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C 235 E/148

Official Journal of the European Communities



(2001/C 235 E/172)

Subject: CFP and integration


by Catherine Stihler (PSE) to the Council

(5 February 2001)

The Fisheries Council is requested to produce a strategy on integrating environment and sustainable development into the Common Fisheries Policy. A comprehensive strategy is due to be submitted before the Gothenburg summit in June 2001, as part of the so-called Cardiff integration process. How is the Council intending to fulfil this request given the apparently limited progress to date?

Joint answer to Written Questions E-0182/01 and E-0215/01

(14 May 2001)

1. The Council submitted to the European Council at Santa Maria da Feira (June 2000) a report on

‘Integrating environmental issues and sustainable development into the Common Fisheries Policy’, respond- ing to the Cologne European Council’s invitation. This report was mainly descriptive: it presented the legal framework of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) with respect to the integration issue, the existing

instruments and the results obtained.

2. Though not yet setting out an integration strategy, the Feira report constituted the first step in the

definition of the sectoral strategy as requested by the Helsinki European Council. Noting that the CFP ‘objectives of protecting the marine environment while at the same time managing the use of living marine resources responsibly in order to ensure that they remain sustainable have been only partially achieved’, it concluded that ‘endeavours to integrate environmental requirements into fisheries policy must therefore be continued and stepped up’.

3. The Feira report also referred to the CFP review in 2002, which will ‘provide an opportunity for an

in-depth debate on all questions related to the integration of fisheries and environmental policies’ and ‘enable appropriate adjustments to be made to the CFP, as required for such integration in accordance with the integration strategy requested by the Helsinki European Council for June 2001.’

4. The Council bodies are at present in the process of drawing up draft Council conclusions on

environmental integration and sustainable development in the Common Fisheries Policy, which are intended to respond to the request for an integration strategy by the June deadline.

5. It should be noted, however, that the Commission is expected to submit shortly to the Council and

the European Parliament a number of important documents which will be relevant for a sectoral strategy.

It has not been possible therefore at this stage to take into consideration these documents which are:

the ‘Green Paper’ on the reform of the CFP;

the Communication on elements of a strategy for the integration of environmental protection requirements into the CFP;

the Action Plan for biodiversity (chapter on fisheries).


The contribution which will be provided in this context will still need a thorough examination in the

Council and should play an important role in the implementation of a comprehensive integration strategy following the European Council meeting in Göteborg on 15 and 16 June 2001.