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bitcomet. 2.051 This article explains how to get up and running with Bit Torrent technology efficiently. hardware damage or any other kind of damage/losses/etc. µTorrent ( http://www. as those are the popular ones that support this standard. It shows how to battle ISPs throttling bit torrent speed and other ways to get the best optimization of your bandwidth. If you don't like this. Many people have used Bit Torrent and think they are running with optimized settings. even then. 2. Distributed Hash Table (DHT) Similar to Peer Exchange. limit your upload to 80% of full bandwidth. arises from the use of this document. 5. This is one key element we have to adjust for a good download / upload ratio.Maximizing BitTorrent Speeds with uTorrent (Guide / Tutorial) Version 1.sourceforge. but very popular too) BitComet ( ) (the number one choice) Azureus ( http://azureus. It details all the steps from downloading to optimizing your settings. A quick rundown of its major features and we're talking SPEED here 1. assuming he is generous with his uploads. 4. if any corruption of data. you can depend on DHT to continue to download! Local Peer Discovery Searches for peers in the same ISP as you. In real serious terms. . More Peers = More Speed! (provided the peers are seeds and are not choked) Protocol Encryption This is the major speed booster if your ISP throttles bit torrent traffic. INTRODUCTION This is a tutorial step by step guide on setting up ) (popular but banned by some trackers due to incorrect reporting) This guide will focus on the top most client. I will not be responsible for it. Unless you are purely seeding and not using your computer for other tasks. Peer exchange checks with other peers to see if they know of any other peers. If the tracker is down. uTorrent. It can do wonders on torrents with high seeds and can give high speeds especially if your peers are using the top 3 clients I mentioned above. in order of preference is as follows 1. and the torrent is not private. 3. Starting Off with Bit Torrent My top 3 recommended bit torrent clients. Connecting to a peer in the same network (or ISP) means you can get the maximum speeds from that peer. Peer Exchange Obtains more peers for your downloading torrent in addition to ) (slow. I will not be held responsible if this document causes your computer to explode or burst into flames. DISCLAIMER Proceed at your own risk! The information here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. 3.uTorrent. java based. please don't read any further. it is advised to read through this guide and see what you may have missed to better optimize your settings. Capping Upload Speed Uploading data to other peers at full throttle will severely limit your download rate. it also obtains more peers for you to download from.

Enter 100 for the number of concurrent half-open connections and press Enter. Some text should scroll by in a MS-DOS window. Open the file and run the program located inside the archive. 7. Patched TCPIP. 5. the latest version is 1. Type Y and the file should be patched. Note: Minimum Flash 7 is required. see next step for Vista users) 1. An Internet Connection and its maximum download and upload speed.speedtest. Right-click the link and click "Save Target As".sys to allow more concurrent half-open connections. it is part of Microsoft's way of ensuring its files are not tampered with (the utility tempers them to break the limit on purpose). 16.yaronmaor.bat. 2. after it ends. after it ends. Unsure? Run InstallPatch32. Save it in your Desktop. Windows XP SP2 and Vista limits the number of half-connections to 10. Windows Vista Users (NOT XP users. 6. especially if you are outside US. double click on InstallPatch32. This limitation can impact your Bittorrent experience. see above for XP users) 9. Save it in your Desktop. If you are running 64-bit Vista. Some text should scroll by in a MS-DOS window. A Bit Torrent Client . If you are running 32-Bit Vista. After the restart notice appears. visit http://www. type Y and press Enter. Go to this site .I recommend uTorrent. some torrents to kick off the download. 4.5. To increase the limit. Getting to the file: . If unsure.WHAT WE NEED 1.bat. Go to this site .net/ to run a speed test. 15. press any key and restart your PC. A sample torrent file will be provided later. agreeing to the security Click on Downloads. 13.htm 10.http://www. Windows XP Users (NOT Vista users. 4. This guide uses uTorrent for the tutorial. type C. And The Recommended Server works out most of the time. 12.bat. double click on InstallPatch64. 3. 8. Right-click the link and click "Save Target As". Remember to select a download location closest to you.7.EventID4226Fix for Windows Vista (Line 2) 11. Look for the item named . 3. Cancel any Windows XP warnings that should appear.lvllord. DOWNLOAD As of October 2007. Extract all contents of the file to a folder 14. 2.http://www.

