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March 2003

Pipelay Equipment

Design and manufacturing of special projects


functional requirements and infor. 1. TURN KEY DELIVERY Huisman delivers pipelay equipment tailored to the needs of the 1. maintaining or Huisman designs and builds pipelay equipment which is com. the sectors of the construction industry in which Huisman is acti- ve. 1. prior to installation on board. ROV launch systems etc. ver in very short time. Pipelay is one of blems and allows considerable reduction of delivery time. both Huisman Special Lifting equipment b. we also do upgrades and various modifi- cations as required. This means that installation of the as well. costly budget overruns. during the first commercial operation of the system. All equipment is thoroughly tested in the workshop. for assistan- ce. anywhere in the world. Delivery against Lump Sum prices avoids Pipelay Barge Jascon 5. The shoptesting pro- gram is aimed at keeping the start up period of a new system as short as possible.3 WORLDWIDE SERVICE Huisman provides worldwide service for installations delivered. The time the vessel is required for commis- sioning the equipment is minimal that way. 1. All engineering is done in our main facility in Schiedam. it CPL 2003 3 . Equipment reliability is therefore of prime importance. especially with pipelay in deep water. Equipment failu- res in that case immediately cause the vessel to be idle.v. Huisman is one of the very few companies that do not ay methods.2 CONCEPT DESIGN TO STARTUP OF OPERATIONS . pletely customized. This takes place in The Netherlands again. The pipelay installations delivered by Huisman so far have demonstrated to work with very little or no downtime due to equipment failures. This eliminates interface pro- equipment for the offshore construction industry. Our service bases are in Holland and in the Gulf of Mexico area. In order to assure this deliver reliability. templates. based solely on conceptual ideas of the client. handling Netherlands as well as in the Czech Republic. trouble shooting and training of clients personnel.6 SHORT DELIVERY TIMES mation on the vessel to be outfitted with a pipelay spread. have to rely on 3rd parties for engineering or delivery of key elements of a project. Huisman provides other equipment besides pipelay related The Netherlands. Because we do both engineering and fabrication. All equipment is tested during harbor and seatrials. Our engineers may remain on board optimization of the entire spread on board. prior to A complete systems approach is possible which may result in handover to the client. make it possible to deli- 1.1 GENERAL INFORMATION project.7 RELATED EQUIPMENT client. In other words. The experience gained with previous projects. Fabrication is done in our workshops in The equipment.4 RELIABLE EQUIPMENT The equipment delivered by Huisman usually is the core equip- ment on board the offshore construction vessel. Final assembly equipment for pipe. This is achieved by combining engineering and fabrication and by having in-house expertise related to every aspect of the 1. is necessary to maintain total control over all aspects of the pro- 1 INTRODUCTION ject. This may for instance be pipe transfer from pipe carriers equipment on board can be done at the Huisman quay. 1. nor for operating. Huisman has gained extensive experience with various pipel. you may expect Turn Key delivery of an entire pipelay system on board of your vessel. Our facility in Schiedam is allows Huisman to consider other aspects of the pipelay process located at a deep water berth. designs and builds activities can be done concurrently.5 RELIABLE DELIVERIES Huisman has a long track record of delivering large scale and 800t Mast Crane for complex projects in time. Besides regular service. as well as the fact that engineering and fabrication are completely integrated and take place concurrently where possible. servicing the equipment after delivery. or pipe handling on board. such as for instance various types of cranes. The design is generally made.

