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C 377/170 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 29.12.


Thursday 16 March 2000

10. EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (vote)

Report: Duff/Voggenhuber  A5-0064/2000
(Simple majority)


Mrs Cederschiöld had also co-signed amendments 27, 29 and 30.

Amendments adopted: 19 (inserted after recital J) by RCV (TDI); 24; 34 by EV (236 for, 209 against,
36 abstentions); 39 by EV (280 for, 180 against, 8 abstentions); 28; 35 by EV (289 for, 187 against,
8 abstentions); 38 (1st part) by RCV (Verts/ALE, ELDR); 20; 21 by EV (288 for, 186 against, 7 absten-
tions); 43 by EV (268 for, 204 against, 7 abstentions); 22 amended orally by EV (276 for, 197 against,
10 abstentions).

Amendments rejected: 1; 2; 44 by RCV (TDI); 45 by RCV (TDI); 3; 46 by RCV (TDI); 4; 5 by RCV (EDD); 6;
7; 40; 42; 25; 26 by EV (212 for, 265 against, 8 abstentions); 33; 27; 8 by RCV (EDD); 9; 48 by RCV
(TDI); 10; 11 by RCV (EDD); 12; 37; 38 (2nd part) by RCV (Verts/ALE, ELDR); 13 by RCV (TDI); 14; 31;
49 by RCV (TDI); 29; 41 (1st part) by EV (202 for, 233 against, 45 abstentions); 41 (2nd part) by EV
(188 for, 250 against, 41 abstentions); 15; 32; 23; 30; 16; 17; 18; 50 by RCV (EDD).

Amendment fallen: 47

Amendment cancelled: 36

At the request of the ELDR and Verts/ALE Groups and with the rapporteurs’ agreement and, subsequently,
Parliament’s agreement, amendment 19 was inserted after recital J.

RCVs: recital K (ELDR, Verts/ALE): adopted; R (TDI): adopted; S (PSE, ELDR, Verts/ALE): adopted; T (GUE/
NGL, TDI): adopted; paragraph 6,(a) (GUE/NGL, PSE): adopted; paragraph 6 as a whole (ELDR, Verts/ALE):
adopted; paragraphs 13 (ELDR, Verts/ALE): adopted; 14(a) (PSE): adopted; paragraph 14 as a whole (ELDR,
Verts/ALE): adopted

The following spoke:
 Voggenhuber and Duff, co-rapporteurs, before the vote on recital E, on the split vote on this recital;
 Frassoni, to ask for the Italian version of paragraph 6(c) to be checked (the President replied that, as
the PPE-DE Group had already asked for the French and Spanish versions of this part of the text to be
brought into line with the original English version, all language versions would be checked); Ribeiro
e Castro, on the Portuguese version;
 Speroni, after the vote on amendment 38, to ask the President to identify split votes clearly;
 Ribeiro e Castro, after the vote on amendment 41, who felt the subject of the electronic vote had not
been clear (the President decided to hold the vote again);
 Berès, on behalf of the PSE Group, before the vote on amendment 22, to make an oral correction
‘add a reference to the European Social Charter and to the appropriate ILO and UN conventions to the
reference to the European Convention on Human Rights in Article 6 of the TEU’.

Separate votes: 7th citation (EDD); recitals F (EDD); I, J (PPE-DE)

Split votes:

Recital E (ELDR, Verts/ALE):
1st part: text without the words ‘and obligations’: adopted
2nd part: these words: rejected by EV (210 for, 266 against, 7 abstentions)

Paragraph 6(b) (PPE-DE):
1st part: text without the word ‘formal’: adopted
2nd part: that word: adopted by EV (269 for, 204 against, 12 abstentions)
29.12.2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 377/171

Thursday 16 March 2000

Amendement 38 (ELDR, Verts/ALE):
1st part: up to ‘the right to strike’
2nd part: remainder
Amendement 41 (TDI):
1st part: up to ‘official language is spoken;’
2nd part: remainder

Parliament adopted the resolution by RCV (GUE/NGL, PSE, ELDR, Verts/ALE, TDI, PPE-DE), (Item 4 of ‘Texts
* *
Mr Posselt, referring to the procedure observed regarding the postponement of Mr Hernández Mollar’s
report, stated that, according to the Rules of Procedure, the President should have given the floor to a
Member who was in favour and another who was against and this had not been done (the President
replied that he would ask the Committee on Constitutional Affairs whether the procedure had been

11. Environmental legislation (vote)
Motion for a resolution B5-0227/2000
(Simple majority)


The following spoke:
 Bernié, on behalf of the EDD Group, who asked for this vote to be postponed to another sitting.
Parliament rejected the request.
 Lienemann, who stated that the French members of the PSE Group would not take part in the vote;
 Jackson, Chairman of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy, Isler
Béguin and Krarup, on Mrs Lienemann’s remarks, Lienemann, on a personal matter following these
remarks, and Davies.

Amendments adopted: 2 by EV (330 for, 99 against, 12 abstentions); 10 by EV (253 for, 191 against,
5 abstentions); 4; 11 by RCV (Verts/ALE); 6; 5 by RCV (Verts/ALE); 1.

Amendments rejected: 9 by RCV (Verts/ALE); 3/rev.2 by EV (167 for, 266 against, 10 abstentions); 7; 8; 12
by RCV (Verts/ALE); 13 by RCV (Verts/ALE).

RCV: paragraph 7 (Verts/ALE): adopted

Separate vote: paragraph 1 (PPE-DE) by EV (241 for, 178 against, 12 abstentions): adopted

Parliament adopted the resolution (Item 5 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

12. 50th anniversary of the Geneva Convention (vote)
Motions for resolutions B5-0233, 0234 and 0235/2000
(Simple majority)

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION RC B5-0233/2000 (replacing B5-0233, 0234 and 0235/2000):
tabled by the following Members:
Bethell, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group,
Martínez Martínez, Sauquillo Pérez del Arco, Van den Berg and Kinnock, on behalf of the PSE Group,
Watson and Nicholson of Winterbourne, on behalf of the ELDR Group,
Wuori, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group,
Kaufmann, Frahm and Vinci, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group

Parliament adopted the resolution (Item 6 of ‘Texts Adopted’).