The theme park is part of Disneyland Resort which also consist of 2 hotels and the Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre. except Special Days within 6 months of the ticket issue. your dreams come true. Fantasyland is one of the "themed lands" at the many Magic Kingdom-style parks run by The Walt Disney Company around the world. Each Fantasyland has a castle as well as several gentle rides themed after Disney movies.Hong Kong Disneyland is located on a reclaimed land in Lantau Island and opened to visitors since September 2005. Disneyland was the highlight of our Hong Kong tour." Flights of Fantasy . Ticket Types and Prices Ticket Type Adult Child (3-11) Senior (65 or above) Admission valid Days Peak Day Tickets HK $350 HK $250 HK $170 Special Day Tickets HK $350 HK $250 HK $170 Valid for one visit on any dayValid for one visit on aSpecial Day. My eldest sister was the only one who had visited a Disney theme park (Tokyo’s Disneyland) prior to this visit. In the words of Walt Disney: "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star. so it should be a wonderful experience especially for my 2-year-old niece. Special Day tickets are datestamped and valid only on that specified date.

Meet princesses. mad Hatter Tea Cups Don't be late for a very important date. The befuddled and riddle-posing Mad Hatter from the children's book and classic Disney film. elaborate sets. Mickey's PhilharMagic ”Quack up" at the hilarious hi-jinks of Donald Duck as one of Disney's biggest animated stars takes you on a threedimensional journey through some of the most memorable moments in Disney animated films. unforgettable music and for the first time ever. star-studded gala celebrates great Disney classics like Mulan. Experience the joy and wonder of creatively costumed dolls. music and mayhem."it's a small world" Set sail in an imaginative journey and enjoy scenes through different cultures far and wide. This moving musical experience reminds us all to believe in the power of our dreams. It's a hilarious adventure through movies. This interactive party ride can spin wildly or remain gentle — it's up to you. "Alice in Wonderland. stroll down the red carpet and join the fun of this glamorous extravaganza. ." wants you to go for a zany fun-filled spin in an oversized tea cup. villains and beloved heroes up close in this silly symphony of surprises. The Golden Mickeys at Disney's Storybook Theater Be prepared for all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood tribute. This grand. Disney-Pixar's Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch. your favorite Disney Characters. You're invited to the wackiest tea party this side of the rabbit hole.

and Southeast Asia. steam and geysers. The Jungle River Cruise attraction runs on this "Rivers of Adventures" around Tarzan Island. Sleepy. Disneyland Hong Kong Adventureland Facts • Disneyland Hong Kong's Adventureland is the largest Adventureland of all the Magic Kingdom parks around the world. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Polynesia. Discover all seven of Snow White's little friends among the lush landscaping. exploration and discovery in a setting of exotic landscapes modeled on far-off regions around the globe. • • • . Jungle River Cruise enables visitors to traverse global hidden waters which has a Disneyland Hong Kong-exclusive finale involving fire. Sneezy and Dopey. Disneyland Hong Kong's Adventureland has traditional Adventureland elements but also incorporates the "Rivers of America" from Disneyland. As you make your wish be sure and listen carefully to hear Snow White's melodic singing voice! Adventureland Adventureland allows visitors to trek into adventure. Doc.Snow White Grotto Relax and enjoy this refreshing grotto that is a tribute to the Disney's first full-length animated feature. They are Happy. Adventureland at Disneyland Hong Kong was inspired by areas of Africa. Bashful. Grumpy.

The Tahitian Terrace restaurant was inspired by the restaurant of the same name that used to be at Disneyland in California. There is only one store in Disneyland Hong Kong's Adventureland: Professor Porter's Trading Post. Cosmic Journeys . Potential expansion includes a "Western" themed area similar to Frontierland or Westernland at other Disney Magic-Kingdom style theme parks. • • • Tomorrowland is version of the land is different and features numerous attractions that depict views of the future. This would be built around where the Festival of the Lion King show is now. named after Jane's father from the Disney animated film Tarzan.• The Liki Tikis are inspired by the ones at Walt Disney World's Adventureland and provides a chance to get wet and cool off in the Hong Kong heat. which shares some elements with other Tomorrowlands but emphasizes Jules Verne-inspired visions of a future that never came to fruition.Disneyland Park (Paris) includes a similar area called Discoveryland.

Compare your high score with other Space Rangers or go for a personal best. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Buzz Lightyear. quick dips. this state-of-the-art space journey takes you past shooting stars. and he needs your help! Team up with Buzz Lightyear and spin your Star Cruisers 360 degrees while you fire hand-held laser cannons. 1971 at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort. Blast enemy targets and amass points. Launch into the inky blackness of the nether reaches of space. high tech sound and special effects. careening comets and into the future! Join the space race today. Florida. like at Disneyland. . the entire land was completed. splash your way through a UFO crash site and even witness alien plants spring to life in this extraterrestrial aquatic adventure! Magic Kingdom The second Tomorrowland opened on October 1. But by 1975.pace Mountain Rocket at warp speed to synchronized music and sound effects on this one-of-a-kind indoor roller-coaster. was opened unfinished. Some of the most popular Disney park attractions premiered here. and much more closely resembled Walt Disney's vision for Tomorrowland. the endearing space ranger who refuses to believe that he is actually a toy. Known for its exhilarating hairpin turns.… inspired by Disney‧Pixar's Toy Story 2 UFO Zone Citizens of Earth – are you ready for an alien invasion? Well these UFOs — or Unbelievably Fun Objects — are truly out of this world! Get ready to get wet and wild as you dodge water ray guns. Save the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg and wow your friends and family. such as Space Mountain. and. is out to save the universe. Climb up the Space Ranger ranks as your scores soar to astronomical heights each time you play.

