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Official Journal of the European Communities

C 135/1



Monday 4 September 2000


2000-2001 SESSION

Sittings of 4 to 8 September 2000


(2001/C 135/01)





1. Resumption of session

The sitting opened at 17.00.

2. Statement by the President

The President made a statement condemning the violence in the Spanish Basque country which had led to a further seven deaths. She recalled that on each occasion she had expressed her condemnation and her support to the Spanish authorities in their struggle against terrorism.

Parliament observed a minute’s silence in memory of those who had died.

Mr Gorostiaga Atxalandabaso spoke on this statement.

3. In Memoriam

On behalf of Parliament, the President paid tribute to the memory of Mr Burenstam Linder and Mr Ephre- midis, former Members, who had died in July and August respectively.

4. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

Mr Sánchez García spoke on the Peijs report (A5-0139/2000) (Item 1 of Texts Adopted) .

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.




C 135/2

Official Journal of the European Communities



Monday 4 September 2000

The following spoke:

Murphy, who referred to a letter he had written to the Presidency referring to information in the British press according to which Mr Hannan had collected GBP 100 000 to support the ‘no’ campaign in the forthcoming Danish referendum on the euro. He called for an enquiry into whether Mr Hannan had used Parliament’s facilities to collect this money and also called for Mr Hannan to make a declara- tion of financial interest prior to the referendum (the President replied that Mr Murphy’s letter had already been forwarded to the Quaestors);

McMillan-Scott on these remarks;

Bradbourn, on the blockade of French channel ports and its consequences for transport. He asked the President to make representations to the President-in-Office of the Council and to the Commission with a view to preventing a repeat (the President took note of this request);

González Álvarez, on problems concerning air links between Spain and Strasbourg; she called on the President to take steps to improve the situation (the President said that she was aware of these diffi- culties and was constantly making representations to the authorities responsible);

Bautista Ojeda, who referred to remarks he had made during the July part-session concerning a British nuclear submarine which had broken down and was in the port of Gibraltar, and called on the Pre- sidency of Parliament to add its voice to calls for the submarine to be towed to a port providing safety guarantees and repaired there (the President replied that there would be a topical and urgent debate during which the Member could raise this point);

Napoletano, who called on the President to make representations on behalf of Parliament to the gov- ernor of the State of Virginia to obtain a delay in the execution, planned for 14 September, of Rocco Barnabei (the President assured him that she would do this);

Lienemann, who referred to the remarks by Mrs González Álvarez and said that the problems had been caused by deregulation;

Gillig, who announced that a group of Hungarian gypsies who were seeking asylum had come to Strasbourg and were asking for their plight to be referred to the European Parliament-Hungary joint committee (the President replied that she would write to the Chairman of the committee the same evening);

Blak, on Mr Murphy’s remarks;

Desama, Chairman of the European Parliament-Hungary joint committee, who announced that the committee would consider the matter raised by Mrs Gillig at its meeting on Thursday, and called for the Hungarian ambassador to attend the meeting;

Bethell, who condemned the violent actions of the Burmese government against Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the Sakharov Prize (the President noted that this subject was also part of the topical and urgent debate);

Perry, who called for Parliament to take note, during the debate on nuclear submarine accidents, that Gibraltar citizens were unable to vote in European parliamentary elections;

Galeote Quecedo on Mr Perry’s remarks;

Lynne, who referred to her request at the July part-session for the ashtrays to be removed from the no smoking zones, and called for the ban on smoking to be fully complied with in these areas; she furthermore noted that rules already existed in this respect;

Banotti, Quaestor, who noted the difficulties faced by the ushers in enforcing these rules;

Graça Moura, who defended smokers’ rights (the President gave an assurance that the Quaestors would look into the matter);

Pannella on Mrs Banotti’s remarks.