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Promotion test for scale II – III conducted on 19-09-2010

1. Initial deposit in can premium current account is____Ans : `50000 ( HO

Cir 212/2008)

2. In addition to the legend ______, the name of the nominee should also be
indicated on the face of the passbook/statement of a/c. Ans-Nomination
registered (87/2009)

3. In case of automatic renewal of domestic term deposits on due dates bank

has to _______

Ans – no need to issue new deposit receipt, particulars of renewals are to be

furnished on the reverse side of existing receipt. (243/2009)

4. In case of short term corporate loan scheme, the current ratio for others is
______ Ans-1.25:1 (203/2009)

5. The definition of small (manufacturing enterprises ) is _____ Ans-investment

in plant and machinery does not exceed 500 lacs.

6. In case of micro enterprises , the annual growth in no. of micro enterprises

accounts to be _____Ans- 10%

7. An industrial unit sanctioned ` 70 lacs as loan . The guarantee cover

available under CGTMSE is _____Ans:62.50 Lac

8. Bank “s guarantee for ____ and above should be signed by 2 officials. `

50000 (375/2009)

9. The term commercial real estate means ______ Ans- multi family
residential buildings

10. Submission of QOS/HOS from borrowers has been increased to ______ Ans -5

11. The appraisal charges under gold loans for jewel appraisal is 50paise per
100 with a max of` 200per loan (91/2009)

12. Under Janashri bima yojana ,the parent of the child gets scholarship to the
extent of ________` 1200 per year per student studying in 9 th to 12 th std

13. The maximum project cost under SJSRY is _______2 lacs (440/09)

14. Under micro credit groups , the applicant should be residing within a radius
of ____ kms from the branch and all the members preferably shall reside in
a cluster Ans 16 (178/09)
15. Under interest subsidy scheme for housing the urban poor , the interest
subsidy is restricted to _____ Ans 5% (59/2010)

16. Under interest subvention for short term crop production loans for farmers
upto 3 lacs, if the farmer repays the loan promptly , then effective rate of
interest charged to the farmer is ____ Ans 6 % (169/2010 ,409/2009)

17. Under education loan scheme branch has to take acknowledgement of debt
after ______

18. Under canara jeevan , if the age of the borrower is 70 , ____ amount of
loan as proportion of assessed value of property. Ans- 70 % (171/09 )

19. A loan is to be classified as Priority sector housing loan , if the amount does
not exceed Rs.

_____Ans:20 LAc

20. In respect of CANARA TRADE , to commission agents ,EMT of land and

buildings whose value shall not be less than ___ % is taken as security. Ans
200 % (365/09)

21. A branch is having 60 crores deposits and 15 crores advances, the branch
can be classified as

--Ans:- large branch. ( 43/209)

22. Under KYC norms, risk categorization of accounts should be carried out ___
Ans -Half yearly (119/08)

23. Under prevention of money laundering act , preservation of records should

be atleast --Ans 10 years from the date of transaction. (241/2010 ,151/08 )

24. Under compromise policy, unapplied interest in respect of NPA account

except decreed accounts is calculated at base rate + ____ or contractual
rate whichever is lower on simple basis from the date of LPD to be
calculated. Ans: 4% (281/2010)

25. RFC account can be opened in which currencies ---Ans: USD GBP EURO

26. The rate of interest on FCNR(B)is ____ Ans : LIBOR /swap rate + 100 Basis

27. For scrutiny of documents under L/C covered by UPC 600 the issuing
bank/negotiating bank would have _____ as reasonable time period – Ans 5
banking days
28. Under Housing Loans, if the LTV is 75% or below, then Risk weight will be
____for loans upto Rs.30 Lac and ___ % If the loan value is more than Rs.30
Lac . ANS: 50, 75

29. Unspent Foreign Exchange of $ 2000 to be surrendered to Bank within



30. If a person is missing and not traceable for a period of ____ years or more
he will be treated as legally dead as per section 108 of the Indian Evidence
Act . Ans -7

31. RBI has advised banks to reimburse to customers the amount wrongfuly
debited by ATM’s ( where cash delivery fails )within a max period of ___
days from date of receipt of the customer complaint. Ans 12 Days.

