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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 374 E/119

(2000/C 374 E/140) WRITTEN QUESTION P-0618/00
by Monica Frassoni (Verts/ALE) to the Commission

(24 February 2000)

Subject: Property speculation at Is Arenas

In reply to my Question No E-2177/99 (20 January 2000) (1), the Commission stated that the Is Arenas
construction project would not be co-financed by the Community under the Structural Funds.

On 16 and 17 February 2000, the local press and television reported the declarations of a Sardinian
politician whereby Community funding of ITL 4 billion under the Oristano Territorial Pact would be at
risk if the Is Arenas construction project were to be blocked.

Can the Commission check whether this is true? What has the Oristano Territorial Pact got to do with the
Is Arenas company’s project? Are the 4 billion lire perhaps intended to fund this project?

If not, can the Commission confirm that the Oristano Territorial Pact would not be compromised if the Is
Arenas company’s project were to be blocked? If the funds are indeed intended for the project, does the
Commission plan to freeze them, given that the project concerns an area which has been included in the
proposed Natura 2000-Italy network and that no environmental impact assessment has been conducted?

(1) OJ C 225 E, 8.8.2000, p. 66.

Answer given by Mr Barnier on behalf of the Commission

(23 March 2000)

Since the Commission replied to the Honourable Member’s Written Question E-2177/99 (1), it has been
informed that the project in question was actually selected for inclusion in the Oristano Territorial Pact,
which is part-financed by the Community Structural Funds under the Territorial Employment Pacts
multiregional operational programme for the Objective 1 regions in Italy.

The Is Arenas company’s project, which involves accommodation structures, was definitively approved by
the Italian authorities in December 1999 and received part-financing from the European Regional
Development Fund amounting to ITL 2 900 million (EUR 1,5 million) on a total investment of
ITL 6 500 million (EUR 3,4 million).

The Commission is currently taking all the necessary steps to ascertain whether Community law on the
environment has been violated. If so, the Commission would suspend Community assistance to the project
in question.

(1) OJ C 225 E, 8.8.2000, p. 66.

(2000/C 374 E/141) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0619/00
by Paul Rübig (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(3 March 2000)

Subject: Rates of reduction for products originating in China

Since the start of the 1990s, the EU has been administering import quotas for various products originating
in China, including porcelain, china and earthenware products coming under tariff heading 691110.
Invitations to tender for the quotas are issued annually, and the formula for allocation of the quota for
each product between traditional and new importers varies from year to year. For 2000 a basis for
allocation for earthenware of 75 % of the total quota for traditional importers and 25 % for new importers