It will give the following dialog: You want the program to be easily accessible.5 Stable (214 KB)". Click on this download page . Most of us will just click through the dialogs accepting the default values. 3.we know perfectly well that the file is legitimate.php Click "Get µTorrent 1. 2. but not the majority. Run the program.1. don't you? Click Yes and the shortcut will be created in your desktop and start Choose to RUN it.http://www.7. click Run as we know this is a safe file. And the next dialog box is the most important step . 3. 1. If any security dialogs appear. Configuring uTorrent The configuration part is where most people mess up. Ignore the security warning (Click Run) .uTorrent. 2. This may apply to some of us.

Now the value that we are interested in right now is the Upload Limit in kB/s (aka KBps). Make sure you got the right values in KBps (not kbps. Use Google Calculator if you need help with conversions. There is a big difference between 5Kbps and 5KBps. If you have trouble understanding your speed. the case of 'b' matters) . 4. consider this: Internet Explorer shows download speed as KBps when you download a file. Click Current Settings .

it is always better to leave it at unlimited to get maximum download speeds. Note: The default download speed in utorrent is Unlimited. click Download Limit and set accordingly. . Norton Personal have to inform the admin that you want the port to be directed to your computer. ZoneAlarm. You can also set this in the Preferences dialog. but speeds will not be optimal. select the closest upload speed from the list. etc. "xx/384k" means that your download is unlimited and your upload is limited to 384kbps (which is 48KBps by Google Calculator). This is normally accomplished by starting up utorrent. Note: uTorrent randomly generates a port number in Current Port. 2. if you need to limit your download speeds. If so. The good news . and the firewall should spring up an access alert. We're not finished yet. If you have trouble running the test. Even if your download is limited. However. visit this page for a guide on how to port forward. This guide assumes the port number to be 55641 . uTorrent immediately adjusts the "Affected Settings" area with recommended values for your upload speed. Click on "Test if port is forwarded properly" to run the test. Simply select the option to "Always Allow" the program to access the Internet.but you can substitute it with the number uTorrent shows. it could be due to one or more of the following reasons: 1. right-click the utorrent icon on the system tray (bottom right). Home Router If you are running a router (sometimes called wireless access point) at home. Windows Firewall Users uTorrent will automatically configure Windows Firewall for you so there is no action needed from you. 5. Your connection should be near to one of the above categories. Corporate Firewall Are you running this software in a corporate network? Bad news . you will have to configure it to route all TCP / UDP bit torrent traffic to port 55641 to your computer. With your results of the speed test you did above. then configure your firewall such that uTorrent has access to port 55641.The authors of uTorrent have been very helpful in providing a list of predefined values. 3. Port forwarding is also can still go by without port forwarding. Click the router you are using and follow instructions. Personal Firewall If you are running a firewall software such as Norton Internet Security.

if the website still says that it has problems accessing the port. the ultimate test will be when we do a test file downloading. 2. Find the row with the largest value. 4. Let's click on Use Selected Settings. NOTE: The "Name and Type" may differ on your system. and the best way to verify that your port is forwarded is to proceed into the next step. Minimize uTorrent for now.4. Starting a simple torrent We need to start a simple uses a different port for checking. and the one that will be using is a 650MB file of Ubuntu! It is a perfectly legal and free file to download. Now download the torrent . The file opens with uTorrent which automatically pops up this dialog (scaled for easier viewing) .click the link in the 2nd column of that row You should get this dialog: This is the metadata file. 3. as Ubuntu is frequently updated 6. Having done all the above. We want uTorrent to automatically start downloading it. We will be downloading this file purely for testing and delete it later on (as it is of no use to us) 1. This simply means that the website is reporting false info. it contains information on the file you want to download eventually. so click Open. Look at the column labeled "complete". Notice it resides on the system tray (bottom right) automatically. 6. This is normal. Click to http://torrent.ubuntu. especially if you are accessing the Internet through a transparent proxy that your ISP forces you to use. Now you see the full uTorrent window in full glamour. A quick way is to scan for a 4 digit value.Com Port Forward Checking Website has a problem Yes. This case is very unlikely as utorrent. That is why it is so small. 5.

