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The idea of establishing a taxi service for UTech students came about through our own

personal experiences as well as from hearing other students complain about the strains of

getting home from the campus especially at nights. Students have always had to rely on

hackney taxis to get to and from school for years now. We have also noticed that there

are no public means of transport to some areas surrounding the University of Technology.

Exodus Taxi Service has taken the initiative to offer a reliable, safe and affordable taxi

service to commuting students and staff of the University of Technology. Our office will

be located at the Student Activity Centre (The Barn) where it will be easily accessed by

students. Our slogan is “We go where others won’t”.


“We go where others won’t”


1. We would like to find out the number of students who actually reside or board in

areas that we like to offer service.

2. We would also like to ascertain the amount of money students spend on

transportation to and from school.

3. How willing students will be to support the taxi service.

4. How much students would be willing to pay for the service.

5. If the venture will be profitable.

Population and sample

The questionnaires were administered to students from all seven faculties of the

University of Technology so that an even distribution of responses could be ascertained.

This research was especially geared to students who do not live on campus and who do

not own motor vehicles. Students were asked questions to get this information before

questionnaires were issued to them. We chose stratified samples of students from each

faculty so that we could get an idea of how feasible our business idea is.

The main advice was to stick to maintain good customer relations with students and honor our word as it relates to our services.Methodology There are five partners in the business and we each took questionnaires to the various faculties and students were given the questionnaires face to face to fill out. We made calls to numerous taxi services to get a feel of how they operated business and found that they are lacking in proper customer service skills. . It was observed that the numerous taxi services which operate in the area were very late in making pick up and this is coupled with high prices. We also observed that the regular route taxis are reluctant to turn off their routes and charge exorbitant prices to carry people to their desired destinations. we asked for pointers to help with our service. Observing that the student union has a similar service called the love bus.

short and simple. Most of the questions were closed-ended. The wording of the questions was simply and straightforward. Questions relating to cost were incorporated at the end of the questionnaire. . This made it easier for the respondents to complete the questionnaires which were administered to them. however open-ended questions were used for example where persons to state the area in which they live and to give an estimate on their weekly taxi fare. The questions were straight to the point. No personal questions were included in the questionnaire.Questionnaire The questionnaire was designed using a mixture of open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Are you a full time student at UTECH? Yes No As indicated by the bar chart above.Findings Thirty five (35) questionnaires were administered on the University of Technology. Questions 1. . Jamaica (UTECH) campus which will be used to represent the UTECH population. 100% of the population are full-time students at UTECH. The findings of each question are illustrated below using bar graph and pie charts.

2. . Do you live on campus? Yes No 100% of all the persons surveyed do not live on campus.

3. where do you live? ______________________________________ . If No.

the various areas in which the population sample resides. This questions was incorarated in the questionnaire to give an idea of where our services will be required. .The pie chart above shows as a percentage.

4. Do you own a motor vehicle? Yes No From the surveyed conducted it was found that 3% of the sample population own motor vehicle and 97% do not. . This information will give an indication as to the percentage of the population who will require our service.

40% commutes via public transportation and 17% travel by means of family or friends. 5. If NO. what are your means of traveling to and from UTECH? Walk Public transportation Friend/ Family 43% of the population walks to and from the UTECH campus. .

6. 23% indicated that they are not. . Are you afraid of traveling to and from school at nights? Yes No 77% of the population sample is afraid to travel to and from school during the nights.

would a taxi service made available to you at an affordable cost and based on campus make you feel safer to travel to and from school at nights? Yes No 74% of the population indicated that a taxi service made available would make them feel safer to and from school at nights. . If Yes. 7. 9% said it would not make them feer safer and 17% did not answer the question.

8. When your classes finish in the nights. how do you normally get home? Walk Public transportation Friend/ Family .

The data collected indicates that the weekly rates for public transportation range from $520. 9.00.From the survey conduted the data gathered indicates that 40% of the population walks home from school in the nights.00 to $3. The question relates only to the population sample that travels via public transportation. . 51% gets home via public trasportation and 9% by family or friends.000. How much do you spend weekly on taxi fare? $___________________ Data collected from this question would be useful when determining a pricing strategic.

10.$ 150 $ 150 .$ 200 . How much would you be willing to pay for a taxi that plies the route of your community? $ 80 .$ 100 $ 100 .

17% will be willing to pay $100-$150. As there are currently no taxis that are assigned to communities around UTECH where students reside. . do you think such services should be offered? Yes No As shown in the bar chart above. no one in the sample is willing to $150-$200 for the service and 12% did not answer this question.From the survey conducted 71% of the population said the would be willing to pay $80- $100 for the service. 11. 91% of the population thinks a taxi service to plie the communites around UTECH where students reside should be offered while 9% does not think so.

would you utilize such service? Yes No . If a taxi service was established to transport students who live in close proximity to UTECH.12.

that is. We are starting with five cars. . The routes plied will be from UTech campus to the various destinations and from various destinations to the UTech campus. thinks the service should be offered and would utilize the service if it is offered. drivers with hackney licenses on their cars will be contracted on a school year basis. From the survey conducted we have found that the idea is a feasible one as 91% of the target population (UTECH students).89% of the population surveyed indicated that they would utilize such a service if it was implimented. There will be a day rate and a night rate with different rates for staff and students. We will also be offering the lowest price to students. Product Characteristics Exodus taxi service will be operating out of an office located at the student activity centre (Barn). Travel tickets will be printed and sold to customers to be used as travel passes. while 11% indicated that they would not. The waiting time for each pick up will be considerably less as the cars will be parked on the campus. from September to May each year.

