ENGLISH LESSON PLAN Class Date Time No. of Pupils Theme Topic Previous Knowledge Skills: 1.5.

1 listen to simple descriptions about family members. 2.3.1 Name or identify the family members in the picture. 3.4.1 Read aloud words or sentences correctly with guidance of teacher. 4.2.1 Match words to pictures. : Year 5 :18 February 2010 : 0850 - 0950 :9 : World of Self/ Personal Relationships : Family : Pupils recognize their own family members at home.

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : 1. Fill in the blanks with at least 3 correct answers. 2. Give at least 3 answers correctly based on the ³WH´ questions asked. 3. Repeat the words or sentences with correct pronunciation with guidance of teacher. 4. Match at least 3 words correctly to the pictures.

Pedagogical Principles Thinking Skills Moral Values AVA

: Multiple Intelligences : Identifying people, decision making, categorizing. : Love : Picture cards, word cards, dialogue strips, sentence strips.

Steps / Stage


Teaching-Learning Strategies


Set Induction (5 minutes

1. Teacher shows few pictures to the pupils through PPT slides. 2. Pupils are asked to look at the pictures and guess what the pictures are about. 3. Teacher later then shows a picture card to the pupils. 4. Pupils are guided by the teacher to answer few questions asked based on the picture card shown. 5. Teacher tells pupils the topic for that day ³Family´


PPT Discussion

AVA : - PPT - Picture card

Moral Value: -self-confident

Thinking Skill: Instructional Language: 1. Class, can you guess what the pictures are about? Expected answer: a family 2. How many people in the picture card? Expected answer: 4 Appendix 1a, 1b Identifying people

Development Step 1 (Presentation) (10 minutes)

1. Teacher pastes few picture cards on the blackboard together with the dialogue strips. 2. Teacher reads the dialogue strips pasted on the board phrase by phrase and asks the pupils to read after the teacher. 3. Teacher then asks few pupils to come to the front to paste the correct word card beside the picture of each of the family member. For example: father


Reading aloud

Skills : - 1.5.1 - 3.4.1


Pasting Discussion

AVA : - dialogue text - picture cards

Thinking Skill: 4. Guidance is given when is necessary. 5. Few questions are asked to the pupils based on the picture and dialogue strips shown and pupils are expected to give simple and short answer based on the questions asked. Appendix 2a Appendix 2b Instructional language: 1. Class, listen and repeat after me. 2. Halim, please come to the front to paste this card on the blackboard. Appendix 2c - Identifying people

3. WH Questions: - Who is the Mother? (Fatimah) - What does Sarah like to do? (cook delicious food) - Who likes to collect doll? (Anna) Step 2 (Practice) (10 minutes) 1. Teacher pastes a table box on the blackboard. 2. Paper strips that contained the hobbies of the family members are shuffled. 3. Paper strips are distributed to few pupils. 4. The pupils are asked to paste the paper strips at the correct blank of the table. 5. The answers are later then discussed together. AVA: - picture cards - paper strips - table box Instructional language: 1. Ahmad, please paste this paper strip in the suitable blank in the table. 2. Now, let¶s discuss the answer together. Appendix 2a Appendix 3a Appendix 3b Discussion Pasting Skills: - 2.3.1 - 4.2.1

Step 3 (Production) (15 minutes)

1. Pupils are divided into groups of 3. 2. A brief instructions is given before starting the activity. 3. Each group will be given a piece of question paper and a piece of paper with shuffled answers. 4. Pupils are required to work as a group to cut out the answers and paste the answer in the blanks provided in the question paper given. 5. The question paper is later then exchanged among groups and the answers are discussed together.


Group work Discussion

Skills: - 4.3.1

AVA: - question papers - pictures

Appendix 4 Instructional language: 1. Now, get into your own group. 2. Listen to my instruction. 3. Make sure every group gets a piece of question paper, answer paper, a bottle of glue and a pair of scissor. 4. Cut out the answers from the paper. 5. Paste the answers in the blanks of the question paper.

Step 4 (Enrichment / remedial activity - Individual work) (10 minutes )

1. Worksheet is given to every pupil to be completed as individual work. 2. The answers are later then discussed in the class.


Individual work

Skill: - 2.3.1 - 4.2.1


Decision making

Instructional language: 1. Each one of you will get a worksheet. 2. Do your work silently. 3. Let¶s discuss the answers together.



AVA: - worksheet

Appendix 5 Discussion individual (Drawing and colouring) Moral Value: - Love

Closure ( 10 minutes)

1. Each pupil will be given a piece of blank paper. 2. Each pupil is asked to draw the picture of their own father on the blank paper given and colour them. 3. The moral value of the topic taught is discussed. (love, caring)

Instructional language: 1. Now, draw the picture of your father on the paper. 2. Then, colour the picture. 3. Do you love your family? Expected answer: Yes.


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