in the mind and tension in the head. hot spicy foods. preserved foods. cultured cabbage juice. Avoid white flour. tea. 2] Buckwheat: Buckwheat is rich in manganese and helps muscle jerks. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. tremors. Multiple Sclerosis Manganese is very useful to prevent MS. 132 .Therapeutic Fasting 6] Spinach: Eating raw spinach daily helps quite a bit to relieve the pain of migraines. Take at least 100g daily. of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbsp. white polished rice. white polished rice. and lack of coordination 3] Oxygen Therapy: Using oxygen therapy like taking shots of ozone. white flour. 11] Foods to Avoid: All white sugar. cola. and soaking the body in an ozone bath daily. then 2 cups a day for three weeks. lettuce. Take 3 cups a day for 6 weeks. beet root. Replace the worry and anxiety with love and peace. daily (or more times if needed) until the migraine subsides. 5] Mistletoe Tea: Mistletoe tea (cold infusion). of honey in a glass of water and drink slowly once a day. Completely gets rid of this disease. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: Garlic. unpolished rice. to stop tremors. processed foods. Take 1 tbsp. 7] Dried Basil: Steep 1 tbsp. Then put in a thermos as it should not be warmed again. alcohol. coffee. celery. black molasses. Do this for 30 minutes 4x’s daily. then one cup a day for 2 weeks for the early stages. (the patient can place over the thymus gland or the back of the neck to bring quick results). onion. and turnips. Radiate love and peace to yourself. carrots. It is good for any paralysis after a stroke. 4] Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey: Take 1 oz. chocolate.

Avoid camphor and heaty tropical fruits such as durian. peppermint. orange. leave it on for 30 minutes. 6] Other Beneficial Foods: Almonds. 4] Peppermint Tea: Steep 3 tbsp. Defects can cause many nervous system disorders. eggs. Regularly eating them after soaking them in water helps to improve the memory. to relieve nervousness. and white flour products.Therapeutic Fasting 6] Comfrey Leaves: Make a comfrey leaf poultice. rambutans and longans. 8] Foods to Avoid: All refined starches like white sugar. meats of all kinds. olive. Do this for 30 minutes 4 x’s daily until the condition improves. Radiate love and peacefulness into the area. Take 3 tbsp. replacing the dislike and anxiety. 3 x’s daily. Drink 2 x’s a day. at a time 3 x’s a day (drink the liquid and eat the leaves). 3] Chamomile Tea: Make an infusion of dried chamomile tea (wild if possible) with boiling water. 7] Things to Avoid: Avoid aluminum in any form. rosemary. balm. celery. avoid all white sugar products. 2] Lemon Balm Tea: Drink lemon balm tea. open up your mind and let go of all tightness and tensions in the head. (hot water is poured on the leaves and then the leaves are placed on a linen and applied to the region or bathe with comfrey leaves. Aluminum is believed to be a possible destroyer of nerve cells. 133 . soak for at least 30 minutes in water that is as hot as you can stand it). 7] Raisins: Raisins are said to be brain tonic. white polished rice. and thyme. fried foods. Do this once a day. it tones up the paralyzed parts. Then reduce down to 2x’s daily. milk products. white flour and its products. 5] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for 1 hour to feel calm and relief. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the problem area. Nerves The nerves are insulated within tubes of a greasy material called myelin. white rice. jackfruit. of peppermint tea in a cup of water. Loving-kindness meditation is very useful in combating this problem.

Neuritis Acute pain caused by the formation of uric acid crystals in muscles. but especially where they palce their soft attention. in conjunction with lecithin. mustard. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. all foods fried in oil. The practice of loving-kindness meditation teaches one how to open their mind and heart even when there is pain in the body. at a time 3 x’s a day to relieve the problem. one after breakfast and one after dinner. Radiate a loving peaceful feeling into the area. blackstrap molasses. Loving-kindness meditation helps one to improve their circulation in the entire body. 7] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for one hr. mix half/half. Take 3 tbsp. Practice this meditation for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. magnesium and iron. do this whenever the mind is pulled to that area. peppermint. and nourish the nerves. 5] Carrot and Celery Juice: rich in organic sodium. polished white rice. which is required for nourishment and repair of nerves and increases oxygen supply to nerves. on empty stomach).Therapeutic Fasting Neuralgia Acute pain in and around the basic building block for nourishment and repair of damaged nerves. 3] Wheat Germ Oil: potent source of organic vitamin E. Open and relax your mind and letting go of the tension in your head. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your sift attention in the area of distress. which help restore blood pH. refined starches and sugars. the 1st day and over the small of the back the next day. raw vegetables and fruits. brewer’s yeast (in warm water. wheat germ. this eliminating acidity. 9] Foods to Avoid: cooked fatty meats. Alternate until the trouble subsides. 2 tsp daily. 134 . which nerves require to utilize amino acids. hot chilis and hot peppers. 2] Lecithin: provides the basic building block for nourishment and repair of damaged nerves. salt. and hence of neuritis. which then press against nerve endings. raw parsley. unpolished rice. synthetic additives and preservatives. 8] Other Beneficial Foods: raw spinach. and cherry. 6] Chamomile Tea: Make an infusion of dried Chamomile tea leaves with boiling water. 4] Pecans: Pecans provide organic pyridoxine. excess consumption of cooked meat is the prime cause of excess uric acid.

Do this for as long as the discomfort lasts. 4] Lemon: Raw lemon juice diluted with warm distilled water is an excellent allaround alkalizer and mucus dissolver. refined starch. 10 oz. though acidic in the natural state. then radiate love and peace into that area. 3] Carrot. Cucumber Juice: a potent alkalizing blend with specific affinity for the blood and the kidneys. especially white flour. garlic. lemon juice has strong alkalizing properties in the stomach and bloodstream. Neuropathy Neuropathy is a disorder affecting the nervous system. Now open and relax the tightness and tension in your mind and head. especially sweet soft drinks. Celery. ozonated essential oils and massage is very good. 5] Wheat Germ Oil: provides organic vitamin E. The pain may still persist and your mind will close around the pain again./ 3oz. unpolished rice. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. 6] Castor Oil Pack: Place the castor oil pack over the liver and intestines for one hour daily for 6 days and rest 1 day then repeat. soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes. contains organic minerals required for repair and maintenance of nerves. Feel your mind open and become calm. 9] Foods to Avoid: vinegar (except apple cider vinegar). Beet. Soak the feet in cool ozonated water for 30 minutes daily. all foods fried in oil. refined sugars. 1 tsp after breakfast. onion. 2] Carrot. carrot and spinach juice. So repeat the relaxing process again before radiating that love into the area. cooked meat and eggs. lecithin./ 2 oz. ozonated drinking water is good (2-3 liters daily). facilitates elimination of uric acid from blood and kidneys. apple cider vinegar./ 5 oz. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. Take as needed daily. Parsley Juice: an alkalizing blend of raw juices with specific affinity for the nervous system.. required for repair and maintenance of nerves. but only when taken without sugar. 9 oz. hot spicy foods. black molasses. This treatment will help to purify the blood of uric acid crystals and bring relief to the whole system./ 3oz. 7] Ozone Therapy: After taking a hot bath or steam sauna. Loving-kindness meditation will help in the same way as described above 135 . 8] Other Beneficial Foods: pecans. chocolate and candy.. This pulls the toxins out of the body through the skin and reduces the amount of uric acid in the blood.Therapeutic Fasting 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention in the area of most distress. Also practice this meditation for at least 30 minutes 4 x’s daily until the condition improves then 2x’s daily after that. grapefruit juice (diluted with distilled water).

There is no judging and condemning of the situation. This prevents brain clots. hands and arms. 4 skinned garlic gloves. one on the most important food supplements id soybean. It is very effective if combined with vitamin B complex. Take one whole lemon and cut into small pieces then put into a blender (peel. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into your head. Whenever the tightness or tension arises again then relax again and radiate that love. Keep opening the mind and radiating until the pain goes away. 5] Chelated Calcium: Take 500 to 1000 mg of chelated calcium daily. For paralysis. Blend for 1 minute then strain and drink. of soybean lecithin at breakfast everyday. Use clear mental pictures of the things to be done which is the best way to communicate with the inner mind. It contains lecithin. two tbsp. Practcie this for at least 30 minutes 4x’s daily until the condition improves then 2x’s daily after that. 1 tbsp. feel your mind open and relax. The worry. don’t allow the mind to get negative and fight the situation. add 1 1/2 cups of water. 2] Lemon. Now radiate tranquil love into your mind and head. of cold pressed olive oil. The practice of lovingkindness meditation is particularly good for this type of stressful experience. Garlic. of sunflower oil 3 x’s a day.Therapeutic Fasting 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into the pain. 4] Magnesium Chloride: Take 1 tablet 2 x’s daily for best results. and other nerve problems. Paralysis Temporary paralysis is due to a virus and is also known as polyneuritis and it causes the white blood cells to attack the nerve tissues. of soya oil or safflower oil as salad dressing and 4 tbsp. So learning how to open and relax the mind without a lot of involvement these negative emotions starts the healing process and supports the healing for the whole time. of wheat germ every day. let go of all tensions which may be there. Take two tbsp. 3] Lecithin: Take 1 tbsp. spasmodic nerves. peaceful love into that area. then relax your mind and let go of the tightness and tension. Once daily until condition heals itself. the best cure is mind power. Cayenne Pepper: This is the most effective treatment for neuropathy. visualize a healing finger gently removing it. only a soft open type of loving awareness to attend 136 . if there is some form of obstruction. Notice how it always wants to tighten and become negative again. Vitamin A. Once the inner mind is told the necessary steps to be done to relieve the problems. the mind will find its own way and to make the body react accordingly. of granulated lecithin in water or can mixed with the above drink. Feel the tightness and relax it away. paralyzed legs. fear and anxiety can be crippling in themselves. and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper (this pepper is optional). It can be improved by administering 1 tbsp. Now radiate calm. Do this very often. Vitamin C. Olive Oil. It can be done by the person who is suffering and involves strong visualization and positive thinking with affirmations. For partial paralysis. For example. an unsaturated fatty acid. seeds and all).

Blood clots from either the heart or in the major blood vessels in the neck can cause obstruction. Take 1 tsp 1-2 x’s daily on an empty stomach. Then 2x’s daily for at least 30 minutes. 2] Sunflower Seed Oil: Take 1 tbsp. and distorted face. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the liver and intestines for 1 hr. (Prepare as described in multiple sclerosis section) 5] Comfrey Leaf Poultice: A comfrey leaf poultice tones up the paralyzed parts. Strokes and Paralysis Caused by obstruction or bleeding in the brain. soak for at least 30 minutes. Learning how to love oneself and direct that peaceful love into their minds helps immeasureably in the healing process. 6] St. take 1 tbsp. Usually before a stroke really occurs. (occasionally one can put the pack over the spinal cord to help with circulation). John’s Wort Oil: Message St. Take 3 cups a day for 6 weeks. Soak for at least 30 minutes). 8] Colloidal Silver: This can greatly help to put the system back in balance by taking away any harmful pathogens. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: A person who has had a stroke will generally have a lot of frustration and anxiety in their mind. Do this meditation for 30 minutes to one hour 4 to 6 times a day until the condition improves. of this oil and rub it into the paralysed area 3 x’s daily. The factors involved are: high blood pressure and stickiness of blood. 7] Oat Straw: Boil oat straw in water and add it to the bath water. Loving-kindness meditation can be a real help to stroke victims. Symptoms are: sudden weakness or numbness in the arms or legs or on one side of the face. 10] Ozone Therapy: Bathing in ozonated water (once a day for 20 minutes) and drinking ozonated water (one liter a day) helps to improve the circulation and expel toxins from the body. anxiety. 137 . of sunflower seed oil (cold pressed) 3 x’s a day. the 1st day and over the paralyzed area the next and alternate for 6 days then repeat for 3 months. there are some indications such as restlessness. then 2 cups a day. Jon’s Wort Oil on the paralyzed places to get the circulation going.Therapeutic Fasting to. 4] Mistletoe Tea: Mistletoe tea is good for any paralysis after a stroke. 3] Castor Oil Rubs: Castor oil is known as the “Hands of Christ” because of is healing abilities. This is only natural because they are not able to do the things that they once did. Once a day. (Hot water is poured on to the leaves and then the leaves are placed on a linen and applied to the region or bathe with comfrey leaves in as hot as possible water. dizziness.

peanuts (groundnuts). Thyme. rosemary. broad beans. white sugar. okra. It is also good for trembling of the limbs. broccoli. eggs. white polished rice. coffee. figs. pineapple. paprika. Vegetables: Alfalfa sprouts. guavas. chocolate. strengthens the body and prevents any chance of stroke. pre-processed foods. 6] Foods to Avoid: All red meats. celery seed. young tender coconut juice and pulp. turmeric. tea. sage. To start with take 3 cups 3 x’s a day for 6 weeks and 2 x’s a day for 3 weeks and one cup a day for another 2 weeks. They need to open and relax the tensions there. Feel the mind become calm and soft. and thyme. Mind will tighten again. raisins (soaked in water). white flour. then radiate that warm loving feeling into their minds and brain. mandarin. This can be kept cool warm in a thermos as it should not be warmed or heated again). and basil oils in equal portions and mix together then massage the paralyzed area daily (this can take a long time). Don’t become dissatisfied or worried just realize that these are very unusal times and open then accept them as best as possible. dill. 2] Sage Tea: Sage tea drunk regularly. cinnamon. fenugreek. cherries (lots). cumin. Herbs: Aniseed. Just warm it up afterwards and strain. sour foods. Then cut back to 2x’s a day for as long as possible. Nuts: Almonds. (preparation: 1 tsp of mistletoe per cup of cold water is steeped for 12 hours. plums. mustard. 5] Beneficial Foods: All foods rich in salicylates help one to recover from strokes. lemon. tomatoes. grapefruit. cucumber. Do this meditation in any position it really doesn’t matter. (best all taken raw or lightly steamed). peppermint. pears with the skin. dates. and sesame seeds. prunes. brazil nuts. But do it often for 30 minutes to one hour and even for longer when you become used to it. As much as possible they need to place their soft attention into their brain and let go of the tightness and tension caused by that frustration and pain. honey. alcohol. carrots. spinach. Fruits: Apple. melons. preserved foods. hot spicy foods. 138 . dark grapes (lots). asparagus. Basil Oil: Take chamomile. potato skin. and cottage cheese. thyme.Therapeutic Fasting The need for mental development and patience are very great in those kinds of stressful times. peaches. Practice it for at least 6 hours daily until the condition improves. 3] Chamomile. beets. so do the whole process again. Others: Brown rice. red radishes. onions. 4] Mistletoe Tea: Mistletoe tea (cold infusion) taken 2 x’s a day id good to recover from stroke although it is slow.

3] Mustard Powder: Take mustard powder and mix with water to make a paste and apply a very thin coat on affected areas. Open your mind and let go of the tightness there. B1). Leave for a few minutes and then clean off the area. 139 . even during your daily activities. Bean Sprouts. 2] Garlic. and almonds (foods that contain high Vit. (Excess can cause irritation and inflammation. Nuts: Take 6-8 cloves of garlic daily together with mung bean sprouts. this relieves sciatica pain. Then radiate a loving calm feeling into that area. Practice sitting in meditation in the most comfortable position and meditate for 30 minutes 2x’s daily. feel the tension melt away.Therapeutic Fasting Sciatica 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the area of the most pain.) The area feels warm and then hot. Do this very time the pain becomes noticeable and do it for as long as the pain lasts.

4] Pumpkin Seeds: nature’s most nourishing food for the male prostate gland. Cucumber Juice: this is one of the strongest kidney alkalizers and cleaners and helps heal damage to the urogenital canal. Practice for 30 minutes 2 x’s daily for best results. depletion of sexual glands due to excessive ejaculation. Prostate. and helps eliminate nervous exhaustion. when followed up with proper nutrition. also provides vital organic nutrients for their repair and maintenance. 3] Bananas: ripe raw bananas are very rich in potassium. preferably after meals. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your attention into your heart area and relax the tightness and tension away in the mind and head areas. 2] Carrot./ 3oz.Therapeutic Fasting 9. and thus lecithin helps build strong and abundant semen. Radiate love into your heart and feel the calm relief grow./ 3oz. and excess acid toxicity. 1-2 tsp daily. 6] Wheat Germ Oil: a potent source of organic vitamin E. common contributing causes include nervous exhaustion. other than psychological factors. of raw seeds daily. insufficient nutrition for the reproductive organs and glands. Ovaries. deficiency of which is one cause of impotence. which is vital for prostate health and sexual functions. Suprarenal Glands. therapeutic fasts in conjunction with colonic irrigations have corrected even the most stubborn cases of impotence. they also contain enzymes that help manufacture sexual hormones. 10 oz. prostate.. 3-6 capsules per day. Beet. 7] Lecithin: male semen consists largely of lecithin. Loving-kindness meditation helps one to calm their mind and let go of anxieties which cause some of the problems. Reproductive System: Genitals. Testes & Uterus Impotence A condition of male sexual dysfunction. tryptophan and other nutrients that restore the nervous system and thus helps eliminate impotence. 5] Oysters: raw oysters are rich in zinc. 140 . or maintained sufficiently to complete sexual intercourse. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. in which erection cannot be attained. bladder. 2-3 oz. dysfunction of which is a common cause of impotence. 8] Bee Pollen: contains enzymes and other elements that stimulate production of sexual hormones. suprarenal glands and other parts directly affected by excess acid toxicity in the kidneys. which is vital for the manufacture of sexual hormones. they also contain active enzymes and hormones of benefit to the reproductive system.

raw sunflower seeds. raw spinach. ginger root./ 3oz. Cucumber Juice: the best blend for cleaning and alkalizing the kidneys./ 3oz. 2 tsp. an amino acid that neutralizes toxic wastes in the bloodstream and eliminates them through the kidneys. 2] Asparagus: contains aspartic acid. 2 per day. have suddenly found themselves ‘with child’ after three to five 7-day fasts with daily colonic irrigations. one of nature’s best kidney diuretics. this is largely a result of nutritional deficiency and excess retention of toxic wastes throughout the system. 3-6 capsules daily. 6] Wheat Germ Oil: rich in organic vitamin E.Therapeutic Fasting 9] Other Beneficial Foods: Raw sunflower seeds. especially white sugar and candies. sexual organs and sexual glands . especially white flour. cooked eggs. raw pumpkin seeds. refined white starch. fenugreek. jasmine. infertile for 10-15 years of marriage. 1] Carrot.recall Dr. stirred into carrot juice. sweet pastries and white sugar. 10] Foods to Avoid: refined starch and sugar.all of which are influenced by kidney function and condition. black grapes. but also vital for fertility in men and women. refined sugar. all foods fried in oil. 10 oz. 5] Bananas: rich in tryptophan. vital amino acid involved in nerve function. shrimp (preferably raw or lightly steamed).. overcooked meats. lightly steamed. black cherries. sweet soft drinks. one after breakfast and one after dinner. all foods fried in oil. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. 3] Bee Pollen: a potent stimulator of sexual hormone production in men and women. 141 . which puts excess pressure on the prostate in males and fallopian tubes in females. bitter gourd (enema). which builds strong semen. celery seeds. carrot juice. onion. raw garlic. preventing the free flow of sperm and ova. celery. essential for production of sperm and ova. raw fish. especially in sexual glands. especially white bread. followed by proper nutritional therapy. all meat and other foods preserved with potassium nitrate (saltpeter). Beet. especially hamburger meat on white bread. some couples. Infertility Insufficient sperm or ova to effect conception during intercourse. beet juice. 4] Raw Egg: rich in organic lecithin. egg yolk. vinegar (except apple cider vinegar). overcooked meats. seaweed (kelp). it can also be caused by a collapsed colon. no salt. strong coffee and tea. Pottenger’s experiments on cats). 8] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk (prolong use of which has been shown to be a contributing factor to infertility . 7] Other Beneficial Foods: raw spinach.

Therapeutic Fasting Leucorrhea This is more of a symptom than a disease. the causes can be uterine fibroid. 142 . Others include: radish leaf. then the causes can be : sexual contact with an infected man. one has to be very careful./ 3oz. if it occurs. Radiate love and peace into your heart. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the heart area. It is normal to have an excess of the secretion two days before and after the menstrual cycle. nervousness and debility. The overeating of refined foods and stress can be a cause as well. Open and relax the tightness and tension in the mind and head. the causes can be cancer of the genital tract. 4] Horse Radish and Lemon Juice: a potent dissolver of mucus throughout the system.. if the discharge is smelly. uterine cancer or ulcers in genital prolpase. 5] Carrot. Before puberty. or wearing dirty linens. If it is smelly. If it is a milky yellowish color and yeasty smelling and causes itchiness and soreness around the vagina. 3] Garlic Water: To relieve the itch in the genital region. it should be thin and light white or colorless. These are only some of the causes and there are many more. 10 oz. balm. use in similar manner as for asthma and other respiratory ailments. genital prolapse and endometries./ 3oz. fenugreek. It is also common in pregnant women. Generally. juniper. A vaginal discharge during the menopause should be examined for carcinoma. thread or pin worms. it can be due to cancer or an abortion. then the cause can be: sexual contact or sharing infected towels used by a man carrying the infection. Vitamin E and Calcium together relieve hot flashes and dryness in the vagina. During the pre-menstrual age. and causes irritation and redness around vagina and vulva and also causes uncomfortable sex. Cucumber Juice: alkalizes the kidneys and sexual organs. If it is frothy. There is also the abnormal discharge of mucous popularly known as the ‘whites’. contamination from the anus or chemical changes in the vaginal. The practice of loing-kindness meditation helps one to calm the mind and become more tranquil. greenish white or yellow with a bad smell. Do this for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for best results. 2] Cinnamon Powder: For white discharge drink a pinch of cinnamon powder in water 2 x’s daily. Garlic is generally administered for female problems. Beet. it can be due to a foreign body inside. Vaginal infection (vaginitis cystitis) which can cause pain in the bladder and frequent urination can be relieved by just inserting freshly made yogurt directly into vagina. During the post-menstrual period. It is good to consult a good physician before making any attempt to use drugs. string beans. However. boil 4 cloves of garlic in water and use the water to wash the region. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. There is a normal physiological vaginal discharge due to excitement. scratching with dirty fingernails. thus eliminating acid mucus from the reproductive system.

