Official Journal of the European Communities

C 136 E/207

6. The Nice European Council will receive a report from the Presidency on the work carried out within the Council on the whole issue of crisis management, including relations with the United Nations in this area. On the question of the framework and detailed arrangements for the dialogue between the two organisations on crisis management and conflict prevention, the Council is not yet in a position to reply at the present stage of discussions both within the EU and with the United Nations and of work on the reorganisation of these activities within the framework of the United Nations (along the lines indicated in the Brahimi report).

(2001/C 136 E/242)

WRITTEN QUESTION E-3216/00 by María Izquierdo Rojo (PSE) to the Council (20 October 2000)

Subject: Maryam Arubi sentenced to death by stoning for adultery Is the Council aware that Maryam Arubi (30), found guilty of adultery, was sentenced to death by stoning under the Iranian penal code based on the Islamic sharia? Could EU representatives and representations abroad take this serious human rights situation in Iran into account when the forthcoming UN resolutions are being prepared and adopted, including those being drawn up at this moment for the Millennium Summit?

Reply (20/21 December 2000) The Council was not aware of the case referred to by the Honourable Member. Abolition of the death penalty in all countries is a principle which is stoutly defended by all the Member States of the European Union. Moreover, the Council would point out that stoning is prohibited under the Convention against Torture and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment. Executions by stoning are now rare in Iran, but unfortunately they do still take place. The European Union has made its position clear to the Iranian authorities at meetings which have taken place in the framework of the political dialogue and has urged that steps be taken to abolish the death penalty. The European Union has asked Iran, as a first step, to declare a moratorium on executions, with a view to eventual total abolition, and to step up the progress being made on human rights. Over the last few years the European Union has taken initiatives within the UNO to secure the adoption of resolutions on human rights in Iran, including the death penalty. The European Union has therefore decided to submit a proposal for a resolution to the current session of the General Assembly.

(2001/C 136 E/243)

WRITTEN QUESTION P-3217/00 by Konstantinos Hatzidakis (PPE-DE) to the Commission (12 October 2000)

Subject: Violation of safety rules by Macedonian Airlines in Greece The Greek Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a decision on 3 February 2000 (YPA/D2/G/5238/1387) ordering checks on the technical operation and maintenance of Macedonian Airlines A.E. (MA A.E.), a subsidiary of Olympic Airways A.E. (OA A.E.). The check revealed serious violations, sufficient according to the report to warrant the suspension of MA A.E.’s air operator’s certificate.

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