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ABSTRACT 3 2.NO. CONCLUSION 8 6. REFERENCES 9 Amity Business School. 1. INTRODUCTION 4 3. Noida Page | 2 . DATA COLLECTION & ANALYSIS 7 5. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 6 4. ABS A0101909253 (Department of IT) MBA (G) Class of 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS S.Faculty. PARTICULARS PAGE NO.

Amity Business School. specifications. The report underlines the various issues and services along with the products which Rico supplies to its customers in the automobile sector. Noida Page | 3 . so that those areas can be identified where Rico needs to improve to gain a higher market share. All the services including quality. A sample of 50 customers was taken across Gurgaon and nearby areas which includes Hero Honda. Maruti Udyog Ltd. ABSTRACT The following report deals with the study of the consumer satisfaction level about Rico as a supplier of the automotive components so as to check whether the customers are satisfied with Rico or not. are taken and studied to check the satisfaction level of the customers with respect to the these variables. delivery etc. HMSI. The main variables which were taken for the analysis were mainly the after-sales services offered by Rico to its customers. etc.

Noida Page | 4 . Suspension & Brake parts form 11%. by the help of the structured questionnaires which were filled by the customers of Rico. amongst others. and then applying statistical tools on them to find out the results. the domestic Indian auto component manufacturing industry is heading for a Amity Business School. Drive transmission & Steering parts form 23%. Toyota. According to Automotive Components Manufacturers’ Association of India (ACMA). the industry has emerged as one of the key auto components centers in Asia and is today seen as a significant player in the global automotive supply chain. The auto components industry is predominantly divided into segments where Electrical parts form 7%. INTRODUCTION The Indian auto component industry is one of India's sunrise industries with tremendous growth prospects. Engine parts form 23%. India is now a supplier of a range of high-value and critical automobile components to global auto makers such as General Motors. Ford and Volkswagen.e. From a low-key supplier providing components to the domestic market alone. Equipments form 8%. and Body & Others form 36% of total components.The research was conducted on primary basis i.

Cummins. General Motors. Rico plans to be a USD 1 billion enterprise by 2011. Land Rover. compared to the export market. Noida Page | 5 . It commenced operations in 1983 at Dharuhera (Haryana) and had joint ventures with various companies like FCC. Amity Business School. Jaguar. The company is in a position to supply to prestigious automotive OEM like Hero Honda. To establish a global footprint the company has chosen the route of exports. Rico is also looking at setting up base in low cost countries through either greenfield operations or strategic alliances and acquisitions as part of its growth plan. Rico Auto Industries Ltd. Detroit Diesel and Honeywell. is amongst the large auto components companies in India and leading supplier to Indian and global automotive OEM. Volvo. Caterpillar. and Continental etc. JinFei. Maruti and Tata Cummins in the domestic market. mainly by expanding its global presence.whopping 18% growth in the coming years. Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India. Globally it is a supplier-of-choice to companies like Ford. which would be done by introducing new products. The sector is set to grow at a CAGR of 15% till fiscal 2012.

. The research design used in this research were exploratory as well as the descriptive research. Amity Business School. A research design is the detailed blueprint used to guide a research study towards its objective. a supplier of automotive components. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The objectives of the research were as follows: • To study the customer satisfaction level at Rico Auto Industries Ltd. • To identify the areas where Rico Auto needs to improve to gain a higher market share. Noida Page | 6 .

The descriptive research is also called statistical research. it does not gather the causes behind a situation. magazines. the customers of Rico Auto India Ltd. The idea behind this type of research is to study frequencies. The main goal of this type of research is to describe the data and characteristics about what is being studied. newspapers and mainly with the Internet. Although this research is highly accurate. to be asked from the respondents. HMSI. DATA COLLECTION & ANALYSIS A structured questionnaire was used as an instrument for the collection of primary data. The sample unit for this research constitutes of Hero Honda. and to do other statistical calculations. in Gurgaon and the nearby areas. related to the research project. Amity Business School. which contained the relevant questions. Noida Page | 7 . Maruti Udyog Ltd viz. The sample frame for this research constitutes all the customers of Rico Auto Industries Ltd. averages. articles.The method used for exploratory research data were collection of primary data through the questionnaires and secondary data with the help of various journals.

but due to some constraints it was reduced to 50. SPSS was used as the statistical tool to analyze the data. and improve its after-sales services in order to make itself a grand success in India. However. So Rico has various options: Amity Business School.The sample size of this research was previously set as 100. if Rico improves the services. Noida Page | 8 . All the research projects are hindered in their smooth flow. time and scope of the study. T-test was conducted to judge the satisfaction level of the customers towards Rico Auto Industries Ltd. CONCLUSION From the analysis and findings of the research. After the data collection. Convenience Sampling was used in this research. we can conclude that Rico needs to rethink about meeting the specifications of the products being ordered by its customers. The problems arise in the form of constraints by budget. by some unforeseen problems. then there is a good chance of a grand success as Indian auto-component industry is growing very fast. The current project was also faced by certain problems.

Hence possible supply of an assembly rather than components can be thought of. can be done further to improve quality and decrease the production time.  Since two-wheeler industry has shown growth since the year 2000. Import of technology just as done with FCC. Continental and JinFei. where India has an edge over other countries.ricoauto. Noida Page | 9 .  Rico should try their level best to meet the product specifications so that customers continue with Rico as their ♦ http://www.ibef.  Rico should increase the staff in their after-sales department to improve their after-sales service by listening to and solving its’ customers’ complaints.  The number of vehicles being manufactured in India is increasing. REFERENCES ♦ http://www. further two-wheeler products can be manufactured by introducing other production methods.aspx Amity Business School.

siamindia. Noida Page | 10 .com/Status_of_Auto_Industry ♦ Amity Business ♦ ♦ ♦ http://www.slideshare.wikepedia.♦ ♦ http://www.