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 &  Science  8  
November  2010  Student-­‐Led  Conferences  
Student’s  Name:  __________________________________  
The  following  table  outlines  the  responsibilities  of  students  and  parents  in  our  student-­‐led  
conferences.      Students  are  expected  to  describe,  explain,  justify  and  respond  to  parent  questions  
regarding  the  items  listed  in  the  chart.    Parents,  your  role  is  to  question,  support,  and  celebrate  your  
child’s  work  and  their  learning.  
You  will  need  your  laptop  and  your  binder  for  this  conference.    Turn  on  your  laptop.      
This  conference  should  take  about  15  to  20  minutes.  
Focus   Questions  for  Parents  to  Ask  
Work  Habits   • Do  you  come  to  class  on  time  and  prepared  to  work?  
And  Community   • During  lessons  do  you  consistently  listen  attentively  to  instructions?  
Building   • Do  you  regularly  participate  in  class  discussions?  
(2-­‐3  mins)   • How  often  do  you  volunteer  your  help  in  the  classroom?  
• Are  you  an  optimistic  and  enthusiastic  student  in  the  classroom  who  
contributes  to  creating  a  positive  atmosphere  in  our  classroom?  
• How  is  your  behaviour  during  group  discussions  and  group  work?    Are  
you  contributing?    How  well  do  you  listen  to  other  students’  points  of  
Student  Binders   • Show  your  binder  to  you  parents.  
(Organization/   • Is  your  math  and  science  binder  organized  using  dividers  and  is  your  
Note-­‐taking)   work  dated  and  placed  neatly  in  your  binder?  
(2-­‐3  mins)   • Is  your  binder  this  organized  on  a  daily  basis?  
• Do  you  use  your  table  of  contents?    How  often?  Are  they  up  to  date?  
• Are  other  subjects  mixed  in  with  math  and  science  work?  
Homework   • How  often  do  you  have  homework?    Have  you  missed  completing  any  
(2-­‐3  mins)   homework  this  semester?  
• Have  you  attended  lunch  tutorials  or  stayed  in  at  recess  to  finish  
homework?    Why?  
• Have  you  thought  about  how  to  improve  your  study  skills?    Do  feel  
comfortable  preparing  for  and  writing  tests?      
• How  many  days  or  hours  do  you  spend  studying  for  exams?  
• How  do  you  keep  track  of  homework?    If  you  rely  on  teacher’s  email,  
what  happens  then  if  they  don’t  email  the  homework  to  you  or  does  not  
post  it  to  the  blog?    What’s  your  back-­‐up?  
Science     • What  topics  did  we  study  in  the  first  trimester?  
(2-­‐3  mins)   • Briefly  describe  and  show  your  “water  in  the  news”  inquiry  assignment.    
Show  your  work  on  your  computer.  
Math   • What  math  topics  did  you  learn  in  this  semester?  
(2-­‐3  mins)   • Show  how  to  multiply  this  fraction  1/3  x  2/5  using  a  model  (bar,  number  
line  or  array)  and  the  algorithm.  
Goal  Setting  (3-­‐5  mins):    With  your  parents,  review  your  three  Science  and  Math  SMARTER  goals  that  
you  have  set  during  Learning  Strategies.      
Parent’s  Comments  about  Goals  
Parent’s  Signature__________________________Date__________________________________  
(Students,  please  hand  in  this  sheet  to  your  homeroom  teacher)