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Your Link to the Newest Trends in Quality

Unit 16M One Burgundy Plaza, 307 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Telephone: (632) 434-6833; 434-3583

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1 About Us………………………………………………………………...... 3
2 Brief History………………………………………………………………. 4
3 Company Vision & Mission………………………………………… 5
4 Consultancy & Training Business Framework…………….. 7
Strategic Planning………………………………………….… 8
People Development…………….……………………….… 10
Process Management…………………………………….… 11
Performance Management……………………………... 13
Continuous Improvement……………………………….. 15
Standardization & Control…………………………….... 17
5 Training Courses………………………………………………………..
Strategic Planning……………………………………………. 19
People Development…………….……………………….… 19
Process Management………………………………………. 20
Performance Management……………………………… 22
Continuous Improvement……………………………….. 23
Standardization & Control……………………………….. 25
6 Our President & Managing Director…..………………………. 28
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Company Profile

Your Link to the Newest Trends in Quality


Quality Plus Management Consulting Co. is a team of experts who
provide tailored consulting and training services in the field of quality
and process improvement.

Over the years, we take pride on the expertise and sense of
professionalism of our consultants. Our competency is embedded in
our extensive experience in the industry coupled with our ability to
impart the knowledge to our clients in the most effective and
passionate way.

We help our clients in achieving excellent quality and productivity
level through continuous process improvement efforts, resulting in the
reduction of product defects, shorter cycle time, trimmed down
operational costs and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Henry O. In a span of one year. The convergence of its pool of consultants and technical staff alongside with their expertise. Hence. It is a cycle that is continuously refined until the organization achieves operational excellence. one after the other. Mr.Company Profile BRIEF HISTORY Quality Plus Management Consulting Co. While the company continued to grow annually. Through ‘word of mouth’ more projects from new clients came in. This framework lays out an ideal cycle of approach to business process overhauling that starts from (1) Strategic Planning to (2) People Development. the owners decided to aggressively market its services. upon its inception in 2001 started with the challenge for its Managing Director. It was when clients drastically increased to over twenty companies from the manufacturing and service sectors. it was formally established as a legal single proprietorship entity in 2002. Page 4 .. Palaca to start as a freelance consultant for a project with a lighting company in an industrial park in Cavite. then (3) Process Management alongside with (4) Performance management. exposure and experiences comes with an innovation in its new image into a concrete business framework that embraces six major fields of approach to industry quality and process improvement. registered under the name Q+ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING. there was a remarkable increase in its clientele to over 50 until it finally shifted its form of business into a partnership in August 2007 and expanded its name to QUALITY PLUS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING CO. (5) Continuous Improvement and (6) Standardization & Control.

and  Build strong relationship with our business partners and treat them with fairness and integrity.  Nurture our staff and continuously develop their competence in order to achieve a high sense of pride and degree of excellence in their work.Company Profile OUR VISION A noble institution known for transforming the mindset of the industry into a paradigm of optimum quality and productivity. is committed to:  Provide exceptional services that will add value to our clients. Page 5 . OUR MISSION Quality Plus Management Consulting Co.

we aim to provide exceptional services that will add value to our clients whom we deal with integrity and equitability. We are proud to have assisted successfully organizations from the initial management system appraisal up to ISO CERTIFICATION. and 3.5 million. So far. To achieve this. it has inspired us to have already shared with our clients under the BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM the success of achieving significant results in the value-added services we provide. Page 6 . Initial cost savings of about PhP 2.Company Profile WHAT QUALITY PLUS HAS ALREADY ATTAINED WE are motivated to be a partner in nation-building with the vision to transform the mindset of the industry into a paradigm of optimum quality and productivity. such as: 1. We provide training for our clients in the field of quality and productivity as well as statistical tools and techniques in addressing operational problems and improving customer satisfaction. being partners in nurturing employees for competency at work. Reduction of production processing time by 30%. Reduction of unnecessary manpower from 20-50%. 2.


