Official Journal of the European Communities

C 59/291
Friday 19 May 2000

4. Documents received
The President had received the following texts: (a) from the Council: (aa) requests for opinions on: Proposal for a Council regulation amending Regulation (EEC) No 2759/75 on the common organisation of the market in pigmeat (COM(2000) 193 C5-0225/2000 2000/ 0076(CNS)) referred to responsible: AGRI opinion: BUDG, ITRE legal basis: Articles 36 and 37 EC Initiative of the Portuguese Republic with a view to the adoption of a Council decision establishing a Secretariat for the Joint Supervisory Data Protection Bodies set up by the Convention on the Establishment of a European Police Office (Europol Convention), the Convention on the Use of Information Technology for Customs Purposes and the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement on the gradual abolition of checks at the common borders (Schengen Convention) (7381/2000 C5-0230/2000 2000/0804(CNS)) referred to responsible: LIBE legal basis: Article 30 EU Proposal for a Council decision modifying Decision 1999/311/EC of 29 April 1999 adopting the third phase of the trans-European cooperation scheme for higher education (Tempus III) (2000-2006) (COM(2000) 184 C5-0231/2000 2000/0074(CNS)) referred to responsible: CULT opinion: AFET, BUDG, ITRE legal basis: Article 308 EC

(ab) the following text: Report on the progress achieved by the European Union in 1999 (C5-0215/2000 0825(CNS)) referred to responsible: AFCO opinion: all committees concerned legal basis: Article 48(2) EU 1999/

(b) from the Commission: (ba) proposals and/or communications: Proposal for a European Parliament and Council directive on general product safety (COM(2000) 139 C5-0224/2000 2000/0073(COD)) referred to responsible: ENVI opinion: BUDG, JURI, ITRE legal basis: Article 95 EC Amended proposal for a European Parliament and Council directive on the posting of workers who are third-country nationals for the provision of cross-border services (COM(2000) 271 C5-0232/2000 1999/0012(COD)) referred to responsible: JURI opinion: BUDG, LIBE, EMPL legal basis: Articles 47(2), 55 EC Proposal for a European Parliament and Council decision concerning the revision of the financial perspective (Interinstitutional Agreement of 6 May 1999 on budgetary discipline and improvement of the budgetary procedure) (COM(2000) 262 C5-0233/2000 2000/ 0109(COD)) referred to responsible: BUDG opinion: AFET, ITRE, AGRI

C 59/292
Friday 19 May 2000

Official Journal of the European Communities



Proposal for a European Parliament and Council directive on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to food supplements (COM(2000) 222 C5-0234/2000 2000/0080(COD)) referred to responsible: ENVI opinion: JURI, ITRE legal basis: Article 95 EC


other texts: Report on measures taken in the light of the observations of the European Parliament in its 1997 discharge resolution (A5-0004/2000) (COM(2000) 224 C5-0223/2000 2000/ 2113(DEC)) referred to responsible: CONT opinion: all committees concerned Guidelines for the various types of innovative measure in the context of Article 22 of General Regulation (EC) No 1260/1999 of 21 June 1999 (C5-0235/2000 2000/2127(COS)) referred to responsible: EMPL

5. Readmission of third-country nationals * (vote)
Report: Karamanou (Simple majority) A5-0110/2000

Mr Duff, pursuant to Rule 126(3), asked for the quorum to be checked. The following spoke: Ribeiro e Castro, on Mr Duff’s request, Knörr Borràs, on the attempted coup d’état in Paraguay, Posselt, on Mr Duff’s request, Schulz, who asked Mr Duff to withdraw his request, Speroni, on Mr Duff’s request, Theorin, who also asked Mr Duff to withdraw his request, Ludford, on Mr Posselt’s remarks, and Poos, who supported the request by Mr Schulz and Mrs Theorin. Mr Duff declined to withdraw his request. The President proceeded to check whether at least 32 Members supported the request, pursuant to Rule 126(3). Only 24 Members rose to support the request. The request was therefore not accepted.

INITIATIVE 12488/1999



The following spoke: the rapporteur and Mr Schulz on voting procedure. Parliament rejected the initiative (Item 1 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

DRAFT LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION: Amendments adopted: 1 by RCV (PPE-DE), 2 by RCV (PP-DE) Parliament adopted the legislative resolution (Item 1 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

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