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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 81 E/159

Specific projects on human rights are currently being examined with a view to financing a programme in
the DRC. Programmes aimed at rehabilitating the judiciary and strengthening legal security and public
awareness are also planned. These come on top of schemes under way or in the pipeline on humanitarian
aid and rehabilitation in the fields of health, urban renewal, water, transport and food security through
local production.

These programmes are of course complementary and have been drawn up in conjunction with other
donors, notably the Member States. On 22 May 2000 the Council asked the Commission to examine the
scope for gradually resuming cooperation in areas geared to reconciliation and establishing the rule of law.

The Commission has no mechanism for grants in Africa aside from special initiatives forming part of the
national indicative programme (NIP) adopted for each signatory of the Convention between the Commun-
ity and the ACP countries. In the DRC’s case the political situation has prevented the signing of an NIP and
grants are available only for regional programmes such as Comstat for training in statistics. There are
training courses relating to rehabilitation in the field concerned.

For the time being the situation in the DRC means that it is not eligible for the debt reduction initiative
(for HIPCs) and no other measures of this kind are planned.

(2001/C 81 E/202) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2141/00

by Glyn Ford (PSE) to the Commission

(30 June 2000)

Subject: IDEA and JHA

Has the Commission considered the application of IDEA technologies to Justice and Home Affairs?

Answer given by Mr Vitorino on behalf of the Commission

(19 September 2000)

Electronic identification of animals (IDEA) technologies are used as an electronic tagging system for the
registration and tracing of Community livestock. A feasibility assessment is currently being conducted on
IDEA by Isis in Joint Research Centre in Ispra and will end in 2002. If these trials are successful, the
Commission may consider the possibility of using IDEA technologies in the fight against fraud.

The Commission has not considered applying IDEA technologies to the field of Justice and Home Affairs.

(2001/C 81 E/203) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2145/00

by Glyn Ford (PSE) to the Commission

(30 June 2000)

Subject: No-renewal contracts at the JRC

How many three-year no-renewal contracts have been awarded at the JRC?

How many former holders of such contracts continue to work at the JRC and on what basis?