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Style Diary

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SPOTS… “I love shopping and
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exploring the Marais district in
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Paris because it has the cutest
ropean f Kotha , exclus cafés. Another great perk is that
of E a Sara bravura
many leading designers have
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The isseur,
you can often stop by and
o le of just preview the upcoming
conn kable ta STREET STYLE IN FRANCE… “...Is really season’s collections – it’s
diverse and depends not only on the time of the really amazing. I write
year and the city but also the neighbourhood. about all these stores and
It can range from high heels to a summer dress my discovery of fashion
to a fancy track suit. One of my favourite street on my platform for
FRANCE HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN styles is something that’s comfortable yet chic.” those who want
YOUR HEART… “It was the first European more details!”
country that I visited. It was where my YOUR TRAVEL WARDROBE… “I love to  
now-husband had asked me to be his girlfriend. explore places on foot. So, sneakers or statement
I also studied there for a brief summer. But, boots from Louboutin with a silk dress from
only after I moved to Belgium (a three-hour EPOK or Georgia Hardinge or Valentino
drive from Paris) and started living like a local kitten heels with ankle jeans and an oversized
European, did I realise the true beauty of this coat from ByKavya. For bags, I prefer
diverse country. something that I can sling across
or even a super-cool backpack.
THE AMAZING PART ABOUT FRENCH I’m definitely big on sunglasses
PEOPLE IS… “They KNOW how to create (Timeshades are always a
the most perfect and unforgettable experiences. conversation starter) and
It has Paris (one of the most iconic cities in the layering jewellery – it’s what Aisha, who enjoys shopping
world), Cannes, St Tropez (the summer hotspot) completes the look.” at the Wild Albert, is seen in
a black jumper. She is fond
and Courchevel (the luxurious ski resort) in
of sunglasses by Timeshades
addition to the many beautiful vineyards and TRIP HIGHLIGHTS…
(top left) and Rosantica bags
castles. Undoubtedly, France has my heart (and “I absolutely love good food, (seen top right and below left).
the key to my bank account).” a great ambience and a little Seen right, Aisha explores a
Aisha Saraf Kothari is seen here with her husband, bit of partying. What is unique trunk show
TOP TRENDS… “For French people, it is to Ashin, at Courchevel. Seen left, Aisha – who adores about France is that you can do
not conform to any trend. From micro bags and France – explores the streets in a semi fur top and all three together! The spots have CHICEST SPOTS… “At St
oversized trenches to puffy sleeves and sneakers ankle boots a great vibe, the best crowd and, Tropez and Cannes – Bagatelle
– from classic to Avant Garde – you’ll find of course, the most amazing Beach, Verde Beach, L’Opera
everything in France. The idea is that you dress skiing in Courchevel – it’s when you paraglide views. As the day/evening and La Guérite. At Courchevel – ALL-TIME FAVOURITE STYLE
to express yourself and that in itself is a trend. with skis! I took off from the mountains at 2,000 progresses, the music gets louder, Nammos, La Mangeoire and La F MUSES… “I am a big observer of everything
A recent trend that I loved was the oversized, meters wearing my skis, flew in the sky for 20 the shows start literally on your olie Douce and in Paris – Yeeels. and everyone around me and that is where I
dramatic sleeves on dresses, sweaters, blouses minutes, landed straight on my skis on the slopes table and before you know it, Other must-visit places to get away get most of my inspiration. If I had to pin
and coats!” and skied all the way down. Fun fact: Anyone you’re dancing on top of tables from the hustle bustle and experience point, it would be, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Rhea
who knows a basic level of skiing can do this – it either spraying champagne or nature at its finest are Corsica, Calvi Kapoor, Natasha Poonawalla, Chriselle Lim
A LUXURIOUS EXPERIENCE… “Para looks much scarier than it actually is!” eating dessert!”  and Reims.” and Danielle Bernstein.”

AISHA ON THE HIDDEN giants such as Kenzo, Chloé and Eres, Samy

Chalon decided to use designer scarves
GEMS IN FRANCE from Hermès and Dior to create cashmere
IN PARIS cardigans that mix vintage and modern styles.”
CAULAINCOURT: “More for men than
women, but a concept that cannot be missed. AT COURCHEVEL
Alexis Lafont creates customised shoes. You Wild Albert: “A quirky shop right next to La
choose your style from boots to espadrilles and Mangeoire, founded by a mother-daughter duo.
everything in between, including the width, They have the most fun statement pieces that
the colour combinations and the details of play on satire and bling at the same time.”  
the laces.” 
VSP: “A boutique that sells stunning leather AT ST TROPEZ
jackets. They marry artistic craft with Mirae: “Founded by Tara Jarmon’s daughter,
technical innovation to create incredible this brand is still in its nascent stages, but it
designs, but, at the same time, keeping exuberates the experience of a fashion giant.
its natural elegance and versatility. It Flirty minimalism and silk slip dresses are what
experiments also with shearling, knits and While in France, Aisha visits couture swim suits and more.”  I fell in love with.” 
other fabrics to create differentiated VSP Boutique (above) and Miista: “It stands for Mr and Mrs – it’s a shoe Joys Boutique: “Another multi brand concept Capri sources some of the most luxurious linen
collections and lines for women.” the Marais district (right). brand that brings opposites together. Extremely store that has dresses you will not find anywhere to make their pieces, thereby making it
Gang of Earlybirds and By She’s fond of custom- comfortable yet absolutely stunning shoes. They else – think crochet, frills and fancy.  ideal for the jet-setting summer wardrobe.
Marie: “These are two concept made shoes by Alexis can give your branded designer kicks a run for 100% Capri: “Pristine whites blended with Obviously, the brand is also popular in
multi brand stores that carefully Lafont, available at their money!”  exquisite craftsmanship form the DNA of this Aisha loves the flirty minimalism of the Mirae Mykonos and Ibiza.”
curate designers from all over. Caulaincourt in Samuel Chalon: “After brand. Think rompers, dresses, blouses in pure slip dress collection. She explores a boutique at
Think Greek sandals, silk dresses, Paris (below) working for fashion whites, rosy pinks and soothing blues. 100% Courchevel (right) TEXT: ANKITA RATHOD