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C 228/6

Official Journal of the European Communities



Wednesday 29 November 2000


motions for resolutions (Rule 48):

Hernández Mollar on the training of workers in the tourism sector (B5-0681/2000)

referred to

responsible: RETT


opinion: EMPL

Garriga Polledo on the creation of a prize for pro-European communities (B5-0682/2000)

referred to

responsible: AGRI


opinion: RETT

Colom i Naval, Gasòliba i Böhm, Ferrer on American Cities of Culture (B5-0683/2000)

referred to

responsible: CULT

(e) from Parliament’s delegation to the Conciliation Committee:

*** III Report on the joint text approved by the Conciliation Committee for a European Parlia- ment and Council decision setting up a Community framework for cooperation in the field of accidental or deliberate marine pollution (C5-0501/2000 1998/0350(COD)) Rapporteur: Mrs McKenna


6. Texts of agreements forwarded by the Council

The President had received from the Council certified true copies of the following documents:

Agreement between the European Community and the Kingdom of Norway on the participation of Norway in the work of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction;

Agreement in the form of an exchange of letters between the European Community and the Republic of Kazakhstan amending the agreement between the European Economic Community and the Repub- lic of Kazakhstan on trade in textile products initialled at Brussels on 15 October 1993, as last amended by an agreement in the form of an exchange of letters initialled on 20 December 1995.

7. Order of business

The President reminded Members that the order of business had already been established (Item 9 of Minutes of 13.11.2000) and that a corrigendum to the agenda (PE 297.736/OJ/COR) had since been distributed.

She announced that the following changes had been requested.

Wednesday 29 November

As the Council had announced that it could not be present at 15.00, when the statements on the preparations for the Nice European Council were due to be made (Item 54 of the agenda), a number of political groups had asked, in agreement with the Commission, that Mrs Wallström, Member of the Commission, make a statement at that time on the Conference on Climate Change in The Hague. This statement would be followed by 30 minutes of debate.

Mr Wurtz moved the request, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group.

Parliament agreed to this request.

Thursday 30 November

The Lulling report on Edicom (A5-0353/2000) would be included in the votes under the procedure without debate. The deadline for tabling amendments would be 16.00 that day.