STRATEGIC PLANNING The process of defining strategy of the organization and making the right decisions in allocating resources to pursue the strategy set. Page 8 .  Project Feasibility Study Business expansion is inevitable to a dynamic organization. To effectively obtain customer requirements. socio-economic and organization. There is therefore an entailed risk to an expansion program in whatever form. including its capital and people. an effective system. a long-term business plan is strategically performed by the management. To reduce the risk of failure in the expansion program. It may be launching a new product or service. technical. customers and competitors’ analysis and setting up of corporate goals. wants and expectations is usually the one who succeeds in the race. For an organization to avoid myopia. The study is intended to assess the viability of expansion in all its facets – market.  Market Needs Assessment “Listen to the voice of the customer” – An enterprise that is focused on meeting customer needs. This covers environmental scanning. tool or technique must be used such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD) or competitive benchmarking. a project feasibility study must be conducted. objectives and targets. or relocating the business. establishing a new facility. financial. HOW WILL QUALITY PLUS HELP YOU IN STRATEGIC PLANNING?  Business Planning Short term plans are not enough to survive in the stiff competition.

 Training Led Consultancy  Quality Function Deployment (QFD)  Competitive Benchmarking  How to Conduct Project Feasibility Study Page 9 . technical.  Project Feasibility Study We can conduct a complete project feasibility study for the company. covering marketing. focusing on the actual performance of the critical processes. financial. socio-economic and organizational set up. from environmental scanning up to development of goals. and programs. STRATEGIC PLANNING OUR SERVICES IN STRATEGIC PLANNING INCLUDE:  Organizational Diagnosis Our team of consultants conducts an assessment of the company’s entire business process. targets.  Coaching Approach We coach our clients on how to properly execute the Strategic Planning of the company. objectives.

HOW WILL QUALITY PLUS HELP YOU IN PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT? Part of the company preparation in the implementation of the strategic plan is the capability of the people in the execution of the plan. Staff capability is evaluated in terms of their knowledge. OUR SERVICES IN PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT INCLUDE:  Training Led Consultancy  Employee Competence Management System  Training Workshops  Management Development Program  Leadership & Supervisory Skills  People Empowerment  Training of Trainers  Team Building for Performance Improvement Page 10 . PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT It involves the enhancement of employee's competencies and equipping them with the knowledge and skills in the performance of their functions and responsibilities. skills and work attitude.

if not properly implemented. establishing responsibilities for the process owners and measuring performance of these processes. When the process is measured. Careful attention must be given when setting up quality control system to prevent high cost of quality control. determining ownership of these processes.  Process Control Companies use various statistical tools and techniques to measure performance of the process. Page 11 . Relevant production operation tools and techniques must be utilized within the operation. Monitoring and inspection activities will be futile unless the company’s measurement system is verified to be satisfactory and the measurement readings reliable. that is the only way we can assess its stability as well as its ability to meet product specifications and customer expectations  Measurement System The measurement system of the production operations system must be closely monitored for its reliability.  Effective Quality Control An independent quality control activity must be undertaken to ensure that the quality of the products meets customer requirements upon delivery to the clients. may be very costly. HOW WILL QUALITY PLUS HELP YOU IN PROCESS MANAGEMENT?  Production Operations Management In order to be competitive in the market. PROCESS MANAGEMENT It involves defining the organization's critical processes. Quality Control system. which is the core business process that transforms the integrated resources into value-added product or service must be both effective and efficient. the organization’s production operation.

Materials Management. determining its strengths as well as its areas for improvement  Coaching Approach We coach our clients on how to implement system as well as the sub-systems of production operations such as Production Planning and Control (PPC). and Facilities Planning. Distribution System. Warehousing and Inventory Management.  Training Led Consultancy  Production Planning & Control  Regression Analysis (PPC)  Design of Experiment  Warehousing & Inventory  Statistical Process Control Management  Measurement System Analysis  Facilities Planning & Design  Gage Repeatability &  Facilities Maintenance & Reproducibility Reliability  Attribute GR&R  Statistical/ Acceptance Sampling  Advanced Product Quality Hypothesis Testing Planning (APQP)  Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)  Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) Page 12 . Maintenance System. PROCESS MANAGEMENT OUR SERVICES IN PROCESS MANAGEMENT INCLUDE:  Operations Audit A team of consultants conducts an independent assessment of the company’s production operations.

internal processes. product claims and warranty. Page 13 . strategic planning.  Cost of Quality Management A traditional organization may be monitoring the cost incurred due to quality defects such as rejects. However. among others.  Performance Excellence Assessment Assessing the company performance is effective if done holistically. information and analysis. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT It involves assessing company's performance based on predetermined goals. HOW WILL QUALITY PLUS HELP YOU IN PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT?  Balanced Score Card It has been the trend in the industry that assessing company performance may be done in four perspectives: financial. process management and business results are all essential in the assessment. A set of performance criteria covering management. and learning and growth. human resources focus. calibration. customer. such way of monitoring is not sufficient to capture the totality of cost due to quality. Managing cost of quality must also include the cost due to defect prevention such as training. market focus. leadership.

