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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 41/5

Wednesday 3 May 2000

 * Report on the proposal for a Council regulation on support to bodies set up by the inter-
national community after conflicts either to take charge of the interim civilian administration
of certain regions or to implement peace agreements (COM(2000) 95  C5-0118/2000 
2000/0042(CNS))  Committee on Budgets
Rapporteur: Mr Laschet
 *** Recommendation on the proposal for a Council decision on the conclusion of the Agree-
ments between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the
Swiss Confederation, of the other part (7620/2000  COM(1999) 229  C5-0204/2000):
1. on the free movement of persons (9748/1999  C5-0197/2000-1999/0103(AVC)); 2. on
air transport (9749/1999-C5-0198/2000  1999/0104(AVC)); 3. on the carriage of goods
and passengers by rail and road (9750/1999  C5-0199/2000-1999/0105(AVC));
4. on scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the
European Atomic Energy Community, of the one part, and the Swiss Confederation, of the
other part (9751/1999  C5-0200/2000-1999/0106(AVC));
5. on certain aspects relating to public procurement (9752/1999  C5-0201/2000-1999/
6. on trade in agricultural products (9753/1999  C5-0202/2000-1999/0108(AVC)); and
7. on mutual recognition in relation to conformity assessment between the European
Community and the Swiss Confederation (9755/1999  C5-0203/2000-1999/0109(AVC))
 Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy
Rapporteur: Mr Carraro

(eb) a recommendation for second reading:
 *** II Recommendation for second reading on the common position adopted by the Council
with a view to adopting a European Parliament and Council directive on certain legal aspects
of Information Society services, in particular electronic commerce in the internal market
(‘Directive on electronic commerce’) (14623/1/1999  C5-0099/2000  1998/0325(COD))
 Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market
Rapporteur: Mrs Palacio Vallelersundi

(f) from Members an oral question (Rule 42):
 Pomés Ruiz, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group, on the appointment of senior Commission officials
(B5-0218/2000/rev. 1).

7. Written declarations (Rule 51)

The President announced that written declaration No 1/2000 had not obtained the required number of
signatures and therefore lapsed pursuant to Rule 51(5).

8. Order of business

The President recalled that the order of business had already been established (Minutes of 10 April 2000,
Item 6).

She announced that she had received the following information concerning that day’s and the following
day’s sittings:

 the Commission communication on decisions taken at that day’s meeting would be delivered by Mrs
Schreyer and would deal with the review of the financial perspective;
 a voting time would be held at 16.00 to take the votes which had been held over from Friday 14 April
2000 under Rule 126(3), namely the Pesälä report (A5-0081/2000), the Maat report, (A5-0074/2000),
the motions for resolutions on famine in Ethiopia and the Thyssen report (A5-0077/2000).
C 41/6 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 7.2.2001

Wednesday 3 May 2000

 the LIBE committee had asked for the deadline for tabling amendments and joint motions on the
Echelon system to be extended until Thursday 11 May, at 18.00.
The vote was therefore held over until the next part-session.

9. Review of the financial perspective (statement by the Commission)

The next item was a communication on the decisions taken that day by the Commission.

Mrs Schreyer, Member of the Commission, delivered a communication on the review of the financial per-

The following put questions which Mrs Schreyer answered in turn: Wynn, Bourlanges, Graefe zu Baring-
dorf, Virrankoski, Manisco and Keppelhoff-Wiechert.

The President closed the item.



The following votes had been held over from the sitting of 14 April 2000 pursuant to Rule 126(3).

10. COM in milk and milk products (export refunds) * (vote)

Report: Pesälä  A5-0081/2000
(Simple majority)

PROPOSAL FOR A REGULATION COM(1999) 631  C5-0339/1999  1999/0254(CNS):

Parliament approved the Commission proposal (Item 1 of ‘Texts Adopted’).


Parliament adopted the legislative resolution by RCV (PPE-DE) (Item 1 ‘Texts Adopted’).

11. COM in milk and milk products (Community aid) * (vote)

Report: Maat  A5-0074/2000
(Simple majority)

PROPOSAL FOR A REGULATION COM(1999) 608  C5-0047/2000  1999/0246(CNS):

Amendments adopted: 1 to 3 and 6 and 7 collectively; 8; 4; 12/rev. (1st part) by EV (238 for, 201 against,
15 abstentions); 12/rev. (2nd part)

Amendments rejected: 9 by EV (197 for, 243 against, 11 abstentions); 10

Amendment fallen: 5

Amendment cancelled: 11