Menstrual Disorders By nature. This loving-kindness meditation helps one to have a balanced mind all of the time. apple cider vinegar (2 tsp in glass of distilled water. water. 1-2 times a day. headache. Use the solution to wash and get rid of itchy sensation. Hot water bottle fomentation. rest. fried foods. fatty meats especially pork. Placing your soft attention into the painful area and opening and relaxing your mind into it before radiating that loving-acceptance there will help to really balance your mind and body at the same time. refined and sour things. dissolves vaginal mucus. message. Short or frequent menstruation is caused by inflammation. 7] Radish Leaves: Boil radish leaves and add a little salt. pain in the urinary tract. hypertension. puree whole lemon in blender with 1 cup distilled water and 1 tbsp. restores pH balance. When pain arises the mind and body both have the tendency to tighten and contract. apart from worries. ovary or uterus or an irritable mood. the main causes of all menstrual problems are accumulation of toxins in the body after excessive dosages of medication. cooked eggs. 8] Yogurt: Douching with yogurt mixed with water is very helpful. It is necessary to pay proper attention towards a nutritious and cleansing diet. tiredness. malfunction of the kidney or constipation. especially margarine. Beet root is one of the best foods to be taken. twice daily). it can lead to anemia. so relaxing the the muscles and the mind helps to heal the situation. worries. hydrogenated fats. accidents. 11] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk and dairy products. sorrow. exercises and nutritious food. the intake of wrong or odd combinations of diet. a tipped uterus. anemia. carrot and spinach juice. Practice this for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily and whenever the pain pulls your mind to it open and relax right then as much as possible. refined starch and sugar. banana and currants help as 143 . swelling in the womb and displacement of the womb. a salt free diet. a supplement of calcium. loss of resistance. anger.Therapeutic Fasting 6] Whole Lemon Puree: one of nature’s best therapeutic foods for the female sexual organs and glands. whole lemon puree contains active bioflavonoids. loss of appetite. 10] Other Beneficial Foods: whole grapefruit or orange puree (same as lemon puree method). It has been established by medical science that irregularity in menstruation is due to lack of good dietary habits. all food fried in oil. uterine swelling. regulates the female reproductive system. If it is excessive. excessive use of coffee. tea. lack of fresh air. 9] Castor Oil Pack: Place over the womb for one hour the 1st day and the liver the next and alternate until the problem subsides. fear. pain in the waist region. molasses (if desired). and inherited problems. The symptoms before the start of menstruation are: a feeling of laziness or giddiness. infectious diseases. which have specific affinity for the uterus and vagina.

almond.Therapeutic Fasting first aid. carrot. cucumber. Rest with a nourishing diet is advisable. It is mainly due to anemia. saffron. The suggested diet includes pineapple. The herbs are: balm. radish. Meditation will help to open one’s mind when pain tries to close it. garlic. parsley. peppermint. pomegranate juice. all gourds. and banana. anxiety. are good for delays menses. To control this take comfrey. spearmint. Teas made of sweet basil. buttercup. Chamomile Tea mixed with ginger is good for relieving cramps as well. Menorrhagia This is an excessive flow or increase of frequency usually associated with endometrial growth or fibroids. spearmint. (can use honey to suit taste). Foods and herbs that help: sweet basil. cinnamon bark that is ground up and put in boiling water steep for 5 minutes then drink slowly. balm. Eat food rich in protein. apple. black beans. eggplant. An alternate cold and hot hip bath helps. parsley. banana. spinach. whole wheat and its products. Avoid cold and iced fruits or water. walnuts. parsley. Herbs that help: sweet basil. sexual frigidity. saffron. Again following the instructions in loving-kindness meditation as stated above. during or after the flow. orange. balm. young coconut water. saffron. celery. guava. lettuce. lettuce. milk. carrots. Dysmenorrhea This is painful menstruation. 3] Hot Ginger Tea: Drink hot ginger tea 3 x’s daily while problem exists. brown rice. tight fitting clothes and worry. It is also caused by clots or retention of the flow. Avoid cinnamon if there is excessive flow. 2] Carrot Juice: Drink 1 1/2 -2 liters of raw freshly juiced carrot juice daily. The prescribed foods are: spinach. lightly steamed vegetables. lentils (dal). whole wheat flour. yogurt. rosemary or ginger. sprouted mung beans. yogurt. milk. garlic. and rosemary. tomato. 4] Cinnamon Bark: Take 1/2 tbsp. Practice it for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily for the best results. Amenorrhea This is the absence of menstruation. buttercup. whole wheat vermicelli. and especially almonds. dark grapes. 1] Lemon Balm: Drink tea made of lemon balm 2 x’s daily. helps one to heal themselves. But one must practice the 144 . Other causes are anxiety and constipation. apple and figs. Chamomile flower tea is found to be quite good. The diet suggested is : fruit juice of the season. Doing the loving-kindness meditation as described above helps in all situations. ginger. Pain may be felt either before. TB. parsley. papaya. obesity. Causes: anemia. dates. buttercup.

Even during menopause. Now radiate a loving calm feeling of peace to that pain. Herb teas like chamomile tea (anxiety). sesame oil. Premenstrual Syndrome The symptoms are: anxiety.Tryptophan Found in wheat bran. Practice this for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily without a break for the best results. potatoes. sunflower seeds. migraine. Evening Primrose oil taken internally two drops at a time 3 x’s a day also helps. it helps to relieve hot flashes. constipation. salmon.Vitamin B6: found in Brewer’s Yeast. cereals. whole grains. peanuts. sun dried fruits. cheddar cheese. joint pains and swelling. milk. Everytime your mind contracts then simply relax and open it again before radiating that loving calmness again. For irregular menstruation. headache. cramps. sugar craving. Calcium can relieve both PMS and menstrual cramps.Zinc: found in poultry. whole grains stone ground. The wrong diet and lack of calcium during menstruation can bring a lot of discomfort. whole grains.Vitamin E found in wheat germ. Open your mind and let go of tightness and tensions around that area. wheat germ. soybeans.Potassium found in bananas. brazil nuts. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the area of pain and distress. beet tops. . eggs. soy beans. depression. not just when your body is in distress. Feel your mind let go of the aversion to those feelings. legumes. dizziness. fresh fruits and vegetables. cooked soy beans and raw mushrooms. The following must be taken: . green vegetable (especially raw).Calcium and magnesium: Found in milk. corn. . nuts. General Menstrual Problems It has been suggested that saffron is advantageous in all menstrual problems. Dolomite. drinking dark grape juice first thing in the morning regularly is very helpful. which is rich in magnesium and calcium also helps relieve the discomfort. night sweats and mental depression. To be most effective this meditation must be practiced all of the time. . burdock or dandelion tea (acne). again letting go of all tightness in the mind and head. whole grain. Practice it for at least 30 minutes 2x’s daily. oranges. cold pressed vegetable oils. sarsaparilla (breast tenderness). abdominal bloating. acne. ginger tea (cramps).Essential Fatty Acids found in safflower. . . 145 . . Take whole grain.Therapeutic Fasting meditation all of the time for it to be effective.

After birth the baby smiles often and is a very happy baby. in warm water. wheat germ oil. 10 oz. 1-2 pints (500 ml. refined starch and sugar. 8] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk.1 liter) daily. Cucumber Juice: an excellent all-around blend for cleaning and balancing sexual organs and glands. 146 . tea. Beet. this is a scientific fact.. apple cider vinegar. black grapes (exclusively for 1-3 days).Therapeutic Fasting 2] Fennel Juice: fennel juice is a highly effective blood builder. chocolate. the more loving and peaceful the baby becomes. Pregnancy During a woman’s pregnancy it is absolutely essential for them to practice lovingkindness meditation to there unborn baby. that child thinks that they are thinking them for themselves. 2 tbsp. cooked eggs. After about six months into the pregnancy the baby is well enough developed to think for themselves. 3] Carrot. 2x’s daily. best mixed half/half with carrot juice. So the more the mother spends time loving and peaceful. dark blood. fatty meats. irregularity and the stress of menopause. foul odor./ 6 oz. 5] Whole Lemon Puree: this remedy has worked wonders in correcting all sorts of menstrual disorders. 10 oz. beet juice. this blend eliminates the source of blood toxemia in the colon. especially pork. hydrogenated fats especially margarine. 4] Carrot. Spinach Juice: specific affinity for blood and lower bowels./ 3oz. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. alcohol. 7] Other Beneficial Foods: whole orange or grapefruit puree.. polished white rice. seaweed (kelp). 6] Blackstrap Molasses: builds and balances the blood. all foods fried in oil. same use as for leucorrhea. When they do the body problems become less intense and the woman and her baby are more healthy. via its natural affinity for the kidneys. white flour products and all preserved foods. including excess bleeding. especially the vital hemoglobin component./ 3oz. they can see light and hear sounds. and thus helps correct menstrual disorders. coffee. thereby neutralizing the blood toxemia that causes menstrual problems. 2 pints (1 liter) daily. cola. So when the mother sends loving and kind thoughts to her unborn child. The only problem for them is that they can’t tell their own thoughts apart from their mothers.

but especially during the last three months. the abdominal muscles become stretched. Olives and Salt: Steam grapefruit peel together with olives and a pinch of salt until cooked. Mix the peels with the rice and make tea to get rid of morning sickness. In such cases lying on the side will help. as the fetus grows.Therapeutic Fasting So the practice of loving-kindness meditation is especially important. they will sag. 6] Avoid: Heavy meals. Soften the muscles and mind into the sensation instead of aversion. 2] Apple Peels and Brown Rice: Get 30g of apple peel. Dry fry 30g of brown rice. they remain enlarged and if nothing is done to prevent it. there may be shortness of breath in the later stages and full diaphragm breathing may be difficult. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention into the unpleasant feeling and relax the muscles in that area. 147 . Any prospective mother needs not only a knowledge of pregnancy. backache. preserved foods. diarrhea and syndromes like toxemia are common. all fried foods. This is mainly due to psychological reasons and hormonal changes. Nausea and dizziness can be cured by taking the grated rind of a lemon or lemon juice with ice. and should be practiced as much as possible during the whole pregnancy . It should be done for at least 45 minutes 3x’s daily and more if possible for the best results. Take every morning upon arising. During pregnancy. During pregnancy. 3] Grapefruit. refined starches like white sugar. After the child is born. Morning Sickness This is vomiting during pregnancy. constipation. white polished rice. and delivery but also adequate physical preparation concerning the delivery. 4] Grapefruit Tea: Take the peel of one grapefruit sun dry it then make into a tea. Red raspberry tea eases labor pains and also prevents miscarriage. Good preparation of body and mind helps you to approach birth with confidence. Now radiate love and peace into that area. Loving-kindness meditation is very helpful for women with morning sickness because the feeling makes the mind and body contract which causes even more discomfort. But it is better still to prevent oneself from getting them in the first place . Eat the peel once a day. This occurs during second and third month. Prompt treatment to get rid of them is necessary. This is sometimes associated with nausea. During pregnancy. white flour products. 5] Peppermint Tea: Peppermint tea settles the stomach and cools the mind. ailments such as vomiting. The practice of loving-kindness meditation teaches one to recognize that feeling and to open there mind and body then accept it without aversion. Next open and relax the tightness and tension in your head and mind. labor. to accommodate the growing uterus. Practice this meditation for at least 45 minutes 3x’s daily and when the pain arises practice it until the pain subsides. Apple juice or eating a whole apple also helps.

During this period the mother can do nothing except keep cool and relaxed. After the delivery. for a person who has exercised the muscles during pregnancy. Very slow breathing will help. weakness to nausea. This gives the greatest increase of pressure in the pelvic with minimum muscular effort. Squatting is most likely to intensify labor. pressing the baby down against the lower part. varicose veins and bad posture. The pain is acute and insistent and does not generally last in between contractions. the reproductive organs gradually resume their correct position and size. as well as making the pain easier to endure. Fear and anxiety usually based on ignorance causes rigidity in the uterus muscles thus causing exhaustion. Make a gentle movement over the lower belly in a half circle from side to side. It helps to overcome the worry and anxiety. The pain is not like the pain injury. On the way through the pelvic area the baby has to pass the jointed ring of bone. If the ring is stiff. Careful exercises help speed up the process. Many mothers describe it as life giving experience with pleasure between pains.Therapeutic Fasting Labor There are three stages in labor: Again the importance of loving-kindness meditation shows itself to be most helpful in all situations. constipation. a light finger tip massage over the lower abdomen is soothing. walking outdoors helps. At the same time the upper part of the uterus shrinks becoming thicker and harder. During this period. 3] The expulsion of the placenta or after-birth. It is important to see that there are no clots or congestion in the uterus or veins. During the 1st stage while the cervix is dilating it is usually best to be upright and walking. The temptation to push too hard or too fast must be curbed. 2] The passage of the baby through pelvis and birth canal. During the second stage. The muscles round the vagina must be naturally stretched but not by force. there is a possibility of some physical problem such as the presentation of the baby or the internal shape of the pelvis. If labor is progressing very fast then kneeling on all fours can help one to stay in control. During pregnancy and labor your body produces hormones called endorphins 148 . If the pelvis has been kept supple through exercises. Every mother to be experiences pain at the peak of contractions. That will relieve you from tension. You will probably feel intense feelings from agony to ecstasy. The more you can practice it before the time of labor the easier the labor will be. supported squatting seems to be the most effective and comfortable during contractions. There is nothing to be afraid of. If the labor is not progressing after a long period of time. Walking during labor especially in early labor is beneficial. Often a very strong contraction is followed by milder ones. 1] The drawing up and widening of the uterus neck opening. When experiencing intense contractions. If there are. the transit of this should be easier and quicker. about. the is a sense of participation and achievement. The stretching is done by the baby’s head and with each contraction as the head is pushed against the tissues of the vaginal opening. If labor is very slow. one suffers from post natal backache. it may be harmed. If you vomit you will have immediate relief. (The glands will take over by producing extra hormones to fight the emergency).

1] Cloves and Olive Oil: For cracked nipples grind a few cloves and make a paste in cold pressed olive oil and apply. When you are in labor the normal practice in most of the hospitals is to place you in bed on your back in a reclining position before you are transferred to the delivery room. There is no doubt that there are great advantages in the safety network of modern obstetrics when problems occur. 5] Potato Poultice: Grate a raw potato and make a poultice. radiographically it has been shown that the birth canal increases in area 30% more than in the lying down position. However. Boricated water is unnecessary. In fact it can even intoxicate the baby. more relaxation between contractions. greater opening of the cervix. Tension prevents it. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. regularity and frequency of uterine contraction. put on breast and over the thymus gland then put a piece of plastic over the pack to avoid messiness. In a squatting position. It is also interesting the have your doctor wait for up to 3 hours before they cut the umbilical cord away from the baby. This gives the baby time to adjust to the fact of having to breathe on its own. greater comfort and more than anything the woman feels that she is contributing something to the labor. 3] Apple Cider Vinegar: Drink 2 tbsp. The Breast Before nursing. Another hormone. oxytocin. Recent studies show that there are physiological advantages to labor in upright. When the umbilical cord is cut away immediately the baby is forced to breathe and this can be a tremendous shock both psychologically and physically. crouching positions.Therapeutic Fasting which are natural pain killers. apply a hot water bottle over the pack and leave for 1 hour. 149 . the vast majority of labors are uncomplicated and commonsense has been obscured by the routine application of interventive obstetrics to normal labor. Apply once daily. This promotes milk and gets rid of lumps in the breast. For this reason. Hormone secretion depends upon the emotional aspect of the individual. Then rub the castor oil into the skin. the environment and trust and confidence in people are important. shorter time intervals between the 1st and 2nd stages of labor. 2] Orange Seeds: Boil orange seeds and grind them and apply or drink the juice to soften lumps in the breast. add a pinch of salt to relieve swelling. apply for dissolving and drawing out tumors or cysts from the breast. Once daily until problem goes away. serves to stimulate the contractions. The results of modern research shows the advantages of being upright and moving about. 4] Castor Oil Packs: Apply castor oil to a soft cotton cloth that has been folded three times. There is greater intensity. The principles of physics apply to childbirth and these are negated when a woman gives birth in the lying down position. wipe the nipples with cotton soaked in boiled water.

Asparagus. as well as the entire urogenital tract. soybean oil. has potent alkalizing and cleansing effects in urogenital canal. 8] Foods to Avoid: pasteurized milk and other dairy products. on an empty stomach.. taken at 34 hour intervals for 24-36 hours. raw sunflower seeds. Pumpkin seeds. Lettuce Juice: this blend detoxifies and alkalizes deficient kidneys. restricted bowel movement and loss of control over urination. wheat germ. prostate and related sexual parts. detoxifies and alkalizes the prostate via its affinity for the kidneys and urogenital tract. cold pressed corn oil. 2 tsp daily after breakfast and dinner. 4] Carrot. of warm distilled water. Garlic together with pumpkin seeds included in the diet cures prostate problems and even impotence. foods fried in oil. It is found in Brewer’s Yeast. soy bean sprouts. rice bran. and gelatin. premature ejaculation. 2] Wheat Germ Oil: contains organic vitamin E. Blend together 1 glass of milk. throughout the day. refined starch and sugar. Have this drink at least once a day. 2x’s daily. and sesame seed to help rejuvenation of the prostate glands. garlic. beans. of wheat germ and half a cup of cooked cowpeas./ 4 oz. bee pollen. cooked meats. onions. they are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids. 1] Pumpkin seeds: Raw pumpkin seeds have been recognized in East and West for centuries as the very best therapeutic food for the prostate. Zinc is a major ingredient to prevent these. raw eggs. almonds. glass taken 2-3 tsp at a time. especially pork. these are very helpful in restoring prostate health. 1-2 pints (500 ml-1 liter) daily. impotence. chicken. peas. 7] Other Beneficial Foods: lecithin. all foods with artificial additives and preservatives 150 . peanuts. all of which are vital. raw seeds daily. carrot juice. 5] Lemon Juice: the juice of two lemons in 6 oz. filbert (hazel) nuts. organic iron and pangamic acid (vitamin 15). wheat germ./ 4 oz. blood in the urine. for prostate function. black grapes (exclusively 1-3 days). grapefruit juice (in distilled water). and sediments found at the bottom of a beehive (which is noting but pollen) bring the same youthful results. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and also help the prostate glands. Garlic. 1 packet of granular brewer’s yeast in a cup of warm water. which runs straight through the prostate. 6] Red Beet Juice: an 8 oz. with no intake of any food or beverage. frequent erections. 2-3 oz. nuts. with no intake of other food. sunflower seeds. 3] Brewer’s Yeast: active brewer’s yeast contains abundant supplies of almost all B vitamins in organic form. essential for prostate health. 8 oz. lentils (dal). yogurt.Therapeutic Fasting Prostate Disorder A defective prostate gland can cause: low back ache. 2 tbsp.

Extinguish quickly. 151 . make a long roll with paper (like a drinking straw). The vapor kills germs. Set fire at the other end and allow to burn at a safe distance from the patient. 1] Garlic: Ear infections can be cured by placing a clove of garlic in cotton in the ear. Eating that regularly helps stuffiness or clogged air passages. To remove earwax. Drain off and cook the peels in honey for a few minutes. An excess can cause noises in the ear. 2] Onion Juice: A drop of onion juice in the ears help ringing of the ear ( 3 x’s a week) 3] Peanuts: Eating dry groundnuts with the skin helps clear partial deafness. Place one end shallowly but firmly in the ear. Soak them in apple cider vinegar for 4 hours. or earache.Therapeutic Fasting Ear Problems Ear wax is secreted by sweat glands in the ear. The heat creates a vacuum which helps to dislodge as well as to draw out the wax. 5] Peppermint Juice: Peppermint juice used as ear drops helps to relieve ear ache. deafness. 4] Orange Peels and Honey: Orange peels are antihistaminic: collect the peels. Cut them into small stripes.

and become cancerous tumors. You will see the true benefits of this as time goes by. in conjunction with detoxification and proper organic nutrition. 152 . cancer occurs when a mass of cells in various tissues become so toxic and starved of organs nourishment that they can no longer breathe properly. If they experience strong pain this meditation will help to make it more easy to bear it without so many strong drugs which dull the mind. CANCER / AIDS / HERPES Cancer According to both traditional Chinese medicine as well as more enlightened studies in the West. Now radiate that warm soft feeling of love into the liver area. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: This is a very imrotant aspect of healing when one has cancer.e. eggs. Feel the tightness and tension fade away as you open and relax. This is not the case by doing the meditation and the therapies in this book cancer can be cured permanently. enzymes. mutate. i. worry and anxiety caused even by the mention of this dis-ease is amazing. Practice this for at the very least 45 minutes 4x’s daily to start out and extend whenever possible. The fear. they literally ‘ferment’ in their own toxic wastes. This condition can be caused by a number of factors: primary cause is chronic poor diet. It also is important to practice this so ones mind can soften into the situation. Breathing exercises are extremely beneficial to cancer patients. Insufficient circulation of essence and energy due to lack of exercise and shallow breathing are contributing causes. The practice of lovingkindness meditation is a very useful tool to use with cancer patients. Whenever the mind forgets and begins to think about something else then simply let go of the thinking. but you must continue the practice even after the cancer has gone away. First and foremost therapy is detoxification with a series of 7-10 day fasts with daily colonic irrigations. they can no longer eliminate wastes and absorb nutrients. It carries such a horrible image that anyone who contract this dis-ease thinks that their time is truly limited and they will die in a few short years or months as the case may be. because they circulate the nutrients to the cells. Do this until the cancer has dissolved away then cut down to 2x’s daily. It is necessary to do this meditation practice everyday and to be serious about wanting to change some of the old ways of thinking and acting.Therapeutic Fasting 10. Place your attention on the liver area (or wherever else there is distress) then begin to open and relax your mind. and refined starches and sugars and poor in raw food. Chronic stress and depression also play a role by poisoning the bloodstream with toxic by-products of adrenaline and other ‘fight or flight’ reactions. Therefore a diet of raw fruit and vegetables is indicated. Placing their attention into the dis-eased area brings more blood to that area and this relieves all kinds of problems. heavy in cooked meats. and suffuse all tissues with abundant supplies of chi. Hence. soften the tightness and tension caused by the thinking then radiate again. organic nutrients.

are renowned as excellent cancer therapy when taken as an exclusive diet for prolonged periods.Therapeutic Fasting 2] Carrot Juice: this is perhaps the best vegetable juice for detoxifying tissues. due to its strength. 75-year-old Jay Kordish. This remedy has worked well for many hundreds of years (for more information turn to next chapter). who today promotes raw juice diets in America.) of cultured cabbage juice which is the best thing for all kinds of intestinal and stomach problems (for more on the benefits and how to make turn to next chapter). Also indicated in cases of liver cancer. Max Gersen. 6] Castor Oil Pack: This is where the castor oil pack really shines. and enzymes to diseased cells. taken a glass at a time every hour 13 times a day under the supervision of the great raw juice therapist Dr. it is also an effective therapy for cancers of the stomach and intestinal tract. Drink at least 1 1/2 quarts (1500 ml) freshly extracted raw carrot juice daily. In 1925. was cured of bladder cancer at age 25 with a blend of raw carrot and apple juice./ 8 oz carrot juice 3x’s daily. chewing the skins and seeds as well. which is filtered by the liver. Entire sanitariums in Russia are devoted to this cure. Grapes detoxify all tissues and organs and restore organic integrity to starved cells. carrot. Taking intravenous shots of ozone from a competent doctor will be very beneficial. As such. By detoxifying the liver. therefore. it further promotes clean blood. South African Johanna Brandt cured herself of cancer with an exclusive grape diet and wrote a book about it called The Grape Cure. 153 . 4 oz. for a week to a month or more. in conjunction with breathing and other exercises. giving them the fuel they require to sluff off wastes and rebuild cells. She recommends 2-4 pounds (1-2 kg) of dark grapes per day. It also helps alkalize the bloodstream. 7] Ozone Therapy: This therapy has been proving itself as being a very effective cure for cancer (as long as the patient doesn’t wait too long). 3x’s daily. and it will dissolve away the tumor(s). 4] Cabbage Juice: Fresh raw cabbage juice has been proven to cure severe ulcers in the stomach. 8 oz. Raw carrot juice delivers abundant supplies of readily assimilable vitamins. 6 oz. for as long as therapy is required. It is generally recommended to take cabbage juice in combination with raw carrot juice. High concentration of organic chlorine and sulphur in raw cabbage cleanse the mucus membranes of the stomach and intestinal tract. especially the dark variety. minerals. In cases of cancer. of pure beet juice. which in cases of toxemia is always highly acidic. 3] Dark Grapes: raw grapes. Or you can take 1/2 cup (4 oz. 2x’s daily. Tablets and dry crystals of pure beet juice extract are also very good. but when used in conjunction with other therapies (especially the ones mentioned in the book) it works wonders. beet/ 6 oz. 5] Raw Beet Juice: beet juice is highly beneficial as a liver detoxifier and blood cleanser. where cancerous tissues often form. Fasting along with the castor oil pack has proven itself to be very effective over time. Place the pack over the troubled area for one hr. Of course there is no such a thing as a cure all. duodenum and intestines. it purifies the bloodstream so that the blood can do its work of detoxifying the body and delivering nutrients to starved cells. But don’t forget to alternate with placing over the liver and intestines so the body can expel the toxins too.

