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Speak the plain truth about racism
1. Black and Asian students and students from other ethnic minorities are facing an increasingly hostile environment in Britain’s schools, colleges and universities. Black and Asian students are treated as a threat and subjected to increasingly regimented education. Black, Asian and other ethnic minority students who speak the plain truth about racism, or assert their independence and identity, face repression and victimisation. 2. Our schools, colleges and universities are becoming more and more unequal, selective, and segregated on racial lines. Black and Asian students face racial stereotyping and racial slights, and are far more likely to be suspended or expelled from schools than white students. 3. When black and Asian students and their parents speak up and try to get these conditions changed for the better their complaints are dismissed or they are treated as trouble-makers. 4. At the same time black and Asian youth face a constant pattern of racist harassment from the police, including being stopped and searched at a far greater rate than white youth. 5. These stifling conditions make it impossible for black and Asian students to receive the quality of education, and the opportunities, development and respect that all students need and deserve. Such conditions constitute an extreme and unacceptable pattern of discrimination. 6. These conditions divide the youth of our community along racial lines in ways that harm the education and distort the development of all youth - white youth as well as black, Asian and other minority youth. This prevents the growth of understanding and respect between the diverse racial groups that make up our community. 7. These conditions are a breeding ground for racial conflicts and racist attacks. 8. Failure to address these problems and decisively improve these conditions will lead to a disaster for the youth of our community, and for the community as a whole. 9. We the undersigned students, youth, parents, and community members and organisations declare our commitment to solving these problems. We call on the Government, the education authorities and the schools, colleges and universities to transform their policies and their actions to bring an end to the discrimination, unequal treatment, racial slights and victimisation experienced by the youth in our schools. 10. We will not rest until our schools and colleges are places where all students receive, equal, quality education, and are able to develop their talents and pursue their studies in an atmosphere free from racial discrimination, harassment and attacks.
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Equal, quality education for all

End discrimination and victimisation against black & Asian students

Movement for Justice by any means necessary
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