.Our added services will include charters to areas outside of Kingston with reservations.

this eliminates the need for utilizing the service of existing taxi companies that operate in close proximity to the campus. and therefore the operating of a taxi service which is based on the campus gives it an advantage. Also if the customers become dissatisfied with the service and discontinue using it then the business becomes null and thus will have to cease operations. By providing a service solely for the campus. Threats that may pose a risk to the business include the failure of the university to approve or grant permission for conducting the business on the university campus. the university is already an established brand. . The university’s population is ideal for the conducting a profitable business. Students and staff alike will feel more comfortable with using a taxi service that is associated with the university. The taxi service aimed providing a readily available taxi service that will be at the disposal of the entire population wishing to procure the service.Market Analysis The target market for this service is the entire UTech population from staff to students.

000.00 Saving 50.000.Sales Analysis We are proposing seventy five trip per day to generate a monthly gross income of $ 380.00 Stationary and Tickets 25. Our Expenses will include: Rent 25.00 Salaries to drivers 150. .00 Light per month. We are anticipating increases in the number of trips to the various destinations and also an increase in our additional services as the business name becomes more popular.000.000.00 This will give us a net profit of $115.

Since our main targets are students it is necessary to have low prices because most students do have jobs. There are a variety of age groups on campus and are will to offer our service to any student or staff who needs it.Customer Analysis Our customers will consist of mainly students but also staff as well at the university of technology. . We are just looking to offer efficient affordable service.

but in the long term benefits will be rewarding. Another method of advertising that we will utilize is by posting flyers on the notice boards of the different schools in the campus. hence this form of promoting and advertising the business is expected to very successful. This is an effective way of advertising and promoting the service as the Sculpture Park is a central location which normally has a heavy traffic of students daily. Persons will have an interest in finding out what is going on and their curiosity will lead them to check out what our promotion team is offering. This is an effective and efficient way of sensitizing the population. Flyers are an effective way of attracting . Promotion and Advertising The various modes utilized for promoting and advertising our service can be fully utilized through implementation of strategic ideas geared at obtaining a massive fan base which is good for the business. Also. We are working towards developing an excellent reputation for the business which in return will give us a large customer base. We intend to reach students through means of advertising the launch of the service which will be in the form a social gathering held in the sculpture park. Nonetheless. we will be making a lot of attractions available so that the entire student population can be a part of the schedule activities. word of mouth advertisement is very powerful and is not ruled out as an option because every day we socialize and even through mere informed persons can inform others until eventually almost everyone in the university becomes aware by socializing. In its initial it will be costly.

where students who use our service for two weeks will be entered in a draw. Students who use our service for two week and more a 200 phone card will be sent to their phone for that month. This method of promoting the business enables everyone to become aware of existence because every students enrolled in the university have to log on to its website in order to access their information thus they have to come across the advertisement of the taxi service. We will also have team member t-shirts. Contest. a microwave. where we are located. printed on them will be the information of our business ‘Exodus’ the information on the shirt will state.persons to become aware of the existence of the product. our business name. Another way of spreading the word about the business is by advertising it on the homepage of the university’s website. In other words they will feel as if they are familiar with the service from the onset. We will have promotion where students who refer three other students to our business will get a free ride for the week. We are also looking advertise our services on popular social networks such as facebook and twitter as these sites are frequently used by most if not all students. . where the prize will be a DVD. or a iron. telephone number and the route covered. opening hours of the office.

Tickets Day Rates for students $100 Night Rates “ $200 Day Rates for Staff $150 Night Rates “ $ 250 . Pricing Strategy Our core pricing strategy is the market penetration pricing where we will offer a lower prices than our competitors. Currently ticket purchases of six and above will attract a 5 % discount.

which means that the customers have to wait lengthy periods for an available taxi. they have . the other companies sometimes do not have any vehicles available for periods up to an hour. This will give us an edge over the competition because they will not have to wait and become frustrated. Competition Currently there are several hackney carriages that operate in the vicinity. This is so because unlike the existing taxi services. We are aware of this problem and will ensure that this does not occur under our management. Another advantage that we will possess is the provision of telephone lines that support all networks that our customers may have an existing account with. We intend to operate at a lower cost. The existence of the competition is not expected to affect our business significantly. The market however. is not too concentrated and this makes it less difficult for the proposed taxi service to be implemented. Also. From the survey conducted and also by means of face to face interaction with some of the respondents. The establishment of Exodus Taxi service will be more convenient for the population of UTech. The biggest advantage that we will have however is the price that we are proposing. This will definitely encourage business and will be an edge over other competitors in the business because they do not have such systems in place. Currently most persons that have used the service of existing taxi service have expressed that the cost is too high and as such they would be willing to pay less while still receiving quality service. This issue has become an immense one as the rates for calling a different network is incredibly high and the customers most times will not call because they do not wish to pay extra for calling another network. we plan to have a reduced waiting time for persons wishing to use the service.

based solely and the respondents. the proposed business seems to be a feasible one to pursue. . Thus.disclosed that they would prefer to utilize the service being proposed.

The venture has also proven to be a profitable one. it is imperative that we offer affordable rates. As this service will be meant for mainly students. Security is a very big issue for students who live in the areas surrounding the university. so students will benefit from the security of having a ride home. They do not own cars and are forced to pay out large sums to get to and from school safely in the days and nights. We found that a number of students reside in areas that we are intending to offer or services and are willing to utilize it. Affordability is one of the advantages that we will have over our competitors. we expect to see a much better turn around from the projected profit. Conclusion The Exodus Taxi Service has proven to be a feasible venture with 89 percent of the selected stratified sample being interested in the idea and willing to utilize the service. the profit will be somewhat small in the beginning but as the business become known and grows. .