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C 21/28 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 24.1.



Improving the awareness of Community law within the legal professions

(2001/C 21/09)

1. Objectives 3. Eligibility

The internal market took shape following a major drive to The following institutions are eligible for financial support
produce new legislation. This unprecedented campaign has under the Robert Schuman project:
now given way to a new priority for the Community,
namely to ensure the effective and uniform implementation
in the Member States of the common rules necessary to the — the courts,
smooth functioning of the internal market.

— bar associations and equivalent professional bodies,
Citizens, consumers and enterprises will be unable to enforce
all of their rights under the Community legal system unless
those members of the legal professions most directly involved — the Ministries of Justice, high councils of the judiciary or
in implementing Community law, i.e. judges, prosecutors and similar bodies,
lawyers, are sufficiently informed and trained to do so.

— approved vocational schools or educational institutes
responsible for the initial or continuing training of
2. Means of action judges, prosecutors or lawyers,

On 22 June 1998 (1), with a view to improving awareness of
Community law within these legal professions, the European — universities.
Parliament and the Council decided to establish a programme
entitled the Robert Schuman project.
Eligible institutions may apply for financial support under the
Robert Schuman project by submitting one or more training,
The Robert Schuman project is designed to encourage and information or accompanying projects to the competent
support, by means of temporary financial assistance, initiatives Commission departments.
launched in the Member States to improve awareness of
Community law for judges, prosecutors and lawyers.
4. Financing the programme

The project sets out to encourage: The programme has been allocated a budget of EUR 970 000
for 2001.

— practical training initiatives in Community law (initial or
continuing training) for judges, prosecutors and lawyers The amount of the grant, limited to EUR 30 000 for projects
or persons preparing to take up those professions, with a duration of one year and to EUR 60 000 for projects
lasting two years, may not exceed 80 % of the net costs of the
project in question (i.e. total costs minus revenue).
— information initiatives (designed to improve the content of,
or access to, information) in Community law for judges, Eligible expenditure is that incurred during implementation of
prosecutors and lawyers or persons preparing to take up the project, more specifically for the practical measures.
those professions,

— accompanying initiatives designed to facilitate implemen- 5. Selection criteria
tation of the above two forms of support or to enhance
their impact. The applicant bodies enjoy considerable freedom in designing
their projects.

This call for proposals marks the launch of the Robert In addition to the level of preparation, the quality of the
Schuman project for 2001. organisation and the provision of details regarding the
objectives and content of projects, these are selected, and
(1) Decision No 1496/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the financial support awarded, on the basis of the following
Council (OJ L 196, 14.7.1998, p. 24). specific criteria:
24.1.2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 21/29

1. Practical use project. The Commission reserves the right to determine
whether it is to apply to other initiatives.
The measures envisaged must enable the target groups to
acquire knowledge adapted to, and immediately useful in,
the day-to-day practice of their profession. 7. Assessment and monitoring
During the implementation of the project, the beneficiary will
2. Accessibility
keep the competent Commission departments regularly
informed about progress, in particular by submitting a
The measures envisaged must be designed to raise awareness
definitive programme for the project and by giving notification
among the greatest possible number of judges, prosecutors
of any change in the information contained in the initial
and lawyers, and in particular those who have not yet
become acquainted with Community law.
The beneficiary is required to mention the aid received by
3. Adjustment to constraints of professional practice indicating in every document connected with the project the
support provided by the Robert Schuman project.
The way in which the measures envisaged are implemented
must reflect the needs of professional practice (particularly At the end of the funding period, the beneficiary is required to
in terms of timetabling and geographical proximity). submit a detailed report on the implementation of the
4. Cost-effectiveness

Costs entailed by the measures must be reasonable, having 8. Procedure
regard to their objectives.
Eligible institutions wishing to receive Community funding in
The following optional assessment criteria may also be order to implement an initiative meeting the above selection
taken into account: criteria may request an application form from:

— the inter-professional dimension of measures European Commission
(involvement of judges, prosecutors and lawyers in Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs
implementing them or as target groups), Robert Schuman project
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
— the cross-border dimension of measures (involvement of (LX 46 5/147)
nationals of more than one EU Member State in B-1049 Brussels.
implementing them or as target groups). Contact person: Anna Jansson
tel. (32-2) 295 53 44,
fax (32-2) 299 64 57
6. Continuity

Financial support under the Robert Schuman project is You can download the application forms from the following
awarded for projects with a maximum duration of one or address:
two years.
So as to ensure continuity, recipients of Robert Schuman en/index_en.htm
project grants undertake to continue their work without
support from the Commission, as from the date on which Applications must concern projects scheduled to commence
grants cease, for a period equivalent to that for which the between 1 October 2001 and 30 September 2002.
grant was made.
The final deadline for lodging applications (completed forms,
This continuity principle applies systematically to all initiatives by post) for funding under the Robert Schuman project has
falling within the ‘training’ section of the Robert Schuman been set at 31 March 2001 (date of postmark will count).