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C 330 E/146 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 21.11.


However the Commission well understands the necessity of ensuring passengers are informed about their
rights, if they are to insist on their respect. For that reason, it plans to launch an immediate initiative to
improve information to passengers. It intends to arrange for the publication and display, in airports, travel
agencies and the offices of airlines, of a charter of all existing rights. This would cover compensation for
denied boarding, among other things.

(2000/C 330 E/165) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0381/00

by Juan Ojeda Sanz (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(14 February 2000)

Subject: Improving road safety by tackling accident ‘black spots’ and sections of road with high accident

The most recent information concerning the new communication on road safety currently being drawn up
by the Commission seems to indicate that the new programme ‘classifies’ the proposed measures by order
of effectiveness, on the basis of the now-popular measure of EUR 1 million.

However, like previous programmes, which were too general in nature, the new communication may miss
a unique opportunity to take more decisive action on infrastructure and, more specifically, on ‘black spots’,
using engineering techniques which experts term ‘low cost’.

What effectiveness rating does the Commission’s new communication attach to tackling accident black
spots and improving sections of road with high accident rates as a road safety measure?

Does the Commission intend to issue Europe-wide recommendations on the definition and typology of
these ‘low-cost engineering techniques’?

Finally, does the Commission intend to draw up Europe-wide recommendations on tackling accident black
spots, and to create a budget line for co-financing relevant projects at national level?

Answer given by Mrs de Palacio on behalf of the Commission

(30 March 2000)

In its forthcoming communication on road safety, the low cost infrastructure measures including
improvements to the layout and design of roadside objects to reduce the severity of injury in a road
accident, and management of black spots, have been identified as priorities.

In general these measures appear to be very cost-effective with an estimated cost per avoided fatality
starting at around € 80 000.

Investments in these infrastructure measures have to be left to local authorities but the Commission will
develop guidelines in order to exchange best practice experience. Moreover authorities at all levels are
recommended to bring the benefit of such measures closer to those who decide on the investments by
means of targeted financial programmes.