no plastic bending of pipe .evaluating motion behavior of the vessel 3.basic and detailed engineering Typical layouts of J-lay and reel lay systems.pipe bending and straightening analysis .2 J-LAY .mechanical / hydraulic / electrical engineering system components.HUISMAN-ITREC. shown. we have in house experti.collars on pipes required (costs) WWW. vessel engineering related to integration of the equipment on ded to the seabed over a stinger with large bending radius.low production rate due to single station welding and coating .workability analysis Pipe joints are welded in a horizontal position. corresponding to design. In this chapter the different basic types of pipelay systems are Huisman may provide the following engineering services in rela. indicating the main .FMEA analysis using tensioners.very long stinger required when laying in deep water .COM 4 . In order to be able to do that.allows laying of concrete coated pipe MAIN DISADVANTAGES: .concept development Also other combinations are conceivable. Also combinations are possible however. This was a radical change se of all disciplines involved. The majority of these deepwa- over every part and phase of a project which is necessary to meet. RIGID PIPE Saipem J-lay tower: from Pipe joints are welded in an inclined position. The pipe is gui- .high production rate because wel- ding is done at multiple stations simultaneously . Most pipelay systems are according to any of these lay- tion to pipelay systems: outs. vertically oriented integra- project. .control systems design. which the vessel maintains pipe bending in the elastic range. Especially combi- nations of J-lay and flex-lay.large vessel thrust required in deep water The development of the 3. This allows us to maintain control of the face of the pipelay industry. The pipe is lowered . ted pipelay systems where introduced. both a short delivery time and a properly functioning plastic bending of pipe MAIN DISADVANTAGES: .1 S-LAY . S-lay MAIN ADVANTAGES: . or reel-lay and J-lay have been made. The pipe is lowe- to ‘the real thing’ red with a traveling block engaging with collars on the or smaller stinger required . ter pipelay systems were delivered by Huisman. by atist impression the top angle of the pipe catenery to the seabed. . MAIN ADVANTAGES: . . are shown on page 10 and 12. RIGID PIPE . 2 ENGINEERING 3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF PIPELAY SYSTEMS Huisman will take complete responsibility for all aspects of a As pipelay moved into deeper water. including 3rd party equipment .

During pipelay the pipe is uns- pooled from the reel. Straightening of the pipe is required before 3. The disadvantages can be mitigated with a 2 workstation lay- out. RIGID AND FLEXIBLE PIPE tensioners. Large lengths of pipe are welded onshore and spooled on hori- ver. zontal reels on board the lay vessel. J-lay Carousel-lay MAIN ADVANTAGES: . A vertically mounted Reel-lay tensioner lowers the pipe to the seabed. Lay speed can also be increased by using longer pipe stalks.pipe welding onshore under con- trolled circumstances MAIN DISADVANTAGES: . unspooled from the carousel.location on stern. During pipelay the pipe is This also increases the required tower height. During pipelay the pipe is unspooled over a tower. FLEXIBLE PIPE / UMBILICALS it is over boarded.pipe is not bend under tension MAIN DISADVANTAGES: .laying of concrete coated pipe impossible MAIN DISADVANTAGES: . Vertical-lay .tensioners need to move vertically to match the pipe elevation Large lengths of pipe are welded onshore and spooled on ver.dedicated spoolbase required for pipe preparation . RIGID AND FLEXIBLE PIPE .equipment is portable . Straightening of the pipe is required before it is over boarded.not suitable for rigid pipe 5 .very long stinger required when laying in deep water tical reels on board the lay vessel.pipe is bend plastically .4 CAROUSEL-LAY .pipe welding onshore under controlled circumstances MAIN ADVANTAGES: . side or at moonpool .5 VERTICAL-LAY .pipe is bend plastically 3.very high production rate . carousels or baskets. This increases the layrate and it allows pipelowering with 3.3 REEL-LAY .flexible pipe MAIN ADVANTAGES: .dedicated spool base required for pipe preparation . A much larger height of the tower is required howe. Flexible pipe is stored on reels. .very high production rate .