32. The max distance criteria for the operation of the Banking correspondent
for rural , urban , semi urban areas is _____ Ans 30 kms

32. In CAN SARAL SAVING SCHEME ACCOUNTS ______ cheque leaves will be
given free of cost and Rs.____ per cheque book can be given in addition.
Ans -10, 10 (233/06 )

33. The export credit target for Indian banks is ____ Ans –nil

34. Food and agro based processing units undertaken by individuals and SHGs
in rural areas with investment in plant and machinery upto ___ is indirect
finance to agriculture Ans – 10 crores

35. Advances upto ___ against hypothecation of agricultural produce for a

period of ___months is direct finance to agriculture Ans _ 10,12

36. The maximum limit under Kisan OD is ____ Ans -4 times gross annual
income max of `12.50 lacs (189/2010 )

37. Under PMEGP , max project cost is ______ Ans 25 lacs for manufacturing
sector and 10 lacs for service activity. (132/09 )

38. The max finance ( general ) under DIR scheme is________Ans: ` 15000

39. The subsidy for SGSY general is ____ Ans 30% of project cost with
maximum of Rs. 7500/- (302/09)

40. The review of CMF of accounts with exposure __ to __ to be done by Circle

Office. Ans – 1 crore to 10 crores (152/2010 , 159/2010)
41. The categorization of standard assets under special watch category are
____ Ans 5

42. The takeover of borrowal accounts from other banks the current ratio is not
less than

_____Ans: – 1.33 to 1.25

43. The data on suit field accounts in respect willful defaulters of _____ and
above and other borrowal accounts of _____ and above are available in the
CIBIL website which can be accessed freely. Ans :25 lac, 1 crore

44. In Takeover norms for SME advance current ratio is _____ Ans 1 (275/07 )

45. In Canara Bank , MPBF to be calculated for over Rs.____ Cr for MSME
borrowers & for over Rs. ____Cr. For non-MSME borrowers. Ans:5, 2

46. Loan scheme of reimbursement of investment made in fixed asset by SME

the quantum of loan is____Ans: Rs. 50lacs for new machinery 15 lacs for
second hand machinery (285/2006)

47. The income criteria and net take home salary for salaried class under
canara mobile two wheeler scheme is ____ Ans- 75,000, 40% (318/2009,

48. Under Teacher’s loan DM can sanction _____ Ans 10 months gross salary,
maximum 2 lacs (185/08)

49. If stock statements not submitted for more than ---- months and the
irregular drawings are permiteed in the account for a continuous period of
--- days then the account becomes NPA

(out of order accounts) Ans 3 months, 90 days

50. Under corporate debt Restructuring the decision binding by all creditors
where ____ % by value and _____ % by number should agree Ans: 75, 60

51. Under restructuring package, the account can be classified as _____ , a

period of 1 year from the date when the 1 st payment of interest or
installment of principal falls due. Ans –standard

52. Our bank has modified cut off limit of NF 817 –simplified format for
recommending transfer of a/c to LPD increased from ` 25000 to _______
Ans ` 2 lacs (93/2010)
53. Under BASEL II norms, the third pillar is _____Ans -market descipline

54. Innovative perpetual debt instrument appears in _____Ans- tier I capital

55. The risk weight for scheduled commercial banks is ____Ans 20 %

56. Under DD drawing arrangement permitted to our RRBs, if RRB branch has
to send the DD to another place where we are having a branch, RRB branch
, SBI branch, DD should be drawn on ____ branch . Ans –DD to be drawn on
RRB Branch only. (215/2010 )

57. The Canara bank debit card non personalized can be given to _____ Ans ---
new customers who have opened an SB ,current OD with us (307/09)

58. In RTGS, the timings are 9 am to __ for customer transactions on regular

days and on Saturdays 9 am to ___for customers. Ans – 4.30PM, 1.30 PM

59. Under internet banking, funds transfer up to 2 lacs in NEFT cannot be

permitted to ____ Ans blind persons (139/2010)

60. The SMS alerts facility for transactions is available for balances of ____Ans-
above `10000 (139/2010 )

61. Under NEFT on Saturday __ settlements are available .Ans 5 (104/2010)

62. For purchase of FC notes and FCTCs from customers for any amount in
excess of __ to __ the identification documents are to be verified and a copy
to be retained. Ans -200-2000 (ID 22/2008)

63. Nonresident ordinary ac’s can be opened as _____Ans – current a/c –SB, RD,

64. Duty drawback credit available under ______Ans-post shipment credit

65. The relief on interest on rupee export credit is available upto ____ days.
Ans 270 days (322/2008)

66. The pooling period available for a cheque drawn on euro currency and sent
it to Germany/France is __ days. Ans--- 21 days (227/2010 )

67. The official language implementation committee meets ______Ans –every 3


68. Not negotiable crossing means _______Ans – the transferee of cheque

cannot get better title than the transferor

69. The punishment under regular proceedings under section 138 of NI act is
____years. Ans imprisonment up to 2 years
70. Banks require to maintain __ of required CRR on daily basis . Ans -70 %

71. Under banking ombudsman scheme, after receiving award, the customer
has to furnish letter of acceptance within _______ Ans-30 days from the date
of receipt of copy of award.