MBNQA) may be used as a framework. or Performance Excellence Assessment criteria (PQA.  Training-Led Consultancy  Balanced Score Card  Cost of Quality  Assessing Company’s Performance Through MBNQA Criteria Page 14 . PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT OUR SERVICES IN PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT INCLUDE:  Coaching Approach We teach our clients on how to set up a performance management system in the company. Proven-to-be-effective methodologies such as Management-By- Objective (MBO). Balanced Score Card (BSC). Cost of Quality Management (CQM).

The team approach in problem solving has been proven to be effective in addressing any operational problem. HOW WILL QUALITY PLUS HELP YOU IN CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT?  Business Process Improvement The bottom line of business process improvement is improved product quality and service levels.C.  Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing is a management philosophy of minimizing wastes by striving for perfection through continuous learning. Management and employees alike try to solve these problems through meetings and brainstorming. manpower capabilities or relations. productivity improvement through work sampling and facilities layout review. among other tools.e. A formed team (i. and many others. product quality. The paramount emphasis of continuous improvement is the importance of product quality. hoping that they find the causes and come up with an effective solution. Various problem solving tools may be used including 7 Q.. determine its root causes. and work redesign through ergonomics. creativity and teamwork. quick response to customer and reduced operational cost. Quality Circle or Self Directed Team) is tasked to clearly define the problem. every organization is faced with the challenge of improving and streamlining its business process to cope with highly competitive market. Quality must go hand-in-hand with productivity. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Nowadays. and implement courses of action. Page 15 .  Team Approach in Problem Solving Problems occur in the process or equipment. This program covers work simplification through time and motion study. Success requires total commitment of the management and employees. quick response to customer and reduced operational cost. tools and 7 management planning tools.

in.time  Kanban System  Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)  Gemba  Muda  Visual Management  Total Productive Maintenance  Lean Manufacturing Page 16 . Tools of Problem Solving  7 Management Planning Tools  Theory of Constraints  8D of Problem Solving  Setting Up Quality Teams  5S of Good Housekeeping  Value Stream Mapping  Just. diagnoses the factors affecting productivity and quality.  Training Programs:  Work Simplification  Creating a Safe and Efficient Workplace  Business Process Re-engineering  7 Q. including manpower complement.  Coaching Approach. including training led consultancy on different problem solving tools and techniques. and generates recommendations and solutions to increase productivity and optimizes utilization of present resources. We coach our client on how to set up effectively process improvement/ problem solving teams. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OUR SERVICES IN CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT INCLUDE:  Business Process Improvement Program A team of consultants conduct a study of the existing business process of the company.C. and recognition or reward scheme. assesses the present productivity and quality levels.

to system design.  Integrated Management System (IMS) We help companies implement an integrated management system that takes into consideration the three standards .  Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHS) We help companies in complying with the requirements of OSHAS 18001. ISO 22001. ISO/TS 16949. development and deployment up to system implementation. Our assistance starts from conducting current system appraisal and initial environmental review.ISO 9001. development and deployment up to system implementation. such as satisfying the customer's quality requirements. audit and review prior to certification. to system design. complying to regulations or meeting environmental objectives. and GMP certification. Our assistance starts from conducting current system appraisal. we help companies gain the seal of quality – ISO 9001. Our assistance starts from conducting current system appraisal. audit and review prior to certification. ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. development and deployment up to system implementation. development and deployment up to system implementation. to system design. audit and review prior to certification. HOW WILL QUALITY PLUS HELP YOU IN STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL?  Quality Management System (QMS) At Quality Plus. audit and review prior to certification Page 17 . Our assistance starts from conducting current system appraisal and hazard identification.  Environmental Management System (EMS) We provide assistance to companies in setting up EMS based on the requirements of ISO 14001. STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL A Management System refers to what the organization does to manage its processes or activities in order that the products or services that it produces meet the objectives it has set itself. HACCP. to EMS design.

STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL OUR SERVICES IN STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL INCLUDE:  Full Consultancy Package Initial System Appraisal. Walk-through Review & Pre-Assessment  Documentation Package  Pre-certification or Pre-surveillance Audit  Training Programmes  Understanding ISO 9001 Requirements  Understanding ISO/ TS 16949 Requirements  Understanding ISO 22001 Food Safety Management System Requirements  Understanding GMP Requirements  Understanding HACCP Principles  Setting Up HACCP Program  Designing. Awareness on the Standards. Training Led Consultancy. Documenting and Implementing QMS  Internal Quality Auditing (IQA)  Effective Document Control  Effective Records Management  Managing Suppliers Quality  Measuring Customer Satisfaction  Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Page 18 .

TRAINING COURSES ON: STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic Planning A disciplined effort to produce the fundamental decisions and actions that must be taken today to shape the long-term direction of the organization. that is. Page 19 . TRAINING COURSES ON: PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT Employee Competency Management Learn to establish the competency requirements of every job position in the core process group on the four components of the competency framework. Building Effective Teams in the Workplace Learn the importance of teamwork of the employees in the company and enhance the perspective on personal and work values through fun-filled and gainful activities. or quality) that is widely considered to be an industry standard best practice Training Workshop in Feasibility Study An evaluation of a proposal designed to determine the difficulty of carrying out a designated task before technical development & project implementation. cycle time. WHAT WE OFFER  Coaching and Consultancy  In-house Training TRAINING COURSES 1. 2. the Voice of the Customer through each stage of the product development and production process. that is. through the product realization cycle. Benchmarking Is a process of comparing the business processes and performance metrics (including cost. productivity. Quality Function Deployment Is a structured method that is intended to transmit and translate customer requirements.

Materials Management Covers the acquisition of spare parts and replacements. shipping. retain employees. Production Planning & Control (PPC) Concerns with planning and controlling all aspects of manufacturing. including materials. Inventory Management Control operating costs and provide better understanding on inventory management information. Quality Customer Service A continuous process of meeting and exceeding customer's needs and expectations resulting to customer satisfaction. TRAINING COURSES ON: PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT Writing for an effective communication Understand the importance of effective communication and know its impact to people and the business process. and warehousing the said parts.2. and ensure optimal levels of performance from employees in meeting the organization’s strategic objectives. TRAINING COURSES ON: PROCESS MANAGEMENT Production Operations Management Develop a broad understanding of business operations and examine issues relevant to the current market and engage in hands-on programs that stimulate real business situations. and coordinati on with suppliers and customers. Page 20 . quality control of purchasing and ordering such parts. scheduling machines and people. inventory management software & tools. 3. Competency Based Compensation System Competency management is an important strategic area of organizations and it will have an impact on employer’s ability to attract applicants. and the standards involved in ordering.

and finished goods. storage. including machines. Statistical Sampling Techniques Provide mathematically verifiable quantitative aids for estimating the sample size needed to achieve the desired precision and reliability. Introduction to Supply Chain Management Gives the basic management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers. The criteria for a good layout necessarily relate to people (personnel and customers). receiving. finished. materials (raw. under the assumption that the sampled populations are normally distributed. Picking. personnel. Activity Based-Costing Costing model that identifies activities in an organization and assigns the cost of each activity resource to all products and services according to actual consumption. controlling operation costs and provide better understanding. including shipping. Statistics-Based Quality Control Method of using statistical charts to monitor product quality and quantity in the product process. Statistical Planning & Control Training that primarily focuses on monitoring a process through the use of control charts. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) A general technique that can be used to test the hypothesis that the means among two or more groups are equal. Facility Layout Planning & Design The physical arrangement of everything needed for the product or service. while the other independent variables are held fixed. TRAINING COURSES ON: PROCESS MANAGEMENT Warehouse and Inventory Management This training primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions. and their interactions Facility Maintenance and Reliability Aims to maintain the capability of the system while controlling cost. Regression Analysis Aims to understand how the typical value of the dependent variable changes when any one of the independent variables are varied. and in process). Page 21 .3. raw materials. machines.