Tensioners may be divi. . Huisman has delivered and tested a 400 ton moving clamp ded in track type and linear tensioners. Hang off clamps .6 ???-LAY tions are as indicated below. coating H/V 2/4 PU fixed moderate ‘???-lay’ flexible pipe umbilicals V H 4 2 Cast Iron PU fixed fixed high low 4 track tensioners with high squeeze load capacity are very compact. rigid pipe . that they operate with a very high squeeze pressure. Pipe straighteners . Pipe transfer cranes LINEAR TENSIONERS . TRACK TYPE TENSIONERS Track type tensioners for different applications are categorized by number of tracks. A disadvan- Their function is to hold the weight of the pipe hanging off the ves. Pipe handling equipment. type of pads that grip the pipe and squeeze WWW. tage of the moving clamp principle is that it reduces the produc- sel to the seabed. The type tion speed. / v nta re es e tic pr eez su ds pa f rs o ks o t r of riz Huisman will use the expertise gained with previous projects to lle pe u ac nr sq ho Type of pipe ro ty assist with the development of any new concept. lifts. delivered are: . pressure. Carousels sioners further are extremely compact. multiple clamp concr. based on a compact are patented. conveyors etc.1 PIPE TENSIONERS the moving clamp principle. Specific to this type of tensioners is Tensioners are the central element of most pipelay systems. in relation to their tension capacity.concrete coating H 2 PU on springs low rigid pipe . In general tensioner configurations for different applica- 3. .COM 6 . The ten- . These tensioners work according to 4. depends on the type of pipe to be laid as well as the configuration of the lay system. This means that confi- .HUISMAN-ITREC. Pipe tensioners . A&R winches . Huisman has delivered the following tensioners so far: 2 tracks: 20 / 37t 4 tracks: 60 / 75 / 160 / 275t A total of 24 tensioners have been delivered over the last 5 years 275t tensioner 4 PIPELAY COMPONENTS Huisman has delivered complete pipelay systems as well as indi- vidual system components. Both types of tensioners which would be part of a 1600t tensioner. of tensioner required. 2 track tensioners for low squeeze loads are very large machines. Pipe storage reels guration changes between 4 and 2 tracks are possible. Stinger handling systems Linear tensioners have been proposed for applications where a very high tension is required. Line up systems Our tensioners are of a modular design. while paying it out at controlled speed.RIGID PIPE / FLEXIBLE PIPE / PIPE IN PIPE / ‘??? PIPE’ al er l New concepts developed by our clients may be realized. . Typical components for pipelay sys- tems.

3 HANG OFF CLAMPS With increasing water depth. Hang off clamps may be made winch. the required top tensions increase. They remove the curvature of the pipe which remains after plastic ben- ding of the pipe on the reel. This corresponds to the maximum size of wire. The together wit the tensioner capacity. Hang off modules are used in vertically oriented pipelay sys- The required capacity for Abandon & Recovery winches increases tems. clamp may support the pipeline using collars on the pipeline. The winch is of a unique design. being tes- ted at the Huisman quay 4. 120t A&R winch for Toisa Perseus.000 ft). The typical length of A&R wires for current water depths is skiddeable to move the pipeline in relation to the vessel. Apart form that. 4. also in water depth calls for larger cable lengths to be handled by the case of flooding of the pipeline. the increased capacity has to be sufficient to hold the weight of the pipe. Subsea 7. The 3000 m (10. 7 . to hold the pipe during welding of a new pipesection. Straighteners work on the principle of 3 point counterbending of the pipe. cur- rently available at 3000 m length. aimed at minimizing wear of the wire.2 A & R WINCHES 4. Huisman has developed a traction winch system for this appli- cation. Traction winch systems up to 300t have been delivered.4 PIPE STRAIGHTENERS Pipe straighteners are required in case the pipe is reeled. A&R winch sys- tems have been designed up to 650t pulling capacity. The design is further 300t traction winch extremely com- pact in relation to its capacity. or alternatively hold the pipe on friction.

HUISMAN-ITREC. LIFTS. Storage capacity of the reels can be up to 2500t. a welding street for (the new) p. CONVEYORS ETC. Midnight Express and several pipe rackers. 4.COM 8 . Huisman-Itrec has developed for several clients handling equipment: a 16t Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane for pipe transfer.v.6 PIPE STORAGE REELS Large driving systems keep the tension in the pipe while reeled.7 CAROUSELS Flexible pipelaying is mostly done from horizontal reels.8 PIPE HANDLING EQUIPMENT.5 LINE UP SYSTEMS To weld in a J-lay configuration the pipes to each other. line up systems are being developed and built by Huisman-Itrec. These carousels can be stored eighter on or below deck. Two carousels below deck 4.l. transport and handling of pipes can also be done in standard (patented) 40ft sea containers. Storage. 4. 4. WWW.

