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C 378/2 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 29.12.


Wednesday 29 March 2000

 Galeote Quecedo, on the activities of the Basque terrorist organisation ETA, whose many targets had
included a journalist (the President expressed Parliament’s wholehearted support for this organisation’s
victims in general and the journalist in particular);
 Berthu, who referred to a meeting held between the Delegation for relations with Canada and the
corresponding Canadian body and drew attention to personal attacks which had been made against
him by the Chairman of the Canadian Delegation, although without the support of a number of
Canadian delegates; he asked the President to request an explanation for such behaviour from the
Canadian government (the President assured Mr Berthu of her support and informed him that the
members of the Canadian Delegation had already made an apology);
 Tajani, who informed the House that on 13 April 2000 Iran would begin the trial of 13 Iranian Jews
who could face the death penalty. He recalled that the President had already asked for Parliament to be
represented at this trial but that no reply had been received from the Iranian authorities and called for
the request to be repeated, also urging the Commission to become involved in the matter (the Presi-
dent agreed to his request);
 MacCormick who, referring to the Commission statement on the cloning of human beings scheduled
for the following day’s sitting (Item 76 on the agenda), stated that the scientists who had submitted the
patents had since disassociated themselves from the way events had unfolded in this field; he also
declared a personal interest in the matter;
 Vander Taelen who, referring to Mr Berthu’s remarks, distanced himself from Mr Berthu’s comments at
the meeting in question, which he felt to be biased and untactful;
 Gollnisch, on Mr Galeote Quecedo’s remarks;
 Katiforis on Mrs Morgantini’s remarks; he added that the Turkish authorities had also drawn up lists of
Greek people.

4. Official welcome

On behalf of Parliament, the President welcomed members of the European Committee of the Scottish
Parliament, led by the Committee’s Convener, Mr Hugh Henry, who had taken their seats in the official

5. Membership of committees

The President informed the House that Mrs Villiers was no longer a member of the Committee on
Women’s Rights and Equal Opportunities.

6. Documents received

The President had received the following texts:
(a) from the Council:
(aa) a request for an opinion on:
 Proposal for a Council regulation listing the third countries whose nationals must be in pos-
session of visas when crossing the external borders and those whose nationals are exempt
from that requirement (COM(2000) 27  C5-0166/2000  2000/0030(CNS))
referred to responsible: LIBE
opinion: AFET, JURI
legal basis: Art. 62 EC

(ab) an opinion on a proposal for a transfer of appropriations:
 Opinion of the Council on transfer of appropriations No 5/2000 between Chapters in Sec-
tion III  Commission  Part B  of the General Budget for the European Union for the
financial year 2000 (C5-0157/2000  2000/2061(GBD))
referred to responsible: BUDG