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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 378/13

Thursday 30 March 2000

(2000/C 378/02) MINUTES



1. Opening of sitting

The sitting opened at 9.05.

2. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

The following spoke:
( Berthu who, referring to his remarks at the beginning of the sitting concerning attacks made against
him by the Chairman of the Canadian parliamentary delegation (Item 3), responded to the comments
subsequently made about him by Mr Vander Taelen;
( Souladakis, on Mr Katiforis’ remarks, at the beginning of the sitting (Item 3).

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

* *

The following spoke:
( Staes, who asked the President whether she had received a report by the Court of Auditors on the
funding of Parliament’s political groups and whether, if she had, she intended to make it available to
the press (the President confirmed that she had received the report in question, pointing out that it
was a preliminary draft and stating that she had forwarded it to the Chairmen of the political groups,
asking for their comments, on the basis of which the Court of Auditors would then draw up the final
version; she added that she did see it as her duty to forward the report to the press);
( Wurtz, who stated that he had been informed that the Turkish authorities had reimprisoned Akin
Birdal, former chairman of the Turkish Committee on Human Rights, following the rejection of his
request to be released on health grounds; he urged the President to ask the Turkish authorities to free
Mr Birdal (the President promised to do so).

3. Communication of common positions of the Council

Pursuant to Rule 74(1), the President announced that she had received from the Council the following
common position, together with the reasons which had led to its adoption, and the Commission’s position
( Common position adopted by the Council with a view to adopting a European Parliament and Coun-
cil directive amending Directives 89/48/EEC and 92/51/EEC on the general system for the recognition
of professional qualifications and supplementing Directives 77/452/EEC, 77/453/EEC, 78/686/EEC,
78/687/EEC, 78/1026/EEC, 78/1027/EEC, 80/154/EEC, 80/155/EEC, 85/384/EEC, 85/432/EEC, 85/
433/EEC and 93/16/EEC concerning the professions of nurse responsible for general care, dental prac-
titioner, veterinary surgeon, midwife, architect, pharmacist and doctor (C5-0162/2000 ( 1997/
referred to responsible: JURI
referred to committees asked for an opinion at first reading: CULT, EMPL
legal basis: Articles 40, 47(1), 47(2) first sentence, 55 EC

The three-month period available to Parliament to deliver its opinion would therefore begin the following
day, 31 March 2000.