REE- LED-LAY AND FLEX-LAY ON ONE VESSEL. J-LAY.9 PIPE TRANSFER CRANES tested in the Huisman workshop For the further handling of the pipes Huisman-Itrec developed a large variety of pedestal cranes of special designed pipe handling cranes 16t pedestal crane 5 CSO DEEP BLUE PIPE LAY SYSTEMS AN EXAMPLE OF A MULTIPLE PIPE LAY SYSTEM.10 STINGER HANDLING SYSTEMS tower angle adjustment 30 . 9 .600 [mm] = 4-24 [inch] tension capacity 550 [t] = 1212 [kips] speed 33 [m/min] = 108 [ft/min] storage capacity reels 2 * 2500[t] = 2* 5500 [kips] FLEX LAY pipe diameters 100 . CSO Deep Blue. Stinger Handling System being 4.600 [mm] = 4-24 [inch] tension capacity 550 [t] = 1212 [kips] speed 33 [m/min] = 108 [ft/min] J-LAY lengths of pipe 48 [m] = 160 [ft] tension capacity 550 [t] = 1212 [kips] total height of structure 65 [m] = 213 [ft] 4. Huisman-Itrec developed a stinger See next page for more info about the components of handling system to control the angle and position of the stinger. REEL LAY (RIGID PIPES) pipe diameters 100 .90 [degr] For S-lay system a stinger is needed to guide the pipe while lowering it to the sea bed.

10 ton service crane aligner - 20 m diameter straightener tower angle adjuster pipe centralizer 2 pc main pipe reels 2500t cap.COM 10 . 275t tensioner reel drive unit pipe centralizer 150 ton A&R winch 275t tensioner 40 ton tensioners for pipe spooling pipe deflector Hang Off Clamp 300 ton A&R winch (traction type) WWW.HUISMAN-ITREC.

2001 11 . CSO.Reeled. flex and J-lay systems on Deep Blue.


13 .

able weri ion c p any rade .tensioners Saipem S7000 rigid pipe J-Lay System 32" 525t 2000t tensioners Coflexip Stena Offshore CSO "Deep Blue" rigid pipe Reel Lay 16" 550t -. winch system rigid pipe J-lay .HUISMAN-ITREC. -- 2001 1999 1999 1999 1998 1997 DSND Lochnaghar flexible pipe bundle lay 16" 110t -. tensioners Seaway Falcon Toisa Perseus WWW.COM 14 . pip em lo el Vess Type Tens Com Year Syst Pipe Up g Max 1997 1997 1996 Stolt Offshore Seaway Falcon rigid pipe horizontal firing line 12" 75t 300t tensioner adjustable ramp Halliburton Subsea misc.quad joints 30" 1050t -.hex joints 30" 525t 800t winch system Torch Midnight Express rigid pipe Reel Lay 16" 160t -.tensioners rigid pipe 5" DSND Kommander 3000 flexible pipe bundle lay 16" 110t -.tensioners Halliburton Subsea Toisa Perseus flexible pipe carousels 16" 20t -. flexible pipe reel drive system 16" 10t 40t direct from reel Halliburton Subsea Toisa Perseus flexible pipe Vertical lay system 16" 120t -. tensioners 2003 2002 Heerema Balder rigid pipe J-lay .7 REFERENCE LIST m yste r mete ng s to e dia ap.tensioners Stolt Offshore Seaway Eagle flexible pipe Vertical lay system 16" 60t -. tensioners rigid pipe J-lay 26" 550t 880t winch system flexible pipe 16" 550t -.

Midnight Express Seaway Eagle Saipem 7000 15 .

Design and manufacturing of special projects . 801 Travis suite 2100 Houston 77002 TX USA Tel: + 1 (0) 281 586 7676 Fax: + 1 (0) 281 586 7878 E-mail: March 2003 Huisman Special Lifting Equipment B.Box 150 . reproduced. This leaflet is distributed by Huisman Special Lifting Equipment B.V.V including its subsidiaries and/or affiliates. Overview of the Huisman office and quay. patents are pend- ing. On the products as described in this leaflet. three dimensional marks can be reserved by Law as well.3115 HH Schiedam Admiraal Trompstraat 2 . with the loadout of the J-lay tower for Internet:http:\\ Huisman US Inc. distributed or disclosed to or by any other without the express prior writ- ten authority of Huisman’s Management. 561 The Netherlands Telephone: +31(0)10-245 22 22 Fax: +31(0)10-245 22 20 E-Mail: mail@huisman-itrec. Heerema 2002 Huisman-Itrec P.huisman-itrec.3115 HH Schiedam Harbourno. This leaflet shall not be deemed to make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information reflected therein and may not be used for any other purpose than to invite Huisman’s sales department in writing to provide additional information. (Huisman) and may not be copied.O.