Therapeutic Fasting

After taking a hot bath or steam sauna soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30 minutes daily. This helps to detoxify the body and puts much needed oxygen into the system. The real cause of cancer is the lack of good nutrition and oxygen in the system. So when the patient starts putting good food into the body and taking shots of ozone, many wonderful things can occur. Soaking the feet in cool ozonated water for 30-45 minutes daily is good; using ozonated essential oils for light massage and drinking ozonated water is very good. (For more information and benefits turn to next chapter). 8] Foods to Avoid: all animal products, especially proteins and fats, i.e. no cooked meat, fat, eggs, fried foods; milk, etc.; all white sugar; refined starches; polished white rice; carbohydrates; oils; eat only fresh raw fruit and vegetables, juices and extracts. And fast as often as your competent doctor says.

AIDS is a disease of the immune system which has only recently been recognized. Therefore, no specific cures have been proven to be effective. The raw juice therapy recommended below is not claimed as a cure but rather as a highly effective adjunct to whatever other therapies are being used. Since AIDS directly attacks the immune system, it is a logical approach to tonify the immune system as a basic part of therapy. Tonifying the immune system involves a two-pronged approach: removing morbid wastes from the system which suppresses immunity and resistance; ingesting organic nutrients which repair and strengthen the immune system. Fasting is by far the most efficient method of removing morbid wastes from the body, and raw fruit and vegetable juices are by far the most potent sources of the organic nutrients required to repair the body. The oxygen therapy has been recently proven to be the best cure for this terrible disease. When practcied in conjunction with loving-kindness meditation this seems to cure what is presently thought to be a incureable disease. The importance of this meditation can’t really be overlooked. The mental development is most important for true healing to take place. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention on the liver area. Begin to open and relax your mind, letting go of tightness and tension in your mind and loosening the muscles in the liver area. Relax then radiate a warm glowing feeling of love and peace into that area. If your mind begins to think about other things, then simply let those thoughts go, let go of the tightness caused by those thoughts and radiate that love again. You must practice this meditataion seriously (that means without a break in the practice). Do this for 45 minutes 4x’s daily until the AIDS has gone away. If there is any painful feelings in the body you can place your attention into that and soften and radiate there, too. 2] Carrot Juice: as the best overall vegetable juice for detoxifying the system and repairing damaged tissues, carrot juice is an excellent supplement to the diet of AIDS victims. It has specific affinity for the adrenal glands, which by virtue of their hormone secretions, bolster the entire immune system and help regulate the whole endocrine system.


Therapeutic Fasting

It detoxifies the liver, which is responsible for filtering and nourishing the blood. It is the blood which carries immune factors to the various tissues of the body. At least 1 1/2 quarts (1500 ml) of freshly extracted carrot juice per day is recommended. 3] Beet Juice: beet juice has strongly detoxifying properties, especially in the liver, bloodstream and kidneys, owing to its organic chlorine content. It is rich in potassium, which balances metabolism. Its organic iron content help build ‘strong blood’ by enriching the red corpuscles, which by virtue of their hemoglobin carry oxygen to the tissue. Take 8 oz 2x’s daily, preferably on an empty stomach, or mix 8 oz. with 8 oz. carrot juice and take 2x’s daily. 4] Dark Grapes: raw dark grapes are such an effective remedy for so many serious ailments when taken as an exclusive diet for up to one month that this therapy is well worth trying in cases of AIDS. ‘Incurable’ cancers have in many cases been completely cured with this therapy, when properly administered. Since AIDS is also regarded by conventional medical practice as ‘incurable’, raw grape therapy may be helpful, although no studies have yet confirmed this. Therapy indicates 2-4 pounds (12 kg) of grapes daily, for up to one month at a time. 5] Garlic: fresh raw garlic, in bulk or juice, is one of the most effective natural antibiotics on earth. It has been shown to kill many germs which are resistant to penicillin. It also eliminates intestinal parasites. Among the many symptoms of AIDS are a wide range off infections caused by the body’s lack of normal immune factors. Daily doses of raw garlic or garlic juice help protect the body from all sorts of germs and parasites to which AIDS victims are vulnerable. This prevents the onset of severe infections during other forms of therapy against the AIDS virus itself. Note that the garlic must be fresh and raw. Odorless refined substitutes do not contain the active enzymes responsible for its therapeutic benefits. 6-12 cloves of fresh raw garlic daily, either crushed or stuffed into gelatin capsules for ingestion, or extracted juice. It’s best to take it in two doses to ensure steady absorption throughout the day. 6] Colloidal Silver: This has been found to be very helpful in combating the many different types of disease which make up what is commonly called AIDS. Taking 1 tsp in the morning and 1 in the evening before going to bed is good. 7] Castor Oil Packs: Using castor oil packs on the thymus gland helps to balance the whole immune system. Fold a cotton cloth three times (the size after folding is roughly 8” x 12”) soak the cloth with castor oil, then apply to the heart area one time and the lower right quadrant over the liver, gall bladder, intestines and appendix the next time. After putting on the castor oil filled cloth, place a piece of plastic bag covering the whole cloth to relieve the messiness. Next place a heating pad or hot water bottle over the cloth area, leave for 1 hour then take the cloth off and place on a tray for next time (with every other use of the cloth just add a few spoonfuls of castor oil to replenish what was absorbed previously). Now gently massage the oil into the skin. Do this once or 2 x’s daily for best results. Women with painful menstruation can place this over the womb and get relief. Also the castor oil removes tumors and cysts.


Therapeutic Fasting

8] Ozone Therapy: This has proven to be the most effective way to cure this terrible disease. In America there have been many cases of complete remission of aides after using ozone therapy intravenously, everyday. This is how the patients system becomes flooded with ozone and within a few short weeks there is no more problem. Again this is going along with other therapies like fasting, food therapies and castor oil packs. After taking a hot bath or steam sauna, soak the entire body in a sauna bag filled with ozone for 30-45 minutes once a day (it can be done 2 x’s but check with the doctor first); using ozonated drinking water works well over time; ozonated essential oils along with massage is very good; soaking the feet in ozonated water helps circulation. 9] Foods to Avoid: eliminate all cooked meat and eggs and all pasteurized milk and milk products, in order to avoid protein putrefaction in the system, which damages the immune system; all white sugars; refined starches; polished white rice; sweets; hot spicy foods; chocolate; ice cream; alcohol; nicotine; Hydrogenated fats like vegetable margarine’s; deep-fried foods; artificial preservative and additives. Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits and juices as much as possible.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which attacks the nervous system and in its active stages manifests itself as festering skin eruptions and lesions, usually on and around the genitals and mouth areas. It is contagious only in its active stages but relatively harmless when dormant. Its connection with the nervous system is why it tends to become active and erupt into lesions when the victim becomes ‘nervous’ due to stress. Several drugs have been developed to suppress herpes but so far there is no permanent cure. The juice therapy recommended below is helpful in suppressing active symptoms and helping the body to fight the infection, but it is not claimed as a cure. The ozone therapy has proven very effective in arresting all the symptoms of herpes. Loving-kindness meditation is most helpful when these skin eruption and lesions manifest. Learning how to soften the mind and radiate love into something which causes you pain is the lesson of true loving-kindness. 1] Loving-Kindness Meditation: Place your soft attention on the troublesome area. Open and relax the mind feeling the tightness and tension in it dissolve away. Now radiate that warm loving feeling of peace and happiness into that area. When your mind wanders away or begins to feel tight again, then simply open up and relax again before radiating that feeling once more. Do this for at least 30 minutes 3x’s daily until the problem goes away. 2] Carrot Juice: as an overall detoxofier and source of organic nutrients, fresh carrot juice is a good dietary supplement for victims of herpes. By cleansing the body of morbid matter, carrot juice reduces the severity of skin eruptions when the disease becomes active. Take at least 1 1/2 quarts (1500 ml) daily, preferably in 2 or 3 doses, on an empty stomach.


Therapeutic Fasting

3] Pecans: rich in pyridoxine, pecans rank among the best therapeutic foods for the nervous system. Daily intake of raw pecans helps balance the nervous system functions and hence reduces the symptoms of nervous stress, which is a prime cause in activating herpes symptoms. One or two handfuls of raw pecans, eaten throughout the day, is recommended 4] Wheat Germ Oil: rich in vitamin E, wheat germ oil is almost always beneficial to patients with nervous ailments. It also contains inositol, which improves the body’s fat metabolism and thereby takes some excretory burden off the skin. When lesions occur, wheat germ oil may be rubbed onto them externally to promote rapid healing. 1 tbsp. morning and night. 5] Apple Cider Vinegar: rich in organic potassium, apple cider vinegar enhances metabolic efficiency, which in turn calms the entire system, thereby preventing dormant herpes from becoming active. When sores and lesions do occur, apple cider vinegar may be rubbed directly onto the skin to disinfect them and promote rapid healing. This should be done in conjunction with internal dosage as well. 2-3 tsp apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz. glass of distilled water, 2-3 x’s daily. 6] Vitamin E oil, Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin E: Shingles can be cleared up by applying vitamin E oil (by taking a pin and puncturing a Vit E pill then using the contents on the problem), applying liberally and by taking Vit B-complex (50 mg ounce daily) and vitamin E (400 mg 2 x’s daily). 7] Goldenseal Powder: Use the herb Goldenseal Powder: dissolve 1/4 tsp in water and apply to the affected area several x’s a day for 2 weeks. In addition take a capsule of Goldenseal with hot water before meals. (Caution: only a small quantity of the herb is to be taken, 1 tsp if in powder form a day). 8] Hydrogen Peroxide: Take 3% hydrogen peroxide and wash the affected area 3 x’s daily. 9] Raw Garlic Implants: Take a raw garlic clove that is peeled and make some cuts in it then dip in olive oil and insert the clove into the colon just before going to bed. This has proven to be very helpful in killing the herpes virus. Do this every night for 3 weeks for relief. 10] Colloidal Silver: Taking this will help to get rid of the herpes virus found in the blood stream. Take 1 tsp 2 x’s daily without a break for 1 month then get a blood test. 11] Castor Oil Packs: Place over the liver and intestines or 1 hr. daily for 6 days, rest 1 day, repeat for 3 months. 12] Ozone Therapy: This has been found to be 100% effective in overcoming this disease. Taken intravenously has proven to be very helpful and in some cases the herpes went away. Make sure to use a competent doctor who can monitor the progress. When taken daily the ozone shots can help very much. Do this for 2 weeks.


158 . deep-fried foods. cooked eggs. refined sugars and starches. alcohol. coffee. pasteurized milk. polished white rice.Therapeutic Fasting 13] Foods to Avoid: overcooked meats. artificial additives. sweet soft drinks.

Think of how most people cook their daily rice and what is that doing to their bodies over a period of time. Now what does all of this mean? Just this. They also used a microwave oven. an open fire and a charcoal fire. a glass pan and a clay pan. The conclusion is the aluminum pan when heated over an electric heat was poisonous to the plants and kills them. The best way to cook is over a charcoal fire and to use glass or clay pots. But ultimately it all comes down to you and what you choose to do! 159 . They used the stainless steel pan over the electric stove and the other types of heating. more seeds germinated ( 9 out of 50 seeds) and the seedlings grew at a little slower than the normal rate. This has been proven the best for health. a ceramic pan. a gas stove. they tried a ceramic pan in the microwave oven and put then on the seeds and seedlings. The results were the seeds rotted and the seedlings died. The results were very few seeds germinated (that is 3 out of 50 seeds) and the seedlings continued to grow but very slowly. an electric stove. this may be one of the causes. a stainless steel pan. The Best Utensil and Energy to Use For Health There has been some experimenting done lately with what kind of utensils and pots and pans to use for the healthiest results. Many people wonder why these days there is so much disease that causes death. The glass pot over the charcoal fire was about equal to the clay pot over the charcoal fire. The findings were quite interesting. First they took the aluminum pan and filled it with water and put it on the electric stove and brought the water to a boil. The results were that none of the seeds sprouted and the newly sprouted seedlings died from the water. They both had seeds germinate (21 out of 50 seeds) and the seedlings grew well. After the water was cool they took that water. When they used the gas stove a few more seeds began to germinate (5 out of 50 seeds) and the seedlings grew a little better. from the aluminum pan. With the electric stove water the seeds didn’t begin to grow. cooking with aluminum over any kind of heat was poisonous. and the seedlings were stunted in growth. The best was the charcoal fire for heating the water. storing food in aluminum pans is poisonous to the body. A scientist took an aluminum pan. and put it on some seeds and some newly sprouted plants. Then they put the ceramic pan with water on the electric stove and watered the seeds and seedlings. Also using a microwave oven for any cooking of food takes the food value right out of the food. So eating cardboard is more nutritious than eating food cooked in a microwave oven.Therapeutic Fasting 11. again they put the water on seeds and seedlings. Next.

Add vegetable salt to taste. carrot. lentils. and potatoes. fruits. magnesium. juices. as these tend to develop hyperactivity. Salicylates containing foods are: apricot. and a lack of motivation. and iron in the child’s brain. turnip. celery. Nuts as well as all foods should be chewed very well before swallowing. Avoid a high carbohydrate diet as it causes an iron deficiency. Boil all together in water until they are soft. They also reduce the vitamin A and B complex and the minerals calcium. The supplements needed to overcome this problem are: vitamins B6 and C and the minerals calcium. care should be taken not to give an excess of foods containing salicylates. Fruit juices must be made fresh. Cerebral allergens can have a similar effect by diminishing the brain’s supply of vitamins and minerals. Salads should be mixed together with a little sesame oil. corn. Foods with additives are not good for the brain and can cause a slow deterioration of its effectiveness. Again all of the foods mentioned above are not to necessarily be avoided but not taken in excess. salad and vegetable juice. 160 . FOOD THERAPY The Perfect Diet The perfect diet is very simple and consists of cereals. This broth can be eaten cold or hot. beans or peas to name a few. oranges. Vegetable juice can be taken by mixing with yogurt. and vegetables lightly steamed (for more than 3 minutes) in a minimum of water. Diet For Children For children. This does not mean that the foods mentioned above should be avoided. tomatoes. grapes. barley and any other grains or beans. soybean milk. dates. Vegetable broth. nuts. cumin. is very good for keeping healthy. soak equal quantities of mung beans. sprouts. blackberries. peaches. plums. potassium. which is healthy and wholesome. yogurt. coriander or mint and add a little vegetable salt (it can now be found in heath food stores). honey. raspberries. They are actually very helpful as long as they are taken in moderation and balanced with either counteracting foods or supplements. This ca result in learning disability. Overnight. zinc. Add any vegetables including beet. cherries. iron.Therapeutic Fasting 12. Cook them on a low fire with as little water as possible. Common allergens are bread. An excessively high fibre diet should also be avoided as it blocks absorption of vital minerals and vitamins required for the brain. phorphous and to some extent selenium and chromium. memory loss. And learn how to use other foods to offset any imbalances in the child’s body. potatoes. cucumber and tomatoes. sunflower oil or best of all cold pressed olive oil together with lemon juice. A good rule of thumb when eating is to chew until all the food has turned to liquid before swallowing. yellow and green lintels. peas.

figs. canned foods. non-processed cheese. potato chips. safflower oil. groundnuts. gout and colon problems. swelling of the limbs due to premenstrual syndrome. walnuts. The apricot is rich in iron. radish. almonds. strawberries. rheumatism. It is sweet an sour. apricots (very small amounts). dried beans. fenugreek. Apple contains Vitamins B and C and the minerals potassium. It is used in treating asthma and diarrhea. ulcers. soft drinks. The juice of apples is recommended for gout. ham. white polished rice. and abdominal pain. Apricot: Apricots. alcohol. sluggish liver and constipation. stones. dates. dates. magnesium. sulphur. unsalted butter. phorsphous. It is rich in potassium and has traces of iodine. Not for asthma. For watering eyes and blurred vision apply crushed apple with a bandage for a few hours. teas of all kinds (green. chocolate milk. cold pressed olive oil. buttermilk. pears. unpolished rice. coriander seeds. insomnia and impotence. pastries. hypertension. papaya. arthritis. B6. heart problems. corn. ginger. figs. glucose and any sugar products at all! FRUITS Apple: This alkaline fruit contains a high quantity of phorsphous which assists in rebuilding lecithin in the brain and spinal cord. grapes. Dangerous Foods for children’s brain are: pies. mango. cumin seeds. prunes. guava. spinach (cooked). sunflower seeds. It is a blood purifier and it helps in intestinal infections. raspberries (small amounts). raw cabbage. and black pepper. lemons. apples. soybean milk. coffee. calcium. plums. herbal teas. It is a nerve tonic. They contain calcium. coughs due to hot sensation. C and D. wheatgerm. chocolate.Therapeutic Fasting The best foods for the child’s brain development are: well-cooked fish. coconut oil. plain yogurt. cauliflower. thus it is good nerve food. Banana: Bananas have sweet and cold properties and are alkaline. cabbage (cooked). hemorrhoids. millet. onions. pineapple. and zinc. sunflower oil. It also assists in producing pectin which is necessary for intestinal action. palm oil. raw spinach. and raisins retain most of their original vitamins when sun dried carefully and so can be used dry. and is an excellent cleanser. coconut. raisins. They are used for acidosis. bittergourd. garlic. Avocado: This should be eaten ripe without the skin. 161 . constipation. pumpkin. mustard. It is administered in treating hypo-glaucoma. barley. all fried foods. black and Chinese teas). chili sauces. It is used for stomach ulcers. morning sickness. magnesium. sausages. peanuts in excess. The seeds are toxic. orange. any sweets. iron and copper and vitamins A.

(a tbsp. potassium.Therapeutic Fasting Blackberries: They contain vitamins A. and dysentery. insomnia. He should fast again and continue the grape meals. After a short fast. fluorine. Figs are rich in sugar. Roots of the tree are used to relieve pain in muscles. Their leaves are very good for heart pain and swelling. and phorsphous. After the grape diet. cottage cheese should be introduced for 2 or 3 weeks. To start with he should eat 30g per meal and increase it to 180g gradually. Later raw vegetable juice. B and the minerals potassium. numbness due to rheumatism and to promote appetite. hysteria. buttermilk. Dates: They are sweet and warm and are rich in protein. The tartaric acid in them stimulates the liver and kidney while the alkaline salts acts as blood purifiers. They act on the spleen and stomach. colds. nervousness. However. It contains iron. fruits and nuts. relieving coughs. and vitamins A. They are good for hard workers and children. the grapes should still be the main food. B. Vitamin A. They help the flow of bile and aid the kidney in its function. Dates are good for anemic people. sulphur. For constipation and toning of the stomach and the intestines one should take 350g of dark grapes daily. and G. It is cooling and diuretic and a laxative. palpitations. and abdominal pains. They contain protein. Drinking 500g of fresh grape puree 3 x’s daily for 2 to 3 months gives great relief to epilepsy patients. diarrhea. yogurt and honey should be given. who eat them in large quantities. of juice with a cup of fresh bittergourd juice should be given once a day for two months). fresh fruits. and vitamin A. The sugar in dates does not form acid and high blood pressure is rare among Arabs. They are easily digested and nutritious. sore throat and catarrh. Dates can be consumed in abundance by people suffering from obesity. lymph nodes and bones. The juice of dark grapes regularly taken (in a concentrated form) heals migraine. Blackberries are helpful for internal inflammation. Used in treating dysentery. Grapes: Dark grapes are called the queen of fruits. It is effective for treating hemorrhage. carbohydrates. The juice taken with honey prevents eye problems. and C and the mineral calcium and are one of the best known nerve tonics. phorsphous and organic iron. The juice of cherries is used for treating arthritis. The juice (puree this means with the skin and seeds ground up in the juice) should be taken in an unsweetened and unfermented form. 162 . sore throat. hemorrhoids. sodium. weak stomachs. Dark grape therapy prevents heart attacks and averts pain and palpitations. tomatoes. D. Cherries: They are alkaline and contain malic acid and mineral water. B. calcium. Figs: Sweet. calcium. Dyspepsia can be cured by an intake of dark grapes. for 2 weeks. and calcium and most effective for constipation. hepatitis. and other essential elements like manganese. It is used for diabetes. Gooseberries (Amla): This fruit is acidic and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. a cancer patient should have a grape meal every 2 hrs. proteins. iron. A tsp of powder amla with jaggery taken 2 x’s daily clears rheumatism.

The lemon is nature’s cure all. Mango with onion or garlic can cause some problems like itchy skin and jaundice. It is good for sore throats. gallstones.Therapeutic Fasting The juice is good for all kidney problems and liver problems and liver disorders like jaundice. Musk Melon: A rich alkaline fruit and good for gout and rheumatism. Squeezing some juice onto slices of onions before they are fried can keep them crisp. arthritic conditions and diabetes. constipation. The ripe fruit should be taken with a little vegetable salt. itching. It contains citric acid. Drinking a spoonful of juice in a glass of warm water is a remedy for headaches. 163 . diarrhea. boils. Lemon juice rubbed on the forehead relieves migraine. eczema. and heart disease. It is useful in the cure of urinary blockages. It is recommended for indigestion. Not For Diabetes Grapefruit: It is sour and sweet and said to be cooling. potassium. anxiety. sore throats. It is cooling. The juice mixed with coconut oil applied over affected joints soothes aching pains. vitamin C and calcium. It is one of the best solvents of uric acid deposits in the body. coughs. abdominal swelling. heat rash. so use it with care. reddened hands. eczema. Olive: It is sweet and sour. It is rich in vitamin C and fruit sugars. hemorrhoids. headaches. Although it is a citrus fruit. Lemon: It is sour. Also used for blood poisoning. coughs with blood. Lemon juice prevents scurvy. Drinking a glass of unsweetened lemon juice after a meal is good for slimming (not for people who suffer from gastritis at that time). diabetes. Mango: Sweet and sour. carbuncles. blackheads. It is diuretic and good if taken fresh. colitis. Hot lemon juice with honey clears a sore throat. Used for indigestion. The juice is mixed with honey and is effective for arthritis. helps to make the best use of all vitamins. vomiting. hydrogen and vitamin A and B. urate stones. It has the unique quality of preventing cholesterol accumulation. Vitamin C from lemons together with bioflavnoids. gout. This is best known for blood purification especially in children. It improves the function of the liver. weak lungs and labored breathing. acne. hemorrhoids and dysentery. The juice is administered for gall stone problems and given to pregnant women with poor appetite. Guava: Sweet and warm. and rheumatism. bleeding from gums and strengthening a weak stomach. chest congestion. it is rich in alkaline salts. The juice applied with the rind to the scalp removes dandruff.

dissolves hardness in the stomach and intestines. It is used in treating vomiting. They are beneficial for the heart. warts. Pomegranate: It is rich in citric acid. dyspepsia and chronic intestinal disorders. kidneys.Therapeutic Fasting Oranges: Oranges contain protective food elements: calcium. It neutralizes nicotine poisoning. bleeding piles. Chronic liver complaints are cured by having a spoonful of pure juice mixed with honey which is stored for a few days. Drinking pineapple juice daily cures liver complaints as well as colds. The pulp is a cleanser in the digestive tract. and prevents heartburn. Papaya: It is sweet and regarded as a wholesome fruit. papaya corrects habitual constipation. sieve and store. A poultice made of peach leaves is good for healing sores and boils. A tablespoon of juice obtained by grinding the seeds mixed with 10 drops of lemon juice is given 2 x’s daily. Peach: It is sweet. The fresh juice of papaya mixed with honey is applied over inflamed tonsils and other throat disorder. They are an effective medicine for indigestion. B. corns. peaches are essential in neutralizing blood acidity. chest congestion and abdominal swelling. The white pulp eaten with the seeds is good for diarrhea. carotene. dysentery and constipation. It is also good for the digestion. They are used to prevent vomiting. Hiccups will stop on taking a spoon of the juice or pomegranate mixed with basil and lemon grass. Grind the seeds and cardamom and a little jaggery. The juice of the unripe papaya helps contraction of the muscle fibers of the womb and thus is helpful for normalizing menstrual flow. It normalizes heart beat. vitamin B and C. The red pomegranate is rich in iron. magnesium. and chronic diarrhea. Pear: Sweet. Rich in vitamins A. It is an alkaline fruit rich in vitamin A. and the mineral iron. kidneys problems. The juice of the leaves with a little sugar cures hiccups. C and D. Pineapple: Pineapple contains vitamins C and E and minerals iron. iron. 164 . rheumatism. papin. Its vegetable pepsin. rich in calcium. Also for coughs with mucous. abdominal swelling. magnesium and also contains the active enzyme called bromalin which raises the alkalinity of the blood and thus helps in acidosis and edema by eliminating an excess of water. The juice of the raw papaya (it is an irritant) is used for skin disorders. phosphorous. It is helpful in clearing painful urination. C and niacin. sour and cooling. It is also good to prevent nausea. (papaya can be eaten raw. blood vessels. riboflavin and niacin. in salads. and nervous system. excessive perspiration and hypertension. and pimples. papayatin and proteolytic enzymes help the digestion of proteins. constipation. The peel is an antihistamine and contains vitamin P which is very good for blood vessels and blood pressure. coughs. difficulty in urinating and indigestion. or mildly cooked). The black seeds of the papaya are used in treating cirrhosis of the liver. sour and warm. Regularly eaten. Application of the juice prevents swellings. They are given to pregnant women to combat morning sickness. Pears are a sub-acid fruit and are useful in treating gravel or kidney stones. It is recommended for digestion. Take 4g of this powder once a day to help cure heart diseases. hernia pain. thiamin. Both are good for the heart. and dizziness. emphysema.