government. Measure System Analysis Training that primarily focuses & evaluates the test method. qualitative analysis of a system.3. Overview of the Philippine Quality Award Philippine Quality Award is the highest level of national recognition for exemplary organizational performance. establish & measure key performance indicators. subsystem. and their effects on the system operation associated with the failure mode’s occurrence. TRAINING COURSES ON: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry. Implementing a Risk-Based Management System through Failure Mode & Effects Analysis A structured. Performance Management Performance Management aims to determine. TRAINING COURSES ON: PROCESS MANAGEMENT Introduction to Design of Experiment Design of all information-gathering exercises where variation is present. Process Management Training Workshop Learn how to design. their causes. which leads to the understanding of what the customer perceives of a service. or function to identify potential system failure modes. whether under the full control of the experimenter or not. measuring instruments. and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. improve internal and external communications. and implement process management framework in the organization. 4. and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization. Page 22 . and the entire process of obtaining measurements to ensure the integrity of data used for analysis (usually quality analysis) and to understand the implications of measurement error for decisions made about a product or process. develop.

Poka yoke (Mistake Proofing) A mechanism in lean manufacturing process that helps an equipment avoid mistakes in which it minimize or eliminate product defect by preventing. Page 23 . Lean Manufacturing It is a generic process management where values are created with less work/effort by minimizing or eliminating waste. or drawing attention to human errors. TRAINING COURSES ON: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Productivity Improvement Learn the concept of productivity and what are the tools used to improve productivity. Value Stream Mapping It is a lean manufacturing technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring a product or service to a consumer. Visual Management It is a system of management that helps create and sustain competitive advantage for organizations. Introduction to Six Sigma Principle used in service and manufacturing industry that aims to minimize defects. The DMAIC Process A Six Sigma framework tool that is used in solving problems encountered in an organization and is used to improve an existing process . particularly at plants and factories. Kanban System Is a systematic approach in signaling a system to take action to maintain a continuous supply of parts. supplies.5. Seven (7) New QC Tools It is a prerequisite of DMAIC process specifically to define. Problem Solving Process through 7 QC Tools It is a prerequisite of DMAIC process specifically in the measurement and control phase that is concentrated on statistical or quantitative approach. etc so that it is readily available to the user. act and interpret a phase that is concentrated on qualitative approach. Cycle Time Reduction Learn about Cycle Time Reduction and find ways to decrease the standard time required to complete a process using different tools. 5S of Good Housekeeping The most basic and fundamental approach for improving productivity in all types of businesses. correcting. Just-in-time Training Workshop Just-In-Time (JIT) can be an effective approach to achieving excellence in a manufacturing company through the elimination of waste.

Kaizen Training Workshop Kaizen is a Japanese term which pertains to the concept of continuous incremental improvement. Introduction to Ergonomics It entails designing the job. Value Engineering Involves creating the value for the product/service in the perspective of cost & customer needs/wants. used to study all factors. and establishes safe practices in accomplishing tasks. Setting up Quality Teams A training that will help to pinpoint & determine the key personnel for Quality Teams. to achieve maximum overall production efficiency.5. Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Gain understanding on when to use and what triggers problem solving process. Page 24 . TRAINING COURSES ON: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Total Quality Management Business Management strategy that aims at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes. Process Analysis It is a systematic way. Behavior-based Safety Training Behavior-based safety is a concept that creates employees’ awareness of their surroundings. Business Process Mapping Is a tool used to determine the work flow of particular task or process. Business Process Improvement It is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. which affect the method of performing an operation. and workplace to fit the worker. Total Productive Maintenance It involves reducing & eliminating machine breakdown & downtime due to poor maintenance program therefore increasing productivity. equipment. as well as establishing an effective approach in the problem solving process.

