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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 339/1

Monday 14 February 2000



1999-2000 SESSION

Sittings of 14 to 18 February 2000


(2000/C 339/01) MINUTES




1. Resumption of session

The sitting opened at 17.05.

2. Approval of minutes (postponement of approval)

In view of the fact that the Minutes had not been distributed to all Members, the President decided to
postpone their adoption until the beginning of the following sitting.

* *

The following spoke:

& Davies, who referred to information broadcast that morning on the BBC, according to which the
activities of certain British Members had allegedly not been registered in the Declaration of Members’
Financial Interests, and who urged the President to ensure this Declaration is updated and called for it
to be not only fully accessible within Parliament but also made available to the public via the Internet
(the President promised to look into the matter with the Quaestors);
& Taylor who, seizing on the first Valentine’s Day of the new millennium, urged Parliament to address
the issue of cardio-vascular illness;
& Murphy, following on from Mr Davies’ remarks, who asked the President to launch an inquiry to
determine whether the two Members in question were running their businesses from their offices in
Parliament (the President repeated that she would look into the matter with the Quaestors
that evening);
C 339/2 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 29.11.2000

Monday 14 February 2000

& Heaton-Harris, following on from the comments by Mr Davies and Mr Murphy, on the possibility that
other Members may be concerned by these allegations and on the reliability of the information broad-
cast (the President assured him that the Quaestors would not base their inquiry solely on media spec-
& Wurtz, chairman of the GUE/NGL Group, who called into question the tone of the message sent by
the President of the Commission to the incoming Austrian Chancellor on his taking up office and
called for Mr Prodi to clarify, in his statement the following day, precisely what his message had
been intended to convey (the President replied that statements on the Commission’s legislative pro-
gramme were scheduled for the following day and that the speaker could, if he so wished, question
Mr Prodi on the matter then);
& Plooij-Van Gorsel, on behalf of the Dutch-speaking Members, who reiterated her call for a Dutch
TV channel to be available in Members’ offices, noting that no action had been forthcoming, despite
numerous requests in the past (the President replied that she was confident this problem had been
& Banotti, the Quaestor responsible for the matter raised by Mrs Plooij-Van Gorsel, who pointed out that
the delay was due to serious technical difficulties, while assuring the House that the Quaestors were
seeking a solution;
& Dupuis, who criticized Mr Wurtz’s remarks.

3. Membership of Parliament
The President announced that the British authorities had informed her that Mr Gordon Adam had been
appointed Member of Parliament, to replace Mr Donnelly with effect from 8 February 2000.

She welcomed the new Member and drew attention to the provisions of Rule 7(5).

4. Membership of committees
Parliament ratified the following appointments at the request of the UEN and EDD Groups:
& Committee on Budgets: Mr Pasqua to replace Mr Andrews
& Committee on Citizens’ Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs: Mr Andrews to replace
Mr Pasqua.

Mrs Sandbæk had informed Parliament that she was no longer a full member of the Committee on
Women’s Rights.

5. Referral to committees
The following committees were asked for opinions:
& the Committee on Budgetary Control, on the MEDA programme, the reform of economic and social
structures in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (amending Regulation 1488/96/
EC) (COM(1999) 494 & C5-0023/2000 & 1999/0214(CNS)) (committee responsible: ITRE; already
asked for an opinion: AFET);
& the Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy on the manufacture, presentation
and sale of tobacco products (recast version of Directives 89/622/EEC, 92/41/EEC, 90/239/EEC)
(COM(1999) 594 & C5-0016/2000 & 1999/0244(COD)) (committee responsible: ENVI; already
asked for an opinion: JURI).

6. Documents received
The President had received the following texts:
(a) from the Council, requests for opinions on:
& Proposal for a Council framework decision on combating fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash
means of payment (COM(1999) 438 & C5-0066/2000 & 1999/0190(CNS))
referred to responsible: LIBE
opinion: ECON
legal basis: Article 34(2) EU