This should never be eaten raw. Asparagus: Contains asparigin which is very good for kidney dysfunction. If there is a cholera 165 . Watermelon: It is one of the best diuretics available. The fresh juice mixed with a tsp of gooseberry or lemon juice is used for stopping bleeding from the lungs. hemorrhoids. It is warm. Rich in iron. When cooked in a small amount of water until soft then eaten. Prune: Prunes must be avoided by those with uric acid problems (gout. Beans: Rich in vitamins B1. B and C and high in carbohydrate. tonsillitis. Strawberry: It is sweet and sour and has a cooling effect. diabetes. potash.Therapeutic Fasting Pomello: These contain citric acid. Rich in vitamin B2. They are good for liver problems. or acidosis). Pods are effective in lowering blood pressure. Diuretic. B2 and C. Bitter Gourd: It is bitter and cold. prunes are very effective in relieving constipation. indigestion. iron and phosphorous. calcium. Its juice (extracted after steaming for 3 minutes) can break oxalic acid. They are useful for diabetes. Eating cooked asparagus regularly promotes milk secretion and also urination. and zinc. tongue ulcers and constipation. B2. is diuretic and washes mercurial and vegetable poisons away. It is low in calories. and histone which controls cell growth. Used in treating dry cough and sore throat. B1. kidney and bladder problems. Provides biotin which is used for replacing B vitamin choline. calcium. neuritis and Hodgkin’s disease. The juice contains valuable salt. magnesium. calculli. VEGETABLES Ash Gourd: This has blood clotting properties. Plum: Rich in vitamin A. vitamin A. kidney and bladder problems. It is good for diabetes. Star Fruit: It is sweet and sour and has a cooling effect. This is antibilious and laxative. It is used for rheumatism. The juice is used for acidity. Used in treating kidney. bleeding gums. kidney and blood. liver complaints and a lack of appetite. chronic rheumatism. calcium and phosphorous. calcium. phosphorous and potassium. Raisin: Raisins are alkaline and this relieves acidosis. (4oz. Used in treating cough and fever from cold. Beetroot: It is sweet. They have a soothing property which calms the mind. Bean pod tea is also good for sciatica. Good for maintaining a healthy liver. Greens of Beetroot have calcium and are rich in vitamin A and also in iron and a source of catalase protecting against cancer. nose or piles. diabetes. every morning on an empty stomach). and to prevent reddish urine. bladder and urinary problems.

the best way to be free from it is to drink the juice of bitter gourd or that of its leaves. Celery: It is good for liver disorders. They can be preserved and used as pappadams by frying in sunflower oil. anemia. Eating the lightly steamed (no more than 3 minutes) gourd regularly develops immunity to tubercular germs. (it sharpens the sight) and neuritis. Good for scurvy and helpful to the kidney and brain (after consumption) For more information on benefits and how to make cultured cabbage juice turn to next chapter. eye problems. diuretic. For those who do not even like to try bitter gourd. Also contains choline and sulphur. Rich in vitamin C and contains vitamin U which is good for ulcers. Wash and dry the bitter gourd. For the best results drink 4 oz. Juice is good in controlling heartburn especially during pregnancy. high blood pressure. Extract the juice by pressing and then dry them In the sun for a few days. (For more information on bitter gourd enemas turn to next chapter. Munching a carrot after a meal prevents tooth decay. dizziness and urinary problems. Mix with tumeric powder and vegetable salt. alkaline and helps one to relax. Raw or in juice form. of the juice every morning on an empty stomach. E and potassium. It is one of the best blood purifiers. In 166 . B. It also cures hyperactivity and heals ulcers. rheumatism. (Take a glass of juice with a pinch of vegetable salt) The juice of bottlegourd mixed with sesame oil is rubbed over the head to clear a delirious condition. thiamin. blood toxicity. night blindness. Leave them for a few hours. soothes the nerves and tones the liver. The juice is given to treat leukemia. liver toxicity. It contains an insulin-like substance which has been found beneficial in lowering blood sugar. edema. arthritis. The fresh juice mixed with lemon juice ( 1 glass to 1 tsp) is given to clear any burning sensation in the urinary tract and other urinary problems such as acidity in the urine or urinary infection. riboflavin. and coconut oil rubbed all over the skin and washed off without using soap after 2 hours is one of the best treatments for utricuria of eczema. Very rich in vitamins A. and kidney problems. Carrot: It is sweet. Slice it into rings along with the seeds. Chicory: It is very rich in minerals. The juice is given during diarrhea. In moderation it is a very good agent to promote urine. carotene. gastric ulcers. measles. Regular use prevents hypertension. It also tones up the heart muscles and prevents intestinal parasites. It is a natural laxative and used for treating constipation. Raw carrot or its juice builds up resistance against infections. It is the best all around vegetable that anyone can put in their body. C. (To a certain extend it is a curative as well). and gout. cirrhosis of the liver.) Cabbage: It is sweet and cold. poor circulation. A poultice made out of carrot root is applied over cancerous ulcers. A cup of fresh juice mixed with a tsp of honey is used for asthma. diabetes and when there has been excessive use of fried foods. Drinking 4 tsp of bitter gourd juice mixed with neem leaves. (the juice should be boiled till it is absorbed in the oil. It helps the function of the liver and gall bladder.) Bottlergourd (squash): This gourd is cooling. painful menstruation. D. it cleanses the mucous membrane in the stomach. piles. The bitter gourd juice mixed with equal quantity of coconut milk is used for 2-3 days as a worm killer. bronchitis. and niacin..Therapeutic Fasting epidemic in the region.

it is given to prevent miscarriages (it helps the person to absorb vitamin E). and ulcers. acts as the best medicine during a cholera epidemic by restoring the electrolyte liquid balance. The roots of this can cure palsy and epileptic fits. eyes and neck for 15 minutes prevents pimples. selenium. A glass of cucumber juice. blackheads and wrinkles. sulphur. and celery is one of the best treatments for arthritis. gout and rheumatism. It is very good for treating mumps. Egg Plant (Brinjal): It is sweet.meaning boiled in hot water) are used treating liver problems and for enlarged spleens. It is one of the best diuretics and promotes urine. It is diuretic. It is good for the heart as it regulates the cholesterol level. allergic skin. mixed with coconut water from a young coconut. inflammation of the colon and pleurisy. Raw onion paste applied to the scalp improves hair growth and is also used for treating acne. and calcium. obstructive and cooling. potassium. gastric problems. is a good blood tonic and used for treating anemia. beet. The one that is fresh. firm and regularly shaped and dark in color is the best. Onion: It is rich in vitamin C. zinc. iron. silicon. and during urination. phosphorous. The cucumber juice mixed with carrot. asthma. They stop bleeding through the anus. thiamin. An emulsion of shelled seeds mixed with yogurt is useful in dissolving gravel in the urinary tract and hyperacidity in the urine. magnesium. chlorine. hysteria and nervousness. Cucumber juice is very beneficial in the treatment of hyperactivity. and fluorine. Cucumber: Sweet and cooling. hypertension. Good for sore throats. Okra (Lady Fingers): Good for stomach ulcers. Good for eczema. The potatoes should be scrubbed before using. niacin and vitamin C. sodium. duodenal and gastric ulcers and skin eruptions (when used as a juice). kidney problems. Cooked and mixed with buttermilk. 167 . ( 6oz. Onion slows down platelet clogging thereby preventing the formation of blood clots. Cucumber contains a high percentage of moisture and in addition calcium. but always use with the skin as this is where most of the minerals are stored. nose. of juice is taken every 2 hours). Egg plant seeds develop immunity to measles. Regularly applying grated cucumber over the face.Therapeutic Fasting combination with celery and parsley. The skin is the most valuable as it contains all the vitamins. seeds. Chicory flowers. (Give only whole wheat bread and roasted egg plant for 14 days). It gives energy and is a spleen tonic. Raw onion juice is good for hypertension (it contains the hormone prostaglandin which helps lower blood pressure). mucous in the lungs. and roots (decoction . Drumstick (Murange): The leaves and fruits are very good for liver problems. This is excellent for liver problems such as an enlargement of the liver especially in children. Cucumber juice mixed with lettuce and carrot juice (and alfalfa juice if possible) is used most effectively for skin eruptions. Its juice is good for poor hearing and ringing of the ear (when applied externally) Potato: It is sweet. One of the best tonics for cardiac and circulatory problems.

phosphorous. Radish (red and white): It is pungent. it becomes acidic when used with sugar or starchy food. amaranth. It can be used as a juice. It is also used to treat mild bladder and urinary infections. fenugreek. and C. and vitamins. Boiled in coconut oil. hemorrhoids. 168 . sodium. It is used for dropsy. Cooked (steamed for 5 minutes) pumpkin is good for diabetes. It is non-gas forming. potassium. The juice of the radish and its leaves is used in treating hypertension. and silicon. LEAFY VEGETABLES AND SPICES Spinach. chlorine. G and calcium. The juice is best for diabetics. The fresh juice is used in treating an indolent liver.Therapeutic Fasting Pumpkin (Peela Petha): This is alkaline and a rich source of iron and zinc and vitamins A. The fresh juice in water controls bleeding piles. dyspepsia and phlegm. iron. E. celery and drumstick leaves contain calcium. high blood pressure. (massage it on the head). This helps in destroying germs. In the treatment of anemia a glass of juice is administered for a period of two weeks together with a specified nutritious diet rich in proteins. D. cabbage. mint. sweet and cooling and a rich source of minerals and vitamins. dysentery. The seeds are very beneficial for the genito-urinary system.. Caution: In excess it is not good for arthritic conditions and can cause heart burn. heart disease. headaches. B. Alfalfa: This is the King of the plants. respiratory diseases. lettuce. respiratory problems and retarded growth. Amaranth (Chaulai Ka Saag): This green leafy vegetable contains riboflavin and niacin in addition to other minerals and vitamins. Radish is good for nose bleeding. It is good for the nervous system. laryngitis and vomiting with blood. It is the ideal diet for weak heart patients. It protects against defective sight. The leaves are rich in potassium and vitamins A and C. It is very rich in vitamins A. This juice mixed with a spoonful of honey helps in treating asthma and bronchitis. phosphorous. Tomato: Although it is alkaline. It is very useful for diabetes. B. Alfalfa is alkaline. (mixed with fresh lemon and honey it gives even better results). it is good for preventing premature graying of the hair. It helps disorders of the prostate glands. C and riboflavin in abundance. It contains 1. A rich source of oxalic and citric acids. It is a brain tonic. magnesium. and vitamins A. herbal tea or extracted as a tonic.5 times more protein than grains. arthritis and stomach disorders. Ribbed Gourd (Angel Fruit or Loofa): This is diuretic. coriander. iron.

cloves and coriander is an excellent remedy for indigestion. Cinnamon: Calms the nervous system and helps reduce blood pressure. and dulls the thinking process down. cough and bronchitis. It acts as a local stimulant for the mucous membrane. Strain and drink on an empty stomach with lemon and honey. Basil (Tulsi): It is one of the best germicidal and antibacterial vegetables. if excessive menstrual flow. Should be avoided if one is suffering from common cold. The seeds of basil are good for digestion. if there is blood in urine. Soak a few basil leaves. particularly of the alimentary canal. Strong tea made of cinnamon is very good for food poisoning especially due to stale food. The fresh juice from the leaves can help control heavy menstrual flow. Drinking tea made of tea leaves with toe cloves clears stomach ache from indigestion. and spasmodic nervous conditions. A spoonful of juice mixed with honey given everyday for 15 days after child birth helps infants grow and prevents retarded growth. diuretic and antiseptic and a rich source of vitamin C. In adults it prevents premature aging. Also clove oil helps to relieve toothache when applied directly on the paining gums. Asafetida: It is the gummy dried juice of a plant.Therapeutic Fasting The juice with honey and a pinch of cardamom taken regularly during pregnancy helps growth of the child and prevents depletion of the body’s reserves of calcium and iron and it also relaxes the uterine muscles. gastritis. and during pregnancy. The juice of basil is good for colds. asthma. Betel Leaves: The juice from the leaves is used in cerebral congestion. @5g of leaves rubbed on 4 oz. Regular use as a seasoning prevents abdominal ailments. Gives a great relief for digestive disorders. flatulence. Coriander: It is carminitive. Cures stomach ache and abdominal swelling. Relieves vomiting. Chewing the seeds can keep gums free from troubles. The rind of the amaranth root rubbed in 25g of water. Also it purifies the blood. Clove: It is warm and acts on the kidneys. It acts as an antiseptic and purifies the blood. Caution: taking betel everyday can turn into a habit that becomes addictive. Useful for whooping cough. and lungs and even piles. The oil from the leaves is used for respiratory catarrh. The juice extracted from the leaves is applied for poisonous fevers. The fruit combined with honey is given to cure cough. The fresh juice (a cup) mixed with a spoonful of lemon juice taken nightly prevents bleeding from the gums. nose. Cardamom seeds mixed with ginger. It is a rich source of sulphur. Persians considered it a food of the gods. 169 . The juice of black basil leaves is used for skin diseases. Discharge of whites and irregular menses can be corrected by using it in the form of tea. The oil is used I treating bruises and sprains externally. lemon grass and mint leaves in boiling water for a few minutes. For urinary troubles these plants are used for external and internal applications. of water and given 2 x’s daily cures gonorrhea. nose bleeding. cough. Induces perspiration and is good for rheumatism. Cardamom: It increases the appetite and soothes the mucous membrane. hiccuping. The root is a natural contraceptive. strained and administered 2 x’s daily clears leucorrhea. hernia pain.

It contains sulphur and selenium as well as 8 amino acids known to be essential. Because of selenium. Soft curry leaves taken with honey is a cure for diarrhea and hemorrhoids. Neem: Dried Neem flowers are good for digestive problems. It helps in removing lead and mercury from the body. It should not be placed directly on open wounds. Garlic: It contains allin and allicin which are effective against germs and allistatin which protects against gastritis and disorders of the respiratory tract. ghee. It helps stop diarrhea. They block the chemicals in the body that trigger cancer. A warning for using garlic: It should be cooked or diluted for people with weak constitutions. headaches and coughs. Washing the eyes with fresh tea made of fenugreek helps to get rid of yellowness and gives a soothing effect. iodine and selenium. it helps to reduce lipid (fat) levels in the serum (blood) and liver. Fenugreek: A poultice of fenugreek is used for gout. It is used along with lentils to prevent an excess of gas production. fever.Therapeutic Fasting Curry Leaves: These leaves are used in treating nausea. Because of allicin. and vitamin B. Because of allicin. you are not getting its benefits. Ginger juice mixed with lemon and vegetable salt taken before a meal is a very good appetizer. Garlic is an antitoxin and protects against allergies. it is a natural antibiotic. and jaggery (1:1:5 ratio) taken in the morning is good for colds. thus improving the flow of oxygen into the blood stream. Ginger tea is an effective medicine for cold. which helps metabolize food. Rich in potassium. People allergic to sulphur should not take it. Garlic oil used as a liniment is successful in paralytic arthritic and rheumatic conditions. It also helps boost absorption of thiamin in the body. If you don’t smell garlic. manganese and sulphur protein. Ethers of garlic dissolve mucus in the sinuses. tumors and skin irritations. it helps prevent platelet adhesion and clot formation and thereby reduces blood pressure. sciatic pains. It releases Gurwitch rays (similar to ultraviolet rays) which stimulate cells and rejuvenate the liver and reduce blood sugar. Contains zinc. Garlic combats cancer and is anti-diabetic. indigestion and morning sickness. It clears cold and sinus and cures prostate problems and even impotence. The juice is used as an anti-biotic. Garlic oil helps heal blisters. Garlic has the ability to dilate the blood vessels. Garlic with water helps sneezing and a stuffy nose. Ginger: The juice of fresh ginger mixed with honey is used for coughs. The vapors are so strong that it kills germs. It contains compounds that may act as anti-cancer agents. It helps to reduce high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. The bark is one of the best for maintaining healthy teeth. cobalt. swollen glands. Ginger powder. It promotes an increase of red blood cells and increases DNA-RNA which inhibit bacterial spread and viral infection. A garlic foot bath soothes the stomach and digestion. 170 . Garlic also contains Vitamin C. and menstrual disorders. They also have bloodthinning properties. The fresh juice of these leaves with lemon juice is most effective. It stimulates the liver and purifies the blood.

Acne can be cured with the juice. applying tumeric powder over the body protects against infection. Gooseberry juice mixed with tumeric and taken regularly cures diabetes. (A teaspoon of almond oil mixed with a teaspoon of honey. useful in treating flatulence. fat. Almond oil is used for good eyesight. It is good for arthritis. Almond oil is nourishing for the skin. grains and green vegetables gives a complete protein diet. The right way to consume almonds is to soak them overnight in water.Therapeutic Fasting Mint: It is carminative and diuretic. Tumeric: One of the best natural antiseptics known. They should be taken soaked. A poultice of mustard seeds is used in curing bruises and ganglions. Black pepper powder. Pepper (black): It is a stimulant and a carminative. Spinach: It has a high nutritious value and is rich in iron. generally they are very good and nutritious. A decoction of black pepper and basil relieves influenza. caraway. A regular intake of spinach increases the hemoglobin content in the blood. skinned or ground with soya milk for the best results. The vapor on hot water can give relief to colds and bronchial fevers. Mustard: The greens are rich in calcium and vitamin A. prolapse of the anus. Although some nuts are rich in cholesterol and are to be consumed sparingly by persons suffering from problems related to high cholesterol. The high phosphorous content makes them most valuable for the brain and nerves. After delivery. Oil of nutmeg has many uses in massaging arthritic and cold congestion problems. Nutmeg: It has carminative property. The extracted oil is used for stomach disorders and rheumatic pains. It increases menstrual flow. It is used for hemorrhoids and toothaches. piles. This king of nuts is rich in all elements and low in calories. A teaspoon of tumeric juice mixed with honey taken in the morning for a few days clears the problems of worms. magnesium. The outer skin should be removed as it may cause irritation (especially to the kidneys and causing stones). It is very cooling and keeps the system relaxed. diarrhea. and persisting cough. Spinach juice is an excellent tonic for tired nerves. fibers and some minerals and vitamins although most of them are lacking in lysine. It is used to get rid of stomach ailments. Used to heal cuts and wounds by direct application. iron. NUTS Nuts are rich in protein. Caution: It is not good to use tumeric on dry skin as it dries it further. 171 . and honey is recommended for treating piles and gonorrhea. The juice of tumeric flowers is used to treat leucoderma. zinc and phosphorous. They should be eaten on an empty stomach. especially calcium. Care is necessary in using it as it can be toxic. sweet and bitter. They supply vitamins (other than B12 and E) and minerals. Almonds: There are two types. It is suggested that eating nuts along with pulses. It is very good for paralytic and asthmatic people.

particularly for infant problems. They are effective for rheumatism and gout if eaten raw. Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in protein and vitamin B.) Brazil Nuts: Brazil nuts are high in protein (14%) and low in starch. Chestnuts: Chestnuts contain the least amount of fats and are low in oil but rich in carbohydrates. They should be eaten roasted or boiled. B6. to 1 liter of distilled water) clears an upset stomach and aids digestion. They are very rich in cholesterol and not advised for many ailments such as heart patients and obese people. They are essential for converting the amino acids from consumed proteins into usable forms for the body Peanuts (Groundnuts): These contain a high quality of fats and proteins. They are one of the ingredients of cough syrup. roasted or boiled but with the skin. thiamin and nicotinic acid. Pecans are exceptional nuts for heart ailments and blood disorders. The meat if eaten should only be from young tender soft coconuts. sulphur and phosphorous. The young coconuts don’t have so much cholesterol in them. vitamin B especially. hernia and cough. C and potassium. sodium. Coconut: The coconut is a wonderful. calcium. They are hard to digest and so should be taken sparingly. Unripe black walnuts are good for getting rid of worms. Make it into a paste and apply 2 x’s daily over the eyes. A decoction of caraway seeds is good for getting rid of stomach ache and abdominal pain. They can be taken. Coconut water is a diuretic. B. Vitamin C. magnesium. Cashews: In fact they are a legume. rich in fiber and vitamins A. 172 . Take 10 -15 raw pecans daily. Chewing the seeds after meals or drinking an infusion (1 oz.Therapeutic Fasting Add a pinch of Liquorice and add a teaspoon of rose oil and a base of white wax. calcium. Chewing the seeds helps in getting rid of hiccuping and vomiting. They are used to cure eczema and skin disease. C and E. It is widely used. and magnesium. Pecans: Pecans are very high in potassium. it is soothing for ulcers and gastritis. It is low in protein. Along with being rich in vitamins A. Coriander Seeds: They are good for digestion and have an antibacterial action. The tea is good for lumbago. They are good for constipation and diabetes. Dill Seeds: They induce sleep and aid digestion. It cleanses the kidneys and gall bladder. They are high in fat as well (66%). SEEDS Caraway Seeds: Warm. iron. calcium and iron. iron.

Sesame Oil: It is good for the growth of muscles. Watermelon Seeds: Especially good for cleansing the kidneys and bladder. They also contain iron and calcium. It is a very good diuretic. This helps to overcome pains of rheumatism. colds. They are good for cleansing the bladder and kidney. It aids digestion when put on a salad with lemon juice added. Used as a massage oil it is best to ozonate the oil for 10 minutes then keep it cool (the ozonated oil lasts for one week but can be ozonated again). Olive Oil: Olive oil is by far the best oil to use (only if it is cold pressed. Safflower Oil: It is very high in poly unsaturates.Therapeutic Fasting Fennel Seeds: Fennel is considered as a herb. contains 80% linoleic acid which prevents degenerative diseases of the heart and arteries. The seeds are used in treating ringing of the ears. Pumpkin Seeds: They are very high in phosphorous and a good source in vitamins A and B. arthritis. The tea made of the seeds helps measles to erupt. They are used to clear disorders of the prostate gland. It is often given to babies together with gripe water to combat indigestion or upset stomach. It strengthens the heart and fortifies the liver. Sunflower oil is also rich in polyunsaturates. An infusion of the seeds made by simmering in water. It contains a lot of vitamin E and minerals potassium and calcium. Sunflower Oil: The oil taken on an empty stomach increases the cholesterol level. They contain lecithin which helps combat cholesterol. Cold pressed ones are better than those extracted chemically using preservatives and other additives. and chest problems. Application of it relieves rheumatic pain. OILS Polyunsaturated oils obtained from edible seeds are better than hard animal fats which are saturated. 173 . Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin B complex and protein as well as zinc. sciatica and muscle spasms. potassium and manganese. Take 200 ml every hour. Sesame Seeds: Nutritionally they are packed with vitamins A and B5 and the mineral calcium. Fenugreek Seeds: Tea made from fenugreek brings down fever and is good for digestion. drunk with honey is good for coughs. other types don’t have healing qualities). Helps in removing gravel and stones when ground up (50g) and mixed the juice of the watermelon. It helps strengthen the liver and purify the blood. Safflower oil. It is useful for slimming. similar to sunflower oil.