ISO 9001:2008 Transition Course Understand the changes from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Internal Quality Audit without ISO Overview Extensive discussion of different techniques in effective auditing without ISO Overview. ISO 9001 Documentation (Manufacturing) Extensive understanding on the development of three level of company documentation and learn to develop these company documentation in a manufacturing company. Understanding ISO 9001:2008 Gain adequate knowledge on what are the ISO 9001:2008 Requirements. Page 25 . ISO 9001 Documentation (Service) Extensive understanding on the development of three level of company documentation and learn to develop these company documentation in a service company. Understanding ISO 9001:2008 Auditing Perspective Gain adequate knowledge on what are the ISO 9001:2008 Requirements in the auditing perspective.6. ISO 9001 Documentation (Manufacturing) Understand the development of three level of company documentation and learn to develop these company documentation in a manufacturing company. Internal Quality Audit Refresher Course Brief discussion on different techniques on effective auditing. Advanced Internal Quality Audit Learn to execute an Effective Internal Quality Audit by looking into the Quality Management System as well as the culture of the organization. Management Representative Skills Development Provide the Quality Management Representative the tools they need to sharpen their existing skills. Internal Quality Audit with ISO Overview Extensive discussion of different techniques in effective auditing with ISO Overview. QMS Planning Learn how to draft the business process map of the company. ISO 9001 Documentation (Service) Understand the development of three level of company documentation and learn to develop these company documentation in a service company. TRAINING COURSES ON: STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL Culture Transformation through 8 QMS Principles Understand the 8 QMS Principles and practical tips on how they will translate these principles into a work habit and eventually culture.

Internal ISO 14001 (EMS) Audit without ISO Overview Learn the different techniques in effective auditing excluding ISO Overview. Understanding OHSAS 18000:2007 Understand what are the requirements of OHSAS 18000:2007. Targets and Programs (OTPs) Page 26 . Understanding ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System (EMS) Gain adequate knowledge on what are the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. Effective Root Cause Analysis through 8D for EMS Learn the different approaches and tools in Root Cause Analysis for Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 Documentation (Service) Understand the development of three level of company documentation and learn to develop these company documentation in a service company. Occupational Health and Safety Management System Auditing Learn the different auditing techniques in OHSAS 18000:2007 Formulating EHS HIRAC and OTPs Training Workshop Learn to develop the EHS Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC). ISO 14001 Documentation (Manufacturing) Understand the development of environmental documentation such as OTPs (Objectives. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Awareness Course Understand what are the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. as well as the Objectives. procedures and support documents. Internal ISO 14001 (EMS) Audit with ISO Overview Learn the different techniques in effective auditing with ISO Overview. Effective Root Cause Analysis through 8D Learn the different approaches and tools in Root Cause Analysis together with the use of Statistical Tools and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). TRAINING COURSES ON: STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL Effective Root Cause Analysis through 8D Learn the different approaches and tools in Root Cause Analysis. Understanding HACCP and Prerequisite Programs Understand what are the HACCP requirements together with the different programs incorporated to it.6. ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems Awareness Course Understand the requirements of ISO 22000:2005. Effective Root Cause Analysis through 8D for EMS Learn the different approaches and tools in Root Cause Analysis for Environmental Management System. Target and Programs). Website: www. control.qplusconsulting. QUALITY PLUS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING CO. and identify retention period of documents. Philippines Tel no: (632) 434-3583 TeleFax: (632) 434-6833 E-mail: mail@qplusconsulting. Implementing an Effective Document Control System Learn how to properly document. Quezon City. Enhancing Productivity through Records Management Learn how to properly document. please call us for an appointment. control. and identify retention period of records. For more information about our effective training Page 27 . ISO TS 16949 Internal Audit Gain knowledge on how to conduct internal auditing with the TS 16949 for the automotive industry requirements. FSMS. 307 Katipunan Ave. We shall be glad to assist in your organizational competency and training enhancement programs. Understanding Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Learn about Advanced Product Quality Planning which is a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to ensure that a product satisfies the customer. EMS. Integrated Management System Internal Auditing Gain knowledge on how to conduct internal auditing with integrated systems. Understanding ISO TS 16949 Requirements Learn the different requirements of ISO TS16949 for the automotive industry. Implementing an Effective Documents and Records Management System Learn how to properly document. Unit 16M One Burgundy Plaza. and identify retention period of records and documents.. TRAINING COURSES ON: STANDARDIZATION & CONTROL Integrated Management System Documentation Training Workshop Understand the development of the company documentation integrating QMS. control.

