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C 17/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 19.1.


Council conclusions on networking information on emerging trends and patterns in drug abuse
and poly-drug use and the associated risks

(2001/C 17/02)

The Council of the European Union adopts the following (5) This guideline would require the national focal points of
guidelines on the networking of information on emerging the Reitox network to be able to use the data produced by
trends and patterns in drug abuse and poly-drug use and the the other bodies or networks concerned (national agency
associated risks: responsible for the evaluation of medicinal products, public
health institutes and networks of health professionals,
(1) Under the European Union Drugs Strategy 2000-2004 and prevention associations, hospital laboratories or forensic
the action plan adopted for its implementation, it is science institutes, etc.).
desirable to organise a system that will alert more
quickly to emerging trends and patterns in drug abuse (6) Under their respective mandates, the EMCDDA and the
and poly-drug use and the associated risks. European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal
Products (EMEA) are encouraged to jointly define a
(2) Accordingly, in view of the existing information systems in framework of ongoing cooperation, in compliance with
each Member State and at European level, it is not their powers, to exchange useful information at European
necessary nor desirable to create new structures, new level on the potential of abuse and risks associated with the
networks or new financial obligations for the Member use and/or polyuse of psychoactive drugs. In compliance
States. with its terms of reference, Europol should be involved in
providing information on emerging trends in drug-traf-
(3) As far as possible, use should be made of the Reitox ficking.
network set up by Council Regulation (EEC) No 302/93
of 8 February 1993 on the establishment of a European
Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (7) Interested Member States and relevant national and
(EMCDDA). European agencies (EMCDDA, EMEA, etc.) are encouraged
to participate in a pilot project financed by the Community
(4) The activities of the Reitox network could be developed in budget aiming at the exchange of information on emerging
two directions: trends and new patterns of drug abuse and poly-drug use.
Over a period of 18 months this pilot project should also
— observation of emerging trends and patterns in drug define the conditions, financial as well as relating to the
abuse and poly-drug use and the associated risks, scope of the substances to be covered, necessary for the
exchange of such information among a larger number of
— rapid release of this information to public authorities, countries.
professionals and prevention associations so that they
can implement suitable prevention measures as swiftly (8) The Commission and the Member States are asked to look
as possible. into ways and means of achieving these aims.