Honey is a medicine for both internal and external use. They are more easily digestible than animal protein and don’t putrefy in the bowels. diseases of the lungs. Chickpeas: Chickpeas are rich in protein. phosphorous. Kidneybeans: Promotes urination and is a good diuretic. In cases of bad cough. Bean curd is eaten to get rid of sulphur poison. vitamin B1 and B2 as well as mineral magnesium. especially jaundice. Even the frozen ones retain most of their nutrients. Also they provide fibre. In addition. catalase. Soy oil is helpful in clearing temporary deafness. Soybean: Contains lecithin. Lentils: Lentils supply the full compliment of amino acids to provide a complete protein from non animal sources. chlorine.Therapeutic Fasting PULSES In general. potassium. Being alkaline it disinfects the mouth. peroxidase and lipase. Peas: They supply vitamin B including thiamin and nicotinic acid. pulses are rich in vitamin C and B and in minerals. preventing gallstones. liver and skin. They reduce blood pressure. and helps clear drug poisoning. sulphur. linoleic acid and B6. calcium. ringing in the ears. For high blood pressure. invertase. sodium. magnesium. chop up red onions finely and add a teaspoon of honey and brown 174 . and potassium. K and C. asthma and clears red eyes. reduces pain due to mumps. BEE PRODUCTS Honey: Honey consists almost entirely of pure glucose and levulose. Good for diabetes. They are low in fat. Gastric ulcers can be cleared by regularly taking soy oil with lemon juice every morning. clearing the swelling of the limbs due to premenstrual water retention (for both internal and external use). lemon juice with honey in warm water is very effective. Used in treating edema. stomach. It has antibiotic properties. It is said to be a “heart food” as it helps dissolve cholesterol. It is a good detoxifying agent. Red bean (adzuki): Good for liver problems. Mung beans: A very good cooling agent. prevent strokes and improves circulation. It also contains the enzymes diatase. Soy sauce can be used externally for treating burns. intestines. It mineral content are calcium. Stops bleeding piles. thirst and is dangerous when one suffering from jaundice. The bean sprouts are very good for coughs and promotes urination. They don’t have much fiber but do provide enough protein. edema. and iodine. iron. An excess of soy sauce causes cough. One of the best ways to use pulses is to sprout them to provide fresh vegetables and good nutrients. It is used for the treatment of wounds. it contains vitamins H. Externally with cod liver oil it is an excellent healing tonic. iron.

is highly beneficial to the digestion. respiratory. iron. C. and all juices should be consumed raw immediately after extraction. The Pollen contains vitamins A. magnesium. iron. One has to check whether one is allergic to wheat before using it. B12. Vitamin C. It helps to improve strength and condition of the finger nails and hair. Mix these in a glass of water and simmer over low heat. So the best way to eat it is to dry it out. And potassium. Give the body a chance to get rid of the poison (through fasting and colonic irrigation) collected over the years. It improves the function of the kidneys. Because it is so rich in potassium it keeps the balance between tissues and blood. VINEGAR Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar contains phosphorous. Never eat white bread as it turns to a glue in the stomach and other foods stick to it then putrefies and the toxic cycle starts. Its mucilaginous content forms a barrier. All therapeutic foods should be consumed as fresh as possible. This helps to dilate blood vessels and protect A and C. and phosphorous. Wheat: Wheat bran is given for diabetes. 175 . and is a compound that can neutralize acidity. GRAINS Barley: It is a good source of thiamin. calcium. and calcium. iron. It enhances metabolic efficiency. Bread produces a lot of acid in the system. potassium.Therapeutic Fasting sugar each. D. Barley water is good for digestion. It is a natural antiseptic. E. A spoon of honey a day keeps cold and others infections away. Within each category. Good for throat and stomach problems. balances the Ph in the blood. diarrhea and painful urination. It is cool and nutritious. Excess consumption can cause stomach disorders. without incompatible combinations of other foods. Take 2 tsp of this mixture. It reacts on the spleen and stomach. foods and juices are listed according to the diseases and degenerative conditions they help cure and prevent. which has no real useful purpose in the body. preventing acid from reaching ulcers. It contains malic acid and all other vinegars contain acetic acid. B. Wheat Germ: It contains vitamin B. Bacteria can’t survive in honey. circulatory. excretory. Cooked barley can be used externally for sores and tumors. The mixture of honey and black currant juice is good for chest and throat complaints. is very rich in natural potassium. nervous and reproductive. It prevents blood clots and regenerates the skin. THERAPEUTIC FOODS AND JUICES The therapeutic foods and juices introduced below are listed according to their natural affinities and therapeutic effects within the body’s six major functional systems: digestive. and E. liver and bladder. and K. Honey contains A. Whole wheat is used as a heart tonic.

honey or may be added. diarrhea. string beans and cucumber contain insulin like substances . If the juices are too sweet. they should be diluted in a 1:1 ratio with distilled water. grape) may be combined with the juices of sub-acid fruits (apple. However it is better to use juices individually. fruit and vegetables should not be used at the same time. while the juices of oranges and mosambi tend to aggravate these problems or act negatively on them. arthritis and skin problems. onion and tomatoes contain antibiotics. celery. and radish). The patient should be careful to take plenty of water and rest during the therapy. Precautions All juices must be freshly made immediately before drinking. Some of the raw fruits and vegetables contain natural medicines. 176 . Thus there is a greater chance of eliminating toxins. the juices of carrot. vegetable hormones and antibiotics. Preferably. organically grown fruit and vegetables should be used and not canned or frozen juices. minerals and trace elements required for the metabolism. grapefruit.while radish. For example. the capacity of the various organs of the body to eliminate increases. headache.Therapeutic Fasting During a raw juice therapy. sleepiness. Most ill health conditions are due to over acidity but in drinking the alkali-forming juices of fruits and vegetables. Juices from green leafy vegetables juices can be combined with vegetable fruits of the root vegetables (beet. potato. cucumber and cabbage are useful for asthma. This is common in the case of severe toxin deposits in the body and a proper selection of juices in treating particular ailments is necessary. If the juice is not palatable. loss of weight. cucumber) can be combined with acid fruits or with the green leafy vegetable juices (cabbage. If they are to be mixed the following broad rule is to be applied: juices from sweet fruits (prune. The quantity of juice taken on each occasion should be from 250 ml to 500 ml (1 pint). pear. spinach. Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Most of the skins of fruits and vegetables can be used. onion. or mixed. Owing to their differing actions. Juices from sub-acid fruits can be combined with fruits of acid fruits. peach. the body can naturally achieve an acid-alkali balance. lemon. plum. strawberry and pineapple). For example. When used as a medicine to heal some physical disorder. Juices of vegetable fruits (tomato. the juices must be taken once every two or three hours. To start with 250 ml should be given and gradually increased up to the maximum of 500 ml (or 1 pint in many cases the quantity to be taken is stated). carrot. They cannot be mixed with acid fruits (orange. lettuce. parsley and water cress). apricot and cherry). fever. Specific juices are beneficial in specific conditions. garlic. In the beginning there will be some discomfort in the abdomen. This will increase the healing effect by eliminating uric acid and other inorganic acids while at the same time the sugars of the fruits and vegetables provide strength. The juice therapy can be continued for up to 30 (thirty) days at one stretch. body odor and bad breath.

The other type will be for more general use in helping one to develop a soft mind all of the time. It teaches one how to lovingly-accept their present situation and soften their mind so healing can occur. i. This sounds difficult to do but in reality you ultimately have the choice of which way you handle these unpleasant sensations and painful feelings. the natural response to it is to mentally tighten and resist those painful feelings when they become apparent. healing the entire mental process for personality development. But. If you are sick or have a painful disease. Loving-kindness when practiced properly will help you to realize that you are causing yourself even more pain than necessary. This book will explain how to do two different kinds. The advantage of doing this is so you will become very familiar with your own body in a very different and in many ways more closely attuned than ever before.e.Therapeutic Fasting The Practice of Loving-Kindness Meditation This type of meditation is an essential part of healing the mind and body. Many times people think that loving-kindness is some kind of gooey emotion that tries to make everything perfect and nice all of the time. This actually causes your mind and body to contract (the muscle reflect what is happening in one’s mind) and you have thoughts of dislike and dissatisfaction to those painful sensations. The first type has to do with placing your soft attention into different parts of your body and relaxing the muscles as well as mind before sending love and peace to that area. after recognizing this. You can either hate them and fight them which causes you to suffer even more or you can open your mind and lovingly accept those sensations which lessens the discomfort and sends loving healing energy into the entire mind/ body process. One kind is for directly healing specific types of dis-eased conditions in the mind and body. The second loving-kindness meditation will teach you how to keep a soft mind all of the time. This technique will show you how to smile into things so your mind will experience different levels of true happiness and peace within yourself. Then. 177 . this makes the pain bigger and more intense. can simply stop the fighting and resistance then soften your mind into that sensation. The choice is yours to make! There are actually many types of loving-kindness meditation that one can do. actually it is a practical and useful tool in opening and accepting whatever is happening with the mind/body process in the present moment.

The only movement that is allowable is the straightening of the back if it slumps a bit. Try to sit with your back reasonably straight.. For the best results the combination of natural healing cures and meditation works the best. ‘Love and peace are healing me right now’.. it is a very nice pleasant feeling of calmness and love. dislike.. no moving the fingers or toes. When someone who is used to sitting on a chair for their whole life. and even hate. Now radiate that feeling and statement into the area where you have directed your attention. but when you direct your soft. What the task of the meditator is.. and tension in the body (your head is included in this).. ‘loving-kindness is surrounding and healing my whole body right now’. loving attention to different areas of distress or discomfort the body responds by sending more blood to that area.. your job is to let those thoughts go by themselves and you open up then relax before coming back to radiating love and making gentle wishes into the area of your attention. not rigid. This causes the feeling to radiate out. Sitting like a statue is the best. The true essence of this practice is sending love into areas where previously you sent aversion.The Body Sweep This ‘Sweeping Loving-kindness’ helps one to be able to direct their mind to a particular area in their body easily. Next. the magic comes from calming your mind and sending love into your body. relaxed and peaceful. You can make up your own statement as long as it is positive and helps the feeling of love to grow stronger.‘Lovingkindness is entering every cells in my body and healing it’. If there are any thoughts which take you away from this simply let them go. or sitting cross-legged on the floor. Feel that area become soft. So this meditation helps to improve the circulation and thus beginning the healing process more quickly than just taking external cures. So adding the pain of sitting on the floor is just not necessary. Whatever is most suitable for you. They can go whichever way the wind takes the bubbles. To open up their mind and body so they can become peaceful and calm. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position either in a chair. Along with this they make a mental statement like . sitting on the floor in a contorted position can be a very trying experience. There is no magic to sitting on the floor. hands or feet.. Please remember that once you start meditating you must remain very still.. Now they direct this warm glowing smile into the different parts of the body where they have directed their attention.. These negative emotions and feeling manifest themselves in your mind as tightness in the mind. It is a type of mental development that not only helps to heal mental problems and emotions. on a stool. ‘Love is the opening door to perfect health in mind and body’ etc. 178 . when anyone is happy they have a gentle warm feeling in their heart area. treat them like bubbles floating in the wind.Therapeutic Fasting Loving-Kindness Meditation .. but nicely straight. This loving feeling can be activated by smiling into your heart area. So many times when someone teaches others meditation they insist that everyone must sit cross-legged on the floor as if the real work of meditation can only be done there. is to soft let go of these tightnesses and tensions.. It is necessary that you sit for at least 15 minutes without moving your body at all or without leaning against a back rest.. It really doesn’t matter.

garlic. evening Primrose Oil. instead of hating it . SPECIFIC JUICE THERAPIES FOR SPECIFIC PROBLEMS 1] Abdominal Pain: Cinnamon. rub Aloxy gel 2 x’s daily (how to make described later) 3] Acidity: Apple cider vinegar. calm feeling radiate from your heart into the top of your head. manganese. carrot. if your mind wanders often and you let go then come back it helps you to develop more calmness and peace..this is where the true healing is! This practice helps one to develop patience and a light accepting mind that has more true happiness arising in it than ever before. cultured cabbage juice. black pepper. molasses. beet. 179 .. spinach. grapes. if there are open up and let them go. let go of the tightness and tension in your head. Now feel inside your head. yellow onions. Again feel your mind to see if there are any tightnesses or tensions there.. nutmeg. If any thoughts distract simply let go of that thought. lemons.... cucumber. This is actually helping you. and spinach.olive oil -garlic cayenne pepper. lobelia. Loving the pain and discomfort.. cultured cabbage juice. tomato. alfalfa. Now softly redirect your loving attention back to the top of your head. clove. 2] Aching Joints: Drink Goldenseal tea.Therapeutic Fasting Always letting go of tightness and tension. As a matter of fact. celery. Now begin to have that loving. relax the tightness in the mind and head. cucumber.. notice that there is some tightness there and begin to relax. pear. pumpkin seeds. Feel your mind open up and become relaxed.. Feel the mind and body become peaceful while you radiate that love.. This is your job! It doesn’t matter how many times your mind wanders away. oranges. everytime your mind wanders away then you softly let go of those thoughts and emotions. grapes. Opening. plum. carrot... wheat germ oil.. kidneybeans. brown sugar. Relax all the muscles there. bee pollen. burdock. continually opening up and accepting the love which you are generating to yourself. 4] Acne: Grapes.. This is whtat the meditation is all about. vitamin B6. The letting go of distractions with a soft mind is learning how to lovingaccept those distractions. cultured cabbage juice. celery. wheat germ oil. cucumber. then redirect your soft attention back to radiating love to yourself and making positive wishes to yourself. Let your mind become soft and relaxed. papaya. mosambi.. Begin to make wishes that love is healing you right now. yogurt. potato. parsley. Feel the scalp become soft and relaxed. letting go of tightness and tensions. 5] Allergies: apricot. apple cider vinegar. green onion.. relaxing. Softly place your attention on the very top of your head. and radiating love into areas of concern. and apple cider vinegar. carrot. lemon .

cultured cabbage juice. 17] Bronchitis: Anise. dark red grapes. ginger and honey. cucumber (apply). caraway seeds. carrot. chamomile. fenugreek. rub GOOT on affected areas. pumpkin seeds. 19] Bladder Ailments: apple. strawberry. spinach. 14] Bleeding (anal): Egg plant. pineapple. onion alfalfa. onion. blackstrap molasses. garlic. red cherries. carrot. alfalfa. orange. mint. fennel. cucumber. mung bean sprouts. anise. angelica. beet. honey. beet. small red beans. parsley. peppermint. 11] Back Ache: Oats. radish.. lemon. celery. 18] Burns: Aloe Vera. 13] Bleeding Gums: Mango. cranberries. barley juice (apply). onion. 9] Arthritis: apricot. white mustard. parsley. and spinach. pineapple. prunes. onion. and watercress. onion. sunflower seeds. malt. carrot. squash. peach. ginseng root. carrot. sarsaparilla. lemon. dandelion. 15] Bleeding (nose): Radish. spinach. cucumber. cranberry. apple cider vinegar and spinach. pear. pineapple. garlic.Therapeutic Fasting 6] Arterio-Sclerosis: grapefruit. turnip. pineapple. radish. or cold water. asparagus. garlic. apricot. vitamin C. celery. soak feet in 3% hydrogen peroxide 2 x’s daily. tomatoes + celery. kidneybeans. molasses. 16] Blood Pressure: Garlic. beet. alfalfa. apricot. plum. 12] Bleeding (external): Tumeric powder. horse radish. guava leaves. tomato. blackstrap molasses. celery. 9] Athlete’s Foot: eat 4-5 cloves of raw garlic daily. horse radish. celery. apple cider vinegar. sarsaparilla. barley water and watercress. 10] Asthma: apricot. molasses. grapefruit. watermelon. bone meal. celery. black current. lemon. papaya sap. lemon. garlic. cultured cabbage juice. lettuce spinach and cabbage. radish. peach. saffron. lemon. apple cider vinegar. lemon juice. garlic + apple cider vinegar. celery. lemon. radish. 180 . 7] Anemia: molasses. garlic. anise. wheat germ oil. barley. fig. apple cider vinegar. ginger. Garlic. saffron. carrot. 20] Cold: large amounts (1000mg) of vitamin C every 4 hours then lay down and rest (this means sleep). carrot. carrot. dark grapes. potato juice (apply). dill. tobacco oil (external application). 8] Appetite (lack): Black pepper.

ginger. celery. clove. asparagus. cultured cabbage juice. horse radish (applied). lettuce. fenugreek. pineapple. dark grape. pear. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES. figs. onion. dark grape juice. egg plant (if with blood). 34] Dysentery: Garlic. barley. celery. olive. grapefruit peel. papaya. rose and molasses. asparagus. carrot. whole wheat. grapefruit peel. apple cider vinegar. apricot. cultured cabbage juice. guava. garlic. celery. radish leaf. peach. barley. mung bean. 22] Cold Limbs: Cinnamon. carrot. 27] Chest Pain: 1 tsp of cayenne pepper in water. okra (if with mucous). black current. carrot. tamarind. bittergourd and molasses. vitamin E and C. pineapple. molasses. guava leaf. celery. Aloxy gel over the chest. figs. asparagus. peppermint. and asparagus. Brussels sprouts. peanut (if dry). fig. saffron.Therapeutic Fasting 21] Candidiasis: Raw garlic. string bean. olive. black pepper. coriander. radish leaf. radish. mustard leaf. cultured cabbage juice and parsley. potassium. lemon. carrot. lemon. followed by 2 tbsp. carrot. dark grapes. cultured cabbage juice. figs. coconut oil. 28] Circulation: Garlic. coconut. carrot. cherry. fennel. olive. 25] Chest Congestion: Saffron. celery. pineapple. onion. tomato. garlic. of blackstrap molasses. radish. green onion. radish. onion. cabbage. raspberry. soybean and garlic. garlic. rose. pear. beetroot. olive (if with blood). sweet mango. radish. plum tomato. persimmon. brewer’s yeast. horse radish. daily enemas with raw clove garlic and chlorophyll. garlic. papaya. ginger. lemon. 30] Colitis: apple. raw tomato and raw garlic. radish. beet. malt. nutmeg. cabbage. 33] Dizziness: Lemon. cultured cabbage juice. cinnamon. small red bean. carrot. carrot. molasses. spinach. mung beans. cucumber. onion garlic. 31] Diabetes: citrus fruits. caraway. apple cider vinegar. sunflower seeds. beetroot. okra. squash and spinach. onion. carrot and beetroot. almonds. guava. pineapple. honey. 29] Cramps: Garlic. apple cider vinegar. 181 . cultured cabbage juice. dill. 32] Diarrhea: garlic. ginger. thyme. kidney bean. cucumber. banana. horse radish. lemon. mustard leaf. lemon. string bean. 26] Chest Infection: Garlic. onion. lemon. strawberry. 23] Constipation: apple. wheat bran. wheat germ. bittergourd. onion. 24] Cough: Almond. papaya. ground nut. cucumber. guava leaf. unpolished rice. lettuce. apple. lemon. stewed prunes.

garlic. spinach. celery. alfalfa sprouts. cucumber. castor oil pack. 51] High Blood Pressure: dark grapes. weak tea. lots of bed rest. black grapes. garlic. 42] Gall Stones: Apple + Epsom salts + lemon juice + olive oil. onion. 40] Eye Disorder: apricot. garlic. tomato. oat. lettuce. coconut juice. molasses. spinach. molasses. lemon. olive. carrot. carrot. raw sunflower seeds. onion. carrot. spinach cucumber. bittergourd. cultured cabbage juice. mung bean. spinach. sarsaparilla. apple cider vinegar. and apple cider vinegar. molasses. garlic. carrot. figs. molasses. 49] Hemorrhoids: White radish. garlic. carrot. star fruit and radish. carrot. grapefruit. peppermint. molasses. clove. tomato. cucumber. cucumber. apple cider vinegar. 47] Heart Disease: dark red grapes. 41] Gall Bladder: Oats. carrot. figs. pecans. cabbage and spinach. 48] Hernia: Fennel. raw egg yolk. garlic. figs. garlic (6 . 37] Enteritis: Apple. fennel. lecithin. spinach. apple cider vinegar. lemon. parsley. molasses. sarsaparilla. apple cider vinegar. ripe bananas. and beetroot. red grapes. apple. celery. wheat germ. asparagus and molasses. cultured cabbage juice. and spinach. onion. 39] Epilepsy: Dark red grapes. 46] Headache: dark grapes. garlic. cultured cabbage juice. spinach. pecans. guava. cabbage. molasses. 36] Edema: Guava leaf. beet spinach. parsley. 44] Gout: red sour cherries. molasses. onion. 182 . and molasses. cucumber.8 cloves daily). spinach. 38] Fever: Lemon. celery. onion. orange. pecans. celery. onions. star fruit. celery. lemon. wheat germ oil. watermelon. lemon. celery. parsley. cucumber (apply). banana. wheat germ oil. beet. lecithin. honey. cabbage. beet. grapefruit. saffron and honey. radish leaf. oat. tomato.Therapeutic Fasting 35] Eczema: dark red grapes. spinach. molasses. peppermint. cinnamon. pineapple. garlic. beet and guava leaf. molasses. High doses of vitamin C (1000 mg every 4 hours). pineapple. carrot. 50] Hiccuping: Clove. garlic. 45] Halitosis: parsley. orange. parsley 43] Gastro-enteritis: Carrot. parsley. molasses.

and honey. mango. saffron. garlic. 63] Lumbago: Fennel. radish. 56] Inflammation: Cucumber. molasses. kidney bean. 64] Menstrual Disorder: Saffron. tomato. 60] Kidney Disorder: Apple. pecans. summer squash. oat. tomato. cultured cabbage juice. cherry. soybean sprouts. spinach. caraway. 183 . barley. celery. cultured cabbage juice. malt and cultured cabbage juice. orange. cherry. molasses. carrot. carrot. lettuce (lightly steamed). parsley. brewer’s yeast. molasses. cucumber. carrot. onion. wheat germ. 59] Jaundice: Lemon. peppermint. spinach. grapefruit. pear. 69] Neuralgia: Peppermint. cabbage. summer squash. celery. watermelon. 61] Low Blood Sugar: Apple. coriander. brewer’s yeast. molasses. red cherries. lettuce. radish. pineapple. raw sunflower seeds. asparagus. apple cider vinegar. honey. 55] Indigestion: Caraway. apple. 65] Measles: Cherry seed. beet. anise. fenugreek. and molasses. peppermint. garlic. 66] Morning Sickness: Apples. banana. molasses. orange. 53] Hysteria: Dates 54] Impotence: bitter gourd. beet. tomato. ginger. onion. parsley. cucumber. pear. horse radish. garlic. stewed prunes. carrot. dark grapes. radish leaf. onion. molasses and beet. and carrot. bitter gourd. dark grapes. grapefruit. celery. small red bean. apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar. bananas. 62] Liver Ailments: Lemon. onion. papaya. dill. apple. fennel. lemon. parsley. spinach. black grapes. honey. 68] Nausea: Anise. carrot. lemon. star fruit. carrot. cabbage. 58] Insomnia: apple. molasses and beets. plum. alfalfa. onion. bitter gourd. molasses. lemon. ginger. orange. asparagus. spinach. whole grains. lemon. sarsaparilla. 67] Mumps: Potato juice + apple cider vinegar (apply). orange. turnips (and the turnip greens). garlic. papaya. dill. carrot. grapefruit. strawberry. garlic. 57] Influenza: apricot. nutmeg. and peppermint. and celery. grapefruit. pineapple.Therapeutic Fasting 52] Hypertension: Dill. cabbage. apple cider vinegar. prunes. brewer’s yeast.

