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Encoded 192Kbps [Lame] mp3. Covers included.

Sometimes the greatest success stories sprout from the tiniest of ambitions. Whe
n Kaiser Chiefs formed up in Leeds, England around the summer of 2003, their aim
wasn't to conquer stadiums and change the world. Instead, these five Britpop-ob
sessed oddballs began plotting a rather more modest plan. In the shadowy corners
of clubs and venues across the city Ricky Wilson [lead vocals, owner of stylish
blue and orange suit], Andrew 'Whitey' White [guitar], Simon Rix [bass], Nick '
Peanut' Baines [keyboards and modeller of impressive pork-pie hats] and Nick Hod
gson [drums and vocals] decided to form a band that would harness the awesome ca
pability of being able to blag an early slot at the following year's Leeds Festi
val. The Kaisers' story actually begins some time before they'd decided to name
themselves after a successful South African football team. School friends Simon,
Peanut and Nick had been playing together in various bands since the age of 15
before spying art school graduate and restless-ball-of-energy Ricky singing with
a Rolling Stones tribute band. Right now, everybody wants a piece of the Kaiser
Chiefs. Blur producer Stephen Street was so bowled over he offered his services
for debut album 'Employment', a barrage of bouncing art-pop brilliance.
Album Review:
On Employment, raffish, trilby-clad young Leeds quintet Kaiser Chiefs prove them
selves the logical heirs to the Britpop throne previously warmed by the likes of
Blur and Supergrass, twinning expectant verses with rollicking choruses and gen
erally acting very much like indie-rock's latest swaggering young Jack the Lads.
There's no doubt, the Kaisers know their rock history: 'Oh My God' and 'Every Da
y I Love You Less and Less' barrel along with something of Madness' playful char
m, while 'You Can Have It All' and the lush 'Caroline, Yes' appear to be conscio
us nods to the sleepy, harmony-laden Californian pop vision of Brian Wilson. The
lyrics of frontman Ricky Wilson, however, are rooted in a very English sensibil
ity--one often traditional and occasionally, bizarrely archaic: "Walking through
town is quite scary/ It's not very pretty, I tell thee," he gasps on adrenaline
-fuelled urban nightmare 'I Predict A Riot'. It's the sort of pleasingly unusual
idiosyncrasy that sees Employment stand out from the fashionable indie pack, an
d assuming the Chiefs can continue to keep their foibles the right side of irkso
me, any attitude is thoroughly justified.
The bonus CD included in the limited edition, has 6 live performances of tracks
from the main album.
CD1 Tracks:
01 Everyday I Love You Less & Less
02 I Predict A Riot
03 Modern Way
04 Na Na Na Na Naa
05 You Can Have It All
06 Oh My God
07 Born To Be A Dancer
08 Saturday Night
09 What Did I Ever Give You?
10 Time Honoured Tradition
11 Caroline, Yes
12 Team Mate
CD2 Tracks:
01 Hard Times Send Me [Live]
02 Modern Way [Live]
03 I Predict A Riot [Live]
04 Time Honoured Tradition [Live]
05 Na Na Na Na Naa [Live]
06 Oh My God [Live]
THE VIDEOS [mpeg SkidVid]
TV rips, edited, logos removed and encoded 352 x 288 mpeg.
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot [2005]
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God [2005]
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