Bears have now started causing havoc at the Big Grizzly Mountain Mining Company. 1888 – the luckiest day of the luckiest month of the luckiest year – by prospectors looking to discover gold.Grizzly Gulch Hong Kong Disneyland does not have a Frontierland or Critter Country. taxi. The town was founded August 8. set amidst mountains and woods. public bus or coach. car. The path along the themed land offers high-spirited frontier fun in an abandoned mining town called Grizzly Gulch. Transportation: Located on Lantau Island near Hong Kong International Airport. Yon can take Disney Resort Line. . Hong Kong Disneyland is easy to get to. although there will be a similar land that is planned in construction called "Grizzly Gulch" that will open up not before 2012.

Parkwide Guest Services Find out about services available to you and your family such as lockers. Guests with Special Needs Find out the various services for Guests with special needs such as child care. why wait in line?SM Learn how FASTPASS can save your place in line! . stroller and wheelchair rentals.Guest Services Discover the wide array of services available to you and your entire family that ensure a fun. hearing and visual aids. dining reservations. Disney's FASTPASS Get a time. package check. hassle-free visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disneyland Tour Services Have Disneyland's Tour Hosts help you create a personalized tour for your next family vacation or business outing. Snacks & Sundries Pick up a quick snack or get a roll of film to capture family memories of a fun-filled day at Hong Kong Disneyland. Find everything you need for your recreational outing. Timon and Pumbaa from Disney's The Lion King will show you some safety tips throughout your stay. Disney's Wild About Safety Hong Kong Disneyland is a magical place for worry-free fun because we're serious about you and your family's safety. and experience a new dimension of fun at Hong Kong Disneyland. And to help make sure your kids stay extra-safe. . Fun Beyond the Park Inspiration Lake and Recreation Center Enjoy a lakefront walk or paddle out into the calm. Park Promenade Stroll along the lush landscape of this garden-like promenade that connects the Hotels of Hong Kong Disneyland with the ferry pier and Disneyland Resort Public Transportation. Contact us now to book your Disney's Premium Tour. soothing waters of Inspiration Lake for a relaxing experience that will both relax and invigorate.

sea view. include garden view. Arboretum Spread your blanket for a family picnic or keep in shape with a run through this woodsy. Adjacent to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.700 HK$1. At the Kingdom Club level. fantasia rooms featuring a Jacuzzi in bathroom.900 HK$2.550 Regular HK$1.Disneyland Resort Pier Take your first step into the magic as you disembark and enter the Hong Kong Disneyland. Room Rates (January 2010 . the pier serves Guests arriving via ferry.300 All prices listed arein Hong Kong dollars.450 HK$1.300 HK$1. sea view with balcony.650 HK$1. Two presidential suites namely Walt Disney Suite & Roy Disney Suite are located at this level also. park-like area located near Inspiration Lake. There are several kinds of guestrooms available. All prices for both hotels alreadyNOT include 10% service charge.March 2011) Room Type Garden View Sea View Park View Value HK$1. . both guestrooms and suites available: Kingdom Club rooms and Kingdom suites.800 Peak HK$1.500 HK$1. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel The hotel has 400 guestrooms and a convention centre with ballrooms and function rooms.

650 HK$1.500 HK$1.300 HK$1. The rooms are spacious and many have exciting outdoor Room Rates (January 2010 .700 HK$1.800 Peak HK$1. elegant hotel will leave guests in awe of its majesty and charm. Whether young with years or just young at heart.900 HK$2. Hotel Facilities • • • • • • • • Parking Limousine Service 24-Hour Front Desk Cribs (Upon Request) Laundry/Valet Services Babysitting (Upon Request) Disabled-Accessible Rooms Available Complimentary Shuttle Service between The Hotel and Park . Travel is made cheap and easy with the nearby MTR service.March 2011) Room Type Garden View Sea View Park View Value HK$1.Hotel Facilities 10-Apr-2010 Hotel Info Last Updated by MIKA Disney's Hollywood Hotel This beautiful.300 • All price listed are in Hong Kong dollars and are subject to a 10% service charge.550 Regular HK$1.450 HK$1. and so this is a perfect place to say for exploring one of the most joyful places in the world. all visitors to any Disney hotel are immediately overcome with the magic held within the walls.

or room and ticket. Offer Period: March 19 – May 23.July 14. Packages include room and breakfast. room and dinner. 2010! Enjoy Disney Chef Mickey's Dinner Buffet for justHK$218 and up Disney's Hollywood Hotel's very own Chef Mickey recalls the lavish Art Deco-styled studio commissaries of Hollywood's Golden Age. 2010 Offer period: From January 4 .June 30. you can enjoy "Disney Chef Mickey's Buffet in this Disney-themed restaurant for just HK$218 and up! Offer period: From now .June 30.Special Offers on 2010 Ticket Offer Bring along your VIP on a Star Journey for Free! Show your appreciation to your VIP now! Bring along your VIP for free when you purchase a Premium/ Deluxe Annual Pass or bring along your VIP for HK$80 only when you purchase a Value Annual Pass. From now on. 2010 Stay and Play for 2 Days Book a hotel stay and enjoy an extra day at Hong Kong Disneyland when you purchase a one-day ticket! The offer has been extended until June 30. 2010 Enjoy an unforgettable Disney vacation with our Hotel Packages! Enjoy your vacation at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or Disney's Hollywood Hotel with our hotel packages. starting at HK$756 per person! Booking period: From now . 2010 .

you can find the golden past and the glorious future! .Come to Hong Kong Disneyland.

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