Here is also where you select files that you don't want to download . Remember where the file is stored in "Save As".if the download has many files which in this case is not. All looking good. Suddenly all the values begin filling up! . or save it in a different location that is more convenient for you. click OK. Progress of the Download Click on the Ubuntu torrent (the only item in the list) to view more information on it.All values are automatically filled in for you.

after running for 5 minutes. However. Preferences. Click on Options. 2703 seeds is a lot and it means you should get the full file in no time! A seed is a term used to refer to peers who have downloaded and sharing the complete file. which is not possible for a highly seeded torrent. 2. Click on BitTorrent. Could it be my ISP throttling? Enabling Protocol Encryption and Increasing Max Half Open Connections uTorrent by default disables protocol encryption. We need to enable this so that the ISP's packet shaping hardware will detect our bit torrent traffic as normal traffic and hopefully let it pass. 1. 3. the speed refuses to go above 20 KB/s. You should get a dialog similar to one below .Looks like the torrent has a total of 2703 seeds and 247 downloaders.

. This is to indicate that the value has been changed from the default value.4. The one we are concerned about is Protocol Encryption. 5.max_halfopen" value to 50 by selecting the line. NOTE: It is normal for a asterisk(*) to appear. changing the value at the bottom to 50 and clicking Set. Set the Outgoing to Enabled. Click on Advanced. Change the "net.

pulling down your download speed. and Start the torrent. Again. so that your ratio is maintained. It is possible to set a very low upload. 7. Stop all torrents. Ultimately. you must upload in order for peers to share their downloaded data with you. the main reason private trackers exist is because they enforce sharing rules that tries to prevent a person from downloading a torrent and running off without uploading back the same amount of data he downloaded. This will make all your outgoing and incoming packets fully encrypted. it lowered the speeds. The total upload available to me is 60KB/s. You can tell if the torrent is private by selecting the torrent and looking at the DHT value. Preferences. 2. but the chance of peers sending you their data will decrease. Remember. it is a private torrent. Peers who are using a torrent software that doesn't support encryption are dropped. the download speed gets limited to 200KB/s. Remove the check for "Allow Incoming Legacy Connections" (Options. Bittorrent). 6. except for tracker communications. Experiment. you may be able to get good speeds as everyone will be trying to increase their upload/download ratio. That said. For new and popular torrents on such trackers. Bittorrent) to Forced. However. not a exclamation mark as below. Click OK.lazy_bitfield setting to false in Advanced Preferences. 3. To get more peers. Good to connect to only encryption-enabled peers. The key point here is the seeds/leechers ratio and the popularity of them in public and private trackers. it depends on the number of seeders and peers with high upload rate. check the possible causes. Now let's watch the speeds. 4. Setting a high upload can sometimes slow down a fast torrent. especially those with torrents that specifically tell utorrent to disable DHT (effectively disabling Peer Exchange and Local Peer Discovery too). Preferences. 5. especially if the torrent is heavily seeded. you must upload to enjoy good download rates. But remember. wait 10 seconds. If it says "disabled". Avoid private trackers. in my ADSL connection. Avoid doing this for torrents with low peers/seeds. the above changes will improve speeds. 1. Some people have reported speed increases by setting the peer. Hopefully. right-click the entry on the list. This will force encryption on all outgoing packets and will not fallback to un-encrypted mode if the peer refuses to co-operate. . Avoid doing this for torrents with low peers/seeds. This is where you have to experiment by setting a low upload rate (from 10 at Preferences > Network) and watching if the speeds increase for 5 minutes.6. Change the Protocol Encryption (Options. Do this especially if you are on a private tracker before you exit the application. in my case. If I upload at 30KB/s. experiment. if I do upload at 10KB/s I can get up to 350KB/s. For example. Further Things You Can Try For Optimum Speed Pointers 3-7 below have the potential to affect your speeds positively and negatively. There should be a green tick at the bottom. but not so high that it affects download speed. Experiment. and click Update Tracker. If uTorrent keeps showing this even after 5 minutes.

if it remains at a value less than 1 (eg.98) for more than a day.8. Check the Availability column for the torrent. either the torrent does not have seeds or it is fake. chances are that the torrent is new and the original uploader is still uploading. However. If it is less than 1. (Thanks TTbarDJ) . 0.

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