76] Piles: Lemon. yogurt. cultured cabbage juice. tomato. cherry. pineapple. cucumber. grapefruit. asparagus. honey. grapefruit. molasses. turnip. carrot. red cherry. pineapple. papaya. 80] Scar: Cherry seed. cucumber. 84] Stomach Ache: Fennel. carrot. peanut oil. spinach. beet + cucumber + celery + garlic + onion + cayenne pepper. orange. and carrot. stewed prunes. honey. horse radish. pineapple. cabbage. radish leaf. garlic. sarsaparilla. tomato. onion. carrot. onion. lemon. grapefruit. molasses. carrot. lemon. cod liver oil and molasses. lettuce. small red bean. lemon. 73] Palpitations: Dark grapes. castor oil. lemon. 86] Sore Throat: Apricot. peanut. beet. 75] Pharynges-laryngitis: Lemon. molasses. grapefruit. apple cider vinegar and spinach 79] Rheumatism: Dark red grapes. papaya. honey and molasses. garlic. garlic. asparagus. wheat germ oil and brewer’s yeast. papaya. 184 . 71] Nervousness: Dates 72] Obesity: Molasses. ginger. pineapple. molasses and lecithin. red grapes. olive oil. wheat germ oil. mistletoe. papaya. and molasses. tomato. celery. papaya. cherry. lettuce. orange. onion. kidney bean. orange. alfalfa sprouts. spinach. beet. cultured cabbage juice. and beet. 78] Psoriasis: Dark grapes. onion. cultured cabbage juice and parsley. beet. apple cider vinegar. 81] Sciatica: Fenugreek. aloe vera gel. carrot.Therapeutic Fasting 70] Neuritis: Orange. tomato. radish and molasses. lemon. dates. watercress. ginger. 85] Sinus trouble: Garlic. dill. brown sugar. parsley. lemon. apricot. apricot. lemon. dark red grapes. spinach. cabbage. carrot. wheat. cucumber. 74] Paralysis: Cherry. vitamin C and celery. 77] Prostate Gland problems: Carrot. lettuce. molasses. celery. spinach. 83] Stomach Ulcers: Cultured cabbage juice. cabbage. vitamin E oil. honey. orange. parsley. sesame seed (black). apple. honey. cucumber. mustard. molasses. olive oil. 82] Secretion: Milk. and raw egg yolk. onion. molasses. peppermint. pecans. soybean sprouts. radish.

88] Sunstroke: Bitter gourd. wheat germ oil. or diarrhea. castor bean. sesame seed (black). honey. grapefruit. 102] Black Pepper: If there are eye diseases. 98] Fennel: If there is diarrhea. red grapes. strawberry. 94] Varicose Veins: Dark grapes. onion (apply). radish. lecithin. 90] Tuberculosis: Drumstick (murange). 99] Garlic: for eye diseases. 107] Celery: An excess during late pregnancy can cause premature expulsion of the fetus. Cherry seed. 105] Asparagus: This should not be taken raw when kidneys are inflamed. rheumatism. lemon. 185 . spinach. lemon and cranberries. discharge of dry stools. NOT TO BE USED IF: 96] Bitter Gourd: the patient has a weak stomach and vomiting. green onion. cultured cabbage juice. molasses. pineapple. nutmeg.Therapeutic Fasting 87] Sty in the Eye: Cucumber (apply). cucumber. barley. plum. 104] Tomato: For arthritis. lettuce. or an excess amount of contractions and delusion. hemorrhoids. lemon. ginger. soybean. 103] String bean: For rheumatoid arthritis. cucumber. egg plant (with blood). wheat germ oil. carrot. garlic. and carrot. cough. voice loss. beet. 92] Urinary: Watermelon. or rheumatism. parsley. molasses. watercress. carrot. or sore throat. 100] Coriander: if there is constant thirst and cracked lips or constipation. and radish. 95] Whooping Cough: Garlic. horse radish. unpolished rice. garlic. 91] Ulcers: Cultured cabbage juice. pineapple. asparagus. carrot. pear. celery (with blood). beet. 97] Cinnamon: there is discharge of urine with blood. and parsley. string bean. 93] Vomiting: Clove. sugarcane. tomato. apple cider vinegar. 89] Tonsillitis: Apricot. okra. orange. coconut. molasses. saffron (with blood). spinach. string bean. 106] Plums: Excess eating of these can cause stomach cramps or diarrhea. carrot. and apple cider vinegar (with blood). onion. garlic.

This indicates that there is adequate calcium levels in the blood. So have the patient stop taking the vitamin B for 2 or 3 days and see what is happening in the colon.e. This indicates a low level of toxicity and normal liver. 9] Weight is normal not gaining or losing. 10] The patient sleeps well at night. This indicates that there are friendly flora producing vitamin B and gamma interferon in the colon Note: if the patient is taking vitamin B supplements the urine will be yellow. This indicates that the digestion and assimilation is working properly. This indicates the presence of friendly flora in the colon. 13] Cuts and wounds heal rapidly. or slightly elevated (i. 3] First urine of the day has a pH reading of 5. 14] The patient leads an active life with adequate physical exercise.6 degrees F. This indicates that their body is detoxified. This indicates that there is adequate potassium and magnesium in the body. 99 F. This indicates the adrenal glands are functioning properly. This is an overall indicator that the body and the immune system are functioning normally. This indicates a healthy intestinal tract. 4] The patient has a good appetite and eats when hungry.). 6] Stools float most of the time. This indicates the pH oft the blood is neither too acid nor too alkaline and the body has the ability to absorb nutrients from food. 7] Stools are large in diameter.2 to 6. This indicates that there is a low level of toxicity and that the pancreas and liver are functioning reasonably well. 12] The skin is smooth and healthy with few if any eruptions.5 to 5. 11] Stress level is low.4 (6.Therapeutic Fasting 13.6) before eating. GOOD AND BAD HEALTH PROFILES Good Health Profile 1] Normal body temperature of 98. adrenal.8. 8] Urine is usually yellow in color. 5] High energy levels of activity. 186 . pituitary and thyroid functioning. This indicates no inflammation in the intestinal tract. 2] Saliva pH is near 6.

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Bad Health Profile
1] Low body temperature (from 1/2 degree to several degrees or more below 98.6 F.) This indicates that the immune system has become inactive. This is also related to low hormone levels in the body. It can partially be corrected by taking Sarsaparilla and Ginseng capsules - 1 of each 3 x’s daily. Low Body Temperature is also related to digestive disorders - stomach heat is too low to stimulate digestive enzymes. People with low body heat may have difficulty in digesting cooked meats (so it is best to stay away from meats of all kinds and eat cooked vegetables that are easy to digest). They are prone to have Thrush, skin disorders and other chronic infections. 2] Salvia pH is either 6.0 or lower before eating or 6.8 or higher before eating. An acid saliva pH is related to fast movement of food through the digestive tract and inadequate absorption of nutrients and a toxic blood condition - too high in CO2 and other waste products. For low saliva pH, drink the lemon/olive oil/garlic/cayenne pepper drink 2 x’s daily. 3] The 1st urine of the morning pH reading is alkaline, usually 6.2 or higher. This pH profile is associated with insomnia, stress as well as kidney and adrenal deficits. Suggestion: Take 1 or 2 hydrochloric acid tablets with your last meal of the day plus drink the Lemon/Olive Oil/ Garlic/ Cayenne Pepper drink. Drink ginseng tea with your meals and drink a cup of Marjoram and Thyme tea before bedtime (mix 1/2 tsp of each together and steep for 5 minutes). 4] Poor appetite the person eats because it is time to eat, not because he is hungry. This indicates a toxic liver, toxins, side effects of some drugs and impurities in the colon and/or blood, low levels of digestive enzymes and dry mouth syndrome (lack of saliva). Suggestions: Add lemon juice to all food and make a cup of tea with ginseng root to sip on with or after meals. 5] Fatigue - caused by acid blood, toxins, side effects of some drugs, lack of deep restful sleep, faulty digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Use Lemon/Olive Oil/Garlic/Cayenne Pepper drink 2 x’s daily and raw vegetable juices especially carrot juice and cultured cabbage juice. 6] Stools sink more often than they float - caused by toxins and pathogens in the colon that kill off friendly intestinal flora. Friendly flora produces lipids that cause stools to float. The patient needs cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s daily, a one week fast and colon cleansing program, lemon juice, carrot juice, more raw vegetables in the diet. 7] Stools small in diameter - this is caused by inflammation in the colon. Taking whole Aloe Vera Juice and cultured cabbage juice is good to correct this problem. 8] Urine that is clear. This is caused by a lack of vitamin B normally produced by friendly flora in the colon. Vitamin B causes the urine to turn yellow. No yellow color means an absence of good bacteria in the colon.


Therapeutic Fasting

Supplements: beta carotene with meals, plain yogurt eaten with meals, cultured cabbage juice taken 3 x’s daily, and foods like squash, pumpkin, carrots, garlic, and parsley help very much with this problem. 9] Weight loss - this is a malabsorption problem with multiple causes - gluten intolerance (avoid wheat, and polished white rice); or food allergies or parasites in the colon. Taking Hydrazine Sulfate helps reverse the wasting syndrome. 10] Difficulty getting a good night’s sleep (lack of calcium in the blood). Helpful supplements: Calcium lactate before bedtime. Take 5 capsules or 1 tsp of calcium lactate powder in water. Drink Marjoram and Thyme tea before bed 11] Stress level is high (many causes - job, worry about health, money etc., love) 12] Lots of skin problems - dry flaky skin, very itchy skin, psoriasis, red pimples and open sores. 13] Cuts and wounds heal slowly or not at all. This indicates a sluggish liver and malabsorption of amino acids and key minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium) Take Magnesium Oxide tablets - 250mg 3 x’s daily with meals. Eat lots of fruit and raw vegetables and whole grains (stay away from white sugar, white flour products and white polished rice products). Drink the Lemon/Olive Oil/Garlic juice daily. 14] The patient leads a sedentary life (a couch potato). This indicates toxins in the blood and leads to liver problems and digestive problems.



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Electric blankets or any other strong alternating current field. Living close to Radio, TV or communications tower or other source of alternating electronic waves, Micro wave ovens, wearing clothing made of nylon, rayon, polyester, and other unnatural materials. Being influenced by negative thinkers or persons who are chronically depressed. Eating foods with chemical preservatives, or MSG. Drinking city tap water that is not boiled and filtered. Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, taking street drugs; also taking too many prescribed drugs (especially antibiotics); lack of deep restful sleep can stress the body.


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Minerals and vitamins have a vital role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Minerals, though they are required in very minute quantities, may affect the proper functioning of vital organs if there is a deficiency. They also serve to build enzymes and maintain the viscosity of the blood. The presence of minerals in the body helps to neutralize acids and stops food from rotting in the stomach. Calcium is the most important mineral and others required are phosphorous, sodium, sulphr, iron, copper, zinc, iodine, magnesium, chlorine, fluorine, silica and minute quantities of bromine, lithium and cadmium. These minerals are mostly found in raw vegetables and nuts. The raw fruits and vegetables should be eaten with the skin on as much as possible as the skin contains the maximum amounts of minerals. Vegetables should not be cut fine. The greater the surface area exposed, the greater will be oxidation and the greater the loss of minerals. Other sources of minerals are whole wheat flour, unpolished rice, sprouted grains and beans, green peas, mung beans, ground nuts, buttermilk, wheat and coconut. Brewer’s Yeast: This is rich in zinc and vitamin B2. Used for controlling blood sugar. Regularly taking of it helps in combating arthritis, migraine headaches, and rheumatism. Calcium: This is important for maintaining strong bones and teeth, a regular heartbeat, it alleviates insomnia, helps to metabolize the body’s iron. A deficiency causes bone and teeth degeneration, muscular pains and cramps, weakness, circulation and vascular disorders, and stomach problems. An excess (<2000mg per day) can cause hypercalcemia. The 1st noticeable deficiency is in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach which aids in the assimilation of calcium and other minerals along with amino acids. Lack of hydrochloric acid and calcium leads to low blood levels which causes both blood and saliva pH to be on the acid side. This causes food to move quickly through the digestive tract, which further impairs the assimilation of calcium and other minerals. Calcium is critical to the nourishment of the cells, as it is the mailman that transports nutrients across cell walls. When a severe deficiency of calcium exists, nothing else may work. Other good sources of calcium are blackstrap molasses, almonds, peas and beans, yogurt and cottage cheese. The best form of calcium is Calcium lactate. It helps restore deep restful sleep and should be taken before bedtime. Chlorine: This aids digestion, helps one the be limber. The lack of it causes inflammation, infections, congested tissues, cysts and swellings, glandular disorders and poor fertility in women. It is found in tomatoes, celery, spinach, cabbage, cultured cabbage juice, lettuce, radish, egg plant, cucumber, dates and coconut. Chromium: This helps to balance blood sugar. It is found in black pepper, wheat germ, pulses and butter (especially ghee).


Muscle cramps are often caused by a deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium is needed by the body to help retain potassium. Immunoglobulin levels are decreased and typic atrophy can take place. peas. inflammation. blueberries. The best source of iron is in blackstrap molasses. muscular pain or nervous excitability. apple. shooting headaches. oatmeal. beets. green leafy vegetables. Magnesium is found in abundance in figs. loss of mental and physical efficiency. infection and congestion in the lungs and brain. and pumpkin. Deficiency is related to reduced microbicidal activity of leukocytes. It’s good for nervousness. apricots and wheat germ. beans. seafood’s. cramps. It lessens the pain from arthritis. Caution: A large amount together with large amounts of phosphorous and calcium become toxic. Deficiency results in blood disorder. Maintains healthy gums and teeth. and legumes. It provides energy help in metabolizing fats and starches. seeds. Phosphorous: It aids greatly in body repair. Magnesium: This aids in overcoming depression. Found in soy beans. dark green vegetables. Iron: This aids growth and promotes resistance to disease. dried peaches. spinach. nuts. headaches. brown unpolished rice. Iodine: Lack of iodine can result in a lower level of thyroid activity and lower body temperature. kidney and gall stones. When the body has enough copper the bracelet will become very bright color and shine nicely. almonds. grapefruit. Magnesium supplementation is beneficial in all forms of cancer. Manganese is found in kelp. Caution: An excess dosage in children is not safe and can even cause death. Phosphorous is found in whole grains. low resistance to infection. Deficiencies are related to depressed thyroid functions and can cause increased susceptibility to allergies. The copper must be in contact with the skin continually and can turn the skin green color which means that the body needs the copper. fever and throbbing pain. it helps the cardiovascular system. Wearing copper can help it to be absorbed through the skin when the body needs it. and post natal depression. seeds. menstrual disorders. Manganese: This needs to be in balance with calcium as a lack of it causes stress. Magnesium activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. prevents calcium deposits. and pains aggravated by colds. Lecithin: This is a natural emulsifier preventing cholesterol in the blood. A deficiency causes nervous disorders. It cures and prevents anemia and keeps a good skin tone. People suffering from fatigue are frequently deficient in both magnesium and potassium. 191 . The green color will wash off when taking a bath. Food sources are blackstrap molasses. Copper is needed to help hemoglobin carry oxygen throughout the body.Therapeutic Fasting Copper: A deficiency of copper has been associated with increased susceptibility to infections and lower typic activity. nuts. dark leafy vegetables. headache. lemons. raw egg yolk.

diarrhea. It is one of the main brain tonics and aids clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain. all green leafy vegetables. and cucumber skin. This cannot be stored in the body. onions. onions. unpolished brown rice. shoots. It is found in green leafy vegetables. cereals. morning headaches. brewer’s yeast. and mushrooms. 192 . It is available Young coconut milk. peanuts. tomatoes. stomach disorder. frequent urination. Caution: A high sodium diet leaches out the potassium in the body. potatoes with the skin left on. It helps fight bacterial infections. gout. garlic. sea foods. spleen and lymph nodes (all organs of the defense system) healthy. and maintains the normal blood pressure of our body. raisins. raisins and coconuts. It assists in reducing blood pressure and in allergy treatments. It helps nerves and muscles to function properly. rashes. celery. bamboo. fluid retention. head and scalp problems. Potassium is useful for nerves and the proper functioning of the cells. Salt: Common salt is naturally present in most of our food. brewer’s yeast. eggs. bananas. and continuous yawning and stretching. garlic. dandruff. It is found in kelp. tomatoes. It is found naturally in cheese. okra. brittle nails. green vegetables. dried figs. A deficiency results in depression. hysteria. broccoli and cucumbers. Sulphur: Deficiencies of sulphur can cause skin disorders. apples. whole grains. An excess causes high blood pressure. A deficiency causes a reduction of antibodies (T-cells) An excess can cause harm to the immune system as it interferes with the absorption of iron. Selenium: This mineral prevent cancer. kidney stones. A deficiency in this mineral causes arthritis. Silica: This helps keep tissues elastic and is good for menopausal distress and dandruff. liver ailments. eggplant. wheat germ. offensive perspiration. dropsy. Sulphur tones the skin and hair. The natural foods which supply it are. Deficiency symptoms. A lack of this causes degeneration of the cells. tomatoes.Therapeutic Fasting Potassium: This needs to be in balance with sodium. It is essential for it controls the fluid balance. Sodium: Natural sodium aids in preventing heat prostration or sunstroke. skin diseases. sunflower seeds. and ginger root. dried beans. It is plentiful in bananas. horseradish. onions. so it needs to be put in daily. raw egg yolk and soy beans Zinc: This is very necessary to keep the thymus gland. anal itching. and mastitis. and blemishes. cystitis. sunflower seeds. Foods higher in Zinc are pumpkin seeds. cayenne pepper. dried beans. the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Its main function is to speed up metabolism. spinach. garlic. raw egg yolks. garlic. excess appetite. garlic. garlic. seafoods and blackstrap molasses. irritability. carrots.

eggs. The lack of hydrochloric acid is often the cause of growth of parasites and yeast in the intestines. counteracts night blindness. it helps the nervous system. blurred vision. headaches. heart muscles. sensitivity to bright light. the calf muscles become tender. chest pains. 193 .). which creates both heat and energy.e. styes. fatigue. vomiting. susceptibility to infections. gastro-intestinal problems. It also gets involved with cell respiration. sinus trouble. headache. rice husk. muscles and the functioning of the heart. Beta Carotene is water soluble made from vegetable compounds. The correct dosage depends on the individual. lentils. insomnia. depression. mucus membranes. brittle nails. burning or itching dryness of the eyes. ESSENTIAL VITAMINS FOR HEALTH Vitamin A (Retinol): Retinoic acid is a fat soluble produced from animal compounds (fish oil etc. and those having vomiting such as in pregnancy and stomach troubles. from liver and thyroid diseases. rashes. promotes growth. failure to concentrate. gastric ulcers. Vitamin B1 is easily destroyed by drinking coffee and tea. kidney. builds resistance to respiratory infections. beriberi. loss of body hair. whole wheat. numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. and is a preventive for air and sea sickness. Found in animal and fish liver oils. Symptoms: due to lack of vitamin B1 are loss of appetite. It improves the mental facilitates. muscle cramps. night blindness. peanuts.Therapeutic Fasting 16. oatmeal. teeth gums. It is needed for preventing dry skin. fats and carbohydrates. skin changes. bone pains. nervous system. green and yellow vegetables. Used for treatment of acne. can be stored to a certain extent in the body and should not be taken in excess. eye disorders. peas. Excess: is taken the symptoms are fatigue. brewer’s yeast. hair loss. the brain. irritability. hair. healthy skin. Beta Carotene helps fight cancer. It is fat soluble i. Deficiency: results in appetite loss. lethargy. heavy periods. shortness of breath. strong bones. kidney. Vitamin B group: All of the vitamin B’s are water soluble which means that they can be excreted out of the body through the urine. susceptibility to infections. (the darker the higher the concentration). night sweats. promotes the growth of friendly flora in the intestines. painful periods. you can get this naturally by eating whole grains. Vitamin B1 promotes growth. skin problems such as dryness. orange. Used for cancer prevention. sensitivity to light. rapid pulse. Deficiency: Results in the deterioration of the above including the nerves. recover from heart failure. It helps one to pass urine. spinach. inflammatory and arteriosclerosis. there is a reduced tolerance to pain. fatigue. It is important for eye functions. orange pigmented vegetables and fruits. bran and milk. insomnia. It is found in skeletal muscles. styes. Vitamin B2 is needed to produce APT in cells. memory loss. Vitamin B2 Riboflavin: This is part of a group of enzymes involved in the utilization of proteins. butter. cardiac failure. stress. It is associated with folic acid. poor growth. beans. ankle swelling (in alcoholics ruddy face and warm hands and feet). aging. unpolished rice or brown rice. Vitamin B1 Thiamin: This is one of the most important B vitamins that can be put into the body because it is essential for the producing of hydrochloric acid which helps in the digestion of proteins in the body. and liver. headaches.