agribusiness in General Santos and industrial park in Batangas. PIE. # 1181722). He is also an active member of Philippine Society for Quality (PSQ). and Alcantara Group’s plywood plant in Davao. being a founding member of Excellent Training Concepts (XTC). He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Master’s Degree in Technology Management at the University of the Philippines. he conducted audit to more than 100 companies in a lead auditor or auditor capacity. Henry delivered over 10 various courses in Management System and Process Improvement to more than 50 companies. he is a training partner. and as one of the key trainers of the Advocate of Philippine Fair Trade. TQM and Project Management at the UP ISSI. Page 28 . Diliman. He also assisted companies in setting up their TQM programs including quality circles and self-directed teams. quality and productivity. being chair of the Technical Professional Development Committee. He is lecturing on Production Management. M TM President and Managing Director Henry O. he previously held key positions in Management System with Mariwasa Ceramics Group of Companies and Splash Group of Companies in the development and implementation of their Total Quality Management programs. Pa la ca. He successfully assisted more than 100 companies in setting up a Quality Management System towards ISO 9001 certification. productivity and process improvement inspires him to get involved in some training institutions: as a regular guest lecturer of UP Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP ISSI). He was a former management consultant of Neville-Clarke Philippines. Also. an NGO that helps small-scale companies to become globally competitive. Quezon City. APFTI’s training group. He is also a professor of Mapua Institute of Technology . He also helped out companies in their process excellence effort including Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. (APFTI). Palaca is the President & Managing Director of Quality Plus Management Consulting Co. In APFTI. In the field of training. His early days of this career nurtured him to be an expert in this field. Having been an IRCA registered QMS auditor (Ref. Henry’s passion for quality.School of IE/EMG. Inc. including ISO 9000 certification. Henry has been a Management System consultant for over ten years now.Henry O. handling masteral and undergraduate courses in statistics.

Corp. Inc. Inc. Page 29 .  Lapanday Foods Corporation  Mindanao Fresh Produce Corp.  Siam Mariwasa Toto.  Mariwasa Siam Ceramics.  Sumifru Philppines Corp.  Foremost Farms.  Italfil Manufacturing Inc. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS AGRICULTURE  Alsons Aquaculture Corporation  Central Azucarera Don Pedro. Inc.  Teh Hsin Enterprise Phils.  Central Azucarera la Carlota. (TADECO)  Tristar Group of Banana Companies AUTOMOTIVE  Continental Temic Electronics Philippines. CERAMICS/ CONCRETE/ REFRACTORIES  Assistco Energy & Industrial Corp.  NEH Philippines.. Inc.  Tagum Devt. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc.  Santeh Feeds Corporation  Sarangani Agricultural Co. Inc. Corp.  Laguna Metts Corporation  Suzuki Philippines..  Monsanto Philippines.  F-Tech Philippines Mfg.

Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc.  Lean Processes.  Hairskin Spa Manufacturing Corp. Inc. Inc. COSMETICS & PERSONAL CARE  Cosmetique Asia  Euro Chemicals./Sara Lee. Inc.  Metrolab Industries.  Refinette Cosmetic Industry  Ysa Skin Care Corporation Page 30 . Inc  Intertek Testing Center.  Minaro Skin Care Products  Mondes Int’l Beauty Products Inc  Pilipinas Extract Resources. Inc.  Kemwerke. CONSULTING/RESEARCH/TESTING & CALIBRATION  Fresh Studio Innovations Asia. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS CHEMICALS  Pacific Carbonic Corporation  TNC Chemicals.

Inc.  ITO Seisakusho Philippines Corp.  L&K Phils.). Inc. Manufacturing Corp..  Panasonic System Networks Phils Corp.  Hewlett.  Kyouritsu Electronics Phils. Inc.  Sanno Phils. EMISSION TESTING  Summit Vehicle Emission Testing Center ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION  Flour Daniel. /Sankyo Seiki Mfg.  Nidec Subic Corp.  Enomoto Phil. – Philippines GLASS  AGC Flat Glass (Phils. Inc. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS ELECTRONICS / SEMICON  CH Global Tech.  Shimadzu Mfg./Asahi Glass Page 31 . Inc.  Daeduck Philippines. Corp. Philippines. Inc. Inc. Manufacturing..  Hoya Glass Disk Phils.Packard Philippines Corp. Inc.  Micro Hi-fi Solutions. Inc.