72. Commercial paper can be issued at ___ Ans- a discount to face value

73. A Bill of Exchange has no time on it , then what it denotes. Ans-

74. To recover possession of immovable property, mortgaged the period of

limitation available o mortgager is ___ Ans – 30 yrs

75. There are 3 trustees- A, B,C and operation condition of the accountees
severally, then B has issued ` 50000 in the trust a/c in favour of personal
a/c of B. What is the position of banker? Ans- yes, banker can pass the

76. The details are available for a company- the profit after tax 100,
depreciation- 28,interest on term loan-40 and annual installmement
payable is 800. Find DSCR Ans -1.4

77. The current ratio of the firm is 1.33. Net Working Capital is 8 lacs. What is
the value of current asset? Ans- 32

78. The objective of no-frill accounts is ___.Ans- to achieve financial inclusion


79. In terms of bipartite settlement, for availment of LFC, the max permissible
distance shall be ___ for subordinate staff and ___ for non subordinate staff.
Ans- 5000,4000 (194/2010,237/2010 )

80. We can extend ___ rate of interest to senior citizens under the domestic
term deposits of ____. Ans less than 1 crore for the maturity slabs of 5 yrs to
less than 8 yrs and 8 yrs to 10 yrs (198/2010 )

81. If the ECS is returned fourth time, what can the bank do? Ans- a/c closure

82. The guarantee commission secured by 100 % margin of our bank deposit is

83. The clean OD / DPN max rate of interest at present is __ Ans- 15 %

(232/2010 )

84. Under premises and estates policy of our bank , the information on the
owners who are getting annual rent of ___ is to be informed to tax
authorities. Ans-
85. Under special scheme for settlement of small value NPS of our bank, 10 –
25 %down payment to be made on the day of settlement , the balance amt
to be paid within a max of ___ days in respect of accounts with book liability
below 2 lacs. Ans- 60 days (200/2010)

86. In case of consortium advances, individual banks can classify the borrowal
accounts according to ___ Ans –its own record of recovery (88/2010 )

87. Fraud of 3 crore should be reported to ______Ans-economic offences wing

88. Status report on buyers waived when bills are drawn under prime bank /
reputed bank LC____Ans-15 lacs per DA basis and 30 lacs for Dp basis

89. Under the standard approach for risk calculation _____ % of risk to be
considered. Ans-

90. The operational risk refers to ___-Ans- risk of loss due to inadequate or
failed internal processes, people, systems or external factors

91. Under Consortium Advances as far as a meaningful participation is ensured

by taking a share

Of at least _____share of the total Fund Based Limits. Ans:10% (159/2010)

92. Minimum purchase of petroleum &petroleum products per occasion for

reckoning under this scheme is _____ , the maximum amount reimbursed
______Ans:400, 100 (235/2009)

93. Measures to improve level of customer service at Branches, the Branch

Managers to act as

________.Ans: Floor Walker (338/2009, 416/2009)

94. Withdrawal of cash from operative SB & CA upto Rs.50000/- per occasion
can be extended to

________ Ans:Account Holders, Third parties (254/2009 , 432/2009 ).

95. Under Life Insurance cover Creditor protection Plan- The group insurance
cover to HL Borrowers under joint names the premium rate of younger life
will be reduced by _____

Ans: 30% (259/2010)

96.Under Canara Site loans, the eligibility criteria for salaried persons is
_________and non-salaried persons is _________ Ans:Net Take home salary
40% & Net income of Rs1 Lac in IT for 3 Years.
97. What is the rate of discount in case of Sub Ordinate Debt Instrument, to
quality under lower

Tier II Capital, which is maturing in 18 months : ________

98. Under Home improvement loan, for repairs and renovation of House,
maximum amount of loan sanctioned is Rs._______ Ans:

(The questions are recollected on the memory by MR B V S R S SARMA,

Manager, Canara Bank, T M Section (EDP), Circle Office, Hyderabad-500