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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 37/55



European initiative for democracy and human rights issued by the European Commission

Support for rehabilitation centres for victims of torture
(2001/C 37/14)

1. Publication reference 5. Maximum and minimum grant amounts

SCR-E/111916/C/G. (a) Minimum grant for a project:

2. Programme and financing source EUR 300 000 for centres inside the EU,
European initiative for democracy and human rights EUR 200 000 for centres outside the EU;

Support for rehabilitation centres for victims of torture (b) Maximum grant for a project: no maximum;

Budget lines: B5-813 (centres within the European Union),
(c) Maximum proportion of project costs to be covered by
B7-701 (centres outside the European Community funding:

60 % for centres inside the EU,
3. Nature of activities, geographical area and project 80 % for centres outside the EU.

(a) This European initiative brings together the budget 6. Maximum number of grants to be awarded
lines for promoting human rights, democracy and
conflict prevention in countries outside the EU. For No maximum number of grants.
the purposes of this call for proposals, an organisation
can only apply for funding for activities which support 7. Eligibility: who may apply
the rehabilitation of victims or their families who have
suffered torture, i.e. acts of violence causing severe Applicants must be non-profit-making, must be
pain or suffering, or other forms of aggravated and non-governmental organisations, private or public sector
deliberate cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or operators or local authorities and must have their head-
punishment, where quarters within the European Union or a beneficiary
country. Exceptionally, the headquarters may be in
(i) the person involved, or acquiescing, in such acts is another third country.
a public official, or someone acting in an official
capacity; or 8. Provisional notification date of results of the award
(ii) such acts are committed by a group for political
purposes; July 2001.

(b) Geographical area: EU Member States and all bene- 9. Award criteria
ficiary countries of the programme;
See section 2.3 of the guidelines for applicants mentioned
(c) Maximum project duration: 36 months. in point 12.

For details, see the ‘Guidelines for applicants’ referred to in 10. Application format and details to be provided
point 12.
Applications must be submitted using the standard
4. Overall amount available for this call for proposals application form attached to the guidelines for applicants
mentioned in point 12, whose format and instructions
EUR 12 million of which EUR 6 million will be for must be strictly observed. For each application, one
centres inside the EU and EUR 6 million will be for signed original and five copies must be supplied by
centres outside the EU. the applicant.
C 37/56 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 3.2.2001

11. Deadline for applications

2 April 2001 at 4 p.m. Any questions regarding this call for proposals should be
sent by e-mail (including the publication reference of this
Any application received by the contracting authority after call for proposals shown in point 1) to:
this deadline will not be considered.

12. Detailed information

Detailed information on this call for proposals is contained All applicants are encouraged to consult the above Internet
in the guidelines for applicants, which are published web page regularly before the deadline for applications
together with this notice on the Internet website of the since the Commission will publish the most frequently
SCR: asked questions and the corresponding replies.