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C 374 E/198 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 28.12.


(2000/C 374 E/234) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0990/00
by Markus Ferber (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(31 March 2000)

Subject: MEDIA II: share-out of appropriations to participating countries

Since my Written Question E-0104/00 (1) has regrettably failed to elicit a proper answer, will the
Commission now say how MEDIA II funding has been allocated to participating countries since the
programme was launched? What amounts have the different Member States received in absolute and
percentage terms, and why have those amounts been granted?

(1) OJ C 280 E, 3.10.2000, p. 178.

Answer given by Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission
(15 May 2000)

A table setting out the financial aid granted to each country in the first four years of the MEDIA II
programme (1996  1999) has been sent directly to the Honourable Member and the Secretariat-General
of Parliament.

The table is accompanied by statistics relating to the share of the European market of each Member State
and participating State in the MEDIA II programme. The statistics for the years 1998-1999 are provided
by way of illustration and do not represent the final figures. Theyare expectedto be confirmed during the
programme’s final evaluation. These data show how the funds are allocated under the MEDIA II
programme in relation to the actual situation on the market.

Example: The Netherlands represents 1,8 % of total investment in film production in Europe, and 2,7 % of
the European market in terms of cinema box office receipts. Between 1996 and 1999, this Member State
received 5,45 % of the funds granted under the MEDIA II programme, including 3,5 % of the funds
allocated to producers and 4,9 % of the support given to distributors. The proportion of funds allocated to
Netherlands professionals was therefore higher than their actual representation on the European market, in
terms of both production and market share.

Under the MEDIA II programme, the Commission selects the beneficiaries in accordance with the
arrangements set out in Council Decisions 95/564/EC of 22 December 1995 on the implementation of a
training programme for professionals in the European audiovisual programme industry (MEDIA II 
Training) (1) and 95/563/EC of 10 July 1995 on the implementation of a programme encouraging the
development and distribution of European audiovisual works (MEDIA II  Development and distribution)
(1996- 2000) (1).

The projects which are co-financed by the Commission are chosen on the basis of quality and European
added value, irrespective of their nationality or country of origin. The Commission and the MEDIA
Committee lay down guidelines setting out the various eligibility and selection criteria that apply.

Lastly, a final report on the evaluation of the MEDIA II programme will be sent to Parliament once the
programme finishes at the end of the year 2000.

(1) OJ L 321, 30.12.1995.

(2000/C 374 E/235) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0995/00
by Chris Davies (ELDR) to the Commission
(31 March 2000)

Subject: White Paper on Food Safety

In the annex to its White Paper on food safety (COM(1999) 719 final), the Commission indicates that it
will present a proposal for a directive on fortified foods.