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C 223/22 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 8.8.


Tuesday 14 November 2000


Amendment rejected: 17

Parliament adopted the legislative resolution by RCV (PPE-DE) (Item 7 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

15. FAIR programme (vote)

Langenhagen report ) A5-0310/2000

(Simple majority)


Parliament adopted the resolution (Item 8 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

* *

Explanations of vote were made by the following Members:

Paciotti report ) A5-0279/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo, Ferri
% in writing: David W. Martin; Vachetta, Krivine

Duff and Voggenhuber recommendation ) A5-0325/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo; Laguiller (who also spoke on behalf of Mrs Bordes and Mrs Cauquil); Speroni
% in writing: Souchet, on behalf of the UEN Group; Jonckheer; Caudron; Bernié; Crowley; Meijer; Berthu;
Lienemann; Hager; David W. Martin; Alyssandrakis; Scallon; Sacrédeus; Vachetta, Krivine; Gahrton;
Eriksson, Bonde, Sjöstedt, Frahm, Sandbæk, Seppänen, Krarup; Modrow; Goebbels, Inglewood, Berthu,
Camre, Deva, Hannan, Sumberg, Helmer, Ribeiro e Castro, Provan

Marinho report ) A5-0313/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo
% in writing: Berthu, on behalf of the UEN Group; Caudron; Meijer; Hager; David W. Martin; Titley;
Sjöstedt, Eriksson, Frahm, Sandbæk, Seppänen, Krarup

Karamanou report ) A5-0312/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo
% in writing: David W. Martin, Kirkhope

Roure report ) A5-0314/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo
% in writing: Knörr Borràs; David W. Martin

Gebhardt report ) A5-0317/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo
% in writing: Bonde, Frahm, Krarup, Sandbæk, Sjöstedt

Langenhagen report ) A5-0310/2000

% orally: Fatuzzo
8.8.2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 223/23

Tuesday 14 November 2000

Members present but not voting % Corrections to votes

Speroni, Wurtz, Ainardi and Boudjenah announced that they had not taken part in the vote on the Duff
and Voggenhuber recommendation on the Charter of Fundamental Rights (A5-0325/2000).
The following Members had intended to vote as follows:

Duff and Voggenhuber recommendation ) A5-0325/2000

) draft decision
for: Cushnahan, Gil-Robles Gil-Delgado, Konrad, Peijs, Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra, Scapagnini, Xarcha-
kos, Clegg, Morgan
against: Hannan, Konrad
abstention: Hans-Peter Martin

Marinho report ) A5-0313/2000

) initiative as amended
for: Ainardi, Cushnahan

Roure report ) A5-0314/2000

) amendment 8
for: Hume
abstention: Schörling
) draft legislative resolution
for: Hume
abstention: Schörling


16. Agenda

The President announced that the Council, in response to the request made the previous day by the PSE
Group (Item 9 of previous day’s Minutes) had declared its intention of making a statement on BSE, in addition
to that already scheduled by the Commission, the following day at the beginning of the afternoon.

She therefore proposed placing the Council and Commission statements on that subject on Wednesday’s
agenda at 15.00.

Parliament agreed to the proposal.

(The sitting was suspended at 12.55 and resumed at 15.00.)



17. Turkey’s progress towards accession ) EC-Turkey customs union * (continua-

tion of debate)

The following spoke: Sommer, Färm, Ludford, Isler Béguin, Zacharakis, Katiforis, Nicholson of Winter-
bourne, Boudjenah, Sacrédeus, Schulz, Papayannakis, Langen, Poos, rapporteur on the accession of Cyprus,
Van Orden, Korakas, Moscovici, President-in-Office of the Council, and Verheugen, Member of the Com-

The President closed the debate.

Vote: Minutes of 15.11.2000, Items 10 and 14.