It promotes healthy hair. 194 . brewer’s yeast. Deficiency: Reduced thymus cell functions. greasy and red face. Deficiency: Anemia. hyperactive children. It is best to take cultured cabbage juice 3 x’s daily for 2 weeks after taking any form of antibiotics to replace the friendly flora it also a help for the patient to take vitamin B5 supplement until the friendly flora gets established. small ulcers. burning feet. loss of appetite. kidney failure. nuts. pumpkin. irritability. PMS. Vitamin B6 works well in combination with magnesium and so foods rich in magnesium are to be added. sunflower seeds. raw eggs. nervousness. diarrhea. fish. minerals like magnesium and zinc. Without these. dermatitis. diabetes. Niacin is good for osteoarthritis in the knee. pigmentation on the back of the hands and face. it helps people with kidney stones. pumpkin. dandruff. it helps produce antibodies and red blood cells. and whole grains. anytime a person takes any antibiotics they kill the friendly flora and this stops the vitamin B5 from being produced. It is found in fish. It also helps the entire central nervous system. strong emotional swings weakness. fish. depression. In a healthy body the natural bacteria (friendly flora) present also produces this vitamin in the gastro-intestinal tract. sleepiness. tingling. water retention. no new cells would form and thus no antibodies. loss of memory. those with poor protein intake. It helps pregnant women. Folic acid works with other B vitamins in building red blood cells which carry oxygen to the whole body. raw egg yolk. It found in these foods. brewer’s yeast. Excess of this vitamin is rare. muscle cramps. It helps in the formations of enzymes mainly in the liver. vegetable and whole grains. the corner of the mouth and eyes. Vitamin B3 Nicotinic Acid: This stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid and is used to reverse arteriosclerosis. It is required for the metabolism of proteins and amino acids. insomnia. and skin. loss of hair and vaginal itching. it helps proper assimilation and synthesis of protein. Deficiency: dryness and cracking lips. serotonin (brain chemistry). numbness. It is found in dark leafy vegetables. whole grains and leafy vegetables. sore tongue and diarrhea. and abdominal cramps. It is found in leafy green vegetables. insomnia. and tiredness. It can be found in dark green vegetables. It helps nervous and skin disorders. This is particularly important in metabolizing the food ingested. Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine: This is needed for the absorption of vitamin B12 and for the production of hydrochloric acid. irritability. wheat germ. weight loss. blackstrap molasses. body histamine. Vitamin B6 has a vital role in the biosynthesis of RNA and DNA acids which are present in the cells. dermatitis near the nose. and it helps with blood fats and arthritis. wheat bran. It eliminates mouth sores. However. Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid: It is supportive of the adrenal gland functions and is helpful to persons with stress and allergies. cheese. It reduces muscle spasm. Deficiency: causes headache. wheat germ. depression. brewer’s yeast. It maintains the balance between sodium and potassium. wheat germ. mouth sores. unpolished rice. and cereals. cabbage. anemia. excessive tear production. leg cramps and hand numbness. It is important for mental health and the nervous system. Deficiency: causes headache. and whole grains. the iron containing protein used to make hemoglobin.Therapeutic Fasting It is stable in heat but degenerates in sunlight so store it in a dark place. Folic Acid: Folic acid is essential for the production of heme. mouth sores. blue-green algae.

nuts. opening up smaller blood vessels and improving circulation to the nerves. green and leafy vegetables. and raw egg. It increases heart tone. potatoes. spinach and cereals. bleeding gums. liver. Deficiency: Fatigue. muscle degeneration and reproductive disorders.Therapeutic Fasting Vitamin B12: This regenerates red blood cells preventing anemia. cauliflower. fruits. Found in sunlight and cod liver oil. leafy greens. weakness in the arms and legs. soybean. body odor. Not found naturally in plant food but in fish. appetite loss. diminished reflex response. Deficiency: neuropathy. stops deterioration of body tissues. exhaustion. and okra. Found in wheat germ. and helps produce a healthy nervous system. heart palpitations. White blood cells function much better when vitamin B12 is present. vegetable oils. bruise easily. and prevents blood clots. slow healing wounds and scurvy. It helps in aging.e. unpolished rice. nervousness. nose bleeding. cheese. good for skin it is used as an ointment for burns. Usually given with lecithin for gallstones. depression. and whole grains. and brain damage. Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid: This heals wounds. cuts and skin problems. prevents scurvy and colds (when taken in large doses every 4 hours). brewer’s yeast. nuts. it oxygenates the blood and helps the blood vessels and arteries to stay elastic and flexible. confused mind. Used to clear cramps. Vitamin D: This helps proper usage of calcium and phosphorous Deficiency: depressed immune system. It is found in all citrus fruits. tomatoes.. Inositol: For nerves seen in diabetics. pale skin. prevents viral and bacterial infections. jerking limbs. anemia. 195 . lowers blood clots. numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. it improves memory and balance. It plays a role in the production of interferon which helps fight viral diseases. Deficiency: Destruction of red blood cells. It is more a protective medicine. Vitamin E Tocopherol: It is an anti-oxidant i. cabbage. it increases energy. It is found in brewer’s yeast. It also prevents harmful chemicals and radicals from causing cancer. It promotes urination and helps get rid of swelling. difficulty in walking and speaking. Biotin (B group): This is for healthy skin and proper hormone production. Choline: This is for the treatment of cholesterol problems. Deficiency: weakness.

of castor oil over the cotton cloth to replace the castor oil that was absorbed the previous time.” Dr. This relationship of hydroxyl group and unsaturated exists only in castor oil.. At the end of 4 weeks. Dr.. the warm oil is massaged into the skin. This blockage of lymph fluid leads to a back-up of toxic waste in the body and a general state of toxemia . William McGarey has for over 20 years been administering castor oil packs to his patients and states that castor oil contains a unique fatty acid found no where else in nature . When you are finished. nausea and swelling. McGarey cites experiences of skin cancers disappearing with topical applications. An electric heating pad or hot water bottle is placed on top of the plastic. then is reduced to medium. Dr. Our clinical experience with the castor oil packs applied over the abdomen led us to understand that the packs enhance the function of the thymus gland and other components of the immune system.self poisoning.” In his book. inflammation. Swollen lymph nodes is indicative of a lymphatic system that is dammed up or shut completely down.. stimulates the liver and all organs and glands including the colon.Therapeutic Fasting 17. increases lymphatic circulation. McGarey states the following medical properties of castor oil: It increases eliminations.. (The hot water bottle naturally does this).. The plastic is used to prevent the castor oil from getting on the heating pad or hot water bottle. There are no drugs of any kind that are available today to treat a non-functional lymph system! 196 . The cotton flannel soaked in castor oil is placed over the patients abdomen from the navel to the right side under the rib cage. the cotton flannel can be washed and used over again. This is only a partial list of good effects gained by using castor oil packs. Dr. reduces toxemia.. The last step is to wrap a bath towel over the heating pad or hot water bottle and around the body and to use a safety pin to hold it in place. A piece of plastic about 14 by 18 inches. Before it is used the next time add about 2 or 3 tbsp. dissolves adhesions. HEALING PROTOCOLS AND BENEFITS Castor Oil The treatments are done by pouring castor oil over a cotton flannel cloth folded over three or four thickness’ and covering an area about 8 by 12 inches. Here are some major clinical findings of the use of castor oil packs: “1] total lymphocyte count increased significantly in the group using castor oil packs. lesions and gallstones. pain. The heating pad is turned on high until it feels very warm. the plastic sheet with the cotton flannel soaked in castor oil is placed on a tray until the next day to be used again... 2] T-pan lymphocyte count (T-11) increased significantly in the group using castor oil packs. is cut from a plastic bag and is placed over the cotton cloth.Ricinoleic acid. When the heating pad or hot water bottle is removed. It has a “hydroxyl group on the 12th carbon. The castor oil pack is left on for one hour each day. McGarey’s observations that castor oil packs over the abdomen restores the flow of lymph fluid through the thoracic duct.

Therapeutic Fasting

Dr. McGarey states: “the lymph is the 1st stage of elimination (of waste matter) from the cells of the body..... body wastes, substances which are the result of cellular metabolism and extruded from the cell, must be removed through the lymph.” The build up of toxins, when the lymphatic system is impaired and partially blocked, may be a contributing cause of acid blood and acid saliva pH. The toxins from an impaired lymphatic system affect the functions of all organs and glands and may be an underlying cause of mental depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, neuropathy, wasting syndrome and dropping T-cell counts. Castor oil packs, by stimulating the flow of lymph fluid through the thoratis duct and the lacteals of the small intestines, will help restore assimilation of essential fatty acids, and may set-off a domino-like chain reaction that could help reverse the above conditions in the patient. Dr. MCGarey states that the lymphatic vessels of the small intestines absorbs fats and lipids from the food we eat. It is well known that in HIV progression, essential fatty acids are not well absorbed. The failure to absorb essential fatty acids contributes to wasting syndrome and a reduced capacity to produce essential hormones like Testosterone, which is needed to use amino acids from protein to build-up muscle mass. We can see a step-by-step domino-like chain reaction where lymphatic blockages leads to toxemia which impairs assimilation of nutrients and contributes to indigestion, fatigue and weight loss. A lymph system loaded with toxins, with no place to go, creates an acid environment in the lymph system and in the veins which causes a condition favorable for the growth of many kinds of viruses and pathogens. Impairment of the normal functioning of the lymphatic system and the flow of the lymph fluid leading to an increase of toxins in the thymus and liver, may be the controlling mechanism of how HIV causes AIDS. (It is very complimentary to take the lemon/olive oil/ garlic/ cayenne pepper along with the castor oil packs. This combination keeps the blood pH in balance and improves the entire health of the body.) Dr. McGarey also discusses the beneficial effects of castor oil packs on the Autonomic Nervous System and its properties in relaxing the autonomic system, the majority of which are concentrated in the abdominal region. Dr. McGarey has prescribed castor oil packs for persons with cancer, colitis, ulcers, gallstones, hepatitis, neuritis, lymhitis, uremia, gastritis, Hodgkin’s disease, sluggish kidneys, and cirrhosis of the liver. To name a few of the healings which can occur when using castor oil packs.


Therapeutic Fasting

What is pH?
pH is a measure of “hydrogen potential”. It is a measure on a scale of 0 to 14 of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. 0 means a substance is saturated with hydrogen ions and cannot absorb more, such as sulfuric acid. 0 is the most acid you can get. 14 means there are no hydrogen ions in the solution and it is the most alkaline you can get, such as calcium. A neutral pH is around 7. Solutions below 7 pH are generally considered acid and those above 7 pH are considered alkaline. Why is pH important? pH is a controlling factor for hundreds of enzymes in the body involving digestion and assimilation of nutrients and the production on the energy cells. Normal saliva pH is 6.4 in a resting state and is the ideal pH number to indicate balance and homeostasis within the body. After eating food, normal saliva pH increases to 7.2 to help digest carbohydrates, then later returns to a lower value. Low saliva pH (below 6.2) is linked to poor absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract and is indicative of liver toxicity. Accordingly, restoring normal saliva pH is a prerequisite to increase nutrient absorption and to a healthier functioning liver. Saliva pH parallels the pH value of the blood and the lymph system. An acid blood and lymph, as indicated by an acid saliva pH, creates a favorable condition for the growth of viruses. Low saliva pH is linked to acid blood which may also indicate a deficiency of potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace minerals. Low saliva pH is also linked to a pulse rate (over 80 beats per minute at rest). Restoring normal saliva pH values is necessary for restoring normal metabolism, digestion and assimilation and is indicative of a pH value in the blood and lymph unfavorable for growth of viruses. The greater the pH value moves away from 6.4 in either direction, the more serious the imbalance is within the body.

How to Test for pH Values:
pH is measured with pH tape or testing strips that are sold in drug stores and some health food stores. To test saliva pH, place in a spoon and dip pH paper in it and read immediately by comparing it to a color chart. To test urine pH, place a small amount of urine in a glass and dip the paper in it and read it immediately. Saliva pH tends to be more stable than urine pH and is the most important value of the two. The most important urine pH reading is the 1st urine of the morning which should read 5.5 to 5.8. Urine pH readings during the day will fluctuate considerably. In normal healthy people, they will average 6.4. It is mainly the 1st urine pH reading in the morning with which you should be concerned. To test for saliva pH in the morning, first drink a glass of water and wait 3 minutes, then place some saliva in a spoon and test the saliva pH value. It should read 6.2 to 6.6 (normal is 6.4) Saliva pH values are closely linked to blood and lymph pH values. Normal pH readings for the early morning are Saliva - 6.2 to 6.4, urine - 5.5 to 6.0. The most dangerous pH readings are when saliva pH goes acid, below 6.0 or urine pH goes very alkaline over 6.8.


Therapeutic Fasting

What to do when pH is out of balance?
Using the castor oil pack will help to put the pH back in balance. Using the castor oil pack in conjunction with drinking the Lemon/ Olive Oil/ Garlic/ Cayenne Pepper is the fastest way to balance the pH that we know of. To make the lemon/ olive oil/ garlic/cayenne pepper drink: Do this twice a day take a half fresh lemon (peel seeds and all) cut it into small pieces and place in a blender with 1 cup of distilled water, 1/2 tbsp of cold pressed olive oil, 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. Blend on high speed for 1 minute (time it because one minute is longer than you think). Strain and drink 2 x’s daily for at least 2 weeks. Test the saliva and urine daily. After you stop using the drink and castor oil pack for a few days test the saliva and urine again if the imbalance comes back continue the treatment.

Colloidal Silver Therapies
This medically tested substance id very effective against more than 650 diseasecausing organisms (that is germs, viruses and fungi). This is a remedy for infections, inflammations, and even the less apparent types of low-grade virual infections. There are no organisms that have developed ‘resistantance’ to Colloidal Silver (although such strains have developed for the commonly used anti-biotics of “modern western medicines”). Colloidal Silver helps to promote rapid healing by reducing inflammation and stimulating growth of replacement cells injured tissues. This is one of the best and safest all-around germ fighters known. Colloidal Silver has been used by doctors in their clinical practices with “NO” recorded bad side effects (which are so common with most western medicines) even when used along with other medicines. It can be taken daily internally to help strengthen the bodies natural immune systems. Or it may be used topically in times of need, for example: It may be put on the skin for athlete’s foot or cuticle infections, or it may be put into even very sensitive places like the eyes to heal conjunctivitis in a short few hours without burning stinging or irritation. Colloidal Silver can be used as an aid in cleaning and removing debris in the nose, throat and sinuses. The really good thing about this healing remedy is that it may used everyday without the body developing any dependency to it or intolerance to it.


Therapeutic Fasting

Ozone would have been the “Drug of the Month” long ago, if it were not for continued reports of its effectiveness that continued to come forward. The studies for ozone therapy in HIV and Aids patients have shown a remarkable improvement in all the patients who have “flooded their body with Ozone”. There are six doctors in America who have used this therapy on patients with HIV, AIDS, cancer, herpes, hepatitis, nervous disorders, heart problems and intestinal disorders and they have completely healed them all by using ozone and flooding the patients bodies with extra oxygen. Flooding the body means daily intravenous shots or daily autohemotherapy (this is taking a pint of blood out of the patient and running ozone through the blood until it is clean then re-introducing the same blood back into the patient. It takes about one and a half for the entire process). As a matter of fact the government and other doctors are not happy with this therapy because they can’t make nearly as much money as with the treatments they are using and failing with now. Ozone when put into water kills more germs more cheaply than chlorine. Ozone is the most potent anti-viral substance known to man that is safe to use in controlled amounts. Ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen that is highly unstable. It is the most powerful oxidizer known to man next to fluorine. Ozone is produced naturally in lightning storms and in pine forests plus by the action of the sun’s ultraviolet light on oxygen. It is also produced in small quantities by ultraviolet light in a suntanning bed. Negative ionizers produce small amounts of ozone along with negative ions. Ozone is produced commercially and for home use with a machine that passes oxygen through a glass tube subject to high voltage. The cold spark method produces ozone of consistent concentrations. The hot spark method of producing ozone is not safe for medical purposes as ozone concentration may spark off very high and then drop off suddenly. As the oxygen absorbs electrons, it forms clusters of O3 and even higher forms of ozone - O4, O5 and O6. In the presence of water, ozone (O3) breaks down to O2 plus O1. In the process of breaking down, ozone releases electrons into the water. The difference between hydrogen peroxide and ozone is electrons. While both are oxidizers, only ozone releases free electrons. Because of this unique quality, ozone destroys free radicals. The definition of a free radical is a substance that steals electrons from healthy cells. In this way, free radicals can damage normal cells. Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural part of the life cycle and is produced by granulocytes as a first line of defense against viruses and other pathogens. In small quantities, it can kill pathogens without causing free radical damage. This is due to an enzyme called “catalase” present in normal healthy cells which inactivates hydrogen peroxide. However, if catalase reverses becomes depleted, hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations can have an aging effect on normal cells like free radicals. Catalase reserves in cells can be enhanced by a diet high in natural carotene found in raw vegetables and anti-oxidant supplementation.


2 treatments per day should be given for the 1st five days. then 2 days off. normalizing blood pressure and pulse rates in just 2 weeks. small amounts of ozone gas are directly fed into a vein over a period of time. concentration of ozone should be mixed with 30 mcg/ml. Intravenous Ozone. all ozone treatments can be stopped and the blood monitored every 60 days for any sign of immune dysfunction or signs of HIV activity. Major autohemotherapy is considered very safe and effective.Therapeutic Fasting OZONE THERAPY CHOICES Major autohemotherapy is the process of removing a pint of blood and adding ozone gas to it and returning it to the patient’s body. with 10 being the most effective. The rating of autohemotherapy and IV ozone can be considered 10. Hundreds of thousands of treatments have been safely used in Germany for the past 4 or 5 decades. At that time. with autohemotherapy being the safest. A new technique is being developed by Dr. In IV. One problem with IV ozone is a hardening of the vein at the site of entry. The person stays in the sauna bag with the ozone flowing continuously at a rate from 1/2 to 1 L. For autohemotherapy. The patient gets into a plastic suit or sauna bag after taking a bath and fills the suit or bag with ozone gas for absorption through the skin. 200ml of ozone should be mixed with 200 ml of blood in a 500 ml bag per treatment for adults. The average adult colon can hold about 750 mcg/ml (about 3/4 or a liter). Then 1 treatment should be given per day for 5 days a week for the next 14 weeks. The Sauna Bag method is very effective for treating burns and preventing the formation of scar tissue. Renate Viebahn for IV ozone where it first is placed in a solution and then the solution is used in an IV drip. IV ozone treatment requires continuos monitoring to prevent too much ozone gas from entering the blood at one time. in one case drinking 2 liters of ozonated water each day along with 30 minutes in the sauna bag produced impressive results in raising the white blood counts. Concentration of ozone gas from 20 to 30 mcg/ml is used. If the new protocol is successful. called IV infusions. 201 .M (liter per minute) for 30 to 45 minutes per treatment. it could simplify ozone treatments and lower the cost to patients. that could cause an embolism. is not used in Europe. It was originally developed in Germany over 50 years ago.P. Home methods include Rectal Ozone Insufflation where ozone is fed into the colon for about 2 to 3 minutes per treatment at concentrations up to 27 mcg/ml. Other treatments like bathing in ozonated water are considered to be less effective than the sauna bag. To have a reasonably good chance of completely eradicating the HIV virus from the body. However. RATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF DIFFERENT OZONE TREATMENTS On a scale of 1 to 10. Autohemotherapy is the treatment of choice for all conditions affecting the blood. Another home method is the use of a sauna bag filled with ozone gas.

On rectal Insufflation if it is used 3 to 5 times a week is very promising. Leaving a lot of air in the bag when you start will dilute the ozone concentration which will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. the use of an enema with warm water before inserting the catheter for rectal insufflation is highly recommended to clean out the colon and remove feces. The rating on rectal ozone insufflation with the scale of 1 to 10 is a 6 in effectiveness. There have been cases of complete remission of herpes. For home use. The same as the sauna bag method. Concentrations of ozone should be in the range of 20 to 22 mcg/ml. Only medical grade oxygen should be used for autohemotherapy. The exhaust fan should be on while you are doing it or you may wrap a wet towel around your neck to prevent breathing too much ozone. HOW TO DO OZONE RECTAL INSUFFLATION First. most failures with ozone therapy are due to the failure to deliver enough ozone into the blood stream to attain positive results. Rub the body vigorously with the towel or do a dry brush massage to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. A second and equally important cause of failure is to rely on ozone alone to reverse major diseases like HIV and AIDS and not to change the diet to eliminate junk food and destructive habits like alcohol and tobacco. Ozone output for sauna bag is 1/2 to 1 LPM at a concentration of 20 to 30 mcg/ml. Start by your feet and push up toward your neckline. Without a clean colon the rectal insufflation is not very effective and the mucus and fecal material can block the ozone gas from being absorbed into the blood stream. The patient must use raw garlic or cultured cabbage juice or both for this. Ozone unit should run continuously 30 to 45 minutes per treatment. Using the Ozone sauna bag is very effective in most cases of disease. When getting into the sauna bag. An excellent protocol would be to do the sauna bag method one day and rectal insufflation the next day and to do this alternating combination 6 days a week. it does not work very well with chronic diarrhea. press the bag against your body to push out the excess air out before turning on the Ozone unit.Therapeutic Fasting Autohemotherapy is the treatment of choice and should be administered by a competent physician. But if used everyday it will get rid of chronic diarrhea. This works very well when the patient is willing to change their life-style to a more balanced way of living. Rectal ozone insufflation should always be done after giving yourself a warm water enema. the sauna bag method is very good and promising if done 30 to 45 minutes daily. Ozone in a sauna bag is done after taking a hot bath and then drying off with a towel before getting into the sauna bag. 202 . Plus the patient can’t expect to see improvement in their condition if they keep eating junk food and get no exercise. In interpreting the data. The rating for the sauna bag is a 6 on the scale of 10 if it is done 6 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. With the sauna bag method there are a few cases of antigens going from positive to negative and of swollen lymph nodes completely disappearing.

ozone concentration should be set for 20 to 22 mcg/ml. This is why adding ozone to a hot bath has been a complete failure to get ozone absorbed into the blood. The effectiveness of ozonated water on the scale of 1 to 10 is 4. the oil will hold the ozone for 7 days if the oil is kept in the refrigerator) immediately. that anyone has ever seen before. To make Cultured Cabbage Juice. for all kinds of intestinal problems. And take the enema lying on the left side and then on the back. Store this in the refrigerator when not in use. Blend at high speed for 1-2 minutes. HOW TO MAKE OZONATED WATER AND OILS Ozonated water is made by bubbling ozone through a glass of chilled distilled water or cool essential oil for 5 minutes and then drinking (or using the oil. Water or oil at 76 degrees F. An important drink to cleanse the small intestines and colon of multiple infections and to implant friendly intestinal flora. Take 400 ml of Aloe Vera Juice and mix with 100 ml natural glycerin and 100 ml of 35% hydrogen peroxide and stir together. 203 . Retain the gas for 20 minutes. It has been stated that this is the single most effective healing drink.especially recommended after taking any antibiotics. stomach and intestinal problems . It puts healing oxygen into the area and relieves pain quickly. At 1/2 LPM. It is quite effective and works fast on the scale of effectiveness of 1 to 10 it is rated as a 5. insert the catheter into the colon while lying on the left side. Making a good healing gel called “Aloxy” that can be applied externally over painful areas in the body is relatively easy when using aloe vera juice. fill a blender with raw chopped green cabbage and then add distilled water until about 2/3 full. Repeat the whole process again then relax for 30 minutes. This gel immediately relieves pain in joints and muscles. The water or oil must be refrigerated prior to ozonating it to increase the amount of ozone absorbed. Ozone concentrations to produce ozonated water (or oil) should be between 20 to 30 mcg/ml. To do direct rectal insufflation.Therapeutic Fasting Use 500 to 1000 ml of warm distilled water. The water or oil to be ozonated should be quite cold around 40 degrees F. CULTURED CABBAGE JUICE THE “50 CENT MIRACLE” Great for Thrush. evacuate when ready. will absorb very little ozone as the ozone will break down almost as fast as it is absorbed. Allow 500 to 750 ml of ozone gas to enter the colon. It doesn’t have to be rubbed in simply apply and let it soak in to the skin by itself. it takes roughly 90 seconds (time it) to obtain 750 ml. It can be used often and doesn’t have any negative side effects. then remove the catheter and turn of the oxygen tank and ozone unit. After turning on the ozone unit and allowing it to run for 1 minute or until you smell the output of ozoning. Only medical grade oxygen is recommended for all ozone protocols.

Place in the refrigerator. It is good for almost everything from cut and bruises to jock rash. Throw away the pulp and place the liquid in a glass jar and refrigerate. Cover with a tight wrapped piece of plastic (try to make it air tight) or Saran Wrap. This process may be repeated indefinitely. Rub on the chest for chest colds. Note: if the clove burns the anus try using “GOOT”. Blend cabbage and distilled water as directed above and add 1/2 cup of the last batch of cultured cabbage juice to the new batch and cover tightly with plastic. Fill the blender again with chopped cabbage and water 2 more times and add the mixture to the same bowl. GARLIC OIL OINTMENT TREATMENT . fungus. It will be ready in just 24 hours. Colon implants of raw garlic are good to reduce colon inflammation. instead of 3. for anyone with weight loss or wasting syndrome. Besides this healing elixir costs only pennies a day to make. 3] It will heal ulcers and inflammation of the stomach. Remove it from the heat and add 1/2 cup of cold pressed olive oil. then add 4 to 6 raw garlic cloves that have been finely chopped (the peel off). germs. Cultured Cabbage Juice should always be taken for at least 2 weeks after taking antibiotics of any kind.Therapeutic Fasting Pour into a glass bowl. pour olive oil over the clove and insert it into the colon. yeast. antifungal. and anti-parasite. Blend for 2 minutes (time it by the clock). While you sleep. Strain the mixture to make sure the chunks of garlic which may have been missed by the blender are taken out. 2] The billions of friendly lactobacteria it contains will become implanted in your colon and produce even more lactic acid to keep pathogens away. small intestines and colon. After which. cut and shape a small clove of raw garlic and with a knife make several incisions into the garlic clove. and viruses. killing worms. Rub on Athlete’s foot and genital area for 204 . The lactobacteria also produce ‘B’ vitamins and other factors needed by your body’s immune system. Pour both into a blender. pneumonia or rub into nostrils for sinus infections. GOOT rubbed into the skin transfers raw garlic oil directly into the blood stream. To make a second batch only requires one day. The benefits of drinking cultured cabbage juice are very big. 1] The lactic acid and sulphur it contains will kill pathogens and viruses of all kinds throughout your entire intestinal tract. Drink 1/2 cup 3 x’s daily. Pour into a wide mouthed jar and label it “GOOT”. just like you would do with a suppository for hemorrhoids. parasites. Warm 1/2 cup of coconut oil over the stove until it is melted. Let it stand in a dark area at room temperature for 3 days. The technique is simple. COLON IMPLANTS OF RAW GARLIC CLOVE “ A Ten Cent Miracle” A colon implant of raw garlic is a very effective treatment for diarrhea. herpes. GOOT turns into a thick soft paste after 1 hour. Apply directly to sores inside the mouth. Olive Oil: This mixture is a very good anit-infective. Apply on the feet of children or infants to fight infections. and it helps induce a good nights sleep. Coconut Oil. juices from the garlic clove will directly enter the blood. pass the mixture through a strainer. Before bedtime.“GOOT” Garlic. night sweats.

