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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 380/19


European refugee fund — Community actions
(2000/C 380/11)

(Text with EEA relevance)

A. Council Decision 2000/596/EC of 28 September 2000 F. Selection criteria
established a European Refugee Fund (ERF) to support and
encourage Member States’ efforts in receiving refugees and 1. Applicants must have the capacity to finance their activities
displaced persons (see OJ L 252 of 6.10.2000). The purpose properly. Each co-financing organisation must submit an
of this notice is to invite proposals for Community actions for explicit undertaking to provide the amount of funding
the budget year 2000. stated in the grant application.

2. Applicants must have the operational (technical and
B. The following measures may be supported: management) capacity to complete the action to be
supported. In particular the team responsible for the
action must have adequate professional qualifications and
experience (attach CVs and particulars of involvement in
1. organisation of information and/or media campaigns in the past and/or present operations/actions).
Member States raising awareness on persons in need of
international protection, including the dimension of
fighting against racism and xenophobia. This may include
in particular actions aimed at schools and initiatives Proposals that meet the selection criteria will be further
concerning the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Convention; evaluated using the award criteria

Award criteria: the actions achieving the highest score
following evaluation according to the award criteria weighted
as set out below will be retained, taking into account the funds
2. crossnational networking activities in the fields of reception, available:
integration and voluntary repatriation;

1. The cost-effectiveness of the expenditure, in view of the
3. transnational actions involving a range of actors from at number of beneficiaries concerned by the action (30 %).
least two Member States, consisting of the transfer of
good practice related to reception, integration and/or
voluntary repatriation.
2. The innovatory nature of the action compared to the
practice in the relevant Member States (20 %).

Actions must have a clear European dimension and cannot
replace action that could be financed under the national 3. The feasibility of the action and realistic nature of the corre-
programmes implemented by the Member States. sponding budget estimate (20 %).

4. The extent to which the action complements the strategy of
Actions under points 1 and 2 should cover all the Member
the relevant ERF national programmes (15 %).
States involved in the ERF.

5. The proportion of the applicant’s own financial
C. The budget available is EUR 1,3 million. The maximum contribution (15 %).
grant amount is EUR 400 000.

G. Further information and submission of proposals
D. ERF financial support shall not exceed 80 % of the total Project proposals for measures described under points B1 and
eligible cost of the action. B2 above are invited from non-governmental organisations,
national, regional and local authorities, international organi-
sations and other organisations working on a strictly non-profit
basis with proven experience and expertise in the fields
E. Maximum project duration is 12 months. covered.
C 380/20 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 30.12.2000

Joint applications from two or more Member States European Commission
governments are invited for measures described under point Directorate-General Justice and Home Affairs
B1. Unit A/2 — Immigration and Asylum LX46 6/50
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
B-1049 Brussels
See the following website: Fax (32-2) 295 84 01; e-mail:

A standard application form and a model forward budget, to be Project proposals must be sent by MAIL (EITHER BY REGISTERED
used for all applications, are available on the same site. MAIL WITH RECEIPT OR BY COURIER SERVICE) IN A SEALED
Applications that do not respect the procedural requirements DOUBLE ENVELOPE. THE INNER ENVELOPE MUST BE MARKED
will not be considered. For applicants who do not have access ‘ERF COMMUNITY ACTION NOT TO BE OPENED BY THE
to the website versions, requests for the documents should be INTERNAL MAIL SERVICE — APPLICATION FROM: (NAME OF
sent by post, by fax or by electronic mail to the address below. ORGANISATION)’ and must arrive at the address indicated
Requests should be clearly marked ‘ERF Community actions’. above no later than 13 February 2001.