Pinay: Hehehe, Yeah, Paring Bol-anon is more of a fraternity/organization that we had become resulting from a thrust

(vision) young PBs started in the late 70s. Fr. Khing Vano and contemporaries organized the BMS (Bohol Major Seminarians) during their theology days as many priests at that time were unsupportive of the seminary's summer pastoral program of sending seminarians to different parishes - in order to develop their skills in pastoral work - for reasons I have no recollection at all. BMS served much like an organized union pressuring priests to allow us do some pastoral works and support the seminary’s summer program. I'm not sure if BMS is still in existent today; we haven't heard much about it since the Ecclesiastical division of Bohol into 2 dioceses in the late 80s. The Paring Bol-anon, on the other hand, kept growing bigger, and stronger as ever, until many of our priests started leaving the diocese for Manila and the United States, hence, the birth of Paring Bol-anon, USA around 1985 (again with Fr. Khing at the helm). PB chapters were then established (USA, Manila, Mindanao, etc) much like the BMS in the early days... and so did the lay alumni groups like BANKA and TIPASI on the advent of IHMS 40th and 50th Jubilees. Other than that, wa na jud koy hibal-an sa development sa mga groups until I got reconnected again a week or so ago. I think nangatiguwang na mig kalit mao nang nag ijahay na, bwhahaha. Or should I only speak for myself, hehehe. Ambot bitaw. All I can say is I am doing my best to kept this whole Paring Bol-anon thing intact in my own little ways by creating the seminary and the diocese's first websites much like Nox Arcamo and company are doing with IHMS eGroup. That's why I have to praise Nox for keeping us together bisan ug wala pa kaayo ma widely accepted ang iyang effort. I know others are doing the same in their own unique ways... only we have to fight against the fact that we have bigger responsibilies in life now compared to when we were younger (while at the same time our little idealism are starting to fade, huh!). But hope is not lost... somehow someone will always continue to carry the torch like you do! Hehehe

J. Roel Lungay (Fro)

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