Persians. The Egyptians. and the tissues soften. Massage and Essential Oil Therapy Massage Massage therapy goes back to ancient times. Japanese Shaitsu disperses blocks of energy.Therapeutic Fasting jock itch. When the infection has subsided. the garlic odor will remain real strong. There are many specialized forms of massage therapy. The first and foremost element in massage therapy is the sense of touch. Chinese and Hindus were all aware of massage as a healing force and a physical therapy which helps to maintain the body. Eventually the energy concentrated in the region may be released. tensions. GOOT kills Candida. is said to flow through channels and chakras (energy centers). and sexual difficulties. Massage combined with sympathetic counseling is very important. The main channel absorbs ‘chi’ from the breath and in the healthy body. parasites. the vital force (body energy). This is not true and not beneficial or helpful at all. Don’t let the name of the infection scare you. Massage involves the expenditure of energy by the therapist. ‘chi’. as a 205 . Apply to rashes any place. The infection will absorb the garlic odor from your body. Place on a cotton swab for ear infections. in order to free the sufferer from pain. Chinese Tui Na involves kneading and pinching. breathing and indications of stress and mannerisms This traditional healing technique is based on the idea that the body is a bio-energy system. Insert GOOT into the vagina or rectum for yeast or other related infections. According to this massage therapy. It is good to remember that the heart is associated with the sense of touch and the masseur must be able to feel the problems of the patient and be able to sense the way to drive the energy flow which is called ‘Chi’. The friction produces heat and this in turn causes a looser atomic structure and thus the body relaxes (this means heat is generated by rubbing the body and by practicing the radiating of loving-kindness to that person at the same time). Do-in combines self-massage with breathing exercises. Massage in association with body awareness can help to ensure that the mind is used constructively to support the healing process. There is a close link between physical concentration and emotion and the healing power of touch is definitely intuitive. Ampuku is used for the abdominal area and treating disorders. The second element is energy. the flow of ‘chi’ is balanced between positive and negative polarities. it treats systematic infections by absorption through the skin into the blood supply and travels throughout the body. Then it is time to slack off on GOOT or put it away until you need GOOT again (always store in the refrigerator). bad bacteria and viruses by direct application. The therapist is happy to receive feedback from the patient. In addition. The key element in massage therapy is a sense of compassion and kindness. Most people think that receiving a massage is one way traffic because the receiver just lays there. The third important element is awareness of the body. Of course mush depends upon mastery and technique but also important is an intuitive observation of posture.

sores. A body can portray many things. when not functioning properly. For ten minutes. People suffering from heart conditions. It gives an idea of how the application works and how it relaxes the area. you will find how you can soothe away tension. and ailments of the body due to this imbalance. and serious infections should not be massaged with direct touch. can be rectified. and asking the patient to concentrate on breathing. tension due to emotional feelings can be released. body language can give a good insight while communicating with. texture. The same physical gesture may mean different things under different circumstances. Caution: Sensitive areas should be directly avoided such as lumps. An awareness of these processes. and by placing a finger there. shape. skin eruptions and prominent veins. and use it as healing method in case you have pain in the region.Therapeutic Fasting matter of fact it is very essential! Others expect massage for them to be the same as described by their friends. A knowledge of the body language is another important asset for the therapist. Your attempt at this stage is to merge with it. But one can work on different energy bodies extending out from the body. Choose some object for touching and feeling. Yet. Cold and tense hands reveal resentment. All these chakras can be activated to varying degrees. are dull and sluggish instead of gleaming and pulsating in a harmonious way. There are seven primary energy points situated within the hollow central channel of the spine. fix your attention on its quality. Of course there is no rigid rule to be followed. is the region associated with emotions. The area directly over the heart. This again is not true. and temperature. Just to mention a few examples: A pale color indicates weakness of the skin. The therapist has to adjust the technique to suit the individual and takes into consideration the emotional and psychological aspects. others. Dullness in the eyes reveals a lack of enthusiasm. clots. is an added advantage in direct handling of emotional problems and thus the wholistic approach can be applied successfully. One must always remember that this may be a long term process as the massage does not heal directly but promotes bodily conditions which are favorable for self-healing. These chakras. Once you have practised this try the following: This is purely for self-massage which might help you to feel better. If you work slowly and gently on and around the region rhythmically. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. 206 . Pick the object up and start feeling it using the fingers of both hands. the heart chakra. Self-Massage Techniques First practise the Sense of Touch Meditation to awaken tactile awareness.

do not rub them along the skin. Mold the hand to the curve of the shoulder and very gently tap the region for about one minute. The second finger falls on the pressure point. Repeat the whole process 5 times. squeeze and release the flesh on the shoulders. Then stroke the right shoulder region in the same way. D: temples to the elbows Place the first three fingers on the temple regions on either side of the face and the thumbs behind the earlobes.) Slide the hands from the chin down the neck in front so that each hand comes onto the opposite shoulder. Now softly roll and move the fingers over the temples for two minutes. As the hand is moving. It helps circulation improve in the region. Make the region move with your fingers. Place all four fingers on the left shoulder so the thumb is by the base of the neck. Repeat several times. If you find one. Do this 5 x’s with each time slightly deeper each time. the healing comes from the Loving-Kindness you are radiating as well as the gentle touch. Glide the fingers gently down towards the chin. Repeat the movement 2 or 3 times continuously. Gently press the pressure point. A: Shoulder to Elbow Sit comfortably with the spine erect. glide the hand towards the shoulder joint and down the upper arm to the elbow.Therapeutic Fasting Shoulder Possible problems are: stiff neck. a massage is given to relieve pain. C: shoulder Place the base of the right palm on the left shoulder and keeping the wrist loose and the fingers folded. Then slowly glide the finger tips from the base of the skull down the whole neck. Very softly. At the end clasp each lower arm to perform abdominal breathing slowly. B: back of the neck Place the finger tips of both hands on either side of the spine (the cervical region). When the finger tips finally reach the shoulder tops. So the lighter the touch the better. headache. (The thumb need not be in the same place during this movement. Make circular movements. aching shoulders. 207 . Remember this a massage is not to cause pain to yourself or anyone else. applying only very little pressure. notice any point of discomfort. Do this for one minute on each side. rhythmically pat the shoulder. stop moving and gently stroke the region with the fingers. Continue down the opposite arms to the elbows.

Keep the thumbs close to the bone. from the hairline to the bridge of the nose and ending with increased pressure on the temples. (feel the energy flow from the hands to the face and back again) 2] Gently glide the fingers out towards the ears. Using 2 fingers move round it. Pat gently all around the arm. applying circular pressure over the teeth. 9] Using a finger and the thumb. applying circular pressure over the teeth. FACE 1] Place both the hands on the face with the fingers on the forehead and the base of the palms on the cheeks. Shift the thumb all over the palms and do the same. 4] Make a circular rotation with the palm on the forearm. 4] In turn. 3] Tilt the neck to one side. 2] Using the thumb. 8] Move the palms down the forehead. stroke. apply gentle but firm circular pressure all around the elbow. move along the jawline. and then with the thumb and fingers. running over the temples. Apply circular pressure on the joints. so that circulation is increased. gently slap under the chin. HANDS 1] Stroke the backs of the hands and squeeze them by pressing between the palm and fingers.Therapeutic Fasting ARMS 1] Stroke the whole arm. 5] Finally stroke the whole arm. starting at the bridge of the nose and ending with increased pressure on the temples. Apply pressure with the thumbs and make a static circular movement. paying particular attention to the hollow areas. squeezing and releasing. 10] Stroke firmly along the eyebrows. starting from the collarbone toward the chin. starting from the ear lobes. While 2 fingers move round it. 3] First with the palm. 6] Keep the mouth open to form a circle. Hold it for a while. 5] Using the back of the hands. 7] Move the palms from the corners of the mouth to the ears. 2] Knead all the way down the arm. 4] Using the thumbs. Start at the fingers and end at the base of the palm (movement is like pushing). (imagine a magnetic force drawing the tension away). 3] Stroke the tendons on the back of the hands with the thumbs. place the fingers on the back and the thumb on the center of the palm. 208 . The stroking should be firm but not hurt. gently press the muscles between the eyebrows. 5] Repeat the same over the wrist. 6] Gently apply stroking squeezing movements to the palms. squeeze each finger. Using the backs of the hands.

Compare the difference between the energetic kneading and the smooth flowing strokes. Increase the radius each time. Do not apply pressure. 9] Knead the calf muscles with both hands. 2] Knead the whole thigh rhythmically with both hands. starting from the top of the navel and moving circularly. 4] To enrich blood circulation. ABDOMEN Lie down on your back. gently rub all around the knee. 6] Apply circular pressure around the knee cap. pummel (this means a gentle bouncy movement) the front and outside of the thigh with clenched fists. moving from the center towards the temples. releasing gently. stroke round the navel region. 3] Knead the abdominal region. 11] Gently stroke the area. 1] Using the fingers. 3] Gently stroke the thigh with both hands. 5] Using all the fingers. 209 . 10] Squeeze the muscles away from the bone. HIPS Lightly pummeling is the best to massage this area.Therapeutic Fasting 11] Pinch the eyebrows. Increase the radius each time. place the palms over the eyes. 1] Using the fingers. The circle should be clockwise. 4] Turn over to one side and stroke the sides of the abdomen gently. relaxes tired muscles and stimulates circulation. The circle should be clockwise. 2] Now use the whole surface of the hand to make circular movements. 5] Cup the hands over the navel for a few minutes. LEGS Leg massage relieves aches due to standing for a long time. Apply gentle pressure to the tiny indentation in the bone under the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose. 7] Pressing the knee cap at the top of the sides with the thumbs. stroke round the navel region. squeezing and releasing the muscles. 12] Rubbing the palms together. 8] Move the knee cap gently with the hands. softly stroke behind the knee. After this do not repeat striking or kneading. Check to see if there is a fluid or spongy feeling. Feel the heat and then lift the hands upwards.

3] Place one thumb on the other and applying comfortable pressure. special attention is given to identifying and releasing 210 . run down the sole stuttering from the center of the balls of the toes. Essential oils are highly volatile substances. 6] Stroke gently with both hands using the fingers and moving from the ankles down to the toes. they lack the ethereal and concentrated nature of essential oils and cannot be substituted for them. They are never applied direct as they are too strong. With nutritional changes. that plant essences exert an influence on the body and mind and these essences are linked to both the properties and nature of the plants. 1] Place one hand over the top of the foot and the other on the sole of the foot. Although the herbal oils have various cosmetic uses and are good for massage. These act on the body and mind by activating and encouraging the flow of energy from Chakras. Make one line in the center and two on the sides. many problems can be avoided and even cured. 5] Hack (strike and flick with a springy action) the sole with the edge of the palm. or coconut oils and the way they are applied differs from person to person depending on which school of thought the person learned from. 4] Using one thumb. backaches and weariness can all stem from unnoticed foot problems. Aroma therapy massage is perhaps the best known and most important application of essential oils. the energy known as ‘Chi’. leaves and other parts of plants. Essential oils are often confused with herbal oils or floral oils but in fact they are very different. USAGE OF ESSENTIAL OILS In Auyurvedic medicine. The aromatic molecules can enter the blood stream where they have physiologically effect. essential oils and message are used for healing both physical and mental complaints. squeeze. Using the thumb and fingers of the other hand. scientifically. Place one foot on the other thigh and work on it. They are mixed with base oils such as almond. especially for internal use. Some have the consistency of water. FEET Bad posture. Then make a knuckling movement all over the soles. Gently stroke the entire area.Therapeutic Fasting 12] Fold the palms of both hands and give a gentle shake to the muscles in the region. Researchers have found out. pressing the thumb on the center of the sole. roll round each joint and stretch each toe with a gentle pull. According to this therapy. There are numerous formula listed in the traditional books of Ayurveda about the various combinations of herbs and oils extracted from flowers. and vitamin supplements along with certain essential oil treatments. wheat germ. flows through specific energy pathways or meridians and so. soya. from the toes to the ankles. apply pressure with a circular movement on the arch and ball of the foot. 2] Support the foot with one hand. but they mix well with vegetable oils.

A few drops of Cajput in the bath reduces fever. warts. Very good for muscular pains and sciatica. some combinations depend on the condition. It treats the whole mind and body and for the best results. Lavender: For muscular rheumatism. Fennel: Excellent for digestive problems. Ginger: The most important oil for treating rheumatism. Frankincense: Calming. Cajput: Good for colds and coughs. Cedarwood: For treating catarrh. Chamomile: Soothing. ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils can’t be applied directly. It is used for the nerves and skin and is usually mixed with hyssop and bergamot. combines a nutritious diet. aloe barbadensis. wheat germ. 211 . Caution: not to be used by pregnant women. Embrocation: Contains belladonna. Caution: Do not use it straight or in the sunlight. capsium annum. so is used for treating arthritis. Clove: Excellent for tooth ache. as an antidepressant and for anxiety. Juniper: Diuretic. the body responds much better to healing. tension headaches. bryonis. clears chest congestion. Used for impotence. The person’s life style and emotional problems are also an important influence and aroma therapy combined with simple massage and tranquil wisdom meditation have proven to be a successful combination in the treatment of stress and stress related diseases. It is very useful for muscular aches and pains and also for digestion. aids relaxation. brassica campestris. Mixed with Juniper and Jasmine. arnica. Entrops: Contains phenol. and verscae. epileptics or children under 6 years. rhuxtox. eucalyptus and camphor (9:11:2 ratio) with a base. relaxation through Tranquil Wisdom Meditation and aroma therapy. cystitis and skin care. For strains and joint inflammations. Bergamot: It is sensitive to ultra violet light and is used for acne. treats respiratory infections. However. corns. insomnia and depression. improves circulation. antidepressant. Aroma therapy is holistic in approach. They should be mixed with base oils (almond. Used directly on the skin for getting relief from stings and bites. The patient must be in a relaxed state as when this is the case.Therapeutic Fasting these energies. Geranium: Stimulates lymphatic systems. It also relieves tooth ache. This is one of the best to use on any inflammation. (Vaso-constriction). It is an aphrodisiac. coconut) usually 6 drops of essential oil to 2 teaspoons of base oil. Lemon: Used for insect bites. calms the nerves and it is anti-inflammatory. Used as a remedy for wounds and tumors. Basil: Helps to produce cortisone nautili and is a refresher for the skin. Camphor: Stimulates the heart. It is a sedative and is used for nerve problems and insomnia. Black Pepper Oil: Used in India 4000 years ago for treating and dilating the blood vessels. Chesol: Contains abrus precatorious. Induces labor. It is diuretic so is used in arthritis and gout cases.

Marjoram: Pre-menstrual pain. asthma and coughs. clay + entrops Depression: bergamot. pine + eucalyptus Bruises: iguana. iguana Cysts or Nodules: elephant tooth + entrops. colds. peppermint. Sweet Almond: Makes a very good base. increases blood circulation. camphor + sandalwood. Used for treating broken nails (rub a few drops into the cuticle). juniper. peppermint. lemon grass. Exhaustion and Fatigue: lemon. antidepressant and anti-inflammatory. rosemary + sage Blood Clot: juniper (no massage) Blood Pressure: himasagar Bronchitis: camphor. Contains Vitamin E. bruises. Treats rheumatic and bronchial problems. basil. Cedarwood. camphor. bronchitis. Rose: Antiseptic. camphor 212 . hops Arthritis: nutmeg + geranium. Strengthens the heart beat. pine. embarkation Burns: aloe vera.Therapeutic Fasting Lemon Grass: Similar to lemon but to a lesser degree. eucalyptus. lavender. rosemary + thyme. chesol Cramps: lavender. Nutmeg: The fruit (red) is used for rheumatism. eucalyptus. Used for pneumonia. camphor. cold compression. Pine: A powerful antiseptic. rosemary Antiseptic: clove. rosemary + geranium Fever: eucalyptus + lavender. no massage. sprains. lemon Anxiety: chamomile. juniper + lavender. chamomile. peppermint. marjoram + juniper Chestiness: camphor + eucalyptus Circulation: camphor. cramp. embrocation Balancing: cypress + lavender. basil + neroli. cypress + juniper. It protects the delicate area around the eyes. asthma and coughs. Used for muscle spasms. peppermint (with towel on forehead and chest) Fibrosis: iguana. Cold and Fever: lemon balm. sedative. mahanarayan oil. lemon balm. rosemary Cold and Cough: camphor. Cedarwood Appetite loss: peppermint. lavender + aloe vera cellulite. Tangerine: For shoulder and back. Wheat Germ: Makes a very good base. ginger + juniper Asthma: camphor Backache: iguana. rosemary + chamomile. aches and sprains. Ylang Ylang: (Flower of Flowers) Very good for calming nerves (just a dab behind each ear is enough). PROBLEMS AND COMBINATIONS OF OILS Aches: juniper. marjoram + ylang ylang Digestive System: ginger. ginger. especially for pregnant women. cold compression. lavender. rosemary Constipation: hibiscus. eucalyptus + sandalwood. Rosemary: Sharpens the mental faculties.

wintergreen. peppermint Rheumatism: nutmeg. ginger. clay + nutmeg + clove (knee or elbow). bala tailam Sciatica: mahanarayan. clarysage + ylang ylang Insect Bites: lavender + thyme. nutmeg. soak in Radox. Joints: ginger + juniper (knee). peppermint. finger) Kidney. Bladder: borage rosehips. eucalyptus + sandalwood. marjoram. nutmeg + danvantari + balatailam (pelvic). juniper + thyme. neat lavender. iguana + cold compression + danvantari Tension: lavender. peppermint Infections: lavender + thyme + eucalyptus Influenza: camphor. rosemary. rosemary Hemorrhoids: cypress + chamomile. hot towel. juniper + lavender + rosemary. rosemary + chamomile. peppermint Nerves: chamomile. ginger + raspberry. himasagar. geranium Neuralgia: basil + chamomile. cypress + niaouli Skin: lavender + sandalwood + rose Sun Burn: lavender + chamomile. toe. ylang ylang Menstrual Pain: evening primrose. nutmeg + camphor + ginger + juniper (pelvic). mahanarayan. chesol. nutmeg + camphor + almond. aloe vera applied directly Sprain: iguana. mahanarayan Pregnancy: raspberry Repellent: lemon + clove. basil + nerloi.Therapeutic Fasting Gout: juniper + rosemary. lavender. peppermint Hair Loss: bay + lavender. peppermint + camphor. clay. nutmeg (ankle. dry warm towel Shingles: Vitamin E oil Sinus: eucalyptus + pine. hot towel. sage + thyme Headache: lemon balm. camphor + chamomile. iguana. chamomile + eucalyptus + cajput Liver: Burdock. lavender + juniper Hysteria: chamomile Hyperactivity: evening primrose Indigestion: basil + chamomile. wintergreen Menstrual Cramps: cypress + sage. mahanarayan. pine. iguana. hops Lethargy: basil. himasagar Tetanus: bala tailam Thyroid: chamomile + basil + entrops Toothache: clove Varicose Veins: cypress + geranium Water Retention: hibiscus. camphor. vetiver + lavender. radox bath. yogurt. chamomile. Radox soak. Cedarwood Insomnia: marjoram + almond + wheat germ Impotence: patchouli + sandalwood. cypress + lavender Menopause: chamomile + sage. burdock 213 . chamomile + lavender Migraine: lavender + eucalyptus. iguana. Giddiness + Nausea: lavender. Motion Sickness: ginger Nausea: lemon balm. almond + wheat germ. geranium + eucalyptus. nutmeg (knee). iguana. basil + marjoram. iguana (freshly ground).

lavender and chamomile stimulate the body’s natural defense system against infections. Chamomile is best for a hot compress to encourage boils to come to a head and to relieve the pain of cystitis. eucalyptus or lavender on a bowl of boiling water and drape a towel over the head and bowl to trap the vapors and steam and inhale deeply for a few minutes. jasmine neroli. bergamot. Massage Therapy HAY FEVER and ASTHMA First massage the chest region and the back using camphor oil. Massage the fingers of both hands by pressing the webs and pads under the fingers gently. Then apply gentle pressure over the area of the collar bone. rose. with gentle pressure. very gently. CHILBLAINS Massage the chest and the back using cream or ointment made of elderflowers or horse radish roots. massage the thumbs of each hand and the next three fingers including the webs between them until tender spots are not felt in the area. The stroke should be outwards from the center of the body.primrose oil has been used for treating the brain. hyperactivity in children and women suffering from premenstrual syndrome . the most popular oils used are jasmine. -For respiration disorders sprinkle a few drops of peppermint. -Bergamot.A blend of cinnamon and orange will cheer up even the most miserable person. -For fertility. .To relieve pain or congestion in internal organs. . After that.Therapeutic Fasting . . sprains and bruises. ylang ylang neroli and sandalwood.Fennel and jasmine have a hormonal influence and can stimulate milk secretions in nursing mothers. a compress can be used. soak the feet in hot water having crushed 3 garlic cloves. and ylang ylang neroli are used for depression.Thyme. lavender. After the massage. They help to increase the white blood cells when they are applied to the skin or inhaled. Cedarwood. 214 . PLEURISY Massage the chest and the back using a mixture of camphor and basil oils. Use peppermint for an icy cold compress to relieve headaches. and add a drop of either thyme or lavender oil (thyme or lavender leaves can be used instead of oil). sandalwood.

Repeat this process a few times.Therapeutic Fasting RHEUMATISM Apply gentle pressure and massage the area affected with downward strokes using a mixture of juniper. NECK and SHOULDERS People sometimes awaken with stiff wrists and numb fingertips. Later soak the feet and hands in warm water containing 3 cloves of crushed garlic and a drop of chamomile oil. HEART Massage gently on the left foot under the 3rd. Repeat several times. gently press starting from the base of the skull and move downwards to the area behind the ears and then downward towards the base of the neck. Light pressure on the neck in the area of the cervical vertebrae produces pain. and 5th toes until the tenderness disappears. Use basil or camphor or chamomile oil or the mixture of all three. move down slowly pressing gently (but firmly) towards the neck and end pressure near the front of the neck (Adam’s Apple). your choice. A mixture of juniper. Move from the base of the skull towards the center slowly and massage downwards ending near the shoulder (collar bone). 4th. Similarly massage under the last two fingers of the left hand. shoulder and arms. 215 . ginger and nutmeg oils. Warm the neck by using a dry hot towel or using gentle strokes with the pain. Then starting from behind the ears. These are symptoms of an affected neck. lavender and rosemary can be used instead. Move down the inner edge of the foot towards the heels. Using all the fingers. KIDNEY Massage the bottom of each foot at the center by pressing and rolling.

Increase the area of the massage on either side of the spine each time. After that massage gently rub the entire arm moving downwards.Therapeutic Fasting COUGH and COLD Using camphor oil. ginger oil. i. juniper oil. Later apply gentle pressure using thumbs in front of the body and near the center of the chest (the thymus gland) moving down along the rib cage.e. clove oil (only a drop) and camphor mixed in equal proportions. 216 . GENERAL BACKACHE Massage the entire lumbar region moving down towards the pelvic area using wheat germ oil. Later from the same starting point. Also apply pressure just above the arm pits in front of the shoulder and the sides of the naval region. From the buttock region move up and to the sides of the hip joint. apply gentle pressure on either side of the spinal cord between the shoulder blades and move downwards until the pelvic bone id felt. buttocks (upper portion) move outwards and then turn towards the center of the buttock linings making a semi-circle.


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