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C 151 E/196 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 22.5.


(2001/C 151 E/226) WRITTEN QUESTION P-3619/00

by Gianfranco Dell’Alba (TDI) to the Commission

(15 November 2000)

Subject: Prospects for the JRC

The JRC (Joint Research Centre) is an extremely important Community scientific research body, which
serves as a forum not just for the exchange of experience between Europe’s various schools of scientific
thought but also for checking the scientific findings produced in the Member States for possible
applications in all areas (the environment, the economy, society, etc.).

It has been reported that plans are now being made to cut 200 posts at the Centre, despite the agreement
reached by the Council in 1998 to maintain staff numbers at 2080 during the course of the Fifth
Framework Programme.

Would the Commission state whether:

 two hundred posts really are to be cut?

 it is true that plans are being made to rationalise the Community research system (new synergies
between the DG for Research and the JRC, etc.)?

 it would not agree that such a cut in staff numbers would seriously undermine the Ispra centre’s role
and its ability to carry out its appointed tasks?

Answer given by Mr Busquin on behalf of the Commission

(7 December 2000)

One of the recommendations to emerge from the report by the high-level panel chaired by
Viscount Davignon was to concentrate the activities of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on its strongest
areas of competence. Likewise, following the recommendations of the Steering Group on striking a balance
between human resources and the Institution’s tasks, the Commission decided to examine the scope for
closing one site down or cutting 200 jobs within the JRC.

In view of that aim the Commission examined the scope for closing one site and is continuing the study in
respect of all of the JRC’s institutes. As announced in letter of amendment No 1 to the 2001 preliminary
draft budget, the Commission will re-examine the situation and put forward any changes needed to the
research-staff tables.

The Community’s research system is undergoing a thorough restructuring via the European research area
initiative. Against this backdrop synergies will emerge between the Directorate-General for Research and
the JRC, and also with the research centres in the Member States.

The Commission does not intend to downgrade the operation and skills of the JRC as a whole, but on the
contrary recognises the need to provide the JRC with a stable future by concentrating its activities on its
areas of skill as part of its purpose to serve the Union’s policies.

(2001/C 151 E/227) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3622/00

by Stavros Xarchakos (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(22 November 2000)

Subject: Women clergy

Through its Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs, the Commission seeks to promote
equality between men and women. Perhaps the one field in which there is no such equality is the

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