Inc. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS GARMENTS.  Topnotch Apparel Corporation  YKK Philippines.  Heinz UFC Philippines  Lapanday Diversified Foods Corp. TEXTILES & RELATED INDUSTRIES  Allegro Pacific International. SERVICES & PACKAGING  Cebu Pacific Catering Services  Diageo Philippines  Fonterra Brands Phils.  Monde Nissin Corporation  Philippine Fruits International Corp. Inc..  San Miguel Pckg. FOOD BEVERAGE. Inc. Inc. (Teazers) GOVERNMENT AGENCIES  Department of Science & Technology (DOST) – Region IX  Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)  National Economic Development Authority (NEDA)-Region I  Phil. Inc.  MacroAsia Catering Services.  Suzette Manufacturing & Trading Corp.  Solmac Mktg. Inc. Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) Page 32 . (SAFI)  Tea Ventures Co. Inc.(SMPSI)-RightPak Plant  Silver Swan Manufacturing Co.  RGC Textile Mfg./Zest-o Corporation  Southeast Asia Food.  Sky Manna Food Chain. Corp.

Inc. Hospital & Med.  Valencia Sanitarium & Hospital Foundation INSURANCE / INVESTMENT /HOLDINGS  Alsons Insurance Brokers Corp. Inc.  Roxas Holdings Inc. Inc MANPOWER SERVICES  SP Deloraya Contracting & Manpower Services  Topserve Manpower Supply. Inc. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/CALL CENTERS/BPO  Edata Services Phils.  Phil.  Idess Interactive Technologies.. Inc.. Inc.  UM Medical & Multitest Diagnostic Center. Center  Manila Doctors Hospital  Pascual Laboratories. Inc. Inc. LOGISTICS/SHIPPING/CARGO FORWARDING  CPGC Logistics  PACC Shipping. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS HEALTHCARE & RELATED INDUSTRIES  Asia-Pacific Eye Center  Chinese Gen. Page 33 .  UTI Global Logistics. Coalition Against Tuberculosis  TNC Everlight Phils.

.  Optodev Inc. of the Philippines OPTICS  Essilor Manufacturing Philippines.  Union Refinery Corporation  Philippine National Oil Company Page 34 . (APFTI)  DMMA College of Southern Philippines  Phil. Sugar Technologist Assn. Fair Trade. Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO)  Phil.  Steel Corp. Inc. Inc. Society of Cosmetic Science (PSCS)  Phil. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS METALS (STEEL & RELATED INDUSTRIES)  Philsteel Metals Corporation  Somico Steel Mill Corporation  Sonic Steel Industries.. Inc. ORGANIZATIONS/ASSOCIATIONS/ACADEME/INSTITUTIONS  Advocate of Phil. Inc.  Steel Asia Manufacturing Corp. Inc.(PHILSUTEC) PETROLEUM & RELATED INDUSTRIES  Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation  Unioil Petroleum Phils.

(Phils).Regional Printing Center Page 35 .  Polyflex Industries  Premier Creative Packaging Inc. PRINTING  CGK Formaprint  Mega Publishing Group  The House Printers Corp. Corp. PLASTIC/FIBERGLASS/RUBBER (PACKAGING/ENCLOSURE/CONTAINMENT)  Nextphase International.  Amtes Corp. POWER GENERATION  Bauang Private Power Corp. Inc. / Fompac Plastics  Cherubin Rubber Corporation  FRP Composite Int’l.  PACTEC Subic Bay.  Pioneer Amaresa. Inc.  Polyfoam RGC International Corp. Inc. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS PLASTIC/FIBERGLASS/RUBBER (PACKAGING/ENCLOSURE/CONTAINMENT)  Alcoa Closure System Int’l. Inc. Inc.  US Embassy.  Philippine Resins Industries.  National Transmission Corp.

 Megaworld Corporation REFRIGERATION & AIRCONDITIONING  Emerson Climate Technologies .  Lima Utilities Corp. Inc. Alcantara & Sons. TELECOMMUNICATIONS  ADTEL. SAFETY EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES  Berben Merchant.  Lima Water Corp. Inc WOOD  C. Inc  Juken Sangyo Corporation Rev032010 Page 36 . Inc. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS REALTY/ FACILITIES/ UTILITIES First Phil Industrial Park Inc  Lima Land Inc.GSC  UniMagna Philippines.