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C 330 E/190 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 21.11.


2. In view of the Council decision that ‘Turkey is a candidate State destined to join the Union on the
basis of the same criteria as applied to the other candidate States’ and the positions adopted by the
Council, the Commission and Parliament concerning nuclear safety and enlargement, what action will the
Commission take to prevent the construction of a nuclear power plant in an earthquake-prone area, which
the Turks themselves describe as an outrage?

3. Is it possible for Community funding to be given to support energy sector activities for the
development of nuclear power stations in earthquake-prone areas within the framework of the customs
union and the regulations concerning economic and social development with Turkey, when there are such
crucial concerns and when Parliament has expressly called on Turkey to respect the principles of
sustainable development?

Answer given by Mr Verheugen on behalf of the Commission

(28 March 2000)

The Honourable Member should refer to the Commission’s answer to the oral question H-0781/99 that
was asked by Mr Souladakis during the January 2000 session question time (1).

The Commission would add that it has no intention of using Community funds to support in any way the
building of nuclear reactors in Turkey.

(1) Debates of the European Parliament (January 2000).

(2000/C 330 E/218) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0606/00

by Salvador Garriga Polledo (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(3 March 2000)

Subject: European Day for Tolerance

The past century bore witness to countless attacks on freedom of expression, killings for crimes of
conscience, cases of torture on racial and religious grounds and other atrocities contrary to the notion of
the human being as a free entity. The sense of collective shame we must feel as a result of this should form
the basis for a constant refusal ever to repeat the countless mistakes made in this respect.

As the spectre of a possible return to the errors of the past looms once more on the horizon threatening
the peaceful co-existence of European democratic society, perhaps we might consider the creation of an
annual European Day for Tolerance.

Will the Commission indicate whether it would consider using its right of initiative to propose that each
year the European Union set aside a day to celebrate tolerance as the very cornerstone upon which
European co-existence is built?

Answer given by Mrs Diamantopoulou on behalf of the Commission

(25 April 2000)

The Commission deplores all crimes against people’s fundamental rights and supports the notion of
peaceful co-existence. However, the Commission does not intend to propose an annual European day for