New Hope Children’s Homes

November 23, 2010

Phnom Penh Children’s Home
The family in NHO ...
We have moved to the new building from the old house for 4 months, and we are all well , in good health and glade to be here. We thank God for blessing this building for NHO family, and he always open the door for us when we pray to him, he is the good father, and good teacher for us.

John HuyLeng is telling Pov Joseph how to read the Cambodian book

Reopening of classes, the children all in Phnom Penh children’s home, have returned back to school. Some children study at the public school and some study at the Christian school. Beside schooling at school, the small children have being taught how to read and write Cambodian literature by the big children. We would like to say,” the literate children teach the un-literate children. In the future, these children will become literate children. On the other hand, We will send them to the one to one organization to join the child program on the next month, so that they know and share the experience of studying to another children there. We want them to be good students, good children, and good citizens for our country. - - PO Box 1680, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

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The activities on Sunday, and the next day …

Sunday is very important day for all the Christians, and it also is an important day for all the children in Phnom Penh children’s home. These girls are sitting and listening to the Words of God and their hands hold the Bible for reading. Other girls are dancing to worship God with smiling. - - PO Box 1680, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

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Kampong Chnang Children’s Home
Our team coming here...
The children who live in Kampong Chnang children’s home don’t study at the Christian school like the Phnom Penh children because there is no Christian school. So they all study at the government school. Some children study in the morning and some study in afternoon. After devotion in the morning, they water the plants (eggplant, morning glory, ginger) in their home. This month, the eggplant gave them many fruits. We thank God for giving them the yield.

Sok Vain is happy with the eggplant.

They are happy with their yield.

They take the photo with our team.

This is the garden of eggplant that they like.

God, our strength, assure children that you are always with them to protect them and give them courage. (Joshua 1:9) - - PO Box 1680, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

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Final Ministry News
The government official invited our team to have the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is … Promote government ownership and harmonize efforts to
address structural changes for child protection system building within the framework of the National Priority Action Plans. Sharing best practices and document lessons learned for future strategic in the area of child protection.

Sokhom was discussing with the government staff about the protection of the children

Sokhom was sitting to listen at the workshop of the Cambodian government.

This month, the team of NHO opened the meeting to summarized the work the team has been doing during the month, and we discussed the policy for our organization.

Pray for NHO teamwork so that they have the wisdom from God - - PO Box 1680, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

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