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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 377/393

Friday 17 March 2000

 Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament: Designing tomor-
row’s education  Promoting innovation with new technologies (COM(2000) 23 
C5-0147/2000  2000/2090(COS))
referred to responsible: CULT
opinion: ITRE, EMPL

4. Transfer of appropriations
The Committee on Budgets had considered proposal for transfer of appropriations No 4/2000
(SEC(2000) 233  C5-0089/2000).

It had decided to authorise, pursuant to Article 26(5)(b) of the Financial Regulation, the transfer in accor-
dance with the following breakdown:


Chapter B7-54 (cooperation with the Balkan countries)
 Article B7-546 (Assistance for the reconstruction of Kosovo) CA − 35 000 000 €
PA − 20 000 000 €


Chapter B7-53 (other Community initiatives for the countries of central and eastern
Europe, the New Independent States, Mongolia and the countries of the western
 Article B7-532 (macroeconomic assistance to the countries of the western
Balkans) CA 35 000 000 €
PA 20 000 000 €

5. Referral to committees  Authorisation to draw up reports
Referral to committees

The Committee on Petitions had been asked for an opinion on:
 Commission report to the European Council: Better lawmaking 1999 (COM(1999) 562  C5-0279/
1999  1999/2197(COS)) (responsible: JURI; already asked for an opinion: AFCO)
 Proposal for a European Parliament and Council recommendation on mobility within the Community
for students, persons undergoing training, young volunteers, teachers and trainers (COM(1999) 708 
C5-0052/2000  2000/0021(COD)) (responsible: CULT; already asked for opinions: EMPL, BUDG,
 Proposal for a Council directive extending the freedom to provide cross-border services to third-coun-
try nationals established within the Community (COM(1999) 3  C5-0050/2000  1999/0013(CNS))
(responsible: JURI; already asked for opinions: BUDG, LIBE, EMPL).

By letter of 18.11.1999, the President of Parliament had referred, within the meaning of Rule 180(1),
to AFCO an interpretation of point 13 (first paragraph) of Annex II of the Rules of Procedure (REG

By letter of 15.3.2000, the President of Parliament had asked AFCO for an opinion on the drawing up of a
report on amending Parliament’s decision of 9.3.1994 concerning the statute and general conditions for
the fulfilment of the tasks of the Ombudsman (ACI 002091).
Asked for an opinion: BUDG and PETI.

The following had been authorised on 20 January 2000 to draw up reports:

Committee on Fisheries:
 The common fisheries policy and the challenge of globalisation
(INI 002027)